Found Out by Kitton (PG)
Kyles curiosity leads to alot of trouble, or so he thought. In a few days, Kyleexperiences all parts of being a TB.
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Found Out by Kitton
Kyles curiosity leads to alot of trouble, or so he thought. In a few days, Kyleexperiences all parts of being a TB.
Characters: - Genres: (Babification), (Wearing Diapers), (Spankings), (Crying Like A Baby), (Baby Food, Baby Bottles, etc.), (Age Regression) - Rating  A Little Violence - Chapters: 1
Published  09.07.06 - Completed: Yes

It was 3:00. I had just run home from school to get to my house before anyone else could. The day before, I was told to put some of my worn out and old clothes to the attic. It was the usual chore; annoying and right when I was in the middle of something.
I was a bit annoyed that I had to put my stuff in the attic, but why did I have to put my sisters¢‚¬„¢ stuff up too? My sister is eight years old, and she¢‚¬„¢s almost nine, I on the other hand am 13, that¢‚¬„¢s right, I was up there with the teenagers and **** proud of it.
My mom always like to keep our old stuff so she could look back at it later on or something like that and my dad unfortunately, died when I was two and a half. I don¢‚¬„¢t really remember him though, so all my life I had grown up with women. ¢‚¬“Okay Kyle, put your box in the left corner in the back, and your sisters on the right corner.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“*sigh* all right mom.¢‚¬ I had just gotten finished putting my sisters¢‚¬„¢ stuff away when I came across a pair of pink frilly panties hanging out of the side of the box. The box had been rotting away from some water that had gotten to it, and when I went to push the box I had previously put down towards it, the box fell apart.
There were panties, party dresses and cute socks. I wanted to grab one of them but my mom saw the box break open. ¢‚¬“Oh no, it looks like the clothes are wet too.¢‚¬ The clothes really were quite damp and smelly. My mom told me to pick them up and give them to her, I must say I got a little excited but I had just made my third trip after her previous question and was done. The next day in school was annoying; all I could think about was those clothes my mom had saved. Were there more? Maybe I could steal some without anyone noticing. I wonder if they fit me.
3 00. It was just too perfect to be true. I was making my way towards the door on the ceiling that leads towards the attic when I passed the laundry room. A shudder came over me and I desperately shuffled toward the dryer. They were there! All clean! I grabbed a dress but something was wrong¢‚¬¦ I wasn¢‚¬„¢t excited, but rather bored and weirded out from what I had just done. Why wasn¢‚¬„¢t it as fun as when I had touched them earlier. My day was shattered, so I walked into the living room and slumped on the couch to watch some T.V. A few hours passed by and my sister and mother were no-where to be found. I called my mom on her cell phone and she reminded me that my sister was spending the night at a friend¢‚¬„¢s house and that she, herself, would be at a meeting until 9:00 or later.
Well this is fun. I¢‚¬„¢ve got nothing to do, none of my friends are around because I¢‚¬„¢m the only guy not aloud to go to a concert and I didn¢‚¬„¢t even have my little sister to annoy me or my mom to make dinner. At least I had the house to myself. Just then, a Huggies commercial came on, it talked about how well their diapers fit, snug and warm. The perfect diapers for the perfect baby. That sounded nice¢‚¬¦ WAIT A SECOND! I had that strange feeling like before, except better, I really wanted to go up to the attic now and see if there was anything up there.
I hurried to the attic, dropped the ladder down and walked in. The light had been left on from before and everything was clear, I moved towards my sisters corner, and in the back of the stack of boxes, I spied a car seat for toddlers. I carefully placed them to the side and found lots of old baby stuff, footy pajamas, diapers pacifiers and a crib in a box, along with a constructible highchair and baby toys. I was so excited, I must have been excited by my sisters stuff because she had items for younger kids.
First off, I wanted to see how well the car seat worked, it was big and blue, and had a buckle for the waist and two shoulder buckles that locked into the waist buckle. I slowly sat down and surprisingly fell in it, it was easily large enough to hold me, I was about to strap myself in, when I thought about what It would be like to be a baby in a car seat. I went back to the boxes of baby stuff and got some items. Two disposable diapers, because I knew one just wouldn¢‚¬„¢t look real, a pacifier, a rattle and a stuffed pink bunny. I took off all my clothes, laid down on a changing pad I had found and slowly slipped the diapers under my bottom, through my crotch and firmly fastened the sides of the diaper to my waist.
I felt so comfortable and babyish, but also excited. I sat down in the seat again with the pacifier in my mouth to see what it would feel like, but something was missing.I wasn¢‚¬„¢t very comfortable without clothes on, and I knew that if I wanted to be a baby, I wanted to be comfy. I went to my corner of the attic to try and find some of my baby clothes, but none of them fit, I was heartbroken and about to give up, when I remembered my sisters cute socks and dress. Those had to fit me, and maybe I would feel more like a baby. I tried to pull on the fluffy pink dress (my mom and sister really like pink if you can¢‚¬„¢t tell) but something was blocking the way. It was one of those dress, petticoat panty combos, where the neck stretches so you can slip into the whole thing, it used to save a lot of time before church.
