Girl Friends Revenge ( X )
feminonization/ Chapter One
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I used to ask Coco out a lot back in high school. She kept telling me she was seeing an older guy. But we remained friends. I started seeing a friend of mines sister right after high school. Her name was Vera. Both girls where blond and built similar. Kind of chunky. And I had long curly hair.
Well Id been wearing my sisters clothes since I was little. She was pretty good at catching me. You know what its like to have your sister catch you wiggling in your bed in her pantys. I mean you just cant stop in mid orgasm. She starts yelling all kinds of things. And All you can do is ask her to please quiet down. As you pull her pantys off. And give them back.
My folks where happy to see me dating Vera. As you can well imagine. Well I knew if I was to find happiness with her If we ever got romantic physically. Id either have to stop dressing up as a girl. Or shed have to accept that about me. And since I really liked wearing girls pantys. Id have to tell her.
How could I do this. She could tell all her girl friends. And dump me. Well I was sneaky about it. Id wear a pair of pantys when ever I was around her. And Id worry about it then. Well she seamed ok with it and we would stay together a little while.
One day I saw Coco and introduced her to Vera. They would become good friends. Little did I know.
It was a nice day out. So we went over to Coco’s house. After sitting for a little while. Coco smiled at Vera. And asked me to close my eyes that they had a surprise for me. Coco instructed me to sit between her legs. She started brushing my hair. But then something didn’t feel right. I tried to open my eyes. I was told to keep them shut that Id like their surprise. Vera came and sat down and held my hands and then started doing something to them. I was told not to worry about it. So I kept my eyes shut. Finally They let me open them. Vera held a mirror up. Coco had gave me a girls hair style. What was going on here. Looking down at my fingers bewildered. When Coco looked at me and said she knows I like it. What? Vera told me all about you. And asked me If I wasn’t sure I didn’t. We even have some clothes for you. There in the bath room. If you would like to put them on. Assuring me it be ok. They didn’t have to try that hard to convince me. In the bathroom I found a pair or pantys and a nighty. There was no hiding my excitement. I was taking to long and Coco came to get me. She didn’t waste any time. That girl was talented. Vera came in and informed us that Coco’s husband was home. As she turned to corner Vera yell at John he needed to see this. I don’t mind telling you I had a very pleased look about me. And Coco was pretty warmed up too. When John walks back and asks ,what’s going on here. O my god my thing is totally erect Coco’s saliva dripping from it and I’m dressed up as a girl. I loved it. Giggles. But I was also scared and it went. To my surprise john says we all need to go sit down. And discuss all this. Well it took Coco and Vera to get me out of that bath room. It took a little while to realize I wasn’t in danger of getting beat up. When john says I make a pretty girl. And that he was hiding the whole time. I was floored at what happened next.
Coco mentioned that her and John would like it if wed join them in bed. We did. It was interesting. Vera was a little nervose. So was I. All four of us in their little bed. John got things going. By cuddling with Coco. Vera was the last to settle down. When John suggested we switch. We did. Then switched back. I drew the line when Coco tried to get me to lay with John.
Stay tuned for more of my adventures.
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Not much revenge yet... at the moment it seems like the positive form of "caught with consequences". They seemingly accepted the protagonist's desire not to participate in bedroom antics with John - so hopefully the imposition and maintenance of strict boundaries will remain in future adventures, with no-one being forced to do anything against their will.

My only criticism would be that it does feel a little rushed - as though you had inspiration for a great story and had to get it scribbled down before you forgot it.

Now you've got the basic concept settled, it'll be interesting to see where you take this. Obviously a change of clothes will be pretty immediate, but is this going to be largely a game played by Coco and Vera (dolling him up, teasing him, encouraging him to participate in ever more daring 'bedroom antics'), or is it going to be a more sensible collection of events?

Personally, although I'm no big fan of 'bedroom antics', I don't mind them as long as they're consensual and not overly BDSM. The one thing I do loathe, however, is the old "you're a crossdresser, therefore you've got to learn to be a sissy c*cksucker" trope.
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