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The Beginning


The word echoed throughout the courtroom and twenty-one-year-old Stephen Smith collapsed in to tears. He hadn’t killed that girl. He had never even met her! But just his luck, he happened to be walking past her house when the police arrived and being dirty and homeless (“a bum”) one officer had called him, he was the perfect scapegoat.

His body shook with sobs as the judge said: “I would like nothing more that to watch you rot in jail for the rest of your miserable life. Unfortunately, our jails are overcrowded as it is and besides, maybe there is a better way for you to pay your debt. You will be the first test subject of Program X.”

Without another word, two police officers took one of his arms and dragged him roughly out of the courthouse. It was not a hard task. Stephen was only four-foot-five and extremely underweight.

He had long black hair and blue eyes and his entire body was covered in scrape, bruises, and scars from all of the fights that he had gotten in over the years. He had been abandoned by his parents at a very early age and had been forced to survive on his own since then.

The guards put a blindfold on Stephen and then threw him in to the back of a prison truck. Stephen sat down and after only a few moments he felt the truck begin to move. Maybe it was just Stephen’s fear of the unknown, but the truck seemed to move incredibly fast. He felt as if he were being tossed about roughly every time they made a turn.

After what seemed like an eternity, the truck stopped and Stephen heard the doors open. He was dragged out of the truck and heard two more doors open. They were entering some sort of building.

They went down a flight of stairs, and then another, and then another. Down, down, down they went. Finally they stopped.

Stephen felt a warm force suddenly envelope him. It wasn’t painful, however. On the contrary, the warmth was comforting.

Stephen felt the guards release his arms. The blindfold was removed. He was in darkness. He heard the guards leaving and a door shutting behind him.

Slowly, the room began to fill with light. Stephen gasped. He was standing in the middle of an enormous white room. The ceiling was so high and the walls so far away that Stephen felt like an insignificant little speck. He was standing on a large silver disk in front of an enormous screen.

Suddenly, a face appeared on the television screen. It was that of a beautiful woman with long black hair and bright blue eyes. Behind her was nothing but white. She was smiling and her eyes seemed to look straight in to Stephen’s.

“Hello, and welcome to your new life as a baby. I’m here to guide you in your age regression and your Mommy selection.”

Her voice was soft and motherly, and Stephen found it comforting. Nevertheless, he laughed in his head. After all, he was an adult. He knew babies came from mommies, not factories. It was impossible to turn a fully grown man back in to an infant or toddler. They were fooling around with him. He decided to play along, wondering where all of this was going.

“Please state your name.”

Stephen paused for a moment, and then said: “Stephen. Stephen Smith.”

“Well Stephen, you will retain your name in your new life as a baby, but after a few hours, your mind will regress to the age that you select. You will have no memory of the past, but you will remember your name.”

As Stephen watched, there, on the screen appeared row after row of baby faces, all different ages, ranging from tiny newborns to three-year-old toddlers. As Stephen looked at each one, a blue beam of light came out of a wall panel and scanned him from head to toe.

The baby pictures were replace with pictures of Stephen at those ages, from a newborn to age three both as a girl and as a boy. In both cases, the newborn Stephen was shriveled up and very small and the three-year-old toddler was slightly chubby. As Stephen examined all of the faces, he was drawn to one, as if that picture was calling his name. He reached out and touched the box that said “9-Month-Old Girl”. The rest of the pictures disappeared and that one grew until it took up the whole screen. There he was, a big, chubby 9-month-old with rolls of baby fat.

“You have selected nine months of age. Babies at this age can sit up by themselves, crawl, and pull themselves up to a standing position. However, most nine-month-olds cannot walk. They eat solid foods, drink from bottles, and have 2 to 4 dirty diapers a day, along with 8 to 10 wet ones. They can jabber, but cannot talk, and are very attached to their Mothers. Babies at this age often stay close to their mothers and cry when she leaves the room.”

Stephen began sweating. He was beginning to worry. What is this was real? Then he scoffed at himself. He took a deep breath and touched a box on the screen which read: “Please make final age regression slection”.

“Congratulations! You will spend the rest of your life as a big, chubby 9-month-old baby girl, being cared for by a loving mommy. Now, please select the mommy that will best suit your needs. Please select a Mommy.”