I prayed for it to fit as I slipped through dress with my diapers crinkling through. I pulled a little too hard because the dress was soon up to my chest and when I went to slip my arms through the puffy short sleeves, it fit perfectly, and was amazingly comfortable. I couldn¢‚¬„¢t believe what I had just done, but I was too much in a hurry and excited to care. I grabbed some of my sisters¢‚¬„¢ frilly socks and put 2 pairs on my feet. It was also comfy and warm. I waddled towards the baby seat, grabbed the bunny and pacifier and sat down. My dress and diapers ruffled and crinkled as I sat down. It was very nice but I was still excited. I quickly strapped myself in around my waist where the bar around the crotch goes to securely fasten myself in and pulled the shoulder straps in just between my neck and puffy short frilly sleeves. I locked myself in. My back was firmly on the back of the seat so i couldnt lean over and my crotch was sealed by a bar that went through my legs so i couldnt slip out. I was safe and secure.
At the moment I was hugging my bunny and sucking on my pacifier. Suddenly I heard a whirring zip noise behind me. I moved around to see it but I couldn¢‚¬„¢t move far enough to see because of my arm straps. I quickly pulled at my seat belt but it wouldn¢‚¬„¢t come out. I tugged and pulled but it wouldn¢‚¬„¢t budge. I began to panic, what if I was stuck, what if my mom catches me, what if I get in trouble? As I gave up for a moment of relaxing for another pull at the belt, I looked at a box next to my side. It was the box that the baby seat came in, but I horrified by what it said on the box ¢‚¬“JUMPERS NEW BABY CAR SEAT. NEW FEATURES INCLUDE: Safe side so your baby can¢‚¬„¢t reach around towards door handle.
Foam cushions for the utmost comfort for your baby.
New locking device is full-proof now there are no more worries about your baby finding a way out of their car seat, as this new design unlocks in the back of the baby seat, creating a child-proof lock.
Oh God No! I tried to reach behind the seat, but the sides were too long and far-forward to reach around. I tried for a few more minutes but realized I couldn¢‚¬„¢t open the lock. The company really had made a baby-proof lock, because I was a baby and now I couldn¢‚¬„¢t open it. I started crying just like a baby. I sat in the seat that securely held in my waist, crotch and torso, with my dress sprouting over my diapered region completely showing off my panties and diapers. I sat in my baby chair, saddened by what I knew was soon to come. I sucked on my pacifier and cuddled my bunny. There wasn¢‚¬„¢t much I could do. Until 9:00, I had become a baby girl in puffy diapers and a fluffy dress.

I had sat waiting for quite some time. The clock downstairs finally rang 9 times. At this point I wasn¢‚¬„¢t really afraid anymore. Until of course I heard the door open. Panic struck me again. The ladder was still down and in plain site. If my mom walked past the laundry room I was majorely screwed. I tried to break the seat belts, I pulled as hard as I could, I realized that I was I plain site too, if my mom came up the ladder than I would be right in front of her. No No NO! I pulled with one last burst of energy and the stupid seat broke! I was free, and all I have to do is run behind a box and¢‚¬¦¢‚¬Kyle, What are you doing?!¢‚¬
I was frozen solid, there, standing one the ladder and staring right at me, was my mother. I realized how embarrassed I was and tears started to well up in my eyes. ¢‚¬“Honey, its ok, come here.¢‚¬ I didn¢‚¬„¢t know what to do, I couldn¢‚¬„¢t tell if she was mad or not, but it¢‚¬„¢s not like running and putting my clothes back on would help much, so I obeyed and sadly walked towards her with my head hanging low. My mom climbed down and asked if I needed any help coming down, I was still just abut ready to cry, so all I got out was a whimperish ¢‚¬“no¢‚¬.
I climbed down and my mom, now behind me pushed the door upwards and the ladder receded in its original place. My mom stared at me for a minute, it was still very hard for me to talk and when I uttered out ¢‚¬“Im sorry mom¢‚¬ I couldn¢‚¬„¢t help but cry alittle bit. The mix of shame, cowerdness and fright was too much for me. ¢‚¬“It¢‚¬„¢s okay honey, let¢‚¬„¢s go get you changed.¢‚¬ I went into the bathroom still crying a bit, and took of the dress and diapers along with the frilly socks. Walked into the shower and turned the faucet on. The warm water hit my back and I calmed down a bit more.
It was then that I realized what had just happened, not only did my mom not laugh, but she didn¢‚¬„¢t even get mad, she even tried to comfort me. A strange feeling of complete calm swept over me, which was quite a relief from my recent situation, it was like nothing ever happened. I washed myself and stepped out of the shower to dry off. The steam had fogged up the mirror a bit, and right next to the mirror on the cabinet were some fresh clothes. I put my boxers and shirt on, that¢‚¬„¢s all that I usually wear to bed and headed out towards the living room. I had always been close to my mother and I knew she wanted an explanation.
