R First Time or a Lifetime?
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It was myinitial visit to a professional, and I was nervous and unsure what toexpect. I had had a wide number offantasies that I idly daydreamed about; now I was finally going to act onthem. This being my first time, though,I was unsure how to proceed.

The ad I hadseen on a business card which had somehow wound up on my desk had simply said,“Fantasy Makers.” Below that, “We makeyour hidden desires cum true.” The logoin the corner was the silhouette of a woman, but dangling from one hand was acoiled whip. That, along with a phonenumber, was all there was. However, itwas enough. I took the plunge, mentallyspeaking, and called.

“FantasyMakers,” came a bright, cheerful voice. “How can I help you?”

All of asudden, I was unsure. This sounded likeany normal business, not some hidden secret shameful sex thing. “Ummm,” I stammered out, “I saw youradvertisement on a card, um I mean I found a card and…”

What wasthis? I was a professional. I addressed powerful people; I made presentationsin front of audiences. Why was I actinglike a shy schoolgirl? (And why did Ithink of that? I am a male in my mid-twenties,for crying out loud!)

“Of course,”came the immediate reply. “Have you everhad a session with us before?”

I mutteredan almost sullen, “No.” But the voice onthe other end remained cheerful and prodded me with questions until I hadadmitted that not only had I never been to see them, but I had never seenanyone. Of course I had been with women,but always in just a plain “Vanilla” way. This was different, somehow shameful and secret. But, from all the magazines and stuff on theweb, it obviously wasn’t all that unusual, was it. I finally blurted out the shameful secret,that I had lots of various fantasies that kept running through my head, and Iwanted to finally explore them.

Ourconversation went on for a few minutes, and I really couldn’t remember what Isaid. I had finally confessed myshameful secret, and I hadn’t been ridiculed and hung up on! This nice lady on the other end continuedtalking to me in a bright professional manner, which put me at ease. Before I hung up, I had made anappointment. Their ‘studio’, she toldme, was located fairly nearby – only about a fifteen minute drive. I would show up the next day, promptly atnoon. There would be forms to fill out,I was told, and an interview process to go through first. This sounded almost like I was interviewingfor a job, I thought, but I agreed.

It was witha great deal of trepidation that I arrived at the location I had beengiven. I had envisioned a Mistress cladin leather presiding over a gothic dungeon setting. However, I found myself in an artsy warehousedistrict, the type where the buildings have been converted, some into lofts,some into offices, etc. On one of thedoors was painted “Fantasy Makers” just like any normal business.

It was aquarter of 12, and not wanting to be late, I knocked and then walked in. I could have been in any office waitingroom. There was a girl at what wasobviously a reception desk, who looked just like any other receptionist youmight find. She was dressed nicely, innormal clothes. What had I gotten into? This wasn’t the dungeon I was expecting. Had I gotten things totally misunderstood?

“You must beDavid,” the receptionist said in a bright, cheerful manner.

“Ummm,yes.” Damn it, where was myconfidence?

“You’reearly,” she said in a slightly disapproving tone. “We’re not ready for you yet.”

Gathering mycourage, I told her I hadn’t wanted to be late. She giggled, and told me it was OK, not to sweat it. She offered me some coffee and tried to putme at my ease. She introduced herself as Susan, and she obviously rememberedout conversation from yesterday, as she made some remarks to me referencing myfirst time status, which only made me more nervous. I gulped my coffee, and she refilled itseveral times. Finally, she took charge.

“Like Isaid, there are some forms for you to fill out. These will help us build an appropriate fantasy for you. There are loads of professionals who justshow up in leather and strap you into a dungeon setting.”

(Had sheread my mind? That was exactly what Ihad expected.)

“Think ofthis,” she continued, “As a visit to a new doctor. The first time you have all sorts of historyto fill out before your initial exam. Then, after that’s out of the way, you can follow up with whatever yourailment is.”

When she putit like this, it made sense.

“And, theanalogy is quite apt in another way,” she smiled at me. She got up from her desk and told me tofollow her. She led be to a door andopened it, revealing a small room with a bench and a couple of hooks. On one of the hooks was hung something in alight fabric. It was obviously adressing room, like you might find in a clothing store.

“Please takeoff all your clothing and put on the gown. See – I told you it was similar to a doctor’s visit!” She giggled at my obvious discomfort.

“um, can Ikeep my…underwear…on?”

“Of coursenot, silly. Once you’ve changed, justcome on out and we’ll get you started.”

She left and closed the door behind her. I sat down and started taking off my shoes,socks, etc. Soon I was disrobed andputting on the gown. I’m sure you knowthe type of gown that you get in doctor’s offices and hospitals. They come in two sizes, too big and toosmall, and no matter which size you get, you feel like your ass is flapping inthe breeze. This was sort of likethat. There was only one tie at theneck. The material was very lightcotton, with a pastel flower print. Itwas too small for me, and it just barely went around me, but not enough that Icould wrap it closed. Also, it was quiteshort, falling to just mid-thigh. Icracked the door open and nervously peeked out.

“All set?”Susan’s perky question popped out to me. “Come on out, bashful”

I easedmyself out, trying to hold the robe closed as I did.

Again camethat giggle at my expense. “Don’t youlook adorable,” she said. I hung my heada little in embarrassment. What I didn’trealize was that she was carefully watching me the whole time, analyzing mybody language and physical responses. She continued on in a manner more appropriate for dealing with a youngchild.

“Come on,sweetie. If you behave like a good girl,maybe you can have a lollypop after!” She clapped her hands as if that was a wonderful treat! I must have wriggled, and my face flushed alittle. She handed me a clipboard andhad me sit down and start to fill out a number of forms. As I turned around to return to a chair, shegiggled again. “I see you were a goodgirl and took your panties off.”

I felt mycheeks get even redder as I quickly pulled my gown together and sat down (notreally noticing that it rose up as I did, barely covering me. Plus, the fabric was so thin that I might aswell have been not wearing anything. Notnoticing this, I examined the forms. These went into great detail inquiring about my past experiences, what Iwanted out of a session, what my limits might be, what my physical conditionwas, etc. I applied myself to fillingthem out as fully as possible. At theend were two or three pages of legal disclaimers, privacy notices, etc. I scribbled my signature without bothering toread all that garbage.

While doingthis, her phone rang once or twice, which made me think of something. I cleared my throat to get herattention.

“Yes, Davie,what is it?”

“Umm…Iwondered if maybe, my cell phone, I mean, I kinda…” Damn, I was nervous. I hadn’t stammered like this since back ingrade school.

“Why do youneed your phone?” Susan asked me, just a friendly sort if inquisitiveness. “After all, you have to turn them off in thedoctor’s office, don’t you?

“Well, I’mkind of on-call at work. I don’t have toactually be there, but I have to be able to respond if there are anyissues.” (I was the IT manager for asmall company. I won’t bother with thedetails, but I was the only guy working there, along with several secretarytypes, some marketing and management. Myboss, Mrs. Jane Millet, was a middle age woman who brooked no nonsense. However, it was a good job for the most partfor someone like me who was fresh out of school.

OK, I shouldprobably mention that I had just graduated about six months ago and this was myfirst job. I had interviewed at a numberof places, but this one was the only one that was hiring currently so I snappedat the opportunity.

