XXX Miss Slapham's Academy for Sissies
The Diary of Miss Josie, first sissy graduate with merit
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Feb 1st.
My red letter day. This morning I was presented with my Advanced Sissy
Award with honours.

You can read about how I worked so hard to achieve this in the story
'Miss Slapham's School for Sissies', and though this diary is self
contained, you'll understand more of the background and characters if
you've read that first.

Wow, am I thrilled to have overcome every obstacle in the past days,
and then joy of joys, I'm offered a coveted job at the school! My role is to
interview prospective customers, and there look like being a flood when
my article abour the Sissy School is printed tomorrow.

Feb 5th.
After a huge number of applications, I saw my first potential
customers today. I walked out my little office to the waiting room, to
meet my first ever client, Meryl, shy but evidently determined. I wore my
favorite 'pink velvet dwess with wed satin and white lace' and made sure
she could see I was proud to show off my bulging nappy under it. She
didn't express anything except enthusiasm in her face.
I had read her letter and she had certainly seemed a possible customer. I
began talking in "thiththy" talk to gauge her reactions. She looked puzzled,
so I reverted to normal.
Miss Slapham had given me carte blanche over the selection process,
questions included describing what your favourite dress might look like.
Then memories of being a baby, and childhood games you played with
your friends.
On to a key question about deliberately wetting youself. Next I gauged
their reactions to a series of photos, these were of myself in different sissy
and ordinary outfits A Practical to conclude, choosing from a dress rail, a
costume to wear, from six possible. Meryl took the pink romper and a
nappy and teat, so I proudly informed her she could join the Main Course.
Had she got a name by which she wanted to be known. She told me
Melanie and that morning, having paid her dues, she reported for training.
I interviewed twenty today and some who did not choose the nappy were
sent to the Beginners Group, in all there were four in this lot, and six in
the Main Course. Fifty percent got in. Ten were sent away, several men
made passes at me and were given the order of the boot, four were only
curiosity seekers, and a couple I judged to be newspaper reporters, my old
job. I enjoyed myself in the late afternoon seeing how the first intake
were getting on. There was Melanie making a lovely looking dress, and
there were the four beginners undergoing the first throes of potty training.
It brought back a flood of memories to me.

Feb 8th.
With a waiting list, Miss Slapham called at my office at lunch time to
explain that she had decided to expand the business. She still looked smart
in her dark red suit, but she knew that I knew she was a man. I was a little
afraid of her since she had tried to rape me to prevent my passing my
advanced diploma, but she has made no reference or tried anything since
that night at the end of last month.
She told me her plan is to close temporarily when this intake are nearly
The idea is for my lovely friend Miss Becky to run the Beginners in this
building, with all the space devoted to this group, there'd be room for
Miss Slapham herself will run the main Sissy Diploma Course, and she is
negotiating on another old building just across the road. This will be fitted
out for another thirty customers.
She has asked me to continue interviewing applicants, but now that the
initial wave of publicity is over she is probably right to propose I have
another job apart from generally going round encouraging clients. She has
asked me, as the school's first graduate to run the exclusive Advanced
Course, which will only be offered to the few who score at least 90% in
the Diploma. Hence it will be a small group but she intends to find a
suitable property soon. Was I interested?
You bet I was, when she told me I could restructure the course as I
wished, subject to her approval, and that she'd let me run the course with
one assistant, my friend Sy, the shy girl I'd befriended at Miss Slapham's.
I can't wait for this new opportunity to start. My only disappointment is
that my bestest friend Michaela wasn't mentioned. I asked Miss Slapham
about her, because I had seen them have sex together that fateful night, but
she merely stated that Michaela was still her business partner, and was
continuing her role running the Nanny service, preparing those too shy to
be encouraged to join in one of our courses at the retitled Miss Slapham
Academy for Sissies.

Feb 18th
I had an amazing experience today while interviewing new clients.
Have you ever met your double? Well I did today. He is Simon, not quite
identical as he's a mite taller, 5ft 8, and he has hazel eyes, and of course
he's a young man! But his face looks at first glance almost like mine, at
second glance too, while his body is lithe and slim like mine too, and his
hair he must have made to look exactly like mine! Of course his clothing
was different, he had a thick hair shirt and pants that bulged in the right
place.But I knew he'd be right when he selected his dress, a red velvet one
that when put on, made him even more like myself. But with no nappy, I
knew I must place him in Beginners. I resolved to watch the progress of
Simone, he now wanted to be called.
I popped over about 4pm to see Miss Becky. There Simone was, ending
potty training for the day, and looking just like I must have done over a
month ago. Miss Becky herself looked tired, her long auburn hair
straggly, and she asked if we could chat about what I thought of the
expansion plans. I said I'd love to see her, and I am hoping she'll be here in
a few minutes.
Late night:
Miss Becky has left now. I've always loved her and she is strongly
attracted to me. Tonight, she told me she still is. But my advanced training
has made me the perfect sissy and I quickly repelled any ideas she might
have had, not that she would have forced herself on me. I respect her the
more now.
We talked over the plans for the academy. She was excited too, for
workmen were already changing the unused rooms into beginners'
cubicles. I did ask her about Michaela, but she said she hadn't seen her for
a couple of weeks, and I still wonder where she is.
As I write, I have now settled down in my large cot. Tonight I jumped
straight into it without peeing at all, and put on an extra strength new
nappy. I know I'm gonna enjoy wetting myself and waking up thoroughly

Feb 22nd:
Sy had been helping Miss Slapham, and today was the first time I'd seen
this sweet petite innocent since starting my job. We met ar a little house
that was to become our base for the Advanced Course. It was in the next
road to the main house, but a short pathway from the foot of the garden
enabled quick access there. I gave Sy a hug and kissed the top of her head
for even though I'm quite small, she is even smaller. She'd been such a
help to me, as I'd been a support for her and I think we were both looking
forward to this venture with much anticipation.
She's made it up with her mother, well sort of. Her grim mother doesn't
approve or understand or want to understand Sy's need to be a Sissy, but
at least now is offering a begrudging blessing on her living at Advanced
Sissies, as we call the house. It consists of two large rooms downstairs
and a small kitchen, upstairs are a bathroom and three bedrooms. The
largest of these we agreed to make the Sissy dormitory, the smaller two we
chose one room for our cots each, mine at the front, Sy's at the rear.
I had planned the Sissy dormitory in detail, and explained my ideas to
Sy, who as ever complied, but made the odd interesting suggestion which
I could incorporate. Downstairs the front room below mine is be the big
Treatment Room, with all the equipment, while the smaller rear room is to
be a nursery for the clients. A few weeks and I hope we'll be there

Mar 1st
I celebrated my first month as an Advanced Sissy today. I must admit,
dear diary, I had a difficult time on this mini anniversary, for last night as
I lay in my plastic nappy, looking forward to a nice wet time, I felt an
irresistable urge that I hadn't felt since I became an Advanced Sissy. I
couldn't help myself as I took off my pants and let my hand fall on my
pussy. I remembered all that fun I'd had with Michaela and suddenly felt
all alone and realised I missed her very much. What times we had
together, masturbating each other to ecstatic climaxes! As I reflected, I
longed to repeat those lovely moments once more, Then I thought of Miss
Becky and how I could have won her, at the cost of not gaining my
advanced diploma, and suddenly I didn't care for that diploma!
I felt my soft pussy, still sore from my experiences on the sissy course.
Maybe it was the fear of pain, or my pride in being a sissy that stayed my
hand, and very reluctantly, most reluctantly, diary, I admit I was reluctant,
I let my hand go and filled my nappy not with sex, but wee.

