Jimmy's Potty Training Fiasco (PG)
A teenage sissy's mom tries to potty train her diaper-dependant son
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Author's note: this story is actually #5 in my Jimmy series but I was thinking about it Hayden Pannettiere

who I thought would make the perfect cheerleader in the story and on a whim, thought I'd post it in it's entirety. I hope you enjoy it
. :-)

Jimmy's Potty Training Fiasco

I sat sullenly in the passenger seat of my mom's car, as we made our way across town. Her words of scolding were still ringing in my ears from this morning's diaper change.

"It's time you started growing up, Jimmy,'' she had said with obvious annoyance as she was pulling my peach colored plastic panties up my legs, ''I'm not going to keep changing your diapers forever, you know.''

It was that conversation that had prompted her to begin potty training me in earnest and she informed me of her intention that it was time that we went shopping for some training pants today.That decision was certainly good news to me. Ever since we had moved away from the town where I had suffered endless humiliations and torments at Melissa's hand, I had wanted to make a new start. Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to get my incontinence under control and I was still wetting my diapers regularly, even during the daytime. Most of the time, there would be almost no prior indication that I had to go and sometimes I didn't even realize what was happening until I felt the warm wetness soaking into the front of my diapers. Often I was unable to stop the flow until it was pretty much too late. By that time, there didn't seem to be too much point in holding back any further and I'd just relax and let nature take over. My mom said that I just wasn't trying hard enough and she had threatened me plenty of times with the paddle but I continued to insist that it wasn't my fault.

Nonetheless, summer was quickly coming to an end and I was mortified at the thought of starting at a new school wearing the babyish undergarments. It was made worse by the fact that the diapers I wore were so thick and fluffy that I was unable to wear any normal pants over them. The exception were a pair of pink shorts I had inherited from the nurse at my old school but in reality, they were hardly any better than having my diapers fully exposed. They were snug fitting and with their white lace accents, they looked more like rhumba panties than gym shorts. However, it was either wear them or have my plastic pants visible to everyone.
So it was that today when we left the house, I was wearing a t-shirt, pink Ked's sneakers, my triple thick diapers and my pink gym shorts. I have a rather slight, frail body, and my diapers billowed out prominently, making what I was wearing unmistakable, no matter what I was covering them with.

Of course, I was mortified to be seen in public like this. Only a blind man wouldn't know that I was a boy in his mid-teens who still hadn't graduated from wearing diapers. I absolutely dreaded having to go into a store or mall and I continually bit my lip with nervousness.

We stopped in front of a Long's Drugs store and my mom shut off the car engine but I made no move to get out. My mom, when she reached the sidewalk and realized I was still in the car, gave me a frosty look of disapproval.

"Jimmy! You get your butt out of that car this instant!'' she barked at me.

"But Mom!'' I whined pleadingly.

"But nothing, Mister,'' she snapped.

Coming over to my side of the car, my mom reached inside and grasped me by my ear, yanking me out of my seat.

"Owww!'' I cried as I stumbled out after her, helpless against her hold.

A couple of young girls about thirteen witnessed my plight and giggled at me. When I stood up and bolted into the store, I heard them whispering with each other, no doubt about my obvious diapered condition.My face was blushing fiercely as we entered the brightly lit store and I glanced around frantically to see who was staring at me. By some miracle, we were largely ignored as we headed through the aisles to the back of the store. I thought we'd stop at the adult diaper section since I was now fifteen years old but we kept going until we reached the pharmacist's counter.

Behind the counter was a pretty brunette wearing a white uniform coat over her slim figure. Despite the long, shapeless form of her jacket, I saw immediately that underneath, she had a fantastic body, and her tight white top hugged her luscious bosom, revealing two youthful breasts like a ripe pair of cantelopes.
As we approached the low counter, I blushed anew as she gazed over at me with an amused look.

"Can I help you?'' she asked my mom in a sweet, feminine voice.

"Yes. I'm looking for training panties for my Jimmy here. Do you think you have any in his size?'' my mom asked matter-of-factly.

I coughed nervously as my face grew redder.

''Training pants, Mom,'' I tried to correct her.

The young pharmacist lady smiled at me engagingly, showing her dimples as she looked down at my fat diapers.

"Mmm...I'm afraid not Ma'am, none that come that big.''

I blushed hotly and turned away to avoid her stare.

"Yes, it's been hard enough trying to find diapers and plastic panties in his size,'' my mom lamented.

The pretty woman giggled as she looked me up and down.

"Too bad Huggies doesn't make any pull-ups in his size,'' she mused as she tried to suppress a giggle.

"I think I may have a place that you might try,'' she offered, ''it's called ABWorld, and it's about a mile from here.''

My mom thanked her and got directions to the store before telling her goodbye. On our way out of the drugstore, we passed through the toddler's section and my mom suddenly stopped abruptly.
"Now here's what you need,'' she exclaimed as she reached down and picked up a large potty chair made of sturdy pink plastic. On its side, in gaily written script amongst blocks and giraffes, were the words 'Baby's potty time!'.
I blushed as she handed it to me but I was grudgingly willing to pay that price to get out of my humiliating diapers once and for all.
We headed up to the front registers and I could feel everyone's eyes on me, despite the gym shorts I was wearing over my diapers. I hated going out in public for this reason since there was no mistaking what I had on underneath. My bulky diapers stuck out blatantly and my bottom looked fat and rounded, all the more because of my skinny frame.
When we got up to the checkout counter, the middle aged lady took the potty seat from me to scan it but she stopped when she saw me fidgeting in front of her.

"Looks like someone's about to start his potty training,'' she announced, loud enough for everyone to hear.

The checker behind us, an attractive woman in her late twenties, turned around and stared down at my thickly padded hips, before smiling broadly at me. I squirmed in embarrassment as everyone within earshot stared openly at me.
''I'll bet your mommy's so proud of her little boy, now that he's finally graduating from his pampers,'' our checker said smiling down at me.My face turned a bright red and I felt my ears burning with humiliation.

"It's long overdue,'' my mom answered as she paid for the potty seat.

"I'm sure it is," the checker giggled as she handed my mom her change.

"Well, good luck with your potty training, Honey,'' she told me as she handed the seat over to me.

I practically ran out of the store although the thickness of my diapers made it more of a brisk waddle. My mom followed me out and she gave me a look that showed her lack of sympathy for my situation.

After getting back into the car, we headed to the other store and found it without difficulty. Walking in, I was surprised to find the vast selection of items they stocked for adult babies. I had no idea such a place existed and mom went to find a salesperson.
A statuesque blond woman came over and greeted us warmly, looking me up and down appraisingly and I felt like she was undressing me with her eyes. She had an hourglass figure with an amazingly slim waist, made all the more impressive by the size of her big bust. She wore a loosely buttoned blouse of a light material over a low cut yellow halter top with a lacey, scoop cut. I tried not to stare at her deep cleavage but I found myself helplessly aroused by this tall, intimidating woman.
It had been a week since I had last masturbated and despite the intense humiliation I was feeling, I was ravenously horny. My mom was livid whenever I had been unlucky enough to be caught and such an event always resulted without fail in a blistering spanking, in addition to other punishments such as she saw fit.

She liked to subject me to random diaper checks, looking for any evidence that I had been playing with myself. Such evidence would bring about swift and painful punishment so I had to be exceedingly careful in relieving myself. The last time she'd caught me was about a half hour after she'd put me to bed, a time when I thought I'd be safe for my masturbatory misadventures since by morning, my diapers would be soaked with pee anyway, thereby hiding any trace of cum. However, on this surprise inspection, she'd caught me right after I'd shot my load of gooey semen into the snuggly soft folds of my diapers. The paddling that followed hurt so bad that I'd been forced to sleep on my stomach the rest of the night.

It was memories of that episode that were going through my mind as I gazed at the buxom amazon before us. Stimulated by such incredible sexuality, my little pecker was at full attention, although there was no visible indication of it, were anyone to look at the front of my shorts. My penis was so small and my diapers so thick that even with a raging hard-on, there was just no discernible bulge in front.

"How can I be of assistance?'' the woman asked in a polite, yet firm voice.

I could easily imagine that she had a strong spanking arm.

"I'm looking for training panties for my son Jimmy here,'' my mom began, ''do you have something for heavy wetter?''

