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Moving in with your girlfriend can prove to be a major change.
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Preview: This is a story about diaper punishment from my girlfriends mom.

Myself, Butch
Girlfriend, Kim
Her Mom, Mary

Part 1

Butch is a single man 40 years old. He is dating and in love with Kim, she is only 30. Kim still lives at home where her mom is her boss. Kim's mom Mary is rich and arrogant. She is 50 and quite strict with her daughter. She seems to like me, at least she lets me date Kim.

I have just informed Kim that I was laid off of my good paying Construction job. I found part time work as a Bartender, for much less pay. I told her I could no longer keep up rent on my apartment. Kim replied, "don't worry i'll ask mom if you can stay here." "Fine," I said, a little worried. Kim did not think her mothers dominance over her at age 30 was all that unusual. After all, mom pays the bills and it is a very nice home. I am desperate and need a place to stay.

We decide to approach Mary together and explain my delema. She is a fairly attractive women for her age and not usually pleasant. Surprisingly, she was nice and offered me a large spare bedroom to move into. I said, "thank you Mary, I appreciate that." "Call me mom," she insisted, "you already spend a lot of time with my daughter." Kim was very pretty, she was 5' 6" tall and only 110 lbs. She was a good girlfriend, and we were in love. "One thing," her mom said, "you will be subject to the same discipline as Kim." "That means you better behave youself, or else you will be punished," she warned. I was not sure what that meant, Kim never said much about being punished.

Mom even took us out to dinner to celebrate. She welcomed me and we discussed getting my things tomorrow and moving in right away. Great I thought this is going to be nice. Back at the house I had a private talk with Kim. "What's this about discipline and punishment?" I asked. "It's nothing," she said, "if I do something mom doesn't like, she puts me over her knee and spanks me." "You got to be kidding," I said, "at your age." "She makes me feel like a child," Kim said, "she spanks me in panties, then my bare butt. "You're going to be spanked too," she said, "so get used to the idea." "Ok, I don't have any other choice right now," I replied.

I left to go home and pack and spend the last night in my old apartment. "I'll tell you the rest later," Kim said, as I walked away. Hmm, wonder what she ment by that, I thought. At home I started worrying about those spankings. Surely, she wouldn't spank us for anything minor. No way, I thought and happily packed my things.

Mom sent a moving van over at 8 am. I was moved in by 10 and began to unpack. Mom was supervising everyone and giving orders. It's 1 pm and all work is complete we had lunch. Kim is not employed and does a lot of work around the house. I will be working from 6 to 10 pm, Mon. thru Fri. Mom has assigned me the yardwork as my weekend duty. I only have to pay $200 a month rent. Kim and I are to sleep in seperate bedrooms, since not married. Everything went along good for the first month, except for minor disagreements.

A friend at work needed the weekend off and I agreed to fill in for him. No problem I thought, any yardwork I don't get to I can do Monday. I didn't know mom was very strict about having the yardwork complete by Monday. I worked a lot of hours over the weekend and made some extra cash. Kim went to spend the weekend with an old girlfriend. Everthing was good until Sunday, at 7 pm. Mom said, "what are you going to do finish mowing in the dark?" "No," I said, "I will finish first thing in the morning."

She looked at me and said, "you broke the rules, the yard was to be finished by Monday." "Sorry," I said, "I had to work at the bar." "Not good enough," she yelled, "you will be punished." She ordered me to my room to wait for a spanking. I can't believe this, I have no choice. Mom arrived in my room carrying a pair of pink nylon brief panties. "Get undressed and put these on," she said, "now!" I did what I was told, while objecting to this treatment. "You're in this house now, i'm in charge," she yelled. I undressed in front of her and put the panties on. She pulled an armless chair to the center of the room and sat down. "Over my knee," she ordered, and I did just that.

"First, I will spank your pantied bottom for 10 minutes non stop," she explained. Then she started, one side, then the other, over and over. Slow and firm at first, then quicker and much harder. Smack! Smack! Smack! "Owww, that hurts," I cried." She continued the assult all over my bottom. Then she stopped and yanked down my panties. "Another 10 minutes and your butt will be on fire," she yelled. Smack! Smack! Smack! Hard and fast for what seemed like forever. Half way thru she increased the pace and started spanking very hard. I broke down into tears, kicking, screaming, and crying. She was able to hold me down, with my arm behind my back. She clearly has done this before. "Get up," she said, "go stand in the corner."

