The Eternal Spring (PG 13) ...?
It was a warm autumn day in South Carolina.
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The Eternal Spring"
Chapter 1
It was a warm autumn day in South Carolina.

Thank god, schools finally over! exclaimed Julia
Well for the weekend anyway. replied Sammy.

Sammy was a regular teenage girl. She was seventeen and always got good grades and never got into trouble, a little princess. She had beautiful blonde hair that fell to her waist and gorgeous hazel eyes. On the other hand, Julia was also seventeen and almost constantly getting into trouble and was a bit of a tomboy.

Julia had always been a bit rough around the edges, if something good happened to her, something horrible would happen the next day and usually it was her fault. She had blue eyes and long wavy red hair; she also had a great figure. Fortunately this week had been going quite well, her grades had risen exceptionally and her attitude had turned quite positive.

Were still going to the movies right Julia?
Yeah, but I told you weve got to hurry if were going to make it.

The two girls were going to see a romance movie which would last three hours, and it was only showing once today at 3 45 and it was already 3:00. Luckily the movie theatre was only about 10 blocks away.

Hurry, were almost there!
Sammy giggled a little Im running as fast as I can stupid!

About 3 hours and fifteen minutes later the girls were out of the theatre.

So, where is your house anyway Sammy?
Its out in the country, just a second; my mom should be here in a few minutes.

In fact her mother was already there and a loud honk notified the two young girls.

Come on kids we havent got all night said a happy yet older voice from inside the car. It was Sammys mother; you would know that even if no one told you, the family resemblance is amazing.
The two girls got into the car and drove off into the country.

Sammys house was beautiful, it was a one story, but if you stacked the entire house together it could be four stories, it was almost like a small mansion. It was white with amazing architecture and even had a few Greek statues around the walkway. There was a huge blacktop driveway and trees nuzzled the curbs around it about every six feet. The windows werent broken up into parts but were whole pieces of stained glass with a pretty blue tint. Truly a site to behold.

Wow Sammy, I knew you were wealthy but holy crud!

Why thank you Julia, Im glad you like it. replied Sammys mother.

Yeah it is pretty big. said Sammy gleefully. We even have a really big pond in the back.

Here kids, Ill get your bags and Sammy can show you the pond

Thanks mom. Okay, lets go.

Sammy and Julia walked around the house, after about two minutes they reached the back of the house; it would take another five minutes to get to the pond.

Jeez, did your parents win the lottery or something?

Actually my father inherited his familys company so he isnt here usually; mostly its just me and my mom. We go shopping a lot and get some really cool stuff. Plus I even have two rooms, well sort of, one connects to the other so its basically just one really big room.

The sun had started its downward spiral into the abyss of the clouds and a beautiful orange and purple horizon shined over the pond. The pond was very pretty. There were many elm trees accompanying the waters edge and there were fuzzy cat tails sprouting out toward the sky in a graceful union. A rock bed lead into the mouth of the pond, withholding rocks and geodes that glistened in the suns last few minutes, which was where Julia and Sammy were, at the moment.

Wow, the waters really clear.

Mhm, the rock bed moves down through the whole pond, and we have no fishes to muck up the water, so its always clear.

But wouldnt algae eventually grow on the sides?

Nope, thats why I love it here, theres actually a spring that flooded the rock bed in the first place, so the water is constantly moving and its always hot.

Something about that pond was mysterious, intriguing, but Julia didn't know what it was. The sun was not visible any longer, but there was still a shine in the evening sky. It was bright enough to see the steam rising off of the pond as the cool night air moved in along with the stars overhead.

We should start heading back now, dinners probably ready. said Sammy.

All right, no problem

Sammys mother was in the lounge room eating her dinner and enjoying a soap opera.
Julia and Sammy ate dinner and decided to go to Sammys room for the night. Sammy hugged her mother goodnight and lead Julia down the hall to her room. The hall had magnificent vases and paintings that oddly enough, resembled the pond behind her house.

Umm the pond was pretty but arent all of these art pieces kind of going a little overboard?

Youd be surprised how many people wish that they could spend even a few minutes in it. Sammy laughed a little and opened the door to her room.

Julia once again knew something was odd, she had to get back to the pond somehow.

The room was huge, at least compared to Julias regular room. It had a domed ceiling and two beds. The beds were king size and had gleaming pink silk sheets on top which lied on top of the beds ruffled white skirts. The walls were white and had a light blue trim and there were two very large, blue tinted, circular windows on each side of the room that gave the beholder a great view of the pond.

Why two beds? asked Julia.

My sister used to live here, but she moved out a year ago, shes in college right now.


Julias bag of pajamas was already lying on the left bed. She had brought a bra, a short sleeved vanilla shirt, a pair of panties and some green sleep pants with teddy bears on them.

Go to the bathroom and change into your pajamas, Ill take your clothes to the laundry room when your done. exclaimed Sammy

Okay, then well watch the OC right?

Yeah! Im totally excited about the new episode, so hurry up!

They both laughed and headed their separate ways. Julia changed in the bathroom and Sammy changed in her room. Sammy was wearing a yellow short shirt and a pair of blue silk pants with rubber duckies on them.

Okay, ready. Julia walked out of the bathroom with her pajamas on and her old clothes in hand. Sammy proceeded to take the clothes to the laundry room and headed back.

Its on!

After the show was over, julia had come up with an interesting idea, it had to work.

Oh my god! That part where they all went skinny dipping was so funny! said Julia

I know! I cant beleive thy didn't get caught!" Sammy was still in bliss from the episode.

"Wait a second, we should do that. I bet it would be lots of fun!
said Julia.

Sammy paused for a second¦

I dont know if thats such a good idea¦

Why not? Your pond is already like a giant hot tub, so we wouldnt be freezing our butts off like they were.

Yeah , but
No butts! Lets go! Julia laughed and ran with sammy out of the house.

It was 8:30 now and the suns brilliance had been replaced with the moons radiance which sparkled across the steamy water. Julias plan was in full effect and now she could see just why the pond was so special. As she thought about how to approuch the situation, the trees whispered secrets while the wind slowly moved through their branches, creating a beautiful symphony.

Wow, its so pretty out here during nighttime.

umm, can we please go back? I really dont think we should be doing this Julia.

Julia didnt listen, in only a few seconds she had stripped off her clothes and jumped in.

Come on in! this feels great Julia laughed with delight.

well, I guess so, its already too late now¦

Sammy stripped off her pajamas and ran into the water.

Sammy and Julia played in the water for awhile, but Julias curiosity once again won her over.

"Hey Sammy, wheres that spring at?"

Sammy didn't seem to mind avoiding the subject anymore, so she told Julia exactly where it was.

"Look at that tree over there, the one with the different colored bark. If you go straight out into the pond from there, you can reach the spring, it's only a few feet out."

Julia was excited to here the answer and quickly investigated. The spring was just a few feet off shore, just like Sammy had said and Julia was standing right over it. The hot water moved around her body, creating a blanket of comfort and relaxation. The next moment something strange happened, Julia felt odd, but happy. There was a tingly sensation that wouldn't release its grasp from her feet. It slowly moved up her legs, into her thighs and around her hips.

At first Julia was frightened but she quickly started to enjoy it. The feeling moved up her abdomen and around her breasts and all the way to the tips of her lips.

Julia was quite satisfied, she had never felt so amazing in her whole life. Now having found the answer to her question, she decided to end her invvestigation. The girls then headed back into the house and into Sammys room, to take some well needed rest.

Wow these beds seem a lot bigger when you try to get on them.

umm¦ yeah¦ well, goodnight Julia

Night Sammy.

The girls slept solid through the whole night, but when morning came, they werent quite them selves.

The two girls woke up to Sammys mothers voice. It wasn't happy nymore, but concerned and dissapointed.

Oh no, Sammy I told you that you shouldnt take friends into the pond.

Julia felt odd again, but it wasn't a comforting oddity like the spring water. She looked down the sheets and something was majorely wrong. Fear struck Julia right in the heart, she ripped away her sheets to find a small frail body of a little girl. Her pants had become to big for her and while she was sleeping, she had kicked them off the bed. Her shirt was even extremely baggy, none of her clothes fit at all. Julia had become the size of a four year old little girl.
Chapter 2
Julia couldnt believe here eyes, what had happened, what had she done? Truly the spring couldnt have done this but what other fowl play could have been involved but that of the ponds magic? As she stared at her now, small body, her eyes quickly moved over to Sammys. Sammy had been altered as well. She was younger, but not as much as Julia by far. Sammy looked to be around maybe thirteen. Why had Sammy not been as changed as Julia?

The little blonde haired girl peeked up at her mother from under the sheets. Her voice was much younger and cuter than earlier and with a much higher pitch.

Im sorry mom, I tried to stop her but she wouldnt listen.

Sammys mother shook her head in confidence to Sammys answer, but she than stopped and seemed to focus on the floor near her feet. She had thought for only a few minutes and had come up with a plan, fortunately it was much more thought out than Julias.

Julia, do you know your mothers cell phone number?

Julia replied, but with an even more high pitched voice. She had a very young,melodic and beautiful voice. To this, Sammy giggled with glee.

Yeah, its 1-317-840-3435.

Thank you Julia. Sammys mother glared at Sammys immaturity and Sammy quickly looked down in shame.

You girls sit here until I come back; I just want you to know that Im very disappointed in you both.

As Sammys mother walked out of the room, Julias head turned to meet Sammys eyes. Sammy seemed so sad; Julia couldnt help but feel sorry for what she had gotten Sammy into.

Im really really sorry Sammy, if I wouldve known what was going to happen, I would have never

Julias voice was interrupted by her own curiosity. In the other room, she could here her friends mothers voice talking to her own mother.