Mar 7th
Today was important, for I had at last resolved to seek out Michaela. I
knew she didn't like it, but going to her office, where she runs her escort
agency was the only way. Though she wasn't in, her secretary, Miss
Timms, an attractive blonde, told me she'd be back soon from the doctors
and suggested I wait. To pass the time, I asked how the business was
going, from the lack of activity I hazarded not so good.
Then Michaela phoned saying she wasn't coming back, Miss Timms
mentioned my presence, and the upshot was she's coming to see me later
I'm so looking forward to catching up on her news. We're gonna meet at
Advanced Sissies, which is like a construction site at present, but my
room and Sy's are fully finished, now the work is concentrating on the
Sissy equipment needed for the course. Michaela mysteriously said she'd
only meet somewhere extra quiet, so that's why I proposed here as noone
is around, now evening has come. While I wait, I'm gonna make a bottle
of hot milk and put on a dress I know she likes, my olive green frilly one,
plus a fluffy nappy of course. I do hope she comes soon.
Entry two:
Michaela arrived half an hour late. Though she was still the same
bubbly, tall, blonde I'd always loved, I sensed she wanted to unburden
herself. Wheareas while we'd lived together, she had been the mothering
one for me, now I found myself being maternal, as we sat on the edge of
my cot, she absent mindedly taking my milk bottle and sipping it. I pulled
her to me and she snuggled into my lap. It is like old times, even if roles
are reversed. I recalled those many happy nights when we had thrilled
each other, and those times when she had helped me get thru the hard bits
of my sissy courses, while I tried to blot out almost the last time I'd seen
her, when she had made passionate love with Miss Slapham, I having to
watch powerless on a tv monitor.
She got round to it at last, admitting she is pregnant, and she guided my
hand to feel the spot. Yes, I felt a tiny bump as I looked into her eyes.
They were filled with tears for Miss Slapham had refused to see her ever
after. Angrily Michaela said she realized too late she was one of those
who only want a girl once. I cuddled her closer and closer and I knew I
couldn't continue a good sissy for this evening. Maybe Naughty Sissies are
allowed? I persuaded myself and let myself go as I kissed her.
She responded gratefully, then withdrew.
"No Josie," she told me, "remember you're the role model for those extra
special Sissies! I can't let you," and she pulled away from me completely.
I remember thanking her for that but told her I was being a Naughty Sissy
tonight, and I moved on top of her to prevent her getting up and leaving. I
think she could have done, but she looked haggard and sad, and let herself
go. I fell on her and slipped my hand in her panty.
There was her lovely pussy I had so longed to kiss. I smothered it now as
she began to groan her appreciation. She was wetting my face with her
excitement as I licked my tongue round her clit. Suddenly she too came
alive and curled her legs round my head and began copying my tongue. I
did jerk with pain as she licked my opening, but I whispered her to come
on and gradually the pleasure overcame any aches as we entwined in each
others' bodies. It wasn't long before I came with a surge of emotion that
made me even more determined to bring her out of her woes. Her passage
was more elastic and yet firmer than I'd ever found it, maybe it was her
baby, and I moved my other hand to gently press on her baby and most
satisfyingly for me, sucked her soft breasts which too I could tell from her
movements were more sensitive. As I sucked real long and hard she came
with a swelling of her body that told me she loved it, and a surge of liquid
that told me she loved it. We kept going like that until we both lay back
tired and so very fulfilled. I gave her little one a final kiss.

Mar 8th
I felt guilty. I couldn't work properly, I'm sure Sy noticed. I was worried
too for Michaela, as she'd gone when I woke up, and her office don't
know where she is.

Mar 18th:
Today Sy and I moved in to Advanced Sissies. Straightway this maid of
all work had insisted I was to concentrate on the course, she would do
everything else. Not just shopping and cleaning and other odd jobs, but
also the meals, including mine, and true to her word, our first meal, she
pointed me to the high chair in our little kitchen and fed me with the soup
she had prepared. It was sweet pea and very delicious. I was so grateful,
but she would not reciprocate by letting me feed her, she said that was not
my place. Then she told me to "go up de stairs" so she could change me.
"Thank oo, Mith Thy," I grinned as I climbed down from my high chair,
"me pantie is wery wet." As we were alone, we had agreed that we'd talk
and act Thiththy whenever we could.
I crawled up the stairs to the bathroom, It was lovely as she unwrapped
my warm wet terry, cleaned me and sat me on the potty. But I shook my
head for I wanted to keep my wee and dirties in. She smiled and pointed
to the mat, where she wrapped one disposable and another round me, then
dressed me in a pink pvc romper with a big bow at the front that she chose
She tied a bridle under my bosoms and pulled me crawling behind her for
a tour of our new kingdom. First she took me to her own room which like
mine had a double cot and wash basin and a cupboard full of dresses. It
was smaller than mine which we visited next. Here was also a tv monitor
so I could check on the various rooms. One camera is also linked to Miss
Slapham's room at the main house which began last week its second
course, and one final camera to Miss Becky's room which is in her new
room in the Beginners' home. That course began today and I saw the thirty
newcomers settling in nicely.
The Sissy Dormitory is the largest of the upstairs rooms, shiny in new
pink gloss paint.There are four cots, one against each wall, a pink carpet
over which is a large central space, a changing mat which can be lifted
two feet in the air at the flick of a button. Under each cot is a drawer with
nappies and other necessaries, while in two corners are dresses, one for
daywear, one for night. On the walls are some interesting items. One has
a large photo of the Advance Sissy Diploma, opposite that is a wall with a
montage of cuddly mummy photos. A third wall has pictures of lovely
sissy fairy stories, opposite that there are hooks and hanging from them
are more sinister objects to warn off any boisterous ideas, two canes of
various thicknesses, two whips, and a giant pair of slippers for smacking
naughty sissies.
Now I crawled backwards down the stairs so we could admire the rooms.
I was already slightly wet. Firstly we admred the nursery where clients are
welcomed and can relax in brief moments of leisure. There's a selection of
books which can be listened to, by sitting in the comfy pink chairs and
relaxing with soothing pulses coursing thru the seat and arms of the
chairs. There are also dvds to watch, or for the more serious, some hints
from previous clients to help you pass. At the moment I admit, these are
all mine, but I hope to add some others when we have our first success!
The Treatment Room contains one cot, plenty of technical equipment and
most obviously two large machines that I'll tell you about another time. I'm
wetting myself and I have to stop writing. Sy has tucked me in and I am
happily lying all wet and poo poo is just beginning to make me ecstatic by
pooping out. I can feel it oozing into the wee and making a lovely mess to
wallow in all night, that Sy will gladly clear up tomorrow....
She's lying at the foot of my cot, curled up asleep as I write. I must get her
a helper.

