XXX Full Time Sissy or Fun Time Sissy
The creation of a commune of ultra perfect sissies is a huge success until its instigator creates one and then another edgy experiment.
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     The year is 1998.
In a London hotel, exceptionally unusual interviews are taking place.  
A month ago, a newspaper ad had appeared, 
"Wanted: Sissy boys and girls (physical age 19 or over) for lifetime's  employment abroad." 
Similar ads had been printed in papers on five continents.

Let me tell you briefly about just two of the 200 attending- Nikki, and Guy.
 Nikki was nineteen, and had already borne one child, at which time her parents had disowned her. A few months ago she had renounced  her promiscuous existence, when she had been introduced to Hana, a powerful attractive older woman, who had taught Nikki the joy of utter compliance to her will. 
  Hana had been mother, yes and lover to Nikki who now delighted in pleasing her new mistress, especially by dressing in the most beautiful sissy dresses, as well as being completely subservient to her.
As was her nature,  once Hana had achieved all this, she wanted Nikki to move on. So this advert  was her opportunity to split from her sissy creation and give Nikki, so Hana convinced herself, a fine new way of exploring her newfound sissiness.

Guy could not have been more different. Apart from the fact that he was the same age as Nikki,  he  absolutely lacked experience.
The reason was that he had been brought up by his single mother, whose one dream was of having a girl. 
Guy, or Gail as she called him, had been brought up as a baby girl, still in nappies, educated at home,  having very little contact with anyone other than his dominating mother. 
So being dominated was one common factor Guy shared with Nikki, another was their sissiness,  though the two were strangers, only meeting for the first time as they waited in the hotel.

"Would Guy come with me?" a soft female voice cooed.
Guy's mother pushed him up. "I'd like to come too," she informed the young messenger.
"No, you wait here please."
"But I think I need to come, Gail doesn't understand things."
The girl looked at the elderly mother. "Is this Guy?" she demanded.
"Oh yes, but I call her Gail."
"Well, please stay here, until Guy is sent back."
"Oh very well, but I think you'll find you need me!"
A nervous Guy bid a farewell look at his mum, and was ushered into the adjacent large room.
"Guy," announced the girl to the two men and one woman seated in armchairs.
"You sit there," she indicated another chair facing the three.
Guy sat down gingerly and stared nervously around him. He made no eye contact with the panel.
The woman interviewer opened with,
"My name is Dr Kolivi. I am running this project with Dr Farson and Dr Ahmed." She indicated her colleagues. "I expect you read our literature. We were most impressed with your application, Guy. Tell us a little more about why you want to be considered for our Sissy experiment?"
"Me like you," Guy responded.
The lady blushed slightly and awaited more. 
But apparently that was it.
Dr Ahmed broke the silence. 
"You like dressing as a girl?"
Guy nodded enthusiastically.
"Good, then tell us why you like it."
"Me mum make me."
It wasn't the answer the doctors were really hoping for.
"Well, tell us, is this your favorite dress?"
Dr Farson indicated the lemon chiffon dress that billowed around Guy.
Another nod.
The doctors looked at each other.
"Perhaps we should move on to the sample," suggested Dr Kolivi.
"Yeah," agreed Dr Ahmed, "though he is hardly the glowing sissy that his application suggested."
"No, but he does seem extraordinarily innocent and submissive, just the sissy qualities we are seeking!" 
"Okay, we'll not rule him out just yet."
"Guy, tell us about your friends. You have a girl friend? Or a boy friend?"
Guy shook his head.
"You must have someone, Guy. How many girls have you dated?"
Another shake.
"Well perhaps you'd tell us about how you masturbate."
A puzzled look.
"You know, when a person excites you, Guy. How do you do it?"
Guy shrugged.
"Well," pursued Dr Ahmed, "can you go behind that screen... nurse, will you show him.... thanks... okay Guy, there's a tube there, can you put a sample of your sperm in there please?"
The doctors and nurse waited patiently for signs of excitement behind the screen.
After a couple of very pregnant minutes, Dr Kolivi asked the nurse to go and peep behind the screen.
"Are you getting on okay Guy? the doctor inquired. "Nurse is just coming to see how you're getting on."
Nurse found him staring at a large glossy picture of an attractive sissy girl wearing a frilly olive dress.
She stared, then reported back. 
"His mother did offer to come in,"  the nurse suggested.
After a few nods of agreement, she was sent for.

