Jen's First Day [PG]
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Her First Day
A Story By Jen Harris

A general note: My first story. If well received, it could be the first part of many - I have thought out a lot of events and situations and characters beyond what's here. But it should stand alone just fine. Thanks for reading!

A language note: The story is entirely in English. Most of the students speak Japanese. I didn't want to use any special notation to indicate a "translation". So you should take it to be whatever you think is appropriate. The * indicates a translation of "Jen-Chan", though.

The warm dampness spreading felt a little uncomfortable, but it wasn't so bad. It was nice to be able to just let go and not have to get out of bed to use the bathroom. I didn't know what time it was outside, but it was not morning. It couldn't be morning. I could see it was getting bright, but it couldn't be morning, yet. It had to be a bright moon.

My alarm - and then my "Daddy" - shattered my illusion. "Rise and shine sweetie! Time to get ready for school! Oooh, are you wet?" I blushed deep red. I was a grown man and he was asking me if I was wet! He! Another man! I'd had fantasies about wearing diapers, sure. And while I was tall, daddy was even bigger - at 6'8" and over 250 pounds of muscle, he did make me feel like the little girl I was supposed to be. But I still couldn't answer. He stuck his hand down my diaper just as "mommy" - my actual girlfriend - came in. I was totally embarrassed (and quite awake) now.

"She's all wet!" he said, smiling broadly. Mommy giggled, and tickled me. "Just because you're in a diaper, you can't stay dry until morning? Well, it doesn't matter, changing time for Jenny!" she said. He scooped up my 6'0", 160 lb. body with ease, and put me on the changing table. I wished mommy would change me - "too gross!" she'd said when I'd explained my fantasy to her. "I'll get a babysitter to do it". I thought she'd been kidding. But when I'd asked if I could be diapered for my one day schoolgirl fantasy, she'd apparently taken note. I think she liked a big man doing it to me - otherwise why not let me do it myself.

It was a little creepy how much he enjoyed it. He plopped me on the changing table ("Don't resist, baby", mommy cooed). He hummed a little ditty as he pulled down cute, hello kitty plastic pants. . I knew that there was no real need to wear plastic pants with disposable diapers, but I don't know if mommy or daddy did - and I had to admit the diaper covers they had here in Japan were adorable.

"Good thing you had these on, you really flooded this diaper! You'll have to wear thicker ones... we don't want any leaks" he said as undid the actual diaper, and I couldn't have felt more embarrassed. My cock was all exposed as he wiped me down, even lifting my butt up to make sure I was all clean. I couldn't get over the fact that he was another man. Mommy was there, and I wasn't hard (thankfully no morning wood). But still. Having another man rub me... there!

"Time to shower missy! And when you're all clean, come back out here so I can put a fresh diaper on you!" I wondered why he'd bothered to wipe me all off if he was going to send me to the shower. He must really be into this, I thought. That smile... creepy. But it'll still be a fun day.

It took me longer to shower than ever before. My hair was almost 2 feet long now, thanks to the extensions, and perfectly blond. Blond hair, blue eyes... I gently rubbed my already smooth legs (the waxing had been part of yesterday's preparations). In the shower from behind I looked like an attractive woman, with my long hair and smooth legs. But in the front, I was all man. Wax had been used on my face (ouch), but the hair would grow back, and it was up to me to make sure it was never visible.

I heard my girlfriend moaning outside. Through the foggy shower should could probably only see my silhouette, and she loved to see me "en femme". She was probably getting off to all of this... Or maybe thinking about the hot, 'lesbian' love we'd made the day before - before I got diapered.

After toweling off (the hot pink towels probably weren't' necessary, I thought) and blow drying my hair (how do girls do this every morning? It takes forever!) Daddy diapered me. This diaper was a big, thick padded disposable, with tape up sides. He slid it under my butt first, and then mommy applied a healthy amount of baby powder, stroking my cock a few times to tease me. "I don't see what you like about diapers, but... it's what you wanted, isn't it?" She let daddy tape it up, and slide a fresh pair of plastic pants on, and finally I was off the changing table.

