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Sekai and Ogden sat on the branches of the trees in the middle of a large city that seemed to stretech out for miles and miles. Sekai kicked her feet softly over the edge as her aumond shaped eyes continuiously scanned for things to do. When something as mischievious as a sprite or a pixie were bored, there was often trouble afoot and these two were no exceptions to that rule. It was hard to believe that the pair couldn't seem to find anything interesting to do, with all the excitment and hustle and bustle of the world around them, they still found it next to impossible to quell the boredom of their fickle, and rather uninterested minds. Humans were such a stupid lot when all was said an done: They worked, slept, ate, reproduced and then started the pointless cycle all over again. Sekai and Ogden usually hung around the park, at least the little children knew how to play and have fun... but the adults... they were just boring and just plain unamusing. Now that it was late at nigh, all the fun and excitment had left the duo to their own devices. Sekai gave an exasperated sigh and tilted her head back. Her face was full of anguish over the mindnumbing nothingness that there was left to do.
"Ogdennnnn~! I'm so bored! Why did we have to come to this stupid world anyway?" Sekai whinned, her feet kicking gently over the edge of the branch that she was sitting on.
Sekai was the type of girl who just perfered to get into trouble, it was her nature to cause pranks and spread merriment around... though that merriment often came at the expence of others. It was hard to imagine that someone the size of a Barbie doll could cause so much chaos and havoc with something as seemingly harmless as the pixie dust that was tied to her belt. Sekai's fair completion seemed to glow slightly in the moonlight as she turned her heart shaped face over her shoulder to her bother that was leaning against the tree. Her icy blue eyes scanned the rather distant look of Ogden as he seemed indifferent over the situation. To say that the siblings were as different as night and day would be an understatement. Even their hair color was vastly opposite, while Sekai had fiery red hair, Ogden had pitch black hair. He was the one that thought things through and kept a level head while Sekai was impusive and short tempered. She was also the more childish one, despite her mature look. How they managed to spend the last five hundred years together and not strangle each other was a mystery. There was very much sibling rivalry between the pair, though nothing about name calling and the odd pulled face by Sekai ever happened.

Ogden opened his eyes and looked over to his sister, his fierce brown eyes just looked at her with no real sense of amusment. He couldn't understand what she was whinning about, he for one, was greatful to get a little piece and quiet after such a busy day. Somethings the humans and their abilities to put so much effort into everything, and yet come out with little to show for it was impressive. Ogden, unlike Sekai, didn't really care to put himself in any sort of human affairs, it was below him to do such. Only the children swayed his choices at times, their innocents and purity could melt a heart as cold as his. Grown up, who needed the most out of magic, were the ones that deserved it the least. In his opinion, they were all corrupted in some way or another. Not worthy of his attentions nor his magical pixie dust. Odgen turned his head again and closed his eyes.
"Well, thats not really my problem, now is it? You were the one who wanted to come here after all. If your that bored, we could always just go back home."
Sekai gagged and over enthusiastically threw her arms into the air. "Oh my goodess! You just left the miserable realm and now you want to go back? Where's your sense of adventure and.. duty... and stuff? Your a fae for crying out loud, its your responsiblity to go out there and make some dreams come true. You know... like Tinkerbell!"
"....Tinkerbell was a made up character from a pits of a human mind. To lower myself to such a standered as to shake my butt and make children fly would be, quiet frankly, embarassing. You go ahead and have your fun. I'll be close behind to tell you that 'I told you so' when your plans backfire and get you into trouble. Have fun... I still think that magic is wasted on humans, they have no appreciation for it anymore and the children don't need it."
"Then I'll find someone who does and use it." Sekai replied, her right cheek puffing out at the nerve of her older brother. She never got into trouble. Except for the day that ended in 'y'. But those are the only times! "You just watch! I'll make someone really happy and then you'll be eating those words of yours."
"Well... don't say I didn't warn you."
Sekai turned up her nose at her brothers last statement, she reached into her pouch and pulled out a small sprinkling of sand and tossed it on her back. Two irredisent purple wings twisted and pulled themselves together on her back. With one final 'humph' and a toss of her hair over her shoulder, Sekai fluttered away into the night. Leaving a trail of silver sparkles behind her.