"I told you, you'd need me," Guy's mother strode in and immediately went to cuddle her offspring behind the screen.
"Perhaps you should leave him there, and tell us why it was you who completed his application form."
She left Guy, as bidden, and faced the bemused  jurors. Nurse was sent to keep Guy in his place.
"I know he is the perfect sissy, you see," Guy's mother explained. "I did tell him I was applying on his behalf..."
"But couldn't he have filled in the application?"
"Oh yes, if I'd helped him answer your questions."
"But he does understand the purpose of our experiment does he?"
"Well, no, but I'm sure he's ideally suited for you," mother replied eagerly.
"Yeah, maybe- that's what we wanna find out," said Dr Ahmed.
"Well, let's start by your telling us," asked Dr Farson, "about his friends. He told us he hadn't any."
"That's perfectly true," explained his mother. "I haven't encouraged it."
"Why on earth not?"
"I wanted Gail- I call him Gail you know-  I wanted Gail to grow up a perfect submissive obedient little sissy girl. She does whatever I tell her. Having read your experiment to produce the perfect sissies, I think you'll find her ideal for your experiments."
"But he doesn't understand anything about our experiment."
"Well she knows it's good for her. I told her that."
"But we need Guy's proper consent. You can't sign that."
"Oh, I'll tell her to sign."
"Look, do you really wanna be separated from Guy?"
"Oh no," replied Guy's mother candidly, "but I have turned 60 now, and I haven't that long to live. I'd prefer to accompany Gail if possible, but I suppose that is asking a lot."
"It is."
She sighed. "So I need to assure myself Gail will find somewhere safe and pleasant to live. Your experiment will provide an ideal environment for her, and be honest, isn't she half way to already proving your thesis about making the perfect sissy true?"
The panel consulted.
"We agree Guy is very suitable in some ways, but not in others," Dr Kolivi stated. "So we will take a sample and have an examination like all the other candidates, and take it from there."
"So we require a sperm sample, perhaps you can tell Guy to provide one."
"Certainly," she answered in a most business like way."
She disappeared behind the curtain, while the panel talked further.
The nurse, who had already encountered some unusual applicants, listened to the conversation behind the screen with growing amazement.
"Squirt your white stuff in there, darling."
"But mum, you said I mustn't ever to do dat."
"Ah, but I know you do at times, darling. Sometimes we have to do these things, so fill the tube, now."
This was said firmly, as she returned to the panel. A sound of grunting was followed by a sheepish calling out, "done it!"
Dr Kolivi went to collect it and also perform her examination. Now mother and nurse were listening attentively, but apart from a few "mmms" from the doctor, it was hard to guess what was going on. 
"Not very big,"  the doctor clearly stated. 
She emerged minutes later, telling Guy to get dressed.
"We're seeing forty candidates, and then  are visiting two other countries, we've already been to America, Japan and Australia. We will email you if Guy is successful in a week."

Nikki's interview followed.
Her interview was less demanding, for the reason that around fifty girls were required for the experiment, but only three boys.
Nikki made an impressive sight in the glorious pink leather top and skirt that Hana had told her to wear. Perhaps the panel felt that her numerous bangles and soft sissy tattoos were over the top, but no-one could deny she made a strikingly wonderful first impression.
Dr Kolivi examined her as she told them why she loved being a sissy. Some concern was expressed by the fact that she had had a child now adopted, for virgins were an important priority.  However, since she met so many of the other criteria, it had been decided to interview her. She came over as very enthusiastic about the project.
"You are obviously keen to raise your children as sissies," Dr Farson asked, "But how do you feel about bearing so many children in the next twenty or so years?"
"I wanna make up for the one mistake I may have made," Nikki answered honestly, "I really will love raising so many sweet sissy infants."
"Thank you. We'll be in touch next week, Nikki."

Despite her past, she was chosen. The panel wanted a mixture of females, worldly wise sissies as well as perfectly submissive ones. However the competition among the boys was more intense. 
An email reached Guy's mother as promised. Eagerly she perused it. It seemed Gail was not chosen. But the panel had been so impressed with some aspects of her sissiness that they wanted another opportunity to consider Guy. An improvement in his sperm maturity is required, "this will come with practice," the email advised.
In fact Dr Kolivi came to visit Guy at home the next day. Perhaps the panel were curious to see how he and his mother lived. But it was everything the good doctor had expected. Little doubt was in her mind, that Guy was the best male candidate- if only he had more sexual maturity. However his innocence was a huge plus, his only drawback was his undeveloped sperm.
Dr Kolivi beamed around the  pink surroundings of Guy's home.
"We cannot accept Guy as he is at present," she explained to Guy's mother, "but we want to try and improve his one weakness. Tell me, would you be prepared to administer  a pint of 'milk' daily for the next fortnight?"
"Well, it's frozen sperm to be honest. You need to defrost it daily and feed it to Guy at room temperature?"
"Okay, if you think it will work the trick. You say his sperm count is defective?"
"Well it certainly is well below average for a boy of nineteen. But we believe that consuming this sperm will encourage his body to develop more mature sperm."
"You need that for your experiments?"
"Yeah," the doctor almost sighed. It was a very important project for her.
"If- if, I allowed Gail to masturbate each day, would that help?"
"Oh yes, but please do not do that. You see, like you, we don't want him to become more dependent on masturbation than he already is."
"If Gail's sperm sample is okay, will he be chosen?"
"For sure. I'll see you next week."

