Lloyds Auntie 1~5 (PG)
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While we were in walmart i had to go to bathroom realy bad i had to make a poo poo i told my auntie .my auntie told me that i was 18 years old i can go by myself . I was going to cry then she ask Ariel to take me she said yes she would take me .We started to walked and the direction towards the wash room when my stomach started to cramp up i had to stop it was so bad .Ariel stop and said we can't stop know cause if we do you may not make it . The thought of me in walmart poo pooing in my daiper scared me so i stared to walk again. when we got to the wash room door i was so excited my mucles gave up and i poo pooed in my diaper . Ariel started to hold me cause she knew i was going to cry so we found my aunt and my cousin they where hadden to see if i made it . When they saw me my cousin Sarah came up and hug me cause i was crying very hard . Then one of walmart employ came up to see if i was ok . My Auntie told her that i had a accident. My auntie ask if i want to get change here or go home and get change . i pick at home where i can have some privacy . auntie had to go to the cheak out line to pay for the stuff she had .Ariel was leading me to the car with her to go wipe my face off because i had dry up tears on my face.When we got home auntie change my stinky diapee and i went down stairs with Ariel .Ariel showed me the stuff they got for me at the store they bought me a bib,bottles,baby formula and pacifier .Ariel took the pacifier and put it in my mouth .then i feld my stomach cramp up i got up and started to do my potty dance i started to wholed my butty then Ariel took me to the bath room and i made it . auntie was so proud of me she let me have a cookie for going to the potty.then auntie called us for dinner to eat. after dinner Ariel and Sarah took me to the park to play . I was so busy playing i didn't relized that i wet myself till Ariel called me over to check my diaper . she said that we will be leaving soon we don't want you to get a rash . while i was on the slide i had to poo poo again so i ran over to Ariel and Sarah holding my butty they knew that i had to go poo poo . so we started to run home but i didnt make it i messed my diaper really bad i started to cry .i was crying so hard that i coudnt walk so Sarah drove the car to the park and pick me up . when i got home i was crying and auntie wanted to know what happend .so Sarah explained while Ariel try to calm me down . so auntie took me up stairs and change my diaper and she put me down for a nap.When i woke up from my nap i remberd what happend at the park earlyer and started to cry .Auntie came in and tryed to calm me down when she did she said that i was having to much fun at the park that i wasn't aware that i had to go to the bathroom. Then i said that i couldn't hold it no more that it just came out. She said that it was ok and gave me a big hug and kiss and a bottle filled with baby formula then she said that Ariel was waiting for me too wake up that she was going to read me a book. Auntie called Ariel to tell her that she can come up now . Ariel came in and said this was the books that i pick out earlyer this morning. Auntie said have fun and she went down stairs to watch tv . Ariel ask me wich one do you want me to read first i pick out Green Eggs And ham and she said good choice . She started to read and she turn the page i said that i would like to see the pitcures she smiled and showed me the pitcure . When she finish the book i was half way sleep she said that i had to get up for auntie to put me in my thick night diaper . Ariel then went down stairs and about five mintutes later my auntie was up stairs to put me in my night diaper. My auntie said the wittle baby going to bed i shook my head yes she then said then we have to put you and a thicker diaper don't we i shook my head yes agian. Auntie said that i was a big wetter at night that i should be and thicker diapes do you like wearing thicker diapers at night she said i shook my head yes and smiled . Before i knew it she had me in my night time dipee and pjs she said that i was set for bed and she will see me in the morning have a good night sleep.

please tell me what u think about my baby boy

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Lloyds auntie PART 3

Lloyds auntie part 3

I woke up this morning with a wet and messy diapee on . I started to cry then Ariel came in and ask me i was ok i shook my head no . She ask me whats wrong I said that i had a accident last night . she said ok do you want me to change you I said your not old nof she said that shes 15 years old and auntie isn't home and auntie told me that i can change you . I couldn't do anything or say anything so she change my diaper . When she was done she said to come down stairs so that i could eat breakfast . She sat me down and the family room and turned on Blues Clues . Then she went in the kitchen to start breakfast . Thats when i saw the letter opener i no i shouldn't but i did and i got caught . Ariel took the letter opener away and said that she was dissapointed in me . I started to cry when she said that she was dissapointed and me she then sat me and the corner of the room. Ariel came and got me when breakfast was ready she came to the corner and said are you ready to come out and eat breakfast. i shook my head yes and gave her a hug and said i was sorwy and went to go eat breakfast. My auntie came home at 3:00 and made dinner . Auntie said that she had a surprise for me then she went in the garge and brought out a adult baby high chair . she sat me in it for dinner and put my bib on me and said eat up. After dinner i had to go to the bathroom and started to hold my pee pee with both of my hands . Sarah took me to the bathroom and i made it to the bathroom . Auntie was so proud of me and Ariel and Sarah said that they take me to the park for going to the potty like a big boy. When we got to the park i went to the slides first. after a hour it was gettng dark and my diaper needed changing so we said we will come back tomorrow if i use the potty . Ariel took me strait up staris and change me and to my night time diaper and my pjs . and tucked me in for the night . I woke up this morning with a wet and messy diaper again and started to cry but this time auntie came in and ask me whats wrong . MY REPLY WAS mommy i made a poo poo and my diapee . auntie ran down stairs and got me a bottle and gave it to me . then she change my stinky diapee and i went back to sleep. when i woke up it wasn't my bed where am i

