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Adult babies race for the bottle trophy!
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The stands were packed at the Infy 500. Jessica revved the gas a little in her pretty, pink car. The cars around her were also gunning a little, ready to go! For Jessica, this was a moment of destiny. All her adult baby life, she wanted to ride in this race -- and win it! Now here she was.

Jessica looked into the stands. Her family was there, cheering her on! Her big sister, her mommy, her daddy, and her adult baby girlfriend, Lana. Lana sucked her pacifier and waved a big, pink flag that said, Go Jessica!

Jessica looked ahead and focused. Her hands gripped the pink-plush steering wheel. Ahead of Jessica was the bunny car. The car was shaped like a little, grey bunny. Inside was the legendary bunny car racer, Cotton, who had won the year before last and had almost won last year's race.

Beside Cotton was the Drag Racer. He was the prettiest boy that Jessica had ever seen. He really did look like a girl! He had olive-tan skin and long, straight, soft brown hair. He wore a tiny, white skirt, white panty hose, and a tight, pink, vinyl top! How did he get such nice looking boobs? Jessica wondered. The Drag Racer loved to wear diapers, too.

Everybody ahead of Jessica had been in the race before. Some of them, like Cotton and Drag, were legends to Jessica! Jessica felt thrilled just to be in the Infy 500 with them!

Jessica looked to her left. There was angular car of silver and black, driven by the Braniac. This was his first year here, too. Braniac was a master of machines and computers. And Jessica was sure that he probably had a few tricks up his onesie sleeve!

To Jessica's right was a souped up stroller. An adorable, little adult baby girl, Angelica, sat peacefully sucking her paci. She twisted a little, plastic steering wheel back and forth, happily humming a tune from behind her paci. She seemed so care-free! Behind the stroller stood Angelica's AB mommy. The mommy was dressed in a pink, frilly dress and, of all things, pink roller blades!

Two adult babies sat in a soap-box racer. The adult babies were brother and sister. They wore brown, leather helmets and thick goggles. The sister sat in front and the brother sat in back. They both sat in very comfy, soft car seats.

The sister called to Angelica, "Hey, are you out for a stroll? We're here for a race you know."

Angelica cooed questioningly at the sister from behind her paci.

The brother said, "Yeah! We're here for a race, not a walk in the park!"

Angelica took the paci out of her mouth and said in a happy, squeaky tone, "Ga, ga la loo loo la!" She put the paci back in her mouth.

Angelica's mommy said, "My adult baby girl just told you, may the best baby win."

The sister said, "Ha! The Sudsy Twins are no babies! We're big kids! We wear pull-ups!"

The brother said, "Yeah! And we only potty in them a little! Not like adult babies who potty all the time!"

The sister said, "And even if we were babies, we'd still beat you! How do you think you can win a race? You're just pushing your adult baby and roller skating!"

Angelica cooed from behind her paci, "Ga, ga la loo loo la!"

A stark, strong woman's voice from up front said, "Did someone just say, may the best baby win?"

Everybody gasped and looked to the very front of the pack. There it was -- the legendary hover car! And now, standing out of the top of the hover-car, was --

"Oh! Hover X!" Jessica muttered, along with all the other adult babies in the race.

Hover X wore a black jumpsuit, adorned with decals, and a shining, black helmet. Hover X reached up for the helmet and took it off.

Hover X' flowing, blonde hair waved to and fro as Hover X shook her head. She looked back to all the other racers with her deep, blue eyes. She said, "I think I know who the best baby here is!"

Hover X unzipped her black jumpsuit. Beneath her jumpsuit she wore a tiny, white t-shirt with pink sleeves and a big, big, white, puffy diaper!

How could someone with such a mature attitude and body love to be an adult baby like Hover X did? Jessica thought. But Hover X just adored being an adult baby. There were the cutest pictures of her napping in her playpen in Car and Cradle magazine.

Hover X tossed her jumpsuit down to a group of pretty girls in spandex jumpsuits. They all hustled to get the jumpsuit first. They were Hover X' racing team -- the Hover Lovers.

And even though Jessica loved her adult baby girlfriend Lana more than even strawberry ice cream, she thought, How nice it might be to be a Hover Lover, even just for one night!