I groaned inwardly. No matter how many times I corrected her, my mom insisted on calling my plastic and now training pants, panties.

"Oh yes! And congratulations!'' she exclaimed to me enthusiastically, ''I'll be happy to show you some panties that would be just perfect for your little boy.''

I really resented being referred to as a little boy but I didn't want to cause a commotion that might result in a trip out to the car for a spanking so I remained silent.

"I'll bet you're very excited to begin your potty training, hmm?'' she asked as she bent down to talk to me. She must've been over six

feet tall because she towered over me, making me feel much like the little boy she was referring to.
In response, I mumbled under my breath and she led us to an aisle with cloth and disposable diapers.
"I would recommend these,'' she said as she held before us a thick pair of cloth training pants. They looked soft but a lot thicker than I expected and they were decorated with a nursery print of baby rattles and playing bears. I didn't like the fact that they were pink with white lacy borders and to me, they looked like they were intended for a little toddler girl, despite the fact that they were obviously in my size.

"These have an extra absorbent soaker pad sewn in between the legs for any 'accidents' he may have,'' she explained informatively.

"I'm sure that'll come in handy,'' my mom replied sourly.

Suddenly, I felt the anger rising within me. These were little better than the diapers I was already wearing, maybe worse, since they were in such a babyish nursery print. I decided right then and there that there was no way I was going to let my mom get these for me. I was fifteen years old now and it was time for me to put my foot down!

"No!'' I suddenly blurted out, with more vehemence than even I expected.

My mom, who was ignoring me as usual, turned to face me, a look of shock in her face. Even the sexy saleswoman gazed at me in surprise by my sudden outburst.

"What did you say?'' my mom demanded.

The first inklings of doubt were already starting to creep into my subconscious as I wondered whether I was making the right move.

"No,'' I repeated, now a little unsure, ''I don't want to wear those. Those are for babies!''

I tried to sound firm and strong but my voice cracked and I came across sounding weak and petulant.

"You're wearing baby diapers and plastic panties right now, Young Man,'' my mom pointed out, her tone of voice taking on an edge,

''it's a little late to be talking about looking like a baby.''

"No!'' I repeated, crossing my arms in defiance, ''I won't wear them!''

For a second, there was a brief moment of silence as the tension filled the air.

"Excuse me for a moment, we'll be right back,'' my mom told the saleswoman in a voice filled with determination.

The busty woman suppressed a giggle and nodded knowingly as my mom yanked me toward the door by my ear.

"I've had enough of your bad behavior,'' my mom snarled at me under her breath, ''You're going to get a little lesson in manners, Mister.''

My heart began beating wildly as I realized the horrible miscalculation I had made. Somehow, I had to placate her before it was too late. She hauled me out roughly, never letting go of my ear and we passed another mother and her two young daughters on the sidewalk. We were parked right in front of the store and my mom only stopped by the side door long enough to reach in and retrieve the paddle. The sight of it filled me with dread and my facade of indignation evaporated like a drop of water in a fire.

"No Mommy! I promise I'll be good!'' I pleaded with her frantically.

The mother and her daughters stopped for a moment to see what was about to happen to this young man who was obviously still in diapers, and about to get them pulled down for a much deserved spanking.
My mom ignored my begging and proceeded to put down the tailgate of the SUV to provide herself with a seat and plenty of swinging room.

"No Mommy, please!'' I wailed, ''I'll wear those training pants now, please?!''

Tears were already brimming in my eyes as she sat down and yanked my pink shorts down roughly. I blushed as the young girls pointed at my thick diapers and began giggling loudly but I had little time to think about that. Within seconds, my mom had begun tugging my peach colored plastic pants off of my diaper and down my skinny thighs, leaving them just below my knees.
By now I was openly crying, partly out of shame, but also because I was trying to avoid the spanking I knew was coming in mere seconds. My mom jerked me over her lap angrily, unpinning my thick cloth diapers in a flash and exposing my small, bare round cheeks to the trio of onlookers.

Taking only long enough to push the soft, thick cotton layers back and between my legs, she placed her left hand on my back to hold me in place firmly while her other hand grasped the wooden paddle with grim determination. Up it swooped, before arcing back down to land in a loud, crisp 'SMACKK!' against my bottom.
I howled in pain and bucked on her lap as the paddle came down again and again, slapping my tender cheeks in its implacable mission of vengeance.


An endless stream of tears coursed down my face and my nose was running unchecked.
By now, the mother and her daughters had decided to watch the spectacle I was making of myself as I bawled like a baby. My legs were windmilling in the air as I struggled to maintain my balance while my mom spanked me with unrelenting vigor. Only when she had paddled my cheeks to a bright, candy apple red, did she stop and set the instrument of my punishment down.
I lay there, crushed with humiliation at this very public spanking and sobbed loudly, as my mom re-pinned my diapers over my stinging fanny. Several other shoppers, as they got out of their cars, had also stopped to watch and I knew my crying was only

attracting further attention.

"Now," she began, "You are going to march your little sissy bottom back in there and ask the nice saleslady if she will sell you those training panties. Do I make myself clear?'' she demanded tersely.

"Y-yes, Mommy,'' I whimpered between sobs.

Allowing me to stand up, my shoulders heaved as she brought my plastic panties back up my legs, tugging them roughly over my thick, bulging diapers. I thought she was going to do the same with my shorts but instead, she yanked them off from my ankles and threw them into the back of the car.
I cried out and tried to retrieve them but she slapped me sharply on the thick seat of my diapers.

"Those stay off for the rest of the day, Jimmy,'' she said with finality and I sobbed miserably.
Now my diapers stuck out like a flashing neon sign and everyone who saw us, stopped whatever they were doing to stare at me.
Shuffling dejectedly back into the store, I caught sight of the mother who had watched my humiliating ordeal and now she was shaking her head as she looked me in the eye, no doubt disgusted by my lack of maturity. Her girls pointed at my shiny plastic pants and burst into giggles with no regard whatsoever to my pride. I blushed a bright shade of red that went all the way from my chest to my ears.

Walking determinedly, my mom pulled me alongside by my wrist while I waddled behind her, trying to keep up. My pathetic attempt to try and establish my authority had gone up in smoke and after the sound spanking, I was once again, docile and submissive as a lamb. What shred of willpower I had shown five minutes ago had been effectively and completely paddled out of my system.
We went back up to the tall, sexy saleslady, and I tried to wipe the tears off my face as she smiled down at me knowingly. Her expression clearly indicated that she knew exactly what had happened and I blushed furiously.

"Jimmy has something he'd like to say,'' my mom announced formally.

With my bottom still blazing within my diapers, I was totally chastised and willing to submit.

"Um, uh, may I please, um, have those training panties, please?'' I asked uncertainly.

"Well, you certainly may,'' she said with an excess of politeness.

"And how many would you like, Sweety?'' she asked as she reached over to the shelf to get them.

"Three pair, will be plenty,'' my mom replied, ''I'm still doubtful that he has the maturity to be successfully potty trained, anyway.''

Tears of humiliation trickled down my face as the woman placed three of the childish panties in my hands. I stared down miserably at the colorful cartoon characters that covered the front and seat, realizing belatedly that my tantrum had achieved nothing except for a stinging spanking.

I sat on the potty seat fidgeting, still unable to make myself tinkle into the plastic container. I had been there for ten minutes straight and my mom's patience was running out like water down a drain.
The thing was, she was making me nervous and my bladder was adamantly refusing to cooperate.

"Come on Jimmy, I haven't got all day,'' she reminded me for the second time.

We were in the bathroom and my new training panties were lying on the counter, alongside some plastic panties, waiting to be put on me for the first time. It was a momentous occasion for me, that I might actually be able to stop wearing my humiliating diapers but try as I might, my wee-wee was stubbornly refusing to help me out. My mom was tapping her feet impatiently, her arms crossed over her chest while she waited for me to "do my thing". I was squatting awkwardly on the undersized (for me) potty seat, wearing my t-shirt but otherwise nude from the waist down except for my Ked's sneakers.
Finally, my mom got tired of waiting. Yanking me up by my wrist, she smacked my still pink bottom and stood me up.

