Looks are decieving (R)
Ichigo is a shinigmi with a secret that when ever he thinks about it he smiles. But when Rukia finds out what will happen. Sorry for any writting, gra
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Chapter One obsession
"Move slowly and stay calm" Ichigo said to himself moving slowly toward the closet where Rukia sleeps every
night. He was thanking god for the fact that Rukia was out with Orihime and Tatsuki. If she knew what he was
doing she would laugh non stop for a week. As he got closer his heart was starting to pound so much that it felt
like it was about to pop out. Thinking about what he was about to do was driving him crazy. Surprisingly this
would have disgusted him before Rukia had com to live with him. Since she started to ask him to steal Yuzus
cloths for her. Now he loved the look of girls cloths they made him feel happy which was a rare thing.
As Ichigo opened Rukias closet staring at a row of Rukias cloths. He picked up a pink sun dress with a white pair
of panties and a bra. Unfortunately due to his hight and musculus he didnt look vary feminine. "Alright here we
go" with this last line he started to undress. As he pulled down his pants he noticed how hard his dick was. He just
hoped he didnt cum on Rukias panties. As soon as he was finished with the panties and the bra next came the
pink sun dress. After he was all dressed in the extremely tight sun dress he smiled and curtsied at a mirror right
next to the door of the closet. This felt like the happiest moment of his life. Just then he heard a long creek as the
door opened "Hi Ichigo its Rukia Orihime got sick so I decided to...." At this moment Ichigo was so scared that he
pissed himself.
Chapter 2 A boys sensitivity
Rukia was just standing there looking at Ichigo with her jaw dropped. "What the fuck are you doing Ichigo." Ichigo was in shock at the fact that he wet himself in fear, seeing as the fact that he had been in much more scarier situations than this. "I was just um.... well." Ichigo stammered for an answer. "Well to me it looks like your in my cloths as well as pissing on my panties." Rukia stared at him with eyes like daggers. "The panties were an accident ok and the cloths well." tears started to form in Ichigos eyes. Rukia couldnt believe it, Ichigo was actual crying something that never happened. Rukia walked over and sat down next to Ichigo and hugged him. "Shhhhh its okay Im sorry that I shouted at you its okay." Rukia whispered to Ichigo patting his back. She just couldnt believe this Ichigo was in a dress and wet panties crying like a baby girl. "Well lets get you in some clean cloths okay." Ichigo just nodded his head silently. Rukia opens the closet and pulls out a green nighty with a new pair of white panties. Now take off the dress" Ichigo just stood there dumbfounded at what Rukia was going to do."Now Ichigo!!!" At this Ichigo took the dress off as fast as he could exposing the yellow stained panties. "Wow thats a lot of pee there." Rukia giggled "okay lay down Ichigo." I can do this alone Rukia." at this Rukia just laughed "You cant even hold your bladder so lay the fuck down NOW!!!. This scared Ichigo so much he pissed the panties once again. "See thats what I mean so are you going too lay down or sleep in wet panties". At this Ichigo laid down on the bed feeling the fresh pee rub against his penis. "Okay here we go." I cant believe Im going to see Ichigos cock. With this last thought she started to pull his panties down." Wow I never thought it would be this big." At this Ichigo blushed bright red. "Aww is little Ichigo embarrassed" teased Rukia as she slipped on a new pair of panties for Ichigo. "There thats better huh?" asked Rukia as she put the nightgown on him. "Yeah thanks Rukia it feels nice can I go to bed please." Rukia just looked at him "Sure see you in the morning Ichigo." With this Ichigo climes into bed and falls straight to sleep smiling hugging the pillow. Rukia had never seen Ichigo smile so much before." I think tomorrow is going to be a lot of fun. With that Rukia went to sleep dreaming of what tomorrow would bring.
Chapter 3 sissy soul reaper
"Wake up Ichigo its Sunday and we have the whole day together and I have some errands to do so I have to leave, but while im gone you can wear any of my cloths that you want okay." Ichigo looked up to see Rukia smiling down at him."Alright thanks Rukia" Rukia smiled and said" anytime Ichigo here I got you some juice." Rukia handed Ichigo a glass of orange juice. "Alright Im heading out everyone else is already gone so Ill be back soon bye." Rukia waved as she said bye. Ichigo wondered why she was so happy today." Aw well who cares." Ichigo walked to Rukias closet and pulled out a pink pair of panties and bra withone of Rukias blue skirts and a pink t-shirt." I wonder what Rukia is doing right now?
"Ichigo would look so cute in this!" Rukia screamed in joy holding a pink fluffy dress that a little girl would wear. "This is perfect for him. With that Rukia threw it into the cart "Now all that is left is the baby department." Rukia strolled down to see rows of stuffed animal too pacifiers. Now first we need some diapers incase he has another accident. She walks until she found some pink princess pull-ups. "These will do for now, onto the pacifiers." Said Rukia in a wide grin.
Kurasaki residence