What I had toldSusan was not strictly true, though. Today was a normal work day, but I was sort of playing hooky. I did work late often and so sometimes I camein late or left early to compensate. Ifigured nobody would notice or care, and as long as I could be reached if therewere an emergency, it shouldn’t be a problem.

“OK, that’snot a problem. I’ll hold on to it foryou, and let you know if it goes off.” She walked into the dressing room (and I watched, appreciating the viewof her rolling hips as she walked away from me. She came back out carrying my phone, which she placed in her purse. Then, after a few more moments, took thecompleted forms from me. She led me toanother room, which had several clothing racks with various garments onit. There was a dresser with severaldrawers and a large mirror. “This issome of our wardrobe for role—playing. LikeI said, you were early so we’re not quite set up for you yet, but if you couldjust wait here for a few minutes, I’ll be back to get you.”

I lookedaround and said sure.

“Meanwhile,see if there’s anything you like here,” she said. She held up something that looked like aFrench maid’s outfit. “We might have itin your size…” she trailed off. Shewalked over to the dresser and opened a drawer revealing filmy lingerie. She held up some panties and then said, doyou know what size you are?”

I told her Ididn’t, and she said, “That’s OK, honey. When I got your phone I saw that your panties had a little stain on themanyway, so maybe you’re not ready for big girl panties yet. Do you wear diapers or training panties athome?”

I sputteredsomething incoherent that must have sound like “Of course not”, but my bodygave me away and I could tell from her directed gaze that she noticed myinvoluntary reaction.

“No matter,I’ll figure your size out from your clothing and the info on the forms.”

Susan lookedthrough the forms on the clipboard and murmured a little to herself. I hung my head in embarrassment – there weresome very personal questions there, and I had answered everything to the bestof my ability.

She left,and I browsed about, fingering various items and getting illicit thrills. I heard several voices through the door, somemale some female. Fortunately the malevoices soon went away. Then I heard thephone ring and the receptionist had a conversation with someone. I caught snips of her side of theconversation.

“I can’t,I’m with a client now. No, I’ll be tiedup all afternoon. Well, maybe I couldbring him along? It would depend on howhe felt. Some men don’t like being inlingerie stores. What? A bikini wax? Really? All over? No…and she’s how old? And misbehaving like that…what a shame. Did you give her a spanking? What, in front of everyone? Well,it’s only right. Imagine someone her agewetting her panties…. OK, bye.”

You may havecaught on by now, but I was totally unaware. Of course I was being watched remotely on video and all my responseswere being monitored. The paperwork wasuseful, of course, but the real key was how I was responding to these verbalcues without any preconceived thoughts or misconceptions.

Soon, Susan poppedher head back in. “All set,sweetie?” Come on back out, we’re almostready.

I followedher back into the front waiting room. She told me that she had something for me to try on in the dressingroom. “Put the entire outfit on and thencome out and model for me. I’m sure you’ll look just precious.” She giggled and with reddened cheeks Ientered the dressing room. My clotheshad vanished, and on the hook was the outfit she spoke of.

There was adress of sorts, in light pink with lots of lace and ruffles. As I slowly pulled it over my head, Irealized that it fastened in back, so I couldn’t get at it (how do women dressthemselves?), and it barely fell past my crotch. In a bag hanging with it was what looked likea very, very thick white pair of briefs. As I pulled these on I was relieved that I would at least becovered. However they were so thick thatI had to spread my legs apart to pull them on. ON the bench were socks and shoes. The socks were pink with lace about the ankles, and the shoes were blackpatent leather with a single strap over the arch – Mary-Jane’s in my size.

Finally, Iopened the door and, nervously, waddled out.

Susanlaughed with glee, clapping her hands appreciatively. You look simply gorgeous, sweetheart. I hung my head in embarrassment. Now come over here, there are just a coupleof more items to add to get the whole look. She held out what looked like a pair of mittens and had me put my handinto them. These were actually more likepink bags than mittens, with no thumb or finger holes. She tied them tightly about my wrists, andthen secured the ties with a leather cuff that locked into place with a tinylock. The mittens were lined with somesort of thick unyielding substance, the result of which was that my hands werenow almost totally useless. Runningbetween each cuff was had a light gold chain. Susan then picked up another pink leather strap and secured it about myneck, then she attached the center ofthe chain to it. Now my hands could onlybe lowered to my waist – no lower.

“I noticedon your intake forms that you said you played with yourself recently,” Susantold me somewhat acerbically.


“Nice littleboys are able to restrain themselves. Naughty little boys who touch themselves lose the use of their hands fora while.”

Susanfinished zipping my dress up in back and then folded a piece of fabric over thezipper and snapped it shut. I realizedthat, with my hands the way they were, I had no chance of getting out of thisoutfit – or even of opening the door and getting out of the building. I was helpless!

“Now, we’realmost set,” Susan said cheerfully. Shepicked up a large cloth bag and what looked like a long pink leatherleash. I was proved correct when shesnapped it onto my collar. “Come along,”she said. She led me through anotherdoor which opened into a hallway. I gotnervous when I realized that there were business names on the doors – we hadgone out of her business space and into a public hallway. She stopped at one that said Perfect EnvySalon and opened the door and walked in.

I wasaghast! All of a sudden I was in public,dressed like a little girl. But, securedas I was, what could I do? Susan tuggedme along as she calmly strode up to the front desk.

“Hi Janet,”she happily said to the girl there, as if there were nothing unusual goingon. All set for us?

Janet lookedat me with a knowing twinkle in her eye. “Sure. What have we here?”

“Well, Davidhere is a little naughty. I caught himwith his hands where they don’t belong, if you catch my drift. Little boys like to play with things theyshouldn’t.”

“Oh mygoodness,” came the laughing response. “Don’t I know it? That’s the onlyorgan they can think with, isn’t it?”

Susangiggled again, as I got redder and redder. “Sure is. So, Davie here has lostthe use of his hands for a while. Ofcourse that leads to certain other problems, so I decided it was back intonappies for him as well.”

Janetlaughed out loud at that. Suziecontinued, “And that’s why we’re here. For sanitary purposes, I decided he needs a waxing.”

“Of course,”Janet agreed. She led us back to a tablewith a curtain that could be pulled around it. “Just hop up here, David.”

I neededsome help, since I didn’t have the use of my hands, but eventually I wassitting on the edge of the table. Shehad me lay back. Then, before I could doanything, she and Susan grabbed either side of my thick briefs and tugged themdown over my hips, down my legs and over my feet. I was now barely covered by the pink frothydress. I felt each foot taken and raisedand placed in stirrups that were on either side of the table, and an elasticband went across the top of my foot holding it firmly in place. These were then pulled widely apart,spreading my legs as wide as they would go.

Janet thenreached over and turned on a machine, which she said would heat up thewax. Then she told us that she had to goget some strips. She walked back towardsthe front of the shop, pulling the curtain open as she walked out. To my horror, she left it widely opened, soanyone walking nearby could see.

“Susie, doyou want a coke?”

“Sure thing,I’ll get it.” She walked out, leaving methere alone, my legs spread in the air. As she left, the curtain got pushed back even more.

