Studies, erudite and mostly quite otherwise, all imaginary, into Sissydom
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 Note from StevieSweet:  This is a long story in ten chapters, but  if you don't have time, please note that each section is pretty complete in itself.

   This first portion is taken from Brian's diary.

    My name is Brian, now turned twenty,
    For as long as I can recall, my life has been dominated by my elder twin sister Butch. Of course, that's not her real name, but everyone always called her that, for I always knew her as a strong, dominant tomboy who  always got her way. Though only an hour older than me, she was the one who taught me everything. We were as different as chalk an' cheese. We never knew mum or dad, and I relied on Butch to fight my battles.

    Brought up in a children's home, they did try fostering us, but we    
    became   known as The Terrible Twins, and no-one could look after  
    us  for long.
    We were always rude and aggressive to everyone, we enjoyed it!
    I followed Butch's example and used to push the other inmates about,
    boys as well as girls.
    As punishment we were locked in our rooms- we must have spent as
    much time locked away, as we did in terrorizing the other weaklings     
    in the home. Not without reason were we dubbed The Terrible Twins.

    By the time we were eighteen, the home washed their hands of us and we were booted out. By now, Butch was six foot, dark short hair, a man in appearance if not in body, fearsome to all except perhaps myself, though even I was, if I'm honest, slightly afraid of her when she got angry, which
she often did. As I said we were nothing like identical twins, even though I tried to copy her in every way possible. But I was unable to match her height, for try as I might I could only stand at best six inches shorter. But most people said I was more ladylike in appearance, which always annoyed me. I had blondish hair which I always kept cut short. Nobody would have dared call Butch a lady, even though her breasts were growing pretty busty, as she had begun to allow me to feed from them. This has added a new dimension to my impoverished existence, and those glorious moments when I feed from those juicy nipples have reaffirmed my utter dependance on my big sister.

    We were bumming around a while, but with no money left, we sat down one night in our dingy room and had a heart to heart. Like most of our chats, it was Butch who gave the lead, Butch who had the ideas, Butch who suggested the answers.

    It happened when we were posting leaflets thru doors, one of our many
temporary jobs, that we had encountered another pair of twins, identical they were, Ally and Anastasia, who lived in a house on the better side of town. We'd smiled at each other at the time, struck by how pretty these nineteen year old girls were, and how well off they must be, with a fancy house, fancy and attractive clothes, and fancy and flashy sports cars each.

    Butch confided her scheme, why not chat 'em up and get em to pay for a few meals and luxuries? I agreed and that's how we first got in with Ally and Anastasia.

    Ally was the older of the sisters, by ten minutes, and she was more built on Butch's lines, strong, powerful, but nevertheless feminine, not marked by the ravages of a bad upbringing unlike us. Ally was the dominant one with Anastasia, and Butch had a tough time to bring Ally under her thumb. It was a battle of wills, a mutually challenging tussle that was only decided when out of the blue one day, Butch told me she was gonna live with Ally!

    Suddenly I felt alone. Butch noticed my crestfallen face, and cheered me up. Why not make it a double, she proposed, why don't I ask Anastasia?
    It would solve all our financial woes, and we'd be in clover. I thought about it long, for I'd always held some vague notion of romantic love. But then, who would want me?

    I did not have any choice, for Butch had already made her move and moved in with Ally. I'd never taken that much in about Anastasia, as it was always Ally who had taken the lead. I think she had the same feeling about me. She told me she was shocked to hear what Ally had done, she wasn't sure why she was doing it, she was scared for her own future too.

    I consoled her. I was in the same boat. I found myself taking on the Butch role in our relationship and I began to grow more and more drawn towards this pretty girl, thin but ever so strong, five foot five, blonde hair like me, but longer and in a pony tail. And what clothes she wore! Usually bright flashy colors, unlike my dowdy second hand clothes. What she saw in me, I could not tell you, but I couldn't help myself stuttering to ask if we could live together.

    I was quite pleased when she turned me down. Not the turning down, but her reason. She would only marry for love. She wasn't sure if she loved me. But my heart leapt when she said we could live together, no sex, to see how we got on. I jumped at the chance, and we took over Anastasia's half of the house. It was an odd house, almost two places inside the one, and we never saw Butch or Ally.

    The first night there, despite our pact, I did nip out of my room, and tried it on with Anastasia.But she was determined, and told me to hold myself until we could be married.
    Make it soon, I urged. Let's find somewhere in the morning. She didn't say no, and I returned to my room cock-a-hoop with hope.

    I'd missed being able to suckle Butch these past few days since she'd moved in with Ally. I was red hot that night, and masturbated myself dry in my frustration, thinking  of Anastasia and of those tiny breasts of hers I longed to suck. But if I couldn't get any satisfaction with Anastasia, my body was happily spent, and I gave myself a last squirt of cum before dropping to sleep.

    That was the pattern for the next week. Then Anastasia told me the good news that Ally and Butch were coming for a chat as they wanted to get married. I was very pleased of the opportunity of seeing my sister after so long, but not so keen on the idea of  a wedding. Did I want Butch to give herself to anyone else?  I regarded her breasts as mine only.
    But Butch and Ally were set on it, and had somehow persuaded Anastasia to do what I had failed to do, make the event a foursome. I wondered whether we would find anyone who'd marry two sets of girls.
    Anastasia said that the three of them had found Pastor Frances, a kind and sympathetic minister at our local church, she was agreeable. I suddenly realized that it was Anastasia who was in charge of our relationship, and I fought to assert myself, but she knew that by now I was obsessed with her. My only answer was, let's make it soon. For I was burning for her!

