All XXX Mark's Sexual Awakening (new content 10.14.12)
Mark is introduced to the only sexually fulfilling life style he can hope to enjoy.
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I'm not into sissy kinks in the traditional sense, but I've found this site has a lot that I am into. So I hope there's a market for this here. There's no dresses or forced femme ahead and if you're looking for that move on to something that won't waste your time, but I think some of you will probably like this. This was last updated on 8.14.12. I might not update it again. I have a lot of ideas for humiliating Mark, but I don't have the time. :(

Men’s rooms need more stalls. So many bars only have one stall. For that matter, so many men’s rooms period only have one stall and the person in it is typically taking a ****. The longer they take, the more uncomfortable it becomes to be the person waiting, standing near the empty urinals, watching guys come in and out, noticing them eye you a bit suspiciously. Mark was processing his typical men’s room rant as he tried to decide on the best course of action. Sure, everyone has to take a **** sometimes, he thought, but then imagined they were judging him for not having planned his eating habits more conveniently or worse that maybe they secretly realize that he didn’t have to take a dump. Maybe they knew he was afraid to use the urinal. Maybe they thought he was gay. Where could he look while waiting to avoid attracting attention? At the stall? Might he then be trying to peer through the cracks? At the door, watching guys come and go? Certainly not at the urinals or worse at the guys whipping their cocks out and spraying into them. He tended to look at his shoes, but then got paranoid that everyone was looking at him and look up only to find they weren’t looking at him at all, that is until just before he turned to look back at his shoes and they caught him looking at them! It was a vicious cycle.

And not one he liked to repeat, so he was often stuck trying to make use of the urinal. Which isn’t a problem for most guys, but Mark’s dick is really small, like hard to pull out of his jeans small. He wore boxers and if he mashed the denim and cotton combination against his skin and thrust his hips a bit, it protruded maybe a centimeter in front of his jeans. From there he just had to push hard and spray the urine as far away from his body as possible.

He had just gotten in position and readied myself to start the flow when the door to the bathroom opened and three guys walked in file through the door. Two of them seemed to be pretty loud, but he did my best to ignore them and started to spray. He closed his eyes trying to keep the ruckus from interrupting the flow, but just as his lids shut, he felt a body fall into him from behind and his hands reflexively go up to stop his fall against the wall.

“Fucking assholes,” the third guy who had entered in front of the two drunken ones was regaining his balance from where he’d been shoved into Mark after their horse play.

“Sorry dude, Sorry,” one of them said and they calmed down and took their piss in silence.

Mark was picking himself up and staring down at his crotch where the flow of urine had not stopped fast enough. With his dick fallen back inside his pants, he’d kept on pissing.

“Are you alright,” the man who fell into him was asking and he gently turned Mark by the shoulder.

“Oh ****. I’m so sorry.”

Mark was in shock, his mouth open and his eyes still on his crotch. The other two looked over and saw what had happened. Snorted in suppressed laughter and headed out the door.

“Those assholes, they shoved me, I’m sorry,” they guy repeated the sentiment and Mark found his voice.

“No, it’s ok. It’s …”

“****. Tell you what, my place is only two blocks from here. The club is dark, no one will see. I’ll wash your clothes. It’s the least I can do, please.”

“No, it’s really…”

The other guy cut him off not, by speaking, but bring his hands down to Mark’s zipper, one hand grabbing hold of his soaked crotch to pull down while the other raise his zipper. The action seemed both gentle and disgusting to Mark. He hadn’t relished touching his own piss stained zipper and having some stranger step in and do it for him was enough to keep him speechless, but David noticed, not enough for him to put his hands down in protest or back away.

“Please, it will make me feel better to help you.”

Mark nodded in agreement and followed the guy out of the bar. They talked about everything buy his piss soaked jeans on the way home--their jobs, insurance rates, the quality of various bars and lagers, but not a word about the way Mark felt a need to peel his wet jeans off his skin while simultaneously trying not to touch the wet parts. He kept grabbing at the bits of dry material on the outside of his knee caps and squirming in his pants.

When they reached his place, David was all business, showing Mark where the bathroom was and bidding him to put the clothes in a plastic bag while he fetched something else for Mark to where and told him to feel free to take a shower.

While Mark was in the shower he heard the door creep open and peaked out from the curtain to see clothes waiting for him in the corner and the plastic bag removed. It was a bit weird to think about putting on another man’s underwear, but they looked clean. It would have been better had they been boxers, that was somehow less weird, but he was getting his laundry done and didn’t have to travel home on the train where everyone would know he pissed his pants, so he tugged them on, and rolled the cuffs on the sweats he’d been given and walked out to meet David.

“Here, I got us some beers, feel free to flip to whatever channel you want. I’m just going to take care of the clothes.”

Mark fell back into the couch and cracked open his beer, putting his feet up and feeling much more confident now that his pants were dry. He flipped on ultimate fighting, reflecting now on how meek he must seem to David and hoping his choice in programming would help balance things out. Regardless of the circumstances, David couldn’t possibly be thinking much of him after what happened. When David came back, they resumed their conversation, almost ignoring the fighting on TV except when a particularly good serious of combinations was happening and when David came back from putting the clothes in the dryer, he sat within half an arms length from Mark.

Mark got quiet when that happened and the tension in the air shifted. He wasn’t gay. The thought of David’s cock didn’t turn him on, but then there was something safe in the space between them. David’s large frame seemed reassuring and when he put his arm around Mark and pulled him closer, Mark felt like his body had shrunk and could be completely enveloped by this man who was only a few inches taller than himself. David didn’t leave much room for processing. He spread his legs along the couch and pulled Mark between them, held him by his abs and then moving his hands down lower and lower, started rubbing Mark’s thighs and finally pushing his hand between Mark’s legs, cupping his crotch and pushing Mark’s ass into his own denim covered erection. Gay or not, Mark’s dick liked the attention and grew a small bit in David’s large hand. His breath caught with a new fear, forgetting his already building apprehension at the quickness of David’s progression.
Even hard, he was less than two inches. He had a dick that basically only stiffened when it got hard and the thought that this guy was realizing that suddenly made Mark worry he would stop.

Wait, was he seriously concerned about being sexually rejected by a dude? He couldn’t wrap his head around what was happening. David kept his hand over his pants and massaged the head of dick, rubbing up and down over his crotch while his other arm wrapped around under his armpits, securing him to his chest. Mark’s own arms were flaccid on either side of his body, resting on the couch, letting David handle the progression. He was watching the hand between his legs until he started breathing faster. He was close and couldn’t help but rock his hips, feeling his tail bone stroke David’s hard cock in the process. It was certainly not small. David kept his minstrations going and then it happened, Mark’s underwear was wet again, a little dime sized patch he could feel against his sensitive skin, but it didn’t matter. Between the alcohol, the emotional humiliation and confusing orgasm, Mark’s body had had enough. He fell asleep still laying against David’s chest.

The next morning when Mark woke up he was alone. He was still on the couch, a blanket pulled over him. David wasn’t there and his clothes were folded on the coffee table. He wondered if last night had really happened or if it was some confused drunken memory. As he sat up, he felt something moist between his legs and looked under the blanket to see that the sweats he was wearing before were gone and so were the cum stained briefs that would have confirmed or denied last nights escapades. In its place was what looked like a diaper. Mark felt the material with his hand. It seemed soggy. It was a piss soaked diaper. He quickly pulled his head back out from the covers and kept them over his crotch as if to block the evidence from his own sight.

Naturally, it was at this moment that David opened the front door to the apartment and came in with what looked like breakfast.

“How ya feeling?” He asked, a little too cheery for a guy who’d been out drinking the night before.

“Not too bad,” Mark said cautiously, pulling his blanket farther up his chest.

“Yeah?” David asked setting the breakfast on the table. He looked at Mark questioningly and Mark stared at his crotch through the blanket trying to wrap his head around what was going on. Obviously he either put on the diaper at David’s bequest and didn’t remember it or David put the diaper on him, so either way, David already knew, but did he know that it was wet? Was it more embarrassing that David had put him in a diaper or that he had wet it? Would he feel more violated if it had been dry?