Yes, Mrs. Parker? This is Sammys mother, Christine Amarillo
Oh, shes fine, theyre both out shopping right now.
Well thats very thoughtful of you. Ill tell her you said so.
Anyways, what I called for is this. You see, one of my friends who is the Super Intendent of schools in Florida has made an interesting proposition. He has looked at my child Sammys grades and while looking into her academic abilities, has found out about Julia.
Yes, it is very exciting. He wants to have an interview with himself and the principals to talk about college and opportunities for free scholarships. They are very interested in investing there time with the girls to see just what they can achieve.
Mhm. Now to the question I have called you to ask about. He has sent two plane tickets for Palm Bay, Florida. I need to know if you have any problem with them going, when they reach the airport in Florida they will be escorted by the Super Intendent and his wife to their own hotel room. The Super Intendent has already assured me of the security and utmost safety of our children.
Its going to be about four weeks.
Yes, they wont be falling behind in any of their classes, thats part of the deal.
Thank you very much Mrs. Parker, Ill tell her
Goodbye, have a nice evening Mrs. Parker.

The phone was hung up and Christine walked into Sammys room.

Okay girls, here are the ground rules. For misbehaving and going against our house rules, you are both grounded for a month. You will do as youre told until you have grown up to your normal ages. If I have any disregard to my instructions from either of you, you will be swatted by my hand as many times as I see fit.

Julia became uneasy and flustered.

Please Christine, you cant do this. Im sorry I went into the pond but you never told me I couldnt

Christine seemed shocked by this and she quickly moved over to Sammys bed.

Sammy, did I not tell you that you were to inform any guests not to go into the pond?

Yes mommy. Im sorry, but Julia made me do it, I told her not to, I promise.

Mommy?! What was going on? Sammys personality was starting to match her age. It wasnt going to happen to Julia, was it?

Well, then, is this true Julia?

Yes Mrs. Amarillo¦

Then I guess Ill have to take your punishment more seriously now wont I? Allright, its settled.

Christine sat down softly on Sammys bed and her vision met Sammys thirteen year old figure.

Well, come on Sammy, you know how this goes by now, dont you?

Sammys eyes started to water, and she began to shake sensitively.
Christines voice became more abrupt and serious.

Come on Sammy, you dont want to get more than you deserve, now do you?

Sammy shook her head and started to cry. She then crawled over on the bed and laid belly down on her mothers lap. Her mother then slowly but evenly pulled Sammys silk pants down to her knees, which were now hanging over her mothers right thigh. Sammys arms and hands were holding on to her mothers left thigh, not because she didnt want to fall (her mothers left hand made sure that this wouldnt happen, as it firmly grasped Sammys left shoulder.). Sammy was merely bracing herself for what was to come. She tried to stop crying, but she just hiccupped and started crying even heavier and more frightened.

Julia sat on her bead and watched Sammys predicament unravel. Christine pulled Sammys shirt up to the small of her back, so it wasnt in the way.

Are you ready Sammy? I can wait if you want

She was teasing Sammy; just like Julias mother would cruelly do to her when she got in trouble. It wasnt to cause satisfaction for Christine; it was just another way of making Sammy be more mature about the situation. Thats just what parents do.

Christines right hand was resting on Sammys pantied bottom. Sammy hiccupped a bit more but was able to tell her mother that she wanted the spanking now. The word had been said and Christines hand had risen and struck Sammys bottom. Sammy shrilled with pain and started bawling her eyes out. Julia wondered why she was crying, did it really hurt that much. Unfortunately, Julia remembered that when you are younger your body is much more sensitive and she quickly grew fearful of her own spanking that was to come.

Christine had been spanking Sammy for a straight minute and finally stopped just as Julia had finished her thoughts. Christine pulled Sammys pants up over her panties, hugged her ant told the little girl to go stand in the corner. She was still whimpering, but submitted to her mothers words and walked over to the corner, with her nose to the wall.

Okay Julia, Its your turn.

Julia wasnt as fazed by Christine as a Sammy was, but she was still scared.

Christine placed Julia on her lap, just as she had done to Sammy and told her how it would be.

Now normally you would be spanked far more than Sammy for misbehaving and breaking the rules, but you seem to be only a four year old girl, so you will be spanked only ten times.


Julia was still calm, but as Christines hand moved across her bottom and met Julias now, dress- like shirt, her heart began to beat much faster. Christine once again moved the shirt up to the little girls back, revealing her panties, which were now much too big for the four year old.

This just wont do, I guess youll have to get a bare-bottom spanking.

Christine slipped off Julias panties and revealed her underside. Julia grew tense and without control started to whimper, just as Sammy had.

~this is silly; Im not going to cry just because of a little spanking, Im seventeen for crying out loud.~

Ironically, Julia was crying out loud after the second slap across her naked bottom. Tears streamed down the face of the slender little girl after the third slap and by the seventh, she was pleading for Christine to stop spanking her. The pain was just too much for the four year old.

Finally, her spanking was over, and she was hugged by Christine, and told to go stand in the corner next to Sammy.

Julias shirt fell down to her ankles once she stood up on the floor, and she walked to the corner to meet Sammy, whose face was still red with embarrassment. The two girls stood in the corner and waited for Christine to speak.

You girls stand in the corner until I get your new room ready, I dont want either of you to talk to each other, just stare at the wall.

The girls surrendered and stood in the corner, just as they were told.
Christine walked into the room which Sammy had told Julia about earlier and got some ˜new clothes for the little girls.
Chapter 3
As Christine opened the door, the odd yet tranquil room revealed itself.

Lets see here,

Christine was talking to herself just as she often did.
She had walked over to the sliding doors of a closet on the right side of the room. She then opened them up to find what she was looking for, but couldnt make a decision as to what the girls should wear.

Sammy, Julia, you can come out of the corner now, I want you to see something. Of course the two little girls followed her orders, after all, the tables had turned and the power which they had withheld as teenagers had completely diminished. There really wasnt much of a choice for them anymore so they had to oblige. The girls walked out of the corner and began to walk towards the door, when the actual room caught their eyes. Sammy kept on walking, but Julia was stunned. She peered into the room to find something she would have never suspected to discover.

The room was like a nursery, but bigger, much larger than even Sammys room¦ It had everything you could imagine and was separated into four parts. The first was a playground like section. It held toys, dolls and different items with which to have fun along with an orange slide and even a small yellow swing set. Actually there was also a sand box that rested under a miniature jungle gym, but it was plenty big enough for the two girls small sizes as of now.

In the other section there were two blue cots made for little children that sat next to a teal playpen and two pink babys cribs, which had very high bars on all sides. There were also about three of those little baby swings that made infants fall asleep while the music box played a soft melodic tune.

The third section seemed to be a kitchen. It had wooden cabinets, a dishwasher and even a white tiled floor. There were also two high chairs that were taller and larger then the normal size. Both were yellow and had large cushions on the seat and back of the chair, which appeared quite comfortable.

The final section of the room was merely a supply region. It had an infant changing section with many diapers on the second shelf of it, and there were also many more unopened packages of diapers on the first shelf. There were baby wipes, containers of talcum powder and even baby lotion. The room was quite a sight. It basically had everything an infant or young toddler would need.

Julia of course was frightened to go in the room but Sammy didnt seem to have any problem with it. Had she done this before? Christine became impatient and walked out of the room, grabbed Julias hand and showed her into the room. Sammy was standing in front of two opened closet doors, which had many clothes in them. Julia got a pretty good look at what was in the closet, because she would be choosing her own outfit for the day.

Okay Julia, these are the only clothes we have that are in this size and since you are still being punished, these are what you will be wearing for the next month to three weeks. I want to know what you would like to wear so I can get an idea of what to pick out for you and Sammy for the rest of your grounding.

Sammy had a worried look on her face, but Julia knew that at least it couldnt get much worse from how she expected the rest of the month to go. She peered around at each of the clothes for a while. They were all dresses. There wasnt a pair of non-demeaning clothes in the bunch, at least not for a seventeen year old. Basically all of them had petticoats and ruffles or bows of some sort, but they did seem like something a little girl would be proud of if she showed them off in school or something. Those kind of girly clothes that said Im more feminine and prettier than you, so Im better. Julia picked out the least embarrassing thing she could find. It was a simple sundress; no ruffles, no petticoat and thankfully no pinkness of any kind. There was only a small red bow, which lied upon the blue plaid print of the dresses exterior.

Well, well, thank you Julia, I know just the thing for you and Sammy.

Julia was confused and to this, she looked back at her friend for an answer, but Sammys face was now red and was staring at the ground in shame. Julia looked back at Christine to find her holding a different dress.

Im so happy you chose that one, this will make your stay much more fun for me.

Christine had used the oldest trick in the book; choose the opposite of the childs choice. She held up a pink silky dress, which had a large petticoat underneath and a white ribbon on the back, which tied around the waist. The sleeves were poofy and had white frills on the end, as did the collar of the dress. It was much like a Barbie princess dress that you would see on a commercial. Julia simply stared with dread.

Please Christine, dont make me wear that. Ill do anything, Ill be good, I promise!

Well, I expect you to be good Julia, just as I expect you dont want another spanking for not doing so. You are being punished for what you HAVE ALLREADY done and nothing can take that back. Now be a good little girl and walk with me to the changing table.

Christine took Julias hand and walked her to the infants changing table. She picked the child up and sat her down on the table. Julia was once again in tears, pleading for Christine to stop, to make it all go away.

Julia, if Im going to change you into a diaper I need you to lye down, please.

Julia was crying even heavier now, she knew she was going to be put in a dress that was too girly for words, but a diaper too? Christine became impatient again and proceeded to push Julia down to where she lay flat on her back. Julia tried to resist but she simply wasnt strong enough. Christine let go of her grip of Julia and Julia decided not to resist any longer when she was reminded f the spanking she would get. She just lay helplessly on her back, completely exposed and waited to once again have clothes on.

