PG 13 Hallowgiving
COMPLETED! -- Two college girls home for Thanksgiving have to come out as lesbian, adult baby vampires!
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 Chapter 1 -- The Transformation

Phoebe finished with the final decorations for the party: some black, orange, and purple streamers and paper bats with furry, cottony bodies and cute googly eyes. She climbed slowly and cautiously down the ladder.

Phoebe could feel her big, poofy diaper crinkling from under her sheer, pale pink nylons. She wondered if Zoe, who was spotting her on the ladder, would look up her skirt and see her diaper. But with the cute, frilly bottom her panty hose had, maybe the diaper was hidden. But maybe it wasn’t. And maybe Zoe wasn’t looking up her tiny, but frilly-petticoated skirt. But maybe she was.

Zoe said, “Good job, little loli!” She waved her hands up at the decorations. “They look great! Pretty spooky.”

Phoebe said, “You look pretty spooky, too! You make such a sexy zombie! You’re pretty cool.”

Zoe said, “Well, don’t start crushing on me. I’m not into girls, remember?”

Phoebe said, “Well, you come to our club often enough. Maybe you should try playing for our team. Being with girls is pretty fun!”

Zoe said, “You’re pretty forward, for a cute, little loli!”

Phoebe giggled. “I know. But it doesn’t seem to work at all with the girl I want.”

Zoe said, “Well, look at my luck! I’m such a fag hag. I love being around gay boys. But only rarely do I get to have sex with one of them. But, well… I can’t say I care. I just love being around gay boys!

“Still… Poor Malcolm.” Zoe pointed over to Malcolm, a tall, strong boy dressed as a zombie, who was setting up a table of spooky-looking refreshments with Arthur, a boy dressed up as Harry Potter. “I know he’s gay. But he doesn’t seem to know it himself. And look at how well the two of them get along. It turns me on so much! And Arthur is head over heels for Malcolm. But Malcolm doesn’t… just doesn’t…”

Phoebe asked, “You seem to have a lot of gay friends in Malcolm’s fraternity. Why don’t you invite all of them to our club?”

Zoe said, “The gay boys who know they’re gay don’t say anything to their frat brothers. I don’t know why they’re there in the first place. And, anyway, if Kyle, the head of the frat, found out that this party was going on, he’d be bound to try and destroy it.”

Phoebe asked, “Why?”

A girl dressed as a vampire and flanked on her left and right by two girls also dressed as vampires, said, “Don’t you know, baby, that Kyle is after me?”

Phoebe screamed, “Helen!” She ran up to Helen and hugged her. “I’m so happy you came to the party!”

Helen asked, “Why wouldn’t I come to the party?”

“I don’t know.” Phoebe looked down at the floor. “Sometimes I don’t feel like you… like me.”

Helen said, “Of course I like you, baby. We’ve been best friends ever since we were little. Though… I never would have guessed until we got to college that you liked girls.”

Phoebe and Zoe exchanged glances.

Helen shouted at someone wearing blue jeans and an orange jacket, “Hey, Marty! Aren’t you coming to the party?”

Marty had been heading frantically toward the door with a mess of wires and circuit boards. But she now turned and jogged toward the friends.

Marty said, “Oh… I’m sure we’ll be at the party soon. It’s just that Emmett and I…”

The vampire girl to Helen’s left said, “Oh, no. Don’t tell me you’re Marty from Back to the Future!”

Marty said, “Yeah. I’m Marty, and my best friend’s name is Emmett. So we thought it would be funny if…”

The vampire girl screamed, “But what kind of name is Marty for a girl? Don’t tell me you’re trying to be a boy!”

Marty got kind of shy.

Helen said, “Don’t mind Rose, Marty. She’s totally a lipstick lesbian. I don’t know why you’re okay with being a lesbian but not with people who are gender fluid.”

Rose said, “Oh… god… It’s not that I’m not okay with it. I just don’t understand it. Girls are so sexy. Especially when we’re girly. I’d be so happy living in a world without men. I’d have sex with hot girls all day long. I understand the part where you like chicks, Marty. I just don’t know why that would make any lesbian want to be a boy.”

