PG 13 Joey's Dream Life
A boy is sissified by his Housemate, aka his new Daddy. Warning: Gets a little messy :3
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Joey's dream life
Chapter 1

Joey woke up, dazed and disoriented, from a sleep that had seemed hours long. He looked around, and saw an unfamiliar room in darkness, barely able to make out the details.  Suddenly, before he had a chance to say anything, a door swung open and the light was turned on, revealing his roommate, Tommy.

Joey looked on, still slightly confused, before turning his attention to the now-illuminated room. He was startled to find that, on closer examination, it was his room, only now, completely redecorated in pink, covered in items that would be more fitting for a very young girl to own. Now even more confused, Joey looked back to Tommy in search of answers.

''T-Tommy? What is all this...?'' Joey asked, barely able to form the sentence.
''This is your new life, Joey!'' Tommy said, cheerfully. It was at this point that Joey looked down and noticed what he was wearing: A puffy, frilly, pink dress, and he could feel some kind of thick undergarment around his groin. He also looked around him and noticed he was in a pink crib with fluffy toys surrounding him. 
Joey immediately sat up in total confusion. ''I... What happened?'' He asked, at a loss for words.

Tommy walked over to the crib and leant in over it, looking down on Joey.  ''Listen, Joey... The other day, when I had to use your computer... I found all the websites, all the stories and pictures, and I took the hint and made your dreams of being a sissy baby come true.

Joey continued to look around in amazement. He and Tommy had always had a very close relationship; they had bought a house together, and shared every activity. People had often wondered if they were actually in a relationship together, and they didn't know it, but they often wondered that about each other as well.
''But.. but I...'' Joey couldn't find the words he was looking for, so Tommy continued.  ''So, I changed your room while you were out last night, and when you fell asleep, I changed your clothes. Luckily you're a very heavy sleeper!'' He said, smiling happily.
''So, listen, here's how it's going to be.  From now on, you're not Joey, you're Josie, and I am your Daddy.  You're going to live as a baby girl, so I expect you to act like it.  If you're a good girl, I'll reward you, but if you're naughty, you'll have to be punished. Is that okay?'' He asked calmly.

Joey didn't know how to respond quickly enough, so he simply gave a nervous nod. 
''Good! So let's get started then.'' Tommy promptly lifted Joey out of the crib and into the kitchen, carrying him like a baby the whole time. Luckily, Joey was always so small for his age. Joey couldn't believe that all this was happening so fast; it was true that it was his number one fantasy to be like this, and he was secretly happy that it was Tommy doing it, but it was a huge adjustment to make so quickly, and Joey had just noticed that the thick, puffy undergarment from earlier was an actual, real diaper.

Joey was sat down in a slightly-larger than normal high chair, and was strapped into place.
''Be back in a jiffy, sweetie.'' Tommy said, walking off to the kitchen.  Joey had noticed he had called him ''sweetie''. Joey was beginning to wonder just how seriously Tommy was going to take this.

Joey squirmed around in his chair, the puffy diaper proving very uncomfortable in such a tight space.  As he was fixated on the feeling of his tight diaper, he was startled when he heard Tommy's voice asking ''Having fun?''.

Joey looked up and saw that Tommy had been watching him squirming in his diaper. He was heavily embarrassed and started blushing heavily and looking away. ''Baby must really like her diapee! Now, open wide, Josie.'' Tommy said cheerfully.  Joey quickly looked back, his mouth slightly open, before a pink spoon was shoved into his mouth unexpectedly.  He involuntarily swallowed the food on the spoon, and recognized it as baby food.  Before Joey could say anything at all, Tommy continually shoved the spoonfuls of baby food into Joey's mouth.  Eventually Joey gave up trying to comment on the not-so-nice taste of the mushy food, and decided to start eating it willingly.  Joey could now see just how serious Tommy was about this, and became somewhat excited that his dream was finally happening. ''I could get used to this'' he thought to himself, dreaming of all the possibilities. 

Several minutes later, and Joey had finished his breakfast. He was released from the high chair and was sat down next to his new Daddy on the couch. Tommy turned on the baby girl's television channel and snuggled up close to his new Daughter.
Some time later, Joey was woken up by gentle nudging and calling of the name ''Josie...''.  He looked up and saw it was Tommy waking him up. ''We can't have you napping for too long, sweetheart.  Otherwise you'll never get to sleep tonight.''  
Joey then realized he would have a bedtime, just like a real baby would.  This just got better and better.

''By the way Josie, Daddy has a surprise for you...'' Tommy said, reaching into a large bag he was keeping on the table. Joey watched closely in anticipation of what it could be.