Mar 19th
Chloe, the feisty girl who had been booted out of the first Advance Course
for sucking the baby cum of two equally oversexed lads, has been given
by Miss Slapham as Sy's assistant. She helps at Miss Slapham's course
but is to come here each morning and evening for an hour. I did protest,
but Miss Slapham insisted Chloe had reformed and against my better
judgement, I had to accept the situation.
My instincts were right. Though she was very helpful with some jobs and
also adequate at brusquely feeding and changing Sy, tonight I knew she
hadn't changed. Indeed she admitted she got her job on the strength of "a
little pressure" on her boss.
It so happened that I saw Michaela at last this evening. She looked worse
than ever. Her once thriving business had all but ceased. She had been for
an abortion, but decided she couldn't do that. I encouraged her to believe
she'd done the right thing and she wearily collapsed in my lap. It wasn't
long ere I was sucking her large bosoms which had just begun to happily
exude her sweet milky juice. She contentedly purred, enjoying the
sensation. I felt her baby, now quite a marked little lump and she relaxed
completely as I held her close.
We were ready for a second lovely late evenng together, but it was not
quite to be, for Chloe, who had looked in my room to say goodnight, saw
us and quickly closed the door, she on the inside. I could see the gleam in
her eyes.
"Miss Slapham's gonna like this," she cried in triumph. She said she'd
have to tell on us, unless we made it worth her while to keep quiet.
Guiltily I looked at Michaela and I half nodded.
Chloe told us to wait and excitedly left. We wondered what she was up to
and the minutes passed and we began to hope she'd found someone else to
bother, or maybe she had told Miss Slapham? I remember looking out the
window, rehearsing my arguments and excuses, when I spied Chloe
returning, carrying a large box under her arm.
With a laugh, she lay down in my double cot and beckoned us to her.
Michaela was to lie next to her, and me she told to wait as she opened the
box. Inside were several giant dildos, she handed a transparent one to me.
I could see it was filled with something. Then she lifted her pvc dress and
pulled down her pvc pants and ordered me to crouch over her.
It was only my fear of keeping out of Miss Slapham's bad books that
made me continue.
I had to suck her large bosoms as she began heaving. They were ripe and
big, but compared with Michaela's they gave no pleasure. Then I had to
push in the dildo when she said she wanted it and as I pushed it out and
in, out and in she came eagerly, that was the signal for me to squirt, and
she lapped up the contents with huge relish.
Then she sat up in excitement, the liquid pouring out of her on the
mattress. She handed me another dildo, this one fleshy colored. She made
us sit in a triangle on the wet patch, and gave Michaela another
transparent one, she taking the final fleshy one herself. We had to huddle
together clasping each other with one hand. She roughly ripped off
Michaela's pants and my nappy. Right into me she inserted her dildo, then
indicated Michaela do the same to her. Finally I had to give Michaela my
dildo, then she started swaying as we felt the dildos rubbing inside us. As
we swayed more ferociously she began to come and ordered us to press
the squirters. Though I fought the feeling, I had to come too. I don't think
Michaela did however. We fell back exhausted.
"I'm pregnant" Chloe announced. That made me jump. All sorts of ideas
flashed thru my head about that liquid which had oozzed all over the cot.
But she did at least have the goodness to reassure me. She meant that she
had been pregnant for a while, it was her lever over Miss Slapham. That
maybe indicated what Michaela ought to do too.

Mar 20th
Our first course members arrive in two days!
The course is now residential so we can take four on the course, or six at a
push. I had discussed the content with Miss Slapham and it varies a little
from when I passed, Day one is the Sissy in the Community test, firstly in
pairs, then alone. Total 20 marks. Then after feeding and changing, an
early night to test your nappy wetness and mess. This lasts 24 hours after
which marks out of 25 are awarded. Time to relax on evening two in the
nursery before being tucked in for a peaceful night before the big one on
day three.
SDR we call it, sex drive repellant, and after the failure on the original
course with Chloe and the boys, it is strictly impersonal. The girls have to
undergo the machine which I had only just coped with myself as a student.
It is a hobby horse fitted to a frame which pushes the bottom in the air and
tilts your crotch forward. It has been adapted to that manual whipping on
the backside can be inflicted, or a machine adminsters the same
punishment if preferred. The crotch has to rest on The Stick which is
built into the body of the horse. It pokes out only half an inch, but with
every rock of the horse it grows in size fractionally. After half an hour it is
four inches protruding from the horse, by an hour it is eight and
unbearable. I had found it extremely effective in achieving my SDR.
The boys SDR machine had to be devised from scratch, after Chloe's
embarrassing failure. This machine is similarly impersonal, the client is
strapped on to a kinda stretcher which is tilted at thirty degrees toward the
ground. A mirror enables him to watch as his member is locked very
firmly into a pink rubber sheath which is attached to a post attached to the
mirror. Press the button and it starts vibrating, slowly at first, then after
five minutes slightly faster, each five minutes increasing until at the end of
the hour it achieves 120 turns per minute.
A collecting bag is transparent to see all the baby cum that has to be
ejaculated, and a separate machine that grips loosely the balls, squeezes at
intervals and after half an hour starts massaging rather than squeezing the
tired testes. This machine is experimental, and we hope it is more effective
than what was tried before.
Rest is given at the end of the hour, but a further hour is administered
after lunch and if we deem it necessary one more before supper. The latter
session include videos shown on the mirror of lovemaking in many forms
that would never pass any censor. It's aim is to get a SDR reading of zero.
Marks out of 25 are awarded for your SDR reading, which is got by using
a device I'd devised that measures hormones etc etc.
A 80% score is needed for the diploma, 90 for merit. This depends on the
final 30 points in the final test.
For this Miss Slapham has to join me as we test out the effectiveness of
SDR. In turns we encourage them, without their realising it, to get into a
cot and see if they want sex with her or with me. A score for this test here
will be either 0 or 30.
We will look to awarding diplomas in the early morning of day four.
My guilt over those lapses I have partly excused. I've reasoned with myself
that Miss Slapham and Miss Becky aren't Sissies, though they sometimes
act like them for clients, so why should I be different? But I know I am
kidding myself and I've resolved to prove that old motto, physician heal

Mar 21st.
Wow, I have made myself ready for the first Advanced students, but at
what a cost! I sent Sy out today on an errand so that I could test out the
Treatment Room.
I knew I had to use the SDR myself to stop any further lapses with
Michaela, forced or not. So after Sy had fed me and changed me she had
the day off to see her mum, and I strapped myself in to the machine.
After removing my nappy, I rested my pussy on the tiny Stick. The
vibrating began as well as the cracking of the whip on my behind, and at
the start it was very pleasurable as we rocked and I was stimulated into
emitting fluid over the horse. But as the Stick grew in size, I found myself
resisting its pushing into me. I was tempted to stop, but reasoned that I
should last the hour if I expect my students to.
The whirring continued as I was penetrated completely by The Stick's
eight inches. My backside was sore but I knew I had done it.

I awoke that evening in my cot to see Sy staring down at me.
"Ooo must be wewy bwave, Mith Jothie," she half cries as she wipes my
I was aching all over and she explained how. She'd returned at four
o'clock to find me strapped unconscious to the machine. It must have gone
on increasing its beating and The Stick had eventually reached its
maximum of twelve inches. No wonder I felt real sore!
I gasped as Sy fed me and stroked my face. I felt a little better for that, and
a lot more like a real Sissy once more. To prove it as she spooned in my
soup, I weed over my naked body, then let out a giant squelch of poo.
"Nith Mith Jothie" was the last I remember before falling to sleep.
Now I'm alone, all cleaned up, and ready for sleep and looking forward to
the big day tomorrow.
Oh that's not quite it for tonight. Sy has come in and kissed me, and curled
up in her favorite spot. Night night.