While standing in the corner she left the room and came back 10 minutes later. She came in and was putting something on top the bed. She ordered me to come over and lay on the changing mat. I looked and she had laid out cloth diapers and rubber pants. "I'm not going to wear diapers," I said. "Maby you need another spanking," she said. No way, I thought and I layed down to be diapered. How humilating, this will be the first time in diapers since childhood. She powdered my butt and my crotch. She had me lift up and placed a real thick prefold diaper under me. She brought it up between my legs and pinned it on tightly with 4 locking diaper pins. Then she put my feet into pink rubber pants. She locked them on me so that they could not be removed. My hands were locked into mittens with no fingers. She has me completely helpless and my butt is burning bad.

She escorted me down the hall to another spare room. "You will sleep in the nursery tonight," she said. She opened the door and it was an adult baby nursery, fully equipted. Now I know what Kim wasn't telling me. I had to crawl up into the crib and the side was raised. She locked me in the crib! "It's early to bed at 8 pm for babies like you," she said. She left the room and turned out the light. I was in even more trouble. All this excitement and I had to pee. It's a long time till morning.

At 10 pm I heard Kim come home. She walked into my room and couldn't find me. Oh no! she thought as she opened the nursery door. "I see mom has punished you," she said, "what did you do?" "Nothing," I replied, "I had to work this weekend and was going to finish the yard on Monday." "Oh," she said, "you should not have done that." Just then mom shouts, "Kim dear, you were supposed to be home at 9 pm, not 10." "Go to your room and prepare for a spanking," she yelled. "No mommy," she cried, "there was lots of traffic." "Right now!" mom replied. Kim went to her room, put a chair in the center, and stripped to her panties. Mom came in and put her over her knee and spanked her good. She got what I got, that was the usual routine. Her bottom was now on fire! Then mom put her in diapers just like me, and a pink nighty.

She was brought into the nursery and put in the second crib. She was locked in too, mom tied a pacifier around her neck. "Almost forgot," mom said as she put a pink nighty on me and tied a pacifier on me. "Be good babies," she said leaving the room. Wow! This is rediculous I thought. Although, certainly better than being homeless.

The night was restless, we could not communicate with these pacifiers in our mouths. At 8 am mom enters the nursery with a smile on her face. She was holding a tray with jars of babyfood and two baby bottles of milk. "I will change those wet diapers after breakfast," she said. She had 2 high chairs, Kim and I were both in one. She slid in the tray and fastened the strap between our legs. "Now mom, you shouldn't do this," I objected. She then spoon fed the both of us, 4 jars each. Creamed spinach and stewed prunes, yuck! We were glad to get the bottle of milk and wash down the taste. One at a time she cleaned up both of us and put us in clean diapers. She put us both back into our nighties and into a large playpin. "I have to work today, you know," I said. Mom assured me our punisnment would end after lunch and a short nap. Great I thought, sarcastically, what next.

Part 2

I went to work that night with a new fear of mom. Kim never told me about this stuff. I can see why, it's embarrassing. Things are pleasant again at home as I finished the week at work. Kim kept busy cleaning her large home. Mom seemed happy, for a change. This time I had the yard looking beautiful by Monday. Another week went by. There was a little kissing and hugging between me and Kim, but nothing more. We needed to be alone together. Mom still would not allow us to sleep together. We could no longer go to my house for sex.

Then on Friday, after work, I came home with a bottle of Crown Royal. That should loosen up the atmosphere I thought. We all had drinks and played cards. My plan was to get mom intoxicated so she goes to bed. Then kim and I will be alone. The plan worked, because mom went to bed a 11 pm. Kim and I watched T.V. for a while to make sure mom was passed out. We went to Kims room and made love, the first time in months. I was horney and so was she, we went at it quietly as possible. Then I slipped back into my room and went to bed.

We got up the next morning and mom served a big breakfast. She seemed happy, so were we. We ate steak, eggs, hash browns, and a large glass of chocolate milk. This is the life I thought. I did all the yardwork today, to get Sunday off. Kim finished the housework and laundry. After supper mom wanted to watch videos. The three of us sat in front of the big screen T.V. We were expecting a good movie. Mom turned on the DVD, the results were shocking. She has a hidden camera outside both of our bedroom doors. Soon I see myself walking right into Kims bedroom. "What do you have to say for yourselves," mom shouted. The video shows me leaving hours later, almost naked. "We were just talking," Kim said. "Ya, just talking," I agreed. "Then why are your clothes off," mom shouted. "You have been caught breaking the rules," she said, "you will be punished together."

