The Nursery [R]
The note and its writer were as mysterious of a subject as anything to the portly skunkette who out of curiosity followed the note to the old asylum
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This story is from my furaffinity account Ghost07 please feel free to go there and check around it ^-^ lotsa stories some silly some scarry but all around the asylum for the most part ^_^ if you'd like a story please feel free to email me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] :3
. . .


The Nursery

"You'll soon realize your true potential. Please come to the Grim Memoriam, Asylum Josephine."

The note and its writer were as mysterious of a subject as anything to the portly skunkette who out of curiosity followed the note to the old asylum. It was larger than she'd expected but for its age, it wasnt all that odd that it was in fact very large. It had been some time since she'd been so far away from the so-called civilized world. The quaint clearing in which the asylum sat was quiet and thankfully clear of all trash that would otherwise scar its beauty.

Stepping into the asylum, the adventurous young skunkette found that it was cleaner than most would expect in such a rural part of the country. The floors were spotless, the counters free of dust, and the walls were just about sparkling! Josephine walked down the halls gazing into the mostly empty rooms in which most of the floors were as brilliant as diamonds glistening in the sunlight. The windows were clear almost as though they had been just put in, yet they still had the strange markings like many imperfections of old windows. It was indeed a curious site but none so much as what she'd see in a few moments...

There in his office sat Ghost, flailing his arms, somewhat pretending to conduct the song 'O-Fortuna'. "Come in, Josephine. I've been waiting for you." The bear only smiled as he lifted his head slowly from its bowed position. Still weaving his paw in and out, Ghost gestured the skunkette in. "Please sit down, I wont bite."

Josephine nodded shyly and made her way into the large office. The skunkette wasnt much bigger then the chair she sat in, though it was still quite a snug fit in the seat. She was a round skunkette and it was no secret she'd grown up as plush as she was now... with help she'd get a lot more plush by the end of the evening. "I ... I got this note but... I dont really understand what it means." The nervousness in her voice was unmistakable. She gave the note over to Ghost who just smiled.

"What is written is true; you will soon realize your true potential, Josephine." Ghost smiled and leaned back in his seat. "Is it not true that you love to work with children? And that you love to indulge in a little imaginary playing yourself at times?" Josephine nodded in silence, more in shock at what was said rather then how or why it was that he knew this. "Ahh good then... is it also true that you enjoy plushies?" Josephine blushed at this and nodded shyly, keeping her head low. Ghost only smiled and gently brought her chin up. "Well then, your day is nigh my dear. All your dreams will come to fruition by the end of the evening." The white bear smiled, gently ruffling Josephines head fur before leaning back in his chair once more, seeming more to ponder than merely think. To Ghost, thinking was one thing and pondering was much more intense, something that took longer and was more effective in the end.

The bear sat there for what must've seemed ages to Josephine. When he finally did move his head, his neck creaked and groaned ab it almost as though he hadnt moved it in centuries. Ghost smiled before he gave Josephine a plush not unlike herself. She looked at it... it was kind of unsettling how realistic it was yet at the same time she envied the little plush. Plushies always had such kind smiles on their faces and always seemed so very forgiving. You could talk to one for hours on end and it would never talk back or tell your secrets to anyone else. She hugged it to herself gently smiling as she looked at Ghost who was smiling just as brightly back at her.

She blinked in a bit of confusion as she felt a tingling sensation almost as though her body had gone numb.. it was starting to radiate from where she held the plush! She looked down and let out a surprised yip as she saw that the plush was now clung tight to her and it had started to 'melt' into her body! She couldnt move... couldnt talk... though the feeling continued to wrack her body. Under her clothing she wore her body had started to turn into that of a plush.

Josephine fell backwards as her legs turned into plush. She tried to grab out for support but her limbs just fell limply as her body plummeted to the ground and landed with a soft thud. Fear had taken over her though the tingling sensation now made its way to her head... she couldnt help but think of anything but pleasure and having fun. Josephine got up after the transformation had completed and let out a sweet giggle.

