The Highchair Incident (PG)
Curiosity can hurt... or reward.
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The Highchair Incident

Curiosity can hurt... or reward.

Being small in height, and female, naturally makes it difficult for Izzy to be taken seriously. Her male friends make it their duty to look after her, even though it is obvious that she, being a 19 year old, does not need looking after. She's actually doing quite well for herself, being the only person she knows of to own her own house. Unfortunately, she is treated equally childishly by her female friends, who all talk to her like she is a young girl. They tease her so much that she has developed a nickname of Liddle Izzy.

This is the story of when Izzy has one of the worst, or arguably best nights of her life, all because of a bit of teasing. This is from Izzy’s point of view;

My Niece
I enjoy shopping, especially when its for my niece. She’s four now, and my sister asked me to look after her for the day. So that morning, I was skipping from shop to shop getting all the cute little things needed for the young girl. With a hand from my sister, I even managed to set up the high chair, play pen, and commutable mini crib.

The day went brilliantly, the baby girl not giving me any trouble at all! My sister picked her up early, so I called over a few friends to hook up at a local restaurant, which was great. Katie, a very close friend of mine, came back with me.

“I didn’t know you were expecting a baby.” Katie joked as we entered my living room. She had obviously seen all the baby items laid out in the corner
“Haha, naa its my sisters, yestderday I was looking after her daughter.”

“Oh wow, I love babies!” Katie clapped excitedly, running over to the high chair and looking closely at it.
“Hay, I bet you could fit in here.” she said, smiling at me.

“Your hilarious.” I said, a hint of sarcasm in my voice. I picked up one of the toys and threw it at her.

“Do you want a drink?” I asked.
“Do you want a bottle” she replied, holding up the baby’s bottle and waving it at me.

I threw another toy at her, and we both laughed.
“I wouldn’t mind a coffee.” As I entered the kitchen, I thought about what she said. I couldn’t be that small could I?

I flicked on the kettle, getting out two cups and staring out the window. The view wasn’t great, but my small private garden looked gorgeous! I’m a keen gardener.
“What’s wrong?” asked Katie, noticing my absent look as she walked in.

“Oh, nothing… I was just thinking about what you said. I’m not as small as a baby.”
“Of course your not!” said Katie, walking up to me and rubbing my back.
“it’s a big high chair, I bet I could fit in it if I tried hard enough. I was joking anyway.”

“Ok, yeah your right, it doesn’t matter anyway.” Katie smiled, pouring out our coffee and pulling up a chair…

I started the morning with the usual desperate run to the bathroom. I always felt like that, every morning without fail I needed to pee… badly. The worst part is that its always about 5am. I tried not drinking, but the routine would not change.

It didn’t help that I had all that coffee, what time did I get to bed? 1, maybe 2 am? I shook my head, finishing up and washing my hands. I didn’t feel like going back to bed, despite having a late. I sluggishly walked downstairs, deciding to get some breakfast.

I sat down in the lounge, dragging the highchair out the way of the TV with my foot and switching on the early morning news, wondering how the people on there could even get up at such a horrible hour. I looked back at the high chair, I did over-react last night, that thing is big! Katie was right, I bet all of us could fit in there! I giggled, having my breakfast...

I washed up all the stuff from yesterday, including the various baby items. As I rinsed out a baby’s bottle, I wondered what it would be like to drink from one. I put a little bit of juice from the fridge into it, and began sucking.

I had to tip my head all the way back like a baby, making me chuckle as my teeth held onto the nib.
It felt strange, I couldn’t feel any holes in the teat but it just got wet when I sucked it. I still felt a bit peckish, so I poured myself another bowl of oatmeal, heading back into the lounge with the bottle still in my hand.

The white plastic surface of the high chair looked inviting, and I shrugged. Why not? I looked at the window, the curtains were closed, its 5:30am for gods sake. I pulled it over to the sofa, and stood on the arm rest, putting a foot onto the seat. I climbed into it, letting my feet slide down under the tray.

There was a soft thud as I seated completely, and I noticed that the crotch strap was quite tight “down there“. I didn’t mind, it wasn’t painful. I began to giggle as I swung my legs around a bit, this thing sure is strong! I leant to my right, grabbing my bowl of oatmeal and putting it on the tray.