Just as I had thought she was in the living room without the TV on, just staring at me. I sat down next to her. She seemed a bit sad. ¢‚¬“Kyle, was I a bad mother?¢‚¬ This shocked me, as the mother son bond we had was much greater than normal kids. ¢‚¬“No, of course not mom, you¢‚¬„¢re the best mom I could ever have.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Well, it¢‚¬„¢s just that I¢‚¬„¢ve read in magazine articles that kids who go back to wearing diapers didn¢‚¬„¢t have a very good childhood¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“No mom you¢‚¬„¢ve been great, you¢‚¬„¢re always really nice and accepting of my choices and stuff, it¢‚¬„¢s really kool.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“So then, why did you want to wear your sisters diapers and clothes?¢‚¬
I didn¢‚¬„¢t know how to answer that, how could I? I thought for a while. My mother was very patient with me. Finally I had come up with the answer. ¢‚¬“Uhhmm¢‚¬¦ I didn¢‚¬„¢t really want to wear my sisters stuff, it¢‚¬„¢s just that I couldn¢‚¬„¢t find any baby stuff on my side of the attic, and uhh.. I just wanted to see what it would be like to be a baby again¢‚¬¦¢‚¬ My mom seemed to think for a second until she asked her next question. ¢‚¬“So, how did you feel when you were being a ¢‚¬Ëbaby¢‚¬„¢?¢‚¬ Wow, I thought she would ask me why I wanted to be a baby. ¢‚¬“Well, I don¢‚¬„¢t know really, I was really happy and I felt really safe and comfortable.¢‚¬
The next and last question however, caught me completely off guard. ¢‚¬“So, do you like being a baby?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Well, I mean¢‚¬¦. I guess¢‚¬¦ yeah¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Would you like to be a baby again?¢‚¬ What was she asking me? How the heck do I answer that, was it a trick question? I started getting embarrassed again but I came out with the truth. ¢‚¬“Yeah, I would really like to be a baby again. I mean I don¢‚¬„¢t want to wear my sisters clothes or anything¢‚¬¦¢‚¬ A smile grew across my moms face and she said in a very content voice ¢‚¬“Ok then, you wait right here okay kyle?¢‚¬
I sat perplexed a thought came across my mind that my mom would actually let me be a ¢‚¬Ëbaby¢‚¬„¢ again, but that was just insane wasn¢‚¬„¢t it? I heard the attic door fall down and the ladder with it, the light click followed and soon I heard footsteps over the top of my head, I think she was around the opposite corner of my own corner. ¢‚¬“Kyle, I want you to go to your room honey.¢‚¬ That was just flat out weird. She wasn¢‚¬„¢t mad but she wanted me to go to my room. I sat down on my bed, turned on the TV and gamecube, and started playing Super Smash Bros. Melee. Throughout the next hour of the night I heard all sorts of sounds, from footsteps through the attic, to noises in the living room.
I popped my head out the door to see what was going on, but before I got my eyes out of the crevice, my moms voice confronted me with ¢‚¬“No peeking, sweetie!¢‚¬ She sounded ¢‚¬¦..happy? I played the game for a while longer until my eyes started to play tricks on me. I started having flash dreams. They¢‚¬„¢re dreams that are about a second long and something astonishes you and wakes you up, its supposedly has to do with humans trying to keep themselves awake from instinct. I knew I was falling asleep and decided to rest alittle bit on my pillow. I slowly fell to sleep..............
¢‚¬“How¢‚¬„¢s my little sweetie doing?¢‚¬..... *Mom?.... What time is it?* I was about to get out of bed, when I slumped my face against a wall of some sort. I was quite drowsy but I managed to notice that my bed was a little higher than usual but my mom seemed to be taller. Wait, I wasn¢‚¬„¢t even in my room. My eyes started to focus in on my moms face, she was gently stroking the back of my head but my hair didn¢‚¬„¢t seem to move. I looked to my left and there were bars surrounding me. And between my legs, there was an oddly familiar feeling. I was wearing a diaper again.
I looked down my body to see that a baby blainky was on me and that my surrounding was the guest bedroom, which was why my bed felt taller, because the ceiling was lower than my rooms¢‚¬„¢. The guest bedroom was now a nursery. I saw some of the stuff from the attic around me. A changing table, a high chair and a music box that was playing a soft lullaby. I was about to ask what was going on, but my drowsiness caught back to me, along with how comfortable I was, and I fell asleep.
The next morning, I awoke feeling very relaxed, but not sleepy. What a weird dream, as I sat up, I felt my diaper move around a little bit. It wasn¢‚¬„¢t a dream! I was in the nursery again wearing my diaper and what appeared to be a cottony-footed sleeper. It was very soft and felt warm and cozy, I felt the top of my head, and there were large ears extending from my hood. It was a baby bear outfit! I was a little excited about my predicament but only because I was full of wonder. How could this be, was I really a baby again? I fealt my diaper a bit, it was nice and puffy, i felt so happy when i touched it, realizing that I actually WAS wearing a baby diaper. I realized I wasn¢‚¬„¢t a real baby again because the crib I was in was also my own bed. My mom had moved my bed into the guest room and put the crib bars on my bed, I guess my mom used both cribs to do the job, because there were 2 sets of bars on each side. But she wasn't strong enough to move it herself, at least I didn't think so.
I also noticed that there was a large pacifier in my mouth, that for some reason I had not noticed before. I was also contentedly sucking on it just like a baby does. I was even more excited, not only did I feel like a baby, but I was also acting like one. My mom entered the room and bent over my crib. ¢‚¬“How did my wittle baby sleep last night?¢‚¬
I smiled a bit and she pulled out my pacifier from my mouth. ¢‚¬“How did you do this mom?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Well, I wanted my baby to be happy so I did everything I could to make you feel like one again. I got all of your old baby things from the attic and then I went to Nancy¢‚¬„¢s house to get her help and¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Nancy saw me?!¢‚¬
Nancy had been my babysitter and kind of aunt for years. ¢‚¬“It¢‚¬„¢s okay honey, you¢‚¬„¢re a baby now so its fine if she sees you, you¢‚¬„¢ll have to get used to a few people seeing you like this okay? But only Nancy your sister and I will see you, is that okay with you baby?¢‚¬ I didn¢‚¬„¢t know why but for some reason I started to not care. I really liked the safe and secure feeling I got from wearing diapers and being in my footy pajamas. ¢‚¬“I guess so mom¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Okay then, but its mommy from now on Kyle¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Okay. ¢‚¬¦ I love you mommy.¢‚¬
My mommy brought the bars down and gave me a great big hug.