We were now going to be spanked right there in the living room. Not just for having sex, but for lieing about it too. Mom left and came back with my pink nylon panties. Kim undressed down to her panties, I undressed and put mine on. We asked her not to do this, she just smiled. There is a large padded chair in the room, with no arms. She will spank us over her knee on that. Mom left the room and came back with 2 leather belts. She fastened them around our waist. Our arms were then secured to the sides of the belt. Our legs were put in cuffs, with only a foot of chain between them. "Now you can not possible avoid my punishment," mom said.

We had to stand by the chair to await our spanking. Mom went over to a drawer and pulled out a round ****en paddle. It was 5" across and 1/2" thick she told us. "Wait a minute," we both cried, "you can't use that thing on us!" She sat down, grabbed Kim first, and pulled her helplessly over her knee. I wanted out of here, but I could not move.

She paddled Kim repeatedly without stopping. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Kim was crying and screaming now, unable to move. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! The spanking continued, I could not believe I was next. After 50 whacks, 25 for each offense, Kim was uncontrollably in tears. Her entire butt dark red. Mom stood her up and got me closer to the chair. "No!" I pleaded, "don't do this to me." She sat down and pulled me right over her knee. I could not move, no way to stop this. Then she started repeatedly spanking me with the paddle. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! "Oww, that hurts, stop," I pleaded. She kept spanking me over and over. I started to cry, the sting and burn was too much. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! the punishment continued till she reached 50. Like Kim, I was now screaming and crying uncontrollably, with a dark red butt. She stood me up and the both of us were left standing by the chair. We were facing each other, unable to move, except very short steps.

Mom came back to the living room 30 minutes later. "You've had plenty of time to think about why I have punished you," she said. "Are you going to behave now?" she asked. "Yes mamm," we both answered. She removed our restraints and escorted us to the nursery. She got us on the changing table, one at a time. We were powdered and diapered in thick prefolds and locking pink rubber pants. Next came some white tights. She put these really babyish bubble onesies on us, they snapped at the crotch. A baby bonnet and booties was the finishing touch. Then more bad news, we would remain as babies for 1 full week. There would be a hard hand spanking, like before, every night before bed.

Total babying continued thru the week. The hand spankings before bed where quite painful, since they lasted 20 minutes long. I was not allowed to go to work and lost my job. Mom wanted this to happen. I could no longer pay my $200 a month rent. Mom now had 2 full time servants to do all the yard and housework. How was I ever going to get out of here I thought. The week finally ended, we were really afraid of mom now. We obidiently did our chores and were very well behaved. Mom now has just what she wanted.

Part 3

Accepting how things are, Kim and I went about our normal daily routine. Mom was in a better mood now and life was actually enjoyable. Mom even decided to give us an allowance of $50 a week each. At the end of another month of peacefulness, I gave Kim an engagement ring. Mom helped me pay for it. She wanted a long engagement, I agreed to 1 year. Since i'm stuck here I might as well make the best of things. When married sex would no longer be an issue. Now that we both had more cash, Kim and I started getting out on dates again. This was a lot of fun. I still had my car that is paid for. Mom gave us a 12 midnight curfew, we could go out twice a week. It was like that before. Things were uneventful for a month or so.

Then one Saturday night on a date we lost track of time. We were dancing at a club and had a few drinks. We arrived home at 12:30 am. Mom made a big deal out of things and said we were intoxicated. "We only drank 3 drinks over 4 hours," I explained. "I will still have to punish you both for breaking the curfew," she said. "Maby that will help you remember next time," she continued. I was given pink nylon panties, stripped and put them on. Kim stripped to her panties. We are in the living room, mom sits in the padded chair. "I will use my hand this time," mom said. Kim got her 20 minute spanking first, then I got mine. It always hurts and we both cried.Up to the nursery next and on the changing table. We were powdered, diapered, and put in rubber pants again. Next came the tights, then pink nighties, and we were put in the crib. She tied on the pacifiers. "You will have to be babies thru tomorrow night," she said, leaving the room.