Jason sighed heavily and closed his breifcase with a slam. What a day, he earned his keep with the company this month by showing off his ruthless tactics of business, over two hundred workers were laid off today, their salaries now lining his pockets and the pockets of the high ranking officals of the company. A little unmentioned bribe to make sure that he was kept in his position. He had a fortune, though the problem with avarice was that you always wanted more. He hardly spent time with his wife anymore. He didn't feel the need to anymore, an her constant nagging and pleading to have a child was starting to drive the man insane with frusteration. He had no interest in children, they cried, they pooped and slept and in sixteen years they picked your pockets to get their new phones, the latest fashions or whatever. Jason worked hard for his money, and he wouldn't give something for nothing. HIs wife was somewhat of an acception, he did give her an allowance; she used to work but her earn was nickles compaired to his so they agreed to have her stay at home and tend that. She seemed happy with that, spare the wanting children bit. Jason was allergic to animals so getting her a cat or a dog was out of the question. She would just have to make do with the empty penthouse suite until retirement where they would live filthy rich till they died, and even then they would be remembered by their weight in gold. Jason took one last look out his highrise office window before turning around and grabbing his coat to head home.

Anabella waited for her husband, watching intently out of the windows for any sign of his black care in the twilight of the days end. Anabella was a very attractive woman, she wore her beauty inside and out. She was pale skinned and dark haired, she had full lips and beautiful emerald eyes that had an unfortunate lonliness to them. Clothed in her slik nightgown and housecoat, she had long given up trying to eat dinner with her husband Jason. He was a good man, but he failed to see the important things in life, and with the contract she signed, there was no devorce, really. If she did, pretty well everything that she worked so hard to get would go to him anyway. Misery was perfered over an empty freedom. Besides, she still very much loved him... she just wished that she could do something more to make him happy. She so badly wanted a child, but Jason saw only the negative of having something so precious come into this world. It was a pitty really. But it took two and she didn't want to risk loosing everything, especially with a child to care for. Anabella hugged her arms in a relaxed manner and closed her eyes, she wished that she could see the stars in the city like she use to when she lived in a more rural area, she didn't miss the country, but the stars were one thing that she wished that she could have here. She remembered how she used to wish on them when she was younger. She gave a sad giggle at that though, if only she were more nieve she would try wishing on those same stars that she could have a child, and help Jason find that thing that made him happy and whole. Oh well, with supper in the fridge and the hour getting late, Anabella decided that it was best to get to bed. Maybe tomorrow she would have a better day.

Anabella's wish may have been lost on the stars, but it was certainly not lost to fate itself.

Sekai poked her head out from around the corner just as Anabella was walking away from the balcony and to the bedroom. She felt sorry for the woman, she could feel the purity of those wishes that where made and knew that she found that good deed for the day. Sekai was violently startled from her thoughts when she felt a firm, heavy hand come on her shoulder. Poor Sekai let out a yelp and rocketed into the air some distance. Hanging from the underside of the rain gutter, she looked down at Ogden who had his usual stoic expression on and his hand in his pocket, the other one was raised in a shallow greeting.
"Pixie Queen's Corset, Ogden, you scared the holy hell out of me! What are you doing here? I thought that humans were below your help?"
"Relax, I'm just here to make sure that you don't get into too much trouble, I also thought that you might want someone to open the dream-world for you. After all... if your going to try and find out what makes someone truely happy, then you need to find that gold chest of wonders, don't you?"
Sekai's cheeks puffed out, she knew that he was right, and that she didn't have the ability to cast that sort of magic. "Alright Mr. Pessimist... what do you want for it?"
Ogden shrugged his shoulder. "We'll call it a boon for now, I'm sure that I can think of something later."
Sekai raised her eyebrows in a rather unamused look. "I'm sure you will. Now... help me get down! We have some work to do!"
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Mina Silverwind
You have an excellent story here, thanks for sharing, and thanks for making my day with this great read.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Oh wow the story is going so great so far I cant wait to see what you have coming

baby a.j.
*squeals shrilly* FAIRIES?! YESH!!!! What did Sekai, and Oggie do in Jasons dweam? and y is he goin tiny?
Sweet Rosabella
((@ Ty666 - Thank you. <3
@Baby a.j. - *Giggles* You'll just have to keep reading and see, won't you sweety!))

