I,m sorry mommie (PG)
how I got my pankin.
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polite curtsy

All I was doing was playing!? honest! Mommie was in the living room and being grumpy so I tried to leave her alone. So I went into the kitchen and was looking in one of the cupboards. I was soooo deep that I had to almost crawl into it to see what was in there. It was then that I found a pan that made the most wonderful sound when struck with a spoon. (I loved it) I was pulling it out when I knocked all the other pans onto the floor. (opsies) Mommie shouted "STOP MAKING SO MUCH NOISE!!" "I,m sorry mommie" I said.Not wanting to make her mad(er), I put the pans back into the cupboard as carefully and quietly as I could. Keeping of course the pan that made that wonderful clangy sound. (and a spoon) I slipped out the kitchen door into the back yard and sat down on the porch, Dressed in my favorite pink dress and plastic panties. I just sat there for awhile looking over my new musical instrument. Tapping it softly on the sides with my spoon. I guess soon I was clanging it so hard that the nieghbors dog started howling like he wanted to join in. It was joyous!!! I thought I was making everyone happy. Well! The next thing I know, I am being halled into the house by my arm. My mommie shaking her finger at me and saying " YOUR IN BIG TROUBLE LITTLE GIRL!" "I TOLD YOU TO BE QUIET!" "DIDNT I" " AND WHAT DID YOU DO?" She threw me down onto the living room floor and continued to yell at me for some time. I was sobbing and trying to say sorry, but she wouldnt listen . She was VERY angry! Finally, she snapped" GO TO YOUR ROOM AND WAIT FOR ME!" (NOW!!) I tried once again to tell her I,m sorry, but this only made her madder.(the LAST thing I wanted to do) So, I went running to my room Sobbing. I swung the door shut and fell onto my bed and cried myself to sleep. Forgetting ,( of course) that she would be there soon. When I awoke, she was standing at the foot of my bed smiling coldy. "Do you remember me saying stop making noise?" "yes" I said quietly. Brushing my hair out of my eyes. "why didnt you do what you were told"? Tears welled up into my eyes again because I knew what was coming next. "I,M SORRY!" I yelled at her, but it was no use. She was done listening to my pleas. She then grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to my feet. Swung me around and started to unzip my dress. "You know sweetie, this is for your own good" She said with a cold anger in her voice. "This will teach you to do what you are told". She pulled my dress over my head and with me in tow only in my plastic panties, strode out of my room and down the hallway and into her room. I tried to struggle free and run, But her grip on my arm was like a vise. Her room is spacious and I could hear my sobs sort of echo off the walls. She sat down on the side of the bed abrubtly and threw me across her lap, pinning me with her leg so I couldnt get loose. I was kicking my legs in a futlie attempt to stop the inevatable to no avail. My sobs became cries for forgiveness, but she was determined, And much larger than me. She magically produced a large wooden paddle and said"If you struggle?" It will only make it worse". I was crying in gasps now. "PLEASE DONT SPANK ME MOMMIE!" " i,LL BE GOOD!" I cried. No sooner did I say that, Than the first "SMACK" rang home. I wailed in pain and fear. "I,M SORRY!" "SMACK" "I,m SORRY" "SMACK" "i,M sorry " "SMACK","SMACK","SMACK" "SMACK", "SMACK", . She stopped for a moment and I thought it was over when she pulled my plastic panties down and continued my punishment. " SMACK", " SMACK", "SMACK", " SMACK", ..........Then, She released me from her grip and pushed me to the floor. I brought my knees up to my chest and layed there on my side crying in gouts. Mommie stood up and dropped the paddle on the bed and walked from the room saying"You stay there and think about what you did"." When you are done? You get dressed and come to me and we,ll discuss your bad behaviour." " Do you hear me?"She said sternly. "yes " I said between sobs.

Now I,m in the same diaper I had on yesterday, And I have to clean the house from top to bottom. I,m so emberassed because I smell like poops and pees. But mommie said I have to wear the it until she says to change. I have to change myself. I want to make her not mad at me anymore so I,m trying to be as quiet as I can. I half to wear this cooty maids dress.(ugh!) I put a note under her tea cup when I brang her lunch, which said, ( please mommie!, Dont be mad at me anymore. I,ll be good.) She won,t even look at me. I,m so sad,." Please mommie, don,t be mad at me."

Love pheobe. 
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Poor Pheobe. She just wanted to make people happy and now everybody is sad!  

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polite curtsy

I,m sorry everyone! I didnt mean to make you cry.

I will try hard to make you all smile and giggle.

Love pheobe 
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