Christine reached under the table and revealed a little girls diaper from a pampers plastic bag. The diaper was one with tapes, to make sure that it wasnt wasted after it was put on the infant or in this case, Julia. It had an imprinted design on the top part of the diaper, just like all baby diapers do, with little animal girls who held teddy bears, pacifiers and baby bottles Christine unfolded the baby diaper, lifted up Julias bottom and laid her back down on the diaper. Christine then skillfully powdered Julias diapered region, lifted the diaper up between her legs and taped the sides. Julia was still crying when Christine sat her up and pulled the dress over Julias head but she soon stopped after she calmed down completely.

Christine wiped the tears off of the little girls eyes, picked her up, and sat her down into one of the sleepy swings. The swing was turned on and Julia began to swing back and forth slowly, with her dress ruffling and making noises along with her new diaper the whole time. At first she tried to get out but quickly realized she couldnt as she wasnt tall nor strong enough to lift herself out of the baby seat. All she could do now is watch what would happen to Sammy.

Okay Sammy, your turn.

Sammy looked at her mother in confusion, she was thirteen years old as it seemed, why was her mother calling her to the changing table?

But mom, Im not a baby, I dont need diapers right now.

Yes, but you will be in about nine days or so, come over here now.

Sammy also became teary eyed but did as she was told. It was in fact her fault that this whole thing had happened. It was her job to keep people out of the spring water, and she had failed to do so. Christine picked Sammy up, just as she had done with Julia and diapered her. This time she used little girls pull-ups with the Disney princesses on them and little pink hearts and side straps. The hearts would, of course, notify Christine when Sammy had an ˜accident.

Okay Sammy, sit up and wait here.

Christine walked over to the closet and pulled out a dress that was very similar to Julias baby dress, but was a soft yellow color. Christine then closed the closet doors and walked back to the changing station to meet Sammy.

Sammy, you will be treated like a baby, just as Julia is for the rest of the month, the same rules that go for Julia go for you, got it?

Sammy sadly nodded her head and Christine pulled the dress over her head and arms. The dress wasnt really big enough for Sammys age, so you could see her diapers, clear as day. The dress was, however, long enough to cover up the top of her diapers. At this age Sammy was very cute, in fact both girls were far cuter than your average girl, they were both fragile and feminine.

Sammy was picked up by Christines arms and carried to the playpen, next to Julia. The playpen was also quite big and was much too tall for even Sammy to climb over. Julia noticed that the height of the playpen could be changed; the same went for the baby cribs and high chairs. After Sammy was carefully placed on the ground, Christine picked up Julia from out of the swing. Unfortunately for herself, Julia was very drowsy from all of the excitement and the rocking back and forth along with the lullaby that had been playing in her ears.

Christine sat Julia down in the playpen; her eyes were almost completely closed, but were opening once again. Christine foresaw this and stuck a babys blue pacifier in her mouth. Julia tried to fight from falling asleep, but was so dazed that she didnt even refuse the pacifier and sucked on it contently. Christine then walked out of the room and closed the door.

I expect you two to behave for me like good little girls, yelled Christine from behind the closed door.

Hey, Julia, Im really sorry about all this.

Sammys voice wasnt heard though; Julia hadnt fought hard enough and had fallen fast asleep. She was curled up in a ball, sucking on her pacifier and hugging her petticoats happily. Sammy smiled a little and grabbed a large blanky from the corner of the playpen along with a fluffy teddy bear. She then threw the blanky on top of herself and baby Julia and nestled right beside her as her dress ruffled and made crinkly sounds when it came in contact with Julias diaper. Christine hugged the teddy bear and sucked on her thumb. In a few minutes, the two little girls were both asleep.
Chapter 4
Julia had finally woken up after her nap, and Sammy was still soundly sleeping and sucking her thumb. At first Julia was scared by her still new surroundings. She couldnt even remember the last time she was in a playpen, but her feeling of fright was soon overcome by the feeling of security. Although she was being punished, she kind of enjoyed being a little girl with her best friend Sammy again. Julia also wouldnt have to worry about school anymore for a while either.

Sammy began to swish around in her diapers for a few seconds and then hugged her bunny tightly and smiled. Julia thought it was extremely cute at first but then she remembered something. It was really Sammys fault that they were both being punished. She could have prevented this whole thing if she wouldve told Julia that the pond was off limits, and she was even told by her mother to do so. So why hadnt she?
Sammy was still sleeping but Julia couldnt take it any longer, and began to shake Sammys shoulders which were now covered by puffy pink sleeves.

The eyelids of Sammys thirteen year old face began to open and glisten in the light. She really was very pretty, even since kindergarten; she had been one of the most attractive girls in the school. Sammy sat up and her diaper crinkled even more and made an appearance from under her petticoats.

yeah, what is it Julia?

Look Sammy, Im not stupid and I cant believe you would do this to us on purpose, I thought we were best friends!

Sammys face became a bit pale and her expression grew concerned.

What are you talking about? We are best friends; I didnt do anything to you.

yeah, whatever. I know that you knew what would happen if we went into the pond. I also know that this has happened to you before, not just because of this dumb room, but because your mom said that you knew how this goes by now.

Sammy was even more concerned and her cheeks turned a light red.

I bet you wanted this to happen, didnt you? I just cant believe how stupid and embarrassing this is. I should be at volleyball practice right now instead of sitting in a f###ing playpen in diapers with the most immature lying imbecile in the world!

Julia may have been a Tom boy, but she wasnt stupid when it came to figuring things out, in fact, she had basically ˜hit it right on the dot. Sammy was in shock at Julias reaction. Not only was her mom mad at her, but her friend who she had thought would understand, now hated her. Sammy was heart broken, and tears began to flood her eyes until she couldnt hold them in anymore, and she began crying uncontrollably.
At first Julia just thought Sammy was being immature again, but she realized that she had really struck a soft spot. Sammy was her friend no matter what happened and Julia had forgotten that. The little girl hiccupped as she tried to talk to Julia while crying at the same time.

*hic* im¦. Im, really *hic* sorry. I just wanted to *hic* have someone else to spend time *hic* with. My mommys always putting *hic* me in diapers and i *hic* thought you would¦.

Sammy couldnt talk any longer; it was really sad and kinda pathetic how much Julia had hurt her. Julia crawled over to the sobbing girl and put her arms around her and squeezed her tightly.

Its ok Sammy; really, I shouldnt have gotten so mad at you. Were still friends, right?

Sammys tears slowed down and she hugged Julia.


Sammy was still having trouble talking, but she explained why she had done this to Julia.

Well, my mom does this to me every week. She started doing it last year and has done it ever since. She never really got to be around me when I was a kid. She was a lawyer for my daddy until I was about three and a half. She really enjoys treating me like a baby¦. And¦

You enjoy being her baby? Julia was once again, correct.

yeah, but it always gets so lonely and I never get to spend any time with my friends on the weekend, so I figured that maybe my best friend wouldnt tell anyone.

Dont worry, Itll be our kool little secret.

The little girls smiled and hugged once more, just as most friends do.

So, what are we going to do now?

Actually, we spent so much time in the pond that well be here for about a month like my mommy said. Ive been in the spring a lot, so it takes me longer to regress to a babys age. You look like your already a baby though, so youll probably start re-growing around three weeks from now.

wow, what do you do around here for fun then?

actually, my mommy usually just lets me do baby things, so we would probably play in the sanbox and play with blocks and stuff.
That sounds pretty boring.

Youd be surprised how fun things can be when you start to act your age. If you act like youre a baby again, youre usually amused as easily as one, at least thats what I have experienced Sammy seemed to know a lot about the subject, and since there wasnt much to do, Julia decided to follow Sammys advice from now on, all though she kept it secret.

It was around that moment in which Christine waked back into the room; however, she was not angry. To be precise, she seemed quite forgiving and there was a beautiful aura around her which helped enjoy her very presence.

Well, I see my two little girls have woken up from there nappy time. Did you have a nice sleep Julia? Julia, in turn, nodded her head happily.

Aww. Of course I know my little Sammy slept like an angel, just as always?

Sammy giggled merrily and was swiftly picked off of her feet by her loving mother. It was about noon now, and the windows thoroughly sent all of the sunlight through the room and the open one to the right of it applauded its gesture with a nice cool breeze.
It was a very calm temperature in the room and everything seemed perfect. What was odd was that Julia had never felt so¦. at peace¦ in her whole life.

You see; Julia had never had a real mother, sadly, Grace died after giving life to Julia. Her whole life she had just had a father figure, he wasnt a bad father at all really. He just never got Julia to commence in regular girl things. She always wanted to watch football with her father or play golf, the girls volleyball team was perhaps the most girly thing she had ever really done. About thirteen years after Graces death, her father married a new woman, who unfortunately, wasnt too ˜thrilled with the tomboy daughter her husband owned.

This seemed like a new beginning for Julia, she could spend time with a real mother who actually loved her and didnt taunt her about the personality she withheld. Julia quickly became entwined in the idea and jumped up and down on her little feet, begging to be picked up. As Christine showed the same affection for Julia as she did Sammy, Julia shrilled with glee. Christine pretended that Julia was an airplane and flew her around Julia whilst the wind from the window blew across her dress and she landed right next to Sammy.

Okay girls, you two can play around while I make some lunch okay? I dont want you two to get in any trouble. I just hate punishing children. And at that, she chuckled and walked over to the kitchen part of the room.

So that was the secret, wasnt it? Julia and Sammy werent really being punished; in fact it was more like they received two tickets to paradise. There was one outlier, however, why did Christine spank Julia and Sammy? The first thought that popped into her mind was soon blown away by the next bit of information that popped out of Christines mouth.