My aunt Nancy walked in afterwards and was very happy to see me awake. ¢‚¬“So, do you like your new room Kyle?¢‚¬ I shook my head and smiled. ¢‚¬“Aww, you look so adorable in your little diapers and baby outfit, you¢‚¬„¢re just the cutest little teddy bear I¢‚¬„¢ve ever seen.¢‚¬ Nancy gave me a hug too. ¢‚¬“Okay Kyle, Nancy and I are going to go get your sister and well be right back. For now, how about you eat breakfast and take a teeny nap for mommy? ¢‚¬“Okay.¢‚¬ I was smiling from ear to ear.
My mommy told me to lay down, she put a warm bottle of milk in my mouth and put the bars up and locked them. I was just laying down in my crib, holding onto my bottle and sucking on it happily and wearing diapers and a baby outfit. I don¢‚¬„¢t think anything in the world could make me happier. I sucked on my bottle some more I ruffled around in my diapers a bit. i really liked that feeling of wearing one. With the padding on the butt and in the legs how could I not be comfy? Even my little baby bear outfit was nice. I moved my feet around in the little footy parts, it was so soft and warm, i was really a baby again. Just as I finished sucking on my bottle, I fell asleep.

~~~¢‚¬“Hey Bubby? Where are you?¢‚¬ I woke up to my sister Audra¢‚¬„¢s voice; she was in the house now. ¢‚¬“Bubby?!¢‚¬ I answered not quite thinking of the outcome of revealing my whereabouts. My sister then stepped in my room, but something was really weird. She looked like she was 18! ¢‚¬“There you are bubby! I missed you!¢‚¬ Audra also seemed a lot bigger than I was not because of age, but because¢‚¬¦ am I smaller? She carefully dropped the crib door down and picked me up. I was smaller; I was the size of a baby now! I began to get really scared, so I called for my mommy, but nothing resembling mommy came out, instead, I just started crying. I couldn¢‚¬„¢t stop.
Audra knew something was wrong, so she softly cooed at me and rubbed my cheek with her finger, I began to calm down. ¢‚¬“Oh! Did my whittle bubby make a potty?¢‚¬ What the hell? I had heard some weird things to say to a baby but that was a little much, then again my sister never was very good with children¢‚¬¦ She carried me over to the changing table and started to take off my diaper, all of the sudden I started to pee again, I tried to stop as much as I could but to no avail. Although I must say it was really funny to see my sister covered with pee. I started to laugh hysterically.
Unfortunately my sister didn¢‚¬„¢t find it as funny; she quickly cleaned off my bottom, then sat down in a chair and laid me belly down on her lap. ¢‚¬“I can¢‚¬„¢t believe this! You¢‚¬„¢re a bad baby!¢‚¬ I felt one of the most painful things ever in the next few seconds. Her hand swiftly came down across my bottom once, twice, five times. I was in horrible pain and bawling my eyes out. ¢‚¬“Please, Stop sis, I¢‚¬„¢m sorry!¢‚¬ But once again all that came out was a high-pitched baby scream. After five more long spanks she was don, I was still crying from the pain and my eyes were closed so I couldn¢‚¬„¢t completely tell what was going on.
I felt my sis change me into a new diaper, I could tell she was still furious because she didn¢‚¬„¢t even use talcum powder or baby wipes. Then I felt her putting me in a new outfit. ¢‚¬“God, would you please stop crying? Your such a fucking sissy!¢‚¬ I opened up my eyes, still crying but slowing down to a low-pitched whimper so as not to make her mad. She was horrifyingly angry looking; it was like she wasn¢‚¬„¢t even my nice sister anymore, but a mean babysitter. I realized that I was in a doggy outfit now. It had floppy ears, a tail and doggy paws for each of my hands and feet.
¢‚¬“If you¢‚¬„¢re going to act like a disgusting little animal, then you can be one!¢‚¬ She picked me up and started walking through the house, I saw through the window that it was a beautiful day outside. We walked through the kitchen and into the back yard, onto the patio. My sister sat down next to a table and made me sit in her lap. I saw her reach for something in her purse, which had been lying out from the night before. What she revealed was a doggy leash! ¢‚¬“ There we go, you can be a little animal all you want now!¢‚¬ NO! I panicked and tried to crawl out from atop her lap but she easily picked me up with one hand and spanked my bottom forcefully. I started crying again and she put the doggy collar around my throat and attached the short leash to it.
I was still in tears, and my sister softly plopped me on the ground and walked me to the tree in the yard and I followed submissively. As she tied the doggy leash to the tree she started to talk again. ¢‚¬“Okay puppy! We have some new rules for your little butt. First off, you will be crawling around on all fours from now on, if I catch you walking like a human, you will be spanked. I expect you to say woof instead of talking, if you don¢‚¬„¢t you will be spanked. And finally, you will be a good little puppy and do everything that little puppies do; I better not catch you acting like you¢‚¬„¢re a baby again, because you¢‚¬„¢re a puppy now, not a human. Got It?!¢‚¬ I was crying even more now and couldn¢‚¬„¢t make out the woof sound that toddlers can make, so I simply shook my head a bit. ¢‚¬“Good!¢‚¬ I¢‚¬„¢m going to go get you some food, so be a good little puppy until I¢‚¬„¢m back.¢‚¬ What was going on? I didn¢‚¬„¢t deserve this. I started to walk towards the fence door to get away, but was tugged back by my leash. I tried to unlock it but all I had were little puppy paws. I tried to tug some more but it was no use, I started to cry again, not because I was scared but because I couldn¢‚¬„¢t even get away from a simple doggy leash. I sat next to the tree crying.