Mar 22nd
The course begins!
Sy ushered in to the Nursery two of the star pupils from the course.
Andy who was named Arlene had been waiting a month as she'd been the
best Nice Sissy in the February course. She was softly spoken, attractive
in her blue dress with a big bow and a row of tiny bows on her sleeves and
hem and round her neck. Yes, a gentle Sissy, perhaps the same age as
Carrie known as Angel. was much older 50, slim and quite determined
looking. She'd been second in the recent course, another Nice Sissy the
girl with top marks had declined an invitation. We'd decided to start with
the two of them rather than wait for more even though some just finishing
were likely candidates. Two seemed a good number to try things out,
besides I had met them briefly before when I'd looked in on Miss
Slapham's groups.
I am still feeling the effects of yesterday, but bid the pair relax, as I
welcome them and outlined the course, the three tests, that final test of
sex isn't revealed to them.
Sy brings in two fluorescent orange pvc dresses with frills round the
edges, and I prepare Angel while she undresses then dresses Arlene. They
also wear knee length white socks and sandals, and Arlene is also given a
long wig, dark to match Angel's hair color. Then two thick nappies each
are wrapped so that the dress bulges below the waist.
This morning's Community task is to go together on the bus into town and
go to a fashionable boutique that we do a lot of business with. They have a
range of nice sissy outfits and the two can choose their favorite up to $50.
When it has been tried on for size, they wear their choice back on the bus,
bringing their orange dress also.
They both had some limited experience of being a sissy outside the
academy, in their diploma course, but this was much more demanding
and I awaited their return for lunch with keen interest.
The time passed quickly as Sy prepared their meals and I got their tougher
afternoon assignment ready and prepared the nursery for their Nappy Test.
It was noon when they returned together smiling. I was pleased they knew
to tell us about it all in Thiththy talk.
Arlene had selected a deliciously soft lemony satin dress with lots of frills,
and looked a true sissy. The more well built Angel had also done well,
bravely returning through town and on the bus wearing a white angel
outfit complete with wand. She certainly knew how to bring it off and I
couldn't fault either of them.
Into high chairs with you, I ordered and Sy fed Arlene and I fed the Angel,
who perhaps didn't eat like one, gobbling the tomato puree so that her
dicky bib had more than she had. But we kept her angel dress clean and I
put on a new bib for the rice pudding. After feeding her with a quart bottle
of milk, I took her off the chair and showed her the changing mat.
Sy did the changing and I noticed Angel was quite clean and dry unlike
Arlene who must have wet herself early on. Indeed as she lay there, she let
out a few drops more.
Both were now given their afternoon wear, chosen by me. Each had a
beautiful cotton gingham dress in pink with a white bow on their breasts,
with the skirt in pink and white checks. The same socks and sandals, but
also a pretty pink bow in their hair. I thought they looked gorgeous.
What they didn't have was a nappy, that could be a problem specially for
Angel, as they were reminded slightly sadistically that Little Sissies only
use nappies.
Their instructions were they had to collect a giant teddy, that's Angel, a
large doll, that's Arlene, from a toyshop in town. These toys were to be
covered with one item from a choice of four we gave them. We'd paid the
shop in advance, only there was one twist, namely that three of the items
could not be found in the shop, which could only supply a scarf.
If they wanted anything else out of plastic nappy, handcuffs or false
boobs, they had to be obtained elsewhere. What was harder, they were not
given money like in the morning and had to go alone.
We kindly gave Angel the chance to go first, and unknown to her, I
followed. Sy tailed Arlene who was allowed to leave twenty minutes later.
Angel walked the two miles into town and had bought her teddy, though it
was after Arlene as I learned later. Angel perceived that a scarf was naff
and didn't take that option, instead wandered down the street, attracting
more than a glance from several passers by. I saw one pinch her bottom,
but she acted like any Good Sissy and merely smiled back, but a smile that
warned not to try it again.
She entered a baby shop and emerged with teddy now adorned with a nice
shiny red plastic panty. I dashed into the shop to find out how she'd paid
for it, half fearing she'd stolen it. But I was reassured by a grinning young
assistant who said that she had smiled very sweetly and said "pwease" so
firmly, he had given her the pants. I had lost Angel, but she walked back
slowly to Advanced Sissies to show her prize.
After missing Angel, I spotted Sy who filled me in on Arlene. She had
hitched a lift into town from a passing motorist, and Sy had been lucky to
copy her and find another helpful driver, whom she had had to firmly put
down when he tried it on with her. Thus Arlene had bought her doll first,
and Sy was curious to know what she was gonna get as its accessory.
She hadn't gone to the baby shop, but now Sy pointed her out, I could see
she was in a phone booth. We puzzled as she had no cash. But she
emerged with a scrap of paper and marched purposefully down a side
street. We saw her stride on despite dripping some wee down her socks,
she was clearly determined not to break any rule at all! Into a rather
dinghy apartment block she slipped and we nearly lost her as she climbed
several flights of stairs. On the fourth floor we finally couldn't find her,
but we knew she must be in one of the flats. Was it someone she knew? It
certainly was not her home.
We watched curiously as the time ticked by. Half an hour passed, we were
growing restless as a door opened and out she came clutching her doll
which now had her hands locked by her thighs by a pair of handcuffs in a
provocative pose. Sy continued tailing her, leaving me to find out more.
My knocking quickly brought a slattern of a woman to the door, She at
once pulled me in and said she is Mo and it costs fifty dollars. I looked at
her nonplussed as she took me further in to her bedroom. I was glad Sy
hadn't done this task, she'd have been out her depth, but I quickly
disabused this lady of the night. Five dollars gave me the information I
wanted, and I left gratefully.
I took a taxi and got back first,
Arlene was ten minutes later, she said she'd grabbed a lift. No that wasn't
against the rules, I answered her implied question. I congratulated her on
her enterprise as Sy returned, having caught a bus. she told me she'd had a
nice chat with a priest in a tutu, who'd asked her to come to church on
Sunday. He also asked about Michaela whom he'd met on the bus weeks
Angel was in much later and proudly showed us her prize teddy.
I couldn't help noticing that Arlene, though modest as ever, looked
confident she'd done better. But her face fell as I gave the higher mark to
Angel, ten this morning and seven this afternoon. I told her that Arlene's
hitching a lift was a bolder choice, and that we'd deducted two cos we
knew she'd done her wee and poo in the washroom. But to Arlene I gave
the bad news, she'd failed the course!
Though I didn't give a reason, I did tell her why privately afterwards. She
started when she understood we knew she had looked up this address in
the phone booth, then gone there and in an admittedly neat trick, offered a
favor for the gift of the handcuffs. She'd shown super enterprise, but
having sex is no way for a little sissy, specially buying it.
Arlene begged forgiveness and I finally relented, knowing my own
shortcomings, and yielded, allowing her to continue the course. However I
pointed that as she had no points so far, even if she got absolutely full
marks on the other tests she could only just achieve her advance diploma.
I somehow doubted too if she'd pass that final test. But partly so as we
didn't have to admit to such an early failure, Arlene stayed, and Sy looked
relieved, specially as she didn't understand what had happened.
She enjoyed getting them both ready in their cots after feeding them and
having another delicious quart bottle of milk. Rubber mats were under the
cots so as not to ruin the fluffy carpet, and the cots were lined like fish
tanks so ensure little mess escape on the floor. Our babies were tucked in,
and Sy and I relaxed together, keeping an eye on the monitor in case either
baby needed help.
Tired at the end of the eventful day, I thanked Sy for her help and after she
had sat me on the potty and bathed me and given me a fresh plastic pantie,
I turned in, As I write this, Sy is as ever curled up on the floor, and I
wonder why she hardly uses her own room at all. At least Chloe didn't
pester us today.

Mar 23rd
Day Two was quieter but no less fun!
Our little babies had awoken to the sun streaming over the room, a gentle
steamy smell in the air.
Arlene had already had enough excitement, but had made herself quite wet
during the might. She'd taken the option of not pooing in her nappy, which
was quite allowed, something I'd done myself, though since getting my
Merit Advanced award I've appreciated more the art of pantypoos. So Sy
sat Arlene on her potty and let her poo, but didn't clean her otherwise. Sy
thought of a nice touch and fed Arlene her breakfast as she sat there. She
drank as much as she liked, two bottles worth and was then wrapped in
her wet and tucked in her cot.
Angel was still looking an Angel as Sy found her nappy clean and dry.
But she wasn't gonna be changed til after teatime, so there was plenty of
time. She didn't need much time as it turned out!
Sy sat her in her cot and began sweetly ladling in mouthfuls of hot
porridge which Angel enjoyed gulping down. I think she also enjoyed
spilling some down her pink nightsuit. And as she swallowed you could
hear the firstfruits of her body, as poo could be heard farting into her
nappy. She must've been quite messy by the end of feeding, Sy left her to
enjoy her mess.
I'd watched all this happily. I left Sy to manage lunch as I had a couple
of new interviews to do and enough spare time to glimpse how the other
groups were doing. I particularly wanted to see Simone, who having
triumphed in potty training, had recently started the Good Sissy group. I
really hope she'll do well that so she will qualify for our advanced course.
I glanced over all potential customers, and in the Naughty Sissy group I
found myself specially interested in Janey, once Jane, a young, but wilful
girl who had, flatteringly for me, adopted my real name. So I wanted to
see how my namesake was faring, she had done several naughty things,
including stealing Miss Slapham's underwear from her room, climbing on
the roof and tying the dangling bright red object to the chimney. She
looked likely to be offered the chance to join my group, if she wanted. She
also seemed to have the measure of Chloe, posting in the hallway a sketch,
very much a caricature but easily recognisable of a pregnant Chloe, with
the caption Whodunnit.
After four o'clock I had a moment to fill Miss Slapham in on progress.
Naturally I avoided reference to Chloe, I feared that Chloe might have
revealed something, but apparently not, She had a feud on with Janey, so
maybe she had other things to think about. Miss Slapham has fixed to
come over tomorrow night at ten for the final tests.