The day's outfit - a classic sailor fuku - was laid out for me. I slipped on a plain white bra first, filled out with huge silicone breast forms. I put the fuku on expertly, including the tall socks. It'd been hard to get one of them in my size - this was the school's official uniform and not some cheap knock off. Custom ordering it had cost hundreds. The shirt was still too short, and easily exposed my midriff. And the skirt rode higher than it would on the other girls. But I loved schoolgirl uniforms - on my girl as well as on me - so I knew how to put it on. I blushed as I realized just how comfortable I was putting on women's clothe. Soon, I was done tying the scarf, and tied my hair back in a ponytail. I was ready.

"You aren't going out like that are you, sweetie?" mommy said. "Didn't you forget your makeup?" Oh yes, I had - and mommy laughed and watched (while riding her hand up my skirt) as I applied it. Foundation, lip gloss, eye shadow... some cute false lashes, and more. It was a lot longer routine than I'd had as a boy, especially with the hair care. I looked overdone for a day at school - but I had things to hide. Besides, Japanese girls wore a lot of makeup.

"It's hot watching you do that. You've gotten so much better!" She had me make a few a small corrections, but decided I was ready. She smiled at me, patting the front of the diaper. "Too bad that's in the way, or I'd just have to jump you right now". Of course she had during yesterday's practice session, I remembered wistfully. But I wasn't diapered then. "You love your diapers, don't you?" She shook her had. She'd never been a fan.

"It's getting late, we need to go!" Daddy reminded. I remembered just how late it wasn't. It felt like 6 AM, and I'd been up for an hour! I was given a quick breakfast - a few granola bars and a carton of milk - to eat. And the cutest boxed lunch I'd ever seen. "Did you make this, baby?" I asked. "I think right now YOU'RE the baby", she chided me, with daddy given me a pat on my padded bottom. "But yes I did, just for you." How heartwarming.

I slipped on my shoes - part of the uniform, they were nothing special - and reminded myself to walk feminine. It wasn't natural - when I crossdressed I was used to dressing up in sexy costumes, with high stilettos. Walking like a woman - but in low shoes - was awkward. Of course the shoes had to be special ordered like the uniform. Good thing we had so much money for this sort of thing.

I checked my look in the mirror while we were on the way out. I was beautiful, with just the right makeup, perfect blue eyes shining beneath my blond hair. Of course my face still felt just a touch masculine (though mommy had assured me nobody would know through the makeup, and while free from hair my Adam's apple was still noticeable, and then there were my hands... and my height.

Sensing my worry, my Daddy said "Sweetie, nobody will know. They think all white people look alike - a huge westerner like you would stick out anyway. If they stare, just remember it's your height and your ethnicity - not because they think you're a boy" My mommy squeezed my hand - she was nervous too. I was about to find out why.

When we got in the car. Daddy was driving, and my girl and I were both sitting in the back. She held my hand, turned and said to me "Do you want to do this for a whole semester? Or do you want to stop right here?"

I was shocked. A whole semester? I'd only ever dressed up for hours, or maybe a brief outing, at most. "... maybe... " I said, muttering slowly, trying to figure out what it as all about.

"I want you to listen carefully, because I'm going to explain this only once. We both know you're a crossdresser, and an amazing looking one. We both know that I love you, and I love seeing how sexy a woman you make. But I also want a man. And I'm worried that you might really be a transsexual. Even when you're not dressed, you still act girly. If we're really going to get married like we've talked about, I need to know. More importantly I need you to know"

I sat there, silently, clutching the hem of my skirt, staring down. My heart was racing. The implications of what she was saying...! A whole semester.

"That's why I proposed all this. I want you to live a semester as a high school girl. See what it's like. See if it's the life for you. You can do it right here in Japan, which you love so much" My girlfriend was Vietnamese - and annoyed that I knew so much Japanese culture, and so little of hers.

"There are going to be rules. I want an authentic experience. More than just wearing the clothes and flirting with boys over the Internet, which I know you love. More than going to the mall and buying a skirt with the softest voice you can muster, and scurrying out before somebody notices." She was delivering it all so fast and direct - it had to be rehearsed. "I think it will make you a better woman - and a better man. Both of which I want you to be. You will have to learn to be a convincing woman, and I hope this will let you resolve your gender ambiguity. After a semester of this, you'll be dying to put on a pair of pants, to go out without makeup - won't you?"

I nodded sheepishly. But I was not entirely sure if I would. What if I did like it? But a whole semester...

"So - are you man enough to do it, Jon?"

Using my boy name while I was dressed made me blush. "Yeah... " I squeaked out. "but..."

"But what?"

"But what about you?"