It still seemed like a joke to Stephen. There was no such things a place that could turn adults in to babies. But somehow, this machine with the soft motherly voice had scanned him and shown him what he would look like as a nine-month-old baby. How was that possible? And yet, for reasons he did not fully understand. Stephen played along. Deep down inside, his heart ached and wished that this could be true. It couldn’t be, he knew, but still he played along, hoping against hope that dreams and fantasies do come true.

“If you find a Mommy that is a possible match, just touch her photo on the screen and you can see more detailed photos. You may also listen to a short presentation by the Mommy you select, describing in her own words what kind of a mother she is, and what you can expect as her baby.”

Stephen was growing tired of this game and was about to call for the guards and tell them to just end this, until something caught his eye.

In the upper right corner of the screen he saw a picture that stirred something deep within him. The woman had long blonde hair, green eyes, a round chubby face, and a rather large nose. She was not the attractive in the conventional sense, but to Stephen she seemed to exude warmth. She had a warm, maternal glow that seemed to call out to Stephen. He reached out and touched her photo. The photo expanded until it took up the entire screen.

“You have selected Jennifer Jones. Age: 29. Location: Freeport, Kansas. Occupation: Home Daycare Provider. Height: 5’10’’ Weight 290 pounds. Eyes: Green. Hair: Blonde. Please touch the screen if your wish to listen to Jennifer’s own words about her desire to be your mommy. If you wish, you may then make your final selection.”

Again, Stephen was pulled by this desire he didn't understand, and found himself touching the screen, excited by the prospect of hearing this woman speak about wanting to be his mother. And as soon as he touched the screen, she started talking with a sweet, motherly, Southern accent. Her voice was soothing and hypnotic.

“Hello, my name is Jennifer. Thank you for interest in me. If you make this selection, it means that you will become my nine-month-old baby girl. I am one of many hopeful mothers, who desire a nine-month-old baby girl to love and care for, and to call my very own. And let me first say that I don’t care what you have done in your life and what you have been convicted of, as your new mommy, I will give you love like you have never known before. The past…your past…will be forgotten, completely washed away. You will just be my sweet, little nine-month-old baby girl.”

“I know that I am not very pretty. Most men think I am fat and ugly with my big nose. That and living in the middle of nowhere means that I don’t have a lot of dates. I am very lonely. But I want you to know that I have a big heart, a lonely heart just bursting with love to give one special baby. I have been waiting for you, yes, you for a very long time.”

Jennifer stopped speaking for a moment, choked up with emotion. She seemed to be searching for the right words to tell Stephen what she was feeling, and just how long she had waited for a baby to call her very own. As she looked in to the camera, pouring out her feelings, her tears, and her very soul, Stephen’s heart melted. He was no longer thinking of escaping. He no longer cared that he had been brought here unwillingly. The more Jennifer spoke, with tears running down her face, the more he wanted to be a baby, to be her baby.

‘’Yes, I have been waiting for a baby for a long time. My husband died years ago, leaving me with enough money so that I would never have to work again. But I do work. I run a daycare center out of my home and babysit mostly for my friends. I love babies and being able to love and care for them brings me great joy. But at the end of the day, their mothers come and pick them up and once again I am left all alone without a baby of my own. If you select me as your new mommy, you will have lots of other babies to play with, but you will always be MY baby, and you will always get my attention, no matter how many babies are in my daycare. Then, at night, when everyone has gone home, it will be just you and me, and all the love that I can give you.”

Marty was bawling now. He had always been alone and unwanted. As far as anyone else was concerned he was scum. Now, here was a woman who not only wanted him, but needed him and would love him and care for him for the rest of his life.

He reached out and touched a part of the screen that said: “Make Final Selection”.

The screen changed and the voice of the machine replaced Jennifer’s. It was as if Stephen had been jolted out of a deep sleep.

“You have selected Jennifer Jones as your new mommy. Your selection is final and you will now begin your new life as a baby. Welcome to the rest of your life.”

Suddenly, Stephen let out a sharp yelp. He had felt a pain in his right arm from an injection. He turned and saw a long robotic arm with a syringe being drawn back in to the wall after injecting him with a large dose of some type of drug. He was beginning to feel warm and sleepy, the room was spinning, and the silver disk he was standing on slowly began opening, revealing a large tube filled with a greenish goo.

Stephen slowly began to slip into the greenish goo and he felt warm and relaxed. He was slowly being drawn in to the pipe like quicksand, yet he felt no fear or pain. It was as if he were slipping into a warm bath.

The warm greenish goo was up to Marty’s neck now but he had no fear of drowning thanks to the calming injection he had received. Suddenly, he heard the soft maternal voice of the machine again.