Our babies are now sleeping in fresh nappies. After Sy had fed them their
tea, the 24 hours were over, time for my inspection. Wow, the room smelt.
We opened the windows quick.
I congratulated Arlene who must have absorbed, and passed, a huge
quantity of liquid. She lay smiling in her cot, sucking her thumb, almost
paddling in her wee which seemed to be flowing almost permanently. As
Sy drained the cot and took off the sodden nappies, then her sodden
nightdress, she continued the weeing. Sy led her to the bath. I had to give
her full marks.
Angel got no less, for in her different way she'd made a fine mess of her
cot, which smelt something terrible. Sy said she'd been bouncing round
and the poo had simply burst out her nappies. It was everywhere, all over
her soaking bottom, the top of her nightsuit covered with lashings of
porridge, the lunchtime soup and the teatime broth.
They both deserved their short rest in the nursery, they listened to sissy
stories until bedtime.
Now I am clean and dry too, I must admit all the excitement had made me
wet myself, and we prepare for the big day tomorrow.

Mar 24th
The Big Day.
It's early evening.
After being spoon fed and bathed, I had taken their SDR readings with
my home made device. Admittedly this needs more clients to make its
readings more accurate, but at present it works in a rough and ready way.
Arlene had a high reading of 8 (10 is max), Angel scored five and a half.
Wearing the dresses they had chosen at the shop, both were strapped into
their machines, which were placed back to back. I thought Arlene looked
worried, but Angel had the aura of conidence as she rested on The Stick
and allowed her bum to be stuck out ready for the flagellation with a whip.
Arlene shivered slightly as I guided her limp dick into the sheath, and
there sealed it so it was fixed in, but with plenty of space inside for
expansion! As well as for emissions.
Angel came first as the rocking began. A little pan gathers fluid as it drops
off the horse and she had given a heap before Arlene came at all.
I think she was resisting. But she had to yield, and out squirted her first
batch of baby cum into the sheath bag. She could see it all and I stroked
her forehead to encourage her to empty more fully.
By the end of the hour they both looked so tired. After a rest, we fed them
where they were strapped, and let them anticipate a further session early in
the afternoon.
Both were looking scared when their empty bodies were reignited by the
machines. The menu was the same as before, except a stick did the
beating on their sore behinds, and the lewd films shown were designed to
wring out the last urgings of sex. I didn't let Sy attend this session, she
prepared the evening climax.
Mid afternoon and Arlene's bag had filled even more, Angel's pan showed
quite a lovely pool. Then came the vital SDR readings. I had to tell Arlene
the news that she still had something left to give, so she had to remain
strapped there while Sy fed her a little afternoon sustenance.
But Angel had no score and was gratefully untied, and I put my arm round
her shoulder and guided her faltering steps to the Nursery. She collapsed
in a chair and I allowed her to listen to a fairy tale as her face betrayed a
small smile of triumph.
Poor Arlene went thru it that final hour. More films, more energetic
rubbing, more cum until surely the last ounce had oozed forth. Reading
after that hour wasn't quite zero, but I didn't have the heart to tell her, for it
meant that she couldn't get enough for a diploma.
Sy fed her and soothed her and then unlike previous nights, has tucked
Arlene in the Treatment room cot, while Angel is alone in the sissy
dormitory. Sy herself has been given the evening off, to see her mum.
Our two baby sissies have been told that their results will be announced
tomorrow, but what they don't know, is that their tests are not completely

Mar 25th
It proved to be a long night.
The clock was striking nine as I stirred Angel in her cot. "Come with me,"
I ordered. I held her hand and took her to my own room, and pointed to
my large cot.
She obeyed like any good sissy and I lay next her and put my arms round
her. "Good girl" I soothed her. "Let mummy feed oo."
I unzipped my pvc dress and she understood she was to suck my breasts.
Like a good sissy she obeyed, and I really enjoyed the sensation myself. I
stroked her face as she sucked, occasionally changing bosoms and moving
my hand down to softly stroke her own breasts. I felt her jerk as I did so,
but she continued sucking.
I must admit I wasn't sure myself how it might end. I had to be ready to go
thru with it, even though this was only a job. I left my hand on her breast,
but my other hand moved to her pussy. It felt warm and dry and I started
to warm to Angel. But from her stiffening, at once I knew what was
gonna happen.
She moved back with a scolding look. It was what I would have done. She
told me off and I think she even gently slapped my face as she quit the
I had a long wait until the prearranged ten o'clock last test. Just before that
time, I went back to Angel's room and apologised quite sincerely, and
asked her to promise to go to the Treatment Room at ten exactly. She
accepted my apology graciously and agreed. I returned to my room to
watch on the monitor to ensure she kept her tryst.
I was quite excited as I saw Angel enter the empty room. Miss Slapham
had finished, I knew not how, with Arlene, and left her in the bath in the
care of Sy who had come back from her mum's. As Angel paused in the
Treatment Room, Miss Slapham revealed herself. She was sitting on the
girls SDR machine, resting her stick near the Stick. She beckoned Angel
towards her and like a good sissy she obeyed. Miss Slapham made her sit
astride the machine facing her, backside deliberately resting on the tiny
Stick. Miss Slapham seemed very eager to press the button and thus the
mechanism began slowly to rock, whipping began on Miss Slapham's as
her backside was raised, tipping her into Angel. I was becoming
increasingly aroused, when I had to switch off suddenly, for Sy was
knocking at my door.
As ordered, she ushered in Arlene, dressed in her lovely lemon satin dress
and smelling of sweet lavender, then Sy had to retire to her own bed. She
wanted to curl up here but I had to tell her sorry not tonight. Perhaps she
understood what was happening.
Arlene might have had an inkling too, as I asked what she'd been doing
with Miss Slapham. I was told how she had felt she ought to agree as it
was the right thing, to do what Miss Slapham had asked. She realised now
she might have been wrong, but she had agreed to suck Miss Slapham's
erect cock, swallow the generous contents, and then allow herself to be
treated similarly by the eager Slapham. She knew she'd failed, and I
comforted her.
I didn't really need to attempt any seduction now, but I started going thru
the motions and unzipped my dress. She looks surprised for the moment,
then smiles and happily sucks, more deeply than Angel had done. I stroke
her face with comforting cooing as she happily gorges herself on me.
I was gonna leave it at that, but she was becoming aroused, I could feel
her stiffening as she suddenly pulled away her sucking lips and turned to
press her cock fiercely against my own surprised lips. She had completely
taken me off my guard, and I hardly knew what I was doing as her cock
pushed me right down on my back, and when it had no further room to
retreat, I felt I had to open my mouth and let it in. With a burst it filled my
mouth, my tongue licked the giant thing as it spilt out its remaining baby
cum. Aroused myself now, I pushed her over on to her back and spewed
out the cum on to her limp member.I sucked it up again, then sucked fully
on her cock to try to suck out some more juicy cum. She soon filled my
mouth as I gorged her, and with a giant suck she gave me another little
load. I spewed it on her face and kissed her fiercely through the foam, I
was getting real horny now, and I might have gone further, only I've never
done that with a man yet, and it wasn't gonna be with this failed sissy.
I'm afraid both our clients didn't pass, but we'd learned a lot.