She was a bit taken aback. She hugged me "Aww, you thought of me! Well sweetie, you'll understand a bit better when I explain the rules. But I want my alone time, too. I want to consider if you're the man for me. And I want to start my art project. I've been jealous of your success." I'd started an Internet company that had taken off - and sold most of it recently for hundreds of millions. "I want to accomplish something on my own. And when we spend all our time together - or working on your stuff - I feel like I can't."

"But I could help you..."

"That's not the point. I know you could. I want to do something that's really and truly me. Something amazing, like the thing you made. If you were there - I'd always feel like you'd done it all. Sort of like how you felt when I helped you with your company. But the question is - will you spend a semester as a schoolgirl or not?"

My head was spinning. Good thing the ride to school was so long... I kind of wanted to wet my diaper to try to release some of the tension, but there was nothing in my bladder. "Yeah..."

"Sweetie, 'yeah' isn't good enough. Tell me 'I want to be a schoolgirl for the next semester. I want to experience what it's really like to be a girl' You have to be certain"

"I want to be a schoolgirl for the next semester... I want to experience... " I hesitated. But I had fantasized about this. I wanted it. Especially so I could really understand her. "to experience what it's really like to be a girl."

She hugged me warmly.

"Now it's time to explain a few things. First, the school. We'll be there in 15 minutes. In the future, you'll take the train - it's actually much faster. Several of the teachers - your JET friend, for instance - know about exactly what you are. And so does the headmaster. This is a private school, so you don't have to feel bad about misappropriating any resources. Your "official" documentation has your boy name, age, and so on. But the students don't knoe - and they shouldn't find out, either. That would ruin the point of this. As far as they are concerned, you are 18 year old Jen Harris, an American. A FEMALE American. Oh, and the nurse knows too, of course. If you need to be changed you'll be visiting her."

"Changed... you mean...?"

"You love your diapers. Maybe this will make you sick of them. Or maybe you'll enjoy it - heck, this might be like a little bachelor party for you, surrounded by Japanese schoolgirls, wearing your diapers." I shook my head, but she continued. "Anyway there are a lot of practical benefits. For one, when we proposed the idea to the headmaster, he said he couldn't have you using the bathrooms - of either sex - or the locker rooms. For another, that thick padded diaper and plastic pants will hide any "bulges" that shouldn't be there, even if you get all hard. Plus, it fits in with your backstory - that you have a medical condition, one that has made you, well, incontinent, but also unable to participate in gym class. Daddy and 'mommy' split - and you went to Japan with him to get away from the bullies. Then of course, there's daddy here. He agreed to be your daddy and care for you this whole time, just so long as he got to change you when you're at home."

I shook a little bit. This... guy.... was going to be changing me... when I was at home? All the time? Every day?

"It makes sense for him to be your daddy - such a huge man would have a huge daughter. You'd better listen to him. If you don't - if he catches you trying to be a boy, or failing your missions, or trying to use the bathroom - you can expect a spanking. Of course you could always refuse and walk away from all this. But I know you are braver than that - and you'll follow through. You have to give up control, baby. Oh, and in case you were curious - he is 'in to' you being a diapered little sissy. But he promised - on condition that I can take his balls - that he won't push himself on you. You'll never even see his cock. But don't be surprised if he 'disappears' after a changing."

I glared a little at her. "I knew you'd like that," she said with a wink. "Or maybe you want his cock already?" she giggled, and rubbed the front of my diaper teasingly.

"Oh and as for sex. You are not to have sex with, make out with, grope, or even kiss, any other girls. Got it? No matter how lesbian they might get for you, or how old they are. You ARE mine. I will be visiting, and when I visit, I expect you to be ready and willing to service me with that wonderful cock of yours. You'll be dressed as a woman... but I'll want that. If you're sweet, I might let you take your diapers off while I'm there and use the bathroom like a big girl, but we'll see."

"As for boys... well, I haven't decided how far I want you to go with them yet. But I certainly hope you'll get to first base at some point during your semester." My eyes widened, and she continued, "That reminds me - throughout the semester, I'll be sending you missions. I expect a lot from you - constant email updates, pictures (especially whatever you wear besides those uniforms) - and I expect you to follow through on missions I send you. Some of these might involve boys - like "Go on a date with a boy" - and some might just be to encourage you to get out of your shell - like "make a new friend" - which, by the way, is your assignment this week. Don't' disappoint, or daddy will be spanking you daily until you follow through - and *I* will be upset with you." Her being upset - even across an ocean - seemed worse than a strange man spanking me. I really did love the girl.

