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see what happends when you lose a bet with your wife
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My name is Joe, I have brown hair and brown eyes stand 5 foot maybe 6 inches with my boots on. I love to gamble play cards and now and agen play on the craps table, I spend a lot of my free time gambleing sometimes i will big and most of the time not so.
MY wife Diann is a tall sexy lady fire red hair, hre chest is a nice double c and man oh man what i think the best part about her body is her ASS every time she walks past me i just want to slap it.
It was friday just got payed and was heading home befor i want out to try to win some money back from last week I know Diann will not be home for at least 11 pm so that gave me some time to go do what i want. As i walked in to the house hung up my jacket and took off my shoes I headed up the stares to the bedroom to chang, when i opened the door thear was Diann laying on the bed in a short black and red babydoll nighty with matching panties and stockings my cock was geting hard just looking at her she got on her knees and crawled to the end of the bad looked at me with her big doe eyes stuck out her bottom lip and ask you don't you want to stay here and play with me? What could i say she was looking so sexy, I will stay and play with you baby a big smile came acroose her face and i started to take off my close Diann stoped me and said we are going to play a game first do you like strip poker? Well do you? I told her i will play good then got set down at the table and I will get the cards. As I was walking to the table I asked babe you want a drink (no thanks) but go and make your self one i will be down in a minute.

Chap. 2 the card game
now we are playing stip poker i know you know how to play but tonight we are going to chang the rules just a litle if i when a hand you will take off what i tell you too and i get to putt it on and if you will you have to but on what i have on is that understude? Yes lets play the game and just so you know when i take all your close you cant get made becuse i am better then you at cards. a wicked little grin came on her face.. Five hands later i was left in just my boxers. how did i loose so many hands in a roe i never loose that many that fast. Diann look at me and said one moor hand and your boxers are comeing off. I look at my cards man i am going to win I have a pair of A's I tell her i will take 3 she give me 3 more cards and now i have two pair A's and 5 she only took 1 one card she look at me and lets see waht you got baby i layed down my hand two pair what do you have well i got 3 of a kind man i lost agen. take off your boxers baby. here i am in my birthday suit looking like a loser she ask you want to play some more or have you had your full being the betting man that i am let play some more. good well bet on every hand you have to do the bet ok, lets do this. Diann looks at me and said since i won i get to make the bets fine lets go, bet 1 if i win you have to clean the dishes in my babydoll and panties. wow you want me to ware that. If your not man up then your must be a sissy. that hit a cord fine lets play she delt the cards and i had know chance i lost, ok baby lets get you drest to clean she took off her top then her panties standing threre with nothing on looking at her my cock was geting hard, let mommy help you i put my hand on the table and got one foot in then the other she took her time pulling up the panties she stoped just short of my hard cock then she help put on the babydoll she bent down once moor and kissed the head of my cock. She look up at me and ask you want to make anothe bet? Yes Diann let make anothe on ok but first you got to do your dishes little girl and smack my butt hard my head was in a fog did she just call me her little girl. i did the dishes my cock was throbing with the silky panties and babydoll rubbing agents my skin. are you done yet? yes i said with a little bit of a pout in my voice good i won my bet so bet number 2 if i win you will be a girl all weekend tell monday. is it a bet i thought about it and said ok. Good girl now sit down and let play. man i am in so deep i cant go as a girl all weekend i cant loose not this time no way and i lost agen fuck now i have to dress like a girl all weekend Diann look over at me and said its ok baby one more hand if you win all is said and done and if i win you do what ever i want you to do is it a bet? YES let do one more hand here we go this looks good 7,8,9,10, all i need is a 6 or a J and i will win dame a 4 you got to be kidding me show to win what do you have baby girl nothing 10 high what do you got Jack high you lose now lets get you to the bedroom little girl and i think you should crawl for moomy.

