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(Fiction) A husband is put into panties for cheating and later turned into his wife's diapered sissy maid.
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Back in 2002 my wife had found out I was cheating on her when the husband of “the other woman” found my name on his wife’s computer.  He did his research and contacted my wife with his suspicions.  She confronted me but I stupidly played it off telling her the guy was lying because their marriage was on the ropes and she was friends with me and a few other work mates.

Stupid of me too was the fact that I didn’t knock off the affair and let emotions cool down a bit.  No, I was enjoying getting all the sex I wanted whenever I wanted which wasn’t happening at home.  But, my wife didn’t seem to be checking up on my after work activities so I thought I had convinced her my story was the truth.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It would seem that without leaving the house my wife had assembled a posse of people to watch out for me.  In less than a month she once again confronted me about having an affair and when I went on a defensive rampage about her not trusting me she swiftly presented me with several photos of me in bars with the other woman kissing, holding hands and other little playful acts.  Of course there are no pictures proving we actually had sex but this was enough evidence for her to offer me an ultimatum that would be the first step in changing my life forever.

I could either: 1) Shave all the hair in my groin region front and back and start wearing panties (which she would choose the style, color, etc…) 24/7 or 2) I could begin packing my things and move out but she would circulate every little “secret” I had that she had put up with including the photos of my affair to family, friends, workmates and anyone else she could think of.

She told me I had one hour to decide and we would go shopping for my new underwear or we would be packing my things into the truck.

Needless to say, one hour later I was freshly shaved and we were in the lingerie section at Kohl’s shopping for my underwear.

She selected four 3 packs of different brand Hi-Cut panties in size 7 and said that should be enough for now.  They were all silk panties mostly all in bright colors.  There were pinks, yellow, blue, lime green, red, light purple and whites.

At least it didn’t take long and I was happy that we would be out of there quickly but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  She handed me the hangers containing the panties and told me to follow her.  I followed as closely behind her as I could trying my hardest to hide to four hangers of panties completely embarrassed and ashamed.  If I felt my manliness slipping away then, it was only the start.

She led me to the men’s dressing rooms (at least it was the men’s) and instructed me to try on one pair from each hanger and then open the door so she could see how they fit on me.  When I started to complain she just said that if I would rather we could go home and opt for option #2.  When I started to retreat to the dressing room she none to quietly told me to try on the pink Vanity Fair panties first.

I wanted to die right then.  Luckily it was fairly quiet around the men’s section except for an older store employee who just looked our way with a smile as I closed the door as quickly as I could to hide any more humiliation. 

My pants and “men’s” underwear removed I took the pink pair of Vanity Fair panties off the hanger and slowly stepped into them and slid them up my legs and into place.  There was just one slight problem, I needed to open the door for my wife’s inspection and I was already erect.  I didn’t understand how that worked.  I was humiliated and ashamed of what was going on and standing there in my first pair of panties in a store fully erect.

I had to build up some courage because it wasn’t going away and I knew she would be speaking up soon if I didn’t make the first move.  So I knocked on the door and asked her if the coast was clear which she said yes in a tone which I knew she was losing patience.  As I unlatched the door and slowly started to open it to peak out she ripped the door out of my hands swinging it wide open.  I just stood there like a deer in the headlights as that same lady plus one other lady and what appeared to be her husband stood only feet away looking on.  The guy just about lost his mind as his wife smiled but threw an elbow into him saying “how would you like that to be you?”  The store clerk had that grin on her face.

My wife commented that they fit nicely and she could see that I liked them as well so to set them aside and try on the light blue Warners next.

The same routine was followed for the remaining three fittings and it seemed there was a new audience every time I opened the door and had to model them for my wife in plain sight for all to see.  I didn’t want to die no more, I wanted to shrivel up and disappear.

In the end she told me to put the pink Vanity Fair panties back on and wear them and throw my underwear out in the restroom garbage which was next to the fitting rooms.  She also decided that she didn’t like the Maidenform panties she had selected so we had to make another trip back to the lingerie section and get another three pack of the Vanity Fair all the time I had to carry the panties around the store.

When we got to the check out and “I” set the panties down on the counter the young check out girl just gave one of those curious looks without saying a word.  As she began ringing up the panties she noticed that a pair was missing from one of the hangers.  She spoke to my wife saying a pair was missing and asked if she wanted to go back and get another pair.

I could have sunk to the floor and was ready to break down and actually cry when she told the clerk that there was no need because I was already wearing that pair when she untucked my shirt pulling at the waist of my pants to show her to prove it.  The look on the clerks face as well as other customers around was priceless for anyone but me.

Of course my wife just had to add on more dig saying to all of them that I’d have to make sure my shirts stayed tucked in unless I wanted to show off my panties that I would be wearing 24/7 from now on.

It was a relief to finally get out of there, of course with me carrying my bag of new panties.  I’ve never been so humiliated in my life but it seemed that I should start getting used to it.

When we got to the car and I sat in the driver’s seat I reached back and found that my wife wasn’t kidding on bit.  Sitting there the waste of my pants a crept down and my untucked shirt rode up and the waste band of the panties in the back were clearly exposed.  I could only imagine many more humiliating moments occurring due to this.

It wasn’t until we got home and got out of the car and headed to the house that I noticed how much different they felt under my clothing from my men’s cotton briefs I was so used to.  I wasn’t going to admit it out loud but they actually felt nice.  They felt cool and not hot and binding like the men’s briefs and I could feel the silkiness slip and slide around as I walked.  It now made sense why when I sat or bent down my pants would slide down a bit exposing them since they were all Hi-Cut and rode high on my waist and hips.

When we got in the house we removed the panties from the bag and all the tags were removed.  We then went to the bedroom were all of my men’s briefs were removed from my underwear drawer and thrown in the garbage where I was made to take them outside to the burn pit and immediately burn them just so I didn’t get no ideas as my wife stated.

Before the panties went into the drawer I had to put every pair on and model them for her.  She snapped several pictures of me in all twelve pair telling me that from now on if I didn’t do as she said she would also use these pictures to show everyone.

Things did mellow out for a while since 2002 but I still had to wear panties 24/7.  But, things took another turn in 2014 that reflects the title of this story.  I think it actually goes back to Halloween of 2012 but can’t be sure.  All I know is my wife says I have become complacent and too comfortable in just panties and a correction needed to be made.  I haven’t cheated or even attempted as I still feel too ashamed to even approach another woman while wearing panties and I don’t dare try to buy men’s underwear and try to sneak around because the price would be too much for me to live with.

Now I’m instructed to tell my story so other women know how to correct their cheating husbands.

To be continued.




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Baby Butch
Great start to your embarrassing man in panties punishment story. The public humiliation makes it more interesting. : )
Good start to the story giving some background as to why things began looking forward to more chapters
krystala's sissy baby
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