A New Day
A sweet sissy girl find's love. PG 13.
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 A New Day 

Tim Sommers was a quiet courteous young man with a secret he kept mostly to himself for all of his twenty-two years. You see Tim was a special little soul who, despite what his family and society told him to be, was deep down inside a small girl.
Ever since he could remember, Tim had been drawn to demure pretty little girl's dresses, he loved to wear them and to play with dolls and stuffed toys and all the other things that little girls loved to do. Tim especially loved swing sets and hopscotch and afternoon tea.
His older sister Wendy used to dress him up in her old dresses and they spent countless hours together at play, until Tim turned eight and his parents put a stop to it, saying it was no longer appropriate for a boy of his age. Tim played along, prtending he didn't want to dress up anymore, though deep down he yearned to be a little girl.
Wendy, who was three years his senior, would sometimes look at him whistfully and declare that she missed her little sister, and Tim from time to time would dress up in secret and play with Wendy, who by this time was well aware her little brother loved being her little sister. But, as time went by and Wendy went into high school, it simply became a shared memory that brought a smile to both of their faces.
Tim always kept a dress or two hidden in his closet and would only wear them when he knew it was safe. As he got older, Tim and Wendy spent less and less time together as she was drawn into the world of a popular high school girl, while Tim, in secret was still a little girl dreaming of swing seta and ponies.
When he graduated from high school, Tim, who was quite small for his age, went to community college and graduated with a diploma in grafic art and design. He was lucky and quickly landed a new job with good benifits and incentive programs, and best of all he could work from home! Now at last he could finally afford a place of his own.

Tim bought a modest 12 year old bungalo an hours drive from his parents and sister, close enough to visit them regularly and far enough away to allow him some privacy.
He lost no time in building up his wardrobe, he ordered three new dresses, three jumper and blouse sets as well as several pair of rhumba panties, a dozen pair of under panties, two pairs of black Mary Jane shoes and several pair of tights, knee socks and lace anklets as well as several hair accessories! Within a few short weeks Tim had all of his new outfits hanging in his closet and was pretty much settled into his new home.
The house was back from the road on a private one achre lot with a back yard surrounded by trees. It had been home to a young family and much to Tim's delight in the middle of the backyard was a delux swing set with a slide! It was big enough for Tim to use and it, along with the private backyard, were one of the main selling points of the house as far as he was concerned. Tim now had a place where he could live and work as he pleased and he planned to live as a little girl for most of the time.
The next few weeks were the happiest of Tim's life because he spent over ninety-five percent of his time being a little girl and he loved it! The only time he would wear men's clothes was when he left the house for an errand, once back, he would change into one of his dresses or jumpers and carry on with his day. Since Tim worked out of his house he had no problem wearing dresses and if not for the fact he dressed so young, he would have no problem passing as a girl on the street. He had shoulder length fair hair and didn't need to shave and at five feet one and a half, he looked like a girl even when he was dressed as a boy.
Once a week, Tim would drive home to visit his family on Sunday, Wendy still lived at home due to the fact she was still in university finishing her Phd in theoretical astophysics and living at home made perfect economic sence to her and their parents.

Things went on like this for the better part of six months, and Tim settled into a routine which suited him, or her as he now began to think of himself as a she. Tim's wardrobe doubled in size and he now had several cute babydoll nighties and skirt and blouse sets and a legion of dolls and stuffed toys adorned his very girly bedroom. He even bought himself a princess four poster bed which sported a Sailor Moon comforter and Little Mermaid sheets.
On this paticular Monday, Tim decided to wear one of his new dresses. After his bubble bath he dried himself off and walked into his bedroom to the large walk in closet, he took a white pair of plain panties and slipped them on, sliding his small penus back between his legs as he did so, the smooth cotton panties fit his hairless body snuggly. Tim then put on a pair of white tights and Mary Jane shoes, he stood up and pulled a poofy white petticoat over his head, it floated down over his slender body and barely covered his panties. Next he pulled on a pair of cute pink satin rhumba panties with five rows of one inch lace accross the bottom over his white tights and under panties till they just peeked out from the hem of his petticoat. Next he slipped his newest dress on over his head and quickly zipped up the back while moving to his full length mirror to see himself.
As always Tim was pleased with how sweet he looked, he really did make a convincing girl, though anyone could instantly see he was dressed too young for his age, though in truth, Tim at twenty-two could easily pass for a twelve year old girl, the dress he had on was clearly meant for a much younger child.
Tim's new dress was a pink A-line frock with puffed sleeves with white lace, an empire waist with three rows of white lace on the bodice and a white lace Peter Pan collar, the skirt of the dress was ruffled and only just covered his petticoat and rhumba panties. Whenever Tim moved or twitled his ruffled bottom was exposed, the outfit gave Tim an infantile appearance and he looked like an adorable two year old.
Tim twirled and swished in front of the mirrorfor a few minutes, very pleased with his new dress and how cute he looked, he put pink barretes on each side of his head and giggled at his appearance. Skipping off to the kitchen Tim thought how nice it would be to have somebody prepare breakfast for him, and as he sat at the table demurely munching his cereal he had no idea just what a special day this was going to be.

