House Call
A traveling salesgirl finds herself in a bit of a sticky situation at her latest stop.
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Marissa looked up at the sound of her doorbell, slight annoyance bubbling inside of her as she looked up at the clock on the wall. Ten minutes early! She was almost tempted not to let the girl in yet, but she didn't want to risk having her leave. Besides, she knew everything was fine, ready to go. It always was. She just liked having the chance to double check, just in case.

She wasn't quite able to keep the exasperation out of her voice as she announced, "You're early," to the figure standing in her doorway. It quickly faded as she saw the girl there, but she didn't regret it one bit, as it put the girl off balance, made her shrink a little further into herself, her confidence eroding ever so slightly.

"O-Oh," the girl blushed, wide-eyed. "I'm sorry, I thought... I didn't mean... I'm sorry to interrupt. I'm just always early, so I didn't think... I can go wait in my car, it's okay!"

Marissa reached out, stopping the girl from turning. The girl was small, about the same size as most of Marissa's students, and already fidgeting like one of them. "You're here now," Marissa told her, "no need to sit out in the cold. Come on."

Despite the somewhat chilly weather, the girl was in a rather short, pleated pink skirt and white knee high socks, which Marissa couldn't imagine were terribly warm. She couldn't help looking at them, and the purple jacket she had on, and wondering if the petite thing had gotten them from the children's section. She looked about the right size... Enough so that Marissa couldn't help but ask, "How old are you, dear?"

The little thing stood up as straight as she could go, obviously used to being mistaken for someone younger. "I'm 19," she stated, with all the bruised dignity of a small child after a grown-up guessed she was a few grades lower than she really was. Marissa could practically hear, "and a half," added onto the end of that age.

She was perfect. More than anyone else Marissa had encountered this way, and she was sure of that even before the girl began to squirm, seemingly unconsciously chewing on her thumb nail as she stood in the entryway. "Do you want to get started?" Marissa asked finally, though she wouldn't have minded seeing her wriggle a little longer.

"Yes!" the girl nodded, reaching into her purse for a pamphlet.

"Why don't we go into the living room?" Marissa suggested.

"Okay," the girl agreed, before letting out a cute little sneeze.

It was a little quicker than usual, but Marissa couldn't let this perfect opportunity pass her by. "It's right through there. I'm going to get you something warm to drink. Do you want tea or hot chocolate?" Normally, she wouldn't give a choice - hot chocolate was more childish, and easier to hide things in - but she was just getting started. Besides, the newest drug mix would still be all but undetectable in tea, too, which she had no doubt the girl would choose. She was right.

As she got some water boiling, she got down a white mug and a black one, some tea, and retrieved a vial of the drug from her fridge. They were always tinkering with it at the lab, trying to get it just right, making sure it was tasteless, and that it didn't last too long. After all, you could always give them more, but letting it wear off every now and then was always useful for giving them a false sense of confidence. She emptied the vial into the white mug, then poured the water, letting it sit for a moment before taking it to the living room, along with her own mug and a pair of spoons.

"Now, we'll have to wait about five minutes," Marissa lectured, setting the cups down on the table, being sure to put the white one in front of the girl. "Will you be all right until then?"

"Yeah," the girl blushed, eyes darting to the front door. "Actually... Umm..."

"What's wrong, dear?" Marissa asked, starting to worry that, somehow, the girl suspected something was up, that she had just wasted one of the doses of the drug that she'd risked her job to sneak out.

"It's just... I feel so stupid..." the girl stared down at her sneakers. "I'm still new at this whole thing, and I forgot to bring in the vacuum."

"Oh! Well, that's okay. Why don't you wait until you're warmed up a little, then go fetch it?"

The girl shook her head. "No!" she pouted. "No, I'm supposed to show it to you first thing! That's how it's supposed to be done! So, I'm sorry, could you excuse me for just a minute?"

"Of course," Marissa nodded. She wondered why the girl hadn't simply gone to get it while she was in the kitchen, but maybe she'd thought Marissa would think she'd run away or something. "Go ahead."

The girl nodded, still hesitating slightly before standing up and heading back toward the door. Marissa kept a smile on her face, but inwardly she was starting to panic. She hadn't even started her usual routine - could this girl really be suspicious already? She was acting an awful lot like she was about to run.

"Do you need some help?" she finally asked, giving herself an excuse for going outside with her.