Chap 3 the new rulls for the weekend
Good girl mommy is going to have fun with you 1st you need a spanking so you know that mommy is in charg. get over my knee, i did what i was told she spanked me for 15 min. by the end of it i was crying and think i wet my self a litle too. Mommy got me up and look at then look at her panties i was in and slaped me bad girl you got mommys panties all nasty lay down on the bed you bad girl. you are going to be my baby girl this weekend no i dont want to you cant do this she slap me agen then whent pulled out abox from under the bed she opend up a big pink binkie shaped like a cock and put it in my mouth and tied a pink riben arond my head, good baby now you cant talk back to mommy lets get you in your diaper litle girl so you dont make a mess on mommy bed mommy pulled off my panties and putt the diaper under me. i dont know what was going on but my cock was hard as a rock and mommy seen thes you like this baby you like being my baby girl? that diaper want fit now. mommy got some oil and was rubbing me it felt so good i felt her finger playing arond my butt and then it was in and out in and out i was going to explode. mommy stoped and got on my cock her pussy hot and so wet she rode me for like 5 min. befor i came and she came both of us out of breath panting she kissy me on the cheek and brings the diaper over my now limp cock tapes the sides and we pass out together on the bed holding me with a diaper on and a cock shaped binking in my mouth still in her babydoll or should i say my babydoll.

Chap.4 one hell of a day in diapers
I woke up early got out of bed to Diann told me if i dont get back into bed right now that i will be sorry later i tryed to say but i have to go to the bathroom but forgot the binky was still in my mouth so it came out like i ave gooo affroom. Get your diaper but back in bed now if you have to go then you can go potty in your diaper like a good girl. I am laying there trying to hold it put its no use i cant i go in my diaper it fills kind of nice and warm i can fill the diaper soak up the pee mommy rolls over on me putts her hand on my diaper and tells me that i was a good baby going pepe in your diaper mommy will chang you when she gets up now go back to sleep baby. i closed my eyes and went to sleep when i got up agen mommy was gone i looked arond the room and seen a note on the door that read "To my baby girl mommy is in the kitchen if baby is hungry crawl to mommy and mommy will feed her baby girl LOVE MOMMY xoxo"
I crawled to kitchen and seen momoy rading the paper with a cup of coffie, mommy look at me crawling and started to laph a little i could got red in the face and just looked down at the floor mommy came over to me ask if i was hungry i nodded yes, mommy has a surprise for you its a high chair go get in i got in and it was a tight fit but it fiti got lock in and removed my binking for the first time my mouth was a little sore i asked what for breakfast? Mommy looked at me and said you are not going to talk like a big girl you can only talk baby talk now what did you say mommy me wants foo mommy pwese mommy smiled and called me a good girl.
Chap 5
Ok baby let your all clean now go crawl to the bathroom and mommy will clean you all up. As i got in the tub mommy told me she was going to get rid of all the nasty big girl hair so you will be nice and smooth like the baby you are going to be. first she got the scissors and started to trim then mommy grab a jar of wax that was in the snik she applied the hot wax on my legs then my arms, chest then my bikini area. It heart me so bad that i was crying and mommy just keep going and going tell there was no more hair on my body only on my head and my eyebrows. Mommy hushed me with my binky and gave me anice warm bath with lots of bubbles and a pink rubber ducky. Mommy was drying me off with a big fluffy towel and my peepee was getting hard i see my baby likes this you want mommy to make that go away? Thinking about lastnight i just shock my head yes with a smile lets get you in mommys room and take care of that go crawl to mommys room and i will be right back. mommy came back and told me to get on the stull, i was sitting on it and mommy told me not that way your tummy gose on that part you silly girl, mommy got me the way she wanted and then tied my hands and then feet to the stullmy butt was in the air and mommy told me that she was going to make the peepee go away i felt mommy spread my butt cheeks and slid her finger in and out. Now mommy is going to make you cume like a girl dose she got a big vibrator with a small ball on the tip this will make your peepee small for mommy i felt a sharp pain then it started to fill nice realy nice mommy was strocking my peepee with one had then moveing the vibrator in and out with the other. it felt like a hr. of this i was spent i was miled dry and my butt was sore, mommy moved to the front of me and told me she had baba for her baby you want your baba baby? i shock my head yes.