Marty said, “But I don’t like chicks.”

Rose gave a blank stare and flatly asked, “You what?”

Zoe groaned and said, “I’m going to go help Malcolm and Arthur with the snacks.”

The other vampire girl said, “Well, Marty, I can sorta guess what your first impression of Rose is. And let me tell you, it’s correct. She’s a total weirdo. My name’s Lindsay.”

Marty reached out a hand to shake with Lindsay and dropped her electronic gear all over the place.

As Marty, Helen and Lindsay knelt to pick stuff up, Rose started laughing. “Oh my god, Helen! Why on earth are you hanging out with these nerds?”

“Because they happen to be my friends!” The three girls stood up. Helen continued, “The group of friends I had before stopped wanting me around after I defended… after I defended…”

Helen got uncharacteristically shy.

Lindsay said, “Go ahead, Helen. You can admit it. You defended me that night. And I’ve been thankful to you ever since. I’ll always be thankful to you.”

Helen looked down at the ground. “Well… You know, you… You defended yourself pretty well, once you had someone else there to kind of… throw Kyle off guard.”

Lindsay said, “You came at just the right moment. Otherwise he would have done whatever he wanted.”

Helen said, “Well, we got him pretty good! What’s he been saying ever since? That he got mugged by some big guys?”

Lindsay, Helen, and Rose laughed. Lindsay said, “Yeah! Big guys! Two freshman girls against a huge senior!”

Phoebe hugged Helen tightly. “My hero!” Phoebe pressed her crotch against Helen, feeling all the wonderful lace and nylon and the padding of her diaper scrunching up against Helen’s sexy body.

Helen pushed away from Phoebe and said, “Come on, Phoebe! Stop it! I don’t like girls!”

Rose said, “Then why have you never had a boyfriend?”

Helen said, “Oh… well… there are boys I like… I just don’t think any boys like me.”

Lindsay said, “Or maybe she’s like me. Straight, but sick of boys.”

Rose snaked an arm around Helen’s sexy,tiny waist. Phoebe was stung with jealousy. She cooed, “Well you sure like to be around lesbians, or else you wouldn’t come here so much. Look, Helen, I can take you out with lesbians who are cool, not nerds. Some of your old sexy sorority sisters are there. Some cheerleaders, too.  Secretly, and not so secretly.”

Helen said, “Well, lesbian or not, if some of my ex-sisters are there, I wouldn’t want to be there. They turned their backs on me after Kyle told them to! And anyway, I’m here because of Phoebe!”

Phoebe flushed with happiness. She was so happy that she pottied in her diaper a little bit.

Rose said, “Yes. I know you’re here because of Phoebe.” Rose gave Phoebe a very mean, challenging look. “And that’s why I’m here.”

Helen looked a little confused.

Rose said, “Well, I suppose I’d better make the most of this night. Anyway, it’s not too bad: a Halloween party two nights before Thanksgiving. That’s kind of fun. And some nerdy girls are sexy, in that dowdy, frumpy sort of way. Maybe I’ll get lucky tonight.”

After Rose left, Marty said, “Well… I better get back to Emmett.”

Helen asked, “What are you and Emmett working on?”

Marty said, “A transformation gun.”

“A trans…”

“It’s exactly what it sounds like. Except that it doesn’t work. Emmett’s a genius. But people have been trying to make something like this for years. They haven’t succeeded. And I don’t see how Emmett can, either. But… I won’t tell Emmett. I have a lot of fun working with him. He’s my… my… my best friend.”

Phoebe looked up at Helen and said, “Trust me, Marty. I know the feeling.”

Marty ran off. Helen yelled, “You two better come to the party at some point!”

Marty yelled back, “Oh, we will! We’re both dressed up, after all!”


Not long after, some other people started showing up. The club, Make It Yourself, was an LGBTQ-inclusive makers club on campus. It mostly appealed to queer kids in the science departments at State University. But there were some other people who joined. Some artists also saw themselves as makers. As did some gamers who either made their own games or got hooked on stuff like Arduino in a game-like way. And since the group was queer-inclusive, a lot of queer people and allies would sometimes drop in, just to support.