I don¢‚¬„¢t want to be a puppy; I just wanted to be a baby again. Why was Audra doing this? She wasn¢‚¬„¢t supposed to be mean, she was supposed to be my sister, but she wasn¢‚¬„¢t anymore, she was just a mean girl and I was a puppy stuck on my leash. I couldn¢‚¬„¢t even get out of a fucking leash. I was mad at myself for not only being so submissive but for actually acting like a puppy, if I couldn¢‚¬„¢t even get out of a leash than I guess I was just a stupid dog.
¢‚¬“Okay I have your food for you.¢‚¬ My sister walked towards me with a bowl of dog food and a water bowl. ¢‚¬“Okay now, I want to see you eat your puppy food.¢‚¬ I cried again and wouldn¢‚¬„¢t do it so she pushed my face down into the bowl and made me eat it. It was disgusting. I had only gotten a mouthful in and I wasn¢‚¬„¢t even near done, she kept my head in it until I had eaten the whole thing. Then she made me drink all of the water. ¢‚¬“Good puppy!¢‚¬ Audra patted my head just like a dog and walked away and into the house.
I sat outside for a while, stuck to my leash until I really had to pee. I tried to hold it in but soon I had went in my diaper. I had to wait a bit longer to see if Audra would come out, I yelled for her for a bit. ¢‚¬“Sissy¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Sis! Please!¢‚¬ She stood at the door smiling, I knew what she wanted but I also needed a diaper change so I degraded myself even further. ¢‚¬“Woof! Woof! Woof!¢‚¬ She came outside smiling from ear to ear. ¢‚¬“What¢‚¬„¢s wrong puppy? Tell me what¢‚¬„¢s wrong¢‚¬ I knew she was trying to trick me, I didn¢‚¬„¢t want to get spanked so I had to woof again. ¢‚¬“Woof!¢‚¬ She smiled even more, knowing that I was her little puppy now. ¢‚¬“Okay puppy, let¢‚¬„¢s go change your diaper.
We were inside again, and she was going to change me on the floor now she was almost about to take my diaper off when a thought occurred ton her. ¢‚¬“Actually, you know what? You talked earlier and I didn¢‚¬„¢t spank you did I?¢‚¬ I shook my head no, fearfully. ¢‚¬“You don¢‚¬„¢t want to be spanked, do you wittle puppy?¢‚¬ I shook my head no again, was she being nice to me? I didn¢‚¬„¢t care I just didn¢‚¬„¢t want to be spanked again. ¢‚¬“Ok then, no spanking for my little puppy.¢‚¬ She picked me up and hugged me. I was still a little scared but at peace. Then something odd happened, she put me back down on my wet diaper and fastened be back in it, making sure it was snug on my bottom and crotch. She put the outfit back on me and picked me up.
What¢‚¬„¢s going on? ¢‚¬“Sissy, what are you doing?¢‚¬ I¢‚¬„¢m making sure that my little puppy still gets his punishment. She opened a hard plastic doggy cage that was in the living room and put me in it. ¢‚¬“Please sissy! I¢‚¬„¢m sorry; I wont be gross anymore I promise! Please don¢‚¬„¢t put me in the doggy cage, ill be good I promise. Please sissy no! She acted like she couldn¢‚¬„¢t even here me and locked the doggy cage up. She then walked over towards the couch, sat down, and watched TV.
I didn¢‚¬„¢t know what to think. I was stuck in a dog cage with no way to get out and on top of that, I was getting a baby diaper rash. I laid down in the cage, I knew there wasn¢‚¬„¢t a way to get out even if I tried. I sadly fell asleep on my doggy bed, crying softly.*~~~
¢‚¬“Kyle, is that you? I woke up, I was in my crib again and my sister was staring at me, she looked really sad. ¢‚¬“I¢‚¬„¢m sorry I was mean to you bubby¢‚¬ she was almost in tears. She was no longer scary, but she was my loving sister again. My mom then notified me of what happened. ¢‚¬“Kyle, you were talking in your sleep.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“I¢‚¬„¢m really sorry bubby.¢‚¬ Audra WAS in tears now. She must¢‚¬„¢ve heard me telling her I was sorry and not to hit me.
I couldn¢‚¬„¢t believe it, she was saying sorry for something she didn¢‚¬„¢t even do.
I felt horrible for making her feel so bad. My crib bars were already down now, so I sat up in my diaper and baby bear outfit and gave her a hug. ¢‚¬“I¢‚¬„¢m sorry sis, I know you¢‚¬„¢d never be mean to me¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Really?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Of course, I love you sis.¢‚¬ She stopped crying and I wiped the tears off her face. ¢‚¬“I love you too bubby¢‚¬ She hugged me again and I felt a lot better knowing my real sister was here.
I quickly became embarrassed. My sister had just seen me in baby clothes and even my new room, how was she going to react?!

¢‚¬“Are you really wearing a baby diaper, bubby?¢‚¬ I paused for a while; a smile was growing on my baby sister¢‚¬„¢s face. ¢‚¬“Aww you are aren¢‚¬„¢t you? That¢‚¬„¢s so cute.¢‚¬ I couldn¢‚¬„¢t really tell if my sister was making fun of me or not, but I kind of liked the attention. My sister gave me another big hug. ¢‚¬“Can I play with him mom?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Of course you can honey, he¢‚¬„¢s your baby brother, don¢‚¬„¢t be silly.¢‚¬

I started feeling even more like a baby now. Not only was I wearing a baby diaper and baby footy pajamas, but I was now being called a baby by my whole family, even my little sister was now older than I was in their eyes.