When Tim finished breakfast he washed up the dishes and brushed his teeth, then walked into his work room and spent the morning finishing off a job for one of his companies clients.
After a quick lunch, Tim went back to work and didn't come up for air till suppertime, he was hungry and he didn't feel like cooking. His little white Mary Jane shoes made sweet clicking sounds on the hardwood floor as Tim walked daintiiy into the kitchen, he caught sight of himself in a mirror and twirlled and swished in front of it for a minute or two, admiring how the little pink frock, poofed out daintily by his petticoat, floated so prettily above his frilly panties. Giggling, Tim adjusted his tights and panties and thought about what to do about supper, the sun was setting and an idea popped into his mind. Tim hated changing out of his dresses whenever he had to do an errand............
His mind made up, Tim went out of his side door with his car keys in his hand. In the gathering darkness, his heart pounding, Tim walked to his car and got in. Being outside dressed as a little girl was nothing new to Tim, he regularly made extensive use of the swingset and slide but, leaving the saftey of his private yard was something new altogether.
Tim was nervous as he pulled onto the road, he knew anyone who saw him up close would know he was a young girl, his pink barrettes and lacey dress would be obvious to anyone who pulled up next to him, but, since they didn't know him they would just assume she was a teen girl in her parents car. Tim knew that if anyone saw him out of the car they would know instantly that he was dressed far too young for his age, but, since he didn't plan to leave his car untill he got back home, Tim didn't see the harm in doing what he was doing, besides, he would be invisible to oncomming traffic at night anyway, hidden by the glow of his own headlights. As Tim rolled along to town in his little Ford Focus he began to relax and enjoy the sensation of driving while wearing one of his little dresses, he put an Enya CD Watermark, his favorite into the car's player and happily drove into the night.

After a short ten minute drive, Tim pulled into the Wendy's drive through and ordered a chicken sandwhich and salad, he was hungry, it had been a longtime since lunch. As he pulled up to the drive through window, a bored looking young woman took his money and eyed his barrettes and the top of his dress, Tim's little puffed sleeves and Peter Pan collar showed up quite nicely in the well lit drive through lane as did the three rows of lace on his little bodice.
She handed him his supper and flashed a brilliant smile, it was than Tim realized she could see right down into his car and she looked right at his white clad legs and no doubt realized just how childish Tim's outfit was, Tim blushed a little and she only smiled wider. "Have a good night sweetie," she said kindly. Tim, still blushing, thanked her and drove slowly away both thrilled and a little frightened at being so exposed, but also happy to be excepted for himself. He knew the drive though girl would think he was a childish teen girl and he wondered how she would have reacted had she known he was really a young man.
As Tim headed for home he came to stoplight that was just turning yellow, hungry and a little tired, Tim goosed his Focus and went through the intersection just as the light was turning red, he failed to notice the police cruiser sitting by the road until the red and blue lights came on and the cruiser pulled out behind him.
"Oh no," Tim cried out in despair, "how could I be so stupid!" He quickly pulled over, knowing he was caught and dreading the humiliation he was about to endure. His heart was racing as he looked in his mirror to try to see the officer, but the lights of the cruiser were too bright and all he could see were the flashing red and blue lights above the blinding white headlights.
Tim started to tremble a little and he grabbed the steering wheel to stop his hands from shaking. He heard a door slam and knew he was only seconds away from being seen by a police officer while dressed as a little girl.

Tim stared straight ahead, his little knuckles were turning white as he gripped the wheel and waited. He heard footsteps approaching and closed his eyes absolutly mortified.
"Good evening miss," He heard a pleasant woman's voice ring in his ear and Tim turned to see a beautiful young police woman looking at him and shining a light into his car, her light lingered on Tim's dress for a few seconds before she swept it around the rest of the car than settled it back on Tim, though not in his eyes.
"Do you know why I stopped you?" She asked him in a calm even tone.
"Yes," Tim relied in a small voice, "I went through a red light.....but.....but....it was yellow when I got to the intersection."
'Hmm, well young lady the yellow light dosen't mean speed up, I don't think your parents will be too pleased when they hear about this."
'No ma'am," Tim said, elated that she thought he was a young teen girl, his bubble was burst pretty quickly however when the officer said;
"I'll need to see your driver's licence, registration and insurance card please."
"Oh of course," Tim said, his heart pounding again as he reached into the glove compartment, he knew that once she saw his licence she would know he was really a twenty-two year old man dressed as a very little girl. He timidly handed her his documents, she looked at his license for what seemed to be a long time, than she looked up and shone her flashlight over his dress again slowly, her face showing the trace of a smile.
"Wait here please," she said simply and walked back to her cruiser, leaving Tim to wonder what was going to happen next. She was only gone for five minutes, but to Tim it seemed like an hour, finally she came back and opened Tim's door, the breeze felt cool around Tim's legs. "Step out of the car please," she said in a no nonsense tone.
Timidly Tim complied, keeping his hands down at his side in a vain attempt to keep the wind from blowing his little dress up over his frilly panties.