Im so sorry that I spanked you two earlier. Sammy only supposed to keep you in the pond for about three minutes or so, youre lucky you didnt regress to a premature form.

Julia winced in disbelief. Christine had set the whole thing up? But why?

I dont appreciate the fact that you two snuck out after bedtime though, which is why you were also punished, Julia.

Julia remembered that Sammy had said that they were supposed to do something before the OC came on, but they were already late at the time, so they skipped it.

The real reason youre here, is because of Sammys concern for you. Shes been telling me that your grades have been slipping as well as your mentality. I know that times can be rough with your step mother and all, but never forget that your friends are there to help you.

Julia was a bit perplexed by this but she soon wanted to play in the sandbox with Sammy, who was beckoning her to come over. Julia looked at Christine with a wide smile and then waddled over to Sammy. It had become very hard for Julia to walk as any normal child would. The bulk of her diaper was very hard to get passed, and she soon fell over on her tummy. Luckily the bundle of petticoats under her dress prevented her from getting hurt.

You know, its a lot easier to crawl around at your age Julie. I wont laugh, I promise.
Julia once again did exactly what Sammy had suggested, and once again, Sammy was correct.

She had an odd but comfortable feeling while she crawled around in her diaper toward the sandbox. Her dress got a bit caught between her legs and made a swishy sound as it swept across the plastic of her nappy. She felt something in her mind which she had never experienced before. She really liked being in her diaper, it was like she never wanted to where anything else. Nothing else was so comfortable and safe and made her so happy at the same time. She finally crawled over the sandbox and her dress ruffled once more, showing her diaper as she sat down.

Julia loved acting like a baby, she couldnt deny it, so she asked about more ways to be a baby.

Well, there are lots of ways to act like a baby, like sucking on your pacifier all the time and crawling around. My favorite thing to do when I get to be around age three is talk like a baby and suck my thumb. I bet youd think Im silly if I told you what I do when Im your age.

No, really, I want to know!

Sammy cheeks grew flushed and her mouth kept shut.

please, Sammy, I really really really want to know, pleeeeease?

Julia was trying to a ct cute, but it did work.

Ok, but you cant make fun of me for it.

mhm, pinky swear.

Sammy leaned closer to Julia and whispered the next few words to Julia.

Well, you dont actually loose control of your bladders or bowls or anything, but my mommy doesnt know that, so I like to just go in my diaper instead of going to the bathroom.

wow, really?

Yeah, it just makes me feel helpless and I get lots of attention from my mommy when I do it¦

Julia paused for a second, she wanted to act like a baby until now but what Sammy had said really was a little odd. They started to play for a while without talking. It looked as if Julia had really embarrassed Sammy by not even giving the courtesy of a response. After about fifteen minutes, Christine had made some really good looking sub sandwiches, not full ones, mind you, just about 1/5 of a sub for each of them. Christine was walking over to the little girls who were happily playing in the sandbox when something happened.

Julia had the feeling that she needed to pee, she knew she could hold it in easily, but was what Sammy said really that much fun? Christine had picked Julia up when she had finally made a decision to either wet herself or not to.
Chapter 5
I bet youre ready to eat some yummy sandwiches, huh?

As Christine lifted up Julia, using her arm as a seat for the little girl, Christine felt a familiar soggyish bulge in the front of Julias diaper. Julia couldnt help herself, she was actually trying not to wet herself on one side of the brain, but her other was much to interested to stop her from wetting her diaper completely.

oh? Did Julia make a wet nappy?

Julia became highly embarrassed in the midst of what had just happened and tears started to slowly build up in her eyes. Christine was well skilled with kids and thankfully, calmed Julia down promptly.

Aww, its ok, you dont have to cry. Its perfectly normal for a baby girl to wet herself, just relax and let me change your diaper, okay?

Julia nodded her head; however she was still in a teary-eyed state. It was very hard to calm down after what she had just done, and as soon as Christine laid her down on the changing station, she began to start crying in frayed intervals. Christine saw this, and quickly grabbed a pink and white pacifier and slipped it between Julias lips and into her mouth. Julia calmed down rather quickly, she was surprised at how much it had soothed her and she sucked on it quietly.

Christine, very professionally, untapped the sides of Julias soggy diaper, picked her bottom up by the ankles and slipped it away. She then secured a baby wipe in her fingertips and wiped down Julias whole private area, to prevent any diaper rash that might occur. After that, she received and unfolded yet another disposable diaper, un-taped the sides and put it under Julias clean bottom. In a few seconds, Julia was strapped in a new diaper and ready to go eat lunch.

Sammy was already sitting at the little kids table, waiting politely for Julia to come and join her, but Julia wouldnt be sitting at the table with her. She had a highchair waiting in the kitchen, which nicely accommodated her fragile size. Christine held Julia in her left arm and unlocked the highchairs eating table, then sat Julia down as the middle bar separated her legs, so as not to slip out and get a boo-boo. Her new diaper, not worn into yet, crinkled very loudly (at least in comparison to her old one) as she ruffled around in her petticoats and dress while Christine fastened the eating tray back to the top of its original position, locking Julia in.

Julia was still sucking on her pacifier, which seemed to be the only thing blocking her between her emotions. Christine pulled it out and laid the sandwich piece in front of her. Yet Julia did not want to enjoy her sandwich in such a way. She knew that she was old enough to eat it at her age, but she was so confused by all of the feelings around her, that she didnt want to be too far away from Christines attention. She started to mutter baby words to see if Christine would come to her aid.

mu mouf, mu mouf. Pwease?

hmm? Do what is it Julia?

mu mouf. said Julia in her high pitched baby voice as she pointed at her mouth.

Oh! Do you want me to feed you?

Julia nodded her head with a puppy eyed glisten and Christine obliged.
Julia was starting to become more comfortable with being and acting like a baby. It was so nice to get the attention that a real mother gave to her daughter. Christine tore off each piece and placed it in Julias mouth, waiting for her to finish chewing on every bite. Sammy was smiling from ear to ear. She had no idea that Julia would become accustomed to being a baby so soon. Sammy finished her milk and sandwich and watched as the baby Julia happily ate with Christine.

Julia decided it was time for her to get a drink of milk, but Christine insisted she finish her sandwich beforehand. Julia whimpered a bit, but did as she was told. After she had finished her own sandwich, she reached for the sippy cup, which was to the right of her, but Christine took it away. What was she doing? Was she mad that Julia was acting so immature? Even for a two year old, it was very odd to be fed by someone else.

Christine walked to the sink, and picked out a yellow baby bottle with a giraffe design on it, she poured the milk from the sippy cup onto it, and firmly fixed the nipple. After, she picked up Julia out of her high chair, and walked toward the rocking chair in the sleeping part of the room. Christine had already lied Julia down across her arm, securing her bottom with her hand, and resting the little girls head on her forearm. Julia quickly began sucking on the bottle, as she was quite thirsty by now. Christine rocked back and forth as Julia sucked on the nipple and Sammy watched with amazement.

At first, Julia seemed completely weirded out and scared from the situation of being a baby again, but in only a day, she had grown into it. It had taken Sammy almost a full week to realize that she liked being a baby, but Julia seemed to have needed it her whole life.
Julia couldnt really agree more with Sammy. She had never enjoyed herself more in her whole life; she was so content and relaxed in her diapers. She also really liked the comfort of waddling around in her dress and the sound of her petticoats swishing from side to side.

Julia had finished her bottle, and Christine decided that it was time for a short nap. This time she put Julia in the baby swing and Sammy in the crib, next to Julia.

So, I guess you really enjoy being a baby, huh Julia?

Christines question was unanswered, as Julia had quickly fallen asleep from her full stomach and the rocking of the swing along with the soft lullaby it played in her ear. She was dribbling on herself, so Christine only saw it fit for Julia to have the pacifier in her mouth, once more. After, Christine felt Sammys diaper to see if she had had an ˜accident in her training pants, but luckily for Christine, she hadnt. The two girls both fell asleep and Christine walked out of the room, to relax and watch some more soap operas.

It was only a half hour nap, but both Sammy and Julia were rested. Christine, however, wasnt in the room yet, So the two girls had some time to talk.

how do you like being a baby. Julia?

Julia took the pacifier out of her mouth and smiled.

Its really fun. I love the attention and all, but when do we get to really have some fun?

When were older. Dont worry; this will go by faster than you think.

Yeah, probably.

So, how did you like wetting your diaper? Was it fun?

I guess so, it definitely made me feel more like a baby, but I dont think Ill ever go poopy in it, thats just gross.

Well¦.. I really dont think you have a choice, Ive convinced my mom that around that age you dont have any control over your bodily functions as far as the bathroom goes.

But I dont want to poop in my diaper, cant I just go to the little potty like you do?

I guess, but then she might stop treating you like a baby¦

Julia didnt want to stop being treated as a baby girl, but she was also a bit scared of the thought of pooping in her diaper. It wasnt really the grossness that scared her, She was just nervous, but she didnt know why. Unfortunately for Julia, she didnt have much time to make up her mind, as her bowls were completing the cycle of food from the day earlier. A slight pressure started growing quickly in her lower body and she decided to hold it in, until Christine came into the room. Christine, however, was lying down on the couch, asleep. Her alarm clock had been put on snooze, and even though it was only going to be ten more minutes before Christine would come back into the nursery to release the girls, Julia couldnt hold it in.

She was trapped in a baby seat and there was no way of getting out. Sammy couldnt unlock the baby crib to help her, because she could get hurt if she tried to climb over the, oddly enough, taller than usual crib bars. She also couldnt unlock it to help out Julia, because it had a digital lock that only Christine knew, along with most of the other items in the room, including the baby swing. Julia tried to unlock the seat without the combo, but she was simply to weak. As she gave one last push at the seats restraints, her bowl movement pushed very hard on her seat. It hadnt come out yet, but any more sudden movements might make Julia lose the battle.