It worked out better than she'd hoped. "Could you?!" the girl beamed. "That would be so great... The stupid thing is so big, and my car isn't, and it's such a pain to get out... It's why I get to my appointments early, so I can wrestle it out, but I'm being such a ditz today, I didn't even think about it..."

"No problem, dear," Marissa said, getting up and heading outside, waiting as the girl unlocked the car door, then tried to pry the vacuum out of its place lodged in the back seat of the coupe by herself.

"God, I'm so lame," the girl lamented. "You're the customer, I shouldn't be asking for your help..." Biting her bottom lip, hands wrapped around the vacuum, she began pulling on it, but there was clearly not enough room between the seat and the door frame. When that didn't work, she pushed it back, then yanked it forward, over and over, as if one of those times it would have magically shrunk.

Marissa stood back for a minute and watched as the girl's movements and the wind caused her skirt to flutter up, revealing momentarily the white cotton panties underneath. They looked rather full and thick - likely also from the children's section. Marissa found herself wondering if they had the day of the week printed on the front, and how much this girl got teased by her peers back in high school for dressing like she did.

"Doesn't the seat fold?" she asked finally, starting to worry that the girl was going to break the vacuum, or herself.

"No!" the girl pouted. "The stupid thing has always been broken, I've never been able to get it to work!" Frustrated, she kicked the side of her car, then came very close to losing her balance and falling on her backside.

"There's no need to throw a tantrum," Marissa lectured, gently taking the girl's shoulder and pushing her away from the car, doing her best to hide her excitement. She was perfect! It was hard to believe her parents had never enrolled her at the school! "Let me take a look." Marissa looked at the seat, finding the lever, and, after fiddling with it for a moment or two, managed to slide the seat forward. "There!" she nodded. "It was just a little stuck."

The girl's cheeks turned bright red. "I feel like such an idiot," she said quietly. "That's all you had to do?"

"It was a little tricky," Marissa lied. "And I'm impressed you managed to get the vacuum in with it like that! That must have been hard!"

The girl nodded. "Thank you... I can get it out from here if you want to go back in."

Marissa almost let her, thinking it would be rather cute to see the girl lugging the giant machine across the driveway, and that the girl might need it to make her feel a little more like a big girl, but she noticed the girl shivering a little. "I can get it," she said. "I think you'd better go inside before you catch a cold." The girl started to open her mouth, but Marissa cut her off with a, "No arguing!"

The girl nodded and scurried back into the house as Marissa wrestled the vacuum out of the car, shutting the door before pulling the thing to her own front door. Even for her, it was fairly difficult - she couldn't imagine how the girl had managed it. She had a feeling the girl was even newer than she'd let on - this was likely her first solo house call. Why else would she be so nervous, so unprepared? That only made things better.

"I really didn't realize how big these things are," Marissa commented as she pushed the vacuum into the living room. "I think these may be a little big for me."

The girl's face fell at that, and she frantically grabbed for the pamphlet, searching through it before stumbling through, "B-But it's as great for the home as the... the office... 'Cause it'll pick up anything you cna throw at it... No mess is too big... Or too small..."

"Calm down," Marissa chuckled. "It's okay. If nothing else, I can always tell my bosses at work about it. I'm sure it would get a lot of use there."

"Really?" the girl's eyes lit up. "That would be great!"

"Of course," Marissa smiled. "Now, I think our tea should be ready by now... Why don't we have a drink before we get started?" The girl nodded, reaching for the white mug and stirring it for a moment before lifting it to her lips. Marissa tried to hide how eagerly she was watching by sipping at her own mug, but she always loved to see this part, as the girls took the drink that sealed their fates. They always looked so sweetly oblivious, like innocent little lambs.

But this time, as she took her first sip, the girl's eyes widened. Marissa's mind began spinning - what was wrong? Hadn't she mixed the drug in well enough? Had she suggested they drink too soon? Her own tea tasted fine, but maybe she should have let the girl's steep a bit longer to cover the slight taste of the drug. "Is it too hot?" she asked nervously. "I suppose I should have warned you to be careful..."

"No, it's fine," the girl said. "No, it's just... I'm actually not much of a tea person..."

"I could make you some hot chocolate," Marissa offered. She hated wasting a dose that way, but she wasn't about to let this girl get away from her now.