"So how has the past seven days been?"
"Oh Gail's loved the milk. I put it in a feeding bottle, enlarging the teat opening, and she gulped the thick  stuff down!"
"Well, now comes the crunch. Has it improved his sperm maturity?"
"You want her to masturbate, doctor?"
"No not today. I've brought a needle to draw out enough of his sperm for the test we need to do. In the last few weeks we have finally refined our technique for perfect sperm capture, so this is, if you like, in miniature what will be happening to Guy if he joins us."
"I see," replied Guy's mother. "But I thought your brochure says an operation is needed to do this."
"For sure, for a permanent regular drawing of sperm. We really need a thicker tubing, but I don't expect Guy's gonna offer us anything quite so mature yet."
Dr Kolivi gave her attention at last to Guy, who had been staring at the doctor patiently. 
"Me like you," he said.
"Good, good," muttered the doctor, smiling at him, though he wore his vacant look, "I am just gonna stick this little needle in you. It won't hurt much, and it will help us enormously if you are good about it."
"Just lie still Gail," mother ordered more firmly.
Guy flinched as a large needle was inserted into the passageway leading to his penis. 
"That's good Guy," soothed the doctor, "I'm just drawing out some fluid, so we can test it for you. There, that's it! All over."
She held up the needle with what looked like an expression of admiration. Then she expressed the sperm into a small bowl and proceeded to test it with some instruments. As she did so, her mutterings sounded promising.
"Yes, Guy has certainly improved. I think I can tell you we will accept Guy for our experiment. Continue administering the milk please, in the meantime."
"Of course."
"Guy will need to leave in nine days time- can you manage that? That's the day our experiment begins in earnest."
"Yes, I'll make sure Gail is ready. Would it be possible for me to at least join you on the flight?"
"No, I am sorry, but really you know, it will be best to make a clean break of it.  What I am gonna suggest is that we provide Guy with someone who can help him on the journey and then to settle in."
"I could!"
"No, I'm sorry, but I had already tentatively approached one girl to do this job, if Guy was accepted."
"Please don't be disappointed- isn't it what you want for Guy's long term future?"
"Yes I suppose. Guy- stop staring!"
Guy was gazing at Dr Kolivi and starting to stroke himself.
"I'll admit, "continued mother,  "I feel jealous of this girl."
"You mustn't be. I wanna suggest that she comes to stay with you for a few days before Guy leaves, so you can explain everything she needs to know about Guy, and get to know him and his habits."
"Sounds a good idea, what's her name?"
"I think you may have met her the day Guy came for interview. She's Nikki, who will be one of his twenty procreating partners!"

With a final wave to his mother, Guy brushed away a tear, and turned his eyes to look at his strange new surroundings. He'd never been in a plane before.
Six sissy girls were with him, including Nikki, whom he had got to know during the past 48 hours. He liked her. Not like he loved his mother. It was a big wrench, but mum had promised it was what she wanted. Though he trusted her, he was apprehensive about the unknown future.
The flight landed on a quiet Caribbean isle,  the property of a philanthropist millionaire who had donated it to Dr Kolivi's group since he approved  the group's aspirations of creating a prototype colony of sissies who would be an example of peacefulness to the rest of  the world.
  Nikki held Guy's hand as the final leg of the journey to  the island mansion was made. Here they were introduced to about 50  girls who had already arrived, two other sissily dressed boys, Jaz and Carlos, and the research team led by Dr Kolivi. In addition there were three nurses and six servants, but the aim was eventually to make the operation as self sufficient as possible.
Nikki escorted Guy up the palatial sweeping stairway to the first floor, where he would be living.
In the West Wing, he was ushered into his spacious sitting room, which afforded magnificent views of the golden beach a mile distant. Off this room was his  bedroom with a four poster bed.
"My room is next door," explained Nikki, pointing to the exact location since Guy didn't always understand these things. "You can always call if you need anything, or this bell will bring one of the nurses."
"Me like you," Guy kissed her.
"Thanks. I'll help you unpack your sissy wardrobe, shall I? Then if you like we can explore the grounds. At six, we have to meet in the main lounge- I'll take you there."