    The get together with Ally and Butch was something of an anticlimax. I hadn't seen my sister for a fortnight, but it seemed like years.
    I had been desperately hoping we might have a bit of time alone, for my usual suckling job, but that was a non starter.
    I'd never seen anyone changed so much in such a short time. From being the strongest of the strong, I hardly recognised Butch- what a nickname!
    Indeed, she was now called by her proper name Jody, though I couldn't bring myself to ever use it. She reminded me of me, submissive to Ally, hanging on her every word, obeying her every whim.
    She was not my Butch- except in appearance, though she looked thinner, her breasts not the objects of beauty I had loved to milk.

    Together, all four of us, were interviewed by Pastor Frances. If I and Butch got a word in, it was only the odd yes or no.
    But the big day was planned, and I could hardly contain myself for the next three weeks.

    It's now the night before our joint wedding. I did try and save myself as Anastasia urged me to, but I was so eager for the next night, my thoughts raced as to how I would enjoy taking her, and how she would grip my cock. I couldn't wait for it to happen.
    My last ever masturbation, this would be, and I joyfully pulled up some soft pvc panties and kept on rubbing and rubbing my cock, as I kissed her in my imagination, and gorged myself on her little bosoms.
    I came and came again, my body clothed in my cum and I kept on climaxing as I grew hotter and hotter in my anticipation of the morrow.

But in his notebook there follow all the entries that he must have been intending to add to the tale:

    It didn't go well. Well, no, that's not quite true, at least I can say the wedding was a happy occasion. It was beautiful, guests said Ally and Jody made a lovely couple, those who didn't mutter disapproval.
    The party afterwards went well too. Then came the wedding night. All four of us had booked into an upmarket city hotel, and I was busting myself as I finished my drink, and sped up to our room.
    Anastasia was waiting in bed in a beautiful lilac pvc nighty. She nodded as I entered, and stared as I rushed in, removing my smart clothes.
    You didn't save yourself, she scolded, staring down at my eager cock.
    I protested my innocence. Something on the lines of ready and willing now.
    But she took my member, and felt the cum passage. It's not full, she complained. I know you must have been masturbating by yourself! Despite my denials, she was right.
    She refused to have sex until I had saved my cum properly for her, and she turned smartly over with never another word.
    As I write this, she has her back to me in bed. If I was tempted to force myself on her, I quickly remembered my love for her, or is it an obsession?
    I have one consolation, and I really cannot help myself, I am putting down my diary and gonna give myself some pleasure.

    It had been the same every night. Awful. I long to save myself like she wants, but my body won't let me.
    Tonight, she's given me an incentive- and I had my first really pleasurable time with Anastasia for ages. She let me suck her little bosoms!
    They tasted lovely! Not like Butch's big squashy ones used to be, but I loved wrapping my tongue round her nipples and wishing she could feed me like Butch.
    In return I've promised to try and not masturbate, and do you know, it's working. The joy of her sweet boobies have satisfied me enough tonight.

    Wow! I have managed a week and I think Anastasia is impressed. When will I be ready for her, I keep asking. She keeps saying, well done, but not yet.
    The compensation of her breasts has spurred me on to keep myself pure, she calls it. And those breasts have been growing bigger and tastier each night. Still not big like Butch's, but very satisfying. I think they might be even more so, cos I told her about Butch's pill, and she has promised to try it out.... Wow, that excites me!

    15 DAYS.
    Oh no! I got too worked up last night, over feeding from Anastasia, and thinking of her milking me, and I didn't even realize I had masturbated until I had soaked the bed with my cum.
    Anastasia was furious when she saw what happened in the middle of the night.
    She turned me over in bed and slapped my naked bum, threatening to not let me suckle her again.
    To reinforce her message, it was very unfortunate that she made me stand up, touch my toes and then smacked me so hard with her open hand that I admit I found it very stimulating and enjoyable. When I grabbed my cock in my excitement and squirted out more cum on to the carpet, she kicked me out, and I am having to write this in my own room, alone.

    Better news. I felt quite empty after that night of excitement, and have succeeded in keeping myself 'pure', and that pleased Anastasia so much that she told me I could suckle her, as long as I agreed to her condition.
    She told me she understood how difficult it was for me to keep pure for long enough, so she had had this chastity device built for me. I wear it, she lets me suckle her.
    I looked at Anastasia doubtfully.
    She urged me, it must be the only way to stop you masturbating for the month I want you to do.
    But she won me over when she let me suck those juicy breasts. Joy of joys, for the first time I fed myself on her sweet sticky milk! It flowed into my mouth and I paused long enough to agree to her plan. As I continued my lovely feast, she caressed my hair and fastened the chastity panty up round my waist. By the time I had filled myself and emptied her of all her sweet milk, she had completed her task.
    Now I am lying next her, satisfied in one way, but I must say the pantie is not too comfortable.
    You see it has a strong iron frame that fits round my waist, joined by other poles to fit snugly round my thighs. It is covered in a thick stiff black plastic, that I have already discovered is very effective in stopping me masturbate.
    I love lying on my front and rolling on the bed to come to a climax, but the frame is so rigid that I find even my erect penis cannot be rubbed at all. It's very frustrating, and I have told myself it sure is pretty darn effective in stopping my nonsense.
    I asked her to unlock the device so I could wee. All she did was insert the specially made catheter, and told me to stand over the loo as usual, and she showed me a switch in the waist band.
    This opens a little slit so the end of the pipe takes my wee into the loo.
    I asked about poo-poos. She said, just sit on the loo as usual. By turning the switch in the other direction, an opening appears over my anus. Then sit in the bidet to be cleaned.

    It's been a hard time and a good time. Hard cos my hard cock has wanted to be touched to get its release. It's always erect now, but never allowed to deliver its cum. But the good side has been Anastasia's delicious feeding me.
    Every night after what she describes as My Inspection, she congratulates me on being 'pure', and then I get a lovely time on her maturing breasts which are looking much larger now and so even more tasty. I love her boobs so much that it's a real disappointment when both are emptied by all my desire. But I know she's pleased and says in another week, we might be ready.....

