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Getting a bed and connecting it to the internet has unseen outcome.
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I managed to buy from a surplus store an old hospital bed with side rails. At three and a half foot off the ground and with three foot side rails, it had a cot feel with the rails up. I then enamel painted the bed pink, got a new mattress and a heavy waterproof mattress cover. I started sleeping in the bed full time although not always dressed as a sissy or in a nappy. I also used a cotton sheet over the plastic cover, which made sleeping on it a bit less sweaty but no quieter. I also bought pink rubber pillow cases to complete the look.

Next was some heavy leather restraints and attached them to the bed for my hands and feet. I wasn't able to completely restrain my hands but I could secure one hand a leave the other in the loop. The restraints where white and had nice soft lining. It was nice to lie in my cot, rails up, nappy wet, sucking on a large pacifier and pretend I am properly restrained. It was also surprisingly comfortable, my legs gently held open and my hands comfortable at my sides.

I decided to paint my bedroom pink and started leaving my nappies and plastic pants on display on some open shelves in the room. I also bought some heavy blackout curtains to protect my privacy which I kept closed almost all the time and some sheer curtains for when I did have the curtains open. Usually this was when I had the windows open to air the room. I was now at this stage regularly pooping my nappy so fresh air was needed.

I started doing cam shows from my cot, a pink bob wig, satin bonnet and a black rubber hood helped to hide my face. As I got more attention I started buying more clothing. I was now only buying ABDL or sissy clothing. I was able to work from home on some days of the week I was now dressing more and more as a nappy wearing sissy. While I was still working hard, my interest in my other hobbies start to wain as I had less and less time for them and also less money as I was now spending a lot on my sissy side. It was now impossible to bring a woman back to my apartment and try and explain the bed and nappies, and as I was spending more time in my cot, I had less time for the few friends I did have.

I did keep my interest in programming and in electronics going though. I started to think was there some way to combine my two interests and maybe earn some money. I had the idea of creating a website with paid membership, using some web programming to talk to an arduous to control items in my room.

I modified the leg restraints to add some motors and used a flat cord and a D connector to attach to the ankle cuffs. It operated in three modes, open, where it had a light seat belt like retention to keep the cords taut but I could otherwise move by legs around, secured, where my legs would be pulled to the corners of the cot and held in place and with some additional poles positioned at the end of the cot, raised, which lifted my legs up and wide, allowing a clear view of my nappy for a camera. But more importantly, it could be operated remotely from the website. This was a huge hit with the people watching.

After a few weeks I wondered how to increase things further. I added a TV to my room so I could see what people where saying about me on my website while in my cot and put up more cameras. I now had a complete view into my cot, a close up of my nappy, a close up of my face (still hooded) and a side view of the cot. Best of all, the cameras had microphones so they hear me pulling at the restraints, the rattle of the bed, the sound of my wetting and soft moans when pooping.

Under my hood, bonnet and wig I started wearing in ear headphones. This allowed members to talk to me. I was now wearing a ball gag with the guard of a pacifier attached to it. I could be spoken to but not properly respond except with noises. With the face camera I could also nod or shake my head in response to questions. Between the chat and the talking, it added a real sense of community, especially when I started doing regularly scheduled shows on a Friday and Saturday night, often spending 12 hours in my cot at a time.

Spending so long in my cot introduced a new problem, not bathroom breaks which was taken care of by my nappy but that I couldn't easily take a drink.On warmer nights when I could be dressed in plastic, PVC or rubber, I could get very thirsty and worse, I wouldn't be wetting my nappy. I could take my hand out of my restraint and take off my gag but that would ruin everyone's belief I was restrained and couldn't get out. Instead, I made a hole in the center of my gag and added a clear tube which I put in a large soft drink bottle beside me, usually containing powdered infant formula milk.

This worked very well, I could suck the milk when I was thirsty and people watching got to see the milk in the tube. People started taking bets and when I would drink and how long it would take me to wet, again all using the cameras in my room to see and microphone to hear the sound of pee pooling around my hairless balls.

Alas, even with a 2 liter bottle, it wasn't enough for the people watching, they wanted more. I got Y connectors and added a second bottle and then a third bottle. Only problem was that I now found it very hard to suck with the pipe because of the ball gag. I tried mounting the bottles upside down above the cot and let gravity feed the milk but this caused it to run too fast and I felt like I was going to choke.

Luckily, I found a medical pump in the same surplus store I got the bed. It could limit the flow of the gravity fed feed from the bottles. I could still place my tongue on the end of the pipe and stop the milk from flowing in, so I always had that bit of safety. Even better, it was programmable and I could connect it to the arduino and allow it to be controlled from the website.