“Ok, I’ll just say it.” David broke his train of thought. “Last night, you were out, dead to the world, hadn’t taken a piss since the bar and I was worried about my couch, so I ran quickly to the Walgreens across the street and picked up a pack of depends. You hadn’t peed and with all the beer. Well I’m sorry if I crossed a line looking at you naked while you were out, but we had just kind of been sexual.” He gathered himself together to stop rambling. “I’m sorry,” he ended, pushing his opened hands away from his body in a gesture of finality.

Mark looked at him for a few moments, deciding if he could really be indignant since it appeared the measure was a good idea after all.

“It’s ok,” he finally said. “Looks like it was a good idea.” And he pulled the blanket off his waist to reveal the soaked diaper.

“Yeah. I guess so.” David looked like he felt a bit sorry for Mark.

“Well, you know where the shower is and there are your clothes.”

While Mark was off in the bathroom, David took a seat in his sofa chair and steadied his nerves. He was excited for what was about to begin, or what he hoped was about to begin and he just hoped he could pull it off. He’d been rehearsing all night. His cock was hard and he’d worn boxers precisely to let it fully stick out and be obvious inside his jeans for Mark’s benefit. It wouldn’t be long now. He just had to be patient. The whole process would be all the more enjoyable if he took things slow.

“Um, David?” Mark asked coming in from the hall clothed with wet hair.


“Um, the underwear you gave me, those aren’t mine. Maybe you got mine confused with yours?”

“It’s possible, come here, let me see.”

Mark walked over in front of David and turned over the waistline of his pants to show the briefs he had on. Mark tried to remain nonchalant about the exchange, but he was becoming nervous of another advance from David and while a drunken jerk off from another man might have gone over well enough for his libido he only need to think about getting fucked in the ass to remember that he was decidedly not gay.

“I was wearing boxers last night,” he said as David’s fingers glazed over his skin.

“Hmm,” was all David said while Mark stood in front of him. Before Mark could go on, David started again. “Actually, I was hoping we could talk about last night.” Again he continued before Mark could speak. “I’m not gay.”

That was not how Mark thought this talk would go and he thought to move to sit down on the chair a few feet away, but David still had hold of his briefs, like he’d forgotten to let go.

“I’m bi. I date both men and women and I date them at the same time. I’m also polyamorous, I have more than one partner who I’m in love with and have sex with on a regular basis. I enjoyed last night and would be open to seeing you again. How do you feel about that?”

Mark turned slightly to step back but felt his briefs hugging him a little too tightly as David kept his grip. Mark turned back to him to question the move, but David was already apologizing for his distraction.

“I’m sorry, why don’t you sit here.” He moved his hand with Mark’s waist still attached toward the coffee table, gesturing for him to sit. It was lower than the couch and still in close proximity to David, but Mark took it and felt a little confidence to speak once they were no longer touching.

“I’m not into guys,” was the first thing to leave his mouth.

“No, but you did have a good time last night, didn’t you? Does it really matter if you’re “into guys” or not? I can teach you things about your body. You’re a virgin?”

The question caught Mark off guard and he opened his mouth, looking up at David, but then shut it again and looked down at the ground bracing his arms against he coffee table and hugging them close to the sides of his body. David leaned over, pushing himself into Mark’s space.

“Look, it’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with you as a person just because you have a small dick. There’s nothing wrong with women and their dicks are so small we call them clits. Everyone’s body is different.” Mark wasn’t looking at David anymore, he was too embarrassed. “There is a hard fact though, you’re not going to be able to ever really penetrate someone. I thought, when I saw you with your zipper down at the bar, that you might be small, but in reality, I didn’t know it was possible for a man to be that small.” He put his hand on Mark’s knee and rubbed the top of his thigh reassuringly. David spoke slowly, not wanting to his tone to be misunderstood. “I thought you’d get bigger once I got you hard, but you didn’t. I was rubbing you through your pants last night and I wasn’t doing it like I do to a guy to stroke him off. I was rubbing you like I do to a girl.”

Mark turned bright red at this comment but didn’t say anything or lift his head so David kept pushing.

“You really have more of a clit than a dick. I can help you to break your virginity and try to penetrate women or men, but it’s not really going to work like you expect. You’re going to fall out over and over and both parties will just be frustrated. You’re never going to be able to have a conventional sexual relationship.”

This was all it took. Mark started to cry. His worst fears were being confirmed in real time, but David went on.

“I’m not telling you this to hurt you, but to show you that it’s in your best interests to expand your horizons. I have guys who I let fuck me. I don’t need that from you. If you’re with me, you don’t have to worry about fulfilling me in the conventional way and my girlfriends, who I might let you get sexual with, are fulfilled by me, so you don’t have to worry about satisfying them either. I liked feeling you between my legs last night. Mark, look at me.”

This was it. He had Mark right where he wanted him. He was listening, absorbing, deflated but not dejected and he hadn’t stormed out or pulled away. Mark was barely breathing as his tears dripped down his face. There was no telling how he would react to this next reveal, but David could only hope he’d keep an open mind. Mark raised his head.

“Mark there are people who will get turned on by your size.”

Mark looked confused, but still gave no signs of speaking up or resisting.

“I’m turned on by your size.” David emphasized his next point. “I like that your dick is smaller than my hand. I like feeling and looking at your clit. It reminds me of how much prowess I have in my pants.”
He gently tilted Mark’s head to look down at his crotch.

“You see? Your little piece of shame turns me on. I want you. I want to show you all the different ways sex can look. It doesn’t have to be penis to vagina.”

David paused for what he hoped would be a small laugh to break the tension and was not disappointed in the half smile Mark gave and his gesture to wipe his eyes.

“We can have intimate feelings for each other just like any other couple.”

Mark didn’t say anything.

“Are you willing to give me a chance?”

Mark didn’t say anything for a while, but David left the silence hanging, he’d wait all day for Mark to make a move if he had too.

“I’m not, I mean sexually, I…”

David cut him off.

“I’m not going to make you suck my dick. Your clit turns me on.” And here David moved to be bold enough to put his hand over Mark’s crotch and was not disappointed to find his jeans to be a little stiffer than would normally be expected.

“I have other people who will come suck my dick after you leave. Will you give it a chance?”

Again there was silence. David started rubbing Mark’s crotch to help him understand what he wanted and as he started to move his hips, Mark finally nodded.

“I don’t know, but,” he swallowed, “I can give it a chance.”

David smiled and stopped his ministrations. He stood up, standing tall over Mark and also standing so close to him that Mark would not be able to stand himself up.

“Good. Now, you were asking me about the briefs I chose for you.”
Mark looked up at him and saw that David was grinning with self satisfaction. He felt small having to crane his neck to watch David speak.

“You probably also noticed that they don’t have any fly in the front.”

He waited for Mark to confirm before going on.

“I bought you a whole package which I’d like for you to take home with you.”


“Several reasons. First, you got into this mess by using the urinal and while I’m grateful to have met you, had you just waited to sit down in the stall your embarrassment would have been avoided. You’re literally not big enough to pee standing up, at least not without pulling your pants all the way down and I want you to remember that. Also, it turns me on to know that while I am using the urinal like a man, you are waiting in line to sit on the potty like a boy. I would like for you to always wear the underwear I give you.”

“I don’t know, David, that’s going a little too far for me.”

David gave him space to stand up and assert his power, but knew that he already had Mark and that he wasn’t really going anywhere.

“Mark, I told you, your little clit turns me on. I told you I’d expand your definition of sex and for me this is foreplay. It’s a foreplay you’re giving me while your no where near me, it’s stimulating me when I’m in bed with someone else. It’s giving me satisfaction without touch and it’s what I want from a relationship with you.”

Mark didn’t say anything. He seemed to be still thinking it over so David moved on.

“Are you still hard?”

Mark blushed, but smiled and nodded.

“Come here,” he told Mark and move him so he was facing the edge of the couch and then gradually nudged and pressed his body until he was sitting on the side like he was riding a horse.

“Good boy.”

Mark felt David’s hand caress his back.

“Girls sometimes straddle armrests like this and rub their pussies and clits on them until they cum. Now, I know you don’t have a pussy, but I think your little clit will enjoy this too. Start rubbing yours clit back and forth over the armrest, that’s a boy, scoot all the way forward and capture the clit between the backrest and the armrest, see which feels better. Keep rubbing. That’s it. I can see you’re ready to cum, you’re moving fast, go faster, cum when you’re ready. Very good. Just rub yourself slowly as you come down, that’s a boy.”

