XXX A Maid's Deepest Secret
What is the mystery surrounding the mute, found drifting at sea?
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    In the days of explorers and empires, the year of our Lord 1871, one wild February night, north of the stormy Bay of Biscay, shipwreck!  Next morn, amidst the dark tragedy, alleluia, a twenty year old young lady is rescued, clinging to flotsam. All others on board  presumed drowned.
Was it the trauma that has caused her lack of speech?
A kind local woman in Penzance, struck by the survivors strange and intense beauty, offers to care for her, until her kin are traced.
Her long bedraggled hair has dried out now, but she refuses to remove her extraordinary frilly pink dress, decorated with scenes from nursery rhymes. She dries herself out in front of the roaring fire, Mrs Trevithick towelling her as best as she is allowed. But the girl utterly refuses to eat anything.
Sure, ye be a-witherin away, says the kind old lady, who discovers that the only way of nourishing the girl is by spoon feeding her, since she is still suffering from intense shock. Though physically the girl is six foot and seemingly mature, both her childlike actions and her dress speak of a much younger mind. She seems physically immature also, for no breasts protrude from under her soft dress.

After a week, the authorities trace her. Her mother had been Rose. She had been housekeeper to Sir Daniel of Pendine Hall, and with her daughter Vicky, had been accompanying him on a trip to the Med. Local rumor was that Vicky was their illegitimate child of a night of uncontrolled passion.
But no local in Pendine village can be found who had ever seen Vicky, peradventure she hardly ever left the small lonely house. A policeman must needs deliver Miss Vicky to Pendine Hall, into the hands of the heir to Sir Daniels small estate, Sir Seymour.
But she was scared to ve taken by this severe uniformed official, and could only be persuaded so to do, when kindly Mrs Trevithick agreed to join  them.

The kitchen door was opened by Tomlinson, Sir Seymours man, his only servant in fact.
He was a butler in the best British tradition, even though too young at about thirty to entirely yet carry the bearing of a senior servant of the highest distinction. The policeman and Mrs Trevithick with her  frightened mute clinging to her side, were ushered in to the small entrance hall. Suddenly Vicky broke away from her keepers, and hair flying behind her, pink dress billowing too, she rushed up the staircase.
She be back home, cried Mrs Trevithick happily, I can see shes glad. I think  I can be safely leaving her soon.

She was ushered into the drawing room, the policeman nodding to Sir Seymour, retiring to the corner.
Ah, you are the good lady who has been looking after  my new young ward, exclaimed Sir Seymour, rising from his deep armchair. He was a young man of barely thirty years, tall, handsome with black hair and beard to match. I am so glad you came Mrs, er¦
Trevithick sir.
Yes, I want to thank you,  and to ask your favour. You see, I am a bachelor, I have no experience of children, I really do not want the child in this house.
The policeman had evidently expected such an objection, and coughed.
Beg pardon sir, but it is a condition of old Sir Daniels will that Miss Vicky be granted to live in this house where she was brought up, as long as she remains unmarried, or for as long as she lives.
I know, I know, argued Seymour irritably, but I have no experience of such matters, and surely it is unbefitting for her to be in a dwelling where there is only a male, myself, and his manservant.
Thats as maybe, sir, responded the police constable, but orders is orders. I must point out that shes no child as you call her, but a young lady of twenty years.
But from what I hear, Sir Seymour replied, she looks and acts like an imbecile.
No, no, sir, I cant allow that, interjected Mrs Trevithick. Shes simple, thats true, and dresses like a young child, and Ive not heard her speak as yet, but shes sweet and innocent.
Then why cannot you have charge of her?
Have you seen her? asked the lady, changing tack.
A shake of the head, and Seymour agreed to leave his cosy fireside to at least see the child.
But where was she? The party climbed the stairs and from noises in the attic, Seymour hazarded that she must have made for her own little room.
Here they find her. She had changed from her pink dress into a gorgeous brown suede outfit, a dark brown dress with a frilly hem, and a beige top that was covered under a mass of petals of hues of yellow green and brown that her mother had sown. Her golden hair was draped aside her bed, as she sat wrapped in her own dreams.
The sight of her made Sir Seymour gasp. He hadnt expected to feast on such beauty and he knew at once that he desired her to stay.
She began caressing a battered doll. Then she stood up and showed it silently to the lady.
Mrs Trevithick, Sir Seymour turned to her, the child, I mean the young lady, is clearly attached to you, and since I am unable to care for her myself, would you kindly consider coming here to look after Miss Vicky?
Thus it was agreed, and the loving lady moved into Pendine Hall, occupying the larger servants room adjacent to Vickys, though had she known all that was to take place, she would have never agreed to take on the task.