"No!" the girl shook her head. "No, I was just surprised at how good this is! I've never tasted anything like it!" She took another big sip as Marissa relaxed, relieved.

"Thank you," she smiled. "It's my own special mix. Go on and drink it up... I can make you some more once you're done with your little presentation." That should give it plenty of time to kick in, she thought, and probably by the time she came back with the second cup, the first would be just about to find its way into the girl's cute little white panties. She only hoped it didn't happen too soon... The best part was watching them squirm, then gasp as they realized what was happening, and where. By the time the urge hit them, it was already too late, but sometimes they made a mad dash for the bathroom anyway, and that was pretty fun, too.

The girl did as she was told, draining her cup, ensuring that she got the maximum dose of the drug, then standing up and starting to show off the vacuum, reciting off facts mechanically, stopping every now and then to flip through the pamphlet worriedly. Marissa took it all in, slowly finishing her own tea. This child was clearly not meant for this line of work. Or any, really. She belonged in diapers, in a playpen, shaking a rattle... It was a good thing Marissa had found her. Even her name, Mia, which she had stumbled over almost as bad as everything else in her pitch, was cute.

"Now I'm supposed to demonstrate it," Mia announced. "Umm... Is there anywhere specific you need cleaned?"

"Why, yes," Marissa smiled, getting to her feet, "there is. Come this way."

She let Mia pull the vacuum down the hall, knowing the physical exertion would only help speed the drug along. She led the girl to the last door on the left, pushing it open to reveal the nursery. "Oh, I didn't know you were a mother!" Mia blinked, staring in at it all, pausing only slightly as she began to notice just how big everything was.

"Not me, my sister," Marissa sighed. "Her daughter is special needs, and I take care of her rather often, so it just made sense to make her a second bedroom here, so she'd be comfortable."

"That's very nice of you," Mia said, still looking around at the crib, the rocking chair and horse, the high chair, the changing table - well stocked, as always. Her eyes seemed to linger there the longest, on the stack of diapers.

If she only knew, Marissa thought giddily to herself. She couldn't remember the last time she'd felt so excited about her prey. Her head was almost swimming with thoughts of what the rest of the day would bring. She wanted nothing more than to pick up the little girl, strap her to the table, and tape a diaper on her, but she knew that letting the game play out would make it all the sweeter. But seeing her there, so close to the crib, fumbling ineffectually with the vacuum was almost more than Marissa could bear. Mia seemed to be rather klutzy on her own, but she seemed to be having a specially hard time with this, making Marissa sure the drug was kicking in, and that it was almost time.

"Why don't I go get that second cup of tea started?" Marissa suggested. "You just keep working, and I'll be back in just a minute."

Mia grunted an okay, and Marissa hurried off. She felt a little weak in the knees as she grabbed the mugs and took them to the kitchen, filling up the kettle to get the water boiling. Should she give the girl another dose? It wouldn't hurt, but she had a feeling that once she had an accident, Mia would fall into line very quickly, and it might be better to save that dose for later, if she got too big for her britches, or for another girl. It was hard to think clearly through her excitement.

After all, it was almost time - it had to be. She should probably hurry, in fact, she thought as she started getting the tea ready, pushing the brown mug on the counter away from the black and white ones with a hand shaking with excitement before putting the tea in those. She was starting to feel the urge to go to the bathroom, so surely Mia was almost there. She had a nanny cam set up in the nursery, so if she did miss the girl's first accident, she could always watch the tape again, but she still hated not seeing it in person.

It was just when she picked up the teapot that she felt the warmth. At first, she looked at the pot in confusion, wondering how she had spilled it already, and then her brow furrowed as she realized the warm feeling was still coming, spreading down the legs of her pants, faster and faster, gushing out like a waterfall. Still not comprehending what was happening, she set the pot down, glanced down at herself... ANd only then did she gasp, as she saw the rapidly growing wet patch on her crotch, down her thighs, dripping onto the floor. She had seen in many, many times, but never on herself.

"Well, well, well..."

Marissa gasped again as she heard the voice, spinning around before she thought about it, then clamping her hands in front of her pants, trying in vain to mask the still expanding evidence of her accident. "I-It'th... It'th not what you think..." she slurred.

"Isn't it?" Mia raised an eyebrow. The clumsy little girl was gone now, replaced with a confident young woman, staring cockily at Marissa, arms folded. "Because it looks like you're peeing your pants like a little baby. Or like your 'niece' - wasn't that your cover story?"

