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  First an apology to CreamyPants for whose story Reflections this is a continuation of. I konw it is annoing to have someone else continue your story - I've had it done to mee elsewhere - so I just beg for CreamyPants forgiveness, but his story provided such an enticing opening I couldn't resist a continuation with a Chapter 6. I also have some ideas for a Chapter 7, but only if this meets first with some positive response and CreamyPants doesn't forbid me to do so.

Chapter 6.

Six months later Baby's Mommy Julie and Sissy's Mommy Diane have moved into a new spacious house with Sissy and Baby. The mommies are fortunate in being wealthy enough, both through inheritance and their own work, to be able to afford a grand house and keep their two sissies at home constantly under their discipline.

Sissy and Baby have a fully equipped nursery. There is a large locking crib where they are put together for the night and their day-time naps, a big playpen with a soft rubber-covered carpet, lots of dollies and toys, two big-sissy sized rocking horses, a big changing table, two pink potty-chairs and two special highchairs, the seats of which have holes for plastic potties.

On the wall hang their leather leading reins and an array of instruments for punishing the sissies. There are two paddles, one with eight holes, the other of solid wood. There is a hard-backed hairbrush, a stiff leather strap and a martinet with ten short tails. While all of these are very efficient instruments for imposing strict nursery discipline, the one instrument which the sissies dread most of all is the birch-rod, which lies soaking in a tub of brine-water in one corner. There is a little wood near-by and the sissies squirmed when their mommies took them there one day and instucted them to make two nice birch-rods for their own discipline.Three or even four weeks might go by without Sissy and Baby tasting the birch, but when they do their botties will certainly smart for several days afterwards.

They are spanked with the other instruments much more frequently. If a whole day passes without a single smacking the next might bring them two or three separate spankings in one day. Dianne and Julia are in full agreement about the necessity of regular spankings for their sissies. Of course Sissy and Baby are most obedient and very docile, but their mummies will always find some reason for giving them a red bottom whenever they feel it is needed.

Their spankings are always on the bare bottom, except that for instant discipline the strap may be used for smaller misdemeanours on their extended hands, or when it is inconvenient to take down their diapers and plastic pants. Sometimes their hands are also strapped in addition to a bare-bottom spanking.After six smacks on each hand their palms will be tingling hotly for some hours afterwards! The sissies share all their punishments, and even if only one of them has misbehaved both will get the same punishment. All spankings are followed by a corner-time for up to two hours.

On the wall are also two plastic-covered skipping ropes. Now that the sissies are totally broken in their mommies do not need to keep them weak. While Julie and Diane like to see the sissies accumulating some baby fat and enjoy the slightly flabby look this gives them - and which the two formerly rather athletic men are ashamed of - they dont want them to become so obese as to present a serious health-risk. That is why each morning after their pottying and feeding they let out into the garden where they will skip with their ropes for 45 minutes. For this exercise period they are dressed only in pull-up diapers and rubber training bras as they will be soaking with sweat after they have done their exercises. They also have a leather cuff with little bells locked on one of their ankles, ensuring that they will not stop when their mommies are not looking. They do their daily exercise come in all types of weather, but they are given transparent plastic macs if it rains. As it has rained rarely they have been mostly able to skip in the warm sun and they have a nice bikini tan as a consequence.

Each morning Sissy and Baby are put into their high-chairs where they will remain locked in for an hour, two give them ample time to do their poopies in their potties. For although the sissies are hopelessly incontinent and will have wet their diapers usually within an hour after a diaper-change, they are expected to do all their poopies in the potty and they will be punished strictly if they mess in their diapers. That is why they have an hour of potty time both in the morning and in the evening, before being locked into their crib for the night.

Should Sissy or Baby need to poo during the day, she has to ask mummy nicely for the potty. When this happens both of them will be put on their potties on which they will squat for half-an-hour, before they are allowed to get up and have their bottoms wiped. Even if only one of them has asked to be relieved, they are both expected to perform when on the potty. The one that has not done so will be punished, as will also the other in accordance with the shared punishment principle. The sissies have thus learned to try and coordinate their poopies so as to avoid being spanked. This is not easy as their dildoing has weakened their sphincsters and they have to hurry when they feel the urge, even when the other cannot produce a turd. But being spanked for constipation entails a lesser spanking than messing their diaper, which would be corrected with the birch. It took only one occasion for them to learn that particular lesson.

Their healthy diet of mushed vegetables, staple and bran and their hour on the potty each morning ensures the regular working of their bowels, but sometimes their mommies will have a bit of fun and slip a laxative into the bottle of one of the sissies, but not of the other. This provides the mommies amusing entertainment and usually an opportunity for spanking the sissies. For them it is a humialiating experience, all the more so if there are visitors coming or if they are taken out.