Hover X said, "Good luck to evwwybody!" She gave the peace sign and stuck a pacifier in her mouth. All the racers swooned with ecstasy over Hover X!

Everybody got back into place. The lights flashed to count down! 3-2-1, and the flag!

The cars all sped forward! Jessica hit the gas! With all the jostling, it was hard for her to keep control. But her Nanny had trained Jessica, and she kept steady.

The Infy 500 -- the greatest of all the NAPCAR races, had finally started. And the winner would get the golden bottle. Two trophy babies would hand it to the winner -- a girl adult baby and a moe boy adult baby. And they would kiss the winner's cheek!

But, Jessica thought, if I could only win the race, the best thing of all would be to be back at home, with my pretty mommy nursing me with my new golden bottle. And I'd share with Lana, too! Mommy could nurse us both with the golden bottle!

But Jessica wasn't a favorite -- not by a long shot! Hover X was the hands down favorite, even though Hover X hadn't won a race in three years!

Last year, Hover X was knocked entirely out of the race, early on. And the year before that, a last minute problem with her hover craft had stopped her from racing.

Cotton should have won last year's race, but she didn't. The winner had played a dirty trick on her toward the end. Cotton had almost crashed. Jessica remembered. She had tears in her eyes, watching it on TV.

Who had played such a trick?

A yellow and black car zoomed past Jessica, almost knocking her pink car over! (For, you know, Jessica's car was all made out of plastic, except the seats, which were all soft, plush, baby car-seats.)

The yellow and black car! Bumble-Jacket! He was the adult baby that played the nasty trick! Why had he been all the way in the back of the pack, though?

Jessica didn't have much time to figure it out. She had to regain control of her pretty, plastic car. She steadied herself. Just as she did, the Sudsy Twins sped past Jessica.

The twins said, "Nyaa!" and stuck their tongues out at Jessica. Jessica blushed a bit and pouted. She looked forward and gunned her gas a little bit more. Her Corvette shaped car powered forward! She passed the Sudsy Twins! Now it was their turn to pout!

The speed made Jessica's legs tingle under her soft, gingham skirt. Jessica just couldn't help but potty a little bit in her Luvs diaper. The sweet smell of the pottied-in diaper made Jessica feel happy and babyish. Now she was really racing! And in the Infy 500, too!

Jessica looked in her rear-view mirror. Angelica and her AB mommy were keeping a steady pace, even though they were a good length behind Jessica. They were in a pack with a Momster Truck and a car that looked like an old jalopy and a bassinet mixed together!

It looked like Angelica really was steering while her AB mommy pushed her along in roller skates. That was one in-shape mommy, Jessica thought! What would bedtime be like with her?

(You know, Jessica was very faithful to Lana. But she just couldn't help having daydreams. You know?)

The adult babies were heading away from the racing stadium now. Now they'd be heading through the course! It would carry them up into the Powder Mountains, then down into Clover Valley, then around into Downtown Babesville, and back into the speedway for the big finish!

Jessica's heart throbbed in her ample chest. Jessica wiggled in her adult baby car-seat a little. She wanted to gun the gas even more, to get onto that magical course, the course of her dreams! How would she do?

She wiggled, trying to press the gas more. But her feet couldn't get any farther down. Oh, why did Nanny buckle Jessica into the seat so snugly?

Suddenly -- Bumble-Jacket crashed into Cotton! Jessica couldn't believe her eyes!

The Bunny Car swerved off the road, right as the racers were heading up into the Powder Mountains! Bumble-Jacket had made it look like an accident. But Jessica knew it was no accident!

Jessica wanted to keep driving! Everybody else was driving past Cotton! After all, accidents happened in races. And you had to just keep going.

But Jessica felt like this was no accident. She had seen how Bumble-Jacket had swerved at Cotton. And then -- had something flown out from the side of his car to puncture Cotton's Bunny Car wheel?

Cotton was a legend to Jessica. Jessica had to help her! Jessica slowed down. As she did, Nanny popped up on a display screen embedded in the windshield of Jessica's plastic, Corvette-shaped car.

Nanny said, "Is there trouble, Jessica?"

Jessica said, "Nanny, Cotton's in twubble! I have to hewp!"

Nanny said, "Jessica, let it go. It's part of racing. Didn't I train you better?"