In the morning mom came back and fed us in the high chairs. She undressed us both afterward, to be put in clean diapers. She has me on the table and removed my wet diapers. She cleaned me up, rolled me over and powdered my butt. Then she put on a rubber glove. "First some lubricant, then 2 suppositories," she said. She greased my butt then inserted her finger, several times. Then she inserted the suppositories. How humiliating this is, I thought. Then she diapered me, put on my rubber pants, then my tights, and my bubble onesie. Kim went thru the same procedure. "You babies will poop you diapers, that will help you remember to be good," mom said. "I have to go grocery shopping," mom said, "the two of you are going along." She gave us Mary Jane shoes and lacy socks to wear. I protested since I was obviously a grown man, dressed as a baby girl. "Too bad," said mom, "Kim is a full grown women, dressed as a baby girl."

Dressed as baby girls, we both went out to mom's SUV. I was not ready for this. We both forgot about the suppositories. We drove to the nearest grocery and walked the isles. Boy did we get the stares and comments. "That ones a man," one lady said. "Ya, and their both still in diapers," said another one. Suddenly my stomach started to grumble. Then Kim gave me a funny look and blushed. As we stood there being teased, we both pooped our diapers. "Mommy," Kim said, "we need to go home." "You both poopied your diaper," she said, "we will stay and finish shopping. Both ladies began to giggle and tease us more. Finally we finished shopping and went home. We carried in the grocerys for mom and put them away. She took us up to the nursery and fed us in the high chair. Baby food, not the grocerys we just bought. Although, she stocked up on it too. "When are you going to change us out of these wet, poopy diapers," I asked. "After your nap," she replied. We were locked in the cribs for a long nap.

This latest punishment lasted till tomorrow morning. We were totally babified. Once again things went along peacefully for several weeks. Then mom started getting real picky again. I was spanked and made a baby for not sweeping the sidewalk properly. Kim was punished for serving a cold supper. I was getting disturbed about all of this and so was Kim. Mom now tells us that we will be spanked and made a baby every Monday and Friday. This was in addition to any punishments earned. She meant what she said too. Regular spankings are by hand. Punishments earned are in restraints, with the **** paddle. Mom found plenty of reasons to give out extra punishments too. Our butts were constantly sore, we both developed diaper rash. Mom thought it was amusing.

This has got to stop I said to myself. I'm going to do some serious investigating into moms life. It appears to me that she has no friends and seldom contacts anyone. She occasionally sees her doctor. I think she is vulnerable. I am going to come up with a plan to get even with the bitch. Kim will go along with it, she has endured these punishments all her life. I'm going to put a stop to it!

Part 4

After one week of investigation I came up with some interesting news. Kim's father died 10 years ago. He left Mary a large sum of money. The money is well invested, creating direct deposits into her bank account. All household expenses are paid directly from her checking account. It turns out that no direct action by her is needed to keep these household expenses paid. Also she is alone besides Kim and I, no friends. She hasn't gone out on a date in years. She only sees her doctor about once every six months. Yes, she is very vulnerable, I said to myself. I will come up with a plan to control her and then get Kim's help.

After talking to Kim we decided to act. We are going to get her under our control slowly. Mom has a doctors appointment Monday, Kim is going to take her. Her appointment is at 2 pm. At breakfast and again at lunch, Kim slipped some caffine pills in her drink. This made her very wound up for her doctors appointment. Mom was not relaxed at all by the 2 pm appointment. Kim told the doctor that her mom was like this a lot lately. She also told the doctor that mom spent a lot of time in the bathroom. She has hesitancy urinating Kim explained. After a physical the doctor found mom to be healthy. The doctor prescribed tranquilizers for her "bad nerves", she also gave Kim a second medication to help her pee much more easily. The doctor gave both prescriptions to Kim and instructed her to give them 4 times a day. The doctor told mom to take the medications, Kim will make sure you do. Mom thanked the doctor and Kim brought her home.

The caffine was discontinued and mom is put on tranquilizers. They are actually stronger than she needed now. By the end of the day she is quite sedated. She is much nicer and easier to please. This continued thru the week. Kim and I did a good job with our regular duties. At the end of the week, Kim and I approached mom. "We should talk," Kim told mom, "about all these punishments." "Nothing to talk about," mom said, "you will keep getting your Monday and Friday punishment." "This will keep you understanding who's in charge," she told us. "As long as you both behave, there will be no other punishments," she continued. Regrettingly we both said, "yes mamm, you are the boss."