Mark’s eyes were hazy when he turned to face David, but he quickly came back to reality when he saw David’s hard cock sticking out what seemed like 8 inches with 4 inches in diameter. It was huge and David was stroking himself slowly. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to make you suck it. Just trust me for a moment.”

Mark didn’t need the reassurance in his post orgasmic phase and docilely let David guide him off the couch and unbutton his pants. He pulled his pants and underwear down just enough to get his free hand inside.

“Your balls have receded boy.” Mark blushed again as David fondled him.

“Tell me you’re a little boy with a clit.” Silence. “Say it, Mark.”

“I’m a little boy with a clit,” Mark squeaked out amazed at how completely David’s hand enveloped his flaccid member.

David’s breathing was picking up and Mark felt glad to be doing something to return David’s attentions after he had already given Mark such pleasure. He felt like he was reciprocating a favor and seeing David nearly out of control for lust for him made Mark feel sexy for the first time in his life.

“Now say it again, only this time, call me Sir.”

“I’m a little boy with a clit, Sir.”

“Say, my place is to serve men with real cocks and the women who love them.”

“Sir, my place is to serve men with real cocks and the women who love them.”

He was stroking himself faster. “Your underwear don’t appear to be very wet boy. Girls make more of a mess in their panties than you did.” His words were coming out strained now as he seemed to be getting close. “I want to give you a gift, so you can see what it feels like when a man ejaculates.”

At that he exploded and shot his semen straight down into Mark’s waiting underpants. Mark just stood stock still, something he felt like he’d been doing a lot lately. His pants were wet again. David grabbed the waist band and jerked them up quickly, not losing a drop of the load that was quickly soaking into the cotton. It was a warm mush when it reached Mark’s skin and he could swear and felt sperm trying to invade his *******. David cupped his hand over Mark’s clothed crotch, mashing in the ejaculate.

“Say, thank you.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

David kept his eyes locked on Mark’s and his hand made massaging circles over Mark’s crotch, down further between his taint and even cupping his *******.

“If you want to have more fun with me, you’ll take the package and you’ll be wearing your potting training pants,” that got the intended reaction. Mark’s head shook quickly confused. “They are potty training pants,” David continued. “You need them to train you how to use the potty correctly. So, you’ll be wear your trainer the next I see you. That might be tomorrow, it might be next week, but it won’t be more than seven days. I had fun today boy. Thank you. Now go home.”

David let go of Mark’s crotch and left him standing there to gather himself. Mark moved stiffly as the stickiness move through his crotch with every step and felt like walking with loads of goo in his pants. He had certainly never produced so much sperm on his own and was not accustomed to this type of mess. He picked up the bag waiting for him and turned back to David awkwardly when he reached the door.

“Have a good, Thanks,” he said and was gone.

******************************************************NEW CONTENT ADDED 8.14.12****************************************************************************

Back at home Mark stripped off all his clothes and stood naked in front of the mirror. Was he looking at his clit poking out from between his legs? Did he really want to continue with David or should he just text him and call the whole thing off? Did David really expect him to wear these underwear with the crotch sown up? He didn’t object to using the stall or sitting on the toilet, that had always been easier, but did it turn him on? There were too many questions. It was bet to stop thinking about it and get on with his days. He was out of bread. Time to go to the grocery store. The soggy contents of his pants needed to be peeled off him and he looked down at his matted crotch as he got in the shower marveling at how he’d never managed he’d be so covered in sperm, especially another man’s. It was amazing that yesterday he’d headed out to a bar, hoping to work up the courage to buy a girl a drink and today he was watching water beat another man’s ejaculate off his crotch.

And he was looking forward to having it happen again. The thought didn’t make him hard and he noticed the conflicting emotions while he toweled himself dry. It wasn’t that he wanted to play sex games with David. It was that he liked finally having someone’s attention. Maybe it was humiliating, but this was all about his cock. In a backwards way, Mark felt like the object of lust and it was something he decidedly never expected to experience. It felt nice, even if it was coming from another man. If there was any further doubt in Mark as to whether or not he’d see David again, it ended when instead of putting on a pair of boxers, he went to his bag and pulled out the package of his new briefs.

The package was sealed, which seemed odd considering Mark had just been wearing a pair. David had stuck a note to the front.

“I didn’t want to frighten you too much earlier. Now you can consider this more and really think about what you’re doing, alone, without pressure. It occurred to me that you wear boxer because they’re easier to pull down. Maybe you have trouble holding it. These new underwear will absorb any leakage so you don’t publically embarrass yourself following my orders. If you decide to use them, take a picture and send it to me. If not, let me know you decided to leave this morning behind you.



Leakage? Mark wondered what that could mean until he opened the package and felt the crotch. It looked like a maxi pad had be inserted the crotch was so thick. He didn’t even stop to consider it, just pulled on the new underwear marveling at the bulk in his crotch and looking in the mirror to see if it gave the illusion of a real cock. He snapped the picture, telling David now it looked like he was really packing something, to which David replied with a snapshot of himself in his Calvin Clines, “You wish.”

Several days past and Mark didn’t hear anything more from David. He still wasn’t sure what he exactly he wanted from this new relationship, but found himself checking his phone and email several times a day hopeful for contact. The only clear to Mark was that he didn’t want it to end. On the fourth day, contact finally happened.

“Would you be up for joining me tonight at the diner on 45th St? Say at 7?”

“See you then,” was the immediate response.

When Mark arrived David was waiting for him. He smiled and opened his arms to hug him. Mark looked around momentarily concerned David would kiss him or that someone might perceive him as gay, but no one was watching and David only embraced him quickly and stepped back.

To Mark’s surprise, David didn’t ask him if he was wearing proper underwear or mention anything about the other night. They had a conversation about their future plans, places they’d traveled to,
political concerns, new technology, and aggravations around parents waiting for marriage and children. Mark thought David might take that conversation point as a moment to remind him of how he couldn’t have kids without accomplishing penetration, but it was left alone.
When they went back to David’s place and he still didn’t check Mark’s underwear, Mark was starting to feel annoyed. He’d been doing this all week and David didn’t even seem to care. And then although David put his arm around Mark, they actually watched the movie he rented. There was no caressing or fondling, not even dirty talk. Mark kept looking at David’s crotch, he wasn’t even hard.

The thoughts threw Mark off. Did he want David to be hard? Was thinking about David’s big cock turning him on? He felt his own dick stiffen in his pants, hidden in the padded fabric. It was. Wow. But David seemed oblivious. When the movie ended he told Mark he’d like it if Mark stayed the night and Mark eagerly agreed, following David back to his room, but when the entered the room, there was only a single bed, along with a desk and some dressers.

“This is the guest room.”

“Oh, right,” Mark said hoping he didn’t sound too disappointed.

“I’d take you back to my room, but well you wet the depends I put on you the other night and I don’t want to take the chance. This bed has a plastic sheet from when my nephews were here last. And well, I don’t want you to feel bad, but that depends leaked a little and the couch was wet last time. I had to have the cushion dry cleaned.”

“I don’t usually,”

“I know, I mean I’m sure you don’t, you were wasted, but I would feel safer this way. I mean if your bladder is anything like your clit, it’s pretty small, so I ordered these and it’s my decision, but I’ll make you a deal that if you’re not wet in the morning, you can sleep in bed with me next time. Let’s go into the bathroom and I’ll get you sorted.”

David took hold of Mark’s wrist and guided him gently to keep him from freezing in his humiliation. Mark felt his whole body going deeper and deeper shades as he moved into the bathroom and David took the initiative to unbutton his pants and push him down onto the toilet where he immediately started peeing much to his continued embarrassment. David was putting a large adult diaper on the floor in the mean time.

“Good boy for wearing the training pants. And are they helping you learn where you should go potty?”

The condescension caused Mark to get aroused and he stopped peeing, his urge gone.

“I knew before.”

“That’s not how it seemed the other night. Lay down on the diaper.”

Mark did as he was told and expected to be quickly taped up, but instead David started rubbing something slick all over his crotch.

“Your little clitty seems excited. Try not to cum right now.”

It seemed like an eternity of laying there when David ran a warm cloth over his privates. “You didn’t have much hair to begin with, but I like looking at your clit without any at all.”

Mark looked up to see his crotch completely hairless and David dusting it with white powder.

