XXX The fairy sting
Some fariy's see a young man bully some girls and ayoung transgendered boy as well
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Dana and Tina were stinging fairy's they had lot of powers and very young but like all stories these fairy's can get mad so watch out !!

Paul was a mean nasty Young man he looked at girls as nothing more than sex toys and baby makers and he always used words such as slash Cu-t (place the letter) and other worse terms to bad to mention.

How ever Paul's faviorate sport was tormenting Gay people .

One day Sid was walking with his sister Amy and Sid was happy to be a big brother to his sister How ever His sister amy was not all she seemed to be, amy was a transgendered girl and was proud of who she was she even had a few buttions on her back pack That stated this fact such as proud to be gay one even went as far to say there is not a man in a dress here.

Dana and Tina loved following Sid and Amy around they always seemed to be happy and have a good time together but as always there were times when sid had to stick up for his sister and today was going to be one of those days.

Paul was walking down the street in the opsit diraction as Sid and Amy .

"Oh no here comes Paul Amy go into the store over there i will cut him off."

Amy did as she was asked and left for the candy store but it was to late Paul stopped amy from going in.

Dana And Tina had seen all this take palce.

"Hey Sid I see your walking home your fairy brother."

"Sid Im not in the mood for your crap today , leave amy alone and let her go into the store."

"Why the little sissy dont want to be with boys I thought thats what little fairy boys do is like boys."

"Shut up and stop proving what a moron you really are."

"Did you call me stupid?"

"If you have to ask then you really are stupid I mean really did you have to ask?"

Paul had a dumb expression on his face .

Amy is old enough to take care of him self aint he?"
sorry so short but ran out of time

tell me what you think will do more tonight maybe more than likely monday.

HUggs and Kiss's


"Yes she is able to take care of herself but thats not the point and you know it."

"So big brother fighting his battles for him huh?"

Dana and Tina were watching the conflict of words takeing place and they did not like it one bit.

"Lets go Tina."

"No this clown needs to be taught a lesson."

"Tina I dont like that look in your eyes."

"The last time you got that look in your eyes a prince became a princess and we both got in trouble for what you did."

"Aw that was a thousand years ago, whos going to remember that?"

"MOther fairy will."

"Well why dont we ask her if we can this guy really needs a good stinging."

"Ok we will try but remember Mother Fairy can not be troubled with such matters as the afair of humans."

The two fairs flew back to the woods in the park where Mother Fairy ruled all the fairy's for as far as the eye coould see and she was a very busy Mother.

Sid had to threaten Paul with a physcal confrintation in order for him to leave Amy alone.

"Amy came out and looked thankfully at her big brother.

"You KNowamy your gonna have to learn to defend yourself Im not always going to be around you know and there is always going to be a guy like paul."

"I know Im just to girlish I guess."

"Look even girls have to know how to defend themselves and so do you."

"Why dont you take that free self defense class at the Y ."

"Mother fairy may we speak to you."

"Dana and Tina what have you done now?"

"Nothing yet ."


"Yes Mother a young man is tormenting a transgendered girl but thats not all wwe have been watching him for sometime and he treats any one who is female with so much disrespect something must be done."

"Who is this person?"

"His name is paul Right."

"Fairy at arms bring me the book of offenders to fairy kind."

A giant book with detailed gold inlay and pictures of fairys on each side.

Mother fairy said a spell and the book begain to glow and then she said the name.

Then the book shook violently and fell from the Mother Fairy's hands.

Mother Fairy looked up with a very angery look on her face.

"You must led me to this man."

The next day Tina and Dana led Mother fairy whwere they had been watching humans and they always had seen Paul come down the street about the same time every day so he could torrment Amy.

Today was no different.

"Here he comes Mother."

"And here comes Amy and her brother ."

Once again another assault of words took place it always seemed to be the same thing every day.

Paul was once again very abusive but this time was different he hit Amy knocking her to the ground injuring her.

"Tina Dana Sting Him!!!"

The two fairy's flew out in combat formation and stung Paul on the neck .

To him it felt like a bee sting but Paul was going to be in for a very intresting surprise.

Paul started to feel sick to his stomic and left Amy on the ground and Sid running up to her to see if she was ok.
all for now I just seem to be have a lack of time here lately ideas and comments are very welcomed

HUggs and Kiss's


Paul went home after he was stung by both Tina and Dana he threw up most of the night but by morning all was well and he did not think any thing else about the sting.

Paul was a collage drop out he thought he knew better than any one but truly he regreted dropping out so he harassed girls and any one having any thing to do with any one being gay in any sort of way including his misconceptions on the matter.