Anabella was a little stumped as to what to truely get for Jason, she had no idea how else his body might change and react to whatever was going on. She went to a number of stores to get a varity of different sized diapers so that they were prepared for the everything that may go wrong. She hoped for her husbands sake that things wouldn't get much worse. She never heard of anything that made somone shrink a foot per day, then again, she never heard of anything caught that gave you incontience either... loose stoole, maybe, but not like that. What she was out she got a few things for Jason, trying to guesstimate his size the best she could. She leaned more towards the young men and women side of the store, he fit her clothes so well that she wasn't sure if the boy clothes would fit him well enough. On her way back home, her mind wandered to other things. In her heart of hearts, she hoped that this would go away and that Jason would have a new lease on life and maybe they could have a child someday. To her, it really didn't matter if it was a boy or a girl, just as long as they were happy and healthy. That was every parents wish, wasn't it? Anabella sighed somewhat sadly to herself. Maybe this... whatever it was... might just render him infertal and then she would never have a chance to raise a child of her own. The thought was a crushing blow for her future wants and dreams, she tried to push that thought out of her head as much as possible so that she didn't despair needlessly. Medically, Jason was still a healthy man, and there was no proof that this was perminant or irriversable either. She just had to stay strong and tough it out, both for her sake and for Jasons. Anabella's car pulled into their garage and she unloaded all her items that she got from the store.
"Sweety, I'm home. Just give me a few moments while I put somethings away and I'll be right there."
Anabella didn't hear much of a response, but she did hear shuffling in the bathroom where her husband was and the door locking. She paused and quirked an eyebrow at the unusal move from her husband, especially after what happened. Maybe he knew what was coming and was too embarassed or full of pride to accept the reality of things so willingly. Admirable, though it may be, she also thought that it was a little senseless and immature of him to do such a thing. Still, she gave him a little more time to himself while she put some more items away. Anabella looked down at the diapers and forced a strained smile at the bag in her hands. Poor Jason, it really was an understandable thing for a full grown, young man to rebel against. Anabella paused for a few more minutes then leaned against the wall that held the door frame. She raised her hand and knocked softly on the door.
"Jason, hun... lets get this over with, okay?" Anabella called softly through the door. She listened carefully and thought that she hear... crying? Consern entered her features. "Jason are you okay in there?"
"I'm fine," Came a reply, though the voice sounded higher pitched and shaky, as though a girl was weeping and responding at the same time. "I don't want to come out. Don't come in!"
Anabella blinked a few times, surprised by the tone that was being taken with her. She closed her eyes and turned her head slightly.
"Jason... I know that this is... damaging... to your pride, but if you don't do this then the house is going to turn into a huge mess, not to mention the sickness that we could both get. Did you have more accidents?"
There was a pause before a shakey "Yes." was heard.
"Were you on the toilet at the time?"
"Jason, you can't stay in there forever. And... we'll have to do this eventually..."
"Thats not it." The shakey voice replied.
"Its not? Then what is it?" Anabella asked with curiosity.
"It's my body... it changed agian."
"It changed again? How?" Anabella asked, her concern returning full force. She was answered only to wailing and crying. She reached for the door and found that it was still locked. "Jason, this is rediculas! Open this door right now! I don't care what you look like, I just want to see you and make sure that your alright. You have me scare to death now and I will not be happy if its over something minor!"
Anabella heard the sobbing stop and waited a few more moments till the door unlocked. She reached for the handle and opened the door. She dropped the bag of diapers as she stared in disbelief at what she saw. Jason had shrunk once more, the dress that had once came to his knees now was slightly dragging on the floor. His once dark brown hair was turning blonde and had fallen to his shoulders, his build was like that of a younger girl. If she didn't know better then she never would have imagined that this was every a male, much less an adult. Jason had obviously been crying and brough balled fists to wipe tear trails off his face. Anabella hadn't had time to recover before seh felt a small face bury itself about mid-abdomen and two arms wrap around her. Anabella looked down with her wide eyes as Jason started to burst into tears again. Thankfully she planned ahead for this... though mentally she was still totally sure what was going on. She wrapped one of her arms around Jason and then placed one on the top of his head, then stroked it in a soothing manner, much like how a mother would do for her child.
"Don't worry Jason, we'll get through this, I'm sure things will turn out the way that they should. You'll be right back to the way you were, you'll see, no come on. Lets get what needs to be done over with."