“Don’t be afraid little one, everything’s alright. Soon you will start your new life as a baby with your new mommy. Just relax and let the warm WATERS OF LIFE carry you to your mommy. She’s waiting for you. That’s it, relax and go to sleep. When you wake up, you will be a baby again.”

The green goo covered Stephen’s head and he became cocooned inside an air pocket. He then fell in to a very deep sleep. It was as if he were a baby again already, back inside his mother’s womb, floating inside a warm, green substance that seemed to be feeding him and protecting him. But as he was sleeping, the green goo was dissolving his big person clothes and regressing him back to infancy.

First, his shoes disappeared. Next, his socks were gone. Then the pants, shirt, and underwear dissolved and Stephen was left naked. His body was quickly absorbing some of the greenish liquid and becoming billions upon billions of tiny bubbles. Unbeknownst to Stephen, this green goo was called the WATERS OF LIFE because not only did it regress a person, but it also gave a baby “new life” by re-energizing and regressing every cell in their body. Every one of Stephen’s organs, every one of his cells was being reset to that of a nine-month-old baby girl.

As Stephen was moving through the tube and being regressed, he was also being moved toward something. It was a light, something started to happen. Stephen could feel himself leaving the warm green goo and cold air was rushing toward him. He suddenly woke up and found himself under a bright light, with two women smiling down at him. The older of the two had what appeared to be a camera. She held it up and pressed a button and Stephen saw spots.

“Why do we need to take her picture, Nancy?”

“We’re not taking her picture, Jessica. We’re erasing her memory. What good is she going to be to her new Mommy if she remembers her old life and being a boy?”


Stephen realized that there was a mirror above him and he could see his reflection. He was an ADORABLE baby girl with soft features and rolls of baby fat. He also realized that whatever the woman had just used was broken. He remembered everything. He decided he had better act like a baby and hope they bought it. He began sucking his fist.

“How old is she?”

“Let’s see here, it says in her file that she is nine-months-old and her name was Stephen. Now I guess it will be Stephanie.”

“Oh she is just darling! Couldn’t you just eat her up! What a cutie-pa-tootie. Look at those fat, chubby thighs. And that tummy! What a butterball! And have you ever seen such a fat, chubby baby bottom! Oh I’d love to be her mommy! I would just love to powder that little tushy every day!”

“Now Jessica,” Nancy said, “you can’t have every chubby baby that you see here. This little girl already has a mommy, and she’ll be here to pick her up in a few hours, so we need to finish with her checkup. Let’s see…heart, brain, and liver are all checking out fine.”

“How far along in the regression process is she,” Jessica asked looking up at one of the lighted panels.

“Well the regression process worked, and now she’s a healthy, and I must say very plump nine-month-old baby girl.”

“What about his..oops! her mind? Did that flash erase it permanently?”

“Yes, she doesn’t understand a word that we are saying. Her mind is now completely caught up with her body and will stay that way. She is a completely helpless.”

“So she won’t even have any control over her bladder or bowels?”

Nancy chuckled.

“Good heavens, no! Not only do babies this age have no control over their bodily functions, they don’t even have any awareness of it. When the lower intestine signals to the sphincter muscle that digested food it on the way, the sphincter automatically opens and the baby starts to have a bowel movement with no control or awareness of what is taking place.”

“What about all of that grunting I see babies do? They always get red in the face and grunt really hard when their filling their diapers. Don’t they have any control over that? Don’t they know that they are pooping?”

Nancy chuckled again.

When a baby turns red in the face and begins grunting, she is only doing what her body is making her do. She’s not even aware of it. She’ll be playing with her toys, concentrating on getting that pretty blue block in her mouth when suddenly she feels a fullness, or discomfort in her tummy. Then, without even thinking about it, or being able to control it, she starts pushing and grunting as her infant body forces her to push the poop out into the diaper. She is not even aware that she is pooping her diaper. All she knows is that her bottom feels warm and squishy and there is a pungent odor in the air. She doesn’t know that odor is coming from her diaper, nor does she realize that her face is red, or that her grunts are loud enough to be heard in the next room.
When her mother pulls back her diaper and checks, she doesn’t realize what her mother is doing. All she knows is that she is suddenly being scooped up and placed on the changing table and having her bottom wiped. But she doesn’t know why.”

“Well, speaking of diapers, let’s get this cutie-pa-tootie to the Powder Room so Karen can powder and diaper her.”