When Paul was getting dressed he did not notice his little toe nail being pink just one toe nail it was on the left foot .

It was after class's and as the norm Sid and Amy were coming down the street to go to there house .

they lived real close to campus so there was no need to stay in a dorm.

"Aw Great Here he comes."

"Do you want me to gointo the store again?"

"Nah it's to late any way."

Paul walked strighet up to Sid and smiled then he let lose a barrage of insults at Amy and Sid both.

"You know Paul I think you need to be educated about what the deal is with Amy."

"What that he likes dress's?

Paul laughed.

"No you Moron Amy is a natural Transgendered person it was not just a feeling it's all physcal and mental Amy had no real choice in the matter and as far as likeing boys she so confused in the matter she dose not even try to date so will you please leave us alone."

During the normal battle of words and insults Fairy mother and Tina and Dana were watching the events take place.

"Shall we sting him again?"

"No Tina not yet any way."

"Ok Sid I will leave and you two have a happy day."

Paul walked off and wondered why he told them to have a happy day.

Half way down the block Paul looked in on a community flower garden and picked a flower and smelled it.

Realizing what he just did..

"What am I doing !!!"

He then tossed the flower down and went on home.

Once home he felt very sleepy not really knowing how sleepy he was he sat on the sofa and turned on the tv and fell fast asleep.
hehe Im teaseing you again wondering whats gonna happen to Paul hmmm i think i will keep yoyu guessing muhaha.

All for now more later so hang in there im in a good mood I may add more tonight.

HUggs and Kiss's

Paul woke up the next morning feeling a bit different bu thought nothing of it for he had been feeling a bit off since he had that fairy bite but he had thought it was a bug bite but is he in for a surprise.

Paul had went about his usal routine got dressed went to work but while he was getting dressed he noticed he has lost some weight his pants fit losely around the waist but for some reson his hips seemd to be holding his pants up.

Paul still did not notice his toe nails on his right foot were now all pink except his big toe and three of his toes on the left were pink as well.

Paul always made a point to go down town every day just so he could torment Amy.

He had always wanted to catch Amy alone so Sid would not intervine.

Today was going to be that day Sid was sick and did not even go to class'es today so Amy was alone .

While Paul waited around he noticed a store window with a great looking dress in it he went over to get a closer look at the dress and with out thinking he walked in and started to browse around a bit it was a feminin boutique they had every thing a girl could want.

Paul looked at his watch and went outside catch Amy off her guard.

Amy was walking the same way home as she always had and once again there was Paul .

"I knew one day I would see you with out your body guard."

Amy started to cringe a bit wondering what Paul would do since her big brother was not there.

"What do you want Paul?"

"Well I want to show you the difference between a real man and a sissy is ."


"Look i dont claim to be a man Im a sissy and Im proud of that fact not to mention when Im done with school i will have a collage degree in astro mecahics and Physics ."

"Nerd and a sissy huh twice the fun."

"So Paul whats in your future working ten twelve hours a day of back breaking work and getting paid in penuts."

"Nice future you got going there."

Paul looked down his feelings were truly hurt he had never felt hurt like this before and Amy saw a tear in his eye.

Then a flare of anger hit him for Amy makeing him feel that way a sissy made him cry.

"Look you little sissy f_g (insert letter) I ought to beat the snot out of you for saying something so hurtful to me as a matter of fact I will.

Paul grabbed Amy and pulled her around the cornor in the ally.

The fairy's Dana and Tina watched as they really need ed to do soemthing or Amy would get seriously hurt.

Both fairys made a rash desion to go sting him again.

They charged in to the alley and stung him two or three times each Paul wobbled a bit and then passed out .

Amy thought she saw what looked like two fairy's stinging Paul but thats insane Fairy's dont exsit .

Do they?

Amy ran out of the alley and ran the rest of the way home.

Paul woke up at his place in bed feeling like he had been ran over by a truck.

He noticed he was covered in sweat so much his cloths were soaked but the big question was how did he get home and why was his neck swollen then he remembered the stings.

I must seriously be allergic to some sort of insect.

But how did I get home and who changed me?

These were all questions he had buzzing around in his head .

When he stood up he felt strange every thing seemed a bit higher than he was .

Paul then walked over to the mirror in the bath room as he stared in disbelife he was in fact shorter and he had lost even more weight and all his body hair was gone and it looked like he was loseing his hair how was that possable.

Paul got to the phone to call and let his boss know he woould not be in tommorow.