  Mrs Trevithick attempted to explain to her new charge that she had to return briefly to her cottage to gather her possessions, inviting Miss Vicky to accompany her. But so preoccupied was Vicky in her room, enjoying being reunited her toys and her precious dresses, all four of them, that the good lady deemed it wisest to make the journey alone. She regretted it when she returned as dusk had fallen, to find Vicky screaming.
   The girl had been playing with her three dolls when Tomlinson had knocked at her door, bringing her afternoon tea. He too was captivated by her charm, and was about to leave his tray with Vicky, when he bethought himself to feed her himself, as he had heard Mrs Trevithick say she did.
  Vicky stared suspiciously as he approached her with a bottle of milk. Her soft plait of hair flopped in front of her face as though hiding her from him. He whispered encouraging sounds as he continued towards her, now backed in the corner by the wardrobe. He tried to look smiling, but she felt trapped as he proferred the bottle on one outstretched hand  while groping for her own hand with his other.
 Frightened out of her wits, Vicky was pulled towards him as he sat on the bed. She undetsood she was to sit on his lap. She screamed.

Those cries reached the ears of her new mother figure as she walked tired up the long driveway, carrying her necessaries. These she dropped, as she sprinted into the house, up the stairs and into Vickys room.
The cause of her fear was no longer apparent, and Mrs Trevithick spent the rest of the evening calming the distressed girl, pondering over what had distressed her so violently.
She brought her downstairs for the evening meal, and perceived Vicky cowering whenever the butler came close to her. But by the time Vicky had been taken to bed, she seemed back to her normal self. Vicky would never let anyone get her ready for bed, undressing and dressing was one of the few tasks she ever did on her own, but soon she was ready for sleep, and Mrs Trevithick tucked her in, and soon a soothing nursery rhyme had her fast asleep.

  But it was longer ere the good lady could sleep. For one thing, she was worried about the strange girl committed to her care. She was innocent and pretty, yet there was something that was impossible to fathom. Perhaps it was just her very frilly tastes in dress, then too her muteness was peculiar. Had she always been like it, or had the shock of the sinking ship brought it on?  Noone seemed to know.
There was another reason why she found it hard to sleep.
She became conscious of noises in the room below. Excited shouts, sounds of restlessness, what could it mean? It continued so long that Mrs Trevithick resolved to make herself a nightcap before wooing slumber anew.
So quietly she crept down the attic stairs, and past the masters room, that was immediately below hers. It was suddenly quiet, Mrs Trevithick hazarded that Sir Seymour had been entertaining one of the loose girls in the village. She descended the main staircase and made her hot chocolate.
   The noises could be heard again as she returned to her room, very quietly now so as not to disturb the master. Suddenly they ceased. Instinctively, she ducked behind a plant stand;  a moment later and she would have been seen, for emerging from Sir Seymours room in his night attire was none other than the butler!
It was long ere she slept that night, pondering and puzzling over the strange house she had willingly found herself in. But she was not destined to sleep for long.

Miss Vicky has been inhabiting the happy dream world of a sunshine land with bright flowers, around which she was gaily skipping, when a hand on her mouth, made her start from her pleasure.
It was dark, so she could not see who it was, but instinctively she knew it was an enemy. But she knew that even if she had been allowed to cry out, she would be incapable of doing so, so petrified was she.
She felt her nursery rhyme nightie being pulled up over her head, leaving her only in her silky underwear. She felt a naked body pressing on hers. She felt a rough kissing on her lips.  She bit for all her strength and even though she was  ever silent, her attacker found it impossible not to yell.
Thus the awakened Mrs Trevithick found Tomlinson in Miss Vickys bed.  He clung to the girl as though he simply refused to be thwarted. Their shouting and tussling brought in the master, and order was restored.
Mrs Trevithick stayed the rest of the night in Vickys bed, her arms round the scared body. At last Miss Vicky returned to her dreamland, but the good lady found it  impossible to follow her example.