“The powder will keep you from getting to sweaty.”

And just like that the diaper was taped in place and Mark was being led back to the bedroom in nothing but this giant diaper. It rustled with every step and he could feel the padding squeezed between his legs.

David sat on the bed with his legs together and pulled Mark to him, forcing him to spread his legs and straddle his body. Mark could feel David’s erection pressing into his diaper. He could also feel his own erection pressing into David’s abdomen and sliding within the confines of his diaper as Mark hugged him forward, keeping both his hands pressed tight over Mark’s diapered bottom.

“Go on, you know what I want you to do.”

Mark was so turned on that he hardly felt the humiliation. He humped himself against David’s body, his diaper crinkling as David softly bobbed his leg up and down, so it gently bounced on Mark’s diapered ass.

When Mark gripped and pulled himself tightly into David, David met his embrace and held him there for the duration of his orgasm before lifting him up and tucking him into bed. He couldn’t be sure, but he certainly hoped Mark would wake up in a wet diaper and went back to his own room to jerk off until he fell asleep as well.

It was like Christmas for David. He peaked under the covers and saw the wetness indicator on Mark’s diaper had changed. He didn’t know if Mark really was a bedwetter or if he just wet because he didn’t get to finish peeing the night before, but whatever the case, the excitement got David off twice, once before his shower and once during, while he waited for Mark to wake up. Finally he couldn’t wait anymore. He pulled the blankets back, sat on the side of the bed and gently roused Mark.

“Mark, wake up buddy. Wake up.”

When he felt he had enough of Mark awake to hear him, he went on.

“You wet your diaper, Mark. I’m sorry buddy, maybe it’s just being in a new place is causing you trouble.”

Mark sat up in bed and looked down at his padded crotch. David lightly tapped his hand against his clit over the diaper.

“It’s ok. This is why I put you in a diaper, but I do think this is something I should help you with. We can’t just pretend you haven’t wet your pants and your diapers three times now. It’s happened.”


“I’m in charge.” David put a finger over Mark’s mouth to quiet him. “We’ll talk about it later. Right now, I want you to get down on the floor and sit on your knees in front of me.”

While Mark complied, he felt his diaper droop between his legs and squish against his skin. The diaper was soaked to capacity. He kept looking between his legs to see if urine was leaking out, but it appeared to be contained. While he made his efforts, David was also repositioning himself, unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down with his boxers to let his erection loose.

“Look at it, Mark.”

Mark swallowed hard, afraid David would ask him to put his lips to it or swallow it down.

“Relax, I’m not going to make you suck it. It would give me tremendous pleasure for you to suck my cock and to watch you choke it down, but the pleasure won’t be nearly as good if I know you don’t want to do it. So just look at it. We’re going to play a game. Scoot a little closer.”

Mark scooted forward, noticing that his diaper crinkled, but that it was substantially muted by the urine within it. He was still moving forward when he felt David’s foot against his diaper. David curled his toes and nudged his foot for a moment before speaking again.

“I can’t tell. Have I found your little clit?”

Mark just nodded.

“Answer me verbally when I ask you a question little boy. Have I found your clit?”

“Yes, Sir.” Mark’s voice came out meekly and high pitched.

“Good. Here’s how the game works. I’m going to stroke my cock full force while I nudge your little thing with my foot and we’re going to see who can keep from cumming first. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Keep your eyes here, boy.” David told him as he started stroking his cock, playing with the tip and running his hand down his shaft at gathering speed. Meanwhile, Mark could feel David’s toes curling and uncurling against his erection and without thinking began a slow movement of his hips. David wasn’t even showing any precum when Mark lost control of himself and began bucking his hips up and down over the sole of David’s foot.

Mark relaxed some, forgetting about his urine soaked diaper and lost in some euphoria as his whole body felt complacent.

“I guess you technically won, but I feel pretty good for a loser,” Mark joked.
David smiled and stopped stroking himself, showing a degree of self control Mark had never had, not even that time when his Mom had walked in on him and he’d still taken the extra 15 seconds to finish himself off.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself. You’re happy to be a loser Mark. You find pleasure in it. It’s another reason why you’ll never be able to have a normal sexual relationship. Normal sexual relationship requires some attention to the pleasure of others and the withholding of your own. You can’t do that. If you could keep your clit in a girl you couldn’t last long enough to bring her to orgasm.”

Mark’s euphoria was fading off, but what David said made sense to him too. He really didn’t want to hold out on his orgasm. He was always eager to finish.

“We’re starting a relationship here where you get all the direct pleasure. Sure, I enjoy humiliating you, but I’m waiting to fulfill my needs while I take direct care of yours.”

Mark found himself staring at David’s still erect cock as he said this and wondering if this would be the time when David would pressure him to suck it off.

“I noticed that last night when you went to grab us drinks in the kitchen, you also stopped and did the dishe. Thank you.”

It took a moment before Mark spoke, unsure of why the conversation had changed.

“It was my pleasure…” he said intentionally screwing his face in a look of confusion that implied why did matter.

“Was it your pleasure?” David asked, but didn’t give Mark time to respond. “It would be my pleasure if you would do more of these little tasks for me. If in return for my attention, you would show me your devotion by cleaning the kitchen, doing my laundry … scrubbing the toilet.”

David was looking intently at Mark’s face and judging his words carefully.

“It pleases me because it shows your appreciation of my dominance. I don’t think there’s any denying that you appreciate my dominance,” he said with a little flick of his foot against Mark’s down soft and shriveled urine coated clit.

Mark took a moment to marvel at his situation. He was sitting here in a wet diaper after spending the night at a man’s house who had been the source of more than a few orgasms and now he was actually contemplating cleaning the man’s apartment? It was decidedly abnormal, but Mark liked pleasing people. He liked being told thank you. He liked it when David had called him a good boy the night before.

“I think it actually would be my pleasure,” Mark spoke with decidedly more confidence and assurance than he had showed yet.

“Great. I’m going to go put on some clothes and you’re going to go into the kitchen and start cleaning. You’ll clean and dust the whole house and mop the floors. Don’t bother with the vacuuming, the noise will disturb me. When you’re done, I’ll let you out of that diaper and then I’m taking you to a party.”

David didn’t wait for a reply. He got up and walked out of the room, his erection leading the way.

When Mark got up to move to the kitchen he had to waddle or risk squeezing the contents of the diaper. What was worse is he really had to pee and he was nearly certain that another flood would explode the contents. He doubted David wanted urine all over his floors, but he also realized David could see his diaper and must have known how full it was. He didn’t want to displease David by asking if he could remove it without reason.

For the next hour and a half, Mark stood bow legged and climbed down on his hands and knees carefully, feeling like he finally had something massive weighing down his midsection and briefly imagining that it was a heavy cock and balls swaying between his legs while he felt the diaper jiggle as he scrubbed the stove clean. He was getting hungry and his need to pee was becoming immanent. He would not be able to last the whole day. With the kitchen done, he hoped it would be ok to check in about the state of his diaper.

He found David in his office, looking over what appeared to be a spreadsheet on his computer. Mark stood in the doorway for a moment hoping to be noticed, but when that appeared fruitless, he spoke up.

“David?” he asked.

David stopped what he was doing and did his utmost to turn slowly to the door, shooting a glare at Mark, who recognized his error.

“Sir, I mean, I cleaned the kitchen, and”

“Stop.” David cut him off. “Mark, I’m busy. You don’t have to report to me after each task is completed.” David turned back to the computer.

“Sir, I have to pee.” David didn’t turn back to look at him.

“Wait or use your diaper.”

“I’m afraid it will leak.”

This time David did stop and turn his chair back to the boy. He contemplated Mark’s stance for a while, noticing how spread his legs were and the obvious pull of the diaper.

“Mark, what you came in here to do was ask me if I would rather risk urine leaking on the floor or let you out of the diaper. Is that right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Repeat after me. ‘Sir, may I ask you a question?’”

“Sir, may I ask you a question?”

“Good. When I’m busy, say it just like that and wait until I acknowledge you before going on. Got it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.”

Mark smiled which provoked a reactionary smile from David as well.

“Mark, most boys go about this all wrong. They make assumptions about what I want. They would either have removed the diaper or let it leak. It shows a lot of promise to me that you asked instead of deciding for yourself. Follow me.”