Jessica said, "But race twaining is like potty twaining! Sometimes you just have to forget it!"

Nanny sighed, "Well, you've forgotten your potty training, that's for sure. Fine. Do you want me to call a pit stop?"

Jessica clapped and said, "Oh, fanks for understanding, Nanny!" Jessica's car swerved, and Jessica quickly put her hands back on the plush steering wheel.

The Sudsy Twins passed Jessica again. They started to say, "Nyaa!" again. But they stopped, a little surprised, when they saw how much Jessica had slowed down. They sped past, but looked back, a little puzzled.

Angelica and her mommy sped by in the stroller and roller skates. Angelica had gotten quite a lead on the Momster Truck and the Cradle-Buggy, the jalopy that looked like a bassinet. But when Angelica saw that Jessica was stopping to see to Cotton, she stopped, too.

Jessica had pulled over by Cotton. Angelica's mommy was roller-skating the stroller back toward Cotton and Jessica. The cute, little, grey Bunny Car was swerved into a grassy embankment.

Jessica called, "Nanny, unbuckle me!"

Nanny's voice said, "Here you go!" A couple beeps went off in the car. Jessica was unbuckled. Already she could see two Nanny-Copters flying over.

One must have been Cotton's Nanny! Of course!

Jessica opened the door of the Bunny Car. Cotton was passed out at the wheel. Jessica wanted to wake her. But she was so shy! Cotton was such a beautiful AB Bunny Girl. Her fur was pure white. Her body was so cute and tiny. And she wore the cutest, fluffy pink diaper, with a hole in back for her white cotton tail!

Jessica gulped, then shook Cotton gently. Cotton woozily opened her eyes as the helicopters landed. Cotton said, "Aren't you one of the new babies? Why did you stop for me?"

Jessica said, "I think Bumble-Jacket did somefing bad to you. I wanted to make sure you were okay."

Cotton said, "You gave up the race for me?"

Cotton looked at Jessica so thankfully that Jessica blushed and pottied in her diaper a tiny bit. It made her flutter inside to see her idol look at her that way!

Now Jessica was ashamed that she'd pottied like a silly baby girl in front of her idol, Cotton. But Cotton saw how ashamed Jessica was and smiled.

Cotton said, "Don't be ashamed for pottying in front of me. Look! I must have pottied, too! A lot, when I was so scared -- by Bumble-Jacket!"

Jessica looked at Cotton's pink diaper! Cotton was right! Her pink diaper crotch was all puffed out and yellow with potty! Jessica giggled as her Nanny and Cotton's Nanny ran over.

Angelica crawled up to the car, too, with her mommy running alongside her.

Cotton's Nanny, Nanny Bunny, unbuckled Cotton and pulled her out of the car. Cotton cuddled softly into her Nanny's arms, happy to be cared for. Nanny Bunny kissed Cotton's forehead to lead her know things would be okay.

The Bunny Team brought tools from their Nannycopter and quickly got to work on fixing up the Bunny Car. Jessica's team also got Jessica's car back in decent shape.

Jessica's Nanny and Nanny Bunny both saw that Jessica and Cotton needed their diapers changed!

"My, you pottied a lot!" Nanny Bunny said. "What good girls!"

The racing teams laid out blankets on the grass. The blankets were soft and had nice, rainbow colors. The racing teams softly laid the adult babies down. Then, with speed, precision, and loving care, the Nannies had the babies' diapers changed in less than 15 seconds!

Jessica and Cotton crawled about happily in their dry, fluffy diapers!

But the Bunny Team had bad news. "Cotton's car is too damaged. We found this!"

It was a big, yellow and black stinger!

Jessica said, "Bumble-Jacket!"

The Bunny Team said, "It went all the way through the wheels and the underside of the car. The car is torn apart. There's no way we can fix it!"

Cotton sat up and cried. Jessica had to admit, Cotton looked so cute when she cried! Jessica tried to comfort Cotton, even if just for a chance to cuddle with the cute, weepy, little bunny. But Cotton pushed Jessica away.

Nanny Bunny held Cotton to her breasts. Cotton cried and laid her cheek on her Nanny Bunny's big chest. Cotton said, "Now I know how Hover X felt!"