Marissa's knees trembled, and she fell to the floor in the middle of her puddle. "C-Covew stowy?"

"Does it work that fast?" Mia mused. "Or were you just that stupid to begin with? I'll be charitable and assume it's the double dose I gave you."

"No," Marissa shook her head desperately. "No, I don't pee pants... You do!"

"Do I?" Mia smirked, lifting her skirt, showing off the front of those white cotton panties, revealing that they did, indeed, have 'Thursday' on the front, along with a cartoon frog. "Hmm... Nope, they look dry to me. You, on the other hand?" She shook her head. "It was smart of you to use different colored cups, so you wouldn't mix them up. It made my job a little harder, but I just had to go find another one to help make the switch." She eyed the brown mug sitting on the counter. "You didn't hide your stockpile of the drug very well, either. Right there in your fridge next to the ketchup and mustard. Weren't you afraid you'd grab it by mistake and send yourself back to diapers?"

Mia strutted over the the refrigerator, pulling it open and grabbing one of the vials. "I guess it's a little late for that now, though, isn't it? You should know better than to take what isn't yours. And this isn't, is it? It says right here - 'Property of The Dollhouse.'" Mia dangled the vial in front of Marissa's eyes for a moment. "But if you wanted it so bad, you can have it."

"Noo..." Marissa whined. If a double dose made her feel this weak, another would likely make her a helpless, drooling infant until it wore off... And she wasn't about to have that. If Mia had doubled the dosage to begin with, she must have really been afraid of her, and she wasn't about to go down that easily. She let the little brat take another step or two closer, then, gathering up all her energy, sprang back to her feet, grabbing the surprised girl's wrists as she forced her backwards, pinning her against the fridge. It was much harder work than it should have been, but Marissa felt a smile creep across her face as she held Mia in place, feeling the little thing squirm.

"You'll be sowwy," Marissa growled, and though the mangling of her language made it hard for her to feel tough, knowing how easily she was overpowering Mia helped a lot. She forced both of the girl's arms over her head, letting her hold both of the tiny wrists in one of her hands while she used the other to snatch the vial. She could see Mia's eyes widen, saw her shake slightly. She obviously knew about the Dollhouse, about the drug, and what it would do to her. That only made her fear more palpable, as she realized she was about to be peeing her pants just like Marissa had been tricked into doing. And with her smaller frame, that would surely be enough to put Marissa back in charge of this little situation - hell, she was already handling the situation, with the girl at full strength, though she wasn't sure how much longer she could maintain it.

At least not until she got Mia dosed up, like she was supposed to be. She fumbled with the vial for a minute, trying to remove the top one-handed, then, frustrated, lifted it to her mouth, hoping she could get it off that way. It was then that Mia saw her chance, thrashing against her grip, making her drop the vial and almost let the girl break free as well. The vial clattered to the floor, not breaking, and, even through her continually more clouded mind, Marissa reacted quickly enough to use her now empty second hand to keep Mia from escaping, wrapping both her hands around Mia's and glaring into her eyes, annoyed.

"You awe vewy naughty," she lisped, her anger only growing at how thick and clumsy her tongue felt in her mouth, how difficult that made it to speak correctly. "I think you need a punishment."

With that, she turned the squirming girl around, keeping her hands above her head and pushed into the front of the fridge, as she reached around her to the counter, where she could, just barely, reach one of her wooden spoons. She preferred hairbrushes, or paddles, and she liked taking her girls over her knees, to really show them their place, but she was having to improvise - she didn't think moving from the spot at the moment was a good idea, especially not while trying to drag an uncooperative girl with her. A good spanking was often just as good at regressing someone as the drug, and once she'd done that, she was sure it would be much easier to dose Mia, and get things back on track. Sticking the spoon in her pocket, she tucked Mia's skirt into its waistband, began to pull down her panties.

"What are you doing?" Mia growled, still struggling, trying to turn around. "You let me go, you..." She stopped short as Marissa began to rub the spoon across her pale, bare bottom. Almost immediately, that confidence she'd been exuding since seeing Marissa pee her pants vanished, leaving her sounding an awful lot like the silly child she'd been acting like earlier. "You wouldn't dare!"

"I do," Marissa grinned, happy to see her plan working so well before it had even begun. "I'll have to hit you extwa hawd, too... I don't know how much that dwug affected me."