The whole team were gathered as Dr Kolivi welcomed the guests, some fifty five sissies, including the three male ones.
"On behalf of Dr Farson and Dr Ahmed, and our nurses, "I'd like to welcome you to your new home," Dr Kolivi began, on the stroke of six o'clock. "We will take our evening meal shortly, but first I want to reiterate a few points in case you have overlooked anything.
Firstly, we all work here. From tomorrow, some of you will share the rota to prepare meals, others will be ordering and growing our foodstuffs while some of you will do the cleaning."
Lists were distributed. Guy's job was to make sissy clothes. "I'll show you how," whispered Nikki.
"Secondly, we are sure you will love it here, but if you  feel you can't stand it, please come and chat about your worries. You are not prisoners and can leave if you really need  to, though we are confident that situation will not arise.
Finally, our aim is to build up a happy community of sissies that will grow and grow with so many new members that the generations of sissies to come will be even more perfect, both physically and spiritually than we are. You girls will be busy caring for your own offspring, and we know you will bring them up to be beautiful sissies and productive members of our island."

Guy quite liked his first morning. He had dreaded having to mix with so many strangers, but in actual fact he was allowed to remain in his comfort zone, and  was served breakfast, then lunch in his room.
Nikki had urged him to meet the other lovely girls, but hadn't pushed him. Instead, she had brought materials for making sissy dresses, and he had already, with her help, completed one, and was now ready to try to make one on his own.
But his afternoon was not to be spent in such activity.
For Dr Kolivi needed him. Nikki offered to hold Guy's hand, but was politely told it was not necessary. In fact the doctor did not want her to witness Guy's operation, so Nikki spent an enjoyable afternoon cleaning with some of the other sissies, the four of them getting to know each other and excitedly speculating on what was to come.

Guy didn't mind going with the doctor. He knew her, and as he said liked her. Their destination was on the ground floor, the medical room.
A nurse was waiting and Dr Kolivi handed Guy into her care. 
"You'll like Younis,"  she assured Guy.
Guy liked the warm feel of her hand, and decided he did like her.
"You come here, please," Nurse Younis pulled him to a couch on which was a white sheet.
She helped him lie down, gently caressing his hand, which gave him the assurance that he craved. 
"I like your dress," she cooed." That helped Guy feel more at ease. She covered his body with a  paper blanket. 
"Doctor is here now," she informed him. 
Guy sat up suddenly.
"Oh it's only me Guy," Dr Kolivi, pulled down her mask temporarily, "don't worry. It's important you don't get any infection during the operation, see?"
He nodded,  even if  he didn't understand.
"Now, nurse will give you a couple of injections. It's to make you numb down there," she pointed to his lower regions, "then you won't feel anything."
"There, that's one injection. It wasn't that  terrible, was it? You're a really brave sissy  aren't you? I'll give you a reward if you're really good. What would you like, Guy?"
"Kiss," he suggested.
"Of course, if you want. Nurse will kiss you too if you like when we've finished."
He nodded enthusiastically. "Owwww!"
"There, that's the injections over, We'll wait until you can't feel anything at all, then get this little op over. You do know that it  is irreversible? No that's silly question for you, let's put it like this, Guy, it will help you be an even better sissy!"
"Mum call me Gail."
"Well, if you wish, we'll call you that too, Gail. Now can you feel my hand there?"
She softly stroked his balls. Then she inserted a needle into his penis.
"No? Good," she stroked his forehead. "We'll begin now, you look forward to your reward afterwards."
"Swab please nurse, I sm incising the passage now. Gail- You can't feel anything?" Dr Kolivi asked.
"No miss."
"Now I'm inserting the first  tube. Good, that's fine, I am fixing it now. Keep working the swabs, nurse."
Nurse disposed of the swabs, regrettably Gail saw them and screamed.
It took a while to calm her down. The doctor fetched a teddy for Gail  to cuddle.
"There, that's better, isn't it. You cuddle teddy Gail, and it will be over in no time."
To nurse she added, "I'm just extracting a sperm sample,   before ensuring this tubing is really firmly joined, then I'll clamp so it is held close to her body. You keep Gail calm, please. That blood shocked her."
Gail was enjoying the operation, if that were possible, for Nurse Younis was giving her full attention. It could last as long as they wanted!
However Younis was called away for more swabbing duty.
"Now this is the operation we will also do on some of the girls," she explained for Younis's benefit. "We want some of them to be adult baby sissies, so the urinary bladder is cut... here... and we insert another tubing, that's attached to this urine bag. There, that's it. We just need to seal it carefully, then tidy up."
After a few minutes work, she turned to Gail.
"All done, my little one. It's all gone very well. Back home,  you liked being your mummy's baby?"
Gail nodded.
"Well from now one you'll be wearing nappies, so you will be a nice sweet little baby sissy girl. Your penis is now redundant and your body will gradually, we expect, realize it is redundant, making you even more girly!"
The operation concluded with two sweet kisses.

