Matter of the heart(Pg)
How even a hero has his own desiers
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The ocean water sparkled as the sun set on the horizon of the destiny islands. The last bit of light was now shimmering on the houses bordering the sea. In one of these white houses lived our hero the chosen wilder of the destined blade, the key to the door to light, unfortunately he doesn’t know that, however lets get back to our story. During this time Sora‘s mother was making dinner for herself and her son. They lived alone since her husband had left both her and her son. As she downstairs was finishing dinner Sora was in his room think something over that had been troubling him for a while. For along while he had been thinking about himself and what he wanted to be when he grew up. He had spent the whole day at Selphie‘s house hoping to get some help from one of his closest friends. When he told Selphie all she said is to do what you feel is right, unfortunately this was a hard choice to make but in his own typical Sora fashion he decided to go with his heart. The last thing he did before he left was ask Selphie if he could barrow something. When she saw what Sora wanted all she did was giggle and said “I should have guessed.” Suddenly a voice snapped him out of his memories “Sora time for dinner“ Sora‘s heart started to beat faster and faster as he walked out of his room and down the stairs. When he reached the bottom of the stairs he shouted “Mommy I wana be a girl” the ten year old screamed dressed in a white dress he had barrowed from Selphie’s closet. “Why honey?” She asked in disbelief as she saw her son dressed in this manner. “Because I hate being a boy, I don’t wana grow old, and be hairy, and smelly with a deep voice. I wana have smooth skin, and a light voice, and I want to stay cute and not be handsome.” Sora’s face was red his eyes full of conviction. His mom stared at him wondering what to do. She loved her son and wanted him to be happy but she didn’t want him to make a mistake that would hurt him. “ Okay honey tell you what you can be a girl whenever your at home but in public you have to be a boy, and when you are sixteen and if you still want to be a girl we will do everything to make sure you will be just like any other girl okay?” As much as Sora hated this idea he was at least happy that his Mom said he could wear the cloths at home. “O-okay mommy.” He said submitting to the plan. “Okay then hun tomorrow we’ll get you some new girl cloths okay hun?” At this comment Sora lit up and jumped up and hugged his mother “Thank you MOMMY!!!!” he shouted. She laughed as she hugged him “So what’s your new name then honey?” Sora put on a stern look on thinking about his or rather her new name. “Hmmmm how about Sakura?” she asked shyly. “Sounds nice sweetheart.” replied her mother with a smile.

Chapter 1
Six Years Later
It had been nearly two years since he had been home. Two years since he saw that white house on the side of the beach glistening in the high noon sun. He had traveled the universe defeating heartless, nobodies, and organization XIII, and he had saved Kairi twice, and finally found and returned with Riku. He had made many friends and enemies, and had discovered his feelings for Kairi. He now walked to his door wondering what to expect. His heart beating faster as he opened the door. “Mom I’m home!” Shouted Sora as he came through the door. “SORA!!!” His mother shouted as she hugged him and started to cry. “Where have you been I forgot about you for a year then I suddenly remembered you and I was worried to death about you.” He couldn’t stand to see her cry and a two years worth of tears just poured from his eyes. “Mom I’m sorry but I had to go the universe needed me.” At this statement she stopped her emotional death grip embrace (trademark of any over emotional mother) and shoot him an inquisitive glance. “Hun what are you talking about and where were you during these past two years?” He took a deep breath he had figured he would have to tell her so he new what to say. “Well mom it all started the night of the huge storm.” He began to tell about his travels from his landing in Traverse Town, his meeting with Leon, Yuffie, Arith, and Cid, his first encounters with the heartless, his team up with Donald and Goofy, the discovery of the keyholes, the seven princesses, his friends that he made along the way, and the many worlds he’s seen, his fights with Riku, Malieficent, Ansem, Organization XIII, the nobodies, and Xemnas. At the end of his story the sun was already close to the ground getting ready to set. His mother sat there mouth open in astonishment. “Hun I think tomorrow we should get you a C.A.T. Scan.” Sora smacked his head in frustration at his mothers disbelief. Suddenly an idea hit his head or maybe that was the delayed pain from the smack he just gave himself. “Mom I can prove it, remember I told you about the weapon I used the key blade?” he asked. She nodded in response. “Well here.” he said holding out his hand looking like he was about to grab something. Suddenly in a flash of white light a giant key appeared, silver blade end, with key part in the shape of a crown, with a gold border around the silver handle, and a long keychain with a mouse head at the end. “SORA HOW DID YOU DO THAT!!!?” His mother shouted in disbelief. All he did was smile and say “Its magic” After that they both just laughed until the sun had completely set and Sora let out a huge yawn. “Well someone must be tired huh” laughed his mother. “Yep sure am think I’m gonna turn in for the night” Said Sora as he headed to the stairs. “Good night hun see you in the morning.” She said just as he walked out of sight. As he opened the door to his room he sighed feeling the relief to be back in his own room. He looked at the room seeing that his mother had cleaned it up. He walked back out to his bathroom to get a shower he hadn’t had one for days and salt water from the sea didn’t count. After about a thirty minute shower he walked back into his room letting his dark blond hair down when it wasn’t full of hair gel it was almost as long as Kairi’s. Aside from the six pack he had in front his body was extremely feminine with smooth skin and a hairless body. As he walked over to his bed he closed his eyes and fell on his bed falling asleep even before he hit the bed.
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Mina Silverwind
A very well executed story indeeed, thanks for sharing all of your work, an please keep up the fantastic work.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Hurray! A kingdom hearts story , and awesome non the less! , I would really really really like to continue reading this *huge kingdom hearts fan* , it's also very very cute , sora and femininity mix! =P
wow i wanna read more pllllz :) its really good
imma orphan lil love pet :)

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