XXX Glad Rag Doll
All dolled up in glad rags, Tomorrow may turn to sad rags, They call you glad rag doll!
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    For reference, you can move to the end of this story for an extract from the lyrics of
GLAD RAG DOLL    title song of a 1929 Hollywood film

Don't Make This The End Dear-
You're not the kind they choose to grow old and grey with!

What I remember first is wallowing in a very smelly rat infested  scrap heap.
All around was mess, filthy mess, though my eyes were being massaged by an elderly lady. Then she kissed me and kissed, and her life began slowly flowing into my head.
The old woman smiled as she perceived  flickering life in me and kissed me anew.
"I'm Kaira," she breathed softly into my ear. I learned later she was a homeless migrant, and was much  younger than her ravaged looks suggested.
I wanted to smile back, but that was beyond me. It was enough to feel wanted, loved.
Why you do this for me? I wanted to ask, but she couldn't hear my silent words, instead she picked up my deflated corpse,  dumping me lovingly into a makeshift pram. 
As she pushed it, she was talking incessantly-
She was taking me to the river to wash me.
How pleased she was to be able to give me life!
What an expensive a doll, I once had been!
     Yet now I was only very cheap and nasty.
      Could I have ever been what she was saying?
I racked what was my mind to try and recall anything at all of my previous existence.
How had I descended to this awful dump?

All dolled up in your glad rags

As the pram bumped on, a jolt seemed to bring to my mind... Busty Bess. 
That was me.
My memories were so very vague...
yet I think I recall being unwrapped by a tall lithe man. Yes, he had been my first master. 
He had dressed me up in a pretty bright yellow dress, soft and shiny, no idea that is now.
He had made love to me. That first time when he had exploded inside me, he had been kissing me for hours.
After that he had cleaned me, caressed me then filled me again with his sticky cum.
Yet after that, his attentions had been less frequent, but always loving. One night, in his lust, he had lain too heavily upon me, and I had let out a disconcerting fart of air.
The seam in my left side had split- ah, the patch is still there today. He did try to mend me, but soon had bought a new doll with which to entertain himself.
Tomorrow may turn to sad rags

Master sold me on to a second much cruder master.
He used me as though I were a sex object.  Never gave me a dress. 
I hated it when he pumped me in any of my three holes 'cos he always left his cum to fester inside me, only cleaning me when he needed another hole to squirt into. 
Then latterly he never cleaned me at all, more of his cum was heaped over his stale cum, as I trickled and dribbled his vile stuff.
At last he had grown tired of my punctured body, several small leaks had developed from my neck down to my vagina. 
That's when I had been cast into his trash can.

They call you glad rag doll.
I know that you're admired.

Now here I was being bathed in the clear river water.
How refreshing to have those multi-cummed stains washed away from my soft body!
Then Kaira dried me and most wonderfully, breathed new life into my air hole.
She spotted several leakages and was ready with a glue that quickly sealed them. Over my split side she pressed on a large patch. A small gash on my forehead she filled in, then she poured a cleansing lotion into my mouth, my pussy and my ass hole. Warm and soothing!
I felt almost as new as the day master had first unwrapped me. And much happier, for my senses told me that this sad lady meant only good for me. I wished I could do something to help her in her poverty. She continuously talked to me, as though I were real.
I can understand you, I tried to tell her, but she couldn't hear the words I was unable to  express.
    Now she lay me on an old coat spread on the rough river bank, with a shock I understood this was her bed.
As I lay at her side, she comforted me, and maybe herself, by suckling my breasts- making a strange thing happen.
I felt my breasts being stirred into feeling. I could feel her soft moist lips caressing my nipple. I wanted to tell her, I can feel you, I can feel you!
She was muttering softly, you sweet thing, you deserve more, and things like that. You deserve more too, I wanted to whisper back.