Julia had been holding it in as long as she could, and thankfully Christine walked in the room. Julia was so excited; she finally got to go to the bathroom. But Julias excitement along with her weak stomach gave way, and she unleashed her bowls into her diaper. She was shocked, what had she done? She couldnt even hold in her own bowls for longer than ten minutes? She had never pooped her pants in her whole life, at least not after potty training. Christine heard the loud noise and knew that she had to change baby Julias messy diaper once again.

The next day wasnt so bad. Julia got used to not using the bathroom as much and even started to enjoy the carelessness involved. If she needed to go poop or pee, she simply went. It wasnt that much of a big deal anymore. After the nights sleep, Sammy had become a five year old and Julia was at the bottom ledge of her youth, at age one. The rest of the month wasnt very exciting. Julia and Sammy played baby games with Christine like peek-a-boo and other fun games. Julia didnt really care how unexciting things were, for her, being a baby again was all the excitement she needed.

The last week of being children was quite rough for the two little girls. It was always hard to be potty trained right after getting used to just letting it go.

Okay Sammy, youre next.

The seven year old girl stepped her feet into the Huggies training pants, and Christine pulled them up for her. Julia was already wearing her training pants, they were surprisingly comfortable, kind of a mix between wearing her panties and the diapers. The two girls were able to do lots of fun things by now. Christine would let them play outside and even play videogames like Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario Sunshine. Julia had enjoyed spending so much time with Sammy. She had even become more girlish than her original tomboy self, and preferred to wear the pretty dresses and clothes, rather than the ugly trousers and sun dress she had wanted earlier. Christine had actually offered to take Julia shopping at the mall in a few days, so Julia could buy a new set of clothes.

The rest of the last week went by pretty smoothly, Julia and Sammy finally got out of their training pants and back into panties, although Julia did have a few accidents. Christine took Julia and Sammy to the mall as she had promised, and Christine actually bought Julia a whole new wardrobe. Finally, the month was over and Julia had to return to her fathers house.

Thank you Sammy, for everything.

Its not that big of a deal, honestly I think I had more fun just because of the company.

Julia giggled a little.

and thank you Christine, Ill never forget what youve done for me.

Julia cried a little bit and they all hugged.

Dont forget Julia, you were at Florida this whole time, oh and here is your scholarship.

Wow, you mean I actually have a Scholarship?

Thats right, you have four free years of college after you graduate from High School, so I expect you to keep your grades up and act responsible.

Of course. Thank you so much.

Julia shed a few last tears and Christine and Sammy left her at her fathers house. Julia was a bit heart broken; it was like she had lost her mother a second time. But she remembered that she could return to Sammys house any time she wanted, and with that, she headed into her house and upstairs to her room. Anthony, her father, and Destiny, her step mother (ironicly enough) werent home at the moment, so Julia had time to unpack and try on some new clothes.

She neatly folded her new panties and bras in one droor and hung up all of her shirts, jeans and skirts. She was quite thrilled with herself for buying short shirts and even mini skirts.
She was finished unpacking and decided to try on a black skirt with ruffles and a long sleeved shirt with a short sleeved on top. She really admired how good she looked for once, as she had never actually tried on anything feminine besides her bras and panties before.

As she looked in the mirror a sudden cramp appeared in her stomach and a loud noise after.



Julia had made a large bulge in her cotton panties, had she really just done what she thought she had?
Chapter 6
I was the next day, Monday, and of course Julia would be returning to her normal life. The day before she had spent most of the time covering up her ˜accident as her parents, just recently after it, had joined her inside the house. Luckily her clothes were already in the washer, and even more luckily, they were all fine once dried out, including her new one.

*BING* The fifteen second bell had rung, but everyone was already in class. They wee all quite interested in what had happened to Julia and Sammy and all got the same answer, which you the reader, already know. The day went by rather smoothly and with a predominate speed. The school day had ended and Julia had been complimented several times on her new outfit. She was wearing Capris and a tank top for the first day, apparently it was a good idea since she also got hit on for the first time.

See you tomorrow Julia! said Sammy, waving goodbye on the bus.
You too!

Julias favorite part of the day was up next. She walked into the girls locker room and up to her locker. Her pants were the first to come off as she began to undress and in about two minutes she was in her shorts and shirt, ready for practice. Her shorts were the regulars blue, but also very tight for increased performance. Her shirt was just a plain white, although you could slightly see her pink sports bra, which she had just bought the day before with Sammy. It was supposed to be a sex appeal thing; at least thats what Sammy had said.

Ok girls, Im going to take down attendance, I assume youll all be practicing by the time I get back. The coach was always a bit strict with the girls but it paid off, as their team was the top in the state.

So Julia, I see youre finally dressing like a girl, I uses Chad saw too The girls giggled at Olivias joke.

I guess so¦.

What do you mean ˜I guess so? He was totally all over you, I bet hell own you by Friday.

Yeah, sorry but I dont go out with losers.

Losers? Hes the most popular guy in school, not to mention his hawt body¦.

A random girl from the team spoke up. I know, his hair is way cute.

Another maid their claim. I know! Have you seen his eyes? Gorgeous!

Look, like Ive said before, Im not going out with a guy unless he has a great personality.

Good luck with that, Julia, maybe after college!

All of the girls started laughing but Julia launched the volleyball up into the air of the gymnasium and everyone started playing. Julia had hit around fifteen spikes before the game was over, but truly everyone had lost count, it was basically expected of her to be the best, and she was.

Good game Julia lets start another, just you and me. It was Emma, she was easily the second best of the whole game, but she was always such a show-off about it. Unfortunately for Julia, she was also the second most popular, which would change dramatically if she were to try out for Cheerleading.

The ball was hit back and forth for awhile until Julia felt a sudden urge to go to the bathroom, but ignored it. She was sure that what had happened yesterday was merely an accident, it wouldnt happen again. However, her bowels thought otherwise, as she landed to the ground right after spiking it at Emmas feet to end the round, her bowels exploded. Emma didnt notice though, she had a short temper and had kind of lost it.

You know, youre starting to act like a real ***** Julia!

Julia kept her mouth shut as she was thinking of a way to get out of the situation. The bulge in her tight shorts was pulling on the front of her abdomen, making her hold in her pee as well.

I mean, leaving for a month so people can forget about who you really are then coming back looking like a ******* prep, its a bunch of ********!

Look Emma, Im sorry..

No, you look. If you for once even think that you can steal Chad away from me, youre wrong, got it?

Emmas ego was getting ahead of herself once again. Julia was much more worried about the mess she had made in her panties and soon enough, her pee slowly trickled in to them as well. Julia ran to the door as fast as she could, ran into he locker room and hid in one of the stalls.
The locker room was silent as Julia quickly released the last of her urine into her panties and then took them off. She listened for a while and decided no one was there, so she walked into the showers to clean herself.

¦ I cant believe I did it again. I even wet myself, god that was so close¦.

As Julia cleaned herself off, the showers water hitting the floor drowned ou8t the noise of the locker door opening.

Ok, Ill just have to practice going to the bathroom some more, no biggie.

Julia had finished soaping herself, rinsed and left the showers holding her shirt and shorts in hand, which were now drenched. She put her clothes in a plastic bag, dressed herself and left without noticing Emma.

Hey Sammy?

Yah, Julia, whats going on?

Well, at practice today, I wet myself and¦crapped myself too.

Oh my god! Did anyone notice?

No I was the only one there, well accept for Emma¦

Wow, youre lucky. If she would have noticed then everyone would know.

I think she left after I went into the locker room, I was in the showers so Im pretty sure she just got dressed and went home.

Thats good, well Im sure it was just an accident.

Actually, I did it yesterday too.

There was a long pause on the phone for a while until Christines voice appeared.

So, youve done this twice already?

Mhm, I dont know why.

Well if you want I can give you some pills.

Thanks Christine. Thatd be nice and all but, I want to fix this on my own.

Julia went to bed afterwards.
The next day of school dragged on for a while. It was mostly the same as the day before. Chad hit on her a lot and in fact invited her on a date, to which, Julia replied yes. Julia had never really gone out with anyone who was really good looking, so she thought she would give Chad a chance to redeem himself of Julias recent thought that he was a *******. Emma caught the news early, but was ready.

After school, everyone was at practice once again. They played the fist game up to the point where Julia said that she had to use the bathroom, but Emma had already made sure it was closed off due to a janitor cleaning it. All of the bathrooms were already blocked off because of the after school hours.

Julia wasnt worried though; she knew she could hold it in until practice was over. No one on the team had talked to Julia the whole day. It created a sort of sneaky essence in the gymnasium, but Julia ignored that along with her need to pee. After the third game practice was over again and Julia headed straight into the locker room which wasnt closed off anymore, but the old lady was still cleaning the toilets. Julia knew that she couldnt hold it in any longer.

Hey. Could I please use one of these?

Sorry, but you cant use any of them until tomorrow, its the policy you know. Showers are off limits too.

Julia was trapped; she knew she couldnt make it home without wetting herself, but she had to try.

She took took off her clothes and got dressed into her regular clothes. Today she was wearing a air of frilly green boy shorts and a green push up bra to match. She had already put them on and headed for her pleated black skirt and long sleeved white shirt. Once she was finished changing her urge to pee had almost subsided. She made her way to the door, which the janitor had just left the room through, and was now blocked by Emma and two other girls.

Whats the matter Julia? Do you need to go potty?

Just let me leave, I have to get home.

oh no you dont not until you get changed.

Im already dressed so just shut the hell up and let me leave Emma.

Julias fist was clenched by now. She had already realized that Emma had known about the accident but she had also told everyone else about it. To Julias surprise, Emma held up a diaper from behind her back.