The young, now plush, skunkette stood up and dusted off smiling before hugging Ghost. "Thank you!" She giggled as she looked at her clothing which had become a pink nurses uniform. The uniform itself was a cream pink with a big pink cross on the chest. White lace trim traced the shoulders and collar of the uniform. A white nurse's cap sat between Josephine's ears crested with the same pink cross as was on her chest. Looking at herself in the mirror Josephine clapped and smiled. "Oh, thank you so very much, Ghost!" She ran over and hugged him.

Ghost smiled and hugged the large plushy back. "Now you are ready to take your place in our nursery. Its just on the left of the orphanage my dear."

Josephine nodded and slipped off to the nursery.

. . .

The mud was thick and soft beneath Trajan's feet, somehow he'd lost his way on his usual trail that he loved to wander. Thankfully the rain had stopped now but it had been pouring buckets earlier; that was why the ground was so muddy... and also why Trajan had slipped so much. His clothing was soaked through and muddy... he had no choice but to seek some form of shelter against the storm that rumbled behind him like an angry monster just waiting to gobble up the sky.

The doberman picked up speed as a bolt of lightning shot across the sky seeming to cleave the air in two as it cracked loudly. Looking around he saw a building in the after-rain fog. It seemed a good place to dry off... perhaps even warm up a bit. Trajan smiled as he ran toward the old building not realizing he was about to set foot into the Grim Memoriam Asylum where the latest addition waited patiently for him.

As he stepped into the building it was almost as though someone had lit a fire near him. Trajan smiled as he looked around his soft velvety fur shimmering in what light came in through the windows of the asylum. He walked around until he found the asylum's old nursery. Thank the gods that it had a fireplace. "Ugh... I dont have any matches!" Exhaustion had claimed his voice and the poor doberman sat down on a plush cushion surrounded by plushies.

"Wh... where am I?" Trajan looked around the room. It wasnt all that bad looking for a place that seemed abandoned. The fireplace was made of old bricks, the kind that were big and thick not like most modern bricks. The walls were plaster and wallpaper but had crude child drawings among the light pink and blue floral patterns that decorated the walls. The floor was marble tile a bit worn in some points but it was still quite beautifully in any regard. All around were reminders of the rooms past and present. Toys laid strewn about on the floor, blankets half worn with age and patched up with care were gently folded in the corners of cribs and playpens. Books lined the shelves high off the floor where toddlers and infants couldn't get at them just yet.

Trajan shivered as he looked around the room; even though it was a bit warmer, he still felt the cold that had clung to him outside. Strangely though Trajan felt comfortable in his chilled clothing; it was quite snug now in the cushion... He laid back and smiled. "Wow.... this is nice. I wonder what this place used to look like when it was alive."

As if to answer the fireplace sprung to life, a fire roaring in its hallow. The old copper fence around it glistened as Trajan looked into the fire, his heart beating like mad. He got up off the cushion and looked around. "Who..who did that?! Who's here?" The doberman looked around and saw no one. A bit of movement from the corner of his eye made Trajan twist around quickly letting out a soft whimper. "Please, I'm sorry that I trespassed... I didnt know anyone was here." He looked around and noticed that the cushion he had sat on was gone. He looked around frantically to see who was in the room with him.

It was when he had started backing up that he bumped into the other in the room with him. He spun around to see a large person in his path baring his way to the door.

"Oh dear, look at you... poor puppy is all wet and shivering. Come here sweetie and we'll get you nice and warm!"

Trajan whimpered as the figure stepped from the shadows revealing her plush body to the scared doberman.

"Aww its OK. Nanny Josephine wont hurt you, dear."

Josephine reached out and grabbed Trajan who was now squirming for freedom. "Now, now, pup, be still so we can get you out of those nasty wet muddy clothes."

"No! Please, I'm fine!" Trajan blushed as he tried to fend off the plush paws that had started pulling his shirt off of him.

Josephine smiled as she stripped the pup of his clothing. "My, my, you are a filthy pup. We should give you a nice warm bath!" The plush giggled as the now naked pup blushed and whimpered more being lead over to an old bath.

Josephine put a paw into the water to test it then nodded and put Trajan into the warm water. It felt good, of course... a welcome feeling from that cold. The pup relaxed as he settled down into the warm water smiling before blushing again feeling a paw start to rub and wash him.