Jessica said, "Don't worry, Cotton. We're here for you!"

Cotton said, "No. Jessica! Angelica! You need to go save Hover X! Bumble-Jacket yelled, before he hit my car that first it was me, and then it was Hover X! Except, I think he's going to do something really bad to Hover X!"

Angelica took the paci out of her mouth and gurgled, "Coo coo ga la loo."

Angelica's AB mommy said, "Yes, you and Jessica had better get going."

But Jessica just couldn't tear herself away from the gorgeous Cotton. She said, "Cotton, you're a better dwiver than me! Dwive my car! I'll be passenger seat!"

Cotton sniffled, then looked at Jessica and said, "Really?"

Jessica said, "Adult baby, you can dwive my car."

The Bunny Team and Jessica's team nodded to each other. They quickly set to work on souping up Jessica's plastic Corvette even more!

The Nannies got their precious adult babies snugly buckled into their soft, little car-seats. "But not too snuggwy," Jessica said.

They were ready to go.

"But even so," Cotton said, "How can we catch all the way up with Bumble-Jacket and Hover X?"

Angelica was beside the Corvette, back in her cute, little stroller. She gabbed happily, "La la lee lee ha ha ha."

Angelica's mommy said, "She said, leave that to us."

Angelica and her mommy got behind the Corvette. Two big clamps sprung out from below the stroller! They braced the back of the Corvette!

Angelica's mommy said, "Hold on tight! I'm pushing all three of you baby girls!"

Jessica thought, How is she going to do that? We'd be much faster just driving instead of having her roller-skate.

But Angelica's mommy's skates had jet-rockets inside of them! And now Angelica's mommy blasted them on!

The little pink Corvette sped up into the Powder Mountains! The road wound through green valleys full of trees, then up and up into dangerous twisty turns!

There were white peaks and blue sky! "Oh, beautyful! Prettyful!" cried Jessica!

Cotton thought she had been steering. But soon she realized that Angelica was steering. Somehow the clamps were giving Angelica's little adult-baby stroller's steering wheel control of the Corvette!

Jessica and Cotton saw the Drag Racer by the side of the road. His car had been gouged, too! What was Bumble-Jacket up to?

Drag Racer was being carried back to the Nannycopter by his Boy Nanny, a strong, handsome man. Seeing the handsome man and the moe-boy Drag Racer together so lovingly made Jessica all starry eyed. Jessica couldn't help but potty just a tiny bit in her new diaper.

Further up, Jessica and Cotton saw the Momster Truck overturned. The big, tall, chubby adult baby was being spanked by his little Nanny with a big wide paddle! From the looks of it, the Momster Truck hadn't been hit. There was a big snow-baby beside the upright Momster Truck.

Tubby, the adult baby who drove the Momster Truck, could never keep his mind on the road, Jessica thought. He always had to stop and play. And his sexy, little Nanny was such a dominatrix! Look at her go!

Finally the car reached the peak of the mountain! The Corvette was now ready to wind back down the treacherous road and into Babesville for the final leggings of the race!

Angelica's mommy called in to Jessica and Cotton through the intercom. "Angelica and I have to let you go now! I have to save some of my jet fuel to -- well -- win the race! But now we're back within striking distance of Hover X and Bumble-Jacket!"

Cotton said, "How do you know?"

Angelica's mommy said, "I'm tracking the race! I have GooGoo maps on my phone!"

Cotton said, "Well, anyway, thanks for helping us. But if you want a race, I'll give you a race!"

Cotton gunned the gas on Jessica's Corvette! The Corvette blasted ahead! The speed sent a wave of excitement through Jessica. Her diaper was far from dry after that!

Jessica felt so good as Cotton wove the car through the dangerous curves. Jessica sucked on a pacifier she had handy. She licked the pacifier in her mouth in ecstasy. She felt so alive with Cotton, driving like this -- on the course of the Infy 500!

But Cotton, potty-soaked as she may be (fast cars made her a little hot, too), was a little more serious. She wanted to beat Angelica, sure. But she really wanted to get to Hover X before Bumble-Jacket did -- if he hadn't already!

Down at the very foot of the Powder mountains, driving back into Babesville, Jessica and Cotton saw Braniac's car on the side of the road.