As he saw the date on the phone if that was right he had been out for two days so he decided to go to the doctor and tell him whats happening to him.

So first things first Paul called work and explaned what had happened his boss said bring a doctors excuse and you might still have your job.

Paul then Called the doctor and made the appointment for later that day.

Paul got to the doctors office on time and there he saw a big black nurse with her braded and when she smiled she had one gold tooth.

"Ah I see right off the bat whats wrong with you boy ah yes its very rare hahaha!! you probley deserved it though."

"Whats wrong with me?"

Paul was frantic for anwser's .

"Well my dear boy you have been biten by stinging fairy's they be changeing you boy."

"what did you do to make the fairys so mad with you?"

"Tulula bring back the next case.."

"Yes Boss man I mean Doctor."

Paul waled meekly back to the room and the dacotr came in .

he came in and was chewing on a unlit cigar he two was black and had a single gold tooth and his hair was braded as well he also had a strange mushstace.

"Well lets have a look see here."

"So tell me whats going on?"

"I was down town when it first happened I felt a sting from some sort of bug I guess and I noticed I had lost weight then the next day i was back in the same area when I felt getting stung over and over again."

"I see well lets take a look."

The doctor mumbled Fairy bite under his breath and then looked Paul in the eyes.

"My boy i dont know what kind of bug bit you but Im gonna give you some cream to help with the burning and swelling as far as getting stung i would not go back to that area and you just might avoid what ever is do this to you."

""Theres more doc."

"Ok ."

"This last time after me being stung repeatdly I passed out and for the life of me i do not know how i got home not to mention I woke up two days later."

"I see."

"Tulula would you please give him a allergy shot and schdual him for a allgery test next week."

"Yes doctor I shall."

Tulula brought in a big shot needle with what seemed to be as long as the syrange.

"Ok Baby lower your pants this shot works better in the ole caboose."

Paul did as instructed and when she gave the shot it flet like she had jammed the thing straghit in to the bone.
hey look whos back our friend Tulula well when she is back you know sotheing is gonna get started hehe but im no gonna tell you not yet any way hehe muhehaha.

Just kidding any way more to come keep reading and leave comments

HUggs and kiss's


Paul left the doctors office dazed and confused and what was the deal about that nurse Tulula why did she say he had been stung by fairy's.

Feeling worse than he did when he went to the doctor he stumbled his way into the drug store and had the meds the doctor had prescribed him.

After leaveing the drug store Paul saw a boutique and went in it he then looked around and before he knew it he had his ears pireced with flower ear rings they were the dangly kind.

Paul then purchesed some very sexy panties and then left the store he was carrying a pink back with the boutique's name on it and walked home .

Feeling sleepy He turns in early and wakes up the next morning he gets dressed and decides his hair needs something new so he decided to brade his some what medium legth hair into a high pony tail and brushed a cute curl to the end of it he then put on a pair of pink panties with a big yellow hear with flowers on it.

Once dressed he went to work still feeling a bit strange.

Once there Paul heard some snegering behind his back about his ear rings .

Ear rings what ear rings he thought.

Paul them put one hand on his ear and there it was ear rings he then ran to the bathroom to see what else was going on .

Hanging past his long hair were the ear rings he had gotten the other day but he did not remember ever buying ear rings or going to a store that sold them.

Haveing the urge to use the bathroom he lowered his pants only to find the panties he was wearing he did not ever bought panties or had ever worn any something weird was going on and he ment to find out what it was .

Paul started to feel real sick and then he had to throw up then he had the squirts he was doing the toliet twist.

Paul finely was able to get out of the bath room but his stomic felt like he was going to blow chunks any minute.

"Uncle Ed i need a coouple days off I feel awful."

"Paul you look awful but one question whats the deal with the ear rings and the hair."

"Paul simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Ok Paul take a couple of weeks off to get better but you need to count your self lucky you have your uncle as your boss."

Paul had made it to the car and his stomic started to gurgle and before he could make a dash for the bath room he felt his panties get warm he had peed his panties not messed in them Paul was confussed his back had started to itch a little and so did his chest it itched and burned.

It was not long before Paul had messed his panites befroe he got home.

once home he raced into the house and stripped down.

he ran a hot bath and had put bath beads in his water and then got in cleaning himself.

paul then put on another pair of paintes these a bright red with a winking smily face on the front and back then the door bell rang.

Putting on a silk robe he went to anwser the door.

"Hello miss I have a deleverey for this address."

"please sign here and the total is 45.50."

"Paul paid the delvery boy and tipped him nicely..