 In the cold light of morn, Mrs Trevithick unceremoniously burst into Sir Seymours room.
That man must go, she ordered, you saw what he was up do.
Ye-yes, yawned Seymour, trying to sit up, it was quite uncharacteristic
of him. I will reprimand him most severely.
Thats as may be, retorted Mrs Trevithick, but if he dont be a-goin this very day, then I be goin to tell that policeman what Ive seen.
Sir Seymour was the man to give orders, not take them, but in the face of the old ladys fearsome anger, he yielded.
Hell be gone before the night, Mrs Trevithick. But if he does leave, I insist that you must cook our meals, and that girl must start earning her keep as the maid she was in old Sir Daniel's time.
So it was decided. Mrs Trevithick spent the day consoling the frightened mute, and was encouraged by the first signs of enthusiasm when she offered to sew Vicky a dress of her choice. The girl even agreed to go into the village with her keeper, to choose the material.
What she wanted was most unsuitable, in the ladys view, for it was a rich gold satin, quite unbefitting one dwelling in servants quarters, even though she was permitted above stairs for meals and special occasions. But nothing else would please, so the rich satin was paid for, and with night falling, Vicky returned excitedly to the house holding her keepers hand.
Tomlinson had quit this hour past, Mrs Trevithick was informed, so she set to work preparing the evening meal, Vicky sitting by the kitchen fire, caressing her gold satin.
Make yourself useful, girl, and lay the table, Mrs Trevithick said in a kindly but firm tone. She wanted to see if Vicky understood. She did, for she quietly took  the utensils to the dining room table, then as she was quietly returning to the kitchen, she espied Sir Seymour staring at her in the hall.

The hour was late when Sir Seymour descended the main staircase in the darkness. Earlier, he had climbed to the attic room to say goodnight to
Miss Vicky, who was being tucked in by her devoted keeper. They were saying prayers as he bid them pleasant dreams. He was also wanting to see how long it would be before they were asleep.
Now an hour later he was sure. He unlocked the cellar door, and descended to an amazingly warm spare room behind the wine racks. There was Tomlinson warming himself by the fire. The two men hugged each other, and blow out the candles before settling into the butlers spacious bed¦.

  That is looking beautiful! exclaimed Seymour, next afternoon, as he entered the kitchen to find Mrs Trevithick fashioning the satin into a dress. She had already pleated the lower half, and was now skilfully bunching the material around the neck and shoulders into a ruffled appearance.
 Its for Miss Vicky, the lady explained, holding it up so the general effect could be seen against Miss Vickys form. Shes very excited about  it, I hope, she added as an afterthought, that you dont find it too posh, sir. I couldnt get her to choose something less showy.
  No, not at all, it looks most charming. You must wear it at dinner tonight, Vicky. Now, child, would you go to your room for five minutes, while I have a word with Mrs Trevithick?
Vicky seemed not to understand, but when her keeper put it to her, she gladly skipped away.
Its a lovely thought, Mrs Trevithick, and it has determined me that I should make it up to Miss Vicky also.
Mrs Trevithick looked at him.
In my town house in London, there are still some of my late mothers clothes. They are perforce, old fashioned, but she had one gorgeous Regency dress that was so fashionable at the beginning of the century. It was in several shades of purple and mauve, and knowing what the child likes to wear, I am sure it would suit her, so I want her to have it.
Thats most generous, Im sure.
So will you catch the early morning train to town on the morrow, and if I give you the keys, fetch the dress for Miss Vicky?
But what will ye do for meals, sir?
Well, could you leave us a cold repast? I will pay for you to return on the night sleeper, so youll only be gone 24 hours.
Very well, sir, said the old lady, a trifle doubtfully, but then cheering up, it be a kind thought, sir, after what she has been through.

The gold ruffled dress was the sole attraction that evening. Mrs Trevithick surveyed her handiwork with satisfaction, particularly as Miss Vicky was evidently delighted with it, sitting up like a queen at the dining table. As for Sir Seymour, he was utterly captivated by her innocence and told himself that she had never looked so lovely.