"I expect decent grades. I know the language barrier will be tough, but you'll have to overcome. You have practiced your Japanese a lot recently, and your teachers are hopefully going to be forgiving. If you fail... well, you know what will happen." she said, gesturing towards daddy. "Just be glad you don't have to cram for entrance exams."

"And by the way, you'll have all the money you'll need - I've made sure of that. It's your money anyway! And during your free time you can do whatever you want. Go to Akihabara and do cosplay. Jack off to hentai games. Go buy a hundred different kinds of lip gloss! Whatever you want! Just remember you're a girl, and you are not to be dressing as a boy, or pretending to be a boy, or any of that, or else...."

I noticed daddy would grin every time spanking came up. I knew he'd do it. And he'd love to catch me in a situation where he could. Oof.

The school was just ahead. As we pulled in, she said, "One more thing - since you won't be taking gym, you'll be taking an extra class. In Vietnamese. I expect you to learn it - I paid a teacher to come out and tutor you alone. Two languages at once is going to be hard. But you're a smart girl. You'll manage. And if not... " Daddy grinned and patted me on the butt.

We went into meet the headmaster. I saw a clock on the wall - it wasn't yet 7. We were here early... for an orientation, I realized. "You must be Miss Harris! And even more beautiful than described!" he said. He was flanked by two teachers - neither of them my English teaching friend. They were staring - but then, I was taller than them by at least 6 inches, probably a lot more. They were about level with my tits. They probably have never seen a woman with tits this big, I thought. And Daddy behind me must have seemed like a legendary giant. Though by American standards... well, we'd be big even there. But here...!

"These three all know about your secret", mommy whispered to me. As they started showing me around, telling me about all the classes I'd be taking, I kept catching them glancing at my legs, at my chest - if they knew I was a boy, that didn't seem to be turning them off at all. Quite the opposite, really. I'd have to be careful with these ones.

"Our English program is one of the strongest in the nation, and I'm hoping you - as a native speaker - will be a valuable contributor." Was that how all this had been arranged? Or were these guys just horny tranny chasers? Or was a large bribe involved? I didn't say anything. "We try to encourage students to speak English to each other, like I am speaking to you now, but so far, we haven't had much success". I nodded. Japanese people always try to learn English, without much success. Not that my Japanese was that great, for all the practice I'd done. I'd learned to speak pretty well, but my kanji reading was terrible.

He kept talking, but I was feeling sleepy, and his words started to drift away. I smiled a bit as I emptied my now slightly full bladder, and the diaper soaked it up, leaving me feeling perfectly dry. It was nice to be able to do that. Though I had visions of the school nurse as a 300 lb gorilla - somehow even more repulsive than the idea of "daddy" changing me. I hope I can go until the end of the day without needing a change...

And just as I thought that, she was in front of me. "This is Ms. Yamoto, our nurse. She's been informed of your condition and has plenty, of, ahem, spare diapers if you need them." He stumbled over the word diapers, and hearing it made me feel embarrassed. "It's okay you can't make it, Jenny*. Just come to Nurse Yamoto and she'll clean you all up," she said, taking a patronizing tone. Great, I thought, she's going to tease me. She wasn't a Gorilla - but she was hardly sexy. Later on, I'd realize she had a crush on the headmaster - who was single since his wife passed away - and was upset at how he'd been staring at me. Of course, at this point, I was still too naive to see how much he'd really been staring at me - until my girlfriend whispered it to me. One of those things a girl realizes, and I'd learn to notice.

I was walked to homeroom with my "parents". Of course they thought mommy was the "hot Asian trophy wife" replacement for "daddy's" "ex-wife" back home. I needed to remember to keep my story straight. The sun was all the way up now, and my homeroom teacher turned out to be my friend - nice to see a friendly face. He assigned a desk to me in the back, by the window, and explained the basics of how school worked in Japan. After the headmaster and his cronies left, he had a few words with my parents. I could see the first students streaming into the school as I was barely staying awake.

Daddy gave me a hug I was embarrassed to receive. Then mommy did - and she whispered in my ear "Good luck baby. And remember to be open - if you decide you really love this enough that you want to be a woman... I'll understand. I really love you and hope you don't, but I'll understand." She gave me a smooch, and I told her I loved her - and then her and daddy were gone.