My nipples were tingling pleasantly when she finally got up, promising to make me more "beauteous."
I lay under the shaded riverside tree that must have been home to her, wondering what she was up to.
She had some store nearby, for I heard her rummaging, with an occasional "ah," and even "ahhhh!"
She returned to me beaming, showing me an assortment of colored fabrics. 
"You wait," she smiled to me, and one piece of black curtain material she wrapped over my body and face.
I was puzzed at first. Not scared, 'cos I trusted her completely. This was a kind of blanket, perhaps also intended to shield from me what she was up to.
For the next few hours there was a continuous sound of her activity, sewing I took it to be. Perhaps she thought I was asleep, though that is something I can never do.
 Hours later, with a triumphant cry, she whisked the blanket from my face.
I was dolled up in a motley colored dress mostly of satin, with a red latex edging,  adorned with frilly additions in assorted shades of yellow, pink and lilac.
If my mouth could have moved, Kaira would have seen my gratification.
If I could have moved my lips, I would have expressed my thankfulness.
She had rejuvenated me into a lovely sissy doll, not virginal, for my dress was no  fashion house creation, and scars still adorned my plastic body. But individual, personal, friendly, exuding warmth.
She breathed life next into my delicate vagina, blowing on it, fingering it, teasing it, licking it,  where before it had only been ravaged.
I responded with the only life I had, I found it possible to squeeze her finger in my passage, and as I did so, she gave a squeal of delight and kissed me.
Next she moved her arms up and down my limbs, first my arms, then my feet. I admit I felt nothing, but a general glow of contentment.
I know that you're desired

"Keep away from her, Karl!"
It was Kaira's voice shouting in the shadows of the moonlight.
I was conscious of  an evil man hovering over me, so like my old lustful masters. I knew that lecherous gaze, and familiar was that giant pulsing cock, closing in on me.
Where was I gonna be taken?
 It seemed such a shame after all the cleansing that Kaira had done for me.
Kaira hove into my eyeline also, angry as I had never seen her, pushing him away,
He fell to the ground a foot from me.
Kaira landed on him, attempting to pin him down. But she wasn't strong enough.
"Take me," she begged.
"What an old crone like you?" Karl scoffed.
"I'll take you both," he muttered pleasantly, and overpowering her, landed heavily on me and penetrated.
"Oww!" he yelled.
I had my own defences. The gentle squeezing indulged on my mistress was transformed into a tourniquet-like grip on his dick.
He tried to withdraw and found himself trapped, I was throttling the life from his dick.
Suddenly he fainted.
Not any  pressure from me. Kaira had knocked him out. 
She turned him over, rifled his pockets and then saw how I had entrapped his dick.
"Let go," she ordered, and I did so at once.
"You're a clever doll and no mistake! Let's run for it! The cash is fair payment for our servicing him." 
She plopped me in the pram and scurried away.
As the pram rumbled on, she told me she'd use the money to rent a room for us.

All dolled up in your glad rags

A doubtful landlady had rented this one room bedsit to Kaira. Her first reaction had been to turn us away, but the color of the money was persuasive. She had stared even more dubiously  at me in my pram, and I was flattered that she momentarily took me for an additional boarder and demanded payment for me also.
Kaira had made her touch my soft face, the coldness made her change her mind.
"She's very pretty," the landlady had commented, "and who made her striking dress?"
So we had a new home, not much, but as Kaira cleaned me up, removing Karl's horrid cum from within me, she told me, no, I should say she was asking me, if I would help make our fortune. 
I loved her use of 'our,' and I wanted to tell her 'yes,' but how could I?
As she kissed me, I found a way.
My lips, like my pussy, had had some feeling breathed into them, and I was able to pout and squeeze her.
"Oh you do want to, I knew you wouldn't mind. Oh, and I'll make sure we don't get any rough monsters like Karl inside you!"
How she would keep that promise I had no idea, given the very rough district in which we were residing.
As we lay on the crude single bed, she suckled me, renewing my sensitivity in my nipples, and I jealousy saw she was  masturbating.
She  gave a deep sigh as I felt her mouth compress on my nipples, and I knew she was fulfilled.
Her sticky hand touched my lips, giving them new life, new power. 
Then she pushed her hand inside my passage as she kissed me, and my passage was  animated by the moistening of her cum.

You're just a toy for them today,
So listen to the things I say!