A fewminutes of agony passed, and they returned. Susan bent over and grabbed something out of her bag and handed it tome. It was a large two-liter sizedbottle with a baby’s nipple on the end. Shestuck this in my mouth and told me to drink my baa-baa like a good littlebaby. I was mortified, but what could Ido? And, surprisingly, I was thirsty… Isucked away on the bottle which was full of juice, but with a little bit of adifferent flavor to it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It also was quite a bit thicker than normaljuice, but I figured it must be added pulp or something. Besides, my concentration was elsewhere.

“Awe, isn’tthat cute,” commented Janet. Then shepulled my dress out of the way and started laughing. I was mortified…I wanted to crawl into a holesomewhere…

“It lookslike pink was the right color. He’sreally just a big sissy, isn’t he? Hereally seems to be enjoying this.” Asshe said this, she reached over with her gloved hands and grabbed my fullyerect and now slightly throbbing penis and gave it a gentle squeeze. Both she and Susan giggled as I writhed underher ministrations; however she stopped before anything could happen. Susan, meanwhile, cautioned me sternly tofinish my bottle and not to try to sit up. I couldn’t anyway, the way my feet were secured in those stirrups!

By thispoint, the wax was hot and ready for use. I’m sure you all know what came next, so I won’t bother to try todescribe it. Suffice to say that in amoment I felt the warm wax being applied to the outer area of my pubic region,and then a cloth strip was pressed into place. All of a sudden, the state of my erection was no longer preeminent in mymind as a shooting pain jolted my awareness, along with the sound of the waxycloth being quickly pulled away from my skin. This process was repeated a number of times, moving from the outer edgesinto the center of my pubic area. Oncefinished, I assumed that everything was gone (I couldn’t see given the way Iwas positioned with the bottle and all). However, I wasn’t quite done.

Janet madesome further adjustments to the stirrups, pushing them back further on thetable. This caused my hips to be liftedup off the table. Then I felt the hotwax being applied to the base of my scrotum. OUCH! Then process continued downand around my backside and around my anus. Once that was done, she continued on down my legs as well. She didn’t stop until I didn’t have a hairleft below the waist.

But itwasn’t over yet. Janet and Susan pulledthe dress up over my head, covering my face with the fabric so I couldn’tsee. My under arms were next, and thenthe few stray hairs on my chest as well. Finally I was released, with the knowledge that I was totally hairlessanywhere below my eyebrows.

Meanwhile,Janice took out a bottle of lotion and began to rub it into my pubic area, anddown and around my backside. I let out agasp as her finger found itself inserted into my anus, and she gently rotatedand pushed it in and out. To my shame, Ifelt myself becoming aroused again, and my body betrayed itself by trying tothrust itself against her finger. Withher other hand, she continued to gently apply lotion and stroke my once-againengorged penis. However, just as thingswere getting interesting, she stopped. Ifelt like screaming in frustration!

Janice askedSusan if she wanted me back in the cotton training panty that I had beenwearing, but Susan said no, she had something that was more appropriate forme. She reached into her bag and pulledout something thick which was placed under my hips. I felt it pulled up between my legs and theneach side was secured in place. Youguessed it, I had just been diapered. This diaper made the thick panty that I had been wearing seem likeregular underwear. I couldn’t bring mylegs together. But Susan wasn’t doneyet. I felt something sort of scratchybeing pulled up each leg, and then over the diaper and tucked in place at thewaist and legs. A plastic panty was now coveringthe diaper. Then, once again, I feltsomething sliding up my legs. This timeit felt smooth and silky, and I felt it settled into place about my waist. Finally I was released and allowed to getup. As I did, I managed to catch aglimpse if myself in the mirror.

If itweren’t for the size, I would have sworn I was looking at a toddler girl. The dress I was wearing flared out about myhips, and that last piece of clothing was a matching rhumba pantie with rows ofpink lace ruffles, which could easily be seen if I made the slightestmove.

Susan made abig production of making sure my panties were just right, and the legs of theplastic pants were tucked up under the diaper. “After all,” she confided, “when baby goes pee-pee, we don’t want anyleaks, do we?”

Yeah,right. Like a grown man couldn’t controlhimself. Of course I didn’t know aboutthe diuretic in the several cups of coffee I had earlier, nor the laxative andfiber added to the bottle of juice I had drunk.

As I wascontemplating this, a sharp click refocused my awareness. Susan had refastened the pink leash on mycollar and started down the store towards the front door (remember we had comein the back way. As we approached thedoor, I saw it opened on a central court of what appeared to be a smallshopping area. There were several peoplestrolling about, and I could see the fronts of several businesses. I panicked and dug my heels in.

“I can’t goout there,” I started to say as I refused to budge further.

“Naughtylittle girls who don’t behave won’t like the consequences,” Susan calmlystated. “I know this is new, so thiswill be your first – and only – warning. The next time, no matter where we are, your panties are coming down andyou will find yourself over my knee.”

What was shesaying? I was a grown man, for cryingout loud. Although things had changedfor me very suddenly, hadn’t they? Whathad I gotten myself into?

“But…, youcan’t… I mean what if somebody saw…”

Susan lookedat me with an expression that was part motherly concern, part exasperation andpart baby-sitter who’s fed up with her charge. Her tone sharpened as she responded, “I guess you didn’t read all thepaperwork you signed earlier? Among theforms were save and hold harmless agreements, so we are fully protected fromany liability. Also, you assigned usyour guardianship. It seems you statedthat you weren’t competent and were making me your custodian, with fullauthority and control. That means, mylittle one, if a policeman came over when I had your naked but in the airblistering it, he would only be able to congratulate me on a job well done.”

“Now, sinceyou’ve decided to talk back to me instead of politely saying ‘yes, Miss Susan’like a nice little girl should, I think a little something that will make youconsider what should be coming out of that mouth is in order.” With that she reached into her bag and pulledout something about the size of her palm. I only had a brief look at it as she quickly brought it toward my face. A large pink plastic butterfly with pinkribbons dangling from it was what I first saw. Then I noticed the other side was a baby’s pacifier, one that washuge! Only this wasn’t made out ofrubber as I was soon to find out. Shedeftly inserted it into my mouth, which was agape with astonishment at thispoint. Quickly, before I had a chance tospit it out, she took the ribbons and tied them behind my head in a bigbow. Now, with my hands encased in themittens as they were, I couldn’t remove it.

The pacifierwas so large that it filled my mouth, my cheeks bulged and I could only closemy jaws half way. It only took a momentor two until my saliva started to moisten the pacifier. That was when I realized that the pacifierportion in my mouth was formed from a solid piece of soap – very nasty tastingsoap at that. I started to sputter and try to complain, but of course I was effectivelygagged. All that I accomplished was togenerate a slow dribble of foamy saliva, which started to run down my chin.

Susan, beingthe diligent ‘baby-sitter’ that she had become, took out a cloth wipe anddabbed at my chin. “I guess we hadbetter stop and get you a bib, hadn’t we?”

I must havelooked wild-eyed at her, because she gave me a little giggle, and then askedme, “So, does that taste good, sweetums?” As she asked this, she reached over and grasped the outer ring of thepacifier, turning it around and pushing it deeper into my mouth, so that thesoap was forced around my tongue and cheeks more, lathering it up so that Iwould get the full effect. I couldn’tspit it out, and some of it started to drip down the back of my throat aswell. Did I mention that it was nasty,horrible, awful, foul and really, really nasty?