"She's not going to let up," I later told Kim, "time for part two of my plan." We kept mom sedated, the 4 tranquilizers were working more and more each day. Regular punishments were not as bad, mom has lost a lot of her strenght. The second medication is now being given to mom 4 times daily. Since mom really doesn't have urinary hesitation, she will begin to become incontinent. Then we will put her in diapers. Another week on these tranquilizers and pee pills should do it. Then she will become dependant on our help.

My plan started to work at the end of the second week. After Fridays punishment we were taken out of diapers on Saturday afternoon. By this time mom was starting to wet her pants. She did the best she could to hide it. That Saturday night, the three of us were watching T.V. We all drank 2 beers, mom was very sedated after that. She got up off the couch and left a wet spot on the cushion and her slacks were all wet. Kim and I confronted her. "You seem to have wet you pants mom," Kim said. "Whats the matter, how did that happen?" Kim asked."I don't know," mom cried, "I did not feel it happen." Mom got a little upset and went to take a bath. "Don't worry," Kim said, "we will clean the cushion." Then Kim went into the bathroom and gave mom her nightly dose of medicine. She took all of moms dirty clothes out of the bathroom, along with all of her clean clothes. Just her robe was left behind. "Take a long hot bath," Kim told her, "then go to bed, because the medicine will make you sleepy."

Back downstairs, Kim and I waited to act. Mom is now becoming dependant on us. After her bath, now very drowsey, mom came into the living room in just her robe. "Where are my clothes?" she said to Kim. "Wherever you put them," Kim said, "did you forget." "Let us help you to your bedroom," Kim said, "i'll find you something to wear." We escorted mom to her bedroom and removed her robe. Kim put a bra on her and clean panties. She laid down on the bed and dosed off quickly. I went to the nursery and got the powder, pins, prefold diapers, and rubber pants. I laid it all on the bed next to mom. Kim removed moms panties. "What are you doing?" mom asked as she woke up. "You are going to have to wear diapers mom, or you will wet the bed," Kim explained. "Don't you dare do that, young lady," she said, "do you want a spanking." "No mom, but apparently you do," Kim responded.

We pulled her out of bed wearing just a bra. Kim put a chair in the middle of the room. "Put mom over my knee please," she told me. "Yes dear!" I answered, and I did just that. I tied a pacifier in moms mouth to shut her up. "You're not the boss anymore," I said. Kim asked for the ****en paddle and I got it for her. Mom was now too weak to get up, Kim could hold her down. Mom was upset, kicking and unable to yell. I decided to put the belt on her and secured her arms. Then I tied her feet together, so Kim would not have to struggle holding her down. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Kim gave her 5 hard slaps. Mom could not move, what sweet revenge this is, I thought. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Kim gave her 5 more real hard. Then Kim gave her another 15 hard whacks, she was broke down and crying uncontrollably. I'll bet she hasn't been spanked in 40 years.

I stood her up and removed all restraints, except the pacifier. Her butt was dark red like ours used to get. I laid her on the bed next. Kim grabbed her ankles and lifted her butt. I slid a thick prefold diaper under her and Kim let her down. I powdered her crotch and rolled her over to powder her butt. I rolled her on her back again, pulled the diaper up between her legs and fastened it with 4 locking diaper pins. I put her feet in the locking rubber pants and pulled them up and over the diapers. Then I locked them on. "I wonder what moms thinking now," I said to Kim. Kim put her in a pink baby nightie and tied mittens on her. We escorted mom to the nursery and put her in the crib. The side was raised and locked. "This is for your own good," Kim told mom, "only babies wet their pants." We turned out the lights and left the room. One more problem, I thought, I will disable those hidden camera's tomorrow.

The next morning at 8 am we entered the nursery with baby food and a baby bottle. The medicines are in the food. Kim lowered the sides of the crib. "Moms diaper is soaked," she said, "We will have to keep her in diapers till she can control herself again." We put mom in the high chair and fastened her in. She looked angry, but could not talk with the pacifier still there. "You will be a good baby and eat," I ordered, "If not, I will spank you this morning." I took the pacifier out and spoon fed her 4 jars of the stewed prunes and a full bottle of formula. I tied the pacifier back on her. I got her on the changing table and put her in clean diapers, rubber pants, and tights. Then a baby onesie, and we locked her in the crib. We explained to her that she was to remain this way for one week. Then she will be told about our house rules. She did not like this, by the expression on her face, she was pissed!