    Tonight is to be the night. Anastasia has promised me. I am finding it ever harder to contain myself, and yet I have no choice. The thought of that lovely evening hour when I take my fill of Anastasia's replenished breasts keep me going. And then....!

    Hi, this is where I can take on the tale.
    Brian's notes stop here, but let me introduce myself.
My name is  Anastasia, and  I want to tell you how the story continued.

    What Brian never knew was that Ally and I really 'caught' them rather than as Butch and she thought. Ally is my strong willed sister, and though Brian has described me well, he didn't cotton that I allowed Ally to be the dominant one. Like them, we had never had sex together, but it was I who initiated Butch and Brian into our relationships, for the reason I'll explain.

    You see, I am a graduate researching into how some people become sissies.
    Though not sissy myself, I wanted to study Butch's reactions to being
    forced into the role thru being mildly drugged, while my primary  
    interest was in Brian, wanting to see if he could voluntarily accept
    sissification per se.
    Yes, Ally drugged Butch into becoming Jody, and she is now Ally's
    obedient servant. She does whatever Ally asks without question.
    But my task with Brian was much tougher. I had designed my scheme to
    get Brian gradually submissive thru his desire to have me.
    But at every turn, I have known he would be frustrated, and this has
    given me the lever to obtain his agreement to yet another step on
    the road to sissydom.

    Stage 1 "Tonight's the Night"
    The night he was hoping we would finally consummate our marriage worked out as perfectly as I had planned in most every detail.
    I lay in bed in my usual pvc nighty, this one was pink, as Brian eagerly joined me. He was shaking like a leaf and I knew he was absolutely bursting to fill me.
    I snuggled him on my breasts and invited him to suckle. I like the sensation as his lips close on my sensitive nipple, and even more the feeling of release as the milk pours forth.
    As he sucked, I undid the chastity panty, that made his pressure on my nipple grow more frenzied. It was off!
    He was naked on top of me, still sucking furiously, I knew he was urging me to undress.
    I moved the bosom he was gripping, pushing it yet further into his excited mouth. He was at breaking point now.
    I softly moved my hand to the top of his sticky boiling cock. It only needed the one touch and out spewed all his cum over the bed, so much he kept disgorging his goodness for fully twenty seconds.
    We lay in a flood of his cum.
    Come on, he cried.
    But you're not pure, I protested.
    That would have been obvious to anyone, but he was desperate.
    You can't manage it, I objected, and he had to confess that his spirit was more willing than his cock.

    I explained he must have damaged something in that fevered ejaculation, and I got Ally to come and look at him. Ally is a medical student, not really a doctor yet, but she prescribed what I'd planned in advance with her.
    Brian, ever anxious to have me as soon as he could, agreed to 'doctor's' prescription.
    I think he was very pleased that the uncomfortable chastity belt was not reintroduced. Instead, he agreed to doctor's order that six thick disposable diapers were wrapped round him for as long as it takes. I knew he might believe he could masturbate now, but I knew he won't be able to, for a few days. By that time, for sure, he will not really want me...

    Stage 2 Night Two.
    Brian is tucked up in bed now. The day went very well. He said he still couldn't get an erection, and I told him not to worry, he will feel like it in a few days and I dangled the carrot before him of sex when he was ready.
    I also got him to agree to my putting face cream on him morning and night, to make him more attractive I explained, and he readily consented.
    He didn't understand why I'd put on all these diapers at first, assuming it was merely to discourage him from masturbating. By the afternoon however he was wiser.

    Wee wee, he cried to me. I shook my head as if not comprehending. He began to pull off the diapers, but I stopped him.
    No sex, unless you do as mummy says. It was the first time I'd called myself mummy, and I think it made him stop and think.
    But I have to wee wee, Brian protested.
    Mummy doesn't mind, darling. Jus' keep those diapers where they are. With an effort he obeyed, and I saw him yield to nature and wee in his diaper. He flushed.
    Plenty more dry diapers over the wet one, I encouraged.

    Just before bedtime, Brian discovered things were even worse.
    Poopies, he called out, and made for the loo.
    I dashed after him, and the diaper tearing process was again halted.
    Remember what mummy said darling, no sex, unless you obey me.
    Brian struggled, I don't think he could face the idea of poos in his pants, and I had to grasp his hands firmly.
    No pulling them off! I shouted. But perhaps this was a step too far for him, and he wrenched his hand free. I responded by smacking him across his face.
    That made him think, and while he stood there stunned, I fetched my backup, handcuffs, which I quickly snapped on his wrists as he continued to stare at me.
    I fetched out a stout chain and locked one end to the pipework, the other end to his handcuffs.
    Bend over, I ordered.
    In utter disbelief, he obeyed, his head half way down the toilet pan.
    Naughty boys must be punished. This is the second time, I warned him, don't make it a third. And I fetched a large four foot paddle from our rowing boat. He looked at me in apprehension.
    Face down, I shouted. He turned back and I brought down the handle of the paddle on to his bottom hard. Of course those layers of diaper were great protection, but the pole was thick and after a few sharp beatings, he was feeling something. Then I pulled his legs apart and pushed the handle up his anus. I pushed and pushed. Of course the layers of padding saved him, but the pressure made its mark. I knew he was weakening.
    I turned the handle round so the large flat open face of the paddle would smash down on his backside. Again and again I thrashed him, as hard as I could, and though I knew it wasn't painful, he began to cry, stoppit, stoppit.
    The whacks were forcing him to push out his poopoos and all of a sudden, I heard him stop resisting, and heard the crunching sound of his poo filling the diaper.
    I unlocked the chain and put him to bed after that. Just as he was. He was expecting me to change him, but, oh no, that wasn't my plan at all. I didn't forget either to chain his hands to the bedrail, so he couldn't pull anything off.