Mar 26th
Today I spent unwinding after the exertions of yesterday. Sy dressed me in
a soft plastic onesie, over which was covered a pretty light blue soft pvc
dress. This I wore proudly as I toured the other groups to see how students
were progressimg.
In the Naughty Sissies, Janey had already passed with a near perfect score,
while Rozanne, once called Rod, a slightly coarse joker-type also looked
as though she might get enough marks. In the Good Sissy group, there was
competition for the best marks between Juliette, once Julius, a strong,
powerful, too self important cocksure person in their thirties and
Lily, formerly Rene, a well built motherly lady of uncertain age, but
surely in her mid forties. Of course Simone was there too, but had not
quite made the progress I'd hoped for. She seemed a little worried that it
was her evening to travel home on her own in a sissy dress. I had a quiet
word with Miss Slapham about her.
Miss Becky was pleased that her current intake of beginners would soon
have all passed, a remarkable achievement. Only five of the thirty are still
there, and she'll be ready for another intake from those I've selected
starting next week.
I helped her for a while, encouraging Marti, the only one left in potty
training, to complete her task successfully, At four she went home and I
made for Advanced Sissies, already a little wet.
Sy fed me, but I didn't want changing. I had been looking forward all day
to lying down in my cot. I cuddled one of our special weeing dollies and
emptied myself so my onesie was soaking all over. I turned over and my
boobs wallowed in the warm wetness.
Then I lay back to cuddle dolly and enjoy the sensation of the wet. A
heavenly couple of hours was broken by Sy interrupting to tell me Chloe
wanted to talk to me.
As I lay there, I saw the look of disgust Chloe gave me as she began to
talk. I'd been wondering if she'd try anything, and she was. She demanded
that I agree to her request. She knew Janey would be on the next
Advanced Course, and she wanted to make sure she failed. I gave a little
splash with my dress which annoyed her, and shook my head.
"If thee pwoves good enough, thee mutht be given the honor to be our
second gwaduate," I smiled.
Chloe reminded me that she could tell Miss Slapham certain facts and I'd
be out of my job.
"Just twy it," I continued smiling, as she exited with a slam of the door. I
had sounded confident, but in fact I was real worried.
Sy brought in my supper. She said she'd noticed how happy I'd been a
moment ago but now looked worried. I smiled and let her feed me as I lay
in all the wet. She was gonna bath and change me for the night, but I'd
decided on something new! I asked her to dry me, but not clean me, and to
dry with a towel the onesie which I asked her to put back on me, as before
except she also dressed me with a soft plastic transparent panty. My body
and the pvc onesie smelt lovely!

Mar 27th
Sy fed me next morning. Today is my day off and I had planned to enjoy
it in my soaking cot, but Sy told me she'd to take part in a little dramatic
sketch in church and seemed very eager for me to come and watch.
I didn't want to disappoint my little waif and agreed. She beamed and was
gonna clean me, but I reminded her of my new regime and she just dried
me and put on a new soft pvc panty and onesie. Over this she placed one
of those pink check gingham dresses that look very very sissy, with a
ribbon in my hair. The usual knee length white socks and pink sandals
completed the effect.
For once, Sy let me dress her since this was a special occasion. She had a
lovely pure white silky dress that looked like a fairy costume without
wings. All in white she was, and so very sweet, with her clean white
nappy quite visible beneath.
We walked hand in hand to the packed church, the service taken by Pastor
Frances Fullerton, the same one in the tutu Sy had met on the bus. Was the
pastor a he or she? I wasn't sure, but today Frances wore a bright purple
tutu, with a shiny yellow top.
There were some lively songs, then came Sy's bit. All in white, she was
joined by three younger children in white, holding hands they wandered
round the large room, I and the rest of the audience watching enchanted.
"I thank You Father that you have hidden these things from the wise and
revealed them unto babes," read out the pastor.
The children passed thru several temptations in their tour, but remained
entirely untouched, first by a supermarket where they could have easily
stolen some attractive goods. Then they walked past a gang of betting
sharks trying to persuade them they could get rich quickly. Finally a
prostitute who wanted them to sell their bodies. All these, the innocents in
white passed sublimely by. I see in it a picture of the ideal sissy.
The pastor gave a talk about some command of St Peter, "As new-born
babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby." To
illustrate his point he called Sy up to the front, and she proudly but shyly
walked up. He used her as a picture of how purity can grow into
loveliness. That's so true of Sy, I reflected. Then Frances beckoned to me,
I walked sheepishly up. I can't recall quite quite the pastor said, I was too
embarrassed, and I'm sure the odor of my night's wee was unmissable.
The afternoon was a time of rest in my cot. Miss Becky came to share a
bottle and we talked excitedly of future plans. As she leaned over my cot,
she saw me wet myself and offered to change me. But I explained to her
that I was really enjoying wetting myself and not being cleaned properly,
and she nodded as she smelt me.
I think she was disappointed not to be able to change me, instead she lay
aside me and we cuddled up. Like before I think she wanted more, but we
nestled in each other's arms and I was soon enjoying an afternoon nap.
I awoke to find her stroking my face and an angry interruption from
Chloe. She jumped to conclusions and triumphantly told me she'd give me
one last chance. That made me defiant, and I kissed Miss Becky and she
stormed out. The fat was in the fire now! Miss Becky kissed me back, but
I made it clear that that was all.
She left when Sy brought in my tea, and I enjoyed the rest of the evening
all nice and soaking, and then pooed in my panty.
I was glad when Michaela popped in, and saw me at my messiest. I hadn't
seen her since the episode of the dildos. She was more animated than for a
while, and told me she was gonna "do a Chloe," as she put it, and
blackmail Miss Slapham into giving her a job.
Sy cleaned me up but only washed the poo away and dried me, before
putting me in my romper for the night. She said Chloe hadn't come back
to feed and change her, but never mind. She happily curled up at the foot
of my bed, still in her fairy costume.

Mar 28th
The Advanced Course is to begin tomorrow, I hope. It's only a possibility
at present, because today everything turned to chaos. I'll try and write it
down in the right order.
It certainly began after I had been fed and dressed by Sy. I was worrying
over Michaela when my routine camera inspection made me freeze. What
was in the Treatment Room?
I dashed downstairs, and to my horror saw it was Miss Slapham, impaled
on The Stick with a dildo wedged in her mouth. I soon discovered she was
dead, and I must admit I almsot breathed a sigh of relief. I quickly went to
the kitchen and told Sy to go and help Miss Becky today. I wanted her out
the way. Then I called the police.
They were evidently intrigued by our set up, and the detective looked
down, I felt, on my slightly pongy body. Did he suspect me?
I think he did cos after a couple of hours he began to grill me in
unpleasant tones. I had had to take charge of the main course, as there was
noone else, and the detective gave me even odder looks as he looked round
here. He must have talked to Chloe, for he knew that Miss Slapham had
found out about me. Actually I was relieved he didn't suspect Michaela,
cos I guessed she might have been the last person to see Miss Slapham
I left the pupils with Miss Carly the secretary and Nanny, and now the cop
had talked to Sy I think I was in the clear. They still needed to see
Michaela, and I learnt later they had found her and questioned her at the
At lunch she joined me running the main course. She volunteered to take
charge so I could tidy up, as soon as the police allowed, the Treatment
Room. I accepted gratefully, for she know more about the course than
almost anyone.
Rozanne had graduated with honors that morning from the Naughty
Sissies. Good Sissy Juliette had just pipped Lily to the top spot, but both
have done so well they can be offered the Advanced course, Simone did
just fail, but I did offer her the chance anyway, cos I found out Juliette
couldn't attend tomorrow's course as she couldn't get time off work.
I talked to the detective who was in the Treatment Room, reconstructing
the death. After reviewing my camera evidence, he was certain it was
accidental death, and I breathed a further sigh of relief.
I was allowed to tidy up, and by supper everything was amazingly back to
normal, except perhaps my mind. My latest suspicion was that Chloe
knew more about it than she was telling.
However, Miss Becky and I were now in charge, although according to
our written agreement Michaela was also a partner, though Miss Slapham
had ruthless ignored that. We met after our meal, with a bemused Sy
waiting on us. I don't think she had understood much, just as well.
We decided that we won't start any more Beginners or Main Courses
until things quieten down. We are anticipating a lot of adverse press
publicity. We agreed to sack Chloe.
We kissed each other, and as if sealing our new understanding, squashed
into my bed. I remember noticing I was still quite dry, the stress of the day
perhaps, and as soon as I lay down I filled my thick nappy. Instinctively I
clung to Michaela. She understood and went out with Miss Becky. That's
given me the chance to write this. Now they have come back, brought in
by Sy, who is still all in white, They have their pink night rompers and
thick nappies, Sy completes our trio by dressing me identically, and we
snuggle together, Sy as ever at the foot of the cot.