I didn’t notice when I picked up a baby spoon, it seemed natural considering. I began thinking about what to do today as I was eating, looking absentmindedly at the TV screen. I forgot to turn it off, and the remote was out of reach. Maybe I could go into town for a bit, meet up with Katie…

I felt a drop of food land on my bust. I looked down and laughed, how ironic! I’m in a high chair and I cant eat without spilling everything! Now I’m acting like a baby! I noticed a bib lying next to the diapers, and I quickly picked it up.

“If you cant put your food in your mouth young missy, then your going to have to wear a bib!” I said in a mock stern voice to myself. I laughed again, kicking my legs around playfully as I tied the soft ribbon behind my neck, fumbling with the knot for a moment.

I was quiet for a few minutes, eating oatmeal and thinking about how nice it is that school teachers are finally being paid what they deserve (TV). However, as the news finished and my food ran out, I began to get a bit bored. I played with one of the teddy bears for a minute, but I realized that Cuddles The Bear was definitely made for a younger audience.

I shrugged, grabbing two hair bobbles and putting my hair into pigtails. I giggled, shaking my head around for a bit, feeling the bangs against my face, but even that became boring after a while.

I even tried flicking the leftover food into my mouth like I’ve seen babies do (admittedly they do it more by accident than me) and made a bit of a mess on my face. I might have got a bit in my hair as , well, but never mind. I was going to shower soon anyway. I lifted my feet onto one of the hard plastic bars so that I could push myself out of the highchair, only, it was far too high up.

My knee‘s hit the bottom of the tray before my feet reached the bar, I was just a bit too big. Oh well, I put my hands either side of me, and pushed up. Again, it was a bit more difficult than I first thought, and I couldn’t pull up enough to get out. My arms weren’t long enough to pull my legs out.

I began to get a little panicky. I tried again, kicking my legs around a bit in desperation. I leaned forwards, backwards, left, right, everywhere! I just couldn’t get out! I began rocking myself vigorously, hoping to tip the highchair and land on the couch.

Unfortunately, the damned design was far too stable for that, even with my weight! I just couldn’t move! When I did manage to lift two of the legs off the floor, I panicked because it was the wrong two legs. I would bash into the cupboard! I tried lifting myself out again, but it was so hard! What the hell am I supposed to do now?!

I looked around me, noticing the side of the cupboard was quite close to me. I planted my foot onto it, and pushed upwards again. Unfortunately, I just slipped on the smooth surface and didn’t go anywhere. I reached for my phone, which was on the sofa, but it was just out of reach. Literally 5cm! I slumped back, kicking my legs about and huffing!

The Inevitable Problem
I gave up, finally realizing that Katie was going to pop round at some point today, she has a key. She’ll understand, despite how humiliating it is. I put my elbow on the tray, and laid my head on my palm, waiting. At least the TV’s on…

“And coming up this morning, CBBies!” Oh god no!…

I stared a the wall, unable to turn down the racket that is children’s television, and resigned myself to the fact that there was at least another 2 and a half hours of this. I was blocking it out of my mind, but I knew the inevitable was coming. I slowly began to feel the need to pee.

It started out as a small urge, nothing more than an annoyance. But every minute I waited it got worse, until finally I was forced to do something about it. I had been staring at the babies diapers for about 25 minutes, I knew what I had to do. I picked up three of the folded pads, and placed them on the counter.

I shifted my body up enough to open the front of my panties, and I slid the first diaper right back until it was under my bum… just in case. I then placed the two other diapers side by side under my crotch, deciding to get a 4th to make sure. When I pulled up my panties, I felt like I was wearing an entire box of maxi pads. I stared at the wall again, wondering when I’d get the courage to let go.

About 5 minutes later, I found out the answer. I slowly let go, feeling a soft trickle of warmth come out. I squeaked, gripping both hand rails as I blushed profusely. I let go again, and I felt warmth around my crotch. Then again, letting a constant trickle enter the diapers. That grew and grew until I was fully peeing, suddenly unable to stop myself! A few moments later, I was sitting on a warm sponge. I sighed, looking down at my panties. They’d expanded slightly, and as I opened the front I got a small wiff of pee. Eugh!