And then I panicked. It hit me all of a sudden.

I'd fantasized about having to be forced to be a girl before. But here I was - a stranger in a strange land. I don't know anyone and had no friends. I stick out like a sore thumb anywhere I go. I'm not even actually the girl I'm dressed up as. I'm wearing DIAPERS! Other students started to come in - every one doing a double take on seeing me. Some stared. I wanted to hide somewhere. I'd never had people look at me like this. Some were able to stop staring and socialize with their classmates for the new semester. But some didn't stop staring.

I don't even know the language all that well!

As the bell rang, the teacher introduced me, with my name and backstory. I blushed and mumbled an incomprehensible introduction. I didn't know if I should curtsy - then I remembered I'm in Japan, and bowed awkwardly, to a small amount of laughs.

Class started. English was first, and I could only follow half the Japanese - I hadn't studied enough to know the words for things like "split infinitives". But the class was amazed at my pronunciation when I read a passage. My voice might have been a bit low - but hey, I was a huge white girl! Maybe that's how all our voices are! At least I hoped they were thinking that. I was using my best falsetto, a well practiced tone. When I sat down after reading I noticed the girl next to me had a look... like she was impressed. Impressed an American can speak English.

Classes went downhill from there. We got an assignment in English which I'm sure I could have done in 5 minutes - if I could understand the instructions. Chemistry and math followed. I recognized one of the teachers from before. But keeping up was hard. He made a point of asking me a question when he could tell I was lost just trying to understand - just to see me flustered. A class act. I knew all the equations from *my* high school days, and I could understand the gist of what was going on, but that was it.

And they kept staring. It was going to be a while before they got used to it. It made me feel so self conscious. Was it my hair? My makeup? With eyes on me like that, every flaw I thought I might have had was magnified a hundred fold. Most of them were studious enough to focus on class, but I'd still catch them checking me out - and during passing time, I'd see groups of girls huddled together, whispering about me.

I kept telling myself "they're not saying you're a dude... you just look different". I was so lost in the experience I started to walk into the men's room when I needed to go- this caused the gaggle of boys standing nearby to laugh heartily, so I blushed and ran away. I hid in a corner, breathing fast, and using my diaper for what it was meant for. And then I realized - I was lost, and the halls were emptying.

I stepped out into the hall and looked around nervously. The boys who had been chasing me were gone, but... where was my next class! I can't be late. Oh, this is like a bad dream... and then a boy ran into me.

I never did quite understand how he missed seeing me - maybe because I'd just stepped out from that corner, and he'd been running fast. But he ran into me pretty hard, and we both fell, books flying. I thanked my lucky stars he didn't wind up at an angle to see up my skirt. But I didn't notice he'd grabbed a handful of boob - since they were fake anyway, I never felt it.

He blushed when he realized what he'd done, and apologized profusely, bowing rapidly. He looked like he thought I might beat him up. I probably could, and I probably should have. But as he turned to run off, I yelled to him, "Wait!" He paused, and turned around. I blushed, realizing... that I'd called out to a... boy! "Ummm.... where is... room 208?" I stammered. He looked instantly relieved. And he said to follow him. It turns out it was where he was going too.

He was lost in his notes - maybe to avoid staring at me - during that class. Soon it was over, and it was lunch time came at last. Remembering my assignment to make a new friend, I sat down at a table with a group of girls, who promptly vacated, giving me dirty looks.

I overheard some conversation from a nearby table that led me to believe that groping hadn't been entirely accidental. He was describing my juicy American breasts in lurid details, to the other boys, some of which I knew were exaggerations. My nipples, in all their fake glory, were just not that big. The other boys were listening intently. I started to walk in their general direction - terrified on the inside, and wanting to avoid a confrontation - but thinking if I just acted "cool" and gave them a dirty look, they'd be intimidated and stop.

My gambit worked. The boys all got quiet and started eating when I strolled by - ostensibly to get some chopsticks.

I sat back down where I had been, not wanting to "ruin" anyone else's table with my presence. I felt like I had a gaijin barrier - I could tell they were whispering about me. Some of them were speculating ridiculous things - that, surely, I owned a gun, and that my daddy must have a whole safe full. I probably killed deer with my bear hands. Stuff like that. None of them dared approach though.