Mar 29th
The Second Advanced Course began in these troubled circumstances. But
I wanted to get at least one client to join me with a Diploma, if possible
with merit. Miss Becky and Michaela having enjoyed a peaceful snuggle
with me all night, were to sort out all the business issues and liassle with
police if any further problems arose.
So it was promptly at 9am this morning that Janey, Rozanne, Simone and
Lily were eagerly ushered into the Nursery. Pure white Sy and I dressed
them in their frilly fluorescent orange pvc dresses and bulging nappies,
and sent them out in pairs. The two Naughty Sissies together, then Simone
and Lily.
It was no surprise when Janey returned first. Her dress was an unusual
choice, a dark red leather blouse and a short black leather skirt, made to
look more sissy with a giant bow over her breasts, and four smaller bows
on her skirt. To complete the effect, she wore a wig with long ginger
She'd splashed Rozanne in some mud as we found out when she returned
ten minutes later. A torrent of complaints from Rozanne about her partner.
She couldn't stand it any longer and she quit. She claimed Janey had
pulled her hair, and teased her, as well as kissing some young girls in the
bus, and writing a rude word in the cubicle of the dress shop.
Janey admitted it, but said sissies like her should do these things. I
couldn't think of a counter argument but resolved to keep close tabs on her
in the afternoon assignment.
Simone wore a lovely soft light green satin pleated dress, Lily a sailor's
uniform. both looked very fetching and I congratulated them.
For the afternoon task on their own, Sy had fixed secret little cameras in
the front of their pink ginghams, as we could not follow all three. But for
Janey, I anniounced a punishment for her behaviour, she had reins locked
round her middle, the other end locked on to Sy's wrist. I'd wanted Miss
Becky to do this task, but she was still helping police, so against my better
judgement it was Sy who was to take Janey wherever she wished.
It was a big error, I could see that as I watched the tv monitor. I could only
keep a watching brief on the other three, for Janey kept my fullest
attention. I was powerless as I saw her splash poor Sy's lovely white dress.
Sy's face was all muddy, and she looked most unhappy as they raced
down the roads into town.
Poor Sy looked an exhausted mess as they reached the toy shop, where
Janey was given her teddy. In an embarrassing moment, She dropped her
poo on the floor as she was handed the bear.
I had to look away. and checked on the other two, Lily has already got her
teddy and had plumped for the easy option, a scarf. Simone had walked
down side roads, and had yet to reach the shop.
When I looked at Janey again, I almost had to look away. Sy was busy
tidying up the poo, and Janey had from somewhere produced a dildo,
probably one of Chloe's and had affixed it to the teddy.
Sy had been too preoccupied, so when Janey walked into the street I could
see she was holding up her teddy for passers by to admire. She received
some very funny looks.
I saw her squirting it at a young couple, as they walked thru the town, Sy
following in the rear holding the reins. Suddenly I recognised where they
ended up. Mo's flat!
I shivered as I anticipated what might happen, in front of Sy, but no,
Janey was only a Naughty Sissy, not a Wicked One and from the puzzled
Sy, I learned later that Arlene's name had been sufficient to produce the
manacles which she promptly placed on teddy's hands and feet. I was very
relieved when I saw them leave Mo's.
They returned in the care of Pastor Frances. Yes I'm sure now she's a
woman. She had seen Sy in town, and no questions asked, had taken
Janey in hand, removed the dildo, administering a few hefty smacks and
bringing them home in a taxi.
Simone was carrying her doll, and I'm afraid she too chose a scarf.
She was last home by a long way, and I awarded her only twelve marks,
and Lily thirteen. I couldn't fault Janey however, who had remained true to
her naughty ways, without overstepping herself. The grubby Sy looked
amazed that I'd given her full marks, specially as the taxi back to
Advanced Sissies now smelt awful, since Janey had weed all over the car
floor! That had earned a few more slaps.
As I write, all three have now begun their twenty four hours in their cots,
and Miss Becky and Michaela have made their plans for the future. They
think that we should sell the two homes and propose we all live together in
the main house, Michaela, Miss Becky, Sy and myself. What did I think?
With Michaela expecting her baby later in the year, I suggested we might
consider open a new school for her baby and for other real children,
whose families want them to be brought them up to be nice kind sweet
innocents like Sy. They sounded keen and have gone away to talk thru the
Now Sy and I are relaxing, watching the monitors, and I am comforting
Sy after her ordeal. She looks lovely again in pure white.

Mar 30th
Press publicity is very bad and we have received quite a lot of abuse. This
has confirmed to us that this must be our last course, and I badly want at
least one success! But the fact is it's a matter of Then There Were Two.
Lily has left as Janey had awoken her this morning flinging poo into her
cot. She is a very naughty sissy and I fetched down the biggest whip
hanging on the wall to make her sorry. She was so wet the splashes went
Both she and Simone did well, and the Dormitory needed a huge tidy up
from Sy. Becky helped while Michaela and I looked after the two
remaining clients in the nursery, waiting for tomorrow's big day.
When we'd tucked them in for the night, Sy got us both ready for bed. I
think Miss Becky wanted to stay too, but I was jealous for some time
alone with my old friend. Sy has to use her own room this night, as
Michaela and I are gonna enjoy some real pleasure.

Mar 31st
8am. That was some night, diary! Like the old days,
Michaela stripped naked then stripped me down and put a layer of pvc as
my nappy. Then a second third fourth and fifth layer. We'd got to love this
when I was training to be a sissy.
She told me I smelled delicious, and began licking my boobs clean. The
dried sticky wee peeled off and this part of me glowed clean and fresh. I
loved her "thucking" me, then I asked to "thuck" her. I knew this'd be
lovely, it always was, and now I even had her baby milk to enjoy.
I kissed the place where "little Michaela" was hidden, then sweetly asked,
"Gimme dwinkie mamma, pwease," and she nodded.
I swiftly started my "thucking" and soon she came as it were with her
milk. She tasted sweet and delicious and I enfolded as much as possible of
her breast in my mouth, "thucking" to tease out her baby milk.She
wrapped her arms round me and urged me to be her baby.
My pvc filled to overflowing. The wee spilled into the second layer, and
the third, and soon I was like a roly poly sploshing. As I continued my
"thucking," she rolled on top of me masturbating her pussy against my
pvc. It aroused me and it was a race as to who could come first. Together
we climaxed, me inside my coccon of wet, she pouring her wet over my
shiny nappy. Lubricated, she continued arousing her pleasure until she
was all but spent.
Then she picked up a pin she had put aside, and burst my pvcs so we were
covered in wee. She moved to my side and urged me to "thuck" anew. I
needed no second invite, and as I swallowed the last traces of her mlk, she
thrust her fingers up my wet clitty and thrilled me anew. I loved this
moment, my role was copying her. I kissed Little Michaela once more
Then I gently pushed my fingers into her with a loving clinch from
Michaela. We resumed licking each others' breasts as we made each other
come again, and yet again.
That continued most of our glorious night. Now Sy has come to clean
Michaela and tidy me up. She's about to bring our food, and she's asked if
Miss Chloe, she called her, can help.
As I shook my head, tears were in her eyes, for she said Miss Chloe had
reformed, she'd seen the error of her ways. I promised to think it over
while Sy prepared the meal, and though doubtful, phoned Miss Becky in
her room.
She confirmed that Chloe had asked her to join our community again,
begging forgiveness, cos she badly wants to bring her baby up to be a real
good sissy. If Michaela and I are agreeable she'll act as a maid to assist Sy.
I agreed to break the good news to Sy.

