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Short Stories!!

Story #1- Girls are better than Boys!- Size-medium
There once lived a young boy named Jack. He lived with his Aunt, Mother, and Sister. His father had died a couple years earlier, leaving him the only man in the family. His Father owned a great deal of money but never used it, so his family was fine in terms of money. He hadn't had a lot of respect for any females, considering he wasn't very mature. He was Nine though. His Sister was a year younger than him, but didn't act like it. One day, his Sister, Natalie, decided to invite her friends over for a tea party. They played with dolls and other girly things. Jack was sitting in his room playing video games when Natalie walked in with two of her friends.
"Hey, Jack! We're gonna play house, and we need a Butler. Do you wanna play?" Asked Natalie.
Jack stared at them.
"No way! Butlers are stupid! Girls are even more stupid!"
exclaimed Jack.
Tears started to form in Natalie's eyes. She ran away, crying. Her friends went with her, but not before menacingly glaring at Jack. He kept on playing his game. He heard a yell, and his mother ran into the room angrily.
"Did you say that Girls are stupid?" demanded his mother.
He nodded.
"Well Mister sexist, time for you to learn a lesson!"
His mother grabbed him and positioned him over her knee.
"Now who is better?"
"Who!? Who's Better!?"
"Buh...Boy....s bett-"
"Who is better!? Who!?"
"Gir...girls...girls are..."
"Girls are what!?"
"Girls are...better..."
She put him down. She held him, patting him and comforting him.
"Awww, sweetie. Don't worry little girl, mommy's here."
He looked at his mom, not believing she could makea joke at a time like this. She whispered in his ear, then called out to the Girls.
"Girls? Oh Girls? JACKIE has something to say to you!"
Natalie and her friends walked into the room. Natalie was still sniffling.
"Now what do you have to say?" Said his mother.
"Girls are better than boys and that us boys should know our place in the world. Everybody should be a Girl cuz' their smarter and better. I will be your butler if you want."
Natalie stared at him, then smiled. She ran to her room and took out some garments out of her closet. She brought them back to Jack's room, and held them behind her back.
"Well Jackie, you can't be our butler."
He stared in shock.
"You're going to be our Maid!" She said, showing him the maid's outfit she had worn for halloween. It had a Maid's headdress, red lipstick, Maid's dress, Black and white bra, erect Maid's tutu, white thigh-high stockings, corset, pink panties, Maid's 4" heels, and short black wig.
He put on the outfit, and served them drinks and tea. They laughed and laughed. Jack (or "Jackie") stayed as a Girl for the rest of her life.

The End
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