It seemed ridiculous. I was a grown man - dressed like a schoolgirl - wearing diapers with a "Hello Kitty" diaper cover. You wouldn't think I'd be scary. But I was.

I ate my lunch and tried to figure out my homework to take my mind off the eyes on me. I was still trying to figure out the instructions when I was shocked to hear someone say - "Can I sit with you?" she squeaked in Japanese.

The girl asking the question couldn't have been 5 feet tall. She had long, slightly unkempt black hair, and glasses held together with a few patches. Her clothes fit... a little funny. She looked, in a word, nerdy. But I was happy to have company. I motioned her to sit down. I could see how scared she'd been.

"Hey can I call you Jenny*?" she blurted. It seemed a little sudden to use such a familiar term, but I didn't want to scare her off. She seemed so nervous! "Sure... what should I call you?"

"I'm Ami" she said. "I'm sorry to... ask to call you that... but you're so... big..." I was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to put her at ease. "Anyway, you don't seem as mean as the other girls, and I thought it was cool how you showed those boys... and..." she halted, reluctant to make a request of the fearsome gaijin "Can you help me with my English?" I recognized her as my admirer from earlier.

"Sure - if you can help me understand the instructions on these homework!" I said. A little too forward, maybe, she seemed scared, but said "okay."

We got down to business - explaining things to each other. I wasn't exactly up on all the language terms - turns out I don't' even know what a split infinitive is in English! But I could help her make coherent sentences. And with her reading the kanji, the homework I had was easier. We didn't have much time, though, and soon we had to go to class, long before the homework was done.

On the way we had a nice chat. Well, it mostly consisted of her gushing to me - she must be glad to have someone to talk to. She told me about how she could sort of understand what I was going through - how the other girls had ostracized her too. She talked a lot, rapidly - still nervous about me. But I did my best to let her know I appreciated her talking to me. I had barely said anything when she mentioned she'd been jealous how the boys - a couple in particular - had been staring at me.

"But... they only stare because I'm huge, right?"

She laughed "trust me, I overheard them... maybe they like you being 'huge' in the right areas. Of course, some are saying a small Japanese girl is all they'd ever want, and you are 'monster woman'. But some of them... " She turned red, and so did I. Monster woman? Better than monster tranny. But some of them liked me! "You didn't know?" I shook my head "I guess Japanese boys are hard to figure out."

She was at her class; mine was next door "Hey... " I said... awkwardly. "Want to..." my brain was kicking into defense mode. I was about to ask a girl on a date, it screamed. Not only is this a terrifying thing in any circumstance, but you have a girlfriend! I froze up. "what...? Having Japanese problems?" she asked.

I'm just another schoolgirl, I'm just another schoolgirl... okay, maybe a schoolgirl in diapers, but I can do this. She's a girl. I'm not attracted to her at all. There's no need to freak out. "I was wondering if... umm... you wanted to... uh... if you could maybe... show me... where... I mean... show..."

"Show you around?" she said. I nodded.

"Well... " she said... "You do attract a lot of attention..." she seemed to be weighing the pros and cons. I'd gone too fast. Should have asked after we'd known each other longer. "Today is a little bit...." I'm a big gaijin. A big stupid gaijin. In diapers which... are a nice way to relieve a little bit of the nervousness. I hope I don't have to see Miss Yamoto... but the weight is starting to get noticeable...

"But tomorrow!" she said suddenly "I'll show you around tomorrow, okay? Now hurry up, you'll be late!" I perked up hearing her decision. I could tell it wasn't easy.

I already was late, and my teacher admonished me at some length for being late on my first day. He was one of the headmaster's cohorts, and he liked embarrassing me just like the other one. Cracking jokes about how an American is used to a more relaxed schedule is unnecessary, I thought. But I felt all the eyes on me, as they always were, and a shiver went down my spine. I started feeling really self conscious again - I was representing my country too here, wasn't I?

Vietnamese class came last, but it was taught in English - and just to me in a spare classroom - so I could relax a bit.

Finally, the day was over. My diaper was soaked and I'd hoped nobody had noticed the squishing, but the padded diaper cover hid it - enough. As I got in Daddy's car, his finally attuned ears could hear the squish. "We'll change you as soon as we get home, sweetie. Why didn't you go visit Miss Yamoto?" I shook my head. "Well it's okay, daddy doesn't mind changing you. I just don't want you to have any leaks. Wouldn't that be embarrassing? We'll need to find you something a little less squeaky, too..." He kept talking, but I zoned him out.