Gail was wrapped in a nappy at bedtime by Nikki. Gail didn't mind. She had enjoyed wetting herself in the old days.
"I am allowed to control your wetting," Nikki told Gail. "Your wee flows into this bag attached to your waist. I am leaving the valve open so in the morning you'll wake up nice an' wet.
Gail mumbled her thanks, though she didn't quite follow how Nikki controlled her weeing.
"During the day, I will probably leave the bag valve closed so you will remain dry. But you'll have to wear a nappy in case the bag becomes full. A warning bleep is given when it is nearly full."
 She showed Gail the bag, then the smaller tube clamped to her body. 
"That tubing will fill up with your sperm, and when it is near full,  a warning will be sent to the doctor's surgery. The tube can expand, but it means your sperm needs to be drawn within around twelve hours. Lord knows what would happen if not."
Later that morning, as Gail was completing the very first baby sissy dress on her very own, competent if not perfect, Dr Kolivi came to her room, bringing Nikki with her.
"We want you to continue giving Gail her pint of sperm milk," the doctor explained to Nikki, "her sperm maturity is definitely improving but we can't begin on her as yet. From now on, Gail must drink only this milk and real milk fortified with vitamins. In the meantime, I want her to get out more. She needs a minimum of exercise. I have arranged for her to work helping our six construction workers, who are building the village adjacent to the our mansion. It'll do her good. You take her there this afternoon, Nikki."
Nikki consented, wondering if Gail would cope.

The six male workers were introduced to their new unusual colleague. Though they had seen many sissies around the island, Gail was the first at close quarters, and  they were intrigued by Gail's dresses. Nikki had to issue a warning from Dr Kolivi, "no touching."
They may not have touched, but they leered, they giggled at her, they teased her mercilessly, and offered her various suggestions that she didn't understand.
At first Gail hated it, and was minded to demand she resume her dressmaking, but once she realized that they were obeying the No Touching order, she started teasing back, teasing with her body, teasing with her lips, teasing them until they could bear it no longer.
It was lucky that Nikki was making one of her periodic checks that early evening. It would be hard to say exactly who initiated the scene that she witnessed, but she hastily pulled a pouting and boiling Gail away, determined to report this to Dr Kolivi. Though actually, having spotted the nappy, the men's fervor had somewhat cooled. 
As Gail was being dragged along, she begged her friend not to say anything. She was certain the doctor would not approve. It had happened partly, Gail explained, because she was unable to ejaculate any more. It seemed a feeble excuse to Nikki, but she kept their little secret.

Dr Kolivi brought a visitor a fortnight later.  She also brought good news:  Gail is declared ready!  
She introduced her guest, with the surprise news that Gail's diet will now also include being breastfed milk by this sissy, who is Jaz's first pregnant girl. 
That was a pleasure Gail really could appreciate, and it made her a little ashamed about her lapse into randiness on the building site. Sucking those nipples, drinking that heavenly nectar was magic!
Dr Kolivi left an ecstatic sissy with the promise that she will be back after dinner to start the experiment.
Nikki left her friend after eating with her, perhaps jealous that she had not been selected as the first sissy for Gail.
She had told Gail to wait lying on her bed, in her sissy finery. Gail always did as she was told, so there she was, when Dr Kolivi entered, alongside a sweet young girl dressed  in plaited golden straw from her breasts to her knees. She was introduced as from Fiji.
"You may kiss Keresi," said the doctor. "Keresi, kiss Gail."
The two happily obeyed, then Keresi was made to lie down aside Gail.
"Keresi is looking forward to this," Dr Kolivi told Gail. Indeed the Fijian was breathing heavily, her little breasts heaving under their straw covering. "It won't hurt you at all," she reassured the sissy Gail.
She opened the valve that led from the testicles  and with a pipette, drew out a generous helping. Keresi began panting even more as the doctor displayed her prize.
The little Fijian began whimpering as the doctor switched on a screen which picked up the signal from the tiny camera attached to the pipette.
The girl winced as it was pushed up her passage, but thrilling to every movement and excitedly watching the pipette as it was thrust into her womb.
Then she burst into raptures as the doctor squeezed the pipette over the egg she had recently ovulated, coating it carefully with Gail's sperm.
"There my dear," the doctor smiled, "your sissy baby has been procreated!"