"i dont remmeber ordering any thing from the drug store."

He then looked in the bags and found three large packs of adult diapers.

with out thought he opend a package and put the diaper on him he then went to the mirror and decided they were to plan and looked on line until he found what he wanted but these would do until the good ones got here he thought to himself.
Hey I got diapers in the story , wonder whats coming next hehe im not telling not yet any way Im such a tease ask my sissy girlfriend Amanda66 how much a tease i am hehe I love her so much

any way more later

HUggs and Kiss's

Paul's back seemed to be itching a lot here lately which he thought was odd but not alarming nor was the fact his breast were itchy and had a burning sensation nothing was really bothering paul he had the next two weeks off so he decided to torment Amy and Sid just to see how much he couldm ake Amy cry.

Paul put on his cloths and as he had a bit of trouble getting his pants over his diaper he decided to use sweats , it did not help much though you could still tell he was wearing a diaper.

Sid and Amy were glad they had not seen Paul in the past few days and hoped he had fell off the planet never to be found again.

How ever all good things must come to end they saw Paul heading stright for them and As Sid got ready to protect Amy once again Paul came and went he went right past them and headed for the park.

Sid relaxed a bit amd watched him walk into the wooded area of the park.

Sid shruged his shoulders and he and Amy went on home.

Paul had gotten into the deepest part of the woods in the park there he found a field of flowers and he started to pick some and put them in his hair and started to hum a song he had heard some where.

Paul had started to feel better the further he got away from the city the better he felt.

He then decided to remove his cloths when he did he felt even better he saw a paul of fresh green leaves in a large pile close to a huge oak tree.

from some where he had a wood needle and vine thread and began to sw the leaves together into a dress .

after about an hour the dress was done it was a combonation of leaves and flowers it looked real pretty and like something out of those nature books of myth and legend he had read once.

Putting the dress on and leaving his cloths where the pile of leaves were he walked even deeper into the woods not thinking about any thing nothing at all not his job not Sid and Amy not his life and where it was going he just marvled at the trees and flowers and said nothing Paul came up on a small stream and sipped some water from it and then saw some berrys and ate some they were very tasty.

reality started to hit him in a strange way he did not care if he got lost in the woods but he did not want to give up his world just yet so he wnet back to where his cloths was and left the dress there folded up and left some of the picked berrys in a pile beside it.

Paul had returned to his home late and had no clue where he had been or how he had spent his time.

Mother Fairy and Tina As well as Dana had watched Paul go into the woods and sew the nature dress.

Mother Fairy was very pleased as to what was happening to the young man.

"Mother Fairy what is happening to that disgusting man?"

"Oh yes you dont know for no one has stung a human like you two have in almost a thousand years or so, well that human will soon be a part of the forest and one of its protectors but not yet that human still has a lot of changeing to go through and you now have permission to sting him as much as you want when he is in the woods only."

"Do you understand no other time just in the woods no where else."

Paul was still undergoing changes his height and his weight were becoming less and less but he was starting to care less and less about it

Paul had noticed a slight green tint around his ears and they looked a bit smaller and oddly shaped like they were becoming pointy at the top.

After dismissing his ears and green skin tint he walked over to the fridge and looked in it there was nothing he wanted he wanted something else .

Paul then left for the store when he got back he had fruits and vegtables Paul had never liked fresh fruit or vegtables much less a salad he had no meat at all that was one of his main stapels in his diet but not now something was different but it seemed to be a good different.

After he had ate his salad he turned on the tv but the noise and viokance seemed to bother him .

So he decided to open the window and sit on the patio and watch the stars.

the sound of the traffic and the smell was makeing him feel sick He then shut the windows and went inside.

Deciding he needed to get away he started looking for a house in the countnry.

After a while Paul decided to go back to the park.

It was late and he made it back to the spot where he had left the dress he found it where he had left it and once again paul removed his cloths and put on the dress and walked deeper into the woods where he was enjoying the smells of the flowers and the air he could see the stars more clearly than he could in the city.

Paul ran through the flowwers and found a tree and glided up it and fell asleep in a hollowed out hole at the top of the tree.

Morning came and paul woke up streatching his arms and back as he poked his head out of the tree he then glided backe down from the tree and looked around the forest he was in .

He adjusted the top of his dress one of his breat almost fell out and he did not want that.

He looked down at his toes and saw all ten of his pretty pink toe nails and then his hands the same shade of pink as on his toes.