"All done? You'd better be, because I will NOT have you wetting your trainers like they're diapers,'' she lectured me. While she

scolded me, she pulled the thick cloth training panties up my legs and into place. I looked down at the pretty pink panties, with their babyish nursery print of playful bears and rattles and I could feel my face redden. These were followed by a pair of clear plastic panties which she went on to explain;

"I'm going to be keeping an eye on you, Jimmy, '' she warned me in a serious tone, ''if I see a wet spot through these panties, there will be serious consequences.''

I gulped in fear and unconsciously rubbed my plastic covered bottom.

"Yes, Mommy,'' I replied timidly.

"The bathroom is off limits to you. If you have to go potty, you call me, and I'll pull down your trainers for you so you can use your potty seat. Do you understand me?''

"Yes, Mommy,'' I answered.

After that, my afternoon progressed more or less normally. I fooled around with my legos for about an hour but when I stood up to get something off the counter, I noticed a small damp spot had appeared on the inside front of my plastic panties. I didn't remember feeling an urge to go and it wasn't much, but with the clear vinyl plastic, even a small spot stuck out prominently.
It made me nervous because my mom had been short tempered lately and this might be enough to trigger another painful spanking. While I pondered the situation, I suddenly felt a strong urge to pee come upon me. I was only just barely able to cut it off before I flooded my trainers so I knew I had to get to my mom fast.

Going into the dining room, I discovered that she was on the phone, deep in what appeared to be an important conversation. Standing before her, I tried to get her attention but she ignored me, waving me away like I were a fly that was annoying her.
Suddenly I felt another strong wave and before I could catch it, a little bit leaked out. I glanced down fearfully and with a sinking feeling, I could tell that it was now obvious that I'd wet myself. A light yellow stain the size of a silver dollar could plainly be seen where I had saturated one of the pink bears and one of the rattles. I bit my lip in angst and tried again to get my mom's attention.

"Mommy! I gotta go pee!'' I cried.

My mom gave me a frosty look and put her finger to her lips to silence me.
"....so what kind of interest rate can I expect on the long term bonds...'' she continued to the person she was speaking with.
Suddenly, my dam broke. With an unstoppable flow, warm, wet pee flooded into my training panties, quickly drenching them and soaking them through. Although made of an absorbent cloth, these were not like my thick, thirsty diapers that could contain the quantity of wetting like I normally did. I gasped as a pool of unsaturated pee collected between my legs, threatening to leak out through the legs holes of my plastic panties. I let out a cry of despair as I looked down to see the puddle of yellow pee, easily visible through the clear vinyl panties, dribble past the elastic openings and down my inner thighs.

"Mommy!" I cried out instinctively, stamping my feet and bunching my fists in an urgent dance for attention.

My mom looked extremely irritated as she finally turned to me and saw what was going on.

"Look. I've got to go," she told the person on the phone curtly, "I've got a situation I have to deal with here."

I felt the seat of my trainers starting to soak up some of the excess pee as the flood finally slowed to a trickle. My mom made a quick impatient goodbye on the phone and then stood up to look down on me.

"Jimmy!? Do you know who that was I was talking to on the phone?" she demanded angrily.

"--It was a very important person," she snapped, "and I don't have time to deal with babies like you everytime you feel you want to tinkle!"

"But I--" I tried to stammer.

Without another word, my mom reached into her purse where my paddle waited, polished to a high shine from so much use. Grabbing me by my ear, she lifted me up until I was almost on my toes. The wooden paddle shrieked through the air, landing on my plastic pantied seat with a dull SPLATT!!

I cried out in fear and dismay and jumped with surprise. The sharp impact of the paddle caused more of the warm pee to escape and it dribbled down my inner thighs humiliatingly.
So angry was my mom that she hadn't even waited to pull down my trainers or plastic panties. She swatted at my captive bottom again, sending my wet cheeks a message that said, this is just a taste of what you've got coming.
After the first two swings, my mom tore my plastic panties down to mid-thigh level, lashing out again. The paddle landed with a stinging splat and a squish and I felt even more childish that my sopping wet training pants were hugging my round, sissy bottom snugly. Even though the wet cloth was fairly thick, my mom had a seasoned swinging arm and her paddle made itself felt with a stinging bite, even through the training panties.


My bottom was already sore from my earlier spanking and these deep, fearsome swats quickly pushed me over the edge. I burst into tears even as she jerked my wet trainers down to join my plastic panties.
Now my wet bottom was bared and defenseless, dreading the impact of the harsh wooden paddle on its yeilding, tender surface. My mom didn't hesitate and she slapped my pink cheeks soundly, smacking them singly, and then together. My soft, round cheeks jiggled each time the hard wooden paddle struck them and they blushed hot red with each punishing impact. I wailed and sobbed, dancing on my feet but I was unable to escape the terrific onslaught against my youthful bottom.


I cried like a baby, my tiny little pecker jerking up and down while I howled in pain.


For the second time today, my face was wet with tears as I bawled unashamedly. Every time my torso swung forward, trying to escape the paddle, my mom would pull me up with her other hand and swat my blushing wet fanny with the other. The sting is always twice as bad on a freshly wet bottom and today was certainly no exception. My cheeks went from pink, to bright red, to a deep, flaming reddish crimson. She'd look for a spot that was only a shade less red than the others and then she'd let me have it twice as hard there. I was crying so hard I could only gasp for breath between my piteous sobs of sorrow.
At last, she stopped the painful spanking and let me catch my breath.

"Well Jimmy. I thought you were ready for training panties but evidently you're not," she scolded me.

She emphasized her point with another harsh slap to my unsuspecting bottom.


I bellowed out in pain and a fresh torrent of tears spilled down my wet cheeks.

"Since you can't control yourself any better than a baby, I'm putting you straight back into your diapers for the rest of the day!"

I sobbed in shame as she set the paddle down with a clatter and led me to my bedroom where my diapering supplies were waiting. As she let go of me, I rolled onto the changing pad on my side, afraid to let my burning bottom make contact with the plastic vinyl of my changing table.

"I don't know why this is so difficult for you," she chided me as she pulled out a triple stack of cloth diapers and positioned them under my rump, "you're nothing but a big baby--do you know that?"
I nodded my head between sobs, hoping to diffuse my mom's angry mood.

"You can start your nap early today," she said infuriatingly as she pulled the ends of the thick diapers together so she could pin them, "that way you can't get into any more trouble than you already have."

I sobbed again as the diapers rubbed against my blazing cheeks, only to have the inferno sealed up tight as each side got pinned securely into place. Shaking out a pair of white nursery print plastic panties, my mom tugged them up my legs and jerked them around the bulk of my diapers.

"Now, get into bed! I don't want to hear so much as a peep out of you for the rest of the afternoon!" she said as she slapped my thickly diapered fanny. With sunlight peeking through the curtains, I made my way into bed miserably, crying myself into a fitful sleep.

The next morning, after a very wet night in my diapers, my mom reluctantly announced that we would resume my potty training. I was much relieved and twice as determined to do a better job today than yesterday.
After breakfast, my mom removed my wet diapers and put me in a bubble bath to get me cleaned up. I would have preferred to be left alone to clean myself but my mom would have none of it. Instead, she leaned over me and washed me thoroughly with a soapy washcloth, making sure to she devoted extra attention to my private areas. It was humiliating to have my own mom washing me like this but there was little I could say about it.

After my bath, my mom continued with her ministrations, drying me off with a big fluffy towel, despite my protestations.
Taking me by the hand, she sat me down on my potty seat and told me brusquely to "do my business".
For some reason, I just didn't feel the need to go, and of course, her presence standing over me certainly didn't help. It could be that I had just peed most of my morning urges into my diaper when I was at breakfast. Typically, I'd wake up with a strong urge to go and I'd simply pee into my already soaked diaper, either while I was still in bed, or later, at the breakfast table. Since my mom never changed me before we ate, it helped to warm up the wet, clinging cloth until I could get into a fresh pair.

"Jimmy," my mom said evenly as she watched me on my potty chair, "I hope this isn't going to be a repeat of yesterday."

"But, Mommy, I don't have to go right now," I whined.

"Well you can just sit there, Young Man, I won't have you wetting your training panties like they're diapers--"

Just then, the doorbell rang and I froze in fear.

"Don't you move an inch," she warned me with a wag of her finger.

