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A girl and a boy-girl go on a diapered date
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Add page 1 here.The rays of the morning sun poured in through the window and into the eyes of the two girls. One, a thin brown haired girl named Zoey, had once been called a boy. However, few could make that mistake now with her effeminate features and hourglass shape. The other, Meg, was biologically a girl but almost wouldn’t seem that way next to Zoey. Her strait black hair complimented her darker complexion and emphasized her height. Anyone looking at the two could tell she wore the pants in the relationship.

Zoey winced slightly at the sun and turned her head. Why hadn’t they closed the blinds? And why did her head hurt so much? 

Slowly the memories came back. A night of drinking… an embarrassingly handsy night at the club… where perhaps they were a little too vocal about their interests in a too public place… then… ? Presumably they made it home and collapsed into their bed. For all she knew, they were abducted by aliens and transported.

She opened her eyes slightly and looked around. That god damn sun insisted it was morning, but she disagreed. She predicted it wouldn’t be morning for AT LEAST another few hours. As far as she was concerned it was night until she couldn’t feel power drills digging into her head. Before that happened, it was bedtime. Then maybe a shower, some water, and something to ease her stomach….
It seemed another part of her was insisting it was time to get up. Her bladder, saturated with the fruity drinks of the night before, demanded her attention. However, her body hadn’t thought this strategy through. She reached down and felt they already wet diaper between her legs. “HA!” she thought “I WIN THIS ROUND!” She filled it even more, happy in her triumph over the world’s plan to get her out of bed. Feeling particularly childish now, she idly wished her bed was actually a crib, and rolled over.

“OW!” she shouted, having just landed on the floor. Alright, now she REALLY wished her bed was actually a crib. She hadn’t realized how close to the edge she was. The fall hadn’t really hurt, but it certainly startled her awake. She rubbed a spot on her head which had hit the bedside table.
“Good morning diaper girl!” Meg said, looking at her and sticking her tongue out. “Looks like someone needs a change!”

“Yeah, well…” Zoey looked down at her padding, still rubbing her head. It really was soaked. In reality, it would have leaked if she had stayed in bed much longer. “Well so are you!” she said, pointing at Meg.

“Hmmm yes, no one is denying that,” Meg said, examining her own padding. “Come on, let’s go get changed and shower. I have plans for the day!” She got out of the bed and dragged her girlfriend by the hand toward the bathroom.

“Plans!? What plans!?” Zoey called as she was dragged. It seemed HER plans of a morning in bed and a day relaxing while nursing her aching head were forgotten. “Slow down! My head is killing me!”
“Aww, does da poow widdle baby ha a hangover? Da poo widdle baby is a wightweight!” Meg said teasingly as she held Zoey’s head close to hers. “Don’t worry baby, Mommy knows how to help with baby’s hangovers.”

With that, she shoved Zoey backwards into the shower and turned the water on cold. Zoey shrieked and tried to block the water, but Meg grabbed the shower head and kept spraying her. Zoey looked at her and whimpered.

“There, feel better?” Meg asked.

Zoey nodded slowly.

“Good. Well then, you know what to do. Off comes the padding!” she reached towards a surprised Zoey and untapped her diaper, letting it fall down.

“HEY! A little warning first Meg!” Zoey shouted.

“Huh it does seem that the little girl has more energy now. A bit feisty even. Maybe she’ll need a spanking to calm her down… No?” she said as Zoey’s eyes went open and she shook her head. “Then you’ll be a good baby as mommy cleans you?”

Zoey nodded, and let Meg clean her. It wasn’t too bad, and she did need it after a night in a well-used diaper. Anyway, she knew it would be her turn next. 

As predicted, Meg entered the shower next. Zoey happily removed her padding and cleaned her head to toe.

Once they were both clean, they left the shower and dried each other off. Afterwards, Meg got out a thick white diaper and baby powder. She sat down and let Zoey happily powder and diaper her.
She returned to the closet where their diapers were stored.

“Awww,” she said teasingly “It looks like this is the only diaper left for poor little Zoey.” She held up an extra thick diaper decorated with pink teddy bears. It was the kind made specifically for infantalists, and one they normally kept for special occasions when they knew no one would be around.