Paul then took in a deep breath then wondered back to where his cloths were once again .

getting out of the dress he had sewn himself which he did not find odd at all it seemed so natural for him to glide up a tree and sleep in it it also seemed natural to wear a dress made of leaves and flowers.

Pauls hair was getting longer and blonder .

Paul had made it back to his home but he had started to dis like where his home was so he bought a old farm outside of the city close to the woods he had suddenly found a fondness for.

during the move he was feeling a bit ill until he was in the country but not even there did he feel real good he felt better but not much.

every night he wnet back to the woods and woke up in the tree he had slept in earlier.

Paul could no longer wear a shirt comfortably but the dress he had made he could he had even sewn a few other dress's as well he had even sewed some undergarments out of leaves as well paul started to under stand he was getting wings fairy wings his skin was now forest green his skin seemed to change colors with the forest have light blackish streaks and blond hair that changed green.

Paul looked at himself in the mirrior he was no longer able to go in public he was to small standing only about ten inch's tall Paul knew he was a fairy a female fairy and no longer cared about what he was but felt sad for whet he had done and someething in him told him that was the reason why he had been turned into a wood nymph when Paul now Paula the wood nymph needed to interact with Humans she could transform in to a cute female who stood about five foot even but always prefred the wood nymph form than that of a human .

Paula decided she could do one thing to try and makeu p for all she had done to Amy and Sid as that disgusting human paul.

The door bell rang when Sid answered there was a large envolope taped to his door and in side was a letter.

Dear Sid and Amy

I have been the worst kind of person to every one I knew for that Im sorry I treated you and Amy with such disdane that I had made your life a living hell so in a samll way i hope this check makes up for it in some small way.

I am leaving never to return and before i do i simply wanted to say im sorry Im not saying where im going but if you will i dont blame you if you dont but tell my uncle not to worry and give him this letter that is in this huge envolpe to him I know he wont understand nor will you but lets just say i got whats comeing to me good luck in life



"Did we just read what we think we read?"

"I think so but the letter is not the wow factor the check is."

"Its for Sixty eight thousand dollars ."

"We do need to give his uncle this letter."

"Why should we Amy I mean he was so mean."

"I know but someething tells me we need to do this."

So Sid and Amy delevered the letter to his uncle he thanked them and life moved on.

Paula now was happy and helpful to every one in the woods she was one who made sure the forest never got touched by devolpers who wanted to turn the forest into a houseing project or strip mall what ever the other fairys were helpful too but Paula was always trying to make up for how she had acted when she was human.

Even to this very day if you look in the deepest part of the forest close to the city you just might see Paula the wood nymph flying around but dont mistreat the forest you might get stung by a fairy or biten by a wood nymph.

The End

Well here it is the end of the story well never fear anothr one is near just got to fine tune the idea.

it will be far better than this one I promise

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Hi Anna, I like this story's beginning, It could go so many ways and I will be looking forward to see some more!! I wonder what the stings will do to Paul. Maybe nothing too severe to begin with? I wonder what would happen if the next time he was being mean then temporarily his voice would change into the soft voice of a girl and he would feel certain parts of his body change a little.
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
And in my heart is sown only one wish
That she know the gift of love, unashamed

At it's core this earth we adore is loveless
People's compassion always plays hide and seek
Still, Amanda stands before these foolish judges
And with every word she expresses in her speech
The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
Starry sky painted with majestic hues of rose-violet
Adorned in pink satin panties and tangerine sun dress
Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
Marigold, delphiniums and sage
Her love unfolds through the ages
She knows every one by their names.
With Much Love
This is a very interesting read so far!! I look forward to reading more, it seems like it has a lot of potential.
"She spied on our lives through the little doll's eyes... and saw that we weren't happy.
So she lured us away with treasures and treats...
And games to play. Gave all that we asked... Yet we still wanted more.

So we let her sew the buttons.

She said she loved us. But she locked us here... And ate up our lives" --CORALINE o_O
Good start the story is interesting so far look forward to seeing where you take the story. 
Keeep going..
Its all about the humiliation
Anna, Keep the story going. Yay for the Fairys. Glad Tulula let him have it!!
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
And in my heart is sown only one wish
That she know the gift of love, unashamed

At it's core this earth we adore is loveless
People's compassion always plays hide and seek
Still, Amanda stands before these foolish judges
And with every word she expresses in her speech
The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
Starry sky painted with majestic hues of rose-violet
Adorned in pink satin panties and tangerine sun dress
Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
Marigold, delphiniums and sage
Her love unfolds through the ages
She knows every one by their names.
With Much Love
juat a note let you know comments are welcome
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