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 A few of my friends mothers would get high too. Here is a story of a night with my friend sals mom. Sal and i were in his room drinking and sniffin. He would drink more thsn sniff. At about 3 am. He passed out and i stiil had plenty of white. His mom and sister are supermodel hot and i thought to my self i want some of their panties or whatever i can get my hands on. His sister was out still but i heard his mother down stairs.  I ran in his sisters room first and stole a few panties and bras. Then as i was about to go in his moms room i heard her walking upstairs. She seen me and asked what i was doing. I told her sal fell asleep  and im gonna go home.  She asked me to help her with something in her room. I said sure thing. She was a little drunk and asked me if i had any powder.  I said what are you talking about. She said i know you guys get high ive found stuff in sals room. I said i h ave a little she smiled and said let me get some. So i poured a little pile on her dresser and she went to town on it. As soon as it started hitting her she said to me dont you ever get horny when you party. I said of course. All i can think about us sex when im high. She asked what do you like to  do. I was so twisted i didnt care what she thought so i told her i love womens lingerie. So she opened her drawer and started pulling out panties bras garters and everything. She smiled and said what do you like to do with it. I told her i live to wear it . She said thatvis so hot. My ex husband was so bori g. She asked if i would like to wear some of her stuff. I told her there is nothing more in this world i would love more right now. She said lets do this right i want to shave you and everything. So we got naked and went in her shower. She asked me how i felt about diapers. I told her i love them. She wanted me to wear a diaper. I said i would love to do anything she wanted. After she shaved me and herself we went back in the bedroom and she told me to lay on the bed. She went into her closet and  pulled out a suitcase and opened it and there was diapers sex toys wigs handcuffs. She then pulled out a little baby powder and powdered my front and bottom then tightened the diaper. She then told me to get up so she could paint my nails and toes and do my makeup and put a wig on me. At this point i was soo worked up and from drinking all night i had too pee. I said to her in a little girl voice. Mommy i need to peepee. She said to hold it. I didnt know if she was playing or not but i couldnt hold it and i peed all in the diaper. I said sorry mommy but i couldnt hold it. She said your a bad little girl mommy just changed you now your gonna have to sit in your pee. And mommy is gonna punish you. Stay right here. She went back in the bathroom with some stuff while she was in there i figured this is the perfect opportunity to get some of her stuff. I took a few panties and matching bras and a garter belt and 2 pr. Of stockings and one o c her vibrators. As i was putting the stuff in my secret pocket  of my jacket she came out wearing a corset with garters and stockings with thigh high boots and a wooden old brush. She said was is this naughty little girl up to. I wa a busted red handed. I ho po ed it wouldnt ruin the night. She came ip to me and seen all th stuff and she went deeper in my jacket and seen the stuff i took from her daughter too. I saud im sorry mommy i cant help myself you and grace are soooo beautiful and i just wanted to be closer to you somehow.  She smiled and said now your really gonna get punished. Go lay down now. As i did she wanted me face down and handcuffed me to the bed. She pulled off my soaked diaper and started swatting  my ass so hard there were tears in my eyes fir real. I k r pt saying im sorry. She then took my diaper and peed in it herself and put it back on me her hot pee with mine felt so awesome then she took a razor and cut the back of the diaper open. She went into her suitcase and put on a huge strapon. She said now little gurl is really gonba get it.  She lubed me up and hit me really hard right up my ass. She had no mercy. I was in pain an extasy at the same time. She fycked me for a good hour. She then turned me over and strapped a dildo to my face and started fucking it. She came i puddles all over my face. By now its like 5 am. And i hea someone coming upstairs and i knew it was her daughter grace. She called grace in the room and  she started laughing  at me. She started telling grace about me stealing her panties and bras. Grace said so little  sissy lijes to steal panties huh. Well we gotta do something about this mom. So she goes in her room and gets a video cam. And comes back and tells her mom too dress me up like a little gurl. So she starts to put me in knee highs and sissy po anties and a sissy dress and maryjanes. She pulks my panties down and puts my cick in lockdown. Taping the whole thing. She says now you will do whatever we say if you ever want your cock back. We own you. They stand me up but im still cuffed and shackled. Hey bot b put on strapons and one us fucking my mouth as the other is fucking my ass. They keep switching  back and forth. I am cumming so much its like a puddle in her panties. She sees that im cumming and says you cantruin our stuff. So she puuls out a maxi pad right  out o c het own panties and put it in the ones that im wearing. Her mother says are you gonna be a good gurl now . I say yes. So they unlock my cock and lay me down and grace is ruding my face and her mom is ridi g my cock. And they are both cumming all over me and im cumming in both there pussies and let apping my own cum back out of yhere pussies. Grace asks her mom if they are done with me now. I beg them please ive been bad i still need more punishment.  They unlock me and tell me to pour some drinks and cut sone more lines. I ask them if one has a weed pipe. Grace goes and gets one and i ask her for some water and baking soda.  I dont wanba sniff no more i wanna smoke a huge rock and get abused all day and night by them. Please k ed t me stay and be your slave.  I dont care if sal finds out i love you both so much. They say ok this us what where gonba do. We are gonba get you fixed up and take you shopping for a nice maids outfit and breast enhancers and whatever else we need. So they dress me up and we all smoke some huge blasts i take some for the road and we go shopping. We buy some stuff and they both ask me how serious i am with this. I tell them i will do anything to stay yoyr sissy maid permenantly you can even put me on hormones pimp me out just keep me high and dressed like a slut and i will do anything. I love you both.
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