Best of all it allowed users to whisper in my ear how much they'd like to feed me sissy milk and at the same time squirt milk into my mouth making it a very popular feature.

I was now consuming around 6 liters of milk a session and was finishing the night in a very wet nappy and due to the solids in the milk, very messy. Heavily double or triple diapered with soakers under my plastic pants to keep up with the wetting. Even with that I would sometimes end the night lying in wee on the plastic waterproof mattress protector. I had long since given up on the cotton sheet.

I was a year in and I needed to do something big for the anniversary. Hoping at the same time to do a cash drive. I decided to go for a Saturday night 12 hour session from 2100 to 0900 and added some new extras and hinted that this was one to watch at some point.

I upgraded my gag to an inflatable butterfly style one, which depressed my tongue. This made it harder to make any noise and it also meant I couldn't stop the flow of feed. I tested increasing the pressure of the pump and was now able to force myself to drink. I did add a solenoid so when it wasn't forcing liquid into me, it would open to allow air through.

Next I used more of the solenoids to pinch the tubing coming from the bottles. I attached to solenoids to the ardiono and they could be controlled individually from the website.

I positioned a camera pointing the the shelf above the cot where the bottles where going to be stored and I programmed the web site to charge different fees for activating different solenoids. I also added some timing to allow the solenoids to only be used so often.

In the run up to the night I spend a month collecting my ejaculate into a bottle. Even storing it in the fridge didn't stop it having a very pronounced odor. After the month I had just under 200ml of cum, which I programmed into 10 by 20ml shots with a max of one per hour.

I also collected 3 liters of my morning pee. It looked like apple juice but really wasn't. At room temperature it was not great tasting. I programmed this into 20 x 150ml with a max of one per 15 minutes.

I made up a 6 liters of a special batch of milk with laxative. It would make for an extra messy night. I should probably not wear anything fabric.

Next up was 10 liters of plain water, to keep me hydrated with the laxatives. This I programmed automatically to keep me watered during the session.

Last was extra special but I did have my doubts about the idea. It was 250ml of foul looking and smelling liquid from an anal douche I gave myself after wearing and messing my nappy the night before. I even used one of the cameras to record me squatting over a bottle and uploaded it to the website as a teaser. I did squirt some into my mouth while testing to make sure I wouldn't gag. It was very unpleasant and left a nasty taste in my mouth. I did price it accordingly and figured no one would buy it to feed it to me.

Next I added a simple TENS unit to my adruino and got some shock nipple clamps and a shock cock ring. Again, these where available to use from the website for a fee.

So, with all this done I considered what it was I was going to wear. After putting on my XL, large and medium nappies with soakers, I decided on a simple pink opaque plastic pants with tight legs and some frills across the bottom. I knew the leg holes would hurt after 12 hours but I also knew it would keep any leaking pee in. I went with a pink plastic frilly bonnet and pink bob wig but decided to not bother with the hood. I used some makeup instead with foundation, some white powder and rouge to give a china doll look and some mascara. I didn't bother with lipstick and the strap of my gag covered my mouth. It also helped hide my face a bit more.

I put on a pink rubber under bust. It was tight and I knew it would stop my bladder and bowels holding too much. I put on the nipple clamps and put some pasties over them. To cover all this I decided on a pink opaque onsie with attached feet and front opening snaps. I still wore some pink plastic frilly booties. I set aside the pink plastic padded mittens.

Once dressed, the doorbell rang. This was my final bit of the unknown. I hired a sex worker, "Sally", online to come over and secure both my hands and come back in the morning and release me. She had good reviews and her profile said she was into kinky stuff and had done nursing. I figured she had probably seen adults in nappies through work. I had discussed what I wanted and she was happy to help (and get paid).

I waddled over and answered the door and she started laughing at me, of course I couldn't respond so I just beckoned her in. In my bedroom she had a look at everything and happy that it was as discussed started to restrain me. Ankles first into the cuffs, then wrists into the loops and on with the mittens, finally she attached the tube from the gag to the pump and hooked up the cables from the nipple clamps, cock ring and headphones.

Using the laptop in my room she gave me a quick shock and a quick squirt of water. Happy it looked like everything was working she waved and said she'd see me in the morning.

I lay there trying to get into a comfortable position and waiting for the cameras to turn on. I deliberately left the TV turned off but on a timer. At 2100 it too turned on but took a few seconds to warm up and I was happy to see the turn out was good.