Braniac was nowhere to be seen. But there were a number of the Braniac team belting Braniac's Brain-Mobile to a very large Nannycopter to be lifted away. The Brain-Mobile looked horrible!

Jessica said, "What do you fink happened, Cotton?"

A computer-pixel face appeared on the plastic windshield of Jessica's Corvette. The face said, "Braniac, my driver, saw that Bumble-Jacket was up to no good. So he and I tried to put a stop to Bumble-Jacket."

"How?" Jessica asked.

Bumble-Jacket said, "We sped ahead of him. I shot banana-flavored baby food out of my exhaust pipe." The Brain-Mobile gave a very digitized laugh.

Brain-Mobile continued. "Bumble-Jacket skidded off the road. But he shot me down with a stinger first. I'm in bad shape. But a vacation at the shop will make me alright. We slowed Bumble-Jacket down quite a bit, though."

Cotton said, "So we might be able to catch him in time after all!"

Cotton pressed the gas again. It made Jessica feel so good!

Angelica and her mommy followed. The adult babies and mommy were now in Babesville. They passed the soap box. It had stopped in front of the Baby Arcade! The Sudsy Twins apparently couldn't say no to adult-baby themed video games. They'd left the race to play.

Cotton, Jessica, and Angelica, still neck and neck, passed the jalopy bassinet!

The cute, little adult baby girl in the jalopy bassinet waved at the other adult babies as they passed her, She cried, "Good wuck!" and continued driving. She didn't care that she wasn't going to win. She just loved driving in her buggy.

How innocent and happy adult babies can be! That's why it's so lovely to be one!

Cotton, Jessica, and Angelica all drove around a corner. There were crowds of adults and adult babies and adult kids and furries, all cheering the Formula Racers on. NAPCAR was quite popular in the city of Babesville.

A blinding flash of yellow and black met the adult babies as they rounded the corner! It whizzed against the side of the Corvette and ricocheted, grazing against Angelica's stroller!

Angelica and her mommy twirled out of control! They toppled over into the crowd.

Angelica's mommy fell on her back, her legs flying up, sending her skirt open and revealing that she was wearing --

"A diaper!?" Jessica gasped as she looked in the rearview mirror!

But it was true. Angelica's mommy was an adult baby at heart, too. And the Nanny on Team Angelica took care of Angelica and her mommy both.

Jessica said, "We have to stop and help Angelica!"

But Angelica's mommy immediately said, through the Corvette's intercom, "No way! You have to stop Bumble-Jacket before he gets to Hover X!"

Cotton said, "She's right!" And Cotton sped up.

Cotton had to dodge a number of Bumble-Jacket's stingers. But she was finally neck and neck with Bumble-Jacket!

Bumble-Jacket was actually a majorly hot adult baby boy! He had a sweet, but sinister, baby face, spiky blonde-dyed hair, and mystical black eyes! But, boy was he mean!

He growled at Jessica and Cotton from behind his hornet-shaped pacifier. And he rammed his car into the Corvette!

Jessica wanted to jump right into Cotton's lap, she was so afraid! (Well, she wanted to jump into Cotton's lap, anyway.) But her Nanny had strapped her into the car-seat too snug for her to move.

Hover X was in sight!

Cotton gunned it and drove hard! Whatever Bumble-Jacket was planning to do, Cotton would stop it!

The Formula Racers were re-entering the Speedway again! The race was nearing the end! Jessica's family, with the rest of the crowd, were cheering!

Cotton was right behind Hover X' hovercraft. She would stay there. She wasn't going to let Hover X get hurt!

But a sidewinder stinger whizzed around Jessica's plastic Corvette and blasted into the Hovercraft, piercing the hovercraft's underside!

The crowd gasped. Hover X lost control of her hovercraft. She was just about to swerve into the wall!

Cotton's heart dropped. She had tried so hard. And had she failed to protect Hover X?

But suddenly there was another flash ahead of Jessica and Cotton. It was Angelica and her mommy! They clamped onto the hovercraft and pushed it forward! They blasted it ahead of Jessica and Cotton!

Bumble-Jacket sped ahead to attack Angelica and her mommy. But suddenly a big glob of orange stuff fell on Bumble-Jacket's car! Bumble-Jacket swerved and crashed. He was finally out of the race!