Are you sure you dont need your diapy?

Julia leaped forward at Emma with her fist in the air, but it was caught by another girls hand and some more grabbed her arms. I a few seconds she was overpowered by all of them. Julia wriggled around as her skirt flounced around and someone grabbed it. Her skirt was soon pulled off of her body as she was held tightly on the ground. The next movement was that her panties were ripped straight off and three more girls gabbed the diaper and started to lift her bottom up. Julia was crying by now and the fight had left, being replaced with her own fatigue.

There we go, is Juwia going to cooperate now wike a good wittle baby?

Emmas cooing brought Julia to cry even more. Julia couldnt even move now as her muscles were cramped up and tired. Emma raised Julia off her bottom and laid the diaper down under her and laid Julias bare bottom back down upon it.

oh my god, she crying just like baby.

Emma brought the diaper through Julias crotch and taped the sides on. In a few seconds Julia had already wet herself and began crying even more as the girls taunted her diapered state.

aww, the baby wet her diaper.

The diaper Julia was wearing was one that showed when she had wet herself and all of the flowers had left the diaper because of her ˜peepee accident.

Emma and the girls left Julia in the locker room. Emma had also taken her panties away from Julia, to make sure that she kept her diaper on for the walk home.

I cant believe that bitch said Julia through her tears.

She sat one her diapered bottom and picked up her skirt.
Afterwards she simple took the diaper off and put the skirt on. A bare bottom was better than a diaper; after all, girls did that for spring break all the time. When she walked out of the bathroom, leaving her wet diaper on the floor, Emma was there to greet her.

Dont you even think about leaving here without your diaper on little girl. If you do, then Ill make sure to spread the word around school along with the internet.

Emma held up pictures of Julia crying in her wet diaper. Julia was much too tired to fight and she knew that no one else should know about what had happened. She was cornered,

So, whats it going to be?

Julia eyes grew watery once more and she looked down at the floor.

I want to wear my diaper.

Like you mean it, like the little baby you are. I swear to god Ill tell everyone if you dont.

Julia grew even more tears that streamed down her embarrassed face.

I want to wear my diaper pwease. Said Julia in a more baby like voice.


Emma grabbed Julias hand and led her back into the bathroom. She grabbed the wet diaper on the floor and brought it up between Julias legs and under her skirt. Unfortunately Julia had ripped the tapes on the diaper when she had taken it off.

Well, it looks like baby needs another diaper. Hold this up while I get another.

Emma took off he backpack and grabbed another diaper. The pink flowers were still showing on the new one.

Ok baby, hold still while I tape this diaper around your messy one.

Emma brought the diaper up around Julias already diapered waist and and taped it around the other. The bulge of the diapers was so great that Julia was standing awkwardly and the skirt couldnt cover it up. In fact Julias skirt was only able to hide half of the diaper. Emma grabbed Julias hand once more after putting on her backpack and pulling down Julias skirt, walked out of the locker room. All of the girls had already left and Julia waddled away with her hand in Enmas.

However, Julias hand was soon a fist which had bluntly forced itself across Emmas nose. After figuring out that they were the only ones in the school, it was easy to knock Emma out cold. Julia knew that Emma was the only one with a camera, so she had nothing to worry about. She then took off her diapers and stole a pair of Emmas panties from her backpack then put them on. Ironicly, they had bunnies on them.

"...and she called ME a baby"

Emma was in the perfect position for her blackmailing to backfire.
Chapter 7
I cant believe she thought she could take me¦¦¦¦¦. idiot.

Julia decided to look in Emmas bag for a new diaper; there was actually a whole pack of them. They were all pretty much the same kind, simple white disposables with pink, light blue and yellow flowers on the front. Julia got one out and decided it was time for Emma to get her own diaper change.

Oh my god, Im gonna hate myself later for this said Julia, laughing with delight as she pulled down Emmas shorts.

Emma was wearing the regular jean short shorts after she had changed from practice and apparently she enjoyed showing off her pink silk thong while wearing them, as they were rising to the small of her back. As Julia delicately pulled Emmas shorts down to her feet, so as not to wake her, she left Emma helpless. She made sure of this by specifically tearing Emmas shorts with her teeth. Julias plan was to do exactly what Emma was going to, accept she wouldnt have anything to cover up HER diaper.

Julia then removed Emmas thong and made sure to throw it in the trash can. Emma was ready for a diaper, at last, and vengeance was ready for her as well. Julia unfolded the diaper, undid the tapes and slipped it under Emmas half naked body. She moved the diaper into position, then brought it up between her thighs and secured the tapes evenly to both sides of Emmas relatively small waist.

Julia laughed with excitement This is way too funny!

She brought out Emmas camera and took a picture of the diapered teenager. Of course Julia was thrilled with herself, but something was missing, she really wanted Emma to be sorry for ever messing with her. As Emmas sleeping body laid on the floor, Julia tried to come up with a plan. She first put two more diapers upon Emmas bottom, which looked very funny, but Julia couldnt shake off the fact that it was some what cute. It reminded her of how much she loved wearing diapers and the comfort and sourness of being a baby. Julia simply had to do something, so she woke Emma up.

Hey Emma¦.. Emma!

¦¦.uhn¦.. what?

Just wake the hell up so we can get out of here, the schools about to close and I think you might want to get home as quick as possible.

What? Why?............. HEY! WHY THE HELL AM I WEARING DIAPERS?!

Well, you were being a little ***** so you needed to be punished. I think that waddling home in diapers is fair enough dont you?
Emma started to cry a bit, but Julia was not sure why. After all, she couldnt be that immature, could she?

Where are my pants?

I ripped them up to make sure you had to go home in diapers¦

¦¦¦. Ok¦.

Julia was shocked. Why was Emma so calm about everything? Sure she was usually quiet but Julia had always known her to be a ,¦¦ well, snob!

Im sorry I was mean to you Julia, I just wanted Chad for myself and I figured if he was your daddy too¦.

WHAT? My daddy? You have some serious problems with boys Emma. I wasnt actually going to go out with Chad; I just didnt want to hurt his feelings or anything like that.


Emma wiped the blood from her nose, moved her long red curly hair away from her face and stood up.

umm¦. Do you mind if we can just forget this ever happened?

Well, I guess so, but how are you going to get home when youre wearing diapers? What if someone sees you?

I told you, Ive got Chad, remember?

But he doesnt have a girlfriend.

I know.

Emma smiled a little and picked up her cell phone which Julia had taken out of her shorts earlier.

Hey Chad?


Im at school.


Yeah that would be great, thanks.

Emma closed the cell phone and put it in her backpack.

Well, I guess Ill see you later, thanks for not telling anyone about this.

Yeah, no problem.

Emma waddled away and walked out of the gymnasium doors which lead to the parking lot. Chad was already waiting for her in his car, though he didnt live very far away.
Emma got in the passenger side and Chad kissed her on the cheek.

What a nice boyfriend¦.

As Julia walked out of the school something hit her as odd. Emma had not told Chad that she was wearing diapers and yet he didnt seem to react to it. Chad wasnt even her boyfriend yet he acted just like it. Could it really be that Emma likes to wear diapers too?
That WOULD explain why she called him her daddy¦¦

It was about nine o Clock now. Julia had already finished her homework and was ready to go to bed. She locked her door, as she had done the last night and the night before. Her closet doors opened as she pulled them out towards her and she opened up the top droor of her dresser. Her favorite cloth diaper was still there along with her pink bunny and pacifier. Christine had given them to her after she had left and Julia used them every night to fall asleep.

In only a few minutes, Julia had powdered herself and pinned on her diaper. She was very content knowing that she could still wear one and so she put on her silk nightie, grabbed her pacifier and went to bed. Her bunny was snuggled softly in her arms as the night light shined silently in the corner of her room. Everything was perfect.

About half an hour later, she was solidly asleep.

Back at Sammys house the story was pretty much the same, she had also put on her diaper and went to sleep, just as Julia had. The rest of the week was pretty much un-eventful and boring although Sammy knew exactly how to bring the end of it back to life.
Friday night had come and Julia was once again spending the night at Sammys. Christine had already changed them into disposables and Sammy was ready to expose her plan.

Okay, So you know how winter break is coming soon, right?


My mom has asked your parents if you could go on vacation with us, since your dad has that big business thing going on.

In fact, Julias father did have to leave for Africa along with his wife. He was apart of the national caring association which helped feed starving children, save rainforests and all of that mushy stuff. Of course that did mean that Julias step mom would be gone, so the whole winter break would be spent with Sammy and their would be nothing to intervene.

Anyways, with that much time on our hands, guess what we get to do again?

You mean your mom is going to let us be kids again?

Yep. My dad is going to be there too. Along with my cousin Matt.

Matt? Does he know about the whole baby thing?

Nope and hes not aloud to know unless my mom says so.

Then how are we going to be babied and all that?

Well, he thinks that Im a two year old now.

How old is matt?

About 6, but hes really small for his age, youd think he was four or something, then again he acts like a four year old most of the time too. Always making fart jokes and stupid comments.

hehe, sounds like fun.

The rest of the weekend Sammy and Julia did the usual things that they did, playing video games, talking about boys etc. Christine even let them wear diapers the whole time and changed the girls too.

It would be only one more week until Winter Vacation but for the sanctity of the reader, F### that.

Winter vacation had come and gone. It wasn't as eventful as Julia had tought it would be but she did enjoy being a baby again. At the end of Winter break, New years day, Sammy's father had given Julia 4 inventions he had created. He had made a sort of computer chip that used the scientific structure of the spring water which Julia could put on her skin at any time and it would turn her into a two year old again. The second chip reverted her to her normal age and the last two were extras incase any were lost.