Zoey blushed. “What!? I don’t want to wear that! I’m certainly not wearing it in public… please?”
“Well it’s all that’s left, and I’m CERTAINLY NOT letting you go undiapered in public. Could you imagine the mess?” Meg said, imitating Zoey’s voice.

“That’s not… That’s not…” Zoey was at a loss for words.

“Uh huh. Tell me you don’t love it.”

“I… I…” Zoey couldn’t bring herself to say she didn’t love it. The truth was, it was her favourite brand.

“Alright baby girl. Let’s get your pampers on. You belong in baby diapers anyway.”

Zoey sat down and let herself get diapered, blushing the entire time. Once they were done, Meg got dressed in a long shirt and baggy pants that easily hid her padding. Zoey, however, wasn’t quite as lucky.

“You want me to dress like this!? In PUBLIC!?” Zoey said, blushing at the outfit Meg had pulled over her head. It consisted of a short spaghetti strap shirt and even shorter skirt. The shirt left her midriff exposed, and she had to pull her skirt up extra high to hide her diaper. However, that left the bottom of her pattern dangerously close to becoming visible every time she moved. Worse still, it was tight enough to make the bulge of her padding obvious. Anyone who saw her would either assume she had an unnaturally large and round bottom, or guess the nature of her embarrassing underwear.

“Yes, why not? You look cute! And oh so pretty,” Meg said, winking. She dragged the fidgeting little girl behind her. They both had breakfast in the kitchen, taking turns feeding each other and laughing. Finally Meg told Zoey her plans for the day.

“That’s it!? That’s all you wanted!?” Zoey asked, surprised.

“Yes, why? What did you expect?” Meg responded, smiling mischievously.

“Well… I guess I expected something more… embarrassing.” Zoey blushed remembering some of the previous ‘plans’ Meg had made. Most involved extremely public places where her diapers were constantly inches away from being the center of attention. Trampoline land, the water park, slide world, the zip line and rope swing park… Countless opportunities for one well timed glance to expose their padding. The short skirts she wore to all except the water park made it even more dangerous, especially when Meg insisted she was the first to climb every ladder, get bounced on every trampoline, or go down every slide. The completely exposed swim diaper she had worn to the water park was another level all together, no matter how much Meg insisted it looked like a regular swim suit.

And that wasn’t even the half of it. There was a particularly embarrassing dance class where she ended up shaking her diapered rear in pink tights to the amusement of all around her. The same got repeated in a tutu at a ballet class, and at rhumba, and at tango in a short dress, and at punk dancing in short shorts, and at cardio kick boxing in booty shorts. There were also many occasions where she had realized the drink Meg had given her ‘helped’ her use her diapers in unfortunate places. Like a three hour train ride where Meg had ‘accidently’ forgot to bring spare padding. It was thrilling, she admitted, and usually resulted in VERY fun nights. However, it was also painfully embarrassing. They way Meg had been acting, insisting she wear the printed diapers and short skirt while Meg had the baggy pants, Zoey was convinced that would be it again.

This, however, was nothing like that. It was suspiciously innocent. They were going for a walk in the park. Nothing too public, nothing too embarrassing. DEFINITLY suspicious.

But, that was the plan, and they left right after breakfast. The couple held hands as they walked through their neighborhood. Meg walked confidently, smiling and waving at as many people as she could. Zoey was somewhat less confident, following sheepishly a half step behind Meg, waving quickly while trying to keep her huggies well hidden. They stopped for ice cream on the way, and ate it happily as they walked, taking turns feeding each other spoonfuls.

They arrived at the park, and began walking along the trails. Zoey loved it here. The countless green trees, the fresh air, the little critters running around… and best of all, only a few people who may see her childish undergarments. She often wondered how Meg was always so confident, even cocky while wearing the same embarrassing garments. Of course, Meg wasn’t also wearing a ridiculously short skirt and top.

“Here, this is where I wanted to go,” Meg said, and pulled Zoey onto a side path. The trail turned from a well trodden and broad gravel lane to a narrow dirt footpath. Leaves and branches brushed against Zoey as she was dragged between the ever close trees.