Mark followed David, who decided to walk backwards just to witness Mark’s bowlegged walk, as they made their way to the bathroom.

“Lay down on the floor carefully.”

Mark did as he was told while David reached under the sink and pulled another diaper out.

“I don’t …” Mark started.

“You’re doing so well, don’t ruin it. Lift your butt.”

Mark did as he was bid and the diaper was pulled under him. David reached into his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife and went towards Mark’s crotch with the blade opened.

“Wha, What are you doing?”

David let the outburst go as it was a fairly subdued reaction to seeing an open blade near one’s genitals. Mark could feel the tugging on his hips and the ripping of material as he realized David was cutting open his diaper. David quickly pulled the second diaper up and taped it into place.

“That was definitely a full diaper. Please stand in the shower.”

Mark continued to get up cautiously, still not confident the diaper wouldn’t leak. It didn’t sag as much, but it still seemed likely to leak to Mark. He stepped over the ledge of the tub cautiously and felt much safer inside the confines of the shower.


As soon as the command left David’s lips, Mark let go. David couldn’t tell the difference and was about to give Mark some advice on letting go of his bladder when Mark said, “I’m done.”

“Wow. It’s usually difficult for people to pee away from a toilet…but I guess you are a natural pants wetter after all.” David soaked in Mark’s embarrassment before continuing. “Squat down and stand back up twenty times.”

Mark gave David a look like he was crazy as he started to slowly squat up and down, sure that David must have been joking, but as he realized this was what David wanted he moved much faster to get it over with. When he was done Mark walked up to him and smacked him between the legs causing Mark to cry out, more out of surprise that pain, a little out of pain, but there was really too much padding to make the pain very intense. David held he hand there, squeezing. His hand was gripping all diaper as Mark’s little pee pee had gotten lost in the folds. The urine was getting squeezed out of the diaper and pooled around Mark’s ass, but still it didn’t leak.

“This is still quite the full diaper.” David retreated to the sink again, reaching under and grabbing yet another diaper. He spread it back down and motioned again for Mark to lay back on top of it. The previous actions were repeated and Mark found his legs held opened by three thick diapers.

“You see. I didn’t want to remove your diaper or let urine drip on the floor. You’ll find that submissive boys like you often see only two options, while their Master’s see a great many more. I like you cleaning my house with a reminder of your pee pee’s little failure strapped around your waste.” He poked the diaper with a finger to emphasize his point. “Now finish your tasks.”

“Sir, can I ask a question?” Mark started to stand up, thinking more about his hunger now than his embarrassment.

“Good boy,” David told him. “Go on.”

“Can I have something to eat?”

David laughed at Mark’s meekness.

“I will never intentionally deplete your energy, Mark. That’s not my kink. You can make yourself a sandwich and have a soda before you resume cleaning.”

By the time Mark was finishing up the last room of the apartment, his crotch was starting to itch and he was tugging on the diaper to scratch his sensitive skin. He had just finished up and was putting the supplies back where he found them when David caught his actions.

“Hands behind your back.”

After four hours of cleaning Mark was eager to have some interaction from David, even if it was stern.

“I don’t want you touching yourself. Do you understand? Not over your clothes or under them.”

“Yes, Sir. I was just itching.” Mark tried to explain.

“If you have an itch, find something to rub yourself on.”

“Yes, Sir.” Mark stood there waiting for David to go on, but he didn’t.

“Well go on. Satisfy your itch.”

Mark just stared at David. He did still have an itch, but did David seriously watch him to rub his hindquarters over the floor like a dog.

“We don’t have all day, Mark.”

What was he thinking, of course that’s exactly what David wanted.

Mark went to the wall first, rubbing himself against the smooth surface and when that failed to a chair, but that proved to be too wide. He went towards the couch but David’s stopped him and told him he could only scratch there when he wasn’t in a diaper. Finally, Mark grabbed a stool from the kitchen and set it down there, climbing on top of it to press the firm brass into his diaper and satisfy his itching. Momentarily satiated he turned back to David. David was laughing hard. He had his phone out and appeared to be taking a video. Mark was shocked at the invasion and that David hadn’t asked his permission to video him, but then Mark figured, after all of this, was that really the line in the sand.

“There are some clothes for you in the bathroom and a trash bag for your diapers. Do not jack off. If I can’t make you hard immediately after you walk out of the bathroom, you will be in trouble.”

Mark rushed off to the bathroom, eager to get these clothes off of him. He couldn’t believe he would be so excited to climb back into the soft cotton of his training pants. He scrubbed his crotch hard, certain that he was getting a diaper rash and hopeful that a good cleansing would help it. When he walked out of the bathroom, David was there.

“Pull your pants back down.”

Mark did as he was told, getting nervous again about David’s intentions. David’s cock was clearly hard in his pants and the counter seemed the perfect height for him to be bent over. David also had a tube in his hand and Mark kept his eye on it while his pants and trainers fell to his knees. He couldn’t see the label.

“That’s quite a rash,” was all David said as he took the cream and applied in generously over Mark’s crotch, his pee pee and then spinning him awkwardly around he briskly shoved Mark over the very counter. Mark braced himself first and then wondered why he wasn’t objecting. He was near to the point of voicing his objection when instead he felt the same cold cream being applied over his ass and the concentrically closer to *******.

“It’s diaper rash cream for my pants wetter.”

Mark’s other cheeks blushed and David gave a smack to one of them that wasn’t hard, but wasn’t soft enough to be merely playful. David was just testing his boundaries. Mark tensed up, but he didn’t object.

“This will help you to avoid embarrassing yourself at the party tonight. So you don’t have to make use of the host’s door knob.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You’re welcome. Thank you for doing such a good job cleaning my apartment today. You’re doing great considering you’ve never done this before. Do you like my being in charge and telling you what to do?”

David had stopped spreading the cream around and was now simply circling Mark’s rose bud with one finger.

“I do, Sir.” Mark moaned and David was pleased to see his penis rise, for whatever little it could.

“And how do you reconcile that with being straight?” David moved to fondle Mark’s sac. At first he just cupped them in the smallest part of his palm, but then moved to poking and tugging on them, inspecting. Having a heart to heart while his most sensitive and private areas were fully exposed was another first for Mark and it surprised him at how natural the position felt.

“I like girls and I’m not into cock, I know I’m into pussy. That’s what I look at in porn, but I don’t know, I mean a hand is just a hand. I get off to my own hand, why not yours. And anything that touches me so gently is going to make me aroused. And, I feel safe with you, in this big brother way.”

“Did your brother also fondle your balls?” David asked amused.

“No, but I don’t know, it’s sexual and it’s not at the same time. I don’t have words for it.”

“Ok.” David said and tugged up Mark’s pants rebuttoning them just as had done at their first meeting.

“Let’s go over the rules for tonight.”

With that they were out the door and on their way to the party.

It turned out that the party was a kink event. Mark had never seen so many naked people and was shocked at how few of them were actually fucking. Someone was getting their ass flogged over a bench, another getting needles pushed through their skin, there were people being kicked while they lay on the floor taking it. It was overwhelming and Mark didn’t hesitate for a moment to walk around on his own when David left him to consort with some friends. David’s eye stayed on Mark however and noted that he did in fact spend a lot more time looking at naked women, than at naked men. Not everyone was naked though. The smell of leather was intense and in one corner a boy was shinning boots for a line of men and women. Being new to a scene where everyone knows everyone, he had a lot of approaches of people asking what he was into and who he was here with and where he had come from and trying to ascertain all his details.

He noted that many who talked to him told him how lucky he was to have David’s attention and wished him well and told him they were certain he must be a good boy for David to have brought him there. It all made him feel great that he was with a man who was so highly regarding and that he was instantly regarded highly as a result. Everyone here seemed to respect him just because he with David.