As she left the bathroom, I heard her steps as she walked out to the front door. Part of me wanted to get off my potty chair and sit on the toilet although there really wasn't any point, since I didn't have to go anyway.
Hopefully, the person at the door was the mailman or something and would soon go away.
I strained my ears to try and hear what was taking place.

It sounded like my mom recognized whoever it was, possibly a young woman, and I heard the door close.
OH NO! I heard two sets of steps coming toward the bathroom. What was I to do? Whoever was with her was soon going to be coming around the corner, where they'd see me squatting over my potty chair like a little toddler! I bit my knuckle in anxiety and panic just as they came through the door.

"And here's my little troublemaker," my mom said by way of introduction.

The young woman behind her was quite stunning in her short white shorts and yellow crop top. She looked to be only a couple years older than me, maybe seventeen or eighteen, with long dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. Her flat, firm tummy was exposed below the tight top that was stretched smooth around her two perfect breasts.

"Oh, he doesn't look like too much trouble to me," she said with a dismissive grin, no doubt influenced by my pathetic appearance.
I blushed hot red and looked away, my eyes brimming with tears of shame.

"I've just started Jimmy's potty training, as you can see, although we got off to a bit of a rocky start yesterday," my mom explained while the sexy brunette giggled with amusement.

"Like I said on the phone, normally, Jimmy wears thick diapers during the day but I'm hoping that he's finally ready to grow up and move on to training panties."

The tall girl knelt down and grasped me lightly by my chin, turning me to face her.

"Well, hello there, Jimmy," she said very sweetly, "my name is Susan."

Her voice sounded as if she were addressing a small child, rather than a fifteen year old guy.
My face was a bright red and I could feel the heat all the way up to my ears.

"Hi," I croaked, keeping my eyes downcast. I could see that she had long, smooth legs and I was so humiliated to be seen like this, by such a sexy girl who was practically my peer.

"You won't wet your training panties today, will you?" she said encouragingly.

I shook my head as I blushed an even deeper red, if that was possible.

"That's good," she said, "because if you do, I'll have to put you back into your baby pampers, okay?"

I nodded my head but kept it down to hide my shame and tears.

"Susan is going to be your babysitter today while I'm gone," my mom said authoritatively, "you are to do exactly as she tells you. Do you understand me Jimmy?"

"Yes, Mommy," I mumbled.

"And if I hear you've been disobedient while I'm away, you'll be taking another trip over my lap. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Mommy," I repeated.

Susan giggled as she looked down at me.

"I'm sure you'll be a wonderful little boy for me today, won't you Jimmy?" she said in her sweet voice.

I nodded in embarrassment, humiliated at being treated like such a infantile child.

"All done?" my mom asked, pointing at the potty chair, "I have to get going."

I nodded and my mom unceremoniously stood me up. I frantically tried to cover up my minuscule wiener but it was too late. Susan was looking right at it and she broke into laughter before she could stifle it.

"I'm sorry," she said as she covered her mouth with her hand, "it's just so...tiny!"

I grimaced and looked away as my face burned with shame. My mom put my feet through the leg holes in the training panties and raised the childish underwear up and into place. She followed these with a pair of translucent pink plastic panties with white ruffles around the leg holes and waist. Even though these weren't as see-thru as the clear ones I was wearing yesterday, the colorful nursery characters were still plainly visible and the soft white ruffles made it look twice as babyish.

"There," she said as she slapped my pantied bottom, "Susan can finish dressing you. I've got to get going or I'll be late."

The two of them made their goodbyes and I was left alone with Susan who took me into my bedroom.

"Well, let's see what we can find for you to wear today," Susan said brightly.

"I can dress myself," I said sullenly.

"Now let's not have any of that," she replied, her tone taking on a barely perceptible change, "Your mommy left your paddle for me to use if I need it."

She picked up the wooden paddle and smacked it against the palm of her hand.

"I'll bet that hurts on a little boy's bare bottom, doesn't it Jimmy?" she prompted me.

I blushed deeply at her humiliating question.

"I'm not a little boy!" I complained bitterly.

"Aww...well, you sure look like one in your trainers and plastic panties," she teased me.

I bit my lip, unable to come up with a satisfactory response to that one. If I could only keep them dry for the afternoon, perhaps I could finally get back to wearing adult clothes again, I reasoned. I certainly didn't want this sexy babe to see me wet myself, that was for sure.

As she went to my closet, she picked out a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for me to wear.

"Tell you what, Champ," she offered, "how 'bout we go out and get some ice cream. Would you like that?"

Suddenly, things were starting to look up.

"Okay," I said, somewhat warily.

If I was able to wear jeans over my trainers, and not have any other babyish clothing visible, I might be taken for any other teenager, instead of a bedwetting little sissy. Not to mention that I'd be in the company of this hot babe, and onlookers might actually mistake her for my girlfriend. Wouldn't that be great!
I let her dress me in my normal clothes happily now, looking forward to being treated with respect and envy by those around me. The jeans were a bit snug but certainly far better than having to wear my fat diapers and a pink pair of tight shorts.
"How old are you Jimmy? Thirteen?" she asked as she lowered my t-shirt over my head.
My face reddened again at her underestimating assumption.

"I'm fifteen," I told her.

"Oh. Sorry," she said, although she didn't sound sorry at all.

Taking my hand, she led me out to her car and we got in. It was only a short drive to an ice cream stand nearby our house and we arrived without incident. I had the opportunity to study her fabulous body on the way and I was horny and excited by the time we pulled up. She had long, curly hair, the color of dark chocolate, and it spilled over her shoulders and over her perky, big boobs. Normally I would never have the chance to be this close to such a knockout so I didn't want to blow it by staring at her sexy cleavage, despite the irresistible temptation to do so.

We walked up to the ice cream stand and I picked out a cone for myself. There was no one else around and I relaxed, hoping the woman behind the counter might think Susan and I were going together. In any event, she didn't look me up and down like I was used to so that was good enough for me.
I was licking from my cone when Susan's cell phone started ringing from inside her car. Content to stand there in the sunshine and enjoy being outside, I stood and enjoyed the moment, since it was rare that I ever got out.
It was then that a pair of girls walked up behind me to order some ice cream for themselves. Hearing their young voices, I turned around and saw a pair of cheerleaders, presumably from the school nearby. They looked to be about sixteen or seventeen and totally hot. Their uniform was an extremely short pink mini-skirt which just barely covered their small, sexy buns and above that, they had on a tight, shimmery pink halter. Both were in outstanding shape, with slim waists and lithe arms. I held my breath as I gazed hungrily at their beautiful breasts, hardly contained by the thin, stretchy fabric of their tops and I felt my temperature inexorably rising as I admired these sweet foxes. My heart began beating eagerly when I saw just how pretty they were. I figured they must be two of the most popular hotties in school!

I was enraptured by their sexuality and as they walked off under the shaded awning, I admired their firm sexy legs and bouncy fannies. When they turned around and began talking with each other, they glanced over and saw me for the first time. Perhaps emboldened by my sexual frustration, I forced myself to smile weakly at them. They didn't respond immediately and I felt myself blushing at my audacity. They were so hot I couldn't believe it!
I watched them out of the corner of my eye as they spoke in hushed tones with each other while Susan was engaged on her cell phone in the car. From time to time I heard giggles from the two and when I glanced over, I noticed they were both looking at me. I saw they were smiling so I figured it couldn't be too bad, could it? Maybe one of them liked me, I reflected. Wouldn't that be something! This would be a memorable day indeed if I were able to make a girlfriend on my short trip outside. Especially one as hot as one of these two honeys. I had never had anything even remotely resembling a girlfriend so anything I could establish today would be a big step forward.

Things were really coming together for me, it seemed.
Suddenly, the bleach blond haired one came over, followed immediately by her cute friend. I would have been delighted to have either one but I found the bold look on the blond's face strangely exciting. She had smooth, satiny skin and high cheekbones, giving her the look of a model. I tried to stand up straight and look nonchalant as the pair came over to me. I wished I could think of something clever to say but my mind was blank and my mouth, dry with anticipation. They were still smiling as they stood in front of me and they fixed me with that confident look worn by all women who know they are ravishingly beautiful. The blond had very full, sensuous lips with pink lipstick and they formed a provocative, yet challenging smirk.

"Are you wearing diapers?" she suddenly asked bluntly.