“Wh.. OW! What are we doing here?” a desperate Zoey asked as a branch hit her face.

“Ill show you” Meg said. She took her a bit further into the woods then stopped. She turned around and put her face inches from Zoey’s.

“Now, my little diaper girl, we are alone.” Meg said. Zoey looked around. It certainly was true, to a degree. There was no one on the same path, but the wider trail was within eye sight.

“So… we can have a bit more fun,” Meg continued. She put a hand on Zoey’s diapered bottom and began rubbing it. At the same time, she took Zoey’s hand and placed it on her behind, encouraging the smaller girl to rub her padding. Both girls smiled as they patted each other. 

“And…” Meg said, bringing her face even closer to Zoey’s face. “We can do naughty things, things that we both know we want, but we don’t want others to see.” Zoey could feel Meg’s breath on her flushed face and in her gaping mouth. “Things that we always wanted to do whenever we felt like, even in public, but couldn’t…” Her lips were almost brushing Zoey’s. “Things like… this.”

With that, she pulled off Zoey’s skirt and backed away. Zoey was so shocked it took her a second to realize what had happened. While Meg was teasing her and distracting her, she had undone the buttons on her skirt. Now she held It in her hands, and Meg’s teddy bear pampers were clearly exposed.

“Come on, let’s go” Meg said, grabbing Zoey’s hand again and pulling her along the path. The path ran parallel to the main trail, keeping them far enough to be somewhat hidden but close enough for peering eyes.

“Wha… what did you do!? Give me that back!!!” Zoey said, reaching for her skirt.

Meg held the skirt aloft as high as she could. Since she was taller than Zoey, this made it essentially inaccessible despite Zoey’s hopping. “Haha keep your voice up diaper butt, that will keep people away.” Meg said teasingly.

Zoey blushed and lowered herself, looking along the path to see if anyone noticed. Finally she looked back at Meg. “Alright,” she said “what do I have to do to get my skirt back?”

“Well, as far as I can tell, you are just a little diaper girl. Its perfectly natural for a baby like you to be walking along in cute widdle teddy bear diapies. There is no reason to cover them at all. However, if there was something IN your diaper that might make it embarrassing, or give my a reason to cover them, I might reconsider.”

“So… you want me to mess my diapers? Here?” Zoey said in a quite voice.

“Let me put it this way, baby girl. You aren’t getting your skirt back if your diapers are clean.”

“But… but that’s not fair!!!” Zoey complained.

“Whining little girl? Is that supposed to convince me you don’t belong in diapers? Or is it you want me to spank you, because somehow that will make sure no one notices us? Look, this path turns around and runs right back into our neighbourhood. You have until then to make the decision.” With that, she began walking along the path again, pulling Zoey with her.

Zoey walked as best she could, constantly glancing around to make sure no one was watching. She had to admit, she had never been so excited. Actually walking along, practically in public, with her diapers exposed? And the printed teddy bear diapers at that!? It was like a dream come true and a nightmare at the same time. She loved it, and hated it, and loved that she hated it, and hated that she loved it.

Playfully, she reached over and spanked Meg’s own diapered butt.

“OOO naughty girl” Meg laughed, and returned the spank. Zoey responded by grabbing Meg’s diaper and rubbing it against her.

Soon they were both laughing, playfully patting and grabbing each other as they walked along. The stopped for a moment, almost wrestling as they grappled for a good grasp on the other’s bottom. They shared a kiss and hugged each other tightly. Finally they began walking again, each resting a hand on the other’s padding.

“Hmmm…. Looks like we are almost home. Seems like SOMEONE was a decision to make,” Meg said teasingly.

Zoey gasped. She hadn’t realized how long they had been walking for! The end of the path was in sight, and beyond that she’d be back in suburbia. At this rate, she would be walking by those houses with her diaper completely visible to all her neighbors.

She looked down at her stomach. She really did need to go, and had since breakfast. She wondered if Meg had put something in her drink, though the eggs and coffee they ate would probably have been enough.