''...Ta-da!'' Tommy exclaimed as he pulled out a Barbie doll and a pink flower pacifier.  Joey smiled lightly, unable to find any words to reply with.  Tommy stuck the Pacifier firmly in Joey's mouth and gave him the Barbie doll, which Joey then proceeded to hug tightly. ''T-thank you.. Daddy!'' Joey said, nervously. He had just called Tommy Daddy for the first time, and it felt somehow.. right.

''Aw, you're welcome Princess...'' Tommy said as he slowly lifted up a camera and snapped a picture of Joey playing with his Barbie. This came as a shock to Joey, who looked up to see Tommy examining the photo with a smile on his face. Joey blushed nervously and continued to play with his Barbie doll and suck happily on his pacifier. 

A few hours went by, and Joey had found himself loving his new life and the affection from his new Daddy.  He could really see himself getting used to this, though he was still slightly unsure in some aspects.

Suddenly, as he was playing with his toys, he felt a familiar feeling in his stomach. He knew instantly that he had to go to the bathroom. Unsure of what to do, he walked up to Tommy and asked him nervously.

''Umm... Daddy... I have to... um... go to the bathroom...'' He said, looking at his feet.
Tommy looked slightly stern. ''Do you mean you have to go potty?'' Tommy asked, insisting on using baby talk. Joey simply nodded.

Tommy smiled and put a hand on Joey's shoulder. ''Well, then go ahead, Josie.''  Joey nodded and began walking off to the bathroom before being stopped by Tommy's stern voice. ''Where are you going, little missy?'' ''...I was just going to the bathroom...'' Joey replied, nervously.

''That potty is for big girls and boys, Josie.  You have to use the potty that you're wearing.'' Tommy said, folding his arms. Joey suddenly realized the obvious and blushed heavily. ''B-but I can't do that..!'' Joey said, raising his voice slightly. ''Sorry, Josie. Grown ups use the potty, and baby girls use their diapers. And please don't raise your voice to me.'' Tommy replied, growing more and more stern. 

Joey gave in and reluctantly asked ''W-where do I go to do it....?''.  Tommy smirked and looked down at Joey. ''Do it here, in front of me.'' Joey blushed even harder and began protesting. ''B-but I--'' 

''No buts, young lady. I expect a baby like you to be able to go potty in front of your Daddy. Now, don't make me give you a spanking.''

Joey was startled by the firm warning, and decided to finally give in.  He closed his eyes and attempted to relax, and after several moments of silence, Tommy could hear the squishy noises and see the back of Joey's diaper rising.  Joey could feel the poop spreading all over his butt and trembled slightly at the sensation. Finally, he was done, and opened his eyes to see his Daddy smiling happily. ''Good girl, Josie!'' Tommy said as he picked Joey up like a baby. Joey let out a girly sigh of relief that his Daddy was pleased. Tommy sniffed Joey for a brief moment before walking into Joey's bedroom. ''Whew, let's get you out of that stinky diapee, huh?'' Joey smiled, embarrassed, but somehow pleased.

Tommy laid him down on a changing table and began to unfasten the diaper. As he opened it, Joey watched Tommy's eyes widen slightly before looking up to Joey's face. ''My, you made a biiig poopy for such a little girl!'' He said with a smirk on his face, as he threw out the dirty diaper and wiped Joey's bottom clean.

Several minutes later, Joey was now in a fresh new diaper, decorated with Disney Princesses on the front. ''Feel better, Josie?" Tommy asked. Joey nodded happily.
That night, at around 9:00pm, it was Joey's bed time.  Tommy had undressed Joey into a pink nightie, and lifted him gently into his crib. ''Sleep well, Princess, we have a big day tomorrow. Nightie-night.'' Tommy whispered softly, before kissing Joey gently on the forehead, causing him to blush wildly.

Joey laid down, the soft pink night light illuminating the room, and drifted off to sleep, now completely happy with where his life was headed.

Hope all you sissies enjoyed! I hope to continue this if people like it, but please comment to tell me what you think! It'll help me to make the next one :3

Also, please talk to me if you want! I don't have anyone to talk about sissy stuff to >w
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i just love it keep up the good work and love to see more very soon
really enjoy the way your story has started definately hope you keep going with this
I love your story. Please continue :)
Its all about the humiliation
So fun would love to chat on yahoo my name on there is emilyreneequinn
pwease keep da stowy up it wealy good
Sissy Alissa
I love love love love love love love love love!!!! This is such a nice story. I want a daddy like Josie has! 
That was absolutely adorable!!! Please Please  Please Please  do more   : 3
 pwease  continue da stowy, itssa gweat stowy so far hee hee hee
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