I immediately turned a deep shade of red and my shoulders slumped in defeat as my mouth dropped open in shock.

" 'Cause it looks like you are," the other one pointed out with a sneer.

"No-I'm-not!" I replied indignantly, although the color of my face belied the truth.

"I think you are," the blond said as she put her hands on her curvy hips in a bold stance, "are you some kind of sissy or something?"

This wasn't at all how I expected our conversation to go! My mouth opened and closed as I frantically sought a way to reverse my disastrous situation.

"I'm not a sissy!" I stated petulantly.

The two girls giggled as they exchanged looks but before I knew it, they were grabbing for the zipper on my pants. With one hand holding my ice cream, I was helpless to fend off four others and within seconds, they had unbuttoned the first button and unzipped my fly. My pants dropped to my ankles like a flag surrendering, in a humiliating display of sissy capitulation. My t-shirt was far too short to cover anything and now my trainers and shiny pink plastic panties were there for all to see.
The two babes burst into uncontrollable laughter, slapping their knees in a fit of mirth while I gasped in shock. When I tried to reach down and grab my pants, the blond reacted quickly and she pushed me backwards, making me lose my balance. My ice cream cone went flying and I fell on my rear end with an embarrassing thud. As they stood over me laughing, the trauma was just too much. To my horror, I felt the front of my trainers growing wet and warm as I proceeded to helplessly soak them.
My hands shot down to cover my babyish act which only served to bring further attention to it.

"Stop it!" I squealed, perilously close to tears.

"What a sissy!!" the cute brunette exclaimed, when she was able to stop laughing.

I finally regained control over my bladder but the damage was already done. The entire front of my training panties were completely saturated and it was totally obvious to everyone present, including the ice cream vendor.

"Oh my god! Did you just wet your diapers?!" the blond asked incredulously.

"They're not diapers!" I cried, "they're trainers!"

I always seemed to say the stupidest things, especially when women were involved, and in this case, my remark sent them into another fit of laughter.

"Oh!" the blond giggled, "Trainers!"
Just then, Susan walked up to see what all the commotion was all about.

"What's going on, Jimmy? Did you have an accident?" she asked.

Finally I was able to grab my pants and yank them up, covering my shameful pink plastic panties from view.

"I wanna go home now," I sniffled as I fought back the tears.

"Awww, and you lost your ice cream too," she said trying to comfort me.

"You know this guy?" the brunette asked in surprise.

"Well, I'm his babysitter today," Susan replied, apparently not overly concerned with the fact I had just been humiliated like never before.

"His Babysitter?" the blond gaped.

Both broke into a fresh peals of laughter and even Susan had to suppress a smile.

"Yes, I'm afraid his mom's trying to potty train him, although it doesn't look like he's doing too good with that."

The girls shook their head in amazement that such things happened.

"Well, you'd better take him home to his mommy, it looks like he's going to need to be put back into his diapers, from what I've seen," the blond derided me.

Susan sighed, "I'm afraid so. Come on Jimmy, let's take you home," she said with resignation.

I was sniffling as I zipped up my pants and trudged back to the car in defeat.
I was so humiliated, I wanted to cry and it was only with great effort, that I was able to keep my composure.

"You didn't do anything to save me!" I bitterly lashed out at Susan when she got into the car next to me.

She surprised me by turning to face me and then slapping me hard on the cheek.

"Now you look here, you big sissy! It's about time you grew up and started acting your age! If you weren't such a little baby, maybe people would treat you with a some respect," she snapped at me.

I rubbed my stinging cheek as the tears rolled down my face, despite my best intentions. Now, even my beautiful babysitter thought of me as no better than a diaper defendant toddler.

"I couldn't help it," I whined piteously.

"All I know is that we're headed straight home and then I'm going to put you right back into your diapers for your nap. I've never met such a sissy in my entire life," she said disgustedly.

I sniffled and furiously wiped at my tears as I struggled to stop acting like a crybaby.

I knew my mom would be livid when she found out I'd wet my trainers again and that's when the real fear started sinking in. I could easily see her angry face as she held the wet pants before me and scolded me with her harsh words. The next thing that would happen was that she'd haul me out of bed or wherever I was and yank my diapers down for a blistering spanking.
And my bottom was still tender from yesterday's paddling.

I didn't want to sound like a total wimp but I had to try and convince Susan to help me.

"Um...you aren't going to, um, tell my mom about this...are you?" I asked timidly, like I was walking on thin ice.

"What do you mean--about wetting your pants? Of course! You obviously need diapers," she replied curtly.

My heart sank. Already my bottom was tingling with the anticipation of another hard spanking.

"Well...don't you think...just this once...you might, kinda...you know...forget about it?" I asked hopefully.

"I don't think so, Jimmy. When your mommy gets home, she and I are going to have a nice little talk and then she can decide how she wants to discipline you," she told me in a voice reserved for four year olds.

I sank down into my seat in despair as I saw my last possible avenue of mercy slam shut in my face.
When we got back home, Susan wasted no time in taking me to my room where she stripped me of my wet trainers and tossed them into the diaper pail. She wiped my bottom and crotch with baby wipes and then applied a thick coating of diaper rash ointment to my cheeks. I was devastated to have this pretty female putting me back into my diapers and I swallowed a sob of embarassment rising in my throat.

Wordlessly, she placed a waiting set of soft, thick diapers under my rump and pinned them into place expertly, as if she had been changing sissies all her life. When she saw me looking down her deep cleavage, she slapped me again and wagged her well manicured finger in my face.

"Don't think for an instant that you'll ever get to see those," she said referring to her tremendous breasts, "those are for real men, not diaper wetting sissies like you."

I pouted angrily as she stuffed my pacifier into my mouth and shook out a pair of pink nursery print snap-on plastic panties. These were the ones with cute bunnies and flowers on them and I was mortified at her choice of panties for me.
"Just look at you, Jimmy," she told me as she slid the plastic panties up my legs and over my thick, bulging diapers, "fifteen years old and still wearing diapers and plastic panties like a little baby."

She shook her head and her eyes bore into me with disapproval. Going over to my closet, she fished around until she found a pink frilly nightey for me to wear and as she put it over me, I felt just like the immature baby she was calling me.

"You should be spending your naps in a proper crib like the big baby you are but I guess this bed will just have to do," she said as she slapped my fat, diapered rump.

I climbed into bed and heard the crinkly sound of my waterproof sheets which faithfully and audibly announced that a bedwetter slept here. Susan shut out the light but left the door open where she stood, her fabulous body framed by the light in the hallway.

"And I better not catch you masturbating, or it'll only add to the spanking you'll get when your mommy comes home," she told me firmly.

Her words filled me with dread and trepidation. Now for sure I'd be getting paddled and I sucked on my pacifier desperately.
Today had gone so badly and it was still only noon!

After a long, restless nap, my mom finally came home and I listened nervously from my bed as she came in the house and I heard her greeting Susan. I lay perfectly still so that the noise from my waterproof mattress cover wouldn't obscure the conversation that I was straining so hard to hear.

"Hello, Mrs. Turner," I heard Susan say.

"Hi Susan, how did it go today?" she replied cautiously as she set down her keys.

"Not good, I'm afraid," I heard my babysitter responding, "Jimmy had an accident and he soaked his training panties not even an hour after you changed him."

I bit my lip anxiously, the whole humiliating scene re-living itself in my mind.

"Not again!?" my mom responded, her voice rising up in anger.

"Mm-hm, I put him immediately back into his diapers and he's taking his nap right now," she explained.

I didn't hear anything from my mom and Susan went on.

"If you ask me, I really don't think he's ready for training panties yet, Mrs. Turner. Personally, I think he's just too immature."

I burned with angry resentment at her quick evaluation of me. It was so unfair!
I wanted to shout out that I could handle the same underwear that all my peers were wearing and that I didn't need diapers and plastic pants, despite the fact that my loins were surrounded at present by the clammy wet cloth of my most recent wetting.

"Well that does it," my mom announced firmly, "perhaps you'd like to remain for just a moment to see how I discipline little boys who wet their pants."

"I'd love to!" she said gaily.

I hated her enthusiasm at being offered to be a witness at my punishment but my resentment had to take a back seat to the fear now building inside me. My stomach buzzed with nervous anticipation and I gulped anxiously as I sucked my thumb like a toddler. I could hear my mom's angry footsteps coming down the hallway and I froze in terror of the inevitable spanking that would soon be administered to my waiting bottom.