¢‚¬“First mommy has to change baby Kyle¢‚¬„¢s diaper though.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Okay mom¢‚¬ I hadn¢‚¬„¢t said a thing, I was more amazed of how easily my sister was taking this whole thing.

My mom picked me up like a baby, laying my head on her fore arm and my diapered bottom on her other hand. I had become very relaxed, my mom was swaying me back and forth as she waited for my sister to put my pacifier back in my mouth. ¢‚¬“Here you go baby kyle.¢‚¬ My sister plopped my pacifier in my mouth and once again, I autimaticly started sucking on it. The fact that I sucked on my pacifier without even thinking about it made me excited. Maybe I really was a baby.

As my mommy reached the changing table, she gently sat me down and turned to my sister. ¢‚¬“Honey, do you want to see how to change a baby¢‚¬„¢s diaper?¢‚¬ My sisters face grew bright with excitement. ¢‚¬“Yeah! I want to see my baby brother get his diaper changed!¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Okay, watch closely.¢‚¬ My mom grabbed both of my ankles with one hand and swiftly picked my bottom up.

¢‚¬“Ok, if baby Kyle is wearing his baby jammies, make sure to first pick up his bottom and unsnap the back of his pants.¢‚¬ Audra shook her head, she was actually paying close attention, I think she actually wanted to learn how to change a baby¢‚¬„¢s diaper. What was weird though was that thought reminded me that I was the baby now. ¢‚¬“Then be very careful, because babies are fragile and you don¢‚¬„¢t want to hurt your baby brother, do you Audra?¢‚¬ Audra shook her head no and was still watching very closely.¢‚¬

My mom slipped my thighs, legs and feet out of my jammies very carefully. My diaper was in full view yet I was still relaxed. ¢‚¬“Now you have to take his diaper off.¢‚¬ My mommy then tore off the taped sides of my huggies ¢‚¬“big kids¢‚¬ diapers. I was surprised that I was wearing Huggies baby diapers, I had no idea I could fit in real baby diapers. The plastic front made a ruffley noise as my mommy started to take it oof in exchange for the new one.

¢‚¬“Okay, now you get a baby wipe and wipe his bottom gently.¢‚¬ Luckily I had only wet in my diapers, so I wasn¢‚¬„¢t embarrassed at all. ¢‚¬“Then you get a new diaper for the baby.¢‚¬ My mom pulled out a diaper from the pack of Huggies. I had a little plastic design on it with abc¢‚¬„¢s and baby animals. I was really happy that I could wear baby diapers and that they fit so well. My mommy then powdered my bottom and fastend my diaper securely around my leegs and bottom.

I knew that there was no getting out of my diapers unless I went in them again. That¢‚¬„¢s what diapers are for. I felt so much like a baby. I was stuck as a baby until I went in my diaper which could mean all day and even when I went in my diaper I would need a new one because if you use your diapers that means you need them doesn¢‚¬„¢t it.

¢‚¬“Okay, ill set up the playpen in the living room, you keep your brother entertained and make sure he doesn¢‚¬„¢t get hurt or start crying.¢‚¬ My mommy buttoned up my jimmies and sat me down on the floor. I looked up at my big sister and she looked at me, we both smiled.

I wasn¢‚¬„¢t sure what to do. I had so many mixed feelings. I loved how everyone was treating me like a baby and how much they enjoyed it, I wanted to say thank you but I also really wanted to start acting like a baby as much as I could. I decided that my way of saying thank you would be really being a baby.

My mom told us that the play pen was set up, my sister walked out of the room and I wanted to keep up with her but instead, I crawled out of the room and towards the playpen. My sister turned around in shock to find me crawling around like a baby. ¢‚¬“OMG That¢‚¬„¢s sooo cute!¢‚¬ My mom and aunt were also happy to see me as a baby and watched me crawl into the playpen.

I sat down and stared at my mom as she closed the gate and my sister stood at the side with a basket of baby toys. Which one do you want to play with bubby?¢‚¬ I crawled over to see which toy I wanted to play with, but what I found out was that they weren¢‚¬„¢t really baby toys, they were just my regular things: a gameboy, cd player and some action figures. I knew a baby wouldn¢‚¬„¢t usually play with stuff for older kids so I just shook my head no. ¢‚¬“What¢‚¬„¢s wrong bubby?¢‚¬

I wanted to say what was wrong but I was also a baby and didn¢‚¬„¢t want to talk so I waved my hands in the air. How the heck was that supposed to help? Of course she had no idea and so she took the pacifier out of my mouth. ¢‚¬“come on, tell me.¢‚¬ She giggled a little and waited. I wasn¢‚¬„¢t able to talk but I started to whimper a bit. My mom caught this immediately. ¢‚¬“Audra, babies can¢‚¬„¢t play with big kid¢‚¬„¢s toys, you should know better.¢‚¬

My sister started to get a little teary eyed. Her feelings had always been easily hurt and I knew she felt like she couldn¢‚¬„¢t take care of me. She took the basket out of the room and brought back one full of blocks, stuffed animals and other baby toys. At this point she was trying not to cry, but you could only tell because of her eyes. I happily picked out some blocks and then reached out to her. ¢‚¬“Huh? Do you want me to play with you baby brother?¢‚¬ I shook my head yes.

Once again she was very happy. My mom opened the gate and let her in, then shut it again. ¢‚¬“If you need to get out just ask me okay Audra?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Okay mom¢‚¬ My big sis and I played for a long time, at least I thought it was. I had forgotten that I was acting like a baby and just naturally acted like a real baby. I knew my sister really enjoyed me as her little brother and I did too.