The final weekend before school was at hand. Julia had the next three days to play around with her new toys. For christmas, Christine had bought her a nice variety of different plushy animals, that was her favorite present. Julia also received a few pacifiers, a pair of slippers, two dresses, a pack of disposables and three new cloth diapers with assorted colorful pins.

JUlia had really enjoyed spending time with Sammy again but it was nice to spend some alone time, especially as a two year old again. Julia decided to try the first patch, it was orange and the reverting patch was green.

" I really hope this works"

The patch had only been tested a few times, but each test was succesfull. Sammy's dad said that if they didn't work, she could get some new ones in a few weeks. The moment was at hand. Julia had allready taken a shower, she wanted to be nice and clean if she was going to wear her new clothes. She was also naked at the time, as it would make her changing into diapers much quicker.

The smell of fresh talcum surrounded her room and the vent was blowing comfortable warm air into her room. Julias eart started beating with excitement. If the green patch she was reaching toward worked, it meant she could be a toddler any time she wanted. If it didn't she knew she would be heartbroken.

She grabbed the patch and put it on her arm. A small electrical *tic* sounded from the patch. ...... Nothing happened, Julia didnt feel different at all and she wasstill the same size. As she was about to remove the patch, her height began to reduce.


Her voice had become higher piched as well. She became much smaller and finally stopped reducing size. She was a two year old again. She quickly ran over to the diaper bag which was about half her size now. Quickly, Julia put on a disposable one, she wanted to wear a diaper as soon as possible. Her heart was still quivering from the surprise, so she grabbed her favorite pink bunny and stuck her pacifier in her mouth.

As she sat on the floor, diapered once again and content, she looked back at the orange patch, but it wasnt there! She muffled the words oh no through her pacifier as she felt up and down her arm, but she still couldnt find it. As she looked one last time up and down her arm, she saw it, but it was no longer atop of her arm, but under her skin, barely visible.
Chapter 8
Julia looked around franticly for the green patches that would maybe turn her back. She didnt think that the baby patch would sink under her skin! What if that wasnt supposed to happen? Her pink bunny fell to the floor but Julia nervously sucked on her pacifier. At the sudden glance across the entertainment system in her room (large wooden cabinet with TV and stuff ^-^) she remembered that she had left the patches on top of it. Now, at her current size, she was no where close to reaching the top of her four foot tall cabinet.

Irony had punched Julia right in the face. Her excitement had led her to a flaw in the plan. Sure the patches worked but she couldnt reach them because she had left them out of reach! Julias next thought led her to her door. As she waddled towards the door, she fell over on top of her pink bunny that she had recently abandoned, which luckily broke her fall. She crawled the rest of the way towards the door; her diaper crinkling loudly, Julia started to realize she was acting like a real baby, but shoved the information to the side.

As she reached her destination, she stood up on her legs, but fell on her diapered bottom. Julia couldnt seem to stand up as well as she could. She tried once more but again fell on her bottom.

Whats going on? I was able to do this kind of stuff the last few times I was a baby at Sammys. Im probably just too scared¦ got to calm down¦..

Julia tried again, but pushed her weight on the closed door just in case.

Oh no.

Julia couldnt reach the door knob; it was also just too high for baby Julia. She had planned to get out of her room and call Sammy or anyone for help. Julia pulled the pacifier out of her mouth. It was truthfully much easier to talk to herself rather than think her way out of the situation, thats how she had always been, whether in math class or business, it was just more simple to talk situations out.

Ok, I jus haf to wemain cawm¦. Whas wong wif my mouf?! Oh god no, Im tawking wike a baby too? iss can be happning.

Julia hadnt paid attention to her current status of standing up and fell on her diaper again but this time, rolled on to her back. The trauma of what was happening started to get to her. She really was a baby for once, she was helpless. She even was starting to lose grasp of her speaking skills. She again tried to talk herself back into a mature and peacefull stature.

a wee, pay dis hofgy

She couldnt even get near the words she intended to say anymore. Not even the last strand of hope to calm her down, her talking, was there anymore. As she lay on her back, vulnerable, she began crying in a low pitch whimper. She wanted something to calm her down but what could? She was trapped in her room as a two year old. There was no food, and her parents would not be back in three days. She had no cell phone to call anyone and the computer in her room was being repaired by her father. She was in complete danger of starvation, at least thats what she was thinking.

Julia flopped onto her stomach; she was bawling her eyes out now as she was terrified of her predicament. As she crawled back to the middle of her room, her hand hit her pacifier. It was instinct at this time to immediately grab it and push it in her mouth. She began to suck it very quickly and her whimpering faded away, though tears still streamed from the little girls eyes. Julia was calming down fairly quickly and started to think a bit more sanely. Julia was quite surprised at how sufficiently the pacifier had taken away her fear. She decided that it was a good idea to grab her pink bunny again. For a few minutes she cuddled it. She moved the soft fur up and down her face while contently sucking on her pacifier, thinking to herself ˜everything is all right.

When she was finally calm enough, she thought to herself that she could nock the patches off of the entertainment system. She grabbed a pillow of of her bed and threw it on the edge of the system; Julia could already see one of the green patches hanging off of the side. The pillow got close, but no cigar. She tried a second time and the pillow struck the green patch and it fell to the floor.

She casually crawled over to the patch and put it on her arm. The patch responded after a few seconds. After a few more, Julia grew a seed of worry in her mind, but closed her eyes and cuddled her pink bunny again. She thought about how much fun she had the first time Sammy showed her how nice it was to be a baby. The first time she had ever fallen asleep in diapers, was with her bunny.

The patch created a whirring noise after about a minute and the orange patch soon materialized atop of her skin. Julia started to grow back into her actual size after about five minutes. She was still sucking on her pacifier and hugging her bunny by the time she was done growing. Julia picked up the two patches from her arm, and laid them on the floor in the corner, to make sure she could reach them anytime. The two extra patches were put in her dresser.

As Julia picked up her room, grabbing the diaper which had fallen off her body while growing and the pillow which she had thrown, she never let go of her bunny. Before she turned the light off, she changed herself in her white cloth diaper. The fan above her blew a cool breeze through her hair and set a very calm mood which added to the serenity of her regained peace. The light was turned off and she lied in her bed sucking on her pacifier. Her diaper was very warm and she noticed how nice it was not to worry about getting up to go to the bathroom as she began wetting herself.

Right before she fell asleep, she thought about the fact that she had never given her bunny a name, and so she named it, Paully.

The sun had risen, it was 10:30 AM now and Julia had slept in for the first time ion years. Usually she would wake up early and work out for the volleyball team, but today she just wanted to rest and play with her toys. She was lying on her side; she had kicked off the covers during the night. Her silk nighty was up to her chest and her diaper was in plain view. Normally she would cover up her diapers, just because, but she didnt care anymore. She had changed the night before; Julia had become more calm and casual rather than uptight all the time. It was a very nice feeling.

Her window was open and the suns rays floated upon her body warming her as the cool breeze from the outside cooled her face. Julia had sucked on the pacifier the whole night and Paully was still resting in her arms. Julia rested quietly, enjoying the moment, which the phone soon interrupted.



Hey Julia! I was just calling to see if my dads invention worked for you too.

Mhm, they work¦

¦.you ok Julia? You sound bored..

Huh? No! Im actually really happy, just woke up.

What? Like JUST woke up?


Wow, thats a first. Well, anyways. My dad said that whatever you do, dont keep one on for longer than twelve hours okay?

Sure, but why?

*Sammys fathers voice sounded on the phone.

Well we havent tested it for that long yet, so the dna structural builder might not be able to duplicate your cells back to the point they were at when you depleted them. If your cells have settled for long enough, then trying to bring you back to your normal body structure based on age might be impossible.

¦..uhh¦. what?
If youre a child for two long, then you might not be able to turn back.

Oh! Ok, Ill make sure not to wear it too long!

All right Julia, I trust youll take good care of yourself then?

Yep, see ya later.

Goodbye Julia, BYE JULIA!

Julia laughed at Sammys urge to say goodbye before the phone had hung up. She then put her attention on the dna patches on the floor. She grabbed the range one, and stuck it on her arm. After five minutes she had become a two year old again. She no longer talked, after all, Paully could only hear her if she thought to her. Sure it was childish, but Julia was a two year old after all.

She had the rest of the weekend to play around. For now, she went over to her diaper bag again and taped another disposable diaper around her. Julia sat down with Paully and felt her diapered crotch. It just didnt seem fluffy enough, so she added one more disposable around her small waist. The diapers were Disney princess from Huggies. Each one had a different princess printed on the front of it, the one that Julia had on had Cinderella on it.

After she had changed herself, she tried to get up and walk over to her pacifier, but she simply fell over from the bulk of her diapers. Julia giggled as she rolled on her stomach; she loved the thought of not being able to walk anymore now, and having to crawl. At first Julia had cried about crawling around like a real baby, but after the ordeal with Sammy and the night before, she was accustoming to it.

Julia crawled over to her purple butterfly pacifier and stuck it in her mouth. At first she sat and ˜talked to Paully for awhile. She asked her what she wanted to do today and other things. Soon Julia realized that she was hungry and grabbed the green patch at the corner of the room, she put it on and the orange one re-surfaced on her arm just as before. This time Julia was smart enough to take off her diapers first.

After Julia had picked up Paully again, she went downstairs into the kitchen carrying a bottle she had taken from her bag. She filled up the baby bottle with milk and then screwed on the cap that held the teat. The bottle was microwavable, so she decided to try it out and warm up the milk. While Julia waited, she looked for the two patches she had taken with her, but could not find them.

¦.. I thought I had them in my hand.