I suppose I am only a sex doll. That is all I ever was.
I don't kid myself that many men would dreaming of paying for sex with a mere plastic doll, however pretty.
But I was more than that as our first proper client discovered.
Kaira had advertised locally with the challenge, You Won't Be Disappointed, coupled with Or Your Money Back,  this drew a gaggle  of curious men to the cafe where Kaira had directed inquirers.
She had chosen the cafe as a safe place, and moreover hadn't wanted a crowd descending on our suspicious landlady.
Some of the curious had turned away after a glance inside the pram.
Others had been turned away by Kaira, for reasons I did not comprehend.
Now the first vetted client had arrived at our bedsit.
Kaira was my chaperone.
Client was stripped by her, revealing a decided keenness to have what he had come for.
Next he was dolled up in our one sissy satin dress, in frilly lemon yellow, complete with bonnet, mittens and bootees.
"It's the only way you're allowed to take Bess," she had explained. To me, she had added, that this sissifying should weed out the simply sex crazed. Maybe it was a way of protecting her own body too, though she still was dressed in her same down-and-out clothes- I longed for her  to pretty herself up.
Most uncertainly, client approached me on the bed. Kaira held my hand in a motherly fashion as he lay down.
He tried a kiss, and looked pleased, if not downright surprised, when his lips stuck to mine and I responded with a pouting that made him feel he was appreciated. 
I could have kept our lips stuck together, but I did not want to scare him, so my mouth released him, and he gasped in amazement.
"That's some doll you've got there missus!"
"I said you wouldn't be disappointed, didn't I?"
He soon found my nipples were also responsive, an electricity seemed to flow from them into his amazed mouth.
He was aroused now and knelt over me.
I literally held in my breath, I think Kaira did so too.
He brushed back my hair which neatly flowed over my forehead.
He kissed me, another electrifying sticky moment of heaven.
Then his ultimate pleasure, my mouth still wet with our kiss took in his eager dick.
At the same time I exhaled my shallow breath, 
and he gasped with amazement when he found himself fighting to push himself in.
He grunted in appreciation, increasing as he broke down my feigned resistance and penetrated deep into my mouth opening.
Now my mouth enfolded him, not fiercely, but firmly enough for him to moan his thanks and  for me to feel his intense throbbing.
"Good girl," Kaira whispered.
Client was overwhelmed with a frenzy of desire now.
I knew he was going to burst, I was glad my savior was gently holding my hand, because, so intense was his passion that I was scared his fervor might burst one of my own seams.
But Kaira was ensuring he did not lean too heavily on me. Indeed his body arched as he readied for his explosion.
Suddenly my mouth was filled with his desire. I wished I could taste it!
With no throat of my own, his cum had no choice but to power round my mouth, enveloping his own swollen dick, oozing out as he, satisfied immeasurably, withdrew.
Later Kaira thoroughly cleansed my opening,
smiling at me,
"Yeah, he was a real good sissy, wasn't he, my sweet?"

Four more clients made up our first days' work. Two more orals and two anals.
Kaira said that these were the only ways a true sissy  would take me. After every penetration, Kaira lovingly cleaned me, so that I felt as I looked, fresh and sweet. 
Three days later, five more clients were lined up, this included three returnees, proof that our service yielded satisfied customers.
But the first new one had a shock coming. 
"It was bound to happen," Kaira told me afterwards.
He had submitted to the sissy dressing up.  But when he took me  in my pussy, I knew that he was a mere man only out to please his own lusts as he viciously penetrated me. 
Kaira could see it too, and what followed I think we both enjoyed.
I squeezed, like I had with Karl, and squeezed, until he cried out in agony.
He shriveled of course, but that only enabled me to compress his tiny dick more firmly. Like a boa constrictor, I held it in my passage, exerting all my breath to hold it prisoner while Kaira remonstrated with him.
He admitted he had lied.
He wasn't a sissy.
Kaira indicated that I release him.
She grabbed his pathetic apology for a dick with a laugh. Humiliated, he left in disgust.
"That'll be a warning," Kaira confided to me, "he'll spread it round that when we say Sissies only, we mean Sissies Only."

After that, we had no more fakes for a while. But though we had our regulars, one fly in the ointment was our landlady.
One evening she, no doubt curious by the many 'friends' visiting us, looked in at an unfortunate moment. 
One burly client in the yellow sissy dress had filled my back passage, and was now dripping his final drops on my back.
We were ordered out.
"It was a limited market here anyway," Kaira  told me as she packed me into the pram, "with the cash we've got, we can find somewhere better."