A tug on theleash and, without any more complaining I meekly followed along out thedoor. Fortunately the courtyard wasfairly empty, but as soon as I thought I might escape notice, three women cameout of one of the stores, strolling along and chatting among themselves,obviously shopping and going about their normal days. Until, that is, they saw Susan and me. I heard immediate peals of laughter and Istopped dead in my tracks. Susan tuggedon the leash, but I couldn’t move. Itdidn’t matter, however, as the women came over to us.

“My, what abig baby you have there,” said one of the women.

“A verynaughty one,” replied Susan in a terse voice. Not only has he been caught playing with himself, which is why I’vedenied him the use of his hands for a couple of days, but now he won’t evenbehave himself when I tell him to come along.

The womenall smirked at me. Giggling and laughingat my expense, one of the women – a tall muscular looking brunette – said, ifhe were my sissy, I’d discipline him. They’re never too big for a spanking, after all.”


“I thinkyou’re right,” replied Susan earnestly. “I have warned him, after all, and if I continue to let him get awaywith this type of behavior, what kind of babysitter would I be?”

“Exactly,”commented one of the other women. Shereached into her shopping bag and pulled out a new hair brush, still in itswrapper. “I just happened to have boughta new brush, and I’d be honored if you’d like to try it out. I looked at them, my insides starting toquiver and a knot starting to form in my belly. The brush was long handled and wide, with a solid flat ****en back toit.

“That mightbe a good place,” commented the tall brunette, pointing to a picnic table inthe center of the courtyard. Susanagreed, as she pulled me along until I was standing in front of one end of thetable. She walked around and pulled theleash across the table and then she tied the end of the leash in place, leavingme bent over the table and helpless. Itried to struggle, but the other ladies decided to help Susan, and soon I feltmy rhumba panties and plastic panties pulled down about my ankles (which sortof held them in place as well). Thensomebody unpinned one side of my diaper and it fell down around my ankles aswell, leaving my bare backside in full view.

As you canexpect, it took no time before Susan delivered the first swat to mybackside. Now I had fantasized about aspanking, of course, but I had thought a gentle hand providing a light swatmight be titillating. What I wasreceiving were repeated firm blows, varying in speed and location so that Icouldn’t set myself. 5, 10, 20…I lostcount and finally started bucking and writhing. I couldn’t speak with the pacifier in my mouth, but I was ashamed tohear moans and whimpers coming out of my mouth, as if someone else were incontrol.

Susanstopped, but only because her arm was getting tired. She asked the tall brunette if she thoughtshe could help.

“Of course,I’d be happy to.” She hefted the paddleand then addressed me, “I think you might want to consider behaving from nowon.” With that, she let loose with herfirst swat. If I thought Susan had beenharsh, I soon learned the difference. This woman obviously worked out, and her muscular arms delivered aseries of unrelenting blows. My backsidewas on fire and I bucked and writhed and soon was sobbing and crying just likea little girl.

I lay there,collapsed across the table, sobbing. Ihad just been spanked for the first time since I was five, and I knew I lookedjust like a punished toddler, my face streaked with tears and my bottom onfire. I was rolled over onto my back,and as two of the women held my legs up and apart, Susan refastened mydiaper. I didn’t protest or struggle,even when the women were making comments about how cute it was that I was asbare down there as a baby.

With myplastic pants and rhumba pants back in place, I was allowed to get up from thetable. My sore backside throbbed, and Iwas sure I wouldn’t be able to sit for at least a week.

Susan bid acheerful thank you and goodbye to the ladies, who responded with a chorus ofwell-wishes and advice to keep me in line. This time, as she gently pulled on the leash I didn’t hesitate to followher. We walked along the courtyard untilwe came to another little shop that looked like it had baby and children’sthings in the window. We walked in, andto my distaste the door sounded a jingle as it opened, attracting the attentionof the person at the front counter.

“Hi,”sounded Susan cheerfully, acting for all the world as if there were nothingunusual. I need to get a bib orsomething for my baby here.

“He seems alittle old to need a bib, isn’t he?” replied the clerk with a smile. She was a motherly looking woman, wearing anice white blouse and grey skirt, hair done neatly looking just as you’d expectthe manager of this type of a store to look.

“I don’tknow about that,” replied Susan. I’mjust babysitting him for the afternoon and it seems like he has a little issuedrooling. Maybe he’s teething?”

I coulddie. My rear was on fire, and the heat(It was a warm summer day) was causing me to perspire inside theplastic-wrapped diaper, which added to the discomfort. On top of that, did I mention that that soapwas really nasty tasting? I felt mystomach rumble in discomfort as more soap drizzled down my throat. To make matters worse, all that coffee andjuice were finally making themselves known to me, in a most urgent manner. I had managed to avoid thinking about itwhile walking, but now that we stopped, it became almost unbearable.

“I’m sure wecan find something for him,” commented the store clerk. She calmly walked away and started looking insome racks of supplies. Meanwhile, I waswriggling and trying to hold myself in.

“What is thematter, precious?” Asked Susan.

I could onlyrespond with a “mrmph urffl.” Thatpacifier still acted as an efficient gag. It took forever until the woman returned, and I know Susan enjoyedwatching me squirm, wringing my legs together to try and hold out. But of course, nature finally won and Icouldn’t hold out any longer. With tearsin my eyes from the shame of what I was doing, my bladder finally released itshold on its own and I flooded my diapers. Just as I was doing this, the clerk returned with a large pink bib.

“I found onethat matches his outfit just nicely,” she called out. Then she stopped and looked at me, turned toSusan and commented, “I think someone just had a little accident.”

Susan,acting surprised, said “Do you think so?”

“I’ve takencare of enough babies to know the signs. However, there’s one sure way to find out.” With that, this total stranger reached overand stuck her fingers up underneath the seam of my panties, under the plasticpanties and into my diaper area.

“Yes, he’ssoaked,” she asserted.

Totallyignoring my embarrassment and humiliation, Susan just asked if there was aplace where I could be changed.

“Of coursethere is,” replied the lady. It’sfortunate for you that he did this here, as we are well equipped to deal withlittle ones.”

She led usback into the store, but not to a restroom like I had thought. Instead, against one wall was a large tablewith a mobile over it, plastic padding on it, and bottles of lotions andpowders on shelves under it. It was, ofcourse, a large changing table. I waspushed back onto it, and Susan and this lady ‘helped me lay back. Soon enough my panties were removed and mydiaper was unpinned. I closed my eyes,trying to play ostrich. If I couldn’tsee, then maybe it wasn’t happening. Ifelt the cool air as I became, once again fully exposed to strangers.

“It lookslike your baby received some instruction, recently,” commented the lady. She gave my exposed bare behind a gentleswat, but even that little pat caused me to flinch. “I bet he’s not going to want to sit down forquite a while. That’s really blistered!”

“Yes, wellit was an instructive spanking I must admit. Hopefully it won’t have to be repeated soon.”

You canbelieve that, I thought to myself. Iwould do almost anything to try and avoid another session like that one!

“It’s niceto see babies kept smooth and clean, she continued. Now, here are lotions that we recommend, andwe carry all of these in our infants section. I felt some cool lotion being applied to my nether-regions as shecontinued; “These provide a moisture barrier so that your baby won’t get anasty rash.