"No, you..." Mia started, but a quick smack to the backside shut her up quickly. She let out a gasp that made Marissa feel quite confident that she still had enough strength to teach this little brat a lesson, wet pants or no. "No, listen, I..." Marissa let her get that much out before hitting her again. This one produced a yelp, and she nearly lost her grip as one of the girl's hands twitched, less like it was trying to escape, and more like it just wanted to protect her tender rump. "I won't tell them anything, just stop..."

Instead of doing that, Marissa started in earnest, giving each of the girl's cheeks a few hard thwacks before adapting her technique to her slowly failing strength, going for a series of softer, but much quicker, spanks, giving the girl no chance to recover in between, spreading them out so that, no matter how little Mia sat for the next day or two, she'd get a nice little reminder of what happened when she tried to outsmart Mommy. Of course, in her nice, thick diapers, it wouldn't be so bad, but Marissa had no doubt the girl would earn another spanking before too long. And once the drug had worn off, Marissa would be capable of giving her one that was much more thorough. Her aim now left a little to be desired, and some of the spanks traveled a little low, or to the side, and every now and then she missed entirely, but enough landed where they needed to get the job done for now.

The girl's bottom was becoming a nice shade a pink by the time Marissa really began to feel tired. For a moment she debated wearing herself out more by continuing it, or risking Mia noticing how much softer the spanks were getting, but finally she decided, instead, to give up. The girl had stopped wriggling, and was sniffling softly, so she had a feeling the spanking had already done what it needed. After one final slap, she tossed the spoon onto the counter and reached down, tugging the panties up over the warm, pink bottom.

"You'we going to be a good giwl fow Mommy now, huh?" she asked, giving her a little smack with her hand. She decided to leave the skirt tucked in, showing off her handiwork and those cute, soon to be soaking wet, day of the week panties. "Now, it's time fow youw medicine..."

Tentatively, she let go of the girl's wrists, watching as her arms flopped to her sides before one started rubbing her bottom, and the other her eyes. She would have to work fast, but she took that as a good sign that the girl was subdued for the moment - she wasn't sure how she'd get to the drug while still keeping ahold of Mia, or how she'd be able to open it one-handed, since her coordination was getting even worse than it had the last time she'd tried. As she knelt down, she started to regret doing such a good job with the spanking, as her muscles, free from the excitement of that task, began to feel much weaker.

She shook her head, telling herself it was just a little more, then she could get Mia to the nursery, lock her up, and sleep off the effects herself. She reached for the vial, but it slipped through her klutzy finger once, and then twice, before she finally grasped it. Smiling proudly at having managed to do it, she turned, hoping her legs were still strong enough to lift her back up, only to find Mia standing right behind her, tears still shining in her eyes. "Wait..." Marissa started to say, but before she could get the whole word out, before she could at least try to hide the vial behind her back or do anything but hold it up, Mia snatched out out of her hand and opened it.

Marissa leapt forward for it, but her legs gave out on her, resulting in her falling flat on her face. She wasn't there for long, however, as Mia grabbed her, flipped her over, holding the drug right in her face. Marissa tried to bat it away, but the drug had settled too far in, making it far too easy for even little Mia to walk in and hold Marissa's nose until she was forced to open her mouth, then dumping the drug in and holding her mouth shut until she had no choice but to swallow yet another dose.

"You're the naughty one," Mia shook her head, scowling. "Luring in girls, using school property to subdue them for your own purposes... What if you'd been caught? Can you imagine the scrutiny that would have put the Dollhouse under for having hired you? A lot of people would have enough trouble with what we do without thinking that we hire complete pervs like you. It's one thing to enjoy your job, but this sort of thing would cause a major scandal that we can't afford."

"I-I sowwy..." Marissa sniffled. "I won't do it again..."

"No, you won't," Mia said softly. "Now you just wait here... I'm pretty sure that changing table is too high for me to get you on easily."

With that, Mia walked away, remembering halfway out of the kitchen to tug down her skirt over her well-spanked posterior, leaving Marissa alone and desperate. She tried to get to her feet, but her legs simply weren't strong enough. Her stomach churned as she glanced around, suddenly feeling like a prisoner in her own home. How could she get away? She couldn't remember the last time she'd felt this helpless. It made her feel bad for the girls she'd dosed, but it was never this bad for them. She liked them to be able to walk, still, but be cutely klutzy about it, waddling around in their thick diapers like overgrown toddlers. Of course, she always chose small girls, so she didn't need to weaken them this much to be sure she could handle them.