    Stage 3 Night Four
    Poor Brian! He spent yesterday uncomfortable in his diapers, and today was even worse! He begged me to clean him, but I reminded him that he had agreed to wear the diapers until doctor said otherwise. He spent the time sitting in a right old mess.
    I brought him his food in bed. He was sure hoping I'd unlock him for his meals, but he had another shock coming.
    I can't trust you not to remove those diapers, I explained. Mummy will have to feed you.
    He shook his head, and thus he missed his first meal of the day. He was hungrier by lunchtime and his complaints were less determined, and seeing me about to leave him alone, he ungraciously consented, if you have to he said.
    Mummy will feed you, little boy, I smiled. I knew he liked me calling myself mummy, and I sat aside his bed, and pulled his face to my bosom.
    Drinky darling.
    He suckled happily, I loved that feeling.
    Then when I was emptied, I asked him if he wanted more food. He hesitated, but his tummy rumbled, and that decided him. He nodded.
    I fetched Brian's breakfast that I had rewarmed, a huge bowl of porridge. He looked hungrily at me, as I showed him the large wooden spoon.
    I pointedly and slowly filled it with porridge. At first he shook his head when I pushed it to his mouth.
    Mummy has fed you milky, I argued, now let me feed you porridge.
    Perhaps his hunger got the better of him, but I think he liked the idea of me as his mummy, and he even managed a tiny smile.
    Open wide, I urged. He obeyed and gulped down the huge mouthful that I had dropped into his mouth. He swallowed and didn't refuse a second helping.
    Good baby, I coaxed. That was the first time I had called him my baby, and it felt nice. He abandoned any sense of embarrassment and took the rest of the bowl happily.
    As we neared the end of the feed I saw him tense, but he didn't care any more, and as he swallowed, he let out a heap of poo poo into the already squelchy diaper.

    He raised no complaint at tea time, and as I had expected, he now had a glint in his eye that told me an erection was coming on.
    Tonight, your baby is ready, he whispered, just before I ladled in his soup.
    I gave him an understanding smile.

    Brian was very shaking when it came round at long last to nighttime. He'd spent the last two days in bed sitting up, and I calculated that his wee must have made the poopoos wetter and soggier. I felt round his bum and indeed there was a very squidgy heap all round the lower third of his diaper, his balls covered in the mess.
    I kissed him and lay aside him, making it clear he was to take the lead and lie on me.
    He must have thought about it all evening, for I could see he was hugely erect, and expecting me to clean him up. But I brushed his suggestion aside, you can't wait, I trumped his argument.
    But he didn't wanna move in his mess. He begged me to lie on him.
    Be a proper man Brian, I taunted.
    In desperation he obeyed, I was lying on my back and he immediately sucked my tasty bosoms. He tried to keep his poopoo mess clear of his busting cock, but I knew what I was gonna do.
    He was expecting me to remove his diapers now. Instead I surprised him by lifting my legs and my knees, and with a sudden jerk tilted him down towards my face.
    That did it of course. His mess lovingly swamped over his cock with a rush, and with a startled gasp the pooey surge made him cum. After three days respite, it was a powerful burst, ejaculated all over his mess. For a minute he smiled in pleasure as the last of the cum dribbled out.
    Then he collapsed in shock and frustration. I cleaned him up. It took an hour.

    Stage 4 Night Ten
    I had estimated Brian would take longer to get an erection after his body was blown by the last job. I thought the three day interval would become maybe five. In the end it was six. He'd spent six days in a wrapping of eight diapers, and was starting to smell something awful. I was ready for him this evening, and in the last analysis, I wasn't sure if he really wanted me any more.
    Though he was in a frenzy of anticipation, I sensed I was winning the battle, for tonight there were no arguments.
    I wan' it out, he breathed, as I let him lay on me.
    I tantalised him by lying still. His diapers must have been at least half full of his ploppy pongs.
    Come on, he whispered, and I knew he meant tip him up.
    I lifted my legs and my knees and he sighed a deep deep sigh.
    Thank you mummy. I saw him shake as his cock was engulfed and he came and he came. I timed it as forty seconds. He collapsed, and was almost asleep as I tidied him up.
    It was the first time he'd called me Mummy, and that was most very pleasing.

   Stage 5 Two Months
    Brian had a couple of 'accidents' as I kindly called them, but the intervals had increased each time, and the ferocity of his cum spewing had remained constant on those two occasions.
    I had been changing him every few days even though his cum wasn't recharged. By now he'd all but forgotten his sexual desire for me, but he did as ever love feeding time on my breasts, and tolerated my feeding him with the ladle, because he had no choice.

    I now believed he was ready for the next step. His 'accidents' would probably continue occasionally, and I had already decided that I would make these accidents planned in future.