I hate tosay it, but as she slowly rubbed this lotion onto me, I began to respond. Soon I was arching my back and thrusting myhips forward in anticipation, but, once again, I was left unfulfilled.

Just as Iwas reaching my limit, Susan resumed control and started to re-diaper me. I was still on edge (wanting to cum in theworst way) but my diaper was being tucked back into place. Almost as an afterthought, something slid upinside my anus.

“Just alittle something to think about,” said Susan.

Meanwhile, Iwas re-diapered and re-pantied. Onceagain I was dressed…so to speak.

Susan led meback out of the store and back toward another doorway, which happened to be theone for her office! We were home free,or so I thought.

Susan led meto a central area, where there just happened to be a baby’s play area setup. I was led thee and told to sit down andplay quietly until “mommy” was ready for me. I didn’t want to cause any waves, so I lay on my stomach (my backsidewas not ready for sitting) and idly played with some of the blocks sittingthere.

To behonest, I was glad to stop and lay down, as I was developing some unusualinternal pressures, and walking around seemed to be stimulating them. As you can probably figure out, the laxatives,the suppository (which was what was slid up inside me), the fiber and the soapdripping down my throat into my stomach (did I mention how really nasty thatwas?) were all combining to cause loud rumbling and cramping of myintestines. Just when I thought that Ihad everything under control, I heard a jingle from the front door bells as thedoor opened. In walked a lady and thereI was in plain view!

With thatsudden burst of fear and adrenalin, my mind was distracted from holding myselfin and, without further restraint my bowels let loose. There were a couple of, to me, loud noises asthe back of my diaper filled with warm, mushy, oozing excrement. In short, I messed myself.

Surprisingly,at first it felt kind of good; my backside was still throbbing, so the warmwetness actually soothed it a little. Ofcourse, that was only at first. Indidn’t take more than a few moments for it to start stinging. My now super-sensitive posterior was lettingme know in no uncertain terms that the caustic contents of my diaper were notappreciated. Unfortunately, I could onlylay there, helpless.

Meanwhile,at the front counter, I heard Susan talking to the woman who had just walkedin.

“Hi, I’mChristine. I talked with someone earlierabout the nanny position?”

“Oh, ofcourse. Hello, Christine, I’m Susan;you spoke with me. Like I said on thephone, we sometimes have children that we need to take care of for ourclients. Some of them are bigger thanothers, and sometimes they are in need of additional discipline or otherspecial treatments. That is why I hadasked about how you handled things. Thefact that you’re experienced with petticoat punishment is actually a welcometreat.”

“Yes, I havetwo brothers who were a handful for mom. She was at her wit’s end until she came up with that treatment. It took a few years, but constant dressing infrillies or sometimes in diapers, always accompanied by sound spankings andpublic displays finally worked wonders. They are now two docile, well behaved young men, when we were fearfulthey would become juvenile delinquents.”

“Well,Christine, it sounds to me like you’d fit in here perfectly. Let me show you around.” She walked over to where I was trying to actlike I wasn’t there.

“This is oneof our big babies, David. He was alittle naughty earlier, so he has to suck on a bar of soap for talking back. He also got his first spanking formisbehaving as well, so for now he’s fairly docile.”

Christinelooked at me and giggled, seemingly very amused at my expense. “He really does look just like a littletoddler, doesn’t he? And I see he evenis in diapers.”

“Yes, thepoor dear can’t control himself, it seems.”

“Is that thereason for the mittens?”

“Yes, itkeeps him from putting his hands down his panties – you know how boys are.”

BothChristine and Susan stood there, giggling and talking about me as if I weren’table to understand them. I thought I couldn’tget any more humiliated, but of course I was wrong.

“What aboutthe pacifier dangling around his neck?” (The soap had finally all dissolved, although I still had a foul soapyresidue left in my mouth. Did I mentionhow really bad that tasted?)

“Oh, heneeds a new pacifier,” exclaimed Susan. She went over to her desk and picked up a new pacifier and showed it toChristine. “See, it’s made out of soapso naughty boys who talk back learn their lesson on how to speak to adultsproperly. With that she forced it intomy mouth and tied it in place.

“There,see? He can’t get rid of it this way,and it keeps him nice and quiet. I thinkmost babies like to suck on something anyway. It will be time for his bottle later, so for now we’ll just leave himwith his dummy.”

Susancrinkled her nose and then commented to Christine, “I think, though, thatsomeone here made stinky in his diaper. I told you he couldn’t control himself, didn’t I?”

“Really? I mean I know little boys are harder to pottytrain than girls, but I thought that the diapers might just be for punishment,or maybe if he wet himself. But did heactually mess himself as if he weren’t more than 2 years old?”

“Why don’tyou check and see to make sure. We’llsee how you handle him, and if everything goes well, you’ve got the job!”

Susan stoodthere in front of me as Christine walked around behind me. I couldn’t see her, laying the way I was, butall of a sudden I felt her patting the back of my diaper, and then furtherpressing her hand against my crotch.

“Well itsure feels like he filled ‘em.” Then shepulled at the waist-band, which released some of the trapped fumes.

“Yep, he’sgot a load all right. Where’s thechanging table?”

“It’s rightover there in the corner,” Susan replied, pointing to the far wall.

Since myhands were pretty much useless, I had to roll over to a sitting position firstto be able to get up. As I did, the messin my diapers was forced into my backside, and the pressure of sitting coupledwith the acidic burning of the mess was almost more than I could take.

Before I wastaken back to the changing table, though, I heard a cell phone ringing. I knew the ring tone, as I had programmed itmyself, the music was the Imperial March from Star Wars. It struck me as appropriate that my bossshould be identified with Darth Vader’s theme…evil overlords and all that. Now, however, was certainly not the time forher to call!

Susan, trueto her word earlier, answered the line for me. Here’s what I heard:

“David’s notavailable right now, can I help you? Oh,hello Mrs. Millet. This is Susan. Yes, I’m David’s babysitter today. Yes, babysitter; he seems to need someone totake charge of him, and I had the job today. Oh yes, all the usual. I guesshis mommy wasn’t available and he had a free day, so I had to take charge. No, I didn’t know he was supposed to beworking; I assumed he had properly requested to take the day off. My goodness, fibbing about what he’s supposedto be doing…well that’s just naughty, isn’t it? Perhaps he needs another good spanking? Yes, I did say another; he already got spanked once earlier formisbehaving. OK, but he might need to change first…Really,you need him right away? He can’t talkright now; he’s got a mouth full of soap. Yes, that’s right, soap. LittleDavie had a nasty habit of talking back, so… OK, hang on.”

With that,she held the phone away from her and put it on speaker. “I guess you are needed,” she said with aslight hunch of the shoulders.

By thispoint I was scared witless. “Baby-sitter,”and “Spankings” were not terms I wished communicated with my boss!

“David, areyou there?”

“Mmm hmmm”was all I could say with that soapy pacifier still in my mouth. (Have I mentioned recently how truly nastythat tasted?)

Well youngman, it seems we will have to have a little discussion when you get into myoffice! I’ve had my doubts about you,but up until now your conduct has been adequate, if barely. I thought it was a mistake hiring a male inan all-girl company, but that’s in the past.”

I wasquivering inside; I was about to get fired, I just knew it.