After a few minutes of discussion of my predicament, I got a squirt of free water. Next was a shot of laxative milk. At least I am getting paid now. My nipples where shocked and finally someone got on the headphones to tell me how much he was going to enjoy feeding me some cum. Asking me to beg for it, so I make an attempt to make a muffled attempt at "Please daddy, feed me some cum". I could just about hear the pump kick in and deliver a dose of my cum into my mouth. It did taste pretty horrible and the people in chat where commenting on how awful looking the bottle of cum was. People started to line up to buy the next shot. I should have done a bidding system rather than just a single price and a timeout I thought.

This continued on for a period of time. My interface to the website had no clock or timer, so I didn't know how long I was there or how long I had left. I got another shot of cum so I knew I was there for an hour. I should have maybe randomized the timeout. Hmm, these where all things to consider next time.

Still, I was an hour in, feeling comfortable and still in a clean dry nappy. This is going great.

The first time I noticed something was wrong was when I got a couple of long but very low current shocks. I hadn't programmed in anyway for anyone from the website to do this. I thought maybe it was just a bug somewhere until the shocks started to come in painful, strong, quick bursts.

"Got your attention sissy?"

I got three shots of cum in a row. I pulled hard at my restraints and I tried to swallow the slimy liquid.

"Oh, poor sissy, let me help wash that taste out."

He used a long drink of laxative milk to wash my mouth out. I couldn't see the bottles behind me and I deliberately didn't put the bottle camera on my display so I had no idea how much I drank but it felt like forever.

"Mouth washed out, good, but don't worry, you'll be drinking a lot more cum in your future."

People in chat where complaining about how they had paid to feed me cum and who was this person giving their shots away. He told people in chat not to worry and he'd refund their payments. Worse, he decided to refund everyone.

"You are my sissy now and I decide who pays for you."

Time passed. Some in chat are enjoying this, some are curious as to whats going on, some think this new person is in a scheme with me.

Either way, I wanted out. This wasn't part of my plan. The need to use my nappy starts to increase but I am trying to avoid using it. People in chat notice this and start teasing me.

"If you can hold on and not mess your nappy for 30 minutes, I'll let you go. If you do mess your nappy, I'll know your a dirty sissy who likes showing off his nappy to random people on the internet. You're an adult right, would an adult mess himself on camera? Of course not. Also, if you do mess yourself, you'll need to be punished. I think your enema bottle is a suitable punishment. Time starts now."

How was he going to let me go? How would I know 30 minutes?

Either way, I am soon squirming and squeezing my legs together. Time passes slowly, I think, I don't know.

"Only 60 seconds left, your doing so well."

My insides are cramping and my stomach is grumbling. My eyes are tightly clenched, I can't clench my fists because of the padded mittens.

"10, 9, 8..."

At this point my the motors start and my legs are pulled wide and up. I then get a serious of shocks to my groin causing me to clench up and push the contents of my bowels into my nappy.

"...2, 1, 0."

Was that even 10 seconds. Was it longer. Before I have a chance to think about it I get the start of the enema bottle. I try very hard not to gag and start swallowing this mix of brown water and bits of fecal matter. I can see in the tube in flowing down in front of me. I am crying now and I can see my mascara running on the camera.

"Dirty sissy, look at you, poop at both ends. I see you're crying with relief, now everyone knows what a dirty sissy you are."

This time to help me with the taste of enema I get more cum. Tired of swallowing I just leave of lot of it in my mouth. It tastes better than the enema. Finally, a long pump of my stale pee fills my mouth. At room temperature its pretty awful too.

The motors run again and pull my legs to the corner of the cot causing the poop to mush against me.

I now have to wait for Sally to arrive in the morning to free me from this.

Chat is very excited by the developments, now sure that this isn't some collusion between me and my tormentor.

"I'll be back in a while sissy."

He tells the chat room to keep me company. He has removed all costs to use anything on the website but at least he didn't remove the timeouts.

I think I hear the front door open. Is that Sally? Is it morning already? I don't know.

I try and listen out but soon I hear someone talking to me, telling me how they'd like to fill my mouth with pee. I want to tell him to shut up but all I can do is moan. He takes that as an affirmative and soon I am drinking more pee.

Before I even finish drinking Sally enters my room. She is dressed in a sexy satin nurse uniform with a faux surgical mask covering her face. She is wheeling in a rolly suitcase.

"Phew it is stinky in here. How is my little stinky sissy doing? Want to be released? Want me to undo your wrists?"

I am nodding and trying to scream out to let me go.

"Well, I am not here to release you yet."

She giggles and leans forward, kissing me on the forehead.