She closed her eyes and pushed. It came easily enough, she had done this many times before and was used to the feeling of filling her pampers. A line of mush came out of her, caking her bottom and inflating the padding behind her. She shifted uncomfortably as she walked, feeling the slime slide around in the diaper. Meg was smiling knowingly, having felt the girl mess with her hand still resting on her bottom.

“Well then stinky pants, I’m sure glad we put you in those diapers, aren’t you! Especially glad we used the extra thick ones.” Meg pressed Zoey’s diaper, mushing the mess against her and rubbing it in.

She whimpered, humiliated, and leaned close to Meg.

“Meg?” she said. My… my skirt?” 

“Yes? What about your skirt?”

“You said I’d get it back if I messed.”

“Did I? I don’t remember saying that. I remember saying you WOULDN’T get it back if you DIDN’t mess, but that doesn’t mean you just stop being a baby if you fill your diapers. That doesn’t make sense at all, does it?”

Zoey was practically in tears. “Bu… but Meg!!! You can’t do that!!!’

“Shhhh… “ Meg said, lightly kissing Zoey’s lips then resting her finger on them. “Don’t worry about it. Here.”

She stopped walking. She turned to face the whimpering girl, took both of her hands, and placed them on her own bottom. She kissed Zoey again, then let out a grunt. Zoey felt Meg fill her own diapers, just like she had a moment again. Zoey watched as Meg took off her own pants and handed them to Zoey.

“There, now we are even. Well, almost,” Zoey said, noticing the lack of teddy bear prints on her own diaper and the long shirt which almost covered her diaper. “Anyway, that’s all just details. Let’s get home.”

Meg dragged a bewildered and reluctant Zoey right out of the forest and into the neighborhood. She walked down the same familiar streets, with houses on either side. They walked through streets where everyone they knew lived, both with no pants and messy diapers wiggling behind them. Zoey covered her face and squeezed her eyes the entire time, waiting for a laugh, or a comment, or even a whistle.

Surprisingly, none came. Meg took Zoey inside their own house, and collapsed laughing against the wall. Zoey looked at her, completely pale and eyes in tears.

“Wha… What happened? How come no one said anything?!” Zoey asked.

Zoey stood up, held her in both arms and kissed her. “Silly baby. There was a town meeting today. Everyone was gone when we came back. Didn’t you read the newspaper?” She backed away again, overcome with laughter at Zoey’s expression.

“You… YOU MEANIE!!! That wasn’t nice at all! I almost cried!” Zoey said, hammering her hand into Meg’s back. At the same time, she was smiling wildly, both from relief and the thrill of the entire situation.

“Alright, calm down their stinky girl” Meg said teasingly, grabbing both Zoey’s hands and pulling her close. “How about this. We both go upstairs, you give me a little dance as an apology for trying to hit me, then we both get changed and have a little more fun. Sound good Little Miss Potty Pants?”

Zoey smiled and nodded.

Both the girls ran up the stairs into their bedroom. Once there, Meg sat down in a chair with a squish, folded her legs and faced Zoey. Zoey took her shirt off. She began dancing slowly, wiggling her bum towards Meg. She got faster and faster, sticking the brown padding out further and further behind her. She backed up towards Meg, rubbing her diaper against her as Meg smiled contently and patted her bottom. Finally, she settled in Meg’s lap and kissed her.

“How was that?” she asked.

“Hmmm I think I fell in love with you all over again. Next time keep your messy bottom further from my face, ok stinky pants?” Meg responded teasingly.

Zoey laughed and rubbed her bottom against Meg’s lap, then brought her diaper up again and briefly shook it in Meg’s face. Meg laughed and turned away, landing a swat on Zoey’s bottom. Zoey let out a yelp and settled again into her lap, still wiggling her diapered butt. They kissed deeply.

“So, did I earn a change?” Zoey asked.

“Hmmm… yes, I think you did. And I think I know someone who wants to change you, and may need one 
of her own.” Meg replied.

Zoey giggled and took her hand. They both ran off toward the bathroom to be changed.

written as a request for http://www.dailydiap...?showuser=54969 who wanted a continuation of this story by using her characters.


You don't need to read the other story before this one to understand it, but feel free to do so anyway as it is good.


Also, please comment and critique!

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