Slowly I began to remove them, but stopped when I realized I had no where to put them. I closed up the panties, and pulled my nighties hem over it all. I tried not to think about it, but as time went on not only did it not escape my mind, but it got cold… and uncomfortable. But where could I put it?

I sighed, slamming my foot into the cupboard in annoyance. My toe seemed to catch fire with pain! Oww oww owww!!! I felt tears in my eyes, and I buried my face in my hands.

A Worse Problem
As the clock chimed for mid-day, the inevitable act that I was hoping so desperately to avoid was getting more and more probable. I had no idea how long Katie would be, and I knew that I would definitely be needing the loo soon. The feeling hit me as I watched the news, my body symbolizing that it wanted to get rid of something before the end of the hour. I was never good at holding anything in…

Soon afterwards I gave up trying. There was no way I could avoid it now. Even if Katie arrived this minute getting out of the high chair would cause me to. I looked up at the roof, slowly relaxing. I began humming to something while the pressure increased.

Don’t think about it! I felt myself lean forward, my hands once again firmly holding on to the hand bars. I pressed my chest against the tray as I let go. Oh god!!!…

It was over, I’m now sitting in a high chair in a wet and extremely messy diaper! The oatmeal had gone straight through me, and as I leant back it didn’t feel much different! I held my legs wide, my bum constantly clenched, my hands far away from it!

Luckily I ate quite healthily, so the smell wasn’t noticeable, but still! I began to sob again, and I let everything out. I kicked about as hard as I could, slamming into toys, bottles, diapers, changing mats! I kicked the sofa, and it moved!

I actually moved the sofa with my feet! I realized something! I grasped hold of the sofa’s arm rest with my feet, and pulled it, totally aware that I was putting a huge amount of pressure on my bum.

My Escape
I pulled, wiggled, bounced a few times, spreading the ickyness all around my bum but finally, I managed to get the sofa into a position which I could use. I planted both feet on it, and pushed upwards.

I slowly slid out of the high chair, managing to lift up enough to get a foot on the actual seat, extremely pleased that it wasn’t damp! Finally I banged my head on the ceiling, crouching on a high chair with my panties holding a huge mess close to my crotch.

I slowly climbed out, every movement greatly reminding me of that horrible fact. I stiffly walked to the hall, unable to keep my bum from wiggling as I climbed the stairs.

Finally entering the bathroom, I pulled my panties down, dropping each of the diapers into a diaper pail bag, trying not to notice the huge lump in one of them. I binned my panties (which had become quite messy) and stepped into the shower…

“So what happened?” asked Katie, sitting with me in my lounge as we stared at the mess I’d made. I explained to her my story, and apart from the occasional laugh she took it well.
“Can I tell you something?…” I asked, looking at Katie in the eyes.
“Oh, Yeah sure, what is it?” she put down her coffee, and turned to face me a bit more.
“I actually… found it quite fun.”

Eventually Izzy discovered that she wasn’t alone, and just one year later she had discovered that a simple block of ice containing a key to her plastic pants meant that she would be forced to mess her diapers just like a baby! She loved it!

She even trained herself not to wake up so early in the morning and just use a diaper during her sleep. She didn’t consider herself a bed wetter, she could always stop herself if she wanted to... (if she tried she'd realize just how wrong she was) Even Katie began helping her with some of her games, going into public places with her while she's locked, the key worn as a necklace. Katie greatly enjoyed teasing her with the key, sometimes playing pranks of her own, like hiding the key in a park then leaving Izzy in a soon to be messy diaper to find it for herself before it gets dark.

Izzy was glad that she'd had that experience, and she was also extremely glad that her friend turned out to be someone who not only accepts her fetish, but embraces it.

Writers comments: I know how cheezy this story is, but I enjoy reading it anyway so I thought I'd post. Feel free to say what you like about it, constructive of course   You may notice that I'm running out of names for people. I know, how strange is that!?
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Mina Silverwind
i simply adore this lovely story, it was cute beyon belief, and thanks for sharing your excellent stories.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
lil cassie
Good story! More like it please, Baby Niki
awesome job for a short story, it didnt seem that short. be nice if there was another along the same lines that goes all the way into abyism
The story is really good thanks for posting it. I really like the part where she forced to wet and mess her diaper.  
I so adored this story! I love love loved it! I've written before and my dear this was just wonderful!

