How to make a new story and how to add chapters (PLEASE READ BEFORE ADDING A STORY)
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Add A New Story
We have the perfect way to share your lovely stories so they will get alot of attention!

* The stories need to have a Title, Rating, Description, and Tags.

* Please remember to only add chapters by pressing the Edit button of the first post in the thread. This makes it easier for everyone to read stories. If you don't know how to do it don't worry, we have an image how-to for you here and if you need anymore help feel free to ask us using Sissy Kiss's contact form. *Click here to go to the contact form*

* If you need to edit your stories title after it's already posted you can press the "Edit" button of the first post in the thread, and then press "Go Advanced" You'll be able to edit the title on the next page.

* Please post Auto Biography type stories in the Sissy Princess Diaries forum. The Story Time forum is for fictional stories. *You can click here to go to the Sissy Princess Diaries forum*

* We need the entire story to be in one thread to keep the stories easy to find for the readers. So please no making part 2 of a story in a different thread or any part of the story. You can use the edit button in your first post to add to the story like the image tutorial will explain below.

You can add a reply to the thread letting people know you added a new chapter, or part. That will bump up the thread up so people can see your new addition.

* Please don't put content in the stories that would be illegal with United States laws. Also we can't have stories of forced situations saying they are true stories, as we don't agree with real life forced situations. They need to stay about fantasy if they involve someone being forced.

* Please no forced sadism in a story. We can't support someone forcefully torturing another physically. If the moderators think that's in a story too much they will un-approve the thread until the author can edit it out.

* If your story has characters that are under 18 years old in age (not Adult Babies) then the story needs to be strictly PG rated. If the moderators think it can be misinterpreted as being sexual, or having R rated violence they may unapprove the story until the author can change it, and if the mods think it is best they may change it themselves. That also means every post in the thread needs to be PG rated if it has characters under 18 years of age, including other peoples posts, but if other people do it they are the ones that are moderated, not the story, or the thread starter/author. Just some examples of things not to include in the story if it has underage characters in it at all are, someone being nude, half nude, or just in their underwear, describing the underage person as sexy or a word similar to that. Also remember not to be graphic or detailed when describing they are getting a diaper changed. It's possible for other situations to be misinterpreted too easily, please try to avoid those.

* Only you are responsible for the content that you post. While the moderators do their best to moderate all stories, they can't be held liable for the content that someone else posted.

* By submitting a story you agree to let moderators edit, or delete a story if they see it as breaking the rules.

* After submitting a story it needs time to be approved by a moderator before it can be viewable. Please keep an eye on your Private Messages because they may send you a private message if anything needed to be changed or moderated in the story.


To make a new story press the "New Topic" button.

Image Tutorial Table of Contents

* How to add a new Story
* How to add a chapter (Step 1)
* How to add a chapter (Step 2)
* How to edit your title of your thread after you already submitted it (Step 1)
* How to edit your title of your thread after you already submitted it (Step 2)
* How to edit your title of your thread after you already submitted it (Step 3)

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ How To Add A New Story ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

*You can click here to see the tutorial on how to add images*

Check out these tag ideas if you need any help on thinking of any:[INDENT]

* Babification

* Feminization

* Wearing Diapers

* Mind Altering

* Magic

* Body Swap

* Spankings

* Gay Orientation

* Bi Orientation

* Str8 Orientation

* Breast Feeding

* Wetting Without Diapers

* Wetting The Bed

* Sex Toys

* Anal Sex

* Oral Sex

* Masterbation

* Vaginal Sex

* SciFi

* FairyTale

* School Girl

* Wedding

* Age Regression

* Doll

* Breast Implants

* Hormones


* Bondage

* Pop Culture

* Holiday

* Humiliation[/INDENT]

*Adding images can make a story even more fun! You can click here to see how!*
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