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be mike the enforced live as a sissy maid
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Capital 1:

Mike lives with his friend Anne in a small place where them before short ones had moved.
In the small village it was different a little bit only alltere women her houses inhabited only mike was only male in the small loo. It was Anne mike in addition brought with her there to zeihen. Mike was anybody, unfortunately, no job found and thus promise his friend as a doctor geld earned. Anne found fast anshcluss among many women in the village because them as ¤rtztin, nevertheless, absofort worked. Mike always became from the women when he if in cooked made or do not buy a place gehte akriebig looked where he felt fine. Anne was put under stress always very much when she came home and always found mike in the household a lot of mistakes made and him always he shouted it properly has to go machen.doch of one day Anne said the women from the village to mike `my darling said you make only are not lazy if I there am`.Mike on it there `this treasure is not right I make a lot in the household and I want to you goes well`.Mike lives with his friend Anne in a small place where them before short ones had moved.
Mike never was about one finishes speaking move he always found around Anne to calm. however, one meets Anne started to get this and had very good flat also to her the women of the village you suggested. namely him of reason on anew to should learn ordenlich and very friendly to them against.
Mike was surprised one meets why some women with him in live a room furnish where he, however, nobody to way had, he was sent away over and over again.
of an evening as Anne and mike supper ate asked mike *was became denns ch¶nes with and furnished schatz*darauf Anne *das has off you only late to interest tricke and then we are able still fernsehen*.
Mike drank from without to know Anne medium in his drink mishcte what he would notice only in tomorrow.Am next tomorrow as mike on stood and in the mirror shcuate he shouted according to before horrify *was had happened where are all my bodies loses hair hIn*.
Anne noted the whole and came with a nasty one grin to mike in the bath *weist you I have given to you what what makes you bald with it your new one live from today begins, because I have closed it sat you only so decayed bist.*ach e skommen glei some freundinen from the village and and you wirs sh¶n remain in the bath and falsst you your things she looks I have weggeschmiessen*.Mike was horrified and, nevertheless, was not able to do it gleiben he noticed he auchs honour was weak and had to go sat down.Mike wanted himself in the bath fast einshcliessen after Anne out had gone. However, shcl¼ssel had disappeared and he konnt nothing make from himself on the loo lid zus etzten and to hope nobody purely bemerckte like Anne with some woman sprach*er is there in it udn ready for his new leben*.mike fear agreed and hopes them did not come to the bath. unfortunately, in vain the door opened and it 5 women were to be seen with Anne in strnegen look and what him astonished they carried well-behaved clothes for rubber like strains lehrerinen. One of the women looked to Mike and said *ja this will not move nice project my good Anne.mike bakm ansgt konnt, however, by the mixture he in the eve had drunk. One of the women nhame mike under the poor one second kahm there and helped her *Sie did not bring mike in a tiled space he it knew, however, seemed kelelr to be he noted like it behind it went in trahn. he asked *was they have before Anne what happens hier*doch Anne l¤chte only and looked away.Both women laid Mike in a tub and with warm wassen was felt udn caught to him to clean. after they were ready he was got from the tub and abetrocknet he wackte very much and was put on a chair. Mike *ich has such I am able what asks to drink bekommen*.Anne to him *aber treasure waits I get what *, she came with big glass of yellow liquid against that there looked like lemonade ** here treasure drink nicely aus* mike all the same although he thought it would be able medium his again he came around before and drank it.e it tasted slightly salty and, nevertheless, he took it further to himself *Gute this you make well *sagte one frauen.als mike ready was he was still deprived a little bit and noticed like he was moved like a doll by the women, he had none by virtue of mehr.anne came to him and said *du is possibly ersch¶ft, however, is able sein*Mike to her *ja like can be this what goes here vor*.die women daerweile took oils and riben him one in the whole body and they looked always seriously at the frauem comb with two skin-coloured ganzk¶prer latexes to suits again and the women committed mike anzuziehen.als mike was ready kaHm Anne to him and grief him with hard hand between the legs *Mike could not shout loudly, however, him hurt was intolerable. one of the women came with a gronen mouth toggle again them to him around laid *Mike was only absolutely dumb and had to resign itself cruel mat¼rium. Anne took his cock and took and in hand and had in the others a catheter them him slowly purely shob and on blew: Mike trembles and tried to wieden, however, too late he was drinn: eien him came pleasing with a bag where one wear out drann was with knubel in ends and went behind mike. mike still before hurt something bet¤upt noticed as for example in his arse was put and a little bit wet flowed into his large intestine. To escape Mike windete to itself udn veruschte, however, no chance he was fixed in the the bag teach was it was removed mike of the stoppers and he saw like one of the women with hand vi³ll winder came again.die nappies were put down to him nappy trousers about that he had three nappies for the protection now drum.aus to the catheter he knew from pip, nevertheless, do not make he trauchte to themselves both. then he was bound loss and the oral toggle was removed. and in a kind tich laid. Anne bent to him and said *na my baby it will be a good baby * Anne came to him and stroked his face and sagte*schatz you are in your new education from babay to the sissy maiden and this becomes long hard and very painful.
mike wanted to say what, however, there came already big nuki in fasten became and one heard only noch*mmmhmhmhmhmhmh*.
Anne*braves baby and now get up and us eghen in a room. mike ruschte from that lies and stood there like a toddler and by spreitzhose made him very difficult to run he laboriously made headway.he agreed laufgesch¼r with a rope with it he not f¤hlt and and to him became a baby puts down lid aufgesetzt.die women udn Anne caught in then in an order ton to say *komm kliene run run in your new room oer you want jet already punished werden.mike bkam fear udn fin in to tappel, nevertheless everybody was hard walked cost exert and by virtue of and, besides presses his blows and bowel he was shortly before him, nevertheless, have to go he held it. the women sageten immer*wenn kelien then in the room is she has to go sschlafen is very strenuous for ours kleine*.anne smiled mike always only and helped him.als them in the room came made mike big augen*alles an ess chair was pink and with vilene baby ¶bel a baby bed and a lot more *das yours is new richly mine small *sage one fre¡uen and turned to mike around *.sie stood before him and mike had ansgt he could say also nothing by nuki: the woman said *nun is shclafen and you must make aaa and piipii, otherwise, bekommste one punishes *.mike was picked up like kleindkind and to sleep vorbereitet:er it was put in strampler with zunen hands then a whole body strampler with zuhnen f¤ustligen and feet and then there came a sleeping-bag strampler and to schluss a sleeping-bag woer rfest he was fixed.als then in in bed was laid he still got a big bottle of milk to drink.doch he noticed like it stronger and stronger presses and his pipi and aa, nevertheless, presses he tried to defend himself and everybody he did not go bklamm his dummy again. and became with a thick one covers to covered.*so nuns chlaf first sometimes well and make well in the nappy mummy werden*.sagte Anne does not have to go nastily and went with denf rough raus.doch mike nothing helped to resist he made both in the nappy and found it very much besch¤hment
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Hi! Looks like an interesting story, but it's very hard to read.

You need a bit more editing before English readers can really understand your writing. I think you are German, or perhaps Dutch?

Ich sprecht kleine Deutche, but I might be able to help you edit if you would like some help.

Please do keep writing, but let us know if you would like some editing help! :)
yes i came form germany

oh thanks you to them my story something likes.
I would take help with pleasure in claim because it still becomes much more crassly the story.
: PinkBaby-Lachen:
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