Now don't you make this the end dear,
It's never too late to make amends dear,
My poor little glad rag doll!

All that cash had gotten us a much swankier apartment in the better part of town.
Kaira had had to smarten herself up to rent such a place, and I was glad. She looked now her age, late thirties, quite sexy, though it had been impossible to hide  all the marks of neglected years.
Fancy prices we could charge now. Plenty of folks would pay to be humiliated in babydoll and sissy dresses (we now had a small wardrobe) then marvel at how an inanimate doll could be so lifelike.
A myriad of vibrators, suggested one.
In the first week we had twenty clients.  Word quickly got around about this wonderful sex doll Bess.   Of the clients, only two got the 'squeeze' treatment. Including one I must tell you about.
I vaguely recognized him. Then his smell gave him away. It was my old master, the neglectful one who had thrown me away as so much trash.
I had my opportunity for revenge.
Of course he was no sissy, and I let him know.
"Oww!" he yelled, " your doll is squeezing me. Get it off!"
Now one thing bugs me real bad, when I'm called an It.
I squeezed tighter, exerting all my breath in retribution for those months of leaving me festering in his stale cum.
"Okay Bess, he's had enough," Kaira said firmly.
But I was mad with revenge and was rejoicing in his high pitched cries for Mercy.
"You went too far," Kaira reprimanded me afterwards. She did not know the reason for my vindictiveness, if she had perhaps she would have understood.

Kaira was concerned when an official letter popped on the plush doormat a few days later, the guy was suing us for "loss of his sexual prowess." Apparently he needed an operation to rebuild his dick.
But a more immediate triumph was to occur this very evening.
For our fame had spread so far that a member of a prominent foreign royal family was booked in.
He, or maybe his secretary, had completed his application, now all done on-line, and  it was after his acceptance that we had learned he would be coming incognito, and  only if we co-operated with safety checks. These had been completed and our fee was twice the usual.
"One desires to make the acquaintance of your famous dolly," was his introductory remark.
His erection was obvious.
When Kaira  politely offered him a purple frilly dress, his comment was,
"Oh I think one can dispense with such frilly things, don't you?"
"No sir, it is a house rule," Kaira insisted firmly but ultra-politely.
"Well, my man outside will see you are well rewarded..." and the royal personage landed on me, still in all his royal finery.
Kaira had been pushed aside, but recovered, but not before a fat dick had already penetrated my vagina.
"Show me baby if it's as good as all those internet reports say it is," he yelled at me.
I didn't need a second invite.
With Kaira begging me, No, no, I squeezed, and squeezed hard.
"Wow, great!" he shouted, "great, no, no, that's enough, no more please!|"
The royal beast was whimpering. Kaira was holding him, not me, apologetically, begging me to desist.
This time I did obey my mistress.
The royal member withdrew his shaking royal dick, no longer swollen, and caressed it softly.
"I'm so sorry," Kaira was apologizing, though it was he who should have been doing that for trying to rape me.
"Anything I can do, anything at all," groaned Kaira.
It was an offer the royal beast could not refuse. She was pretty, He was on fire. He took her.
"Thank you sir," she curtsied dripping the royal cum over our carpet. "I hope you will forget the incident with Bess..."
"Oh, that. One rather enjoyed it actually."
He left us, with a playful slap across my backside.

He was our last customer.
Publicity over  the lawsuit ended our business.
However a royal offer, mean that we are now a royal prerogative. His highness has ensconced us in his palace for his exclusive use. Both Kaira and myself. Oh, I must add that nowadays he is a very good sissy and wears his purple dress when having it off with me!

      Extract from
GLAD RAG DOLL   a 1929  song

All dolled up in your glad rags,
But tomorrow may turn to sad rags,
They call you glad rag doll!
I know that you're admired,
I know that you're desired
But only by the fellows who soon grow tired,
My poor little glad rag doll!
You're just a pretty little toy the boys like to play with,
You're not the kind they choose to grow old and grey with!
Now don't you make this the end dear,
It's never too late to amend dear,
My poor little glad rag doll!
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