please tell me what u think about my baby boy

Lloyds Auntie

Lloyds auntie part 4

I was and the family room in a baby crib . Then Ariel came in leand over the crib railing and ask if i needed my diaper change. I wan't to ask her how did i get down stairs and where did they get the crib at all these qusetion running thru my head . I ended up crying from all the question i wanted to ask but didn't . Ariel started to let down the crib railing when she did i gave her a big hug and told her that i was scared. Ariel picked me up and sat me down on the floor and gave me a bottle. I ask her how did i get down here she said that mommy put you down here . I said where is.....then i could feel my stomach knot up and then faaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrttttttt i messed my diaper and started to cry. Ariel ask did i poo poo in my diaper . only thing i could do was shake my head yes. Then she pulled out my changing mat and laid me on top of it and started to take the tabs off my diaper . Then she wipe me till i was clean and said that i need a bath she said go up stairs and wait for her and the bath room and DON'T TOUCH NOTHING. I went up stairs and waited till she got there and she ran the bath water and put bubbles and put me in. Ariel said that she will be back and a half and hour and she better see a clean little boy in there then she left . I was so bessie playing i didnt wash up . Ariel came back up stairs to find a dirty little boy she said that she wasn't surprise to to find me still dirty she said that she will help me clean up. After she got me out the water she dried me off and put a fresh diaper on me . Ariel told me to get the clothes i was wan't to wear today she said just in my diaper . I went to my room and thought for a little bit then i said i was goin a to run around the house just in my daiper so i did . Half way through the house Ariel caught me and made me sit and the naughty corner for ten minute . Ariel took me to my room and helped me with my clothes and hair . Ariel told me that she was going to oli my hair so we can go down stairs and watch tv. She told me to sit on the floor and she will seat on the coutch and oil my hair . Half way thru my hair i had to go use the potty so i got up and started to hold my pee pee . Ariel took me by my hand and lead me to the potty and unbutten my pants and took my diper off and sat me on the potty and put my diaper back on. After she got done oiling my hair she said it was lunch time and made me a hotdog and put me in my high chair to eat. When i was done eating my aunt drove up from work and when she said hello to me i said good morning mommy .I didn't relize what i called her then i remberd earliy this morning when i pooped and my diaper i said mommy i poo pooed and my diaper . I was so embarssed but she didn't say anything so i ask Ariel could i watch tv she said yes . While i was watching tv i had to go poo poo so i went to go find Ariel but i didn't find her so i went to find my auntie when i did find her i was hoping back and forth holding my butty . I told my Auntie that i had to go potty but it came out like this mommy i have to poo poo really bad. So my auntie took me to the potty and i made it to the potty on time so she gave me a cookie for making it to the potty . Auntie told me to go to my room it was time for a nap and she will be there to tuck me in. I got to my room and took all my clothes off and laid and my bed then my auntie came in and tucked me in said good nap . ...................................


LLoyds auntie part 3

I woke with a wet diaper on and started to cry Sarah came in to see what was wrong . I ask her where is auntie she said Ariel and Auntie went to go pick up a pizza for dinner . Sarah ask did i needed my diaper change i frozed and said yes . she got all my changing supples and change my diaper. After Sarah change me she took me down stairs and put me in my high char and lock the tray in place so couldn't get out . I ask her why she lock me in it she said that Auntie and Ariel will be here and a minute . After five minutes Auntie was here and gve me two slice of to eat . After dinner i had to go potty so i did my potty dance holding my pee pee with both hands and Auntie took me to the potty and i made it . Ariel and Sarah took me to the park and Ariel ask me did i wont to get pushed on nthe swings i said yes . Areil ask me did i wonted to get pushed high i daid yes and she said hold on tight. Ariel pushed me to high cause i fell of and started to cry Sarah said she would go back home and drive the car down to get me and Ariel told her that she will stay here and calm me down . When Sarah got to the parkariel told me to get up and get to the car. Auntie was waiting at the door for me to see if i had any scratches . Auntie told me that i didnt have a scratch on me . Then Ariel came in and ask me was i ok i shook my head yes . She said that she was sorry that i fell I told her that it was my Falt that i wasn't holding on tight . Ariel said who every falt it was do i want ice cream i shook my head yes . Ariel took me to the kitchen and sat me in my high chair . Half way through my ice cream i had to pee so i just went in my diaper but i for got i that nobody change me when i got home so my diaper started to leak . I couldn't tell how much it leak till ariel got me out of my high chair . Ariel said look at you you are all wet lets go up stairs and get you ready for bed . so she change me and put me and my night time diaper and pjs and she said have a good night sleep . I didn't have a good night sleep i woke up at 3:00 and started to cry because i herd a monster in my room . Auntie ,Sarah and Ariel came running in to see what was wrong with me . I said its a monster in my room Sarah said its no monster and here . Then ariel said do you want me to sleep in here with you i shook my head yes. Sarah and Auntie left and turned off the the light. I must have went to sleep last night cause i woke up to see Ariel still sleep i ws so happy to see her still here but i started to cry then it hit me i woke up with a wet and messy diaper .Ariel woke up and got my changing supples and change my diaper but i had my night time diaper on she said that shes really sleepy still she didn't notice she had put the thicker diaper on. ................

please tell me what do u thaink about my baby boy

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its good but i would make chapter 1 probably chapter 2 there was no background it just strarted right into the story. lets get all the characters in place let us know who everyone is and y he's in diapers already maybe have a car accident and now he can't control his bathroom neds something like that just let us know y he's incontinent and who everyone is first but don't get me wrong i do like whats there! kinda reminds me of myself a little bit except i don't get the luxury of crying and haveing someone change me or any of the nice stuff he has *cries* oh well maybe someday i will!
Great job! Fantastic!
back ground story spaceing and bigger print if possible
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
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