Julia looked a her palm but neither was under her skin. The microwave beeped and the ilk was done, so Julia sat Paully down on the table to receive the bottle. The milk was at a very warm temperature, which was nice since it would cool down by the time Julia was upstairs and diapered. When she picked Paully back up, she began to reduce size. She was little again, but why? Julia looked around for the patches and found the green one in Paullys left eye.

Huh? Wait a sec¦

Julia dropped the bunny and then picked it up, the orange patch moved through her arm and into Paullys right eye. Julia soon realized that Paully had become the ˜safe that locked in the two chips.

Wow, thats really convenient. Thanks Paully.

Julia was once again full grown, so she picked up the bottle, while still holding Paully, and walked up stairs. Julia soon dropped Paully, and then picked her up again. The usual un-growth process started and ended, and Julia changed herself back into the diapers she had left on the floor. She also put on the frilly ˜princess dress that she had worn at Sammys house. The soft pink sleeves were still ˜poofy and slipped over baby Julia very easily. Julia sat down with Paully and drank her bottle of warm milk. It easily made her feel more babyish, which is what she had hoped for.

The rest of the day the little girl played around with her toys. Playing tea party and hide and go seek with her plushies. Hi9de and go seek had always been Julias favorite game, ever since she really was a little girl. After the day had reached its end, baby Julia fell asleep on some pillows which had fallen on the floor. It was a long day for the little girl, which meant that she would be sleeping for a long time again.

The sleeping Julias dress was ruffled over her back, revealing her diapered bottom completely. She had already completely used her diaper, but it didnt matter, she was content. She slowly sucked on her pacifier once in a while, but was mainly still¦. The little girl had gone to sleep at 8 00 AM¦¦¦.
Chapter 9
Julia woke up with kind and rested eyes. Everything was peaceful. It always was when she was in her diapers. She wriggled around atop her pillow to regain full consciousness and then plopped down upon the floor. Julias diaper made a crinkling noise as her bottom touched the ground right next to her bunny.

Gmorning Paully, you sleep well? Thought Julia to Paully.

Julia picked up Paully and hugged her tightly, it was not until her eyes met the clock on her desk that Julia realized what she had done.


As Julia uttered the words her pink pacifier popped out of her mouth and fell onto the carpet. It was 10:27 A.M.! Not only had Julia kept the patch on too long, but also, as she searched for it, she could no longer find the patch underneath the skin of her arm! Julia knew she had to get to the other patch on the floor. To do so, just as usual, she needed to sit her bottom on the tops of her heels to start crawling. As soon as Julia sat her diaper on her feet, a pulsation between her cheeks let out a large lump of poop in her diaper. Julia had already wet herself while sleeping, so it was apparent that she needed a diaper change.

Well¦ Ive alweady fubbed up I guss I can change my diapew fiwst¦. Why cant I spheak wight?!.... Oh well¦..

Julias element of focus had seemed to slip away during her sleep, along with her rationality during. All she was worried about was wearing a clean diaper and it appeared as if she could no longer concentrate on more than one thing at a time. Instead of rescuing the second patch, as her first plan had attempted, Julia decided that changing her diaper was more important than the tragedy at hand.

She crawled over with her dress flouncing about as her diaper whispered behind her, intent on get her diaper changed. When she mad3e it to her set of baby diapers and powder, she grabbed a diaper and sat down. She then unfolded her diaper and sat on it. It wasnt until she had powdered herself that she realized she hadnt even changed her dirty diaper yet. Julias focus then aimed at getting her diaper off. By the time the ordeal had ended, Julia was crying as she had already improperly used 5 diapers and not a single one was on her now naked body.

A whirring, click sound filled her ears and in a few seconds she was a normal age and size once more. Julias thoughts and intelligence came fizzing back to her skull in a panic.

Wait¦ How did that just happen? I thought I was stuck as a baby¦. Maybe Sammys dad was wrong.

As Julia thought about this, she cleaned her bottom up and changed into a new ˜big girl diaper. It was quite apparent that her multi-tasking was back. Julia walked downstairs thinking about what had just happened, but with an empty bottle in her hand. When she reached the kitchen Julia filled up the bottle with milk and warmed it up in the microwave.

At first, Julia had thought it was a good idea to call Sammys house and tell everyone what had happened, but as she thought about the consequences of denying her responsibilities, she assumed the position of not telling anyone.

The rest of the weekend was pretty casual. Julia woke up early on Monday morning, so she had enough time to act babyish before school started. She was very comfy in her diapers under the covers of her bed. To Julia acting babyish was just simply sucking her pacifier and wriggling around n her diapers. Basically anything that relaxed her.

Time went by very quickly, until Julia was late for school. She jumped out of bed and slipped into a skirt and baggy sweatshirt and ran off to school with her backpack in hand. Luckily she made it into the classroom right before the tardy bell sounded. Julia sighed in her chair with relief. It was odd but she was as calm as she was in her diapers for once. Maybe she didnt need to wear them anymore. As the thought crossed her mind she realized that what she was thinking about was right between her legs.

Oh fuck¦. Whispered Julia under her breath.

Julia grew tense at the aspect that she was actually wearing a diaper in school and a skirt with it no less.

Okay, no one seems to have noticed¦ but why in hell would someone not notice me wearing diapers?

Julia inspected with her eyes only and realized her diapers were out of site, though not out of mind or ears for that matter. When Julia shifted in her seat her diapers crinkled a little and unbeknownst to Julia, Emma (the red haired girl from the school night on Friday) had caught Julia in the act. Emma seemed to keep quiet about it though, but Julia had also caught Emmas eyes staring at her and knew exactly what she had found out.

Class ended with Julia in a nervous wreck, she had to wait for everyone to leave the room just in case someone heard her diapers shifting around, so Julia fiddled with her books to stall. So did Emma, who was bent on talking to Julia.

Ok, what do you want?

As Julia stood up her diaper moved between her legs and made a loud rustling noise. Emma blushed a little in embarrassment for Julia and also herself. As the girls walked out into the noisy hallway, Julias menacing diaper could no longer be heard and so Emma began to talk into Julias ear.
I wanted to say Im sorry about last Friday.

You already did

I know but, well I also wanted to talk with you.

Emmas voice was sincere and Julia knew that this conversation had nothing to do with blackmail or trouble. Julia grew less tense at Emmas next words.

Okay, I didnt know anyone else liked to¦.. do the same stuff I did,

Of course Emma was talking about Julias being in diapers.

I was wondering if maybe you wanted to get together after school and talk.

Sure, where do you want to meet?

Really? You actually want to talk with me?

Well, duh. I might as well since you already know about it.

Oh! You mean the diaper youre wearing? Im wearing one too, so its no big deal.

What? I didnt even notice!

Yeah, well Im wearing a cloth diaper; you shouldve known better not to wear a plastic diaper to school.

It was kind of an accident.

No problem, I can help you out

Julia followed Emma into the bathroom, there was no one else there but Emma still blocked the doorway. She opened up her backpack and handed Julia a cloth diaper. After that she got some pink diaper pins from her pocket. She also gave Julia baby wipes and powder from her backpack as well.

Wow, thanks!

Julia continued into a bathroom stall and changed her old plastic diaper for the new cloth one. She wiped and powdered her bottom then tried to fold the diaper, but unfortunately didnt know how. All of the cloth diapers she owned were pre- folded and sewn that way. She couldnt believe what she was about to ask for.

Hey Emma, can you help me? I cant figure out how to do this¦

Sure, a lot of people dont know how to fold a diaper

Julia opened the door to reveal her flushed face and a naked torso. Emma bent down and grabbed the diaper, folded it and lifted up under Julias bottom. Emma grabbed the diaper
Pins and fastened the diaper across Julias small waist and finished the job for her.

You dont need to be embarrassed ill teach you how to do it tonight, kay?

Julia wasnt embarrassed about not knowing how to fold a diaper; she was embarrassed about being treated like a baby from a girl her own age. Julia put her skirt down and stood up, the diaper was silent. The cloth between her legs was extremely soft and comfortable and even had a design of pink and blue bunnies running around the edge.

Weve got to go the bells about to ring Emma grabbed Julias hand and helped her up, but Julia seemed to be lifted off her feet and was floating.

What the hell?! Julia! What happened to you?!

Julia had become a two year old again and her clothes had slipped off of her, she was now naked and being held in Emmas arms.

Julia! Are you okay?!

Julia was quite shocked at what had happened and responded with a shaky young voice.

Umm¦ Im fine¦

How can you be fine? Youre a baby! Im sorry but what the hell just happened?

Julia told Emma about the micro chip in her arm and how it had malfunctioned. The bell had rung and the girls were late, but it didnt matter at the time. Julia couldnt go to class as she was and Emma wasnt going to leave her. Emma quickly sat the naked little girl on the floor and grabbed some real baby diapers out of her backpack. Apparently she was loaded with them. Emma lifted up Julias legs with one hand and put the diaper under her bottom with the other.

Julia had gone from a plastic diaper, to cloth and once again a plastic diaper. Emma wiped the little girls bottom and then powdered her. She fastened the tapes onto Julia and once again Julia was safely diapered as a baby. As Emma picked Julia up and held her safely against her, the feeling of being treated like a baby seemed to ease Julias mind into that of a two year olds once again and Julia fell asleep against Emmas breast.

Julia!? Julia this is really not the time!¦.. what am I supposed to do now?..

Emma was puzzled, not only had something unbelievable happened but she was holding a half naked baby girl in her hands, she was late for class and she had no idea how to fix the situation¦ Suddenly an idea had popped into her mind. If anyone found her she would certainly end up in the principals office and get in trouble. She couldnt have that happen as she would be expelled. She had already been to many detentions and Friday schools and the next ticket would send her out of school for the rest of the semester.

This cant be happening¦.. think, think¦..i wonder if Einstein is home¦

Einstein was a seventeen year old home schooled kid. He was also amazingly brilliant, he had hacked into many U.S and