Gail had a rest the next few days. Not that she found procreation at all exhausting. She devoted herself to improving her baby dress  making, and produced some attractive if unusual sissy creations. No, she didn't need a rest, but was waiting for her next partner to enter their fertile period.
As it happened two girls were on heat the same day.
First came a petite Japanese girl, Aiya, wearing a multicolored silk kimono with cute frills.
She welcomed Gail's sperm with all the seriousness of a life changing event, which in a way it was.
Then it was Nikki's turn. Gail was so pleased to see her again, as she had not been around for the past couple of days, no doubt preparing for this moment.
Dr Kolivi allowed them to kiss for much longer than the normal regulation kiss, it was the first time they had been quite so passionate, and Gail was conscious that she badly wanted to to something more than just donate her sperm.
As Dr Kolivi was drawing the sperm, Nikki whispered, "I suppose it's not any special fun for you, Gail?"
"No it's not," interposed the doctor, "we've eliminated her sexual drive as far as possible, to make her body develop into a real sissy girly."
"But can't she have any fun then?"
"Her pleasure comes from obeying me and serving you- that's satisfaction enough."
"Me like," was Gail's contribution.
Now Nikki was concentrating on her own fulfillment as she was penetrated and fertilized.
"I'm gonna make baby into a real lovely sissy like you Gail!"
Then Gail found herself overwhelmed. Her nappy was filling rapidly with her urine and she gasped with enjoyment.
"It was the least I could do,"  said Nikki, "i only wish I could have done more. Thanks darling," she pointed to her beautifully impregnated uterus.

Seventeen more impregnations followed over the next month.
Four of Gail's partners were adult babies like herself, all eager to bring up their children as perfect sissies.
Nineteen pregnancies! 
One, Alexis from Romania, was not successfully made pregnant. Dr Kolivi made a second attempt. However this too was without success.
One further try was made for Alexis, and since Gail was not required for more pregnancies, her sperm tubes were full to bursting when Alexis was serviced this third time.
No success, and it was considered swapping Alexis for another partner.  But Dr. Kolivi came up with a novel solution. Her colleague Dr Ahmed was brought in.
Gail's offering, a whole month's worth, was deposited in Alexis's vagina, then she was given the rare reward of real intercourse, as Dr Ahmed penetrated her and pushed not only his own cum, but also Gail's into Alexis's womb.
Whatever Dr Kolivi's doubts about this procedure, Dr Ahmed was satisfied, and so was Alexis for it was found that this time she was pregnant, and discussion of the parenthood could remain open.

Date 2018. 
Gail (Guy) has had nineteen partners, excluding Alexis, for the experiment with  her failed, producing only a defective child. Together they have created nearly 300 offspring.
Now it was time to review the experiment. Gail was ever more and more fertile. Her redundant penis had been shriveling thru lack of use and was now little more than an inch in length, almost a large clit. No surprise that Dr Kolivi wants Gail to stay on. The other two boys are no longer so fertile, and are replaced with two of their oldest children.
The village was thriving with sissies of all ages, self sufficient as was the vision. A few had returned to their native countries, a few of the partners with their children. But most were extremely happy with their lifestyle.
All Gail's partners except one remain at the mansion, and four younger partners will be provided from children of the others, giving her a total of 22 to service.
Dr Kolivi is hoping that these younger sissies might bear some boys that exhibit naturally the modification that had been introduced artificially into the three male sissies. That would be a huge step forward for the project.
I should add one titillating story that they tried to hush up.  Dr Kolivi had  been surrounded by so many children of others, that she craved a child of her own before she was too old. She wanted to inseminate herself with Gail's sperm!
So early one night, at a time when all Gail's partners were pregnant, and thus Gail was near the end of  a 'fallow' period, she got Nikki to give her the urine control and left it fully open. 
Then she shared pint after pint with Gail and both were pretty tipsy as Gail's nappy became more and more soaked.
The doctor sat on her patient and relieved herself down Gail's stomach, letting her own hot wee fall into the sodden nappy. Then she kissed the bewildered Gail.
"Me like you," Gail responded. She was, as the doctor knew, full of cum, and it ought to have expressed before now. In fact she was in danger of bursting the tube and was becoming ever more agitated.
But Dr Kolivi wanted to tantalize her, after all she knew how much longer Gail could be kept on tenterhooks. She undid the nappy to reveal their joint soaking mess and with a deep sigh sat on Gail's wet body, rubbing herself in their shared urine. This must have stirred Gail to the utmost limit. Dr Kolivi wanted to see what would happen when the tubing burst.
Gail was panting now, not comprehending why she was so aroused. She kissed the kind doctor, who thought better and released the stopper, sending a flood of cum over Gail's body, mixing with an offering of wee that exuded at the very same time.
Dr Kolivi grabbed a sample in her pipette and inseminated herself eagerly.
Alas, the night of passion had not been a success. Well, it was-  in the sense that she became pregnant. But the story was that nine months later, the result was far from sissy-like.

Date 2037:
Gail is willing to be retained for further service.
A few older partners have been retired, but Gail has fathered over 300 more children. New partners have been added to the older ones, so Gail now has a harem of 40.
A major aim of the project was achieved in 2038 when a baby boy was born with the modified tubing from the testicles and bladder, making  the penis redundant thru a natural process.
Though the majority of males were born 'normal,'  several other similar Penisless were born subsequently.