Before she could come up with an escape plan, or even finish wallowing in her self-pity, Mia returned, spreading one of Marissa's changing pads on the floor next to the woman, a few inches from her puddle of pee. Next to that, she set out baby powder, oil, and three diapers. "It looks like you 'borrowed' these from work, too," Mia said, patting the stack, the garments crinkling slightly at the touch. "I'm sure they'll be glad to have them back."

"No, pwease..." Marissa begged, staring at them in fright while Mia opened one, spreading it out on the pad. They were specially made for the school - extra thick, designed to look like real baby diapers. They looked absolutely adorable on the students, on her girls... But she didn't want to wear one herself! And definitely not three! She had never really been sure why she'd taken any in that size to begin with, since she preferred smaller girls. She had told herself it was 'just in case'... She'd always just assumed she could use them when she put someone in multiple layers, to be sure she had one that would fit over a few others. Little did she know...

Weakly, she tried to fight back as Mia began to pull off her shirt, and then her wet pants, tugging them and her panties down, but the drugs did wonders for evening the playing field for the girl, and despite the size difference, it wasn't long before Marissa found herself naked, being pulled onto the pad, her backside guided into the center of the thick, thirsty pad beneath it. She let out a soft groan as she felt her bottom sink into it, as she felt Mia's small hand press against her own chest, pushing her onto her back.

"I'm sure they'll shave you once they officially process you into the school," Mia mused, "but for now I think you'll be okay."

"No, I can't go thewe..." Marissa whined. "What if my students see me?"

She felt the cold, slimy touch of the baby oil as it was squeezed onto her tender skin, felt Mia's hands begin to massage it in. "Maybe they won't recognize you," she suggested. "After all, you aren't going to be Miss Bennett anymore. You're just Marissa, a student like them. You aren't that much older than most of them. In fact, you won't even be the oldest person there. Besides, I'm sure you'll be staying in the nursery for a while before they even think about letting you move forward... Though that doesn't mean they won't let you visit your old class sometimes. Maybe they'll even let me take you. After what you did to me, I'll be sure to visit you and make sure they're treating you like you deserve."

"Nu-nuwsewy?" Marissa gulped, the sweet smell of baby powder greeting her nose as Mia began to sprinkle that on. "No, pwease, not thewe..." At least her students got to move around, to "learn" things, to interact with people who treated them at least like toddlers, not infants. They even had a chance, however slim, of making their way into training pants, if whoever had signed them up allowed for that. But the nursery... The thought made Marissa shiver.

"It's not up to me," Mia shrugged, wiping her hands briefly before grabbing the front of the diaper, pulling it up between Marissa's legs. Marissa sniffled softly as she felt her thighs being pushed apart by the padding, then again at the distinctive sound of the tape being pulled, readied for action. She could barely feel Mia rubbing the front of her diaper, pressing the tape to the landing strip, but she knew it was happening, knew that meant the diaper wasn't coming off easily now. "But I'm sure they'll want you to go through a good, thorough re-training." Mia gave the other side of the diaper a good tug, making sure it was good and snug before taping it down, fully sealing Marissa into her padded prison.

Marissa shivered at the sound of that. Girls sent back to the nursery, especially for a full retraining, very rarely managed to regain full continence. Of course, generally they were sent there for that purpose, to be kept in diapers permanently, but even if that wasn't the fate meant for them, it was unlikely they'd find themselves in anything thinner than training pants ever again.

Below her, Mia began ripping at the plastic cover of the first diaper before sliding the second one under it. Marissa could tell it was a struggle for the woman to lift her, even enough for that, but she knew she was too weak to take advantage of that, and there was no way she was going to help. If she closed her eyes, she could almost pretend things were as they should be, that those little grunts of exertion were coming from the girl as she squatted in the corner, eyes wide as she made a present in her diaper for Marissa, one she was all but helpless to stop. But only if she managed to ignore the sound of the tapes, the sensation of her legs being pushed further and further apart.