She directed Tim to move around to the front of her cruiser, the bright lights showed every detail of Tim's little outfit perfectly.
"We need to do a field sobriety test." The young officer said, "hold your hands out at your sides and walk to me heel to toe."
As soon as Tim moved his hands the wind caught his dress and it floated up to caress his outstretched arms, instinctively he moved to push the dress down, but the officer spoke.
"Keep your arms up please and heel toe towards me."
Tim did as he was told with his arms out and his lace panties exposed by the playfull wind he moved towards the officer in a straight line. Several cars rolled by while he was doing this and Tim's face burned red as he knew he was totally exposed here. He knew the young officer was enjoying herself and he wondered how much longer he was going to have to do this. She made him heel toe away from her as well and he felt his face burn as she smirked at him playfully.
Next she made him touch the tip of his nose using both hands, the whole time she made him keep his arms up so the wind could playfully toss his little dress around and ruffle his panties.
"One final test," she said, "clap your hands together and jump up and down until I say stop. Tim did as he was told jumping and clapping like a toddler while the officer slowly walked in a circle around him, smiling all the while.
"Ok honey that's enough, follow me," she said gently as she led him to her cruiser and opened the front passanger door, "get in sweetie."
Tim did as he was told, noticing the warmth in her voice and the gentle way she was treating him. She walked around the car and got in behind the wheel.
"Ok little missy," she said with a smile, "it's your lucky night, I'm only going to give you a warning because you are simply adorable, you really really are! I have to ask, are you going to a costume party, or are you simply expressing your true self?"

Tim looked over at her, she was in a relaxed pose with her head at an angle gazing at him with a warm smile.
"I um....."Tim looked down for a moment, then he met her gaze, "this is my true self......I.....have alawys been a little girl at heart and um...........," finally Tim's reserve broke and he burst into tears, needing to release his tension and fear.
"Oh honey," the officer spoke gently as she reached over and gave Tim a hug and a reasurring pat on the knee. "My name is Trudy, Trudy Summers and it's ok baby, your not in trouble and I'm not going to hurt you." She paused for a moment, "In fact I think you and I could become very good friends."
Tim wiped away his tears and looked again at the pretty young police woman, she had warm brown eyes and jet black hair tied in a single braid, she looked athletic and had a good eight inch height advantageover Tim, yet despite her power and authority, Tim felt a warmth comming from her, a warmth the lonely little girl was instinctively drawn to. "I'd like to be your friend very much," Tim said in a small voice, "I haven't any friends in town yet."
"You do now honey," Trudy said as she reached out and brushed Tim's hair away from his eyes, "I'm off duty in an hour, would it be ok if I came over to your house tonight and got to know you a little better?"
"Oh yes yes! That would be wonderfull!!" Tim gushed happily, his tears forgotten, "You.....you don't mind if I keep my dress on do you?"
"Mind?" Trudy said with a laugh, "Sweetie that little dress is what attracted me to you in the first place." She reached over and fingered the lace on Tim's bodice, "the fact is I'd be very dissapointed if you didn't have a little dress on when I get there." She tickled Tim under his chin, "I've always had a soft spot for little girls, especially cute ones like you." She leaned over and kissed Tim gently on the lips, "now little one, how about a police escort home?"
"Yes please I'd love it." Tim said happily.
Trudy walked him back to his car and than followed him for the short run home, as Tim got out of his car Trudy waved from the foot of his driveway, "I'll be back soon honey." With that she drove off with a toot of her horn and Tim, his head swimming with happiness skipped into his house to eat his supper and wait for his new friend, he couldn't wait to see Trudy again.

End part One

Part two to follow shortly, I hope you like it so far girls. Thank you for reading my story, feedback positive or negative is always welcome.


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Oh my gosh! This story is so cute so far! Keep up the great work!
To become a baby girl... That is my one true goal in life!
emma wotson
i agree such a sweet story. i want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baby Johanna
Oh I love it! I love it I love it I love it! It's nice to see a story about someone who's already a sissy. Keep up the good work.
If I cannot fly, let me sing!
This is lovely start that get you misty eyed at the end.
Kimmie Toddler Girl
Yes there will be a part 3 as soon as I can put it up, thanks again girls!
This is a very nice, sweet story. I'm glad I decided to read it :)

Eagerly awaiting part 3!
oh more definately! and when will the diapers be introduced
So amazingly amazing!  Thank you for sharing this story with us!   
I wish I could be Daniel in "Summers of Rebirth"
A very lovely and caring chapter you have done. Making me all misty eyes so much me had to stop and get a tissue.
Very good work.
Sweet Dreams
You are doing such a wonderful job writing this! 
I wish I could be Daniel in "Summers of Rebirth"
Kimmie Toddler Girl
Thank you very mush girls! There will be more chapters comming in a few days, I'm going to be working on my night shift rotation so I won't be able to add any more till monday. Thanks again for reading and I'll be back soon!
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