Sy had been ecstatic.
Even though Michaela doesn't really take in all this sissy stuff, she
allowed Sy and Chloe to feed us, then she whisked off to sort out our new
Both Sy and Chloe were dressed all in white, socks and sandals, white
hair ribbons and fetching short white dresses in shiny pvc, showing off
their bulging white terry nappies. They looked a treat, Sy the acme of
innocent pleasure, though I felt Chloe 's costume couldn't disguise her
shady past.
Sy dressed me. I asked to wear what she had on, and she beamed as I
asked. The only difference was that instead of a nappy, I got her to put on
a soft pink pvc onesie that allowed my body odor to be heightened in the
warmth of the delicious material. Tnen my pure white pvc dress covered it
and I admired myself in a mirror.
Janey and Simone were waiting for their SDR at eleven o'clcok. I
measured their SDR level, Janey's reading was eight, Simone's only five.
I carefully placed Janey, in her sissy leather outfit, on her machine, alert to
any nonsense from her, but she was as good as gold as I rested her clit on
The Stick. Then I moved over to Simone in her satin dress that was so
smooth to my touch. I wet myself as I helped her, lifting her skirt and
grasping her soft cum spurter in my welcoming hand. I almost caressed it
into the sheath, as she resigned herself to her fate.
I was about to switch on the whipping when I heard Becky calling
urgently from the Nursery. I didn't know she was here, but I popped out to
the nursery where she had called from. I soon discovered it was another
trick from Janey. She must be a ventriloquist, for there was noone there,
and when I came back to the SDR Treatment Room, the door was bolted
from within.
No amount of shouting could open the door. I found the windows I had
opened were shut, curtains drawn. My camera had evidently been covered
up. She'd really scored this time. As I write, I've found no way of solving
the problem, and have only told Janey she'll miss her lunch. Simone won't
answer at all.

I enjoyed the afternoon, despite all the worry, waiting and resting in my
own cot. I lay on my front and wet my body, then let my body heat
evaporate the wee so that I became sticky and quite splendidly smelly.
It was teatime when Janey and Simone opened the door as though nothing
had happened. I had spent my time devising punishments, unsure how to
blame Simone.
"Sowwy," apologised Janey as she crawled round the floor of the room.
She said they both ought to pass the test and when I took their SDRs I was
forced to admit she was correct, as both scored zero. I was amazed, but
saw a pool of liquid under Janey's machine, and Simone's bag was
absolutely full of cum. The wind taken from my sails, I could only
congratulate them both and tell them they'd be told their final scores in the

April 1st.
It's a lovely morning. even though I've found out Janey had somehow
tricked me with the zero SDR readings. Even though I know that that bag
of cum had come from Chloe's dildo. Despite her trickery, I am ready to
forgive Janey.
I guess she knew about those final tests.
At nine, the tests began. With Miss Slapham no more, I could turn to
noone to perform her duties, so we did the best we could.
Miss Becky armed with one of Chloe's dildos and Chloe herself, was to
seduce Simone, while I took on the redoubtable Janey.
I had some doubts whether they would get very far with Simone, and even
more doubts about my own ability to stand up to Janey. What I didn't
know was that she, as she admitted later, had introduced hormone tablets
into our evening feed.

By nine o'clock I was feeling very self confident, assured I could deal with
this fine young sissy. I led her to my room and beckoned to her to come
and lie aside me. She pretended not to understand and brilliantly kept up
her "thiththy thpeakin."
"Come to mummy," I coaxed, and she went as far so to lie by me and
"thuck" my offered bosom.
"Nith mamma," she whispered, and I wasn't sure who was supposed to be
tricking who. She had the last laugh, snapping her manacles on my hands,
and I found myself chained to my cot.
She skipped around me in glee, and nothing would persuade her to release
me until I told her she'd passed.
I had to agree, but it was true anyway. She got me to sign the document
and I told her I was exceptionally pleased to welcome her as our first
advanced graduate.

Soon after ten,I sent her to Miss Becky in the Treatment Room.
I removed my dress, and chose to wear, over my damp pvc, my favorite
pink velvet dress.
Janey skipped happily away and I watched on the monitor as Chloe led
her towards Miss Becky who brandished her dildo astride the machine. In
her flashy sissy leathers, Janey submissively sat so her backside rested on
The Stick and I wondered what trick she had up her sleeve. I didn't find
out until this morning,
Apparently, she had enjoyed rocking with Miss Becky but when Miss
Becky pressed with her dildo, Janey somehow turned it back inside Miss
Becky who tells me loved the feel so much she uttered no protest. She
enjoyed it utterly, I think it was those hormones we'd been fed. Sy
bouncing on the machine fed her with a giant squirt of baby cum.
Sadly I didn't see all this, as Simone, in her satin dress was brought into
my room by Sy.
As soon as Sy left, I called Simone to her mama. I could almost have been
her mama we looked so much alike. She danced over and I promptly
offered the one hing she didn't possess, my boob. It was a lovely feeling,
her sucking it, and before long I began phase two.
I had a surprise, for I was expecting to feel that one thing I lack, her lovely
soft cock, after all her ejaculations of the day, but this must be another
Janey piece of mischief, for here was no tired flop that should have been
spent on my machine. I looked at and admired the huge thing, then at last I
grabbed it, so firm and hard and begging me to enjoy it. Was I the
seducer, or was she? Was I testing her or what?
I was overjoyed when she didn't reject my caressing her stiffness, and so I
suddenly pushed her mouth away, pulled off my pretty velvet and my pvc
and there I lay before Simone, giving off my stale wee smell, and naked as
I'd ever dared. I forced off her dress.and nappy then whispered "pwease
pwease give ore mummy a nice wittle kiss."
She licked my bosoms, then my mouth, I ever grasping her thrilling cock,
which was wetting my hands in anticipation. I could hardly contain myself
as she licked my clit, powerfully pushing my bottom so that it forced my
pussy against her face.
I could wait no more. I commenced rubbing on the near bursting cock and
she responded by pushing me on my back and lying on top of me. Her
stick dangled its promises over my passage, as I sighed and sighed,
waiting to receive my very welcome guest. As drips fell on my pussy, I
had to shout out,
"Big cummies pwease! Me wanna baby thihthy."
And in she swept, right up my virgin vagina, swelling me as I quivered
with the first thrill of the touch of her stick, This was no Stick like on my
machine, but a living red hot poker desiring to fill me, its glowing foreskin
head fulfilling my deepest desire to become pregnant. Yes, she fed me
with a boiling hot flow, gushing into me so that I gasped with her love.
Once I had been squirted full to overflowing, Simone withdrew to let me
suck her soaking cock, now flopping after its triumph. The warm cum was
sweet and tasty and my tongue wrapped it with relish so that it grew and
grew inside my mouth, and stiffened so that I couldn't wait to welcome
another load.
In all this fervor, Janey had slipped in unnoticed. She encouraged Simone
to give it me, and joy of joys in the frothy cum burst. I kept it all joyfully
swilling hotly round my mouth.
Janey bounced on top of Simone, and before I knew it, she had squashed
my face up into her pussy. Simone groaned under us, as I did what Janey
needed, let out my gift of boiling baby cum right into her eager passage.

  Watch for Sissyhome- a sequel to this story
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