A Hetalia fan fiction ((its pg 13 lots of language))
I thought why not do a fanfiction about hetalia look up online if you have never sen the series look up the dubed edition first its lol
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England and america have never really let the wounds heal

America.. hey guys okay heres how were going to defeat the axis today Russia and china you send in your fodder england you hand us your sass France you surrender and ill be the hero.
England.. shut up you burger munching baffon and with your diet you'll be a diabetic in a few years so dont come laughing when your obese
America.. oh yeah your food and scones taste like S**t
England.. ohh you a**hole *begins to fight with america
France.. oh there so cute when they fight even though englands food sucks he should be nude for me
*america pushes england into France and eats pop corn as they fight each other

modern day time
England.. I am tired of america i swear ill get him yet with magic *in his own houses plots the death of america using black magic.
Russia.. switches a page out of englands book *under orders of his boss which he doesn't mind
England.. tuto marta jinglo dora dumblodora the explorer Janet Jackson retro manga lucky staro sissy kiss big breasted lady forma
America.. Turns into a sexy girl in front of the entire world *sees england is gone thinks nothing of it as people cant help but stare Italy immeditly begins to talk to america
Italy.. your so cute who are you your so danm sexy
Japan .. nervously draws a erotic manga about americakun
hungry.. beats the entire world with a frying pan over the head protecting america

((heres a second fan fic story i added its very good and well adult baby))

Americas and japans relationship

America .. dude japan you have to watch this scary movie it i s so scary as hell dude
Japan.. calm down ill watch it *nnotices nothing as america gets really scared from the film
America .. film is over *is embarresed as he had an accident *thinks to self i hope he doesnt know .. tries to hide something
Japan .. thinks america is being weirder than usual as it is late is going to stay the night at Americas house
America.. the next morning sits on a wet spot on the couch *oh crap i cant belive i did this *sees japan get a bucket.
Japan.. Is blushing as he thinks america found out he wets the bed still as it recently has gotten worse for japan
America thinks japan knows he had an accident twice
america/japan .. im sorry i wet the bed/i have accidents they admit at the same time
They begin to laugh telling eachother sorry and hang out and play games
Japan.. what if it happens again hmm maybe protection should be ordered
America.. no way fance england if anyone saw what we were buying wed be laughing stocks
Japan.. Looks online finds adult diapers which are absorbant and thick and animeishly cute
with a promise of 100% descreet shipping
America.pays for the diapers
Italy..Romoano i got a order for the cute diaper things
romano .. who is it from
italy.. a cute person maybe its a girl
romano.. *sulks down*

Why america is scared of Russia or china becoming very strong

America.. Is walking down the street with japan* hey japan Im worried about Russia getting stronger and china too
Japan.. why america
America.. I am Having really bad nightmares dude seriously i get the feeling Russia is going to rape me and china is going to strip my guts over the floor
Japan.. come on china cant be
China.. Is singing about when he captures america he will pull off all the nails and throw acid and watch him burn to death
America.. See i told you japan Im getting worried i have to intervien soon
Russia.. is on a plane when he drops out his private diary as it falls out of the plane landing on the ground america reads it and finds a picture of him in a sissy dress and diapers as Russia is his new master and japan is a nekomaid serving him
Japan.. I shall kill russia
America .. Yeah me too ill kil the commie ******* japan is armed with a sword and america a m16
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well it is a good short story... and it kept with the anime on having rediculous stuff happen
yet i dont think america would be meek as a girl... i am seeing pre austria hungary for some reason.
well i likr your black butler pic and dun worry there is more to come its just a random event if america was a girl shed be the mist sexy girl out there that everyone would chase her so hungry hurts every one
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
Yay I luv hetalia it's great good short stories :)
"Don't let anyone say you can't be who you want to be" -Destorm
More short stories to come soon i promise
*i had dreamt life was beauty and woke up and found out life was duty*
*it is better to be thought the fool and remain silent then to open your mouth and remove all doubt*
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