The next day I spent the whole day with my sister had never had such a close bond with her. We played hide and go seek, blocks and even peek-a-boo. We also played with her toys and dolls. Finally the weekend was over, my mom changed me back into my normal clothes and put me back in my room, which now had a new bed and some furniture. ¢‚¬“Okay tomorrow you will go to school just like any other day allright, you must act just like your age and how you always have been. I want you to be my baby but also my little boy too. Can you do that Kyle?¢‚¬

¢‚¬“Of course mom, I promise.¢‚¬ I knew I had to once again be responsible for everything I did and act my age but it was kind of a relief to be my own age again. After all I¢‚¬„¢m able to wait the whole week until next weekend.

¢‚¬“Okay Kyle, I have another meeting to go to so I¢‚¬„¢ve sent your sister to her friends house again, and since none of your friends are home, I¢‚¬„¢ve hired a baby sitter for you.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Wait, why?!¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Don¢‚¬„¢t act so surprised Kyle, remember what you said last weekend?¢‚¬ Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. You see, last week I was supposed to spend the night at a friend¢‚¬„¢s house too, but I never did because I wanted to snoop around in the attic. "Well since I can no longer trust you while your home alone I¢‚¬„¢ve hired the girl from next door, I¢‚¬„¢ve left a list for her so she¢‚¬„¢ll know exactly what to do. I don¢‚¬„¢t want to hear that you¢‚¬„¢ve given her any trouble at all. Okay Kyle?¢‚¬

¢‚¬“Yeah mom.¢‚¬ My mom kissed my cheek and she was off to her meeting, my sister was already at her friends¢‚¬„¢ house so I never got to tell her goodbye. Okay, so I have a baby sitter now and¢‚¬¦ oh shit. My mom couldn¢‚¬„¢t have meant THE Girl next door. I have had a crush on her since, ever. I was in seventh grade and she was in Eleventh! How could my mom do that to me? I mean, it¢‚¬„¢s embarrassing enough to be babysat when you¢‚¬„¢re 13, but why did she have to be only 4 years older than I was? Plus I had a crush on her. In the end I realized that I had to act natural, make something up that made me sound cool like, I got in trouble for beating some senior up?

Actually that¢‚¬„¢s just stupid.. * Bing* Oh No! She¢‚¬„¢s already here! Okay just be cool. ¢‚¬“Hi Kammie! What¢‚¬„¢s up?¢‚¬ Kammie had beautiful green eyes and long blonde hair that flowed down to the small of her back. She was very slender and beautiful with looks to match even the hottest movie star, I was amazed that she wasn¢‚¬„¢t one.

¢‚¬“Hey little Kyle, I¢‚¬„¢m fine, thanks for asking.¢‚¬ ~Oh yeah I feel really cool. ~ ¢‚¬“So, what¢‚¬„¢s going on with you?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Uhh¢‚¬¦ you know same old, same old. Just got in trouble for beating up some senior kid and stuff.¢‚¬ She giggled a bit ¢‚¬“Of course you did. Okay. So I¢‚¬„¢ll read your moms list and then we can have some fun.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Okay Kammie¢‚¬ I sat and watched TV for a while. She had to have been illiterate or something cause she was reading the list for like 15 minutes.

Finally Kammie walked in the room and sat down right next to me. I got a little nervous from the closeness but after a while I began to like it. I had never been so close to someone so pretty. We watched TV for a while until a new commercial came on. It didn¢‚¬„¢t have any pictures accept for a mom and a regular kid just hanging out. * It¢‚¬„¢s good to know that even when your child is older, they can still have the comfort of Pampers. Pampers training pants. * The mother and son hugged and the commercial was over. ¢‚¬“You know I have a girlfriend named Sandy who baby-sits this one boy who likes to wear those. He¢‚¬„¢s around your age too. I think his name is Ian or something like that.¢‚¬ My face began to grow red, so I turned my head a bit.

¢‚¬“What, you can¢‚¬„¢t tell me that you want to wear them too, right Kyle?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“What? Of course not I would never want to wear baby diapers, I¢‚¬„¢m not a baby.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Really? Because you¢‚¬„¢re blushing an awful lot.¢‚¬ She giggled again. How could she figure it out so quickly? She must be joking but I knew she wasn¢‚¬„¢t. ¢‚¬“Please don¢‚¬„¢t tell anyone, Please Kammie?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Wait, you really do like to wear diapers?¢‚¬ Wow, I fucked up pretty well. ¢‚¬“ Aww, that¢‚¬„¢s so cute! It¢‚¬„¢s okay Kyle I would never tell anyone your secret.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Promise?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“ I promise.¢‚¬
¢‚¬“ Hey, I¢‚¬„¢ve got a fun idea! What if I was your baby sitter and you really were a baby? Would you like that Kyle? Sandy said that Ian and her had a lot of fun doing baby things, you want to try it?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Um, I guess so.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Okay, ill go next door and be right back.¢‚¬ I paused for a second. I knew that whatever she had paled in comparison to my new room and since she already knew I wore diapers, I just told her. ¢‚¬“Hey Kammie, you don¢‚¬„¢t have to go next door.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Oh, why? Do you not want to do the baby thing anymore, it¢‚¬„¢s okay if you don¢‚¬„¢t.¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“No, that¢‚¬„¢s not it!¢‚¬ I was kind of excited about being treated like a baby by my very own cute babysitter. She was so hot, so I knew I couldn¢‚¬„¢t let this chance slip away.
