The Meeting ( R )
Louise gets to meet her new Master
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The Meeting - Part 1

The door slammed shut as "Louise's" wife went off to work, at last she thought it had been a long old morning, today was the day of the big meeting for Louise with (hopefully) her new Master Sir Simon.

Quickly stripping off the ugly male clothes she hated Louise looked for what her wife had worn the day before as was her practice to save any embarrassements or accidents and any subsequent awkward questions.

She lay out on the bed the gorgeous items of clothing and lingerie; a dark grey pencil line knee length skirt, pale blue blouse, pale lemon lace bra & panties set with matching suspender belt, a white satin and lace slip, 12 denier black seamed stockings and 4" black patent leather shoes. alongside this Louise carefully lay out the blonde shoulder length wig she had chosen for today, silver hoop clip on earrings and matching necklace, she also had her wife's silver bangles and spare watch ........... mmmm today was going to be fun.

Louise went to the bathroom and rummage for the dilaporatory cream her wife used, she ran the shower, whilst smothering her whole body in the cream, rubbing it into every nook and crevice, removing her butt plugg Louise stepped into the shower allowing the warm water to cascade over her body

She gasped as the water hit her body reacting to the cream, all the remnants of her unsightly male body hair running down the drain of the shower, she cleaned off the butt plugg and placed it to oneside, today I am going to be totally feminine she thought. Louise stayed in the shower for 15 minutes luxuriating in the feel of the water on her now hairless body.

Towelling off vigorously, Louise's body glowed pink. She skipped into the bedroom and looked at the feminine garments laid out before her, with trembling hands she picked up the pale lemon panties, placing them under her nose she sniffed the aromatic crotch mmmmmmmmmmmmm, stepping into the panties she already imagined her transformation from dowdly middle aged man into the sexy bitch that Louise was going to become. Before pulling the panties up Louise went to the medicine cabinet and got out a tampon and pad, bending over she lubed the tampon and carefully inserted it into her anus, oh nice she thought as she pushed the remainder of the tampon inside her, her tiny penis twitching, ah will have to cure that she thought taking the pad and inserting it into the crotch of the panties pulling them up tight so that the ugly male member was hidden.

Louise leaned forwards and took hold of the bra, oh the feel of the lace.......... She fastened the strap and then pulled the bra into place placing each arm through the shoulder straps in turn. Taking the breast forms she inserted each into place attaching a little adhesive to each to ensure that they stayed in place. Adjusting her breasts Louise stood back and admired the effect.

Next Louise picked up the waist clinging waspie suspender belt with its 8 straps dangling down, she loved being constrained in sexy undies, again something somewhere twiched, bad girl she thought. fastening the hooks and eyes of the waspie she pulled staright each strap in turn before inserting it inside her panties pulling the each of the straps taut. When satisfied Louise picked up a silken 12 denier seamed stocking rolling it up her hand into a shape to fit on her foot.

Taking the stocking Louise sniffed it carefully, oh my just a faint odour titter, then , placing her foot on the bedspread Louise inserted the toe of the stocking onto her foot and slowly but gradually rolled the stocking up her leg smoothing it out as she went. She shuddered again at the sensual feel of the stocking on her bare leg, attaching each strap in turn Louise adjusted the straps of the waspie to ensure that there was no unsightly sag. Repeating the process with the other stocking Louise smiled to herself pleased with her progress.

She then took the satin and lace slip and holding up her arms let it slide gracefully down her body. Next the pale blue nylon blouse, low cut but still prim and proper (almost), buttoning up the blouse Louise noticed her hands were still shaking, wow is this anticipation or what. She knew she needed a strong controlling, dominating man who would use and abuse her humiliating her in every way, she was willing to give herself totally to this new man her new Master.

Suddenly Louise felt very naughty, oh fuck i will have to punish me bad girl that I am tee hee, she picked up the hairbrush and then lay over the dressing table stool, you bad girl you need punishing..... she brought the brush down hard on he behind, shuddering at the force ouch, that hurt (maybe Master Simon would do a good job on her backside she hoped). She continued to rain blows down on her pronde backside for the next 20 minutes until it really started to hurt, and i have to drive all that way too she giggled at the very thought.

Then the skirt, Louise stepped into it and pulled it up twisting it into position, grimacing slightly as it went over her sore bottom, before zipping up the zip, the pencil line skirt was deliciously tight and constraining, whilst showing the outline of her suspender straps when it pulled tight.

To be continued ....................
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