Mommies Diary, PART 1
(xxx) new story written by Sissy Sarah's mommy
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Dear Diary,
Today started off pretty good, the sun was shining and I could hear the birds chirping outside the kitchen I sat there having my 1st cup of coffee I could hear stirring coming from the other room..."please god, just give me 5 more minutes of peace and quiet before baby sarah wakes up" i said softly.....

as I tip toed closer to the nursery, trying not to wake up baby sarah, the distinct smell of something very foul entered the hallway..."oh god, please don't let me find a mess" I I opened the door and peeked in at the crib, there she was, sitting up like a big girl, all grins and so happy to see her mommy...

her brand new jammies that I had bought just the day before covered in runny smelly poop...she obviously had been playing in it, the nursery "which was clean last night" was now an absolute disgusting mess.....
"SARAH" I yelled, look at what you've done, look at that poopy mess you made...

"why did you do that??" i shreaked.... "I couldn't hewlpit mommy" said sarah looking up at mommy with such an innocent look on her face..."YOU did that on purpose didn't you!!!", no mommy noooo, I couldn't hewlpit, it just came out...sarah, it just doesn't "come out", you PUSHED it out didn't you....

you're such a bad little baby...i don't have time for this ********, we've got company coming for dinner tonight and we've still got shopping to do and now because of you we're going to be behind all **** mommies got to clean you AND this mess up....

As I head toward the bathroom intense anger fills my body, i swear I could just go back to sarahs nursery, haul her nasty dirty ass out of that crib and paddle her ass until it's glowing red....i really need to calm down before I go back in i begin to fill the tub up with warm soapy bubbles i try to calm down...

the smell of baby scents fill the air and I take a deep breath and exhale slowly....feeling slightly calmer i head back to the nursery .... I lower the railing and pick sarah up and hold her out at a distance..."you stinky bottom baby" i said, lets get you cleaned up so we can get our errands done....

sarah giggled with delight, she so loves bath i carry her across the hall and into the bathroom her loaded wet saggy diaper falls to the floor and before i could step to the side my barefoot steps right in it...."stay calm" i thought, we'll get through this....

I stand sarah in the sink to rinse off her poopy mess before putting her in the tubby...she stomps her tiny little feet in the running water splashing **** all over the counter..."you're really testing my patience aren't you sarah"....sarah looks up innocently and replies "whuts patshense mommy?"....

"patience is something i'm running low on today little miss poopy pants so i suggest you be a very good girl for me ok".... sarah just giggles and splashes in the tub....there, all clean once again, lets wrap you up snuggy warm in the towel and start getting dressed....

i lay sarah on her changing table, her hands grabbing at everything, powder, lotions, diapers, toys....i lift up her soft clean butt and gently swat it, "KNOCK IT OFF" I said...she sees her nummy and quickly reaches for it and pops it in her i look down at her angelic face i can't help notice how hard she's sucking on her nummy...goodness sakes sarah, you must be starving for your ba ba ....

lets hurry up and get you into your clean diapey and your new dress...mommy will fix your hair later....i carry her into the kitchen, grab her warm bottle and bib and head for the living room where we can sit and rock while sarah gets her bottle....

all snuggy warm and smelling sweet and fresh i look down at my beautiful baby sucking feverishly on her gosh sarah, you're such a lil piggie aren't you...sarah looks up and just grins, milk running out of the corners of her mouth....i lift up the bib and dab each corner and say "remember sarah, you've got to stay clean today, no making messes ESPECIALLY in your new dress"....

sarah nods her head and says ok mommy, i'll be a good girl, i pwomise"...her eyes slowly shut and she is still...."oh great" i said to she's asleep and i've got sooo much to do"....hmmmm i wonder if my neighbor and good friend pammy will come over and watch sarah for an hour so i can get my shopping done....i lay sarah in the playpen and softly cover her up with her favorite blankey and go call pammy....

Sorry Jan, I can't do it this morning, i'm just heading out the door, i have a meeting...."oh great, now what" i think to myself....then pammy replies, my son is home though, he can come watch baby sarah for you so you can get your errands done, he won't mind...ok, I replied, send him over...i've gotta get going...soon i hear a knock at the door, i peek out and it's eric...i motion for him to come in.....

shhhhhhhhhhh sarahs asleep, just let her sleep, you can watch tv or something and i'll be back in an hour ok..."sure jan, she'll be fine, you go get your things done"....i grab my purse and head out the door...
As i'm going up and down the isles of the grocery store grabbing the things i need for my dinner party I can't help but wonder how erics doing with baby sarah...

i sure hope he doesn't wake her up...i don't need a cranky little ***** baby ruining my day or evening....i look at my watch and realize i've already been gone 2 hours...****...i've gotta hurry up and get home....i throw the groceries in the trunk and head for home....

i quietly opened the back door, afraid coming in the front would wake up sarah, i tippy toe into the kitchen and peek around the corner and my mouth drops to the floor....WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING ERIC, i screamed...i couldn't believe what i was seeing...sarah was sitting in her baby swing and eric had his pants down around his ankles...he's holding the swing rocking it back and forth while pushing his hard cock into sarahs mouth..

she's really sucking on it hard, just like she did her nummy this morning....i grab him by the neck and throw him out the door, his pants still down around his ankles, he trips down the steps and lays there exposed and dazed for a second, then runs back to his house....

I pull sarah out of her swing and she begins to cry...sarah, that was naughty what you were doing with eric, you don't do things like you understand me...."he made me mommy, sarah cried, he MADE me do it....just like he did last week when you went away for awhile...

as soon as you leave he takes off my diapey and lays me on the floor and starts touching and licking my peepee...then he puts his "nummy" in my mouth...sometimes he squeezes his nummy mommy and white stuff comes out...he makes me drink that, he tells me it's his nummy milk....."Oh god NO sarah, don't you EVER do that again, thats nasty, and you're a nasty baby for letting him do that to you"....but mommy, "don't you but mommy me"...NO MORE NUMMY MILK !!!!

I couldn't help but notice when I was changing sarahs diaper that she had a huge wet spot and it wasn't pee...i could feel my anger starting to build as i realized sarah had cum in her diaper...i tried to surpress my anger but i lost it....i grabbed the paddle and whacked her ass hard...."THATS FOR BEING A SISSY BABY SLUT"....

No mommy nooooo, you're hurting me....hurting you?, i haven't begun to hurt or PUNISH you, you dirty little *****'re just a baby, you're not a big girl like're not suppose to let people touch you, kiss you or anything else for that matter sarah...i've told you that before, many many times before....why do you do this sarah??? WHY !!!!!!!! You want to grow up to be a slutty little whore, is that what you want??? No mommy, i wanna be a lady when i grow up....I just shake my head because i know just how sarah is going to turn out....................
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Another of those stories that are too kinky for my tastes. Although it was pretty nicely written.
kenny roberts
OH yes he gets to cum in hes diaper yes
Mina Silverwind
I love every aspect of this diary themed posting, and please keep up the great work.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Cushie Chloe
Awwww me sad wen she got spankied

I wuv everyone no matter what.
I am happy to take any cutie that needs me :)

cute story there
keep up the great work
Great start can't wait to read what happens next. 
love the story..please continue..wish i had someone like that
Loved the story alot
keep going! your stories are soo hot!
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