Ichigo sat on the couch watching a romance movie crying at the ending. Until he felt a wet feeling between his legs. "Oh shit dont tell me I pissed myself again!" Lifting his skirt to see a dark stain on the cotton pink panties. "Fuck I need to change." Why do you need to when im here." That voice sent a shiver down his back. He turned his head to see Rukia at the front door with her hands full of bags. "Well look what happens when I leave you alone for a few hours." Ichigo just sat there with his head down. "Its time for some rules rule 1: no more alone time, 2: You will be dressed in girl cloths except at school and in public, but here you have to dress even if your family is here. Rule 3: since you wet like a baby you will be a baby. Rule 4: you will either call me mommy or mistress. Rule 5: I make the rules and you follow them or I will tell everyone at school and in the soul society." Ichigo just stared at Rukia, this was a no win situation so he swallowed his pride and said "Yes mistress Ill do every thing you say." "Alright lets get baby Ichigo in her new dipes." As she said this she pulled out a pink pull-up she had him where she wanted him.
Chapter 5 Family Time
Ichigo just stood there in Rukias wet panties staring at the pink pull-up Rukia was holding. "You coming or am I going, Rukia said in an angry motherly tone, I think it would be better if you came." With this Ichigo felt a shiver go down his spine. He walked over to Rukia and just like last night she was the one to pull his panties down. "Wow you sure filled these didnt you my little sissy baby." Ichigo blushed as she pulled up his new pull-up. "You will only have to wear these for awhile I ordered some special diapers just for my baby."Rukia teased. To be honest to Ichigo they felt rather good. They were soft and comfy as well as nice and warm. "Alright lets get you out of those big girl cloths and into something for my baby." Just then Ichigo heard the front door opened and made a dash for the stairs. Unfortunately Rukia didnt have to waddle when she ran so she blocked him off right when he heard the front door closed. "Yuzu why do we have to go home so fast." Ichigo recognized his younger sister Karin, and by the sound of the conversation his sister Yuzu was there to. "Well Im glade Daddy isnt here less food to make." "Yeah with out goat face there is only one boy we have to deal with now." Every second he heard those steps come closer he felt his heart pump louder and louder. "Well lets go watch some T.V." Karin said as she walked into the living room and stopped just to see her older brother in a skirt diaper and pink T-shirt. "Yuzu whats wrong why did you..."Yuzu just stopped all together.
"Hey Yuzu, Karin whats up."said Rukia said in a vary casual tone. "Whats up what the fuck did you do to my brother bitch!" Yuzu yelled. "Nothing he did everything but the diaper that was my idea." Yuzu and Karin just were amazed at what she just said. "Is this true Ichigo are you really a sissy?"asked Karin. Ichigo would have loved to deny it but in this case he had no choice but to say "yeah I am Im sorry" Ichigo said with tears forming in his eyes. As soon as he started crying Yuzu and Karin ran over to him hugging him telling him its alright. "See Ichigo I knew this would be good for now like I said before lets get you into some more age appropriate, Yuzu can you help me pick something out for him?" Rukia asked. "Okay sure that sounds fun." said Yuzu with a smile on her face. As they both left the room Karin blurted out,"So do really like this stuff Ichigo?" "Yeah I really do to be honest when mom died I had these thoughts but I never did anything till now."remembering how his mother died brought back painful memories, with this he felt a warm feeling in his pull-up. "Whats that smell Karin, Karin said wrinkling here nose noticing Ichigos pull-up, wow you actually pissed your self." Ichigo just blushed red. "Come here Ichigo." says Karin as she grabs a fresh pull-up and some wipes. "Wait Karin I dont..." starts Ichigo as Karin slams a pink pacifier in his mouth. "Now Ichigo you know babies dont talk." giggled Karin as she pushed Ichigo onto the floor. "Now lets change babys dipes." Ichigo just blushed as Karin cleaned him up and pulled up a new pull-up on him." Aw you look so cute Ichigo."
please comment and make any segetions that you would like to see happen later.
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It's kinda hard to read with all the quotes running together, but other than that it's wonderful! I would love to see full time girl, Becoming a woman, and dating!
Baby Akuto
The story is great. I don't have any suggestions, but I do like the way it is going now.
this story is wonderfull
its a good start but may i make a sugesiton if somone become incontinet they wont wet every 5 misn or so usally . it tkae longer then that for the bladder to fill or get any urine init atal . if you want ot make it more relistic reduce the frequancy of wettings althogh itis just a thought though.
for a suggesioint suden incontinece usally has a cause perhaps yo ucould explore that for exampel somthgin truamatised him eslirer that year and the effects are jsut showing now>?
they say beuty is in the eye of the beholder but there is no reason why it cant be wrong
Maybe it is that this is so weird to him that that is a stress reliever. But also, Ichigo and Rukia fight demonic souls that have trouble passing into the netherworld, as well as, vampires and even other soul reapers. So maybe it is a battle wound. It is a good story though
very cute story ^_^
I can't wait to see more. as for suggestions, I find it's always better when the creator works solely on their own imagination.
lots of love
from lilgirl stephy :)
This is a long post of both my opinions and some suggestions.