"No, your new daddy has asked me to keep an eye on you. You see he got access to your email and saw our emails. He has paid me to help you become more of a sissy."

She opens the suitcase and holds up a much larger bottle of cum.

"To replace your almost empty one. Yummy eh? Some of this is from your new daddy and his friends and some is from an adult shop with video booths I visited on the way over here."

She goes over to my laptop and squirts the remaining cum in the bottle before replacing it.

Next up is some more feed bottles, except along with the laxatives is a muscle relaxant, sedative and some MDMA.

Lastly is a new larger bottle of pee, again from daddy and his friends.

"And I added a little of my own too."

Great, she seems to enjoy her work.

"Now, your daddy has asked me to stay here and keep an eye on you. He says it was very dangerous for you to be here by yourself while using a feeding gag. I am going to be in the next room monitoring the cameras. It is far too smelly to be in here with you."

Her hand was resting on my nappy.

"Oh, someone is excited. Is it your messy nappy? Being tied up? Being my sissy patient? Hmmmm? Let nurse Sally make you come."

Using my laptop she turned off inputs from the website and started a long milk feed. Daddy, remotely, started playing hypnotic MP3s into my headphones while Sally made me cum in my nappy and I fell asleep.

I woke up some time later, the TV is no longer showing the cameras and the chat screen but sissy porn. Right now on the screen is a sissy in a nappy and his knees sucking a cock. The audio is playing in my headphones. I try the reach the front on my nappy but I cannot. I start trying to hump the nappy and I become very aware of the mess in the seat. I can't make myself cum into my nappy. Once I start getting soft, I have to pee and then I have to mess. I try to raise my bottom off the mattress but it is difficult with my legs at the cot corners and the plastic booties are slippy against the plastic mattress cover. Instead I just push as hard as I can and plop on top of the existing poop. The milk and laxative have had an affect and it is a soft mess.

Sally comes in a sniffs the air. She approaches me and opens the front snaps of my onsie. She isn't changing me though, she injects something into my thigh and by two nipples. She pokes my nappy and says she'll change me later as closes my onsie again.

On TV now is more hypnotic images and sounds in my ears. More milk is slowly pumping into my mouth. I zone out.

I realize Sally is changing me. She is now dressed differently, in a rubber nurses uniform.

"Your daddy bought it for me, like it?"

I nod, she did look good in it. My eyes are drawn to look behind her at the sissy sucking cock on the TV. On the way out Sally kisses me on the forehead.

Sally came in with some bin bags and started throwing my non-sissy clothing into them. Then anything in the room that wasn't either sissy or ABDL related. She kept the sex toys she found in the cupboard.

Later on in the day, Sally opened my bedroom door and everything from the living room that was not on the letting agreement was gone.

This was now scary. I pulled and tugged at my restraints and tried to scream into my gag, but Sally just put her hand under by chin and told me to be quiet.

"This is what you wanted. In the emails you sent me. In the emails you sent other people. I have read them, this is what you wanted, so stop it."

Was she right?

My daddy anonymously sent my boss the link to my website. My boss sent me a mail about it and why I wasn't in work for 4 days while lounging around home dressed as I was. "I" replied that I wanted to resign effective immediately and my boss happily accepted. No boss wants to see their employee dressed as a sissy in a messy nappy.

Daddy showed me the email on the TV screen.

"Looks like I'm going to have to pay your rent, doesn't it? Or do you want your landlord to come around and see you like this? Want me to pay your rent?"

All I could do was nod.

"OK sissy, but you owe me a favor. Maybe you could be my sissy baby? Would you like to repay me by being my sissy baby?"

Uhhmmm, but isn't the reason I need him to pay my rent because of him? I think.

"Answer me sissy!"

I feel the shock around my cock start. I quickly nod.

"Good sissy, your my good sissy."

What I didn't know was that daddy had terminated my rent contract.

After another nappy change, some more injections and a heavy milk feed I woke up in a different room. I wasn't sure and I was slow to realize the window was gone. I was now in a windowless room. This is still my cot and the cameras have moved with me. I tried to make as much noise as possible to get someones attention.

I was happy to see Sally come in, again dressed in rubber. She dropped one of the side rails, unpopped my onsie and changed my nappy. With my onsie still open she does her best to give me a bed bath and another round of injections. Once finished she replaces my milk bottle and starts a feed.

The TV is on playing more hypnotic with the audio playing on my headphones. Hours seem to pass, I am wet and messy, not that I remember doing it.

I wake up and someone new is in the room. It is a man dressed in black rubber and wearing a hood. He introduces himself as daddy.

"Hello sissy. I have decided to make your fantasies come true."
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