When she opened her eyes, all her little fantasies came crashing down. From the floor, it was easy to see up Mia's skirt, to tell that, despite how naughty and little she was, as evidenced by her childish panties, and the coloring beneath them, she was not the one in diapers. She was so clearly just an errant child, one who needed Marissa's guiding hand... But, somehow, Marissa had been outmaneuvered by this child, and now she was thickly diapered, in her own house, at least until her co-workers came and carted her away for her reconditioning. Until then, she was in Mia's hands... She was her babysitter, Marissa supposed.

"Come on, it's time for a little nappy-poo," Mia told her. "Get back to your nursery and I'll strap you into your crib, and when you wake up, you should be in your new home."

When Marissa had bought her nursery furniture, she had made sure to get it bigger than she thought she'd need it, to make her subjects feel extra small when they were inside them. She'd never regretted that choice, until now. She knew the crib was big enough to fit her, and that once she was inside, there was no getting out, not if Mia was smart and cuffed her wrists and ankles and locked the side up. Even if the drug wore off before the handlers from the Dollhouse arrived, she'd still be stuck there, waiting for them.

"I can't," she whined, wiggling on her back, trying in vain to press her legs together. "Can't walk..."

"Of course you can't. You're a baby. You're going to crawl."

Marissa tried to give the girl a pitiful look, but Mia responded with an expression that made it clear she wasn't playing around. Pouting, Marissa rolled over and got up on her hands and knees, crawling slowly through her house, marvelling at how different it looked from this angle. Everything seemed so big, so imposing, not least of all Mia, who followed behind, at least until they reached the nursery door, when she went ahead to open it. Was this how the nursery had looked to her girls? The changing table and high chair loomed over her like towers, as the crib sat waiting, like a giant cage. The rocking horse glared at her with painted eyes, looking like some sort of medeival torture device. She felt every bit like a baby, even before she noticed a warm trickle making its way into her diaper.

"This is an impressive set-up," Mia said, looking around. "I'm sure once you get out of the nursery at the House, they'll let you keep all this. Won't that be nice? Then every time you get your poopy bottom changed, you can remember how many diapers you put on others on there; every time you get a spoonful of oatmeal shoved into your mouth in the highchair, you can remember all the girls you put there, all the gross baby food you forced down their throats, and you can wonder if your food is dosed up like I'm sure theirs was. And don't think I didn't notice your paddle there on the rocking chair... You'll be getting a taste of that, too. I'm going to make sure you get a visit to the spanking machine first thing when you get to the Dollhouse, even before they diaper you up."

Mia walked to the crib, unlocking the side and pushing it down. She paused for a moment, looking back at Marissa with a slightly concerned expression before tugging at the side again. Marissa's eyes lit up as she realized the problem - Mia hadn't taken into account the fact that the crib sat up off the ground a bit, and that the side didn't come all the way down, meaning that, to get Marissa in, she would have to pick her up. Not quite as much as to get her onto the changing table, which Mia had doubted she could do, but still quite a bit.

Of course, the side could fold outward, but it was a little tricky, and Marissa wasn't about to help. In fact, as she watched Mia fiddle with it, getting more and more absorbed in the activity, she got an idea. Slowly, she crawled her way forward, inching closer and closer to the girl and the crib, waiting for the right moment...

Mia bent forward, over the side of the crib, examining the inside of the rail. Marissa's heart thumped - had it happened too quickly? - but she quickened her pace anyway, crawling forward with all her might, moving as fast as she could go, building up what meager strength she had left. The girl was sticking her backside out as she bent forward, making a perfect, and familiar, target, for Marissa to barrel into, jumping up slightly, pushing her forward, trying to push her off her balance.

It worked. Mia yelped, fell forward into the crib in a jumble. She started to thrash around, trying to figure out what had happened, giving Marissa enough time to grab the side and push up, gritting her teeth. The wood slats had never felt so heavy as they did now, but the exertion was paying off, as she watched it raise higher and higher, though, below her, all that pushing was having a different effect. Every centimeter higher she pushed the side, it seemed, her body squeezed out another rush of warm, muddy goo into her diaper. She had hardly felt it, though, given how much of the drug she had in her, that was hardly a surprise.

Finally, as Mia began to untangle herself, Marissa heard a click. She was tentative to let it go, knowing that if she was wrong, if she had misheard and the side came crashing back down, she wouldn't have the time or strength to lift it again, but when she did, it stayed up. She crawled up the length of the crib as fast as she could manage, to the front, so that, when she looked through the bars at the still slightly dazed Mia, she saw her head, and her hands, reaching out to touch the bars, trying to put together what had happened.