¢‚¬“It¢‚¬„¢s just that, hmm, let me show you I guess.¢‚¬ I took her hand and lead her to my nursery. ¢‚¬“Please don¢‚¬„¢t freak out Kammie, I really like you and I want to still be friends okay?¢‚¬ I could hardly believe what I had just said, but I wasn¢‚¬„¢t going to stand there, so I opened the door. ¢‚¬“Oh wow!¢‚¬ Kammies¢‚¬„¢ eyes widened and her mouth seemed to drop a bit. Oh crud, I knew I had fucked up. She was probably going to call me a freak and make fun of me. Instead, she surprised me completely. ¢‚¬“Wow, is this your room little Kyle?¢‚¬ ¢‚¬“Yeah, my mom made it for me.¢‚¬ She stared with amazement at all of the baby things in my room until she looked down at me with a smile and said ¢‚¬“Well I guess we have to get you changed don¢‚¬„¢t we little Kyle?¢‚¬

She picked me up and carried me to the bathroom, just like she would a baby. I was so shocked and amazed. I guess knowing that her friend Sandy took care of a kid like me made it okay. Kammie then sat me on the toilet and started to undress me. I was about to stop[p her from embarrassment but I knew that this is how a baby was taken care of. After having me completely naked, she sat me down on the toilet lid. ¢‚¬“You wait her for Kam Kam like a good little baby okay Kyle?¢‚¬ I shook my head yes. She turned on the bathwater and poured some bubbles in and walked out of the room.

No way, this was to good to be true. She wasn¢‚¬„¢t actually going to wash me, was she? After about two minutes she was back and the bathwater was ready. She was carrying one of my baby diapers and my baby pajamas and my bottle and pacifier. ¢‚¬“Time for your bath Kyle.¢‚¬ She picked me up carefully and placed me in the tub, then turned off the water. It was very nice and very warm, I easily relaxed and waited for Kammie to wash me. She picked up a bottle of baby shampoo and lathered it into my hair. I felt so nice and safe with her next to me.

¢‚¬“Wow Kyle, you¢‚¬„¢re still as cute as you were when I met you. I smiled a bit and she kissed me on the cheek and continued to wash my hair. When she was done, she picked up some liquid soft soap and a cloth and started t wash my neck and moved downwards. I realized that I started to grow a boner. I didn¢‚¬„¢t know why, I wasn¢‚¬„¢t aroused when I was being treated like a baby, just happy. I got embarrassed but then Kammie reassured me that it was nothing to worry about because little babies do that all the time. I was happy that she understood and she finished washing my legs and feet. She rinsed me off and picked me up out of the tub.

She quickly towel dried me and then laid me down on the towel to change me. She picked up the diaper, unfolded it, and softly picked up my bottom and laid me down again, on my fresh diaper. She then grabbed some talcum and powdered my bottom, then sat me down once more and taped the side of my diaper to the front, securely fastening it between my legs and around my waist. After that she put me into my footed baby pajamas and put the teddy bear-eared hoody on me, picked me up and left the bathroom. I was very content and happy as she carried me into the living room, and into the kitchen, she opened the microwave to find a warm cup of milk she had put in there before she bathed me. Kammie poured it into the baby bottle, screwed on the teat and walked back to the living room with me in her arms.

She slowly sat down and slipped the teat into my mouth. I sucked on it for a a while. I don¢‚¬„¢t know how long it was until I finished. But we both happily watched each other. She tickled my cheek and kissed my forehead a few times. Finally I had finished my bottle and Kammie put it on the table next to me. It was 8:00 P.M. Kammie snuggled me into her breasts and rocked me back and forth in her arms. I had no idea she could be so loving. I enjoyed the comfort of being concealed in her arms as we rocked back and forth, just like my mom did to me when I was little. Kamiie got the pacifier she had gotten earlier and moved it into my mouth.

I don¢‚¬„¢t think I could have been happier and more content ever in my life. We sat their for a long time while she hugged me until she started to sing me a lullaby. Slowly I fell asleep as Kammie whispered into my ear. ¢‚¬“ I love you so much Kyle, Iv¢‚¬„¢e always wanted a baby boyfriend.¢‚¬

That night I had fallen asleep in my wife¢‚¬„¢s arms for the first time. And I would do so many times more. ----Baby Kyle----
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Great story
I really love this story!
Amazing story Everyone really needs to read it.

funfayre sweet :) Apart from that rather scary dream, everyone was very accepting of Kyle's baby desires - and as a bonus, mum's realised the practicalities of the situation, so he gets his baby time during evenings / weekends, but remains a "big boy" during weekdays, so his desires don't interfere with "real life".

Just one minor niggle: what character encoding did you write this in? All the apostrophes and speech marks look garbled on my 'puter, whether I choose ISO-8859-1 or UTF-8...
I'm pretty sure this has been reposted at least once, but I love it none the less. Although I think in my own opinion that the story is most exciting when he says hell be stuck until 9:00, i usually stop reading after that part
can some one edit this story and remove [ !¢‚¬ ] as it is heard to reed it
I do not know why some stories seem to have gibberish all over them like !¢‚¬ but I have found that the best way to quickly get rid of it and make the story readable is to copy all the text and then paste it into a word processor. Once you do that then you can highlight the various strings of giberish and then copy it then press ctrl+F and search for that term and replace it with a blank spot. It will clean up the story very nicely
Awwwwwww that ending was ssoooooooooooo cute I hope that was a true story it was really cute and nice
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