On the day their new baby reins were delivered to the house their mommies decided to take them next day to their hairdresser. After their exercise and bath they were dressed in their training bras, cream-colored blouses with ruffled cuffs and collar and pink velveteen sissy shorts over their diapers and plastic pants. Pink dresses with petticoats would have also quite appropriate, but sometimes their mommies feel that these femmy sissy-boy clothes are just as good for their dress discipline. The legs of the shorts were short enough to allow everyone to see that they were wearing pink plastic pants under them. Sissy and Baby were then fastened in their new leather baby harnesses, their pacifiers were pushed into their mouths and they were led out to the van and taken to the hairdresser. For the trip they were supplied with their special formula baby bottles and told they had to finish them before they arrived at their destination.

Janets salon was run by a good friend of their mommies who with her teenage young assistant Tracy greeted them warmly. Janet knew all about the sissies having visited them on several occasions, but for Tracy this was her first view of them and she couldn't stop smirking. The sissies did not know it, but they were going to be treated to a very special haircut. Sissy was first fastened into a barber-chair, but before Janet could begin his coiffure Baby, whose bottle had been laced, urgently tugged Julies arm and whispered that she needed the potty, quick! Julie told her to speak up and the mortified Baby had almost to shout for the potty before Julie relented and took out the pink plastic potty which had been packed in the sissies diaper bag along with clean diapers and their paddle. Baby erupted immediately after her shorts, plastic pants and diaper had been taken down and she made contact with the potty. Soon the women were wrinkling their noses and Janet asked Tracy to open the window and let in some fresh air!

Baby was told she should continue squatting while Janet proceeded with Sissys haircut. The special haircut turned out to be a complete head shave! It was carried out with scissors and clippers and finished off with a lathering and close razor shave, with baby oil rubbed on the smooth head to complete the procedure! After this it was time for the sissies to change places. Baby had her bottom wiped and diaper pulled back on and took Sissys place in the barber-chair, while Sissy emptied the potty in the adjoining toilet and returned to squat on it at the barber-chairs feet.

Once Baby was in the chair Janet asked Tracy is she would like to do the honours this time. Tracy was more than ready and remarked that the sissies new sissybaby haircut was just adorable. While Babys head was given the same treatment Sissy strained in vain to produce something into the potty, but only managed a trickle of pee. After the fifteen minute meticulous shave was over the mommies looked at Sissy, shook their heads and Diane said it looks like you must have the paddle. As usual he cried already after the first swats and was sniffing profusely by the time he was allowed to get up from Dianes knees. The paddle passed on to Julie to do its work on Babys bottom. While Sissy was being spanked the terrfied Baby had wet herself and was awarded with a fresh diaper after her spanking. Mercifully there were no other people apart from Janet and Tracy in the salon, which had been closed for the sissies visit, but any passer-by on the sidewalk who had happened to look in the windows would have been treated to the full scene, even if the sound-track with the smacks and cries had been muffled. When the party left the salon the sissies were again fully dressed and fastened into their reins, but they had also gained a new piece of clothing, diaphanous baby bonnets showing their newly shaved heads at their best!

Both sissies are now always locked in pink plastic chastity devices, after Julie was able to find "baby-sized" little cages for their clitties. Their mommies found that this was necessary because otherwise they would be sucking each other whenever left alone. Of course they cannot provide the cream for their special bottles, but with their hormone treatment advancing they could produce very little anyway. But their mommies have been able to secure a supply of cummycream for the sissies through their network of lady friends, whose husbands, boyfriends and sissies regularly contribute the cream the two have become dependent on.

The sissies have a weekly session when their CB's are removed so they can do their little squirties in each others mouths, usually this takes place on Saturday afternoon when a party of their mommies lady friends is present cheering them on while enjoying their afternoon tea.

The sissies also have a special visitor who comes to see them twice a week. She is Lucy, a big black woman with very big lactating breasts, who treats them to a breast-feeding. When the sissies were introduced to her tits for the first time Sissy was silly enough to make a fuss about it and refuse to take the proffered nipple in her mouth, but a session with the paddle across Diane's knee but a stop that foolishness, earning Baby a paddling as well. Sissy and Baby to a breast-feeding. Lucy also expects them to thank her after their feed by going down between her legs and giving her a satisfactory sucking and licking. She likes to rub their shaved heads while they are at it. Lucy has also teased them by telling them that their mommies should take them to the dentist to have their teeth removed, as her pleasure would be increased with their toothless gums caressing her pussy.

Their mommies have yet to take up Lucy on her suggestion, but they have taken their wards fastened in their baby reins on another humiliating expedition to a tattooing salon, where the top of their necks were tattooed with the identification SISSY and BABY respectively.

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Neat stuff, I hope s/he's ok with the continuation! Thanks for writing!
I loved the first one and this one was nice as well!!
I loved the first one and this one was nice as well!
what a great story whish I could be Baby
Mina Silverwind
a very cute story as whole. I hope write&post more stories here on sissy kiss, and I will glady read all them in future.
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