    I want you to come out for a walk with me, I told Brian today.
    He looked scared, he'd not been out of our house for ages.
    I want you to go to the dentist, I added. I'm afraid your teeth are making my nipples sore.
    It was the big test. Would he raise an objection, or be like the good sissy I was shaping him to be?
    I added, by way of negative incentive, I won't be able to let you suckle mummy unless we do something about your teeth.
    He looked puzzled, probably not comprehending what I was driving at. But I was pleased to see that though he wanted to ask, he simply nodded.
    Good baby, I kissed him.
    He shifted a little when I placed him in the giant push chair I had bought. I think he thought he would be allowed to walk himself.
    It was clearly in his mind to get out, and reasoning didn't work this time. He stood up.
    Do you want me to smack you? I'd make it real hard as you only have one diaper on.
    I pushed him down in the chair, and thankfully we didn't have a scene, he accepted the inevitable, and I opened the front door and stood in the garden waiting for Ally and Jody who were going with us. Okay, we could have gone by car, but I wanted everyone to stop and admire my baby.
    Jody was in a similar chair, I thought too late, we could have bought a double buggy! But no matter, Jody looked very sweet in a pink bonnet and matching frilly dress,and drew several surprised comments from passers by. Brian seemed pleased not to be the center of attention, though I noticed him tense up when we met someone we knew.
    Trouble started at the dentists. Neither Jody nor my Brian had fully understood why we were there. Jody hadn't the foggiest when she went in.
    We waited in the waiting room, others there stared hard at poor Brian, as though they couldn't quite follow why he has in such a chair.
    But he behaved very well despite the long time, until Jody was wheeled back in her chair by Ally.
    When Brian saw that every one of her teeth had been extracted and that she had the look of an old person, or alternatively the look of a little baby, Brian went mad.
    Onlookers and dental assistants were amazed as he jumped up attempting to run away.
    He did run away, I had to chase him down the street, attracting even more astonished glances, before I caught him on the corner of the next block.
    I was so angry, I dragged him forcibly back to the dentists, with the threat that he'd get an even worse punishment when we get home if he doesn't behave.
    Calmed down at last, and chained to his chair, Brian had the same treatment as his sister, and on the way home was very subdued. And toothless.

    Back home I reprimanded him for his shameful behavior.
    This is your third smacking, I reminded him. Last time, I warned you, so why didn't you listen?
    Brian mumbled something about forgetting, then shook as I showed him my whip. It was long, thick, made of leather.
    He knew better now than resist, and I praised him for submitting.
    I'll give you a reward later on, I promised, but it won't make me any the kinder in your thrashing.
    But he did resist when he perceived I was taking him out of the front door for the whipping. Our front garden is peaceful with a few trees and pretty flowers, but the road is fairly busy, and the noise of the traffic was soon mingling with his protests. A couple of cars had stopped to watch. I shouted at Brian to submit, or I'd make it much much worse.
    Tied to a tree trunk, Brian was made to kneel on the grass. He wriggled in horrid expectation as the whip descended on his diaper.
    He couldn't help yelling even though the diaper had softened the blow. But now I added the final punishment, removing the protection of that diaper. He shifted so the watchers couldn't see his defenseless shrivelled cock.
    This is gonna really hurt, you naughty baby, The people watching, two in cars, one on the sidewalk, clapped. They knew he'd been naughty. I confided to them that indeed he had.
    Spurred on by the onlookers, I was determined to ensure he never was disobedient ever again, and the whip descended once, twice, thrice, with stinging lashes on his backside. It was bare and raw, but though I dropped the whip, and he breathed a sigh of relief, I hadn't finished. My own palm flashed down on one red buttock, and he yelled real loud. He quivered as my hand was ready to descend on the other, and then as it pounded down, he awoke the neighbourhood with his screams. Those hefty smacks had crumpled him, and I regretted I had had to be so severe.
    Come to mummy, I said as I untied him. But next time be warned, I can add some nasty sharp bits to this whip, if I ever have to punish you again.
    And when we went indoors, to the disappointment of the crowd, he comforted himself on my boobs, and though the teeth business was only an excuse, it did feel nicer with only bare gums sucking me.

    Stage 6 Humiliation
    I could tell Brian was nearing 'accident' mode today, because by now I knew the signs. It had been nearly a month.
    A shivering, feeding on me with extra gusto, his hand hovering round his cock, but not daring to touch it, for fear of my wrath.
    I knew it was time for me to take control of this aspect of his life too.
    Mummy is ready for you, I smiled.
    Me not all dirty yet, responded Brian.
    Come to mummy, I pleaded, and he willingly took his usual submissive position, head on my breast.
    I want you to close your eyes Brian.
    Brian obeyed.
    I am just putting this tape round your head so you can't see anything. Do you trust your mummy, darling?
    Yes mummy, Brian replied. I think he meant it too, for he let me close off his sight.

    Jus' lie still on the bed darling. Mummy is gonna put your new clothes on.
    My diaper, please, begged Brian. I wanna poopoo.
    Yes, that as well darling.
    He felt me strip him and sighed as soon as I'd popped on a fresh diaper.
    Almost before it was on, it was wet and dirty.
    When I had returned with his new clothing, he was already smelly.
    Me not ready till tomorrow, he explained. Me wanna get more dirty.
    I didn't answer that, but slipped on a beautiful yellow frilly dress made of organza. It looked very fetching. I had already warmed the curling tongs, and as Brian continued filling his diaper, I began the task of transforming his blondish hair into beautiful curls.
    Jus' making you beautful, I explained, as he tried to feel with his hand what I was up to. I gently pulled his hand down to rest on my bosom.
    I'm calling you Bianca from now on, I continued. She looked puzzled.
    You'll love being Bianca. I'll prove it.
    And I led her blindfolded face to my nipple, which my lovely curly baby gratefully took deep into her mouth. As she took in my tasty milk, I took her limp little cock out of her nappy. It was wet and floppy.
    She stopped suckling.
    Jus' keep on with your milky darling. Mummy is being wery kind to you.
    My Bianca did as she was told, and began to shake, for I was masturbating her tiny cock. She wanted to withdraw her mouth, but I kept my breast firmly in her mouth. Soon she had grown. Soon she had stopped struggling and was enjoying my deep pulses on her cock which now roared into full life.
    I could see it extending further as she prepared for her climax. She sucked more vigorously, my whole breast now swilling inside her mouth.
    She burst in a orgasm of cum that poured and poured over me, the usual forty seconds, by which time I was soaked, and she was elated. I scooped up some, and withdrawing my boob, thrust the cum into her mouth. She knew the taste well, and I fed her another handful.
    I removed the blindfold so she could see herself. She shook fiercely, I could see it was on the tip of her tongue to shout abuse.
    I got in first. Didn't you like that, my baby? I can't do that for you unless you please me too.
    A wave of conflicting emotions passed over Bianca's face. Was she gonna yield or no? I wasn't sure.
    Bianca? I posed the question to break the silence.
    No reply. She was thinking real hard.
    It was about a minute before the answer came. Not in words at first.
    Mummy, she hugged me. Thank you Mummy, that was really really lovely.