lets get you in a new diaper and mommy will give you your baba mommy laid me on my back and applied a good amount of powder then taped the diaper nice and tite, she then putt a pair of pink socks with lace on the top along with a pink dress with lots of lace and a bow, i sat up so mommy can do my hair and she gave me the cutiest little pig tails ok baby all drest come here mommy will feed you your baba good girl suck it all down for mommy, after i drank my baba allgone mommy told me it was full milk my milk and some ex lax to help baby have poopies..Man she was taking this to far now she want me to poop in my diapers to i cant do that then a sharp paine in my gut then it happend first a little wet fart then pow i flud came from out of know ware the smell was bad but mommy just smiled and callled me a good girl. it whent on like that all day wet and messy diapers and babas then dinner came mommy told me that aunt Kimmie was coming over to play with me I just said nonononono mommy me no want to play with aunt kimmie and smak right across me face tears bilt up in my eyes and ran alittle down my cheek mommy looked at me and told me that was for talking back.

Chap 6 Kimmie
Kimmie was a tall slim woman she has long hair blue eyes, i nice ass and her hr. glass figer was out the 50s pin up with her big powdie red lips man she was a knockout and mommys BFF. Wen kimmie got there i was in my high chair with food all over my face and hads and a veary wet diaper and pink top, she gave mommy a hug and a kiss on the cheek then came righ over to me and pinch my face with her hand saying this is your little slut girl hay Diann, slut girl what was she talking about i was not a slut girl i was mommys little baby girl. i said me no slut girl me a baby girl mommys baby girl. AWWW how cute she thinks she just a baby! not after tonight you little slut why do you think i am here? your mommy is going out and i am going to play some games with you and when your mommys gets back you will be a good little sissy slut in diapers. Mommy got her things and kiss me on the cheek and told me to be good mommy will be back later love you.
Aunt kimmie slap my face told me to get down off your chair and come with me i started to walk next to aunt kimmie she slaped me agen and said crawl you sissy bitch. she then opend the door and whnt out to her car i stoped at the door she came back and slap my leg 5 times and told me to get out to the car now i crawled as fast as i could aunt kimmie just lapht good sissy bitch now let go in side and get started. aunt kimmie whent to the 2nd bedroom the we use for a office told me to stay there she needed some stuff from mommy room. aunt kimmie came back with the spanking stull and some rope.. get on the stull now she ordered i did what i was told she cut off my diaper. and started to spank my bottom fast and hard with her hand. i was crying so hard she told me to be quite but it was no use then she got my binky looked at it and told me you like sucking cock do you here suck on this she tied it arond my head then started to spank me more this time with a paddle my butt was on fire i was crying like a baby then i just stoped aunt kimmie got up and shout off the lights and closed the door i have no clue how long she was gone but i had wet the floor and she was not happy about that. you sissy bitch you peed on the floor your a bad girl a vary bad girl she spank me 5 more times it ok sissy you can clean it later now aunt kimmie has some one here for you to meet i know you will like him his is going to let you suck is big hard cock then he will show you what it like to be fuck in the butt with a big hard cock are you ready. go head randy take out the binky and give her your cock to suck on. here was this guy i dont know in my house getting ready to fill my mouth with his cock. he grab my hair looked me in the eyes told me if i bite is dick he was going to knock out all my teeth and then face fuck me. i was shacking the tip at my lips my eyes were closed i opend up he slid it in a little at first then some more calling me a good girl and i was doing a good job his cock was so hard and big i was bigger then mine and out of know ware he shot his hot cum down my thourt gagging me a little good girl you are a good cock sucker now lets see if you can take it as well as you suck it his shadow covering me his cum in my mouth it tasted all most sweet. ok baby girl you ready for daddy yes i said he pushed it in hard it made me cry then after a cuble of time in and out it was felling good realy good you like that babay you taking daddys cock yes daddy give it to me daddy oooh i came right there daddy still fucking me hard i felt his load shoot up in me i past out.
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I really like the idea of the story, but your grammar is pretty poor, and makes it kind of a struggle to read.
yaa not the best at that stuff sorry
Hope there will be more. The way it was written seams as if a baby wrote it
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