The party ended up being a bigger success than planned. A fair amount of people had already started traveling back home for Thanksgiving. The campus had emptied out earlier in the day. But some people who lived closer to the university weren’t driving back until tomorrow. So there were a good amount of queer people and allies, all dressed up Halloween costume.

Hollis, a sort of bi boy who was a total nerd and came dressed as a Moebius loop, said, “Halloween is the best holiday ever! It’s so much better than Thanksgiving!”

Helen, who was kind of embarrassed that Phoebe insisted on sitting on her lap, and who was kind of getting annoyed at having to hand-feed candy to Phoebe, said, “Well, Thanksgiving is a pretty great holiday, too. In fact, I think it’s my favorite. It’s nice to take time out of your life to be thankful for things.”

Hollis said, “Yeah. I mean… that’s true. But the roots of the holiday. I guess… Halloween is just so… It’s not hypocritical. You know? Most holidays are based in pagan ceremonies. But we dress them up as something that’s supposed to be so clean. Or Thanksgiving. I mean, that has to come from a pagan harvest holiday. But we dress it up as, you know, this whole story about the pilgrims and the Native Americans eating a big meal together. But what really happened? The pilgrims cheated the Native Americans! And we dress up the holiday to be about being thankful.”

Helen said, “I agree with you. But, still… It’s important to have a day where you can sort of force yourself to be thankful about stuff.”

Hollis said, “I mean, I agree with you, too. All I’m saying is that Halloween is… It’s the holiday where we get to be a little creepy. We get to dress up. People can be scary things if they want. Like a vampire, like you. Or a zombie, like Zoe and Malcolm. All the holidays have a seamy underbelly to them. But Halloween is the one where you really get to show it. I think that’s cool.”

Phoebe said, “I wish I could dress up every day like it’s Halloween!”

Helen said, “That would be cute.”

Phoebe wrapped her arms around Helen’s necked and cried, “Oh, would it be cute, Mom-- I mean, Helen?”

Helen blushed and said, “That’s not what I meant.”

Helen looked so cute when she blushed that Phoebe pottied in her diaper a little more. Phoebe just had to give Helen a kiss on her cheek!

Helen was so shocked by the kiss that she blushed even more! It revved up Phoebe’s tiny, little tummy. Phoebe knew this was the moment. It was now or never! She had to kiss Helen right on her mouth!

But right before she did that, a bunch of boys ran into the party room. They were laughing and making a lot of commotion.

Helen said, “It’s Kyle and his friends!”

Helen lifted Phoebe off her lap and stood her up. Phoebe was so scared, she sort of wanted to crawl.

Kyle and his friends were all dressed like zombies. There must have been ten or eleven boys with Kyle. Some of them didn’t quite look like they wanted to be there. But there were a few who looked quite happy to be there to start trouble with Kyle.

Helen, with Lindsay suddenly by her side, marched up to Kyle and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Kyle said, “Oh, there you are! The both of you!” Kyle gave Lindsay a malevolent stare. Lindsay shrunk away.

Zoe and Malcolm charged up to the conflict. Malcolm demanded, “What’s going on, Kyle? Didn’t you say you were flying home tonight?”

“I decided I had other plans… When another one of your fag hag Zoe’s friends tipped me off about this whole nerd party you all are having. Unfortunately Ricky couldn’t be with us tonight. He’s a bit under the weather.”

Some of Kyle’s friends laughed.

Kyle said, “I should have known about you, Malcolm. You and Ricky. Hanging out with Zoe. She’s got such a reputation on campus for being a fag hag. And where there’s a fag hag, there’s… Well… What does that say about you, Malcolm?”

Malcolm said, “I’m here to hang out with my friends!”

“Yeah… From the looks of things, you and that Harry Potter kid are really, really good friends.”

Helen said, “Why don’t you just get out of here, Kyle?”

Kyle said, “I can’t go home and face my father, make him proud, until I’ve leveled the playing field with you, Helen.”

Helen said, “Level the playing field?”

