XXX The Mailman Wears Dresses
Postal Service Cross Dressing
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 My name is Timmy. I'm a rather frail and feminine kind of male who loves to dress up in girls clothes every chance I get. I was assigned to a Post Office delivery route in a affluent area of midtown. This is where the rich and famous live and work. On my first day, I met my new coworker Faye. Faye had quite a reputation in this Post Office as a loud pushy dominant butch lesbian. I was totally unaware of her reputation.  I didn't know she was gay. I didn't know what gay meant. I was clueless about sex. I didn't even know my love of wearing women's clothes had a name. Eventually she came out and told me "I'm gay". This didn't bother me and I began to realize most people think I'm gay too. Faye and I made quite a team. She always teased me. She told me."You have a pretty face". She also made comments "You walk like a girl" she also noticed, "You are as weak as a girl".  When it came to lifting heavy mail bags, I blushed as she lifted them for me without a problem. She was right, I was like a girl, in stature, strength and interests. We grew quite close almost like girlfriends. She was my protector & confidant. She showed me the ropes of delivering the mail, sorting and dispatching certified, registered and parcel post packages. She ran circles around me. She treated me like a girl. I felt as if she was the man, I was the defenseless girl. We made deliveries together and she would point out, "He's Gay" and "That guy there is a crossdresser". I asked her, "how do you know?" She explained that the combination of the mail they received and meeting them in person left no doubt. "Gay" and "Drag" magazines were a clear clue. She pointed out that certain return addresses were retailers that sold dildos, dresses and shoes for transvestites. Faye knew them all. I got to thinking, "My mailman knows I'm a transvestite." I thought of all the times I bought sissy clothes, dildos, lingerie, dresses & shoes from the same retailers. I finally admitted I was a transvestite. She said, "I already knew. A few times when you bent over I saw your lacy pink underwear poking out of the back of your pants" . It became routine for her to question me, "What are you wearing today honey?" "What's your favorite color?" What dress size are you?" I found myself getting erections more frequently as I fantasized about being dressed and having a man make love to me. She swore, "One of these days I'm going to see you in a dress! I have a hunk that lives in my building that would love to have sex with you!" I thought, "She thinks I'm gay, maybe I am". She gave me copies of gay magazines filled with men having sex with each other. When I returned them, she asked, "What did you think?' I said, "I can't believe anybody could have such a big cock". She asked me, "Did you ever suck cock?" I said "No, a few times men told me they wanted to put their cock in my mouth, I never did. I do fantasize about wearing dresses and having sex with men". She told me "one of these days I'm going to help your dreams come true!" Somehow, I knew it was my destiny to work here, meet Faye and experience having sex for the first time.
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