Date 2056: Now breeding can commence with the sissy Penislesses. Gail is in effect redundant. Her 1000th child had been born.
Now she is 75 it really must be time to take things easy.
Dr Kolivi encouraged her new young assistant Dr Alison Banwell to test the effects of reversing the medical process, that is now possible. Can she restore Gail to Guy after so many years? 
Examining her patient, she learns the following:
... his sperm maturity is well above average for his age, though his body is producing less.
... his penis has become ingrown and is barely visible.
... he agrees to the operation
... he likes Dr Banwell.
The operation goes ahead.
it went well. Nikki takes care of Gail, trying to help bring her back to sissy manhood.
Kissing is pleasing, all Gail wants to do is please her mistress. 
Gail's urine now trickles out of the correct opening, though no sign of her ingrown penis! Thus the urine dribbles out by magic into her nappy. Gail was totally disorientated by this change.
No success  as regards  any sperm flowing thru his penis- how could it be  returned to its former glory?
 Dr Kolivi suggested Nikki's 27 year old daughter called Chrissy Sissy might be the one who could arouse Gail. She is infertile and like her mother had devoted herself to wild ways, being ejected from the sissy town, choosing to live with a small group of outcasts, rather than leave the island.
Living with them, she had, as she put it, seen the light, and become a Christian, now ministering unofficially to the island's spiritual needs.
So Gail was introduced to Chrissy, who is wearing a skimpy short frilly dress with lots of sissy additions and even more beads and baubles. Underneath it, she is still wild.
Chrissy took Gail to live in the 'Village of Outcasts,'  this small community where twelve less than perfect sissies live.  Chrissy has elected to help these unfortunate by-products of the Sissy Experiment. 
It's a beautiful location by a sandy seashore bay, the four buildings surrounded by high cliffs accessible only by lift, access to which is restricted by a passcode. In answer to her query, Chrissy tells Gail that it is possible to swim out to the promontories on either side of the bay but there are dangerous currents. One mutant braved this and escaped. 
"I am the result," she added. Since then her father has had to be kept locked up with another mutant, a fate that later befell one other who had attacked a sissy visitor to the village. Since then strictly no visitors are allowed. Chrissy Sissy their only link.
   Chrissy introduced Gail to Amina, who is infertile also, and was banished here because she lactates as a matter of course. The only other sissy girl here is Janny, who is also infertile but lives in an almost permanent state of climax.
   The other nine are six male sissies and the three nobody ever mentions, including Dr Kolivi's own child.
All these changes to her life, Gail did not comprehend. It was hard enough being without a urine bag- Gail still had no control over the flow. But even harder were the new faces, the new surroundings, But she liked Chrissy, and was ready to obey her every command.

"I believe you are the one to help get these unfortunates accepted," Chrissy told Gail one afternoon after she had been living there a few days.  She was trying to tell Gail why they were virtual prisoners here. Gail had seen the cave where the three mutants dwelt, and was mystified.
"Me like you."
"Oh, I forgot you can't understand, sorry. But," she continued earnestly," I really think your innocent looks, even at your age, might soothe the savage beast in our mutants. Will you try?"
"Not know how."
"Be yourself, that's all, darling." She kissed Gail. That seemed to decide it. "I suppose you may have to endure some rough stuff, but I have received a message that it will work our okay for them. It will also justify Dr Banwell's experiment on you. Please dear Gail, will you help?"
Gail nodded.
The entrance of the cave was padlocked with thick iron bars. One of the three mutants, hearing them approach, came up to the gate.
"Don't worry," Chrissy  reassured Gail, this is Gilbert, he's the only one not chained." She opened the gate and touched Gilbert's hand.
"Gilbert, I want you to meet Gail. Gail meet Gilbert."
He looked a very pleasant black man, maybe about forty years of age. It was a puzzle to Gail why he was locked up.
"Gilbert, show her round will you. I'll wait here for you dear Gail."
"You cum?" Gilbert asked Gail, taking her hand and leading her into the dark recesses of the cave. At the entrance Chrissy sighed and prayed.
"This my room," he explained, though it was little more than a  recess in the rocks where a bed fitted. 
He pulled Gail down.
"Oh all right. Aren't we gonna meet the others?"
"You pretty," offered Gilbert.
Gail blushed, though in the semi darkness you might have missed this. It was the first time anyone had chatted her up since those construction workers.
"I kiss you?" he asked, though it may have been an order.
Either way, Gail obeyed. She was used to a kiss before being milked. 
But milking  can't happen any more, she reflected. She didn't know what to do when Gilbert kissed her again.
He was fondling under her dress now. Gail hummed her appreciation.
"Nice clit," exclaimed Gilbert bluntly. Now it was Gail who was kissing him more passionately.
Gilbert's fingers puzzled over what else he found, but he seemed pleased.
"You one of us," he declared, removing his top.
In the half light, Gail gasped.  His body was white. He had the appearance of a black man, but only his face. Now she looked closely she noticed Gilbert's hands were white too.
"You like me?" he hesitated.
Gail did!
She removed his pants to reveal a giant cock, black, showing up in the dark cave, a contrast to the whiteness of his body.
She learned that afternoon what she had been missing for so many years.
That huge cock pierced her painfully at first, then pleasurably as she was filled with his hot cum, so hot it almost burned her inside. As she felt his insemination, her own tiny cock suddenly popped out, all half inch of it.
As Gilbert withdrew, he stared disbelievingly at this new appendage.
As Gail stood up, she happily dribbled his offering down her legs, amazed that this made her legs almost luminous, for his offering was a shiny bright yellow!