A second later, my door opened the rest of the way and my mom walked through, closely followed by Susan.

"Jimmy! You've got a lot of explaining to do," she barked as she picked up the paddle from the top of the dresser.

I bolted upright in bed and tried to hide behind the baby blankets I was holding protectively around me.

"I-I-I-" I stammered helplessly.

Susan looked at me without sympathy, in fact, she had a look of cool satisfaction on her pretty face that I found particularly frustrating. Her air of superiority was quite clear to see and my frustration was exceeded only by the waves of humiliation that were washing over me. Not only had she seen me wet myself, now she was going to be present while I got my bottom paddled.

"Stand up," my mom ordered me tersely.

I began crying crocodile tears as I anticipated the blistering spanking I was about to receive and reluctantly I rose off of my bed to stand before my angry mother. She immediately sat down on the bed and turned me around roughly to face Susan who was watching me with her arms crossed over her fantastic chest. Even in my heightened state of panic, I couldn't help but notice the two soft mounds of her bosom, pushed up in a teasing display of sexuality denied to me.

My mom squeezed the seat of my thick diapers, checking to see if I was wet, a humiliating gesture that made me want to cry in front of this beautiful girl, all the more because of what she discovered.

"Wet again, I see!" she announced in exasperation.

I sniffled sadly and looked down at the ground, my lower lip trembling.

"I'm sorry Susan, but I'm afraid Jimmy's going to get his bottom paddled for his misbehavior," she said although I knew she wasn't sorry to have Susan see me get punished. "Jimmy, I want you to apologize to Susan for wetting your pants today," she ordered me.

I sniffled and choked down a sob of embarrassment, "I-I'm s-sorry...I-I wet my pants," I muttered abjectly.

"Maybe this will teach a lesson, Jimmy," she said, full of smug superiority.

A tear rolled down my cheek as my mom turned me back around to face her lap, the wooden paddle in her hands ready for use. Taking me over her knee, my mom ripped my plastic panties open with one downward yank, the snaps on both sides popping open easily. I felt the familiar sensation as she unpinned the thick, wet cotton cloth and pulled my diapers back, leaving my bare bottom pointing upward and ready to receive the harsh slaps of the paddle. Looking up at Susan, I saw a smile appear on her pretty face and I sobbed in despair. When the paddle seared itself on my rump, I cried out like the baby everyone knew I was.

I woke up the next morning with my bottom still sore and tender, to the babyish sounds of my nursery rhyme alarm clock. My mom had bought it for me when I was in the first grade and she didn't see any reason to get rid of it since it still worked fine. I hated it because the childish melody of "little teapot" sounded like something a mother would use to lull her baby to sleep in a crib and it seemed to serve as a daily reminder of my infantile behavior.

I noticed I was hugging my teddy bear for comfort and still sucking on my pacifier. The latter was a habit I just couldn't seem to kick and despite the fact that I knew it made me look like a baby, I couldn't help myself. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I'd lose track of the babyish accessory and I'd suck my thumb instead, much to my mom's chagrin. She had gone as far as coating it with vinegar but it still happened from time to time that she'd wake me up and my thumb would be buried in my mouth while I sucked it like a baby. That's when she'd wake me up with a sharp slap delivered to my bare thigh.

My mom came in and we began our usual morning routine. Breakfast, followed by my bubble bath, which today hurt when my bottom first made contact with the hot soapy water.

When I cried out, my mom showed little sympathy saying, "maybe that will serve as a reminder that your training panties aren't to be used as a toilet."

After drying me off, she informed me that I still had one pair of trainers left that I hadn't wet in and that this would be my last and only chance to redeem myself.

"Three strikes and you're out," she said as she snugged the sissyish panties up my bare legs, covering my tiny penis once more.

"I'll do better today, Mommy," I promised her, my voice filled with hope.

"You'd better," she said skeptically, "otherwise you'll be starting the new school year, back in your diapers and plastic panties."

I shivered at the thought of that prospect. It was a situation that would surely end in further humiliation, just as it had at my last school.

My mom completed her dressing of me by pulling up my plastic panties, a pink pair like yesterday with soft white ruffles around the leg holes and waist. The only good thing to be said about these panties, which my mom had picked up a quantity of on sale, was that they were very comfortable to wear. They didn't cut into my thighs but they were still surprisingly leak proof and the soft ruffles constantly caressed my upper legs as I walked about in them.

After she left me to do as I pleased, I felt I should take advantage of the slimmer underwear and go outside again, although I certainly wouldn't be going anywhere near the ice cream stand we were at yesterday. I put on some more loose fitting jeans (I hadn't been careful enough about that yesterday) and a t-shirt and asked my mom if I could go play outside and that I'd only be gone for a short while. She was hesitant to let me out of her sight unsupervised but after pleading with her, I somehow convinced her that I was old enough to go without her.

"You've got one hour exactly," she said as she checked the time on her watch, "I want you back in plenty of time for your nap."

"Yes, Mommy," I replied happily.

I walked down the street carefully, trying to gauge the reaction of people who passed by me, to see if they noticed the thick underwear I had on underneath but so far, no one seemed to notice. It gave my shaken confidence enough of a bolster to risk going over to the nearby park. It was a nice day out and people were enjoying themselves on the grass, either playing ball or having picnics and I noticed there were many young people the same age as me to be seen.

I almost felt mischievous, that I was succeeding in concealing a great secret from the people around me and I stifled a chuckle of amusement as I walked through the wide, grassy park. I was feeling pretty good about things and not paying attention to where I was going when all of a sudden, I caught sight of a group of cheerleaders practicing their routines that I was in danger of stumbling into. I hadn't noticed them before since I had been looking the other way, but now that I had, it was impossible for me to go unnoticed. In a flash, I recognized the super short pink mini-skirts and shimmery clinging tops of the same type the two girls were wearing yesterday and I froze in panic. I immediately turned around but my abrupt change in direction only drew attention to me and I hadn't walked five feet when a girl's voice called out to me in a strong voice.

"Hey!" she shouted, "Hey you!" and I knew with sinking certainty that it was the bleach blond from yesterday.

I hesitated momentarily but with great effort, willed myself to ignore the demanding summons from behind me. This was especially difficult for me since all my life I had been taught to respond immediately whenever called upon by a woman. It was deeply ingrained and I had learned the price for such disobedience was frequently a sound spanking.

"Hey you!" she repeated, "come here!" she ordered.

People were starting to stare at me and wondering why a fifteen year old guy was trying to escape a cheerleader and I faltered, not sure what to do.
From around me, I heard the running footsteps of several people and turning to look, I saw to my dismay, the two hot babes from yesterday coming up to cut off my path. They looked no less stunning than they did yesterday and I noticed that the blond's big breasts jiggled and swayed within her tight top as she moved to position herself in front of me.
She put her hands on her micro-skirted hips in a stance of defiance and blocked my path, her beautiful face giving me a look of contempt.

"Well...if it isn't the sniveling sissy who wet his pampers," she sneered with disdain.

"Leave me alone," I replied nervously as my face reddened with shame.

I tried to step around her but she moved to obstruct my way.

"Not so fast, Sissy-boy," she said as she held up her small, immaculately manicured hand in front to halt me, "are you wearing your diapers again?"

I blushed hotly but found myself suddenly speechless.

"Leave me alone," I repeated, sounding weak and insecure.

I tried to move around her but she reached out and grabbed me with surprising strength.
I looked down at her thin, feminine arm and I could see how toned she was. No doubt the physical workouts she practiced in cheerleading were why she was in such outstanding shape. Still, as I stared at her big, bouncy breasts, I couldn't help but feel that she was no match for me if she should try and force me around physically. I stood at least an inch or two taller than her and even with my frail body, probably had twenty pounds on her in weight.

As if reading my mind, she suddenly pushed me back belligerently, her mocking laughter filling the air as she showed off her perfect teeth and full, sensuous lips. I stumbled back, nearly tripping, and only just barely managed to keep my balance without falling. Her friend joined her in laughing at my pathetic display and she added further insults as she slapped my thickly padded bottom.

"Come on Sissy, you're not going to let a girl push you around, are you?"