It was going to be a long, tough, but probably exciting semester. Inside, I hoped I'd wind up regretting my decision to be a girl for so long. I never felt I was a transsexual. But I had to admit it was exhilarating. And I had to do what my girlfriend had told me - give it a shot. I was just getting started. Being a girl wasn't easy.

But I'd made it. I hadn't had to visit Miss Yamato (barely). I'd been terribly embarrassed and self conscious. But nobody had noticed my diapers. Or as far as I know, my oversized hands or my Adam's Apple. My legs, my tits - my long blond hair and blue eyes - had overwhelmed them.

So far they'd only seen me as an attractive - if scary - foreign girl. Good enough. I'd survived my first day. And maybe made a new friend.
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A very good story , and it was very well written too , I loved it , and I hope you will continue it =)
Good start. Hope you continue.
nice story ,, hehe ,, even though its ridiculous, its nice to believe for a while that if i lost 40 pounds even my 6' tall body could be made up like a passable school girl

keep witting , can't wait for more
very well done. I can't wait to read more.
This is an amazing beginning. I've never been this hooked to a story in recent memory. You've got one of hell of a plot with a thousand opportunities and I'm crazy jealous that I didn't come up with it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue; if you don't, I'd be happy too!

If its all right, I'd like to give this story an in depth review; I respect it too much not too. First and foremost, the scenery of the story... I live in Japan and have been for the last three years. All the nuances, the immediate stereotypes they have of Americans, were spot on. I also like the insinuated sexual preferences of the Japanese males, they're infatuated with the exotic tall girl (and I'm sure if they knew she was a guy, they'd only be more infatuated). Japanese men (and women) are open with their kinks, but hide them carefully because society expects them to be quiet and polite. In Japan its all about perception and what everyone else around you is doing and seeing... the term is 'migi e narae' (migi eh nah-rah-eh), an old army command that literally means "Copy the person on your right!"

Personally I am unable to relate to the main character, I don't share the same feelings toward dressing as a girl, and I'm certainly no where near as tall as him; but at the same time I find something about what he's doing very very intriguing. Spending a semester as the opposite sex, in diapers, in a strange land, not fully understanding the language, and under threat of punishment from someone bigger and physically stronger then him??? WOW! The next chapters can't come soon enough.

While reading the first chapter I couldn't help but make predicitions in my head. The first thing I wondered about is the double secret he's running. One, he's wearing diapers and trying to hide it. That should be a fun one to try and maintane with his classmates. Two, and more dire; he's actually a boy... I imagine that having it known he's in diapers would be bad, but having the second secret out would be game over... ... and waiting to see if he can sustain his semester without being found out is what's going to keep me (and probably many others) coming back to read more. I'm also very curious about how his 'mommy' said he wasn't allowed with any girls, but expects him to have kissed a boy by the end of the semester. Hahah I'm even curious what a boy would do once he found that she is wearing a... and is a.... goodness this has too many possibilities to explore.

You did a good job foreshadowing some of the complications with the principle and his cronies, not to mention his 'daddy' and his willingness to spank. As I said before, I've never been this hooked with a new story... please please continue it.

-CS Fox
I will definitely be posting more, given the response! Wow! I want to address some specific responses but I don't have time. But CS Fox in particular, thanks so much, definitely inspires me to continue to get such an in depth reply! I have to admit I was a little scared when you mentioned you'd lived in Japan - thought I'd surely be messing up some cultural details. It makes me so happy you liked it!

Also: can anyone tell me how to add a description to my post? When I was first posting I included one, but when I hit the button to review before posting, I somehow lost it. I haven't found a way to add it. If I can't, should I make the second chapter a second thread? I don't want to violate the forum rules... but I feel like without the description I'm missing something.
I know i say this a lot but I LOVE THIS STORY!!!

Its so great to read these brilliant masterpieces!
Before i learned about this site, i used to write my own stories to forfil the gap, but now i dont need to!

These stories are better than what i can come up with, even though I know what i want!

You, and many others in this site have great talent, keep it up!
post more plawse
 Princess are kind, brave, beautiful and determined they can do or be anything 
even change the world.  

 All girls are princess what you see in the Mirrors doesn't define you.
It doesn’t meter if you weren't born a girl. As long as your one at heart you too
are a princess 

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