David didn’t spend much time with Mark during the party. He simply told him to check in now and again and make sure David always had a cup of water if he wanted one. It meant that Mark couldn’t wander our of site and always had an eye on David, but David made it easy, showing Mark in his manner of drinking when the cup was low and Mark performed flawlessly. When it was time to go, David just walked by him, barely acknowledging his existence, and said “Follow.” On their way our, David wrapped his arms around a lady in a leather skirt and bra and guided her out the door. Mark opened the car for David as he had been instructed and upon seeing the lady waiting on the other side, he rushed around to do the same for her before climbing into the backseat himself. They didn’t say a word to him the entire ride back to David’s. Mark repeated the door process on their arrival, but still was not acknowledged and wasn’t certain whether to stay or go as they walked towards the apartment. He didn’t want to go just when a woman was joining them, so he chose to stay until told to leave and followed them back to the bedroom. He stood in the doorway and moved himself against the wall while he watched David release her breasts and palm them aggressively as she went at his leather pants with frantic enthusiasm. Soon they were naked and she was on the bed writhing beneath him while he touched her everywhere at once, a hand on her clit, a hand on one breast, his mouth on the other and his cock pounding deep insider her.

He took a look over at Mark, who was twisting his shirt and biting his lip against the wall. With in a moment he had pulled her down the length of the bed so her legs had to wrap around him to keep from falling off the ledge and he was standing bent over her body covering as many pleasure points as possible.

“Boy, kneel between my legs and face the bed.”

Mark was too stunned to move.

“Do it.” There was a terseness in his voice that made Mark scramble to the desired position. He couldn’t quite get all the way between his legs, but he did his best as David continued pushing himself into her.

“Lick her *******.”

Mark was eager to be part of the action. This would be the first women he would ever lick and she was gorgeous. Her own cream dripped over her ass, but was hairless and clean like she’d just come from the shower. He bent his head side ways as he maneuvered his face in, but still felt David’s balls brush over his cheek as he moved. He could feel their weight on his face as they would have normally hung far lower. He took a cautious lick and tasted the sweetness that had been dripping down from inside her and licked more earnestly pleased to find she didn’t taste like ****.

“Good, now lick in little circles on the bud, just like I did to you earlier when applying your diaper rash cream.”

The comment made him jump and bang into David’s cock before resuming his place. David smiled but kept his voice stern when he told him, “careful boy.”

“He wears diapers?” The girl asked. They were going slowly as they all adjusted to the new positioning and she moaned and pushed her ass against Mark’s tongue.

“He did. He’s a bedwetter. Pissed them last night and I made him keep them on all day.”

“Ha,” she said. “Typical that he’d wet the bed. That’s one way to keep him in his place!”

Mark was rock hard now, and grew even harder has he realized no one would even know he was so hard if they looked at his jeans. He wasn’t even remotely tented.

“Don’t stop licking until I tell you too boy.”

Was the last thing David said until he started banging into her quickly, his pace causing Mark’s eye to water as his balls moved across his face. She started first and then he pounded her hard five more times before leaving himself in her as they both cried out their release. Mark didn’t stop licking, although he was fairly certain they had both orgasmed at this point. There was a rush of fluid leaking out from around David’s cock and Mark could taste a mix of a less pleasant tastes against her rose bud now.

“David, he needs to stop.” The woman finally spoke up. “My ass is getting licked raw.”

“Right.” He pulled out of her and walked across the room. “Stop Mark.” He said as she pulled her full body back up onto the bed. Mark started to back away and catch his breath, but David wasn’t done with his orders. “Climb on the bed and clean her pussy with your tongue.”

Mark complied with the first part, but knelt before her pussy with his eyes wide as he saw the amount of goop all over her lips and leaking out.

“Mark if one drop of my sperm touches the bed, I will send you home in nothing but a diaper.”

He knew that he could walk away and go home diaper free, but that would mean no more fun and no more girls and no more excitement. He dove in and started lapping up while they talked to each other about people he didn’t know like he wasn’t even there. After a while the only thing her pussy was covered with was his saliva. His face on the other hand was a different story.

“Stop, Mark.” They were the first word she spoke to him.

“Wipe your face on your shirt and follow me.”

He looked towards David who nodded and followed her out of the bedroom to the bathroom where she sat down with her legs closed. He stood in the doorway looking at the wall.

“Kneel in front of me.”

Mark did and this time looked at the floor.

“Look at my tits. I know you want to.” She told him. “David told me about your little problem, so consider it a pity viewing.”

Mark again did as told and stared at her breasts which hung just enough to show she had them and had had them for more than 10 years. They looked perfect, just a little larger than Mark’s hands and her nipples hardened under his glaze. She likes it too, he thought and smiled.

“Do you like girls, Mark?”

“Yes.” He responded quickly.

“For now, call me Ma’am.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good Mark, that’s really good. I think you’re cute.”

“Thank you Ma’am. You’re …” He couldn’t think of anything to say that wasn’t cheesy.

“I’m what.”

“Beautiful Ma’am.”

“Thank you. David and I play a lot. He’s one of my partners. I have several. Sometimes I bottom, like with David and sometimes I top, but I don’t have any submissives. I think I would like telling someone what to do. David has already given his ok. Do you think you’d like to submit to me and David?”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Good. David is emailing you a form to fill out tonight when you get home. You are to fill it out before you go to bed. The form gives you an opportunity to tell us if there’s anything you don’t want to happen AND if there is anything that you cannot handle happening. Do you understand the difference?”

“I think so.”

“We don’t promise not to make you do things on the first list. We do promise never to do anything on the second. You’ll also list what turns you on, but frankly, that’s a little obvious.” She nudged his crotch and he smiled.

“Now,” she spread her legs, “stare at my pussy. This is your object of worship.”

Mark nodded along with what she was saying.

“Maybe someday in the far far distance future, I might let you try to cum inside me, but for now, you’ll have to be grateful with what I give you.”

Mark stared on, dreaming of the day she spoke of as she started to pee, he could see the dark yellow liquid draining from her and splashing in the bowl. When she was finished she scoot forward a bit and leaned back.

“That tongue of yours is going to save me on the cost of toilet paper. Lick.”

Mark moved in slowly. This wasn’t exactly the way he wanted to be aquainted with her pussy, first as a cum rag and now as a piece of toilet paper, but it was still closer to a woman than he probably ever would be otherwise. He stuck his tongue out and ran it over pussy, tasting the droplets of urine on his tongue. He made two swipes when she pushed him off.

“You can go home now,” she told him and walked back to the bedroom with Mark.

Mark was still in a daze as he stepped out the door. He couldn’t believe this day had just happened. He was hardly five steps away when he received two messages. The first was from David.

“you’re a good boy, Mark. I’m really pleased I took a leap of faith with you. Thank you for cleaning My apartment. It looks great.”

And from an unknown number.

“You’ll be cleaning my apartment next Sat. I’ll email you the address. you are to sleep in that cum stained shirt every night this week and send a picture of yourself in it every morning for us to see.”

The week past uneventfully. Mark was so pumped up over the weekend that he actually resorted to jacking off into the toilet at work one day. He couldn’t wait for Sat and what new fun might be approaching. David took him out to dinner on Wed and rubbed him through his pants in the car before dropping him off, but otherwise he didn’t hear much from either of them through the week. He had filled out the form as they asked and wondered if she had intentionally made him lick her after urinating to make him realize there was a great deal he may not want to do, but could do. Had he filled out the form the week before he might have said absolutely not to all the things he had already done! As it was, the only things he said no to dealt with extreme pain, like branding and hook piercing. He’d had to google that last one and after watching the video, he knew it was not for him.

Saturday came he showed up at Ma’ams house eager to please and have her attention. So, when she opened the door with her purse in her hand, he was a little confused.

“I’m going out. I don’t want you to use my toilet. I shouldn’t be sitting where you leave your waste, no matter how microscopic, some of it is bound to be left behind. So I left you a diaper to wear while you clean. You must wear it. I expect a text picture of it within five minutes after I leave. Just head home when you’re done. The door will lock behind you.”

And with that she was gone. Mark scrambled into the diaper, took the picture and pulled his jeans back on. It was the first time he had worn jeans over a diaper and they made his waist feel squished and hot. Mark was fairly annoyed that he had been left to just clean the apartment, with no reward for his services, but quickly set to work and strove to do his best, catching on that good work likely meant better rewards. Her apartment was far smaller and it only took three hours. Half way he had to pee and considered taking off the diaper, but thought better of it and pissed himself once again. He was just wrapping up when he got a text from David.

“Come to my place when you’re done. We’ll have dinner.”

And there was the reward, Mark thought. He ripped off his diapers, happily climbed back into his training pants and took them out along with the trash, eager to get to David’s and find a better end to his night.