It would be an interesting thing to explore this relationship of sorts between Katie and Izzy.

Lots of love, I hope you write more I really do  
We stand in awe of that which cannot be seen.

I'm an avid story writer and RP'er have an idea and want a story done or to RP? Just ask me!
WOW very Daring story and very well done too. I could the the emotional train that she went through every thing. Very well done here.
Sweet Dreams
That was very fun! I like how the chair slowly tempted the girl in. And then the girl had fun being snug in the chair -- for a little while.

I also like the part where you say that the news show was about how teachers finally got paid what they are worth.

I am not a teacher, but for sure teachers are worth a lot!  
Baby talk rocks!
Little Bo Peep
This really happened to me recently, having squeezed myself into a proper baby's high chair hidden away in an attic of a relatives house, I'd spent a good few minutes enjoying the sensations of feeling cosseted in the tight fitting seat with all crotch straps to keep me securely in place.

Then when it came to climbing out I found that I could not get enough height with just using my arms on the sides of the chair to get my knees up and out passed the tray table to a point where I could bend my knees enough to escape.

After a few minutes of alternating excitement and terror at the thought of being really trapped and discovered by the relatives whose house it was, I had to work out a plan of escape. After thinking about it for a minte or two I was able to hop the chair along the floor to a point where I could tip the entire high chair over all the way forward to get my feet back to the ground and then crawl like a baby out of my baby prison.

I have no idea how much time had passed between playing in the high chair and then trying to escape, but by the time I did escape I was not as dry as I was when I climbed in.

It was a giddy experience, but not one I wish to repeat in a hurry, not now I have my adult sized high chair, which indecently is also just as impossible to climb out of with the table tray locked down in place. Also being more sturdy by (my) design I'd not be able to tip this chair forward like last time.

The locking latch for the table tray on this chair being key operated. Maybe one day I'll have another mishap with the keys and find myself just as trapped in the adult high chair. I expect on that occasion to be properly nappied, so wetty accidents will be less of a humiliation. When sat in the adult high chair with thick layers of terry towelling on it's just impossible to slide out under the tray table because of the bulk of the nappies.

So once that tray table locks in place there I stay and play until it's time for the table to pop up and release me.

This story thus touched me so as it evoked recent memories of having exactly the experience our heroine Katie had in the fictional tale.

I'm wondering if the author has had exactly the same experience too, which was the catalyst for writing such a splendid story?

Little Bo Peep
Fancy Free & Frilly
Not following the sheep


Sound like you had a good time there. Some times some thing Fun is in places you would least suspects. ;-)
Sweet Dream
baby a.j.
sequel? more stowie?
OMG! I cant believe the reaction I've gotten from this story! I guess I've just gotta say thankyou! SO SO much!!! Your all far too kind!

And to answer your questions:
Little Bo Peep - Its actually something that I've wished to experiance, but I neither have the space or equiptment to forfill such a crazy scenario. And, I'd need SOME certain way to escape before venturing into the bondage style high chairs, if any exist to buy! So, the inspiration is of a fantisy, like all my other stories; If it was me, there would be an element of sissification in there too (being a boy, n all) Thanks for your super comment!

baby a.j. - I'm afraid not... at least, not in the near future. I guess that at some point (we're talking years here) I may go back and add to my old stories, but my plan at the moment is to finish all my existing ideas, publish them, then make sure they end with a gratifying finish. That way, I can sit back without the thought of there being 20+ unfinished stories in my hidden folder. *giggles*

Once again, thankyou everyone for giving me the warm cuddly feeling inside that I love so much! I'm sure that another story will be posted in the near future!

Also, I've been interested in writing an extremely long story that continues like 'Governess Grace' or 'Mollie'. I'm just wondering if people would prefer something like that, as appose to these 'shorts' (which end up being longer than I expected because of my stupidly planned out plot twists)?
i love longer stories, provided they aren't drawn out and non sensycal.
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