  He spent the next day trying to entertain Miss Vicky, who was proudly still in gold and sitting in the kitchen as though waiting for Mrs Trevithicks early return. Sir Seymour found it impossible to get through to her, and in the end consoled himself with a visit to the cellars to enjoy an extra long afternoon with his lover.
It was unfortunate that Miss Vicky had noticed where he had slipped off to, and as she found the cellar door unlocked, she noiselessly slipped in, and descended to the warm room below.
Guided by the sounds of passion, she peeped in, keeping herself concealed, and stared at the two men kissing each other on the bed. The blankets concealed their lower halves, but they were naked, and that caused her to gasp. It was as well that they were putting all their efforts into love making , so they didnt hear her.
 She could make out Sir Seymours face, but his lover had the back of his head to Vicky, and she could not recognise who it was, though the form looked a little familiar.
Suddenly the unseen one move under the blanket, to the bottom end of the bed. His legs emerged, and she could see them encircle Sir Seymours face.
Then she gasped again as she saw the strangers giant cock. She had never seen the like before.  When Vicky gave another involuntary cry, she knew she had been heard, and quickly ran away.
 Whatever they had heard, there was no pursuit, they were too occupied to care about a stray rat in the cellar.

Vicky ran straight to her room. She lay on her bed, overwhelmed by the revelation. She hardly understood what it meant, but it stirred some feeling inside her, and almost without thinking about it, she found herself tucked in her little bed, and lifting her lovely dress, pulling down her golden satin panty.
A warm excited sensation  overcame her, and she found herself simulating  what she had seen earlier. She rubbed herself and felt herself becoming ever more aroused, ever more alive, as she had never been afore, and she burst with wetness as she experienced her pleasure for the first time.
It was so splendidly wonderful that though she was feeling exhausted, she couldnt stop herself continuing the rubbing and slowly she found herself being worked into an even more erotic frenzy, as the stickiness aroused her to fresh heights of discovery.

At the cold evening meal, Sir Seymour detected a difference in her demeanour immediately. There was a slight but noticeable sweet smell wafting round her. She always skipped into rooms, but tonight she positively danced, carrying the two prepared plates.
Are you feeling happy, my child? he ventured to ask.
There was no answer in words, but for the first time he could see her shyly look at him and nod.
Come, my precious, sit here, he pointed to his knee. There was a rustling as the satin subsided at his beckoning. Let me feed you.
At luncheon, she had had to lick her plate, to Seymours surprise, so he was glad to avert this unnatural scene, but more glad that she was responding at last to him. How lovely she looked on his knee, her hair drifting down across the chair towards the floor!
He lifted his spoon and at once her mouth opened. She smiled as soon as she had swallowed, begging for more. Ere long she was satisfied, at least as far as her repast was concerned, but as he turned to feed himself, she lifted herself up and pulled him away from his meal. Where was she making for?

  She danced up the stairs, two at a time, Sir Seymour in her wake, forced into an unseemly skipping action himself. Ah, he guessed whither she was bound. But no, it was not up the attic stairs she turned on the first floor landing, it was into Seymours own quarters!
She flopped provocatively on top of his four poster, and continued to pull him, so that he would lay aside her.
At this, Seymour finally baulked, standing erect and looking at his ward severely.
My child, he scolded, do you know what you are doing? Granted you are most beautiful and desirable¦.
He was cut short by a hard tug, and he resisted no more, and crashed on the bed.
Miss Vicky, you look so lovely in your satin dress, so pure and innocent, he began. Whether she understood or no, he could not tell, for she was preoccupied in pulling down her gold satin panty from under her long dress. He couldnt held noticing it was stained, and even moist.
I feel like the Beast with Beauty, he declared. Look, Miss Vicky, you tuck yourself under the blankets while I remove these rough whiskers and shave my beard smooth. Then I will feel more deserving of you.
Without waiting for her to stop him, he leapt up and blew a kiss as he ran for the door.
Ill blow the candles out now, he warned her, you be ready when I return in ten minutes.
She did as ordered, a trifle disappointed, but longing for his return. The  discarded panty she pressed to her face. With her expectations mounting, she toyed with her private parts until she could be satisfied.