   Stage 7 Made a Sissy
    She always wore pretty sissy dresses after that, with a diaper or two underneath. That face lotion I had been putting on her had done the trick, she no longer needed her razor.
    She was my sissy curly haired baby, and I her sweet mummy.
    Just occasionally, when I knew she was nearing another 'accident', we had a lovely hour like the one I have described. I got her more and more excited, one time by masturbating her cock when the foreskin was pushed back, another by massaging her with a vibrator, and once even sucking her cock myself. It'd finish with her eating her own lovely cum. On the last occasion, I swilled it out my mouth and into hers.
    She never asked for more, partly cos her body had become attuned to these massive occasional outbursts. Bianca had become my loving slave, and I admit it, in a different way I loved her too.
    I had one last test to complete my study on Bianca. It was to strain her loyalty for me to the limit.

Chapter 2 My Case Study is Presented to the University Examiners

    "Good Bianca, let all the professors see you come in please."

    It was the day I was required to present my thesis for interrogation by my seniors.
    They knew about my research, but I don't think they were ready for a practical demo. They were more used to dealing with theory!
    Here was a living example to back up my painstaking study.
    I had rehearsed with my sissy husband Bianca what she must do. I was pleased she agreed. I should have expected no less. But when it came to actually doing it, would she cope with the pressure?
    I was to find out the truth now, as I ordered her to come into the dark old room which housed these august old gentlemen and one younger lady.

    The six professors turned to the door with incredulous smiles. I could see Bianca's face was burning, yet in all her pink frilly finery, she crawled in on all fours and shuffled up to the first elderly professor.
    She stopped. I nodded encouragement. What have you got to say, my baby?
    There was a long pause, the professors craning their heads to look at this extraordinary sight.
    Me Baby Bianca, she uttered at last, in a sweet appealing voice. Have ooo any food for me?
    I handed the astonished man a slice of bread, dipped in milk.
    Hold it down to her, I told him.
    And Bianca gobbled it out his hand. He looked surprised, but faintly pleased.
    Bianca went down the line of these university worthies, and each time, Bianca took the food and slurped it in her mouth without ever touching it with her hands.
    After the fifth, she remembered something. Thank ooo, she smiled nicely.
    She crawled to the final bemused professor, a tall young woman in her thirties.
    She was my supervisor, so I knew her quite well.
    Miss Simons looked slightly apprehensive.
    I didn't hand her any food. I gambled she'd be sporting enough to play ball.
    Sit on Miss Simons's lap, I ordered Bianca. And she knelt up and did so. I hadn't discussed this little trick with my baby, as I hadn't been at all sure about its success. But I believed it was the right thing to try.
    Kindly unzip the zip of your dress, Miss Simons.
    In front of everyone, she naturally hesitated. I think she's a virgin. But I had also judged her well.
    She took the zip down sheepishly a little way.
    Bianca wants feeding, Miss Simons, please let her. And Bianca took it as my command, and pushed down the zip a little more, then plunged her face in to Miss Simons's right breast. As she had a bra on, it made all the men laugh.
    That changed everyone's mood from one of puzzled shock to levity. Entering the spirit of it, Miss Simons pulled off her bra and let her baby child suckle.
    There was no drink for Bianca, but she must have liked it, cos she smiled after a minute of incredulous muttering from the other professors.
    Thank ooo, finished Bianca, and crawled over to me.
    This was her favorite part she loved so well. She knew she would get her milk from this woman, and I admit I found it very very satisfying, physically.
    It was satisfying in an intellectual way too, when the committee thanked me for my practical demo, and after some pointed questions, the academic pomp was deflated when Bianca took center stage with an enormous fart.
    However the one thing in our discussions they refused to accept. They were convinced Bianca was a girl.
    I had to prove them wrong by stripping off her diaper, and with Bianca's face covered in embarrassment, they saw only too clearly their mistake.

    From all these case notes, I submitted my thesis on Sissification, and wasn't I thrilled when I was awarded my doctor's degree.

   But now,  I am plucking up courage to relate to you, what threatened to be an unpleasant fallout from Bianca's story.

  The University  had initially lauded my groundbreaking research, while advising me not to become so personally involved with my subjects in my future researches.
  But suddenly I was facing a university scandal when Bianca died suddenly. It was, doctors confirmed, from natural causes, but of course, the papers, when they got hold of the story, boasted lurid headlines, one I remember was Student Sexually Slays Sissy, with mostly falsified accounts of how I'd tortured Bianca driving her wild by not consummating our marriage.
   That caused the university to make me briefly suspend my research, which is described in the next chapter, to attend a committee of inquiry whose task was to report back to the board.

  In charge of the hearing was elderly Professor John Wilson, of the history department, with two lecturers, Miss Goldsmith and Miss Roshart, the former of the English department, the latter known to me in Social Sciences.
  It was a grueling morning as I was like the accused in the dock, answering the questions from unenlightened adults.
  Here is my own summarized version of my 'trial.'
  I entered the forbidding university common room, empty except for my three judges. Thankfully my hearing was to be conducted in secret.
  I was wearing a lovely pale lilac pvc blouse, with bright purple pleated skirt, and matching purple scarf, high heel shoes of lilac, and lilac stockings. I hoped I might sway the chief judge in this way.
  I was bid sit down in an upright chair facing my three nemeses across a large table.