When he knocked on the door, he could already smell the food coming through the door and was hungry after his hard work. David opened the door wide and embraced him in a hug, but then stepped back and looked at his waste.

“Take off your pants,” he told him.

Mark started to step inside but David put his hand up and kept Mark on the other side of the door. Mark quickly complied, kicking off his shoes and hoping to get inside before anyone came into the hall.

“Where is your diaper?” David asked.

“I took it off before coming here.”

“Who told you to take it off?”

“No one told me I couldn’t.”

“So, you made an assumption.”

“Yes.” Mark was stuttering now. Nothing was going right today. “It was wet,” he tried to explain.

At that moment a neighbor walked out and headed for the elevator. They saw Mark and tried to ignore him, but there was no chance they couldn’t hear as they waited.

“So you couldn’t hold your pee for three hours, wet your diaper and then decided you were ready for training pants?”

He let the question linger, but Mark just stared at his feet.

After the neighbor was in the elevator he pulled Mark inside.

“I’m disappointed,” he told him as he tugged his training pants down and pulled Mark over his lap. There was no ceremony. He laid his hand into Mark’s ass ten times in rapid succession. Mark held his breath the entire time before being shoved off his lap. It was the shove that started the tears.

“Put your clothes back on, and next time remember to breathe when you’re getting hit.”

Mark pulled his pants back up, the softness of the trainers again feeling good against his sore bottom. He knelt on the floor, wishing his heels provided better cushion. David returned from the kitchen with two plates, one was plastic and he placed it on the floor. He went to the kitchen again and this time returned with a baby bottle full of what looked like soda and a wine glass. Mark stared at the bottle, knowing it was meant for him but not understanding why.

“I should send you home for your mistake, but I know you’re still learning. This won’t be your last mistake, but do try to avoid making assumptions.” He handed Mark the bottle. “Since I know you’ve never sucked on a real nipple, I thought I’d give you a simulation.”

Mark took the baby’s bottle from David’s hand.

“Thank me for giving you a substitute nipple.”

“Thank you for giving me a nipple to suck on, Sir.”

“You’re welcome.” David took his seat and began eating. Mark just continued to stare at his food and then tears started to fall from his eyes. David put down his fork.

“Mark, look at me. You’re going to mess up. Sandra and I know that and when you do, we’re going to punish you. It helps you learn. It turns us on. Part of all of this is that you submit to being less than Sandra and I. You do not eat out of the same quality plates and cups as I do. It’s not because you’re literally less valuable than I am. It’s because you’ve agreed to give up your rights and submit to me. You are displaying your submission right now. I am not putting you down, you are raising me up. That can be confusing for new subs and it can hurt to think you’re being put in a lower place, but remember that you are equal to everyone else in the world, but right now, in this room, by sitting on that floor, you are choosing to raise me above you.”

Mark fidgeted back and forth on his heals uncomfortable with the formalness of the conversation and feeling better about being on the floor at the same time. To lighten the mood, David went on.

“I feel the bottle is particularly fitting consider your baby size and incontinence.”

That did make Mark blush and smile, but he still didn’t speak.

“Mark, are you ok? Do you want to leave?”

This was all supposed to be pleasurable, but being spanked hadn’t been fun. Cleaning hadn’t been fun, but it didn’t feel good. Mark did feel proud of his work. And maybe now that it was over the spanking had been kind of hot.

“I don’t want to leave!” Mark burst out of no where surprising himself.

“Then tell me about your work this week.”

The rest of the meal consisted of fairly normal conversation other than the location of their seats and Mark even relented and began sucking on the bottle he had been given. He saw David’s pants rise as he did so and it didn’t go without comment.

“I knew that would be the perfect cup for you. Normally I just make boys drink out of water bowls or sometimes a cup with a lid to remind them of their inability to be a real man, but you’re a special case Mark. You’re more inferiorly endowed than any boy I’ve ever had before and I knew you needed something special.”

Mark blushed, but no more was said about it. When the meal was done, Mark cleared the table and thanked David for cooking for him. As he finished up washing the dishes, David unbuttoned his jeans and cupped his little mound. Mark started to rise.

“Whoa there little guy. I was just checking to see if you dribbled into your training pants. Do you need to go potty?”

“No, Sir.” He squirmed in his grip.

“Good, because that’s the last half of your punishment. You can’t go potty until you get home tonight. Now come cuddle on the couch and I’ll rub your sore ass.”

They hadn’t been cuddling long when Mark did feel a pressing need to go. It got more and more pressing until finally Mark was bursting. He didn’t normally hold it. He never had to hold it. There were always bathrooms within twenty minutes on the highway and he could go whenever he liked at work and at home. He wasn’t used to this, but he was determined to prove he could make it through the evening without wetting his pants.

“Mark, do you have to go potty?” David asked again, sensing his body had tensed.

“A little, but I can hold it.”

“Let’s walk you home. I don’t want you to wet your pants again, do you understand? I want you to manage your discomfort and hold it until we get home. Can you hold it that long?”

“Yes, Sir.”

David looked at Mark skeptically, but started for the door with Mark in tow. There were only half way there when Mark reach to grab himself, but caught himself before actually touching.

“Grown boys don’t have to hold themselves,” David said, “but I really want you to make it home, so if it will help, do it.”

Mark made it two more blocks before he felt his hand grow wet and then his legs and then there was the sound of water hitting pavement and they both stopped walking. They were the only ones out on the street, but it was dark and only a few people were out and about.

“Oh Mark, your training pants aren’t made to hold that much urine. You have to learn some control.” A few people looked and laughed. “I thought I could train you to sit on the potty, but I can see you’re not ready.” There were whispers, but it was dark and Mark consoled himself that no one could see.

“Please Sir, can we keep moving,” he begged.

David took his arm and dragged him along to his apartment.

“Go shower,” he told him once they were inside.

There was a diaper waiting for him on his bed when he came back out. As David powdered him and pulled the diaper between his legs he explained things.

“Mark, I like humiliating you, but I don’t want a boy who is incontinent. I don’t want you to end up embarrassing me.” Mark began to cry for the second time that night in shame. “We’re going to work on this. I’d ordered you a package to your house and it’s arrived. I was going to use it just for humiliation, but I can see you really need it. It’s a good thing you’re so small. I took all your training pants out of your drawers and replaced them with good nights. They aren’t thick enough to hold a full flooding, but they can absorb part of one while you make it to the bathroom. You’ll wear them from now on and when you have to go potty, you’ll text me for permission. I’ll give you a time frame of how long you have to hold it and you’ll take a video of you using the toilet at that exact time. I want to see a dry pull up in the shot. If you make it the whole day, I’ll put a star on a chart I have at the house. If you get 30 stars in a row, I’ll let you have your training pants back. You only have 30 pull ups, so if you try to replace a wet one with a dry one you’ll run out too fast and I’ll know. You’re to wear a diaper to bed and take a photo to send me before and after. I’ll keep track of that as well.”

David spooned the crying boy, his erection was evident as is pressed into Mark’s diaper and he snaked his hand between Mark’s leg telling him “don’t worry, I’ll still rub your clitty while you drift to sleep. There’s my good boy. You have such a little itty pee pee, it’s just harder for you to hold it, but you have to learn how to over come your disability. There’s no since wishing you had a big cock like mine, you never will. You’ll always have a hairless pee pee. You’ll never be able to penetrate anyone. You’re destined to serve your betters, those who are more completely developed and have better control.” David slipped his cock out of his pants as he rubbed and talked to Mark. Mark was too lost in his mixture of sobbing and pleasure to notice as David rocked his hips against Mark’s diaper, spooning Mark’s clit with his hand and pulling his ass into him. David finished Mark off first. That was inevitable with as quick as he came and David himself became progressively rougher.

He mounted Mark, pulling his hips into the air and pushing his face into the bed as he humped Mark’s diaper.

“mmm, Mark, it’s too bad I can’t put this in your ass without undoing your diaper and risking a bed wetting. It’s too bad you’re not a big enough boy for that. I am still going to use you for my pleasure. Thank me for using you boy.”

A muffled sound came from the bed where Mark’s face was pressed.

“I have a present for you Mark.” And just like that he had wheeled his body around, straddling Mark’s back and pulled open the back of his diaper. He was shooting his load into the seat of the diaper and Mark could feel it filling the space and dripping over his now shriveled balls. The sperm didn’t soak into the diaper the way it had soaked into his trainers the last time. It just pooled in the diaper, like a slick layer of lotion coating his privates.