Part 5

For the next week mom was now our baby girl.The medicines have kept her sedated and incontinent. Wearing diapers 24 hours a day, she even has to poop in them. That was made easier by all the baby food and formula. Being in this condition, mom was now dependent on us for everything. She yelled at times, if she wouldn't stop we spanked her. Now, just by hand, over the knee. We gave her the 20 minute spankings like we got. Sedated good now, she had very little strengnt to resist. We diapered her, changed her, dressed her, fed her, bathed her, etc. Slowly she stopped resisting us and accepted her new position.

I also managed to disable the hidden cameras, not that it mattered now. We used moms credit card to keep our $50 a week allowance. I continued to keep up the yard and Kim the house. I helped with cooking and cleaning too. Mom was glad we are still being responsible.

At the end of the week we had a talk with mom, still dressed as our baby. "Sorry for the rough treatment," we both said. "From now on you will need us to take care of you," Kim said. "We can't have you going around the house wetting yourself and the furnature," Kim continued. "We want you to understand how ridicules your punishments were," I said. "Mainly the Monday and Friday spankings for no reason," I continued. "Yaa," Kim said, "and those harsh punishments for very small things." "We have both been adults for a long time," Kim told mom. We told mom that we do respect her authority and thank her for helping us. Her new incontinent problem and the sedatives, have made mom a lot nicer. She admitted that she is now dependant on us. We came to an agreement to live together peacefully and care for each other. Kim and I even agreed to be disciplined reasonable, for any bad behavior. This gave mom some authority over us since she was paying the bills.

Things went along good for 6 months. Mom as a incontinent adult and not a baby. We kept her sedated and on the pee pills. She never figured that part out. She thought maby it was her age and the tranquilizers. On rare occasions Kim and I managed to have sex secretly. We want to keep mom unaware, to avoid one of those hand spankings. Kim and I are now 6 months away from marriage. Mom and Kim started the wedding plans. Mom gave us a hand spanking several times for slacking off on our chores. She doesn't have the strenght she used to. Mom also made us babies for 24 hours each time. Most of the time we were a happy household.

Over the next 3 months mom started getting "cranky" again. I guess she was getting used to the sedatives. She became more bossy and less pleasant to be around. We were still changing her diapers and caring for her as much as needed. One night Kim and I broke curfew again, mom was quite upset. We apologised, but knew we had earned a spanking. We are going to be spanked in the living room. Both of us are now naked and wearing just panties. Mom surprised us and brought out the leather belts. We let her put us in the restraints, trusting she would not abuse us. We are standing by the spanking chair waiting for her. "You broke a major rule," she said, as she grabbed the ****en paddle. "Not that thing," we pleaded, "we lost track of time."

Mom took advantage of the situation. We each went over her knee for 25 hard ones. Even with less strenght that paddle stung and burned! Mom gave us suppositories, before removing the restraints. Mom escorted us to the nursery to be diapered and put to bed in our cribs. She kept us in diapers for 2 days. She changed us and we changed her. We did our duties in diapers and dressed like babies. Hard to sit down after a paddling like that. Mom continued to be more dominant as the 3 months went by. Kim and I got several hand spankings for minor offenses again. Mom was getting out of control. She had forgotton our agreement, not to be abusive and treat us like adults.

It is time for part 3 of my plan. I hoped it wouldn't be necessary. I got on the computer and began to type the address, ( I ordered a butt plug trainer set, the one with 3 sizes. I ordered several tubes of surgical lubricant. Mom is going to have to get a spanking and be made a baby again for a week. She must be reminded of our agreement. The butt plugs are to be used when our baby is in "time out" for misbehaving. Moms got a surprise coming!


I discussed part three of my plan with Kim, she agreed it is necessary. Although she wasn't too sure about the butt plug thing. "Lets do it," she said, "mom is out of control again." It is now 3 months before Kim and I are to be married. We need to get mom back under control and finish planning the wedding. Then one Friday night mom was really bitching at us for no reason. She was threatening to spank us. We gave her both medications and suggested a hot bath. Kim went up and filled the tub for her. Mom decided it was a good idea. Kim undressed her, took off her dirty diaper, and helped her into the tub. Kim left mom only a bra to put on, clean diapers, and her robe. Mom sipped a large glass of wine relaxing in the tub. This made her more drowsy. I decided we would act tonight.