“To behonest, it doesn’t surprise me that you have to have a babysitter to takecharge of you. You certainly seem toneed supervision here at work. Speakingof which, playing hooky from your responsibilities is something that a youngchild does, not an adult. Given that, Ithink your babysitter might have the right idea on how to treat you. We’ll discuss that as well.”

What was sheinferring? How should she treat me?

“Anyway, oneof our on-line ordering servers is down, and we are not able to process any newrequests. Every minute it’s down iscosting this company money. I expectedto find you in your office or in the computer room already. Instead I find out this. Well, you’d better be here in ten minutes orless!

I looked atSusan and she stepped in (keeping the phone on speaker). Mrs. Millet, this is Susan. David is only about ten minutes away, but Ithink he might need to be changed first before work.”

“Nonsense,”exclaimed Mrs. Millet. “This is urgent,and I really don’t care what he has on right now.”

“Well,alright, if you say so. However, he isin my charge until this evening. Wouldyou mind terribly if I brought him in?

“Whycertainly not, dear. It’s nice to hearthat some people accept their responsibilities.”

Susan thentook the phone off speaker and walked over to her desk. I could hear her getting the address andfinishing the call. Naturally, I startedto writhe about, thinking to get out of my clothing. As I did, I felt a rush of soreness andremembered the sodden diaper. I was now officially in a state of panic! The conversation that had just past was badenough, but I needed to get dressed and get to work! Susan, it seemed though, had other ideas.

“Part of ouragreement,” she reminded me, “was a full day of your fantasy. You’ll just have to deal with this.”

She pickedup her pocketbook and looked at Christine.

“Would yougrab that diaper bag for me? David’sgoing to need a change, but it’s going to have to wait for a little bit. Would you like to come along?

“Of course. These types of things are all part of thejob, aren’t they?

“Yes, you doneed to be flexible. Sometimes we takeour charges on outings to the park or the zoo as well.”

As theytalked to each other, we walked out the back door that I had entered a lifetimeago. There was my car, but we didn’t gotowards it. To the right was a niceconvertible. Susan pressed a button onher key chain and the top pulled back, revealing a stylish leatherinterior. In the back seat, however, wasa large child’s booster seat. I was ledover and told to sit in it, which I barely managed. Granted I was slim and a little on the petiteside, but with the extra padding of the diaper it was still a snug fit. Christine decided to be helpful and pulledthe safety harness over my head and snapped the padded T-bar into place. The straps were pulled tight, coincidentallycovering my arms and holding them tightly against my chest. I was now helpless!

Susan andChristine got into the front of the car and we sped off. I was mortified, of course. Fortunately we kept moving most of the time,so hopefully nobody really noticed. However, a couple of times we had to stop for red lights, and when thecars pulled up next to us I could see people staring and laughing. I wanted to die.

Finally wewere about a block away from work. Now Iwas really starting to panic. How couldI get in unseen? How could I get to myoffice without the other women seeing me? Did I have a spare set of clothes in my office?

My phonestarted playing the Imperial March again, and Susan answered it.

“Hello Mrs.Millet, this is Susan. Yes, we’re almostthere. Should I park in front orwhat? Oh, OK. You’ll meet us there and let us in? OK. Isee the building now. Bye.”

Susan lookedat me in the mirror and told me, “Your boss said to come to the back deliveryarea and she would open the door for us. Isn’t that nice of her?”

Yeah,wonderful. Well, at least I would beable to get inside without being seen.

We pulled upto the rear delivery area, which fortunately for me was deserted. Susan and Christine got out and walked overto the door, which Susan rapped on. Seconds later the door was flung open and there stood my evil boss. She cordially greeted Susan, and I heard hersay to Christine, “How do you do, I’m Jane Millet.”

Mrs.Millet,” said Susan, “I’d like you to meet Christine Winegarten. She is a new nanny that I just hired. Then her eyes widened as she finally caughtsight of me sitting in the back of the convertible.

“Oh mygoodness,” she exclaimed, followed by a trill of laughter. “You weren’t kidding when you suggested hemight want to change first, were you? Still, thinking back I see that this is quite appropriate in manyways. He’s always been a littlejuvenile…”

Then, to meshe sharply commanded, “What are you doing just sitting there? Get in here and get that server fixed.”

“Mrmph,mmhmmm,” was all I could respond, the soap dribbling down my chin (have Imentioned how bad that tastes?)

“Oh, I’msorry Mrs. Millet. But David’s in ababy-seat for his protection while we drive. Naturally he can’t get out on his own. It’s for his safety, after all.”

Oh, what agood idea. Perhaps I shall have to getone of those to keep him in his seat here at work, so he won’t play hooky anymore.”

What was shesaying? She wasn’t serious, was she?

Susan cameover, reached behind the seat and pushed the release which allowed the T-Bar tocome unhooked. Once this was raised overmy head, she helped me out of the back seat. As I walked forward, she continued talking to my boss.

“Actually,Mrs. Millet, what I had said wasn’t that he needed to change, but that heneeded A change.”

“You don’tmean…”

“I’m afraidso.”

Then, myemployer came up behind me, lifted up my skirt with one hand and pulled back mypanties with the other.

“Pee-you, heis a stinky mess, isn’t he. Well,there’s nothing for it, he’ll just have to wait till later. Now can you take those mittens off him so hecan get to work?

Certainlyma’am. Susan took one hand and Christinetook the other, undid the protective band and started untying the mittens. Once loosened, they slipped the mittens offmy hands and then Susan unsnapped the chain from the collar. She stepped back carrying the mittens andchain, and I rubbed my hands and lowered my arms for the first time inhours. That was a relief, let me tellyou!

I stretchedmy arms out, and then my hands dropped and I felt the puffy fullness of mydiaper and plastic pants. I gentlypatted my front, unable to believe what I was wearing in front of my boss.

“See,” saidSusan to my boss. “Not more than aminute and already he’s starting to play with himself.”

My handsflew away from my encased privates and I shook my head in negation.

“MMMpphurrphhh” I shook. I wasn’t! I reached up to untie the pacifier and getthat blasted thing out of my mouth. Incase I haven’t mentioned it, it really tasted nasty!

“No,” saidMrs. Millet. “I think you can leave thatthere for now. It looks adorable, and washingyour mouth out with soap for fibbing about where you were today is the least ofwhat we will be discussing. Now, let’sgo get that server up and running.”

With that,she strode off to the computer room, and I meekly followed behind. We walked down a short hallway to the serverroom, which fortunately was also in the back of the office. We went in and Mrs. Millet stood therewaiting for me to sit down at the console and get to work. OK, I wasn’t relishing this, but I could doit. I eased myself onto the chair,letting out a slight gasp as my sore backside made contact. I couldn’t help but squirm a little as thesquishy interior of my diaper distributed itself. Then I got to work.

“Susan,would you come with me, please? Christine, if it’s not too much trouble, would you keep an eye on Davidhere to make sure he doesn’t get into any mischief?”

“Of course,Mrs. Millet,” they both responded. Susanand Jane left, and Christine seemed content to just sit there watching me. It took about an hour of tedius programmaticresearch, during which Susan popped in and chatted with Christine for a fewminutes, I don’t know what about as I was fully absorbed. Finally, I figured out what was wrong andcorrected. Once finished I restarted theserver and launched the web page, and all was back as it should be. At that point, my situation came back tome. First thing, I stood up! My poor backside was extremely sore, andsitting in that secretarial chair really put pressure where I didn’t need it!