Mark climbed off the bed and pulled his pants back up. “What do you say?”

“Thank you Sir.”

“For what?”

“Thank you for cumming in my diaper, Sir.”

“You’re welcome boy.” And he was gone.

When he woke up in the morning, Mark wasn’t sure he wanted to continue with this, but he sent the picture of his wet diaper to David anyway. He didn’t wet his pants enough the night before evidently. Some had held back and he resolved to not go to bed without sitting on the toilet for ten full minutes in the future. David responded with a frowny face. He then followed up with a playful chatter about whether or not Mark was going to watch ultimate fighting tonight and they teased each other back and forth about the various things they had both done early on during that first night. Mark felt more at ease. He had gotten off last night and maybe he didn’t like everything, but having David hump him was only on his not like list, not on his no list. It was apparent to him that he was definitely into the humiliation and jacked himself off in his pull up while thinking about eating on the floor and drinking from the bottle. It hadn’t turned him on while it was happening, but now it seemed like the hottest thing he’d ever done.

When David let him go to the bathroom, he only told him that if he jacked off in his pull ups he would just have to live with sitting in it all day. He made it without any more wetting for five of the next six days and David told him it was a good first week. He didn’t see David or Sandra during this week. On Saturday he was getting ready to go clean David’s when he got a text that Sandra had a sloppy guest the night before and he needed to head there instead. As much as the thought of her pussy turned him on, she wasn’t as attentive as David and this made him a little disappointed at the switch, but he went. When he arrived he wasn’t surprised to find a note on the door saying she wasn’t home.


I won’t be back until later. This time, if you finish early, sit on the little stool and wait for me patiently facing the corner, not because you’re in trouble, just because I don’t want you to see when I come in. You’ll find a blind fold there as well. (Mabye things were looking up, he thought!)

I had a guy over last night and he fucked me fantastically before throwing up all over the bathroom. Please make sure the smell is gone before I return. You have a lot of work ahead of you today boy! (gross!)

Naturally, I couldn’t sit on a toilet covered in vomit, so I used one of your diapers and well, I was hung over. I only have the one, so you’ll just to wear it anyway. Your pull ups won’t hold a full wetting if you can’t hold it and despite being used, the diaper will. Before you pull it up, send me a picture with you sitting on it and thank me for letting you become so intimately acquainted with my bodily fluid.

The key is under the mat.

Miss Sandra

Mark opened the door and the smell hit him immediately. The vomit was bad enough, but the used diaper laid out in the middle of the floor held more than just pee. There was a semi soft load of **** right in the seat of the diaper, piled up like she had squatted over it and then used the front of the diaper as toilet paper before peeing all over it. He wasn’t sure how this would possibly hold more than one wetting and braced himself as he took off his pants and stood naked, trying not to gag. The door was just over there. He could leave, but instead he squatted over the diaper and slowly sat down as the load mushed all over him. He snapped a picture and sent it off, not even thinking about how his hard on had not left him from when he read about the blindfold. He quickly pulled up the diaper and taped in place. The load inside it began sticking to his skin and he could feel it shifting around as he stood up.

His phone beeped back at him.

“It’s hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure you’re hard sitting there in my waste. Amazing. Take a video of yourself jacking off right now. You may use one hand over your diaper. Do not leave the floor or using anything else.”

It was hard to get the camera set up and even hard to hold his erection as he felt poop smoosh in to the front of the diaper during his first stroke. It was too hard to hump the floor, so he was forced to sit on the floor, feeling the load move as he humped his hand and his clit slipped around in his diaper. Finally he came and forwarded the video. The smell of **** was mostly contained as long as he didn’t pull open his diaper and he went to work on getting rid of the second smell and scrubbed the bathroom for over an hour.

When Sandra returned, he was still in his mess, sitting patiently and blindfolded in the corner and hopeful for a major reward.

“There’s my little toilet.” She said to him. He didn’t respond, sensing that his current position was intended to be a mute one. “Such a good boy,” she told him and pet his head, running her fingers through his hair. “How does it feel to be my toilet?”

“It’s gross Miss Sandra.”

“Awe, do you not want to be close to the fluids coming from my body,” she asked him, running both her hands up the side of his head and giving him a massage.

“I do, Miss Sandra.”

“Then don’t be picky about how I give them to you. Now aren’t you happy I found a use for you?”

“Yes Miss Sandra.”

“Good toilet. Just think you’re fully functional. I get to relax while you take care of my waste and you get to be close to my pussy. It’s win win. Take off the blindfold and follow me.”

He followed her into the bathroom where she inspected his work and praised him for getting rid of the smell.

“Well most of it,” she added on smacking his diapered ass and mushing her **** against his ******* a little more.

“I always have to **** a lot when I drink,” she told him and dropped her skirt and panties, kicking them off and sitting on the toilet. “Kneel.”

He knelt and watched through her legs as another load of her **** came out, dirtying his clean job. She simply picked up a magazine while she dropped her load. When she was finished she leaned forward and said “Wipe me. Use the paper.”

It only took a few wads and she was clean in the back. He told her so.

“Kneel in front of the toilet and face the wall.”

When he was position he felt her grab hold of his head by his chin and wipe her pussy over his head.

“All dry,” she pronounced and stepped over him, pulling her ass cheeks apart.

“Prove to me that I’m clean. Lick it. Stick your tongue in there a bit. I hope you did a thorough job of it.”

Mark was glad he had.

“God I’m horny,” she remarked as she stepped back behind him, bent his head forward, straddled and put her wait on his shoulders, bucking her hips and grinding her clit into his head and neck. Mark could feel her wetness spreading all over him as she gripped a wad of his hair in her hand to brace his head with. She came quicker than he expected and used his forearm to wipe herself dry this time.

“Bend over the tub,” she told him. He did, his body tensing up and wonder what he had done wrong as it felt like a probable position for a spanking.

“This isn’t a punishment,” she told him. “David says you need to work on breathing.” She tapped his ass with something long and wide that pushed the **** in his diaper that had fallen away back against his ass.

“Breathe out,” she told him.

She hit him again, a little bit harder and repeated the command. She wasn’t hitting nearly as hard as his spanking yesterday, but his butt was tender from the prolonged contact with her **** and he felt the sting of the paddle.

“Keep breathing after I hit you. It helps you process the pain. It can be enjoyable.” She talked while she hit him. When he finally started to get his breathing down, she stopped. “Good boy. Now straddle the side of the tub. Did you piss yourself today?”

Mark thought about it. He had to go at one point, but put it out of his mind. Had he gone or not? He didn’t need to go now.

“I’m not sure Miss Sandra.”

“So here you are, 29, sitting in a shitty, pissy, cum filled diaper being used as an object by a woman and knowing it’s your only hope to be near her pussy. And you define incontinent by not even being sure how much you helped contribute to the contents of that diaper.”

Mark was moving his hips.

“And now you’re going to cum in your shitty diaper again. Lean forward.”

He did and began to hump the rail of the tub while she reached her hand behind him and kneeded the **** in his diaper. It made it harder to keep himself hard. The **** was disgusting, but she was apparently not going to stop until he came.

“You’re covered in my cum. You’re a good little prop. I like using you. Not your cock, or excuse me, your clit, mind you. I could care less about that. I’ll be fucking whoever I choose, especially David, and you’ll be cleaning up after me, just happy to be near it, to have it in site, to finally have the vaguest of hopes that maybe one day if you’re really good and serve me and David well, you’ll be allowed to try and cum inside me. In the meantime, you’ll be my toilet, my object for satiation, I’ll humiliate you in ways you haven’t even dreamt of yet and you’ll endure it all for the hope that maybe one day I’ll let you fumble around with your clit near my pussy, but know this.” And here she started smacking his ass as though she were trying to hit the **** hard enough to move it into his *******. “I will not let you anywhere near me without being fully diaper until David is satisfied that you’re continent.”

Mark came as she smacked him and when she saw he was spent and no longer bucking his hips she berated him for another ten spanks before telling him to go home, reminding him that he only had 30 pull ups and he wasn’t to take the one he had worn there home with him, so he would have to stay in his diaper all evening until it was time for his nighttime diaper. Let that be a motivation to him to get potty trained.
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