Tomlinson, shes on heat!
Thus Sir Seymour as he burst into the cellar bedroom.
I suppose sir, you want my services then? was the butlers odd reply.
The pair had enjoyed a relationship these past ten years, but in some important  ways the two men differed.
Seymour had always been the master, yet in their relationship, he was dominated by his ˜man, who always seemed superior, having a taste for women in addition to his master. Seymour on the other hand wanted to be faithful to his partner alone, and only tolerated Tomlinsons pecadillos because he feared he might otherwise lose him.
I told her the tale we used once before, that I had to shave, so shes expecting a clean shaven man like yourself, oh, and I have blown the candles out.
 He hadnt finished his sentenced before he realised Tomlinson had already left, eager no doubt for his lust to be satisfied.

Sighing, Seymour lay himself down on their bed of passion. Tomlinson would be entering his bedroom now. Hed be  stealthily creeping into the bed, their skins would be touching. His lips would be on her sweet lips, as he caressed her golden hair.
She is surely a virgin, Seymour reflected. Should he have allowed such a passionate friend to be the one to deflower her?
He  could almost feel her being ravaged by that bulging cock of his, he could feel the penetration he knew so well. His whole body jerked as if in sympathy, when he knew that she would be feeling his pulsing cum swelling around inside her.
Seymour  trembled at the picture in his mind.

It had seemed an age to Miss Vicky, when she heard his footfall. She peered at the form bursting into the room, yet it was too dark to see her approaching lover. Was he shy, not wanting to be seen?
She felt the bed move as he clambered in. She didn't know what to excpect. She felt him moving across to her. She breathed a gasp of excitement as his lips fastened to hers.
This is heavenly, she thought to herself.
As they continued, he reached one hand down under her treasured dress.
She felt herself thrill with expectation. His fingers slid up her side and fastened on to her tiny nipples.
The butler gave a grunt of surprise.  From what he had observed, the girls breasts must have been small, but the ones he now fondled were tiny, non existent indeed. His kissing stopped.
Miss Vicky didnt care, for now she could focus all her attention on his wandering hand.
The puzzled Tomlinson gave her a reassuring peck on the cheek as he moved those fingers down her body for the start of the longed for sex.
No hair covered her body, that was no surprise,  her skin was smooth and pure like an angels. But he was surprised as he moved towards her clit that no hair covered that area either. But he could feel her skin was sticky here, it did not feel fresh like it had arisen from his presence with her. It was thick too on her body just above her clit. Like mans cum! Had his master told him the truth?
  No! Seymour had not guessed what Tomlinson now discovered. His falling fingers fell not upon the opening to where shortly he would be inserting his own passion, but a little penis, and underneath a sac with her two balls. No, Seymour had not known she was a man!

Nonplussed, he took away his hand. He must tell his master at once. He would have got up, only Vicky prevented him. She was keen, indeed she was keen.  So Tomlinson yielded and whispered to her to do what she wanted.  Seymour could wait, he wanted to satisfy his curiosity and see what she would do.
  Her actions were merely copycat of what she had seen in the cellar, had Tomlinson but known it. Keeping on her own gold dress, she removed her lovers clothes, and then oblivious of his pleasure or even presence began rolling in the bed.
He hadnt intended to encourage her, but since he couldnt be sure what Vicky was up to, he pulled her, satin dress and all, on top of him. She evidently liked this, for she continued her rolling up and down on his body.
Through the soft material, he could feel her penis had grown, not as huge as his own could be, but stiff and firm, ready for the release of her cum. The thought aroused him, and as he felt her throbbing member reach its full length of hardness, then squirting out its pleasure, he couldnt help himself adding to the sticky pool of desire.
She flung herself off him and sighed. That apparently was the end. Tomlinson in a daze crept away.