Kim escorted mom to her room after her bath to diaper her for bed. I was waiting with the restraint belt. Kim pulled moms robe off and I came up behind her. I fastened the belt around her waist. I immediately secured her right hand in the loop on the belt. At the same time Kim secured her left hand. This was easy, mom did not suspect anything. "You're going to be a baby for a week," Kim said, "but first Butch is going to give you a good spanking." "You have totally forgotton our agreement," Kim said, "You are out of control." "How dare you mom screamed," "Let me out of this thing." "Too late," I said, as I pulled a chair next to her." I had the paddle in my hand and I pulled mom over my knee. Kim helped and eased her right in place.

I told mom that she would get the 20 minute spanking on the bare butt, with the ****en paddle. "No!" she screamed, "I'll be good." "This is to remind you of our agreement," I shouted. I started slowly, one whack on each cheek about every 10 seconds. Just hard enough to sting a little. Mom has reddened my behind so many times, I owe her this. This went on for 5 minutes. Mom is complaining, she don't like this. I then hit a little harder every 5 seconds for another 5 minutes. "That hurts," mom shouted, "stop it please." I gave her another 5 minutes of the same, just a little bit harder. "Mom finally broke down and started crying. She said she was sorry for treating us that way again. "The worst is yet to come," I said. The next 5 minutes was a good old fashioned whipping. I covered every inch of her bottom and turned it bright red. She was sure kicking and screaming during the last 5 minutes. She is totally broken and crying out of control.

"Now mom, I am going to put you in time out," I said. "This will be 30 minutes to think about how bad you have punished us," I explained. "This will help you remember our agreement," I continued. We stood mom up and left the restraints on. We laid her on the bed on her stomach. I put on a rubber glove so mom could see it. I grabbed the lube, spread her hot red cheeks, and lubed her rectum. "Stop that!" she yelled, "what are you doing?" I continued for 5 minutes, till I could easily insert my finger and pull it out. Kim finally shut her up, she put the pacifier in her mouth. I showed mom the butt plug and lubricated it up in front of her. She was shaking her head no. I slowly inserted the plug, till it was sucked right in and stayed. "Now do some thinking mom and remember our agreement," I said, "We'll be back in 30 minutes."

We returned to mom's room after 30 minutes. I explained to mom what the next week will be like. She will be our helpless baby again for 1 week. She will be spanked for any bad behavior. She will be put in "time out" every day after lunch. "This gives you time to think about things," I told her. "Starting tomorrow, every 2 days, I will switch to a larger size plug." I said. I then pulled the plug from her butt. "If you behave," Kim said, "We'll remove those restraints and get you diapered for bed." Mom shook her head yes. We removed the restraints, but left the pacifier in. Then we escorted mom to the nursery and diapered her for bed. I put her in a thick prefold, nice and tight to make her feel that sore butt. I locked her in the rubber panties. Then we put a onesie on her to sleep in. She is cute. We locked her in the crib and left the room.

Kim and I talked about the wedding. We undressed and had sex in the living room. Mom will never know. For the first few days mom is petty good. The doctor refilled her tranquilizers at a higher dosage. She is very sedated again and we also have more pee pills. Kim spanked mom several times for minor things, like she did us. I took care of the time outs. On the third day I switched to the larger butt plug. Mom did not like that. Once inserted the plug stayed in good. Plenty of lubrication was needed to get it in. Mom is becoming very passive and nice to be around again. She knows she was wrong and apologized again. The last 2 days of her week as a baby, I switched to the biggest plug, during "time out". Whew! That got her attention.

On the last day mom was to remain our baby, I landed a good job. I signed a contract to work on a construction job for 2 years. They are building a hospital 5 miles from here. Kim and I are very happy and so is mom. I would soon be able to pay my own expenses and Kim's. Before releasing mom from her week of babyhood, we sat and talked like before. She was very agreeable to treating us as adults again. "There will be no unnecessary punishments," she promised. We warned her that treating us poorly again, will result in our moving out after were married. We explained the advantages of having us around to take care of her. We told her thart we loved her. She said that she loved the both of us. We will continue to do our household chores. We will also obey the rules. Although some will change when we are married. Mom could now do as she pleased, as a sedated, incontinent adult. After we are married we will consider getting mom off the medications.