  "Welcome, Miss Anastasia," Wilson commenced, with a twinkle in his eye. I think I had won him over, though his two middle aged females were looking more severe.
  "We have already talked to the professors to whom you made your presentation, and I should say Miss Simons in particular was very encouraging concerning your behavior.  We have also interviewed the brother of the dead person, er, I think he was called Mr Butcher."
  "Butch," corrected Miss Roshart, "and she is female."
  "I thought that was the person called Jody?" offered the judge.
  "Yes," explained Miss Goldsmith patiently, "they are the same person.
  "But how can someone called Butch be a lady?" continued the puzzled judge.
  Meeting no response, he turned to me.
  "Miss Anastasia, I must confess that these newspaper reports are very worrying. You have been forcing men to turn into women, but for what possible reason?"
  I spoke at last, smiling, "it's part of my thesis, sir. I did not force anyone."
  "But you did drug Butch," retorted Miss Roshart, "didn't you?"
  "She agreed to that." I produced a document Ally and I had got Butch to sign. I didn't confide that we had blackmailed her to do that.
   That silenced Miss Roshart, but the judge looked extremely baffled.
  "I can accept that this er, Butcher, gave permission, but why were you conducting this experiment?"
  "My main subject was Bianca, that is Brian as he used to be called. Butch was only a secondary study. I wanted to experiment to discover if it was possible to turn Brian into a sissy of his own free will. My contention in my thesis is that this is achievable, and I believe I have proved it."
  "But," stuttered the judge, "I don't follow what you have been up to? What do you mean turning him into a sissy? Do you mean into your own sister? I thought you had one named Ally."
  I saw that I needed to begin with basics for this elderly judge.  I patiently explained that my hypothesis was that it is possible to persuade men to voluntarily desire to revert to childhood, to a desire to be young and innocent again, and furthermore that this innocent beauty is best expressed thru the wearing of girls' clothing.
  The judge looked bemused.
  "I demonstrated this in my practical to the university professors. They awarded my thesis a distinction."
  "But why should any male person wish to become a baby like this Brian person did? Did you restrain him, as the papers said?"
  "He agreed to this, sir." I referred back to the paper already produced, which Brian had signed in his desperation. Fortunately the judge didn't press me on that issue.
  "So you did tie him to a tree trunk for everyone to see?"
  "Yes, but it was a punishment?"
  "Why did you need to punish him?"
  "Because he had been very naughty, sir."
  "But what had he done so wrong, to merit this terrible castigation?"
  "You see, sir, he had not done what he should have done." I didn't explain it was because he didn't want his teeth removed. "When someone has done wrong, as every judge knows, they must be told off. As Brian was in essence a little child, he had to be  shown the error of his ways."
  "But I thought this Brian was in his twenties?"
  "Yes sir, but he was being treated by me as a sissy."
  "I think you were quite correct," interposed  Miss Goldsmith, unexpectedly. I had been dreading going over the same ground with the judge again.
  "Very well," conceded Prof Wilson, in a tone that suggested it was far from well, "but I cannot understand what this young man was doing, sucking the breasts of a university professor, in full view of several of my colleagues."
  "It seems to me," Miss Goldsmith turned to the man in charge, "you haven't understood the nature of this case at all."
  The judge sat in silence. "I think you may be right, Goldsmith. You see, what I don't follow is this, why was this  Anastasia here refusing to allow her husband to have sex with her? The papers have labeled her The Sissy Siren and The Perverted Prof."
 "I'm not a professor," I reminded them. "I was acting in the best scientific way I knew, to test my theory." Perhaps that wasn't exactly the truth, I knew that.
  "Well you are very clever, I think," smiled Wilson at me. I could see that whatever his lack of wisdom on this subject, he liked my appearance.
  "Do you know, I think the best thing is for me to show you what I mean in practical terms," I offered.
  "I don't follow."
  "To show you what I mean by a sissy."
  "Aren't you a sissy?"
  "Oh no, sir." I think his face fell.
  "What exactly are you suggesting?" inquired Miss Roshart.
  "I suppose I am proposing that Prof Wilson be given some kinda practical illustration, what is meant by the term sissy."
   "Nonsense," cried Miss Roshart. But Miss Goldsmith disagreed. It ended with the two women falling out. Miss Roshart  said she would return that afternoon for the three's discussion about my case. Miss Goldsmith said she would stay to chaperone the befuddled Wilson.
   This must have been the oddest scene ever enacted in any courtroom. I was given temporary leave while they sorted out the time for their review. I hurriedly fetched as much as I could quickly muster in a suitcase, and in twenty minutes, Wilson announced that the court was reconvened.
  "Miss Anastasia, are you ready?"
  "I am sir, but are you?"
  "I must admit, I am at a loss what we are trying to demonstrate. Nevertheless, I am willing to attempt to understand your point of view."
  I was grateful for that. Miss Goldsmith was my witness to his consent.
  "You are happy for me to demonstrate, sir?" I confirmed. He nodded.
  "As you are the only male, sir, may I take it you are agreeable to be my guinea pig?"
  "Er, er, yes, I think so."
  I was wearing my same pvc outfit, but I got Miss Goldsmith to don the nurse's uniform I had brought.
  "Now, sir, you must do what nurse tells you."
  He was on the point of asking why, when I placed my finger to his lips. Surely any man would be turned on by that uniform?!
  I whispered instructions to 'nurse.' She played along splendidly.
  "Lie there, please." She indicated the hard table. From the case, I placed a cushion under his head, and a blanket over him. If he was not entirely compliant, our combined presence made him obey.
  "Er, if you say so, but what is this to do with learning what is a sissy?"
  "No more talking," nurse was entering into her role superbly. "Lay there quietly."