“Mrs. Milletwants to see you when you’re done,” Christine calmly told me. She said to page her to your cubicle when youwere finished, and she would meet you there.

Great; I wasnow in the far back of the office. Jane’s office was in the front, naturally, one of the first off the mainenterance. Most of the rest of thebuilding was an open floor-plan, with cubical areas set up for different groups– sales, support, product development, accounting and HR. My cubical was a double sized one since Ioften had conferences in it or had several workstations that I was configuringat any given time. Given that I had tointeract with just about everyone at some time, my area was right in the middleof everything. How, I wondered in apanic, was I ever going to get away with this? Then I noticed that it was already almost 5; if I stalled for just alittle bit longer, perhaps everyone would have left for the day. I crossed my fingers and then told Christinea little fib.

On thescreen I typed her a message: “OK, I’malmost done. I just need to reconfigurethe TCP/IP protocols to finish the job. Shouldn’t take more than ten or fifteen minutes.”

After all, Istill had that pacifier in my mouth, so I couldn’t talk. And yes, before you ask, it still tasted asfoul as ever.

Christinelooked at me knowingly, however. Thenshe picked up a phone and pushed some buttons. Someone picked up on the other end, and I heard one side of theconversation.

“Hi, Mrs.Millet. This is Christine. Yes, David’s done, but now he’s stalling. He actually tried to tell me he had to workon something else for another fifteen minutes. Yes, that’s right, he lied. Iknow, yes, I agree; that sort of thing shouldn’t be tolerated. OK, we’ll be right there.”

I’m sure Imust have had a comical expression of horror and disbelief on my face, asChristine started giggling when she looked at me. However, that didn’t stop her from snappingthe leash back on my collar and tugging me off the seat and towards the door.

“Your bossseemed a little upset at your trying to lie to her. I wouldn’t recommend that in the future.”

“Mmmmph….” Icouldn’t say anything! I did have theuse of my hands, but I didn’t really have anything I could do…I grabbed at thedoorway as we went through it, but a sharp tug on my collar jerked me pastit. What little rational thought I hadleft made me realize that any more struggling and I’d just be calling moreattention to myself. Maybe, I hoped, everyonewould be busy finishing up and I could sneak past without being spotted.

We walkeddown the hallway and, to my intense relief, there didn’t seem to be anybodythere. We didn’t head towards mycubicle, however. Christine pulled mealong the outer perimeter and eventually we wound up at my boss’s office. On the door was stenciled Mrs. Millet, Owner& Manager. Christine knocked andthen opened the door when she heard Jane acknowledge with a light “Come in.”

“Please sitdown, said Jane, in a stern, managerial way.

Christinetook the only other chair, leaving me standing there awkwardly. Mrs. Millet looked at me sharply.

“I thought Itold you to sit down?”

“But, therearen’t any chairs…can I get one from next door?”

“That won’tbe necessary for the short time we’ll be here. Just sit on the floor and behave yourself.”

On thefloor? What could I do? I sat down, gingerly, on my sore bottom. I felt ridiculous in my baby’s outfit,sitting on the floor like a little child while the grown-ups talked. But, again, what could I do? Mrs. Millet inquired about the server and myadditional delays, which Christine immediately relayed to her.

Before shecould say anything, however, Christine asked her, “Mrs. Millet, since Davie isdone playing with his computers, should I put his mittens back on him?”

“Yes, whynot. It’s probably a good idea.”

With that, Ifound my hands re-encased in the satin-coated hard plastic that left my handsuseless. They were fastened back to mycollar, even shorter than before so that I only had about eight inches ofmovement away from the collar.

Finally, Mrs.Millet sighed.

“I guessit’s time to deal with you properly,” she said, addressing me directly. “I was worried when we hired you that youwere too immature for the position. Iknow you’ve been without parents for a while (True, they had both passed awaywhen I was still in College), so you haven’t had the leadership and disciplineyou obviously need. Well, that’s endingtoday.”

“You see, Ihave been reviewing your activities ever since you started. I’m aware of some of those web sites you’vevisited…” She stopped at my look of astonishment. I was sure I had erased everything!

“Yes, thosesites. For an IT guy, you really aren’tall that smart, are you? Didn’t youthink that a boss would have surveillance programs? Anyway, that was the first thing. Then, having you skip out on work for this,”she waved at me, “is totally reprehensible. Additionally, I find from Christine, here, that you continue to lie tome and try to get away with things. Well, it seems that you are dressed appropriately. Only a little child would try and behave theway you have.”

That was it,I was now about to be sacked. I’d belucky to get another job in the same country.

“It’s a goodthing I’ve made preparations for this, as I could see it coming.”

What? What was she talking about? She saw my obvious confusion because shecontinued.

“Do youremember all the forms that you had to fill out when you first startedhere? I bet you didn’t read them, didyou? (I hadn’t; they were pages of legalcrap that every company has you sign.) Well, perhaps you should have. But then, that’s part of your problem, isn’t it? Taking shortcuts, no attention to detail,etc. Behaving like a little child.”

“Thepaperwork,” she continued, was similar to what Susan described to youearlier. However, ours was much moredetailed, and it was duly witnessed, notarized and then filed with the stateattorney. You admitted that you wereunable to care for yourself and needed constant supervision andmonitoring. The head of our personnelalso happens to be a licensed psychologist, so she was happy to sign off oneverything as well. The six months thatwe’ve been waiting were for all the state and federal filings to be completeand any protest periods to be past. Youare now truly Susan’s ward.”

What? What was she talking about?

“Susan,could you come in, please?” she asked into her phone/pager.

A knock onthe door and then in walked Susan. Shewalked over to me and gave me a little pat on the head.

“Susan,would you like to explain things to David?”

“Sure, mom.”

Mom? What???

She lookedat me with a smile on her face. “Yes,your boss is my mother. I really thoughtyour attempted fibs were quite amusing. But, you see, I was expecting you. How did you happen to get the business card for Fantasy Makers? I’ll tell you. Mom left it out where you had to see it. We knew what type you were, and it was onlya matter of time before you took the bait. I must say, you were quicker than either of us expected!”

“I do run thatcompany, which is normally for things like fantasy photo shoots, costumeparties, and the odd theatrical play or movie. We just tailored it a bit for you.

The otherthing was that I decided I wanted more in my life. I’ve always loved children, but I didn’t needa man around cluttering things up. Momand I came upon this idea as the perfect solution! You may not remember it, but I was one of thewomen interviewing you for the job. Anyway, the long and short of it is that I really am your legal guardian,and, just like any other special needs child, I am fully responsible foryou. You can no longer enter intocontracts, sign a lease, or even buy a car unless I authorize it.”

“You willcontinue to work here, however. Thecompany gets a nice subsidy for employing special needs workers, so that helpsthings as well. Now, let’s go see youroffice. Given your change in status, Itook the liberty of having it remodeled while you were busy today. All the girls in the office helped, so you’llhave to thank each one of them.”

With that,she reached over and tugged at my leash, pulling me up off the floor and outthe door. Mrs. Millet and Christine alsogot up and followed us out. We walkeddown the aisle until we got to my cubical. It was awful.