She would only have one chance at this, most likely, so she waited as long as she could, then, as Mia began to lower her arm, she reached out, through the bars, grabbing the girl's wrist, pulling it back toward her, maneuvering it into the cuff built into the corner of the crib. Mia very nearly pulled her hand free, but Marissa was determined, yanking it closer and closer, until she was able to close the cuff around it. Heart pounding, she fumbled at the padlock she had set out, waiting for this very moment, and slammed it into place before clicking it shut.

Marissa sank to the floor, so exhausted she barely felt her bottom sinking into the mess she'd expelled into the seat of her diaper. Luck, it seemed, was on her side after all. If she had missed, trying to put the lock in place, as was entirely likely, considering how bad her motor skills were at the moment, she might not have gotten a second chance before Mia pulled her arm free. But she'd done it, and now Mia was locked in the crib, according to plan. She wasn't in a diaper, of course, but she'd gotten a spanking, and she was right where she belonged.

"Give me the key!" Mia demanded, thrashing against the restraint. It was only one, but that was still enough to keep her in her place. "Give it to me!" she whined again.

Marissa couldn't help but smile at the desperation in the girl's voice. It was obvious that she was afraid of what would happen if she were found like this. It was probably bad enough that she'd let herself get spanked by a subject that had been doped to the gills. To be outsmarted by her, too, and trapped in a crib... That didn't reflect highly on her training at all. The Dollhouse team was sure to show up when it didn't hear from her - if she hadn't already contacted them at some point to tell them to come - and maybe, by then, she would have had no choice but to wet those cute little panties. She'd wish she'd let Marissa diaper her then, but at least the crib's mattress would be safe - Marissa always kept a plastic sheet on it, of course. Surely, if they saw Mia like that, they'd realize what Marissa had - that she was just an overgrown baby, useless for anything beyond using her diapers and looking cute. At the very least, if there were any other operative like her - and Marissa doubted the Dollhouse would have trained only one - they wouldn't be able to let this disastrous mission go unpunished. It would set a bad example. The Dollhouse hired only the best - incompetence was quickly met with a matching level of incontinence, and there were very few, if any, second chances.

Marissa made a token attempt at getting away, but she barely made it halfway across the nursery before her body gave out, and she slumped to the floor. Yet, as she drifted off to sleep, there was a smile on her face. She had a good feeling that when she woke up, in that other, much worse, nursery, she'd be seeing Mia right alongside her, getting the treatment she so obviously deserved. And that had been all she wanted in the first place.

The End
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I really like this story. It would be nice to see it continue. To find out what fates await them. What is the Dollhouse? What does it do to the girls? And Why?

 I really like this story. It would be nice to see it continue. To find out what fates await them. What is the Dollhouse? What does it do to the girls? And Why?  

First of all: WOW! Oldjoe! Its great to "see" you again! Last I heard from you, we were brainstorming about ABDL science fiction ideas. Hope you have been well over the past year.

To PrincessPotty Pants: I loved this story! Nice atmosphere, nice character development..and .great descriptions (the "slimy baby oil" image was quite memorable). And like Oldjoe, I would live to see the Dollhouse explored some more. Maybe not with he same cast of characters...but with a new roll call (much like what they they have been doing with the uber-wild AMERICAN HORROR STORY on F/X of late...).

Yeah, this was great. :D

And I would love to see a continuation of this story somehow, It really feels like it has legs that could take it somewhere.
Call me Susie ~<3
I'm really sorry about not continuing with the story idea. I had some ideas about it, but nothing that would make much of a story. I have 3d app software with adult baby models,which I hoped to do something with, but I tend to let my ideas grow beyond my capabilities and end up getting frustrated and doing nothing.

 I'm really sorry about not continuing with the story idea. I had some ideas about it, but nothing that would make much of a story. I have 3d app software with adult baby models,which I hoped to do something with, but I tend to let my ideas grow beyond my capabilities and end up getting frustrated and doing nothing.  

Hah. No worries. I am reminded of that old quote (paraphrased as follows), I think by Browning: "Man's reach should exceed his grasp, or else what are the stars for?"

We now return readers to their regularly scheduled programming and comments on the story....
I only read half of it so far but so far so good. just had to say though
Now that's what I call a sticky situation
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