Nekas's New Freinds (PG)
A little neko boy makes some new frinds but the girls have special plans for him to make him into the girl his curse makes him seem better as.
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Nekas new friends

Id like to thank Little Neka for playing the part of Neka in this RP story you did a great job and after this first post we can do more it f you like. I couldn’t have done it without you.

1) Neka: a shy, lonely, neko boy with a curse of appreirng girly aged 11

2) Cara and Katie: 12 year old identical twins. A very childish pair who befriend and “play” with Neka. They are identical in every way.

3) Ishbell: 10 year old very pretty neko girl. Similar to and best friends with the twins. Who ends up crushing on Neka?
Magical academy boarding school for children with magik powers and other gifts. Mostly in the three girls shared room but scenes in other parts of the academy too.

The story
The three girls were getting to know the little neko quite well and they thought he was cute, so after the meal they took him upstairs and played with him playing things like dress up dolls etc.
Neka smiles playing with he girls, he's never really had some one to hangout with so he was happy just playing with them.
“Hey girls look he’s enjoying playing with us see I told you Cara, there'd be other kids who wanted to join in with our world but you didn’t believe me.” Katie laughed.
Neka looked up a bit confused "you world? What is that?" Neka asked?
Cara whispers to Katie: "no sis I dint because he’s not exactly like other kids is he but he’s just so cute maybe we can make him happy cos he doesn’t seem happy.
Oh don’t worry that just what we call it, it’s not really a world it’s just the way we play. Is a little odd to others, but it’s so fun said Ishbell
*the girls all giggle happily*
Neka nods. "Oh Okays" and smiled

"Well I gotta go and does something now but ill be back in a little while okay?" Ishbell answered as she got up to leave, twins know where she was going but they decided their new little brother didn’t need to know
Neka looked up as Ishbell left “Okay see you in a bit." Neka said as she left and then looked at the twins.
The twins looked back at him right into his eyes. "What do you want to do now?" enquired Katie
Neka looked back at both of the twins. "Not sure, I never really had anyone to play with so I’m new at this." Neka said.
The girls look back dumbstruck and Cara replies
"What are you serious you've never had anyone to play with before? What do you do with yourself all the time then?"

Neka blushes. "I read....allot, and watch anime." Neka said shyly
Wow awesome we play together, watch cartoons, practice magik and play “instruments” laughed Katie then gave you a hug
Neka smiled and hugged her back
Cara tickled Neka and said happily “let’s play dress up and pretend to be princesses want to play Neka? Ishbell will be a while yet."
Neka giggled as he's tickled "sure I’ll play dress up with you." Neka laughed with a smile
“Yay!” squealed Cara and Katie happily you want to go first Neka asked Katie
Neka thinks a bit. "Sure if you’re willing to help me since this is going to be my first time." Neka said.
“Sure we will the girls said together with glee

Neka giggled seeing them does that?
Both girls playfully dress you up and spin you around pretending to be princesses and they wouldn’t let him put anything on himself they insisted they would do it all.
the twins dress him in a frilly pink dress complete with panties over his under pants which are quite padded in the crotch, a tall pointed hat also pink but with flowers on and finally they give him some soft silky purple gloves. By the end of it he could pass as a girl with his long hair. All he needed was making up.

Neka blushes as the girls hand dressed him and was amazed on how he looked when they were done. "Wow." Neka said seeing him self in a mirror
Ishbell arrives back and falls on the floor laughing at how much he looks like a little princess. The girls whisper something together but Neka doesn’t hear it but they are giggling afterwards. Neka can't help but blush when Ishbell gets back.

Ishbell giggled as she saw Neka who looked every ince a girl all he needed was makeup and a bit of blusher. Which the twins got out ready.
Katie asked "hey Neka want to wear some make up so you look like a real girl.
Neka is still blushing and a bit. "Hmmm sure." Neka said.
The three girls giggle almost hysterically and clap excitedly.
Neka smiles seeing all three girls giggling.
"Oh your little sweetie Neka I could almost eat you" laughed Ishbell and she then blushed a little.
Neka dose a cute spin in the dress to make the girls giggle.
The three giddy girls start liberally powdering blusher on Neka’s dimpled cheeks, then they start putting glitter in Neka's hair, they use blue mascara on his eyes and then comes the lipstick they smother Neka’s lips in a soft pink lipstick.