  As I relayed instructions into nurse's ear, so Miss Goldsmith treated her 'patient.'
First Wilson's tie was undone, it was used to blindfold him.
  "What you doing?" cried the agitated professor.
  "Calm youself," I soothed, "I want you to see the lovely finished picture when it is ready. The blanket is your protection, hiding yourself from us."
  This was said while nurse removed Wilson's suit, then his shirt, so that he was naked from the waist up.
  "No worries," cooed nurse quietly, "we can't see your body. That's comforting to know isn't it? Now I am gonna take off your shoes.... and now your socks."
  "But that's all," suggested Wilson, gripping his comforting blanket tightly.
  "Oh no, you're quite safe here, but you must do what I tell you."
  The prof tried to sit up, muttering he'd had enough of this nonsense, but I pushed him back, and politely reminded him he had agreed he had to find out what this case was all about. "Just relax, and you'll soon understand," I promised.
  He wriggled as nurse felt under the blanket and undid his belt. When she unzipped his pants, I needed to pin him down, saying "relax, relax...."
  He lay still once she had pulled the pants down and off. He looked worried. Just his pantie left, and off it came, he was now resigned to his fate and said not a word. I hope he might even enjoy it.
  "That's good, professor," said nurse. "Tell us, what's your first name?"
  "John," came the near inaudible reply.
  "I think we'll call you Jo," I told him, "or do you like Josephine?"
  He indicated he liked Josephine.
  "Right Josephine, "continued nurse. "You've been very good so far. I want you to lie there while we make you more comfortable."
  I handed a lemon colored chiffon blouse, adorned with large showy ruffles on the shoulders, round the neckline and on the wrists, to nurse, who placed it on Josephine. It was a tight fit.
  "That's nice," Miss Goldsmith commented. "You can see yourself as soon as we are ready. Be patient while we put the rest of your outfit on."
  I handed nurse a blonde shoulder length wig, not quite a judge's wig, but as frizzy.
 Then she reached under the blanket and placed a bathroom sized towel round the judge's lower half. Deftly she pinned the material in place. A pleated skirt in bright orange, with a picture of a Disney creature was a snug squeeze over the makeshift diaper, but it just covered it, though it was most evident what was hid underneath.
  To complete the ensemble, yellow knee length socks and orange sandals! A brooch, in the shape of the same Disney animal was pinned to Josephine's hair.
   I prepared to remove the tie.
  "We're ready now, Josephine. Would you like to see yourself?"

  There was an imperceptible nod, so I fetched a mirror. Our sissy jumped up when she saw her hair, the  blanket started falling off, and I pulled it completely away. Sissy glanced down at the whole creation, bewildered.
  "That's what we mean by sissy," I explained. "What do you think?"
  "I really think she looks a treat," exclaimed Miss Goldsmith, who was beaming.
  "Do you really think so?" said the surprised Josephine. "Mmm, I think I like the look too. It takes years off me. Besides, do you know, I do love that secure feeling your towel has given me. Yes, I like it, it feels real good. Not like anything else I can recall. I look so girly, don't I?"
  Nurse concurred. "So perhaps you can understand now what Miss Anastasia was trying to explain."
  "Miss Anastasia, yes, a wonderful person. Thank you, thank you."
  "I'll take the clothes off now," nurse said.
  "Oh no, I must keep them- er, if that's all right with you Miss Anastasia. I want to keep this lovely feeling I have for ever!"
  "But you can't go out dressed like that," exclaimed Miss Goldsmith.
  "Why not? What's wrong with sissies I want to know. Nothing is there?" cried the new convert.
   I could see the two were heading for an argument, Josephine having abandoned all sense of inhibition, and Miss Goldsmith getting more than a little flushed. I tactfully asked if I could get back to my work.
   "Of course, of course," replied my erstwhile judge, "report back," he said, regaining for a second his authority, "tomorrow morning at nine thirty for our judgement."
  I left, thoughtfully snapping a photo, with the pair in dispute.  She was saying he'd be mad to keep these clothes on, however nice she looked, the new sissy convert was having nothing of it, refusing to have the beautiful apparition altered in any way.
  One thing I was sure of- my ordeal was at an end. As I went on my way, I fantasised that maybe nurse did get her way, maybe she did remove his clothes, she was very keen to do so, maybe she wanted to treat her patient with even more pleasures...

  I was highly confident the next day when I came back to the common room. But I was ever so surprised also.
  Only two of the judges were there. Miss Roshart had disagreed with the other two at their afternoon review of the case. "But we won't worry about her," proclaimed the judge.
  The main shock was that my judge was still wearing the sissy outfit! My speculation about nurse had been wrong, or had it? Now I looked closely, weren't they holding hands under the table? Whatever, I smiled at this unusual looking judge. Miss Goldsmith was back dressed as her prim self, but had a glow that betrayed a lot.
 I will always remember the verdict.
 "Case dismissed. Thank you Miss Anastasia!"

 It was only what I had expected. But not only was it a relief after the scandal that had been whipped up, it also proved a blessing.
  For Miss Roshart had resigned, in protest I believe, and I was offered her job for the rest of the summer. What's more in the Fall, would I start lecturing on a special Sissy module, which would be an optional part of a degree course. My researches would also be funded, so was I not in clover? You bet! I'm sure that compromising photo I took of Prof Wilson and his 'nurse' had no influence on my unique appointment.
  But as for Professor Wilson, he never did give up wearing that chiffon blouse and bright skirt. This sissy was seen that summer with bulging skirts, and I suspect that it was nurse who changed his diapers. Pensioned off that summer because his/her behavior was deemed 'erratic,' I felt sorry for him and told him so. But he only thanked me and said he was gonna real look forward to retirement. I never did find out for sure if  Goldsmith continued as his faithful nursey.

                                           to be continued
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