In fact, she was feeling pretty randy by now, wanting her own release. But Gilbert had been satisfied and  talked of showing Gail round his cave, and meeting his two companions.
Companions they certainly were not. Gail soon discovered why, as each was chained in a  large dark cavern, at a distance from  each other, Both growled as Gilbert came in. He took Gail's hand and pointed to the chains.
Gail shuddered, yet her curiosity drew her in.
"Why he here?" she asked, pointing to the seven foot giant, who might have been of oriental origin.
"Him escape and was bad mans. You know his daughter Chrissy."
That knowledge made Gail more than ever sorry for this unfortunate.
"Let me stay here for a while," she begged, even though a tremor passed her lips.
"Very well miss," and he left Gail alone in this dank cavern.
The giant snarled as Gail came a step nearer.
The other mutant echoed the fearful growl, making Gail shiver. 
She ignored the latter for the time being and stood still staring at the giant. Could this really be Chrissy's dad?
He stood growling and stretched as far as his chain allowed. Thankfully feet away from  Gail. 
The other mutant growled more loudly. Perhaps he was attention seeking.
The giant stared back at Gail who, knowing the distance now, stepped a few paces nearer.
That brought on not only fresh growling but also arm waving and spitting.
Gail froze again.
They were close enough now to see each other in the dusky light. She saw a tortured face. He saw a beauty. An aged beauty, but so sissy, so sweet. his growling ceased. The hands stopped flailing.
She stepped withing the reach of his chain.
He didn't move.
Closer she came, and then hugged him.
He was naked.
He was warm. Not fierce now they were at close quarters.He stooped and she kissed him. 
Then she kissed his manly chest and then his manly penis and she understood why he was here- apart from his savagery.
He was shemale. With a leap in her heart, Gail knew what she most needed. 
She sucked his cock, bringing it to life amid groans of  thankfulness from the shemale. He was soon expressing his thanks more tangibly with a giant dose of his cum down Gail's swooning throat.
Then she took his large hand and made it envelop her tiny penis. The giant looked down tenderly in sympathy as he grasped the little object.
He pulled it roughly, manhandling it until it was forced into life after  so many years of neglect.
It grew!
Yes it grew to over an inch. Two maybe.
The giant guided the little gem into his own vagina and Gail was overcome with an instant glow as she pushed it inside as far as it would go. She was shivering and shaking with sixty years of repressed sexuality and with some pain but even more joy exploded her gift into the giant's passage. Perhaps he'll have a normal baby, Gail told herself, as she collapsed in her ecstasy.
She became aware of the growling in the far corner. The neglected mutant was jealous!
Gail almost tottered in her duty as she approached the other fearsome beast. Yes this was a beast.
A man, she could see that all right, but on all fours like an animal, snarling like a lion.
Gail stood still a few yards from it.
He leaped up, still on all fours, wrenching at the chain. Gail recoiled, thankfully safe. She held out her hand towards the crouching beast.  Her little penis still displayed a few drips of cum.
The beast let out a roar.
But beauty had tamed it, and Gail knew she could approach in safety.
As she stood before the sad object,  she lifted its now docile head, and pitied the haunted look it gave her, like some puppy longing to please its master.
She let his head drop- as far as her penis. She pushed his head into it and he gratefully savored the cummy droplets, then  offered a hollow moan as the penis grew inside his jaws, Three inches and rising! Gail was so pleased and in her ecstasy squirted  the beast full of her juices. He gobbled it down noisily.
Then it was Gail's turn to crouch.
The dangly object under the beast's body she grasped, appreciating how much more fleshy and vibrant it was than hers.
Soon she had him, like the animal he looked, mounting her and thrusting and pumping her in sheer delight.

Gail emerged in a daze from the cave.
"I think we can tell Dr Kolivi that the process has been successfully reversed," smiled Chrissy. "We can now prove your 'cure' by giving you a sissy virgin and I'm sure she will bear your thousand and first sissy baby!"

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