The cubicalhad been reduced in height by half. Instead of five foot walls that provided some privacy, these were onlyabout 3 feet tall – just a little over desk hight. Anybody walking by could see in, and giventhat this was in the center of the office, everyone surely would. Around the outside of the cubical werecutouts of ducks, bunnies, balloons and other juvenile figures, all in pinksand pastels. Inside the cubical, alongone wall was the built-in desk. This hadbeen raised up higher than normal, however, and was covered in a pink plasticpadding. Underneath it were severalshelves containg powders, lotions and cloth bundles. Also underneath was a large pink plastic pailwith a stork holding it’s beak shut with a closepin. Yeah, it was a diaper pail.

To the leftof what was obviously a changing table was a large playpen, complete withseveral types of baby toys. To the rightwas something I couldn’t figure out; it looked sort of like a padded saw-horse. Next to that was what looked like an umbrellastand with several canes in it of varying thickness.

I caught allthis at a glance, however, because I was stunned by the laughter and applauseof all the office workers. There, linedup all around the backside of what used to be my cubical was the entire officestaff. I wanted to crawl into a hole andpull the hole in after me. I stoppeddead in my tracks, but of course there was nowhere for me to go.

Severalflashes went off, and I knew my life, as I had known it, was now officiallyover. Once those pictures were taken,they would follow me around forever. Ilooked and saw a couple of the pretty younger women whom I had tried flirtingwith (unsuccessfully) smiling at me knowingly. They came over to us, and one of them started talking.

“Well, itlooks like you are dressed appropriately now. We all thought you acted immature, and now we see that we wereright. And to think you actually thoughtyou could get any of us to be your girlfriend. And don’t think we didn’t overhear you talking to your old school chumsabout all your conquests here. Well, allI can say is you had a lot of nerve thinking you could get into our pants, andI do believe that you will learn that not telling the truth is a bad idea. But of course little babies need to learnthat the hard way, don’t they?”

“Yes,Denise, they do,” commented Mrs. Millet. “And while little Davie, here, won’t be getting into anyone’s panties,it seems that you can get into his. Heis a stinky little baby who needs to be changed. Would you and some of the girls like tohelp?”

“Would we?”

With that,my fate was sealed. I wasunceremoniously pushed back against the padded desktop, which was now mychanging table. A protective strap waspulled across my chest and fastened so that my torso was held firmly in place,just like a regular baby’s changing table might do. Then several pairs of hands started pullingup my skirt and pulling down my panties. I felt the pins holding my diaper on being undone, while at the sametime my legs were being raised up. Thediaper was pushed down and used to wipe most of my mess away, and the whole lotwas deposited in the diaper pail. Freshwipes were applied by several hands until I was clean again.

“Look howhairless he is…Just like a real baby…Yeah, but look at it, it’s small but it’shard…he really is a sissy, isn’t he? Helikes it…”

The commentsflew and more flashes went off. Finallythey stepped away, but I was still naked below the waist. I was allowed to sit up and then slide offthe table. My skirt barely covered me infront, and I’m sure my sore bottom was visible in the rear. My hands would have been used to covermyself, but they were held up at my chest level by the chains. A tug on the leash and I was walked over tothe padded sawhorse contraption.

“As Denisementioned,” Mrs. Millet informed me, “we do not condone telling lies aroundhere. You have been caught a number oftimes and this will stop. I think it’sappropriate for you to have your first taste of discipline now, as a way ofwelcoming you to your new life.”

With that,Susan pulled me forward so I fell across the padding and secured the leash tothe base of the sawhorse. I felt twosets of hands grab either leg and secure them to the two sides of thecontraption I was bent over. Now I washelpless and immobile. My head was bentover lower than my waist, and my bottom was fully on view to everyone. Susan, meanwhile, walked over to the umbrellastand and picked up a cane. Lookingthoughtful she swished it in the air a few times, then she came back over to me. She gently tapped the cane against mybackside, then she drew back and with a swish and a sharp crack, she broughtthe cane down swiftly and soundly across my bottom.

I let out apainful “Mrmmmrmphhh” around the pacifier still in my mouth. Swish-Crack….Swish-Crack went the cane. Finally it stopped and I was unhooked. I stood there, my face wet with tears. Someone held up a phone for me to see thepicture they had taken of my bottom. There I was, bent over, with a bruised and blistered bottom that nowsported a series of stripes criss-crossing it.

“Very nicejob, dear,” said Mrs. Millet to Susan. “It reminds me of how I used to discipline your father. I’m sure you’ll make a very good mommy tolittle Davie, here. Now, why don’t youput him in some nice fresh diapers and we can all celebrate with you.

So, onceagain I was lain on the table, where this time I had fresh, clean diapers puton me, along with the plastic panties and the satin and lace rhumba panties. Meanwhile, all the ladies were laughing at myexpense. I heard a number of commentsabout how my behavior should improve now. I also heard discussions with Susan, where she was commenting about myfuture care here.

“Of coursehe’ll need to behave for everyone. Little children must obey all their elders, shouldn’t they? Naturally, if he misbehaves he’ll need to becorrected. I would not only allow it,but I would encourage it!”

“Yes, thiswill be his role for quite some time. Imay allow him to progress to big-girl panties if he proves worthy, but thatwill be a long time off.”

“Yes, havinga baby in the office may be difficult, but there are enough of us here thatsomeone should be able to find time to change him or feed him if necessary.”

It went onlike this for some time. Meanwhile, onceI was fully diapered again, I was placed in the playpen and ignored for themost part. Several of the women seemedto take delight in giving me gentle swats on my puffed out behind, watching mejump from the sting. I wasn’t going tobe sitting down for a while if I could help it.

Finally,Mrs. Millet told everyone it was time to go home, as tomorrow was another workday. With good-natured groans, everyonereturned to their cubes, got their things and began the process of heading outto go home. I, on the other hand, wasstill mostly helpless. That’s when Ireceived my final shock.

You areaware, said Susan to me, “that as my ward you cannot be left aloneanymore. So, from now on, you’ll becoming home to live with me. Don’tworry, I’ve had your apartment closed out. You didn’t have anything that we needed in my place, so I sold all yourstuff. No, don’t worry, I kept yourpictures and personal things like that. They’re all boxed up and in storage.”

“What aboutmy clothes and things?”

“Don’t besilly, you didn’t have anything appropriate to wear. Besides, I’ll bet you can’t wait to get toyour new home and see what we have for you! Pretty little dresses like what you have on today

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'Lil Melissa
Wow!... what a great story. I really hope there's more to come.
I like your story, but if I could offer some constructive criticism?...you REALLY need to work on the spacing. SOOO many words here are stuck together, and it can take people out of your story trying to decipher what you're saying in a couple of parts.
Looovveed it! Especially the little twist at the end!
Sorry about the formatting; it seems like it's some sort of cut and past issue. File originally created in word, but then saved as a text file before copying here (to try and avoid just this type of issue). I'll see if I can re-cut & paste to correct the formatting.
Hugs 'n Kisses to all the good ones, and get ready for spankings to the bad ones.
Sissy Breeanna
What a great story!! There is an opening for an addition and I sure hope you add to it!!
Right on...I've run into format issues myself. Glad that's what it was instead of something like a lazy spacebar or something...LOL. Once again, REALLY good story.
yes please continue cant wait till he/she starts back at work
yes, Pwease continue da story, ppwweeaassee?
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