Anabella fetched the bag of diapers that would fit Jason's size. She powdered and applied the diaper with some small level of skill. Anabella sat her shame faced husband up and kissed his forehead. She had to admite that he looked rather adorable in a diaper and nothing more. Though she wasn't about to say that outloud and risk upsetting Jason again, it took her an hour to calm him down enough to put him in diapers to begin with. The smell of baby powder made her motherly instincts kick in, and filled her with a stil calmness that she never felt before. A small part of her was glade that this was happening. Not because Jason was suffering, but becasue.... well, this might be the closest thing that she ever got to having a child of her own. She helped Jason off the table and then her smile became strained.
"Lets get some clothes on you. I got a mixed bag of things because I wasn't sure what your body was going to do."
Anabella lead Jason to where she left the clothes, by now, any last shread of male ego seemed to be torn away from the poor man. She shuffled through the clothes and tried a multitude of things on until they found one that fit perfectly. Once again the damage to Jason's ego fit him the best. The dress was made for about a nine year old. It was a purple spegetti strapped dress with little hearts all over it, the bulk of his diaper fanned out the dress in an obvious manner, there was a cute little pink bow in the middle of the square neckline. Jason looked as though he had just given up, silently surrending to what he wore and what he had to have on in order to keep the house clean and safe for his wife that was taking care of him. Jason tossed the locks of hair that were getting in his face over his shoulder in annoyance. He sighed in exasperation and looked up at his wife.
"Can you please do something about my hair? Like cut if off or something?"
"Cut if off? But it looks so beautiful now! Here, lets go back to own room and I'll at least get it out of your face."

Anabella wasted no time in sitting her husband down and playing with his hair, she had a couple of younger sisters so she was well versed in the art of playing with hair. She brushed Jason's hair up into a ponytail. She looked over at her husband. He was looking down at his dress with a very sour expression on his face, as though if he gave it such a look that it would turn to ash at his feet and then turn into something a little more gender appropriate for a man.
"Why do I have to wear a dress?" Jason whinned.
"Because, sweety, its easier to both check and change you if need be. This way I can just lift the skirt of the dress and check there, then if there is something I can just lift the skirt and change you. In pants, I'd have to pull the backs of them down to have a check, then I'd have to take them off to change you and then put them back on. Its just making things easier on me, sweetheart."
Jason grumbled something inaudiable before turning his back to his wife.
"What will we do about work?"
"I'll phone them and tell them that you seem to have something very serious and that you may need an extended amount of time off. We'll be bending the truth without breaking it. Now, why don't we get something to eat?"
"You seem to be taking this rather well..."
Anabella fell silent for a moment, well... she was rather enjoying being a motherly figure. She couldn't deny that. She still wished that her husband was okay and would someday return to be himself. But she figured she might as well make the best of things... even if Jason may not enjoy it as much as she was.
"I just think that this may actually be some bonding time for us. You're always so busy with work and I get lonely when your away. But anyway, lets go get some lunch, shall we?"
Wow this is awesome! Hope to see more soon.
WOW very well written to the point u can feel the love that Anabel has for her husband. Do plz continue.
Sweet Dreams for now
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