“You know what I mean!”

“I know what you mean. And Lindsay definitely does. But I don’t think anybody else does. Why don’t you tell everybody?”

One of Kyle’s friends who hadn’t really wanted to be there in the first place asked, “What’s Helen talking about, Kyle?”

Kyle violently thrashed around and said, “None of your damned business!”

Lindsay cried, “I’ll tell you what she’s talking about! Helen stopped Kyle from…”

Kyle violently spun back around and smacked Lindsay so hard she fell to the ground.

Almost everybody in the room gasped in terror. Some of Kyle’s friends suddenly looked sick. The truth was starting to dawn on them.

But some of Kyle’s other friends started to laugh. One of them said, “She deserved it! Give her another!”

Malcolm charged at Kyle. But some of Kyle’s boys held him back, saying, “It’s not worth it, Kyle! You know who his family is!”

Kyle charged at Malcolm and gave him a punch square in the jaw. Helen rushed at Kyle and punched him in the jaw. Kyle’s friends seemed ready to start a fight.

Suddenly Marty and Emmett rushed into the room. Emmett, in a youthful, but shaggy voice, cried out, “What’s going on here?”

Kyle and his friends laughed. One of Kyle’s friends said, “It’s Doc and Marty from Back to the Future! Except Marty’s a chick!”

Kyle said, “I always knew Marty was a chick, anyway.”

One of Kyle’s friends said, “Hey McFly, what’s with the Super Soaker?”

Marty said, “This isn’t a Super Soaker! It’s Emmett’s new transformation ray!”

Emmett mumbled, “Transmogrification ray.”

One of Kyle’s friends ran up to Marty and yanked the device out of her hands. “Well, now it’s nothing!”

The boy lifted the device up over his head.

Emmett screamed, “No!”

The boy dashed the device to the ground.

Suddenly there was an explosion of blue light.

For a moment, nobody could see anything. Then it was like each person was in their own little world.

The costume each person was wearing seemed to take on their own lives. Helen could feel her fake teeth becoming one with her real teeth. Suddenly she had fangs! Helen’s already slim body became even slimmer, as if Helen were become some sort of wraith!

Zoe could see herself, Malcolm, and the boys around Malcolm. They were all becoming real zombies! Zoe and Malcolm almost looked like toy zombies, like glammy action figures a little girl might play with, except life-sized. But the boys holding Malcolm looked a lot more grotesque, as if their flesh were actually rotting away. The boys were so pained and frightened by their transformation that they forgot to hold on to Malcolm.

Malcolm dropped to the ground. A Potterish version of Arthur ran up to Malcolm, hugging and kissing him, screaming, “Oh, Malcolm! Malcolm, sweetie, are you alright?”

Phoebe was tingling with happiness as she watched her body shrink and shrink, until she was tinier than she’d been in maybe ten years! Phoebe’s costume shrunk and shrunk, too, although her diaper got bigger and bigger -- so big that it was hard for her to stand up in it. She decided to get down on all fours and crawl, even though she knew that her tiny skirt would lift up and show her big diaper to everybody -- ruffled pantyhose bottoms or no!

The gleaming blue light that had flooded the room was now starting to dissipate. Phoebe crawled straight toward Helen! Helen looked even sexier than ever! She looked just like a vampire doll you might see in the toy store, except she was as tall as Helen normally was!

Helen looked at Phoebe strangely. Phoebe felt like maybe Helen didn’t know Phoebe, now that this weird transformation had taken place. So Phoebe cried out, in a sort of babyish voice, “Helen! Helen! It’s me!”

Helen knelt down and cradled Phoebe’s face in her hands. “Of course it’s you, baby! How could I forget this face? It’s like when we first met.”

Phoebe thought of when she had first met Helen, all those years ago. Phoebe had known how she felt about Helen, even then.

Something really babyish in Phoebe made it so she couldn’t hold back her emotions any longer. “Oh! Helen! I was so scared when you challenged Kyle! I can’t lose you! I can’t hide it anymore! I love you! I love you!”

