PG A Fantasy of Going Back To 1955 As A Little Girl
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That's what I would like to do. A three or four year old toddler with a caring and loving Mommy and Daddy. I would be happy for just a day, even a few hours would be nice. I would like it to be a special occasion, like a birthday party or something, where I would be dressed in the prettiest and frilliest of little girl fashions of the day. That, of course, means a pouffy party dress with a bouffant nylon petticoat slip of taffeta or parchment and stiff net for a crinoline to pouf out the skirt of the dress. And the hem of the skirts on the petticoat slip would show from under the short bouffant skirt of the dress; a dress of satin and organdy with short transparent puff sleeves so characteristic of the little girl fashions of the day. The hem would be well above the knee, of course. and the slips would be of sufficient stiffness as to display the lace ruffles on the bum of my pink satin rhumba panties. After all, little girls' panties were meant to be seen back then. That's what all those pretty ruffles were for!

After a warm sweet scented bubble bath, I would be powdered liberally with baby powder. If I were prone to "accidents" in the excitement of the event, mommy would lay me on her bed and lift me up by my ankles and put a soft fluffy cloth diaper under me. After a soothing application of sweet scented baby oil, Mommy would tug the soft folds of the diaper up from between my legs and gently, but firmly, pin each side of the diaper together and pat me gently and lovingly on my tummy. Mommy would shake out the pink plastic lined rhumba panties and feed my feet through the leg holes, one at a time. With the skill of an experienced mother, she would tug the panties up my legs and over my diaper, checking to make sure that all of the diaper was inside the frilly waterproof rhumba panties.

Before I could get up Mommy had started to work a pair of pretty pink anklets with white lace ruffles at the top after they were turned down. She would pick up one of a pair of pretty black patent leather Mary Jane shoes and work it over my toes and on my foot, and set the strap to secure it in place. She would do the same for my other footsey. Now, with Mommy's help, I could slip off of the edge of Mommy's bed, receive a smart pat by Mommy on the seat of my rhumba panties, and wait for mommy to bring over an adorable pouffy white nylon slip of a slippery satiny stiff tiered underskirt material she called taffeta., with a nylon net tiered layer over it. But first Mommy took me by the hand and led me to her make-up table where she applied two layers of pretty pastel pink nail polish to my fingernails. Mommy made sure they were dry before we did anything else.

As Mommy gathered the slip, I noticed that it had a tiny pink rosebud and pink satin picot ribbon bow near the center top of the slip bodice. Mommy slipped the frilly undie over my head and tugged it down over my chest and tummy so that the narrow lace edged ribbon straps settled gently over my shoulders. I placed my hand up to my chest and felt the ruffled pink lace trim covering much of the slip's bodice as Mommy worked the skirts of the slip to lay properly over my exaggerated waist and enlarged bottom due to my diapered state and waterproof rhumba panties.

The skirts of my slip were standing almost straight out from my waist, and being only normally long enough to reach mid thigh if pressed against my legs, the flair of the skirts made it so that they did nothing to hide my ruffled rhumba panties from view, along with my obviously diapered condition. Not one to linger, mommy brought the baby pink satin and organdy dress over my head as she had done with the slip, feeding my fingers through each of the arm holes in the pretty elastized puffed sleeves. As the dress came down, Mommy helped to work my arms through the puff sleeves and pulled the dress down over the petticoat slip skirts. As mommy tended to the buttons in the back of the dress, I felt all over, the bodice, the lace, the bouncy boyant skirts, and of course, my diapered butt and satiny panty lace ruffles. I was a mass of little girl loveliness in all the frills of delicate lace, satiny ribbons, and pastel pink colors. I felt a little faint, but Mommy said I had to stand for another minute while she fixed my satin sash. I felt a tug as she finished tying a large bow in the sash at the back of my waist. My skirts immediately flaired out even more as my waist was cinched in by the tightening of the sash bow! I thought to myself this was starting to look more like a ballet tutu than a party dress! But I had seen other little girls dressed like me and I knew that I must look like I'm all legs with a short skirt and petticoats and pink ruffled panties peeking out underneath! But I loved it! And Mommy loved it too as she gave me big hugs and kisses, telling me how pretty and adorable I looked, and how much she loved me.

Mommy fixed my hair in an Alice band after combing it out. I knew that I wouldn't have any makeup because Mommy said that I was too little. But I was ok with that because I knew that Mommy loved me and thought I was pretty just the way I was! Mommy did spray a little perfume that smelled like baby powder on my wrists and declared me almost ready for the party.

She opened a locket with a picture of herself inside on a long golden chain and showed it to me. It was a beautiful yellow golden color so shiny I could see my face on the locket. Mommy place the locket and neckless around my neck and secured it in back. Now Mommy said that I was ready to go to the party. I was so excited that I twirled and danced until Mommy said it was time for us to go.

Mommy placed a colorfully wrapped present in my arms and I skipped out the front door with Mommy's hand in mine. Yes, it was going to be wonderful day after all....
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Darling you've really hit it on the head for me. It's how I envision my experience as a woman. thank you sooo much and please continue.

what a dream come true! Jackie Kennedy would be proud.
thakey yow for te story
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