And with that, Stephen was placed on the soft conveyor belt, lying on his tummy. The shock and fear had given way to contentment. Remembering suddenly that he had better seem mentally regressed, he began drooling and sucking his fingers.

The conveyor belt stopped and he found himself looking up at a giant woman with curly red hair. She wiped him down and sprinkled some baby powder on. Then she slid a disposable diaper under him, pulled it up, and taped it. She tweaked his nose and said: “Now it’s off to the nursery with you.”

The conveyor belt started up again and Stephen passed out.

Mommy Comes

Stephen opened his eyes an unknown amount of time later. He saw white bars all around him a mobile with different colored birds. He must be in the nursery. He was wearing only the disposable diaper. He heard a door open and turned his head.

There she was! It was Jennifer! She looked absolutely radiant. She wore a white blouse and light yellow skirt, she was beaming down at Stephen.

She walked over to the crib and lifted Stephen out. She hugged him and held him firmly against her chest. Stephen could feel Her heart racing and her body shaking as she wept in happiness. She kissed him all over his cheeks and neck and forehead and he giggled.

“Mommy’s here Rachael. She loves you very much and she always will.”

So, Rachael was his name now.

“Let’s get you ready to go,” she said.

She opened up a diaper bag she had on the floor and pulled out a light green dress. She slipped over Rachael’s head and pulled down to where it almost but not quite covered her diaper. She put two tiny green bows in Rachael’s hair and tiny green socks on her feet.

She picked the diaper bag up and then Rachael. Keeping one arm under Rachael’s bottom and her other hand on her back, she carried her out of the nursery, out the front door of the building to a blue van parked in the street. She opened up the passenger side door and placed Rachael in the car seat. Then she got in on the driver’s side and they were off.

Rachael sucked her thumb and cooed. Jennifer laughed. She reached over and tickled Rachael’s tummy. Rachael squealed and giggled with delight and Jennifer just beamed.

They seemed to be driving through the middle of nowhere. Rachael could see nothing but wide open space. There were a few trees, some grass, but now much else. Suddenly, she saw it.


It was a large, two story white house with a chimney. In the yard she could see a giant clothesline, several trees, and some clumps of flowers.

They pulled in to the driveway and Jennifer got out and came to the other side and took Rachael out of her car seat. They walked up the porch and through the front door.

They walked in to the kitchen and Rachael could see a large white highchair in the corner. Jennifer walked over to the high chair and placed Rachael in it.

“I know my baby girl must be hungwy. Mommy is going to fill that wittle tummy of yours up and then the two of us are going to take a nap.”

Stephen watched her take something out of the fridge and dump it in to a bowl. She put it in the microwave and warmed it up. Then she opened another jar and poured a little bit of something else in to the bowl. She stirred it with a baby spoon and walked over to the high chair.

She scooped some up and brought the spoon to Rachael’s mouth.

“Here comes the airplane!”

Rachael giggled and opened her mouth. Jennifer spooned the food in to her mouth and Rachael’s eyes lit up. Oatmeal and applesauce! Mmmmm!

Jennifer laughed.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it Honey Bun? Well here comes the train. Choo-choo!”

Rachael ate bite after bite. Finally, Jennifer said: “All gone!”

She threw the empty jar in the trash and said: “Now, I think I will normally give you a bottle before your naps but since this is a special occasion…”

She unbuttoned her blouse and undid her bra.

“Mommy has lots of milk to feed her baby.”

She picked Rachael up out of the high chair and carried her in to the living room. She laid Rachael down on the couch and wrapped her in a pink baby blanket. Then, she picked her up and sat down in the rocking chair. Her nipple rubbed up against Rachael’s cheek and she took it in to her mouth and began sucking instinctively. The milk was warm and sweet. Jennifer rocked back and forth, humming softly and rubbing Rachael’s back.

When Rachael had finished, Jennifer threw a burp cloth over her shoulder and began patting Rachael’s back. Rachael burped twice.

“My goodness, little girl, that wasn’t very ladylike!” Jennifer said laughing.

Rachael smiled. Her tummy was full and her eyelids were getting heavy.

Jennifer stood up and walked upstairs. They went down the hallway and into Jennifer’s room. They lay down on the large white bed and Jennifer covered them both up with a blanket.

“Sleepy time, honey bun,” Jennifer says.

“I’m finally home,” Rachael thinks to herself as she and Mommy drift off to sleep.
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