The next 3 months went by quickly with all the wedding plans to make. Mom is enjoying things now. Mom went out with us a few times and found an older boyfriend. He is a nice man who just turned 60. All is well and the wedding is planned for this Sunday. Mom paid for everything, she is quite wealthy. The wedding went great. Kim and I went to Hawaii for our one week long honermoon. While we were gone mom's boyfriend moved into one of the other spare rooms. His name is Steve and he works part time as a cook. Steve agreed to help with the yard since I will be working full time.

We arrived home from the honeymoon after 1 week. Mom raised my rent to $400 a month, since I support her daughter now. She told us about how Steve moved in for just $200 a month. "He will help with the yardwork," she said. We lived together peacefully. We all get along fine, I like my new job, mom likes her new boyfriend, and Kim likes her new mom. We decided to keep mom on the 2 medications for a while. Steve hasn't said much about moms being in diapers. Although he mentioned that he thought it was unusual. Mom, still being old fashioned, was not sleeping with Steve yet.

About 3 months went by rather peacefully. I am home from work on a Monday morning, because it is a holiday.Kim and I are having breakfast, when we heard mom yelling at Steve. Then we heard a familiar sound, Whack! Whack! Whack! It was coming from Steve's room. We looked in to see Steve in restraints, getting a hard bare bottom spanking from mom. She yelled at him, "you are supposed to finish the yard completely by Monday!"

"Sorry," Steve cried, "I forgot." "This spanking will help you to remember," mom said. "As further punishment," she said, "you will be my baby for 24 hours." "You aren't putting me in diapers," Steve said, "I'm not your baby." Mom spanked him another 10 minutes with that paddle and he agreed to go along with it. She gave him another 5 minutes, just to be sure. Steve is kicking, screaming, and crying uncontrollably. Kim and I left and laughed to ourselves. We know how much embarrassment and pain he's going thru. We decided to watch inconspicuously from a distance.

Next mom took Steve out of the restraints and escorted him to the nursery. "What in the world is this," Steve yelled. "It's where babies stay," mom replied. Steve was naked when mom ordered him on the changing table. He had just stopped crying and went up on the changing table. Mom powdered him, put him in a tight prefold diaper, locking pink rubber pants, white tights, and a pink nightie. Mom is smiling as she put a pacifier in his mouth and tied it around his head. She put him in the crib, raised the side, and locked it. "I'll come to feed you your baby food and a bottle after your nap," she told him. I said to Kim, "looks like mom has found a new victim!


This story is a product of my imagination. It is fiction and for entertainment purposes. (From Baby Butch)
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it's not off to a bad start and it's relatively original...
my biggest complaint is that you're supposed to start a new paragraph every time a new a new person starts talking and even if it's the same person, you're supposed to separate it.
nevertheless, I like it ^.^ keeping writing
lots of love
from lilgirl stephy :)
very well done loves it so far
likes my fanny in warm hands and to be foundle by anyone you would like to play .
Mina Silverwind
a very good start, I have no clue how Kim&Butch will ever escape, and the anticipation makes thes story even better.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
Baby Butch
I have divided my story into chapters. Sorry but the paragraph formatting is hard to fix. I added the disclaimer at the end.
Thanks for the nice comments.
strange how they both go through babyhood but should be interesting how utch gets out of this mess
Poor Butch... good job on the story
Baby Butch
This story has been entered into the Story Awards contest if you would like to read it.
Baby Butch
Great story I need a nappy change now hugs maty
I love this story, it's so well written...felt like shouting at Mom though, she is MEAN!! xx
Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.
-Kahlil Gibran

I love this story a LOT
Baby Butch
Moved to page 1 for anyone who would like to read and comment.
Baby Butch
Baby Butch
Here's another old story of mine, I wrote myself into this one. Mom gets out of control babying everyone. She eventually ends up incontinent from a little revenge.

Let me know what you think of this one. please be kind if you can. I have tried to improve my writing over the last few years.
Baby Butch
Here is an old story that never got much exposure. I wrote back in 09 if you want to read it. Have a great day!

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