Sorry to say, but I couldn't manage to suspend my disbelief. I have difficulty believing that Ichigo would allow such a side to emerge even if it did exist. The reason I can not believe it is because of how emotionally closed off Ichigo is, and that repression of emotion is not likely to dissipate because it is the only way that he knows to cope with guilt that he feels at his mother's death, or more specifically her murder. Because of this these events seem highly unlikely, and more to be just a fan's personal fantasy character pairing. However, that is not to say that this story does not have potential; it would be possible to make it more plausible.

It is doubtful that Ichigo would have inclinations to dress in women's clothing since he has never been shown to have feminine attributes, and if you want to stay true to the characters then you can only go off of what the creator has shown in them. However I know of a different possibility. I know a bit about Japanese culture, and one thing I know is that it is not too uncommon for a guy to try on the clothes of a girl that he likes. The reason that this is sometimes done is because it allows them to feel closer to that girl since the clothes had been touching her and likely smell like her, which also acts in a sensory manner to arose feelings of closeness. Now, if you were to immediately establish, possibly through dialogue, that Ichigo has feelings of love for Rukia, then it would not be unthinkable that he might try on her clothes. Also, due to the specific events concerning her rescue, it is plausible that Rukia developed feelings for Ichigo as well. Doing that would set up both a more likely reason for Ichigo to be in Rukia's clothes as well as an explanation (which right now seems to be lacking) for why Rukia is not off-put by finding Ichigo in her clothes.

Now, concerning Rukia's seemingly instantaneous compulsion to dress Ichigo in frilly outfits is something that would be much easier to explain; Rukia has somewhat of an infatuation with cute things i.e see Chappy the Rabbit. So it is possible that she might see the incident as a chance to indulge herself through Ichigo.

In the case of the incontinence, the suggestion of it being caused by a wound is a possibility even though the wounds that he receives in battle are actually to his spirit not his physical body it still remains believable enough that it could be used. Also, I have to agree with ShadowStar, it would not be possible for him to wet himself as often as you have it happening so that is something that you should probably change.

Now, I would suggest that Ichigo's willingness to allow Rukia to do this to him should come from two things; his love for her and memories of how his mother had always filled him with comfort. Now his love for her is self-explanatory, if he loves her he wants to make her happy. Where his memories come in is that through Rukia's babying of him he is reminded of the pleasant memories of his mother; this would also serve as a form of healing since he has never really come to a healthy conclusion where his mother is concerned.

Concerning the family interaction, all I can really say is that you should base their interactions on the individual personalities of the characters; doing that will make it more realistic simply for the standpoint of how the characters act.

Also, I would suggest that the sissy baby play be only one aspect to the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia, otherwise you may run into issues with personality and the relation to the actual plot of BLEACH. And, considering how you had Rukia react the first time she saw Ichigo's privates, it seems you already intend for them to have at least a semi-normal relationship as well.

Now with all that said, you have a great start, one which could profit from a little editing. I meant all of this to just be helpful, so if I have hurt your feelings I apologize. You seem well on your way to creating a very cute and sweet story. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.
Really good start and i do agree with the one above if u sticking too how the Bleach world is or if u just redoing things in your own way. then it's Best too put a caption or some thing so the Die hard Fan of the show not get on yea case. just too let them know its now going too be like the show.
Very good start and good luck in yea story.
Sweet Dreams
Thought it was great, some editing to make paragraphs look neater(could be my iPhone that caused them to look off)

One thought I had with the storyline was 'hollow ichigo' could be replaced in you're version of the story with 'baby ichigo' and unlike when he defeated his inner hollow maybe he was unwilling to fight his inner sissy so it took over

just an idea like what u have done so far

i want more
how about haveing rukia to feed him in a high chiar and other baby things
Good story
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