Helen said, “I love you, too. I know that… now…”

Helen embraced Phoebe and kissed her. Phoebe darted her sweet, little tongue into Helen’s silky mouth. Helen slid her sensous tonuge into Phoebe’s tight, little mouth. The girls were both so happy that they began moaning in pleasure. And Phoebe was flowing with happiness! Flowing, flowing, flow--

“Oopsie!” Phoebe said.

Helen asked, “What?”

Phoebe sat back and spread her legs to reveal the wet patch on the leg of her pale pink pantyhose. “I wet my diaper too much. I’m leaking.”

Helen gulped. “You… wear diapers?”

Phoebe nodded half shyly and half seductively.

Helen said, “I never knew Iiked this. But now I know I really like it. Come on. We can go change you. In my dorm room.”

Helen lifted Phoebe into her arms and stood up. Phoebe’s heart pounded hotly with anticipation. Helen cradled Phoebe just right, so that Phoebe could feel the squishiness of her wet diaper pressing up against her bottom and crotch in such a sexy way.

Phoebe felt Helen being yanked around. Suddenly both Helen and Phoebe were face to face with a rotten-flesh version of Kyle!

Kyle said, “I’m not through with you yet!”

Phoebe was so panicked that she lurched her scrawny leg out and kicked Kyle right in the stomach!

Kyle staggered back about a half step. It was enough to allow Helen the opportunity to stumble backwards a bit, then sidestep away from Kyle.

Phoebe leapt out of Helen’s arms. She tried to stand up. But her diaper was so big, and heavy with potty, that she had to stay on all fours. Phoebe was so scared that she pottied even more, making the big wet patch on her pantyhose go all the way down her inner thighs, down to her knees, even leaving a couple drops of potty on the carpet!

All of Kyle’s friends got up. They had all become real zombies! Some of them were aware of themselves. They seemed to be in various states of decay. Some weren’t decayed at all: they just had bluish-green skin. Others looked positively awful. The ones that looked the worst didn’t seem to be aware of themselves. The others were either confused about their condition or were screaming in horror.

Kyle looked at all of his friends and grunted. He stretched out his arms to them. Suddenly, it was like most of the zombies were hypnotized, more more like they had suddenly become Kyle’s marionettes. Kyle didn’t seem to be quite aware of himself at this point. He was controlling the zombies. But he was no longer in control of himself.

The zombies began to charge at the rest of the people at the party. The partiers, who had all been transformed into whoever or whatever their costumes represented, all fled from the zombies. People tried to reach the doors. But they couldn’t. Kyle controlled the zombies to keep the partiers away from the doors.

Zoe, Malcolm, and Helen came at the zombies. Lindsay also charged at the zombies.

Phoebe saw that Lindsay had transformed into a vampire as well, but not like Helen. She looked more like a version of herself maybe five years older, in her late twenties, with a fully-bloomed, curvaceous body and a sense of sophistication. Her skin was lustrous, almost hypnotic in its sensual sheen. Her hair and eyes were even more beautiful and captivating than usual! Her sharp teeth shined pure white.

Lindsay leapt over Helen, Zoe, and Malcom and dove directly at one of the zombies. She grabbed the zombies head and dove the rest of the way to the ground. Lindsay’s eyes were suddenly like cat’s eyes made of silver. Lindsay was about to tear the zombie’s head off!

Kyle screamed. The other zombies seemed to fall out of his control. They milled around slowly or, coming back to their senses, fell back into fits of terror at their condition.

Helen cried, “What are you doing, Lindsay!”

Lindsay shrieked in rage, “This is how you kill a zombie, isn’t it?”

The zombie cried, “Don’t do it, Lindsay! I don’t know what’s happening to me!”

Kyle slowly said, “You won’t kill a zombie, will you?”

Lindsay let go of the zombie, who rolled over, crying in terror. Lindsay said, “No. I won’t.”

Kyle said, “Then I will!”

Kyle charged at Malcolm and was about to tackle him. But Arthur, in panic, pointed his magic wand at Kyle and screamed, “Nooooo!!!”

A blast of white light exploded from Arthur’s wand and flooded the room.
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