Sir, a breathless butler swept into the cellar, wake up, wake up!
Seymour had never seen his man so disturbed.
Methinks youll never had guessed sir, said Tomlinson, lying beside his master.
So didnt you enjoyed deflowering the girl?
Thats the point sir, she isnt a girl!
Seymour looked at his butler, the suspicion that the sex had gone to his head.
I removed this locket from her neck, explained the butler. Ill read it to you. I couldnt believe it myself.
To whom it may concern.
From Rose Trelawny.
This is Vic, known as Vicky, my daughter, her father is Sir Daniel Pendine, who refuses to acknowledge Vicky, though permitting her to live in perpetuity at the hall.
He knows the child was born but believes she is a girl because I am afraid he would have had her killed as he wants his estate to be handed to his cousin Seymour.
There was silence.
We must carry out Sir Daniels implied wish, advised Tomlinson to his master, who looked strangely elated. Noting it, the butler added, dont you care if we lose your inheritance, sir?
I cannot countenance killing the child, insisted Seymour. there must be¦
Its the only thing  we can do sir, if you will permit me¦.
But he was addressing himself. Seymour had leapt up and was out of the room. Tomlinson followed, to ascertain if his master were committing the foul deed himself.

He was watching silent by the doorway. It was dark within, so in fact he could only listen, dimly making out two bulges in the four poster.
My beautiful Vicky, Sir Seymour could be heard in soft tones, let me lay aside you.
Her hand moved to touch him.
I love you, Vicky.  I love you just as you are. You dont understand my words maybe, you dont understand who you are, or even what you are, but I love you. Will you marry me?
Yeth thir.
Vicky had never spoken before, but she could not have chosen such heavenly words if she had tried.
Then, pronounced Seymour solemnly, by the power invested in me as master of Pendine Hall, and with a witness to this effect- you can stop skulking there Tomlinson- I declare us man and wife.
 The butler departed, satisfied in one way that his master would still be master at Pendine. On what footing he could not say, but what was certain was, that legally Vicky was a girl so technically their marriage was legal.

No darling, reprimanded Seymour. His new wife was starting to roll on him, he could feel her little penis through her gold dress. You are eager, my love. But let me show you¦.
Yeth thir. Her vocabulary was limited if pleasing.
You copy me, Vicky.
Yeth thir.
Thats enough talking! He kissed her and she kissed back. His tongue went in her mouth, she pushed it back into his mouth, like duellists crossing swords.
As the friendly tussle of tongues continued, she giggling, his hand lifted  her dress and caressed her bare tiny breast. She stroked the manly hairs on his chest. His hand went slowly down to her treasure. She followed.
He felt that tiny penis, covered in the spent cum of her voyage of enlightenment.
She grasped his large and demanding cock with an ejaculation of surprise.
He enjoyed feeling the sweet little object bathing into its own shallow pool of sticky mess.
She fondled his huge member erect above the sea of hair that surrounded it.
He dipped down to enfold her two balls.
She squeezed his balls, perhaps a little too firmly, so that he winced.
He grasped her little piece of heaven, and began to masturbate it, so that it grew from a tiny stump to a glorious firm and solid trunk. He knew she was ecstatic for he felt her moisture oozing into his hands. But she wasnt yet ready to cum fully.
She rubbed his giant, till it became even more enormous, and he had to stop her own masturbation for he knew he would have burst there and then.
Instead, he moved round to her feet.
She knew the drill, so to speak, or thought she did. But she hadnt seen the half of it.
As they held each others sides, he gently moved his mouth over her throbbing penis. The spent cum was sweet and delicious.
Then he shuddered with excitement as her mouth engulfed his cock, there was barely room for it in all its full glory.
He allowed his mouth slowly to withdraw, so only the tip was on his lips.
She found it easy for the cock to slide out along her tongue.
Then he pursed his lips hard and forced her penis back into him. Her foreskin was made to unroll and she cried in pain, but also ecstasy.
She pushed her lips to unravel his pulsating dome and was already licking   it with her tongue before he could show her that that is what he most desired.
He was holding himself back as far as he possibly could, waiting for her moment of ejaculation, so they could fully cum together.
He was overripe, on the edge of bursting, but at last her penis began to push further into his throat and it became even more hard as it swished its cum all over his mouth. By this time, her opening was so full of cum also, that she had to swallow to allow his juices to infiltrate to the full, her sweet innocent body.
                    THE END
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Dear Sweet Stevie,

   This was truly a surprise read.  I do not ever remember a Victorian tale such as this here on SK. It had all the flavor of the era, the wonderful imagery and dialogue that made this tale seem like a found piece from long ago.

 It would be lovely if you could, at some future time, grace us with another tale from yesteryear. Very very lovely.

Hugs and Snugs,
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