Some other people were starting to pay closer attention and a few made jeers of their own at my expense.
The sexy blond advanced on me boldly, pushing me again with contemptuous ease.
This time, I resisted and pushed her back but she hardly budged.

"Stop it!" I told her petulantly.

She laughed openly at my attempt at defense and then, before I knew what was happening, she advanced on me and tripped me before I could respond. I fell flat on my back and the wind was momentarily knocked out of me. Taking advantage of my prostrate form, the brazen blond fell on me aggressively, and we locked in combat. I should have been able to throw her off but I found her to be a tenacious fighter, and I struggled weakly against her attack. I couldn't believe how strong she was and in mere moments, she had straddled my waist, her firm, perfectly smooth thighs spread out on either side of me. She had me pinned on my back and I fought frantically to reverse her advantage but I couldn't budge her. She smiled down at me with smug satisfaction and inched forward with her sexy legs while she fended off my flailing attacks with her slim arms. Her super short mini-skirt, which had been barely long enough to cover her pert derriere, had now ridden up to the point where I could see her white panties, a mere foot from my face. Pinned helplessly on my back, she held my wrists against the grass on either side of my head while I struggled mightily against this implacable but sexy enemy. I couldn't believe how strong she was! Despite my best efforts, I could hardly budge her shapely frame and I wriggled ineffectually under her torso.

As she inched her sex closer to my face and she bent over to hold my wrists in place, her big breasts threatening to spill out of her thin pink crop top. It was maddening that this knockout could defeat me so easily and she flaunted her overpowering femininity before me blatantly. In different circumstances, I would have been in heaven, surrounded by the sight of her sexy smooth thighs, the intimate sight of her white, nearly sheer lace panties, and her two melon sized breasts hanging inches from my face but instead, her womanly features only served to emphasize how much of a sissy I was. It seemed like she was showing off the superiority of females by thrusting her big boobs so close to my face and it was infuriating that I was powerless to stop her.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a sizable crowd had gathered to watch the spectacle and I was disconcerted to find that they were all shouting encouragement to my popular opponent.

"Come on, Sissy," she jeered scornfully, "can't you even beat a girl?"

I squirmed mightily but she held my wrists above my head with a grip of iron. Releasing one of them for a moment, she slapped me soundly on the cheek.

"Ouch!!" I cried out, which caused a number of onlookers to burst into laughter.

Inching up my chest until her panties were mere inches from my face, she positioned her strong, firm thighs in such a way as to hold down my arms, freeing up her own which had been holding my wrists in place. I tried to kick her with my legs but I couldn't reach her and I only succeeded in looking more weak and foolish.
Now that her hands were free, she gripped my head by a handful of hair and with the other, delivered several stinging slaps to my reddening cheek. I cried out in pain, and tears of humiliation filled my eyes. The perfectly round shapes of her bosom and cleavage became blurred as I whimpered pitifully.

Smiling wickedly down at me, she turned her torso to be able to see behind her.

"Why don't we see what our little sissy is wearing under his pants," she said, the challenge obvious in her tone of voice.

"No!!" I exclaimed desperately.

I struggled wildly but I was helpless with her weight on my chest. I could feel the warmth of her sex and as I fought her, I could see her bosom shake and jiggle above my face within the confines of her thin, pink top.
After delivering another stinging slap to my face, she reached behind her and unbuttoned my pants, quickly unzipping my fly and exposing my plastic panties. A collective gasp arose from the crowd as they saw what I was wearing but their shock quickly turned to laughter as they joined the busty blond's disdain for my sissyish underwear. As I squirmed and wriggled, her cute brunette friend came up and helped snake my pants down my legs, further exposing the pink plastic panties and trainers I was wearing.
I fought like a demon possessed now but my opponent turned back to face me, delivering several well placed slaps to my face to quiet me down. By now, everyone was laughing at my babyish ruffled panties and my face was a bright shade of red as they mocked me. The entire cheerleading squad had surrounded us to watch one of their own defeating a helpless sissy and I was humiliated beyond words.

"Okay Sissy. I'll make you a deal," the beautiful blond said provocatively as she placed her hands on her sexy thighs, "I'll let you up when you show us what a big baby you are and wet your diapers."

"No!" I squealed frantically but she responded by lifting my head up with a sharp tug of my hair and slapping me again hard.

I fought to keep from crying but the shame was too much. "Please!" I begged the sexy vixen, "please let me go."

She only smiled down at me and shook her head, readying her hand for another vicious slap.

"No please! I'll do it! Please don't hurt me anymore!" I wailed.

With a tremendous smile of satisfaction she leaned back and waited. It wasn't difficult for me to do her bidding: I had been holding back for what seemed like forever and now it was like a dam bursting. The pee flowed uninterrupted, flooding my nursery print training panties and quickly soaking them. I kept peeing until a pool of warm urine had puddled around my cheeks, having nowhere else to go. I sobbed in defeat and the tears spilled down my cheeks as the beautiful blond smiled down at me triumphantly. Bending down, she kissed me on my pouting lips, leaving her pink lipstick on me. Everyone laughed again as she got up off me, dusting her hands together and regarding me with a smug grin.

"Better run home to your mommy, Sissy," she told me as she laughed at me once more before sauntering off victoriously.

As I watched her sexy form walking away with her saucy gait, I couldn't believe what had just happened. Sniffling shamefully, I jerked up my pants and ran as fast as my legs could take me back home.

When I neared my house, the full gravity of what had happened finally hit me.
When my mom found out that I had wet my third pair of trainers, I knew she'd hit the roof. My cheeks were still sore from yesterday and I just couldn't take another paddling. I had to do something...but what? Somehow, I had to hide the wet panties so she wouldn't find them.

Running inside, I went straight to my bedroom, tearing open my dresser drawers in the hopes that she had washed my trainers from the days previous. I was frantic with fear as I pushed plastic panties, tights, rhumba panties and rompers aside in my urgent search. I banged each drawer closed and yanked open the next but by the time I had reached the last one, I still hadn't found them.
Where were they?! Had she not washed them yet?
I knew that my mom might choose to walk in at any moment and in my panicked state, I felt another stream of pee warm my soaking wet trainers.

"Oh!" I squealed helplessly, and I desperately tried to squeeze my legs together to stop the flow.

Just then, I spied both pairs of training pants lying in a stack by the door, on top of a bunch of diapers that my mom hadn't put away yet. I exhaled with relief and grabbed one of the trainers, placing it on my bed to change into. All of a sudden, I heard my mom's voice calling from the other room.

"Jimmy?" she called me, her voice muffled by the closed door.

Oh no! I had to get out of my wet panties quickly!
In a state of wild frenzy, I tore my jeans down, only to realize belatedly that I had forgotten to take off my shoes first. I cursed under my breath and viciously ripped them off to allow my pants to get over my feet. Everything was in a blur. Was that my mom's footsteps coming down the hallway? No time to listen to be sure. What would she do if she caught me changing out of my trainers without telling her? It was too late to think about that.

I pulled my plastic panties down in a flash, followed by the wet and still warm training panties that were sopping wet. A trickle of unabsorbed pee ran down my leg as I threw them into the open closet and jumped into the fresh pair I had set on the bed. There was no time to find a fresh pair of plastic panties so I grabbed my old ones and ignored the pee dripping off of them. Pulling them up my legs like lightning, I heard my mom coming down the hall, for sure this time. She was only seconds from opening the door! I grabbed my jeans and stuck my feet through them, yanking them up my legs and over my plastic panties in a flurry of movement. No
sooner had I zipped them up when my mom opened the door and walked into the room.

"What's going on in here?" she asked suspiciously.

"Nothing," I said, trying to sound innocent, but I was still fairly panting from my exertions.

"What have you been up to?" she said warily, fixing me with her withering gaze. My mom had a talent for getting the truth out of me and it was rare that I could successfully hide something from her.

"Nothing, Mommy," I repeated, trying to get my breathing under control.

"Then what was all that noise I heard?" she continued insistently.

"Um...I didn't hear anything," I replied unconvincingly. My heart was beating like crazy in my chest and it took all my efforts to appear calm and normal.

"Jimmy," she said firmly, "I don't like liars in this house. You know what happens to little boys who lie to their mommy, don't you?"

I gulped fearfully. "Yes, Mommy," I croaked.