"Please I'm an adult, please let me wash myself!" He tried to explain but the big plush simply didn't seem to hear Trajan. He tried to push the plush's paws off of him but they continued to clean him.

Josephine after a few pushes bopped Trajan's nose. "No, no, puppy, you need to get clean! Dont worry you can play when we are done here sweetie." After the bath, Josephine took Trajan out of the tub and dried him off, smiling. "Ahh, all nice and squeaky clean! Doesn't that feel good pup?"

Trajan couldnt help but nod and smile a bit. It felt good to be clean and a bit warmer from the bath but he was now naked... not very suitable for a good pup. "Uh... miss... can I have my clothes, please?"

The plush skunk nodded and smiled as she sat Trajan down amongst a crowd of plushies. He had to admit he felt oddly at ease in the room.... though he squirmed blushing more when he saw Josephine return with frilly clothing. "H-hey, thats n-not my clothing!" The skunk looked at the pup a bit confused looking at him then to the clothing then back to Trajan. "I came in with a shirt and shorts! Please get those..." Josephine looked at Trajan as though he were speaking French.

"Pup, dont be so silly. These are your clothes!" A smile broke over the confusion on Josephine's face as she advanced on him. The plushies seemed to pin the pup down as Josephine patted his head. "Now be a good girl and be still while I dress you please."

Trajan blushed brightly as he squirmed. "GIRL?! I'm a boy, not a girl!! Please let me go!" He squirmed whimpering as he saw the thick cloth diaper in the skunk's paws. "NO, PLEASE STOP!" He let out a loud whine as the diaper was slid under his rump. Josephine powdered the doberman pup's rump smiling before she carefully pinned the diaper onto Trajan.

Trajan whimpered as he saw the plush pink cover for the diaper. "Please... s..stop p...please..." But there was no stopping the determined plush nanny; the cover went on and seemed to lock itself around the pup's waist. Pink plastic heart snaps kept the snug plush cover on the pup even against all his squirming. The pink coverings made Trajan's little malehood disappear almost completely making him into more of a her. Trajan let out a loud whimper as the next thing that Josephine put her into was a padded 'princess' dress a cream yellow with frilly lace around the collar and shoulders. The shoulders were just as puffy looking as her panties. Trajan whined as he tried to pull free off the dress and plush diaper.

She felt so embarrassed to be dressed in such frilly clothing but it was far from over. Josephine put Trajan's paws into thick cream yellow plush fingerless paws that rendered her paws useless for grabbing. Her feet were placed in identical booties that matched the whole outfit. Even though she whimpered and whined she couldn't help but feel her cock under the diaper and its cover start to rub against the soft fabric. Trajan whimpered as she looked up at Josephine who seemed to be finished dressing the pup up.

The skunkette smiled and pat-rubbed the pups belly. "There ya go, sweetie, all dressed and ready to play! Want your binky, sweetie?" Trajan blushed and nodded, finally sitting up blushing more as she felt the soft diaper shift around and press against her rump making his cock throb a bit more. Precum had already started to get absorbed into the diaper and the rubbing from the shifting. Josephine smiled as she gave Trajan a pink butterfly shaped pacifier to suckle on. The big plush thought for a second before putting a pair of fairy wings onto Trajan along with a princess' crown. "There now, dont you look sweet?"

Trajan blushed brightly and nodded. The pup couldnt help but love this treatment. Her diaper only teased her cock rubbing and shifting against it never really giving the poor pup any release. Trajan busied herself with playing with some toys until it was time to feed. Trajan fought a bit as Josephine fed her with a bottle but soon she felt comfortable and fell asleep.

Trajan woke up the next morning tucked under a blanket in a crib. She whimpered a bit, realizing she needed a change and as though she was waiting, Josephine picked Trajan up and smiled, changing her into a fresh warm cloth diaper replacing the same pink diaper cover from the previous day. Days went on like this and Trajan's mind got into a lull as she forgot her life before, now only remembering the lovely feeling of being a sissy and being a good pup for Nanny Josephine.

The End
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A cute, fun, and fantasticly well written story that really touched me on so many levels.
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