Brain-Mobile's face appeared on Jessica's windshield again. Brain-Mobile laughed digitally and said, "Gotcha last, Bumble-Jacket! That time it was carrot-flavored baby food. I dropped it on him from the Nannycopter."

Jessica clapped her hands and cheered, "Hooway for Bwain-Mobile!"

Angelica appeared on Jessica's windshield screen. She said, "Loo lee loo lee ga ga ga!"

Angelica's mommy appeared on the windshield and yelled at Cotton, "As Angelica says, are you going to let us win so easily?"

Cotton said, "She's right!" Cotton gunned the gas hard! The acceleration was incredible! Jessica felt her legs go weak with pleasure. It was like roses.

Cotton, Jessica, Angelica, and Hover X were all counted as having tied the race. They wanted it that way.

The Infy 500 made five golden bottles. The four adult babies drank the milk from the bottle. (Angelica's mommy even had a sip, too!) How sweet the milk tasted!

All five Formula Racers got a kiss from the Queens of the race, the pretty adult baby girl and the pretty adult baby moe boy.

And then Hover X gave a kiss to her four new friends. "I never would have made it wifout you," she said. Cotton, Jessica, Angelica, and Angelica's mommy all swooned in ecstasy when Hover X kissed them.

Cotton secretly gave Jessica a kiss on the cheek, too. She said, "It was lovely riding with you."

Jessica was full of bliss after being kissed by so many pretty adult babies! But then her favorite of all, her adult baby girlfriend Lana, ran up to Jessica. She threw her arms around Jessica's neck and showered Jessica in kisses.

Jessica went home with her family, of course. Jessica's mommy nursed both Jessica and Lana with the brand new golden bottle from the Infy 500. Then Jessica's mommy tucked Jessica and Lana into their crib made for two. The two adult baby girls cuddled with each other until they fell asleep.

All the Formula Racers saw each other again at other races. They even saw Bumble-Jacket again, as much of a pain in the neck as that was.

But this particular Infy 500 was one full of good memories. And it was one for the record books. For there have been a few individual Formula Racers who have won five Infy 500s, but only one Infy 500 won by five Formula Racers!

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Excellent! I enjoyed the Infy 500, and this was no different! Keep up the good work.
  Thanks, BabyTux! I'll keep doing my best!

By the way, you have a neat, neat avatar! 
Baby talk rocks!
Mina Silverwind
I simply adore this lovely story, you are becoming a better writer with each new story you write, and thanks for sharing.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
I wish i could play süp'er mariô right now! Princess is the best driver, nes pas?
 Thank you very much for your nice comments and encouragement, Mina Silverwind!

Oh my goodness, SuzieBrave, that helmet rocks!  

I agree -- Princess Peach is by far the best Mario Kart driver!

I've always wanted to be Princess Peach. Except I'd need to be wearing diapers, of course. And my Mommy's name could be Queen Nectarine. 

Heck, or maybe Princess Peach could just have two Daddies, right? Mario and Luigi. Or maybe Bowser and Wario... 
Baby talk rocks!
To wet or not to wet “ that is the question:
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The leaks and rashes of outrageous wettings,
Or to use Desitin against a rash of troubles
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I love your writing style, it has such a unique and adorable flair to it   Great story, I loved it <3
Oh my goodness, Baby Valentine! More contestants in Le Tricycle de France! Or Le Tour de Hedge...

I guess I must have accidentally snagged onto the Over the Hedge artists' wavelengths. They must have drawn this comic while or before I was writing my story...

Meaningful coincidence, spooky action at a distance, enquiring minds think alike, or however it goes... We're all tangled together, like feisty kitties in an unravelled ball of yarn.

The comic is hilarious. I guess the moral of the story is: Wear diapers, not bike shorts!

Euphoria, thank you for your lovely, lovely comments.

I love your What is Held Dearest to the Heart story, Euphoria. And I hope to see how things develop for your characters! They are all very interesting!
Baby talk rocks!
more more more more, pwease?
 Hi Big Baby Sissy! I just put in the conclusion of Le Tricycle de France. I hope you like it!

The babies will be back for another race in maybe two or three weeks.
Baby talk rocks!
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