She took her eyes off of me long enough to scan around my bedroom, no doubt looking for some incriminating evidence of my activities. Glancing down at the front of my pants, I froze in terror. There, just where the leg holes of my plastic panties would be, I saw two huge and unmistakable wet spots where the vinyl panties had leaked through. In my haste to take them off, I hadn't noticed it before. Now, my goose was really cooked!

I bit my lip as my mom turned to focus on the visible floor of the closet. Why hadn't I closed that damn door?
Stepping over, she bent down to pick up the discarded wet trainers I had just taken off, holding them up before my face as clear proof of my deception.

"You want to explain this?" she said, her voice filled with ice.

My mouth hung open but I couldn't utter a sound. My mom's eyes naturally fell to my crotch and she yanked my pants down quicker
than I thought was possible. She eyed my dry training pants and everything was suddenly crystal clear to her.

"So you thought you could hide you wet panties from me, did you?" she said as she reached over to pick up the paddle.

"I-I-I-" was all I could stammer.

"It wasn't enough that you wet yourself like a little baby...you had to go and lie to me about it too, didn't you?" she said as she took a seat on the bed.

Tears tumbled down my face as I shook my head.

"No, mommy," I sobbed.

"Well, little baby," she said tersely as she pulled my plastic panties down with excruciating slowness, "I think you've pretty well proven that you're not ready to be potty trained."

"Bu-but-" I whimpered in devastation.

This couldn't be happening!

"Your training panties are going straight into the garbage. From now on, you'll be wearing diapers and plastic panties, all the time."

"No Mommy!" I wailed miserably.

She tugged my trainers down to my knees and threw me over her lap.

"I hope you like wearing diapers because that's what you'll be dressed in when you start school this year," she told me as she raised the paddle high above her.

I sobbed and bunched my fists as the first swat landed on my bottom like a thunderclap.


"WAAAAHHHH!!!!" I bellowed out as the wooden instrument of my punishment bit into my tender cheeks.


I slapped the floor with my hands and kicked wildly as the paddle rained down repeatedly on my smooth, helpless bottom. Even after only four slaps from her paddle, my buns felt like they were they were being smacked with a red hot skillet and I tried to jump up to escape. My mom stopped only long enough to grab my right arm and twist it behind my back, forcing me back down submissively into position.

"Oh no, you don't," she growled and she rewarded my efforts with a series of hard, stinging slaps from her fearsome paddle, delivered to my waiting helpless fanny.
I bawled like a two year old and kicked some more but the panties restricted my legs and my toes danced against the floor.


I howled in pain, the tears streaming down my face as I cried and cried. She kept spanking remorselessly, bent on delivering a stinging lesson to my bottom that I'd never forget.


I gasped for breath as my buns turned three shades of red. My mom paddled me until every inch had become a hot, stinging, angry crimson, burning like two globes made of flaming charcoal. My tender cheeks had become a blazing conflagration and I knew I wouldn't be able to sit for a week.
My pathetic attempt at potty training had been an unmitigated disaster. My mom and Susan were right, I reflected bitterly, I wasn't ready for training panties yet and I knew that diapers and plastic panties would be my constant companions from now on. That epiphany became all the more clear as the paddle with its carefully drilled holes continued to assault my punished bottom.
At last, the terrible spanking ended.

I lay prostrate, my chest heaving as I bawled loudly, my face wet with tears. My mom lifted me up slowly but my knees were shaking and I could hardly stand. I tried to brace myself against her shoulder but she quickly rose and stormed out of the room.

"Don't you move an inch!" she commanded me sternly.

didn't dare defy her and I stood there, on wobbly feet, crying my eyes out as the fire on my bottom raged on. Looking back over my shoulder, I could see the deep red color covering every curve of my sissy bottom and I sobbed all the more in self pity.
My mom returned with a tube of something in her hand and she ordered me to bend over, putting my hands on the bedpost. I heard her squirt a glob of the cream into her hand and she began rubbing it into my stinging cheeks roughly, making me burst into fresh tears. Nonetheless, part of me felt some gratitude, for soon, I knew the soothing lotion would ease the raging inferno on my posterior. I noticed it had a strange smell to it and when I looked at the label, I was surprised to read Ben-gay on it. That was odd, I thought, since I'd never seen her use that on me before.

"That should help serve as a little reminder," she said enigmatically.

She sat me down on a ready stack of diapers and quickly powdered my front area before pinning me up securely. Strangely, the Ben-gay had initially gone on cool but now I felt a growing, but unmistakable heat, beginning to buzz on my cheeks. By the time my mom had snaked a pair a yellow plastic panties over my bulging diapers, it seemed like a swarm of bees was attacking my bottom.

"Mommy! It hurts!" I wailed piteously.

"It's supposed to hurt," she snapped, "that's what happens when you try to lie to me. Maybe next time, you'll think twice before you try and deceive your mommy."

A fresh torrent of tears spilled down my cheeks as the fire only increased within my diapers. The cream had the effect of not only increasing, but also prolonging the stinging on my bottom and I cried like a helpless baby, stamping my feet on the floor in helpless frustration.
My mom began pulling up a pair of glittery pink tights up my legs, tugging them up and over my fat diapers while I blubbered before her. These were followed immediately by a frothy pair of white, frilly rhumba panties. Their soft satin material happily stretched to accommodate my thick, bulging diapers and my mom yanked them up and over until they covered them very prettily.
The stinging was so insistent, I danced in place as she went to the closet to retrieve one of my sissy party dresses, this time, a pastel pink satin confection with a white lacey bib across the bodice and a built in petticoat. It had a pair of peach colored lambs on either side of the bib and it completed my babyish look. Obediently, I raised my arms to accept the humiliating garment and she dropped it over me, buttoning up the back and locking me in securely.
With a quick gathering of my hair, she tied them up into pigtails with big, floppy pink bows and led me out of my room, taking me into the living room.

"Jimmy. You are to put your nose in the corner and not move until I tell you to. Is that understood?" she ordered me.

"Yes, Mommy," I sobbed sorrowfully.

I moved to the corner and put my nose into it like an errant four year old as I cried pitifully to myself. The intense stinging on my rump hadn't lessened one iota and I struggled to keep from dancing in place.
I hadn't been there for more than a minute when all of a sudden the doorbell rang.
Turning my head just enough to peek at the picture window that covered one side of our front room, I spied my cousin's entire family waiting outside and looking in at my sissyish appearance. My mom greeted them warmly and and they streamed in to see a fifteen year old sissy, crying in his dress and diapers. Giggles and exclamations could be heard from the entire family as they stopped to stare at me.
All eight of them!!

The End (sniff)

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Baby Flo
Very good! Thank you for this.
Love everybody
everybody will Love you
What a great story! Nice Job!
Sorry I missed this when you posted Baby Bobby! This is great! Keep up the good work!
Official Potty Training Failure!
Always looking to make new friends. Please PM me!
I love this story!
Potty training didn't work out so well for me either. I do love the story. Great as usual.
good story
All we want in life is someone to cuddle, a skirt, and a clean diaper. (oh wait that's just me *giggles*)
very good story i like it
Sissy Breeanna
Very nice story!
Yes it is well written, butI have a problem with the mother in this. Why is it that his mother is the bitch from hell deliberately setting the poor boy up to fail? Are not mothers supposed to have some compassion and love for their child? Jimmy clearly adores her. It would be nice to see a change of heart from her for once. I understand that it is story and there are people who love reading this type of stuff where a poor innocent child, usually a boy, is physical, emotionally and pyschologically abused but there needs to be balance!
   Harmonium the first section confine it to be very good to thank you for this and I will be back to read the rest hope you got more hugs Matty
Jennifer Rae Lynn
I'm sorry, I know alot of people admired this story, but I think it's too mean, why would all of this be accepted by him, I would run away or at least force my mom to listen to the rason behind the wettings.
I admire the writing style, but I agree with nappy1 and Jennifer. I would live the dresses and diapers, but if my mom was that bad, I'd kill myself. I'm sorry, that's just how it is.
"I will love you for you, not for what you have done or what you will become. I will love you for you, cuz somebody has shown me what love, what love really means."
Good story and i agree mother was a real bitch. However i noticed this was the 5th in the Jim series, do you know where the others are posted?
krystala's sissy baby
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