The Maids (R)
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Maria's heart beat quickly as she was led into the chamber. She had been stripped naked and her old clothes burned in front of her then her make-up and hair had been done. She had been whipped, only ten strokes, but each one salted to emphasise it. This was her main desire to serve and feel the pain of corporal punishment. She could not turn back now as she was wet as she entered the world she had so desperately desired.

She had been fitted with two pink leather cuffs on her wrists, tight and padlocked shut with delicate metal locks. In the centre of the chamber she could see a hole. She was instructed to stand in the hole and two chains were attached to the cuffs. Slowly the chains pulled taught and raised her by her arms so her feet could just touch the floor. There she hung as the mistress entered the room carrying a corset.

'Maid, you are to be corsetted tight around that soft little tummy.' the mistress said before slipping the satin steel re-inforced corset round Maria's delicate maid waist. 'It will be tight and you will feel its restraint. This is the first stage of your presentation preparation before you are taken to the princess.'

The mistress drew the laces and Maria felt the first gentle pressure as the corset tightened. 'Breathe out, maid'. Maria obeyed. She was so excited as the corset was tightened around her, squeezing her ribs and tummy, squashing her pretty pert boobs into a delicious little cleavage. The laces were tied. 'You may breathe again, maid'. Marias breath was slightly restricted by the corset. It made her blush like a bride with the feeling of restraint and servitude. Her mind raced with what could be next.

Next two more mistresses entered, each with a silk stocking, which were put onto Marias dangling legs, drawn up caressing her thighs silkily until they were attached to her corsets suspenders. 'Knickers you have to earn, maid. If you are caught wearing them without permission you will be punished'. A garter was slid up her right leg, its crushed, fluffy lace nestling against her upper thigh below the lace trim of her corset.

Suddenly the chains released and Maria could stand on her stockinged feet. Another mistress (the princess employed many mistresses to keep her maids in order) entered with a pair of four inch stiletto heeled black shoes. 'Put these on'. Maria struggled slightly til the chains allowed her reach her feet to don the shoes. Each one fitted her perfectly bending her feet into the ideal sexy stance. She stood there, demure, delicate, caressed by lace and silk, waiting for her maid outfit.

Duly her maid outfit arrived and she stepped into it, one petticoat, then a lace up satin maid dress fluffed out by the black silk and lace petticoat. She looked perfect in black satin with white lace trim, gorgeous fluffy skirts and the sting of the whipping under the corset excited her immensely. Next she would be prsented to the princess.

The Maids Part 2: Presentation and Pre-Emptive punishment
Maria tottered through the door from the corsetting room as instructed by the mistress. The next room was much grander. She stood bathed in light, hair and silky outfit shimmering, eyes sparkling beneath heavy lashes, skin glowing, a perfect picture of delicate femininity.
She looked around, tentatively, with anticipation, almost flinching as she saw the heavy metal unit in the spot light with thick leather straps and thin chains dangling from it...thats for me, she knew. She almost felt the heavy straps gripping her like the corset, the click as chain and pink wrist cuff became one element of restraint, holding her tight...

A voice spoke, her wandering kinky dreams shattered, she caught her corsetted breath...

"Girl, you are now mine. Your body and soul mine to use as I please. The box you see before you is for your restraint", a throne became bathed in light, in it a true beauty: brunette, scarlet ribbons and lips, matching heels and nail polish. A corsetted dress of delightful powder blue fluffed and shimmered around a body that fired all of Maria's lesbian tendencies into overdrive. "Fit yourself to it, the strap is for your knees, the cushion for your tummy. Hold your cuffs in place and wait to be secured. Heighten your senses little flower..."

Maria scurried to obey, quickly placing herself over the device, kneeling and bending over, holding her cuffed wrists in the right place before looking up at her goddess expectantly. Two women entered and she was quickly strapped and chained, helpless.

"You are here to be trained as a slave whose existance is to please without question those you serve. During training you will attend classes that will take three years to complete: first you will be domesticated, you will learn how to cook, clean, waitress and pamper. Second you will be beautified, how to make yourself into the perfect sex object: dress like a hussy, silky, pleated and half bare; restrain yourself through sex clothes, tottering heels, revealing skirts, tight corsets; and how to please your mistress, with your hands, tongue and holes. Finally you will learn of bondage, of clamped, roped restraint; of the delights electricity and how to crawl around begging in chains."

"The product will be a simpering, thrashed silly hussy who simply cant wait to serve, sexually and domestically. So eager to please. Then I will take you as my own or sell you. You will never see freedom."

"All lessons will be conducted in a class room with traditional discipline applied extremely strictly. A taste of this is what awaits you, before you are released from your current position."

Maria was wet and excitied, she'd never known anticipation like it, a sweet toture accentuated by each ticking second. The suspense made her want to beg for it to start. There was a click of heels as someone entered behind her, she breathed more heavily, tight into her restraint. Hands lifted her delicate petticoats, slid fingers round her knickers and drew them slowly down her thighs. She felt her wetness exposed, between her cheeks. She had never so much as been spanked and suddenly she was scared, she pulled against her restraint, to no avail of course. She looked pleadingly at the beauty in the powder blue ball gown.

"Now, now, petal. Theres no turning back" her Goddess smiled. An almost inperceptable nod, a swoosh, crack and Maria's bottom sang with firey pain. The pain danced up her tummy and spine, through heart and breast erupting as a shriek as it shuddered through her. The cane had bit home across her behind. A light tap, then another, as hard. Crack. "Oww-ow-ow, please". Crack, crack, crack, each cut its welt.

After five the glow of the first switched her on. She looked at the blue satin hugged curves of her Goddess, caught the big brown eyes of her tormentor in chief and brushed her tongue over her powder pink lips. The sensation fired her as the cane landed again, crack, and again, crack, crack. There was a glow in her soul, she remembered her initial whipping, marks bound in steel and satin corsetry beneath her pretty uniform, and realised how much she had craved this pain. It would take a lot more to make her fear punishment, but that would be delivered. She knew she would learn the place she desired.

Another six were delivered, much harder, and faster. She kicked her feet, shook her head and cried real punished tears. The picture of true beauty watched her closely with sadistic lust.

Another six, then: "Enough".

Maria sank into her restraint and sobbed. She was released soon after and instructed to stand.

"Next you will be shown your quarters where you will stay for the duration of your instruction."

Next Part 3: Maria is Chosen.
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