They do an excellent almost professional job and they sit back and congratulate each other in between giggling and laughing cutely. They really liked his cute spin.
Neka smiles when there done. "Can I see a mirror?" Neka asked
the girls look him over and Cara says. "There’s something missing I think he needs some cute ribbons in his hair".
"Not yet Neka we haven't finished yet we want to add one last touch", laughs Cara
with the other girls remaining totally straight faced
Neka nods. "Okays," Neka said giggled.
Neka looks down at the dress and plays with the frills on it. His neko tail wagging back and forth allot.
Katie starts putting soft purple or pink ribbons in you hair, putting it in pigtails.
Neka purrs like a kitten when Katie brushes his hair to put the ribbons in.

“AWW! That’s so adorable look at that girls he's purring. Katie squealed with delight, clapping her hands. Neka blushes again when he can, he can't help but purr some more
Ishbell gets an idea and calls the twins over and whispers to them but Neka doesn't hear them.
"what do you think girls shall we ask him if he’d like to wear one of my diapers.”
Neka looks at the girls and wonder what there talking about.

The twins walk back over to Neka and ask him a question while Ishbell goes to her side of the room.
The girl’s ask Neka to lie down. Neka sit down and then lays back. "Okays, why you need me to lay down?" Neka asked
“Don't worry where just playing a game.” says Cara conspiratorially then the twins smile a little crookedly.
"Hmm Okays." Neka said and giggled.

At that moment Ishbell returns with her hands behind her back, she’s holding something Neka can tell.
Neka looks up at Ishbell. "What have you got there?" Neka asked
"Its nothing really don’t worry we wont hurt you Girls can you take his arms for me.”
Don’t struggle you might enjoy this.” She shows you a pull up with butterflies and ballerinas on them...
Neka was a bit shocked "a diaper?" Neka said confused and wiggles around a bit
Now we are gonna ask you would you like to give it a try." says Ishbell with a sly grin.
Neka blushed "Hmmm I don't know." Neka said

If you don’t say yes we will force you into it anyway." Katie said brightly.

"What?" Neka said trying to get up.
"We said if you don’t say yes we will force you anyway." replied Katie
"I don't need one." Neka said still trying to get up.
"But it’s your choice; it would be more fun to force you." Laughed Cara
"No." Neka said trying to wiggle out.
"Fine" Ishbell says simply” you asked for it."

The twins pin your arms down harder ad one of them sticks a candy dummy in his mouth. After that Ishbell pulls up Neka’s dress and takes your panties and underpants off. Leaving him half naked in front of 3 girls he just meets.
Neka blushes deep red.
“When hey take off his underwear and tries to get the twins off him.
But there was two of them and they were leaning al l there weight on the weakest part of each arm, besides Neka wasn’t very strong any way being so small.

Ishbell gently pulls the pull-up over Neka’s legs and checks its tight then lets his dress down so he’s not embarrassed any more. However he still feels humiliated and angry at the girls for doing this to him, he trusted them as friends and now they’ve done this ,he dint really want to imagine what else they had in store for him…But they were still his friends right?....
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bridget 1971
YEA>>> I liked it very much!! Huggs and kisses,. bridget.
Sarah Candy Lee
is a good start i like where its going i hope there is more 
i should probably write something really profound =)
oh dont worry there will be more soon i reckon a few more comments first ithink
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
i dont know why im waiting for more comments, if i cn find the story il lpsot the next one asap it should be great. hope oyu al lstay and read it
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
  Another good story dear and please cont. with it I know we get a wittle fussy about waiting but thats the way we all are !! giggles , BIG HUG & KISSIE   
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
Hmmm...This IS quite a lot of fun to read...

 Hmmm...This IS quite a lot of fun to read...  

i think il lubdate this story and finish of the imp totie up tohe losoe ends maybe start aon anew one sice yo uall seem to liek my work.
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
  It,s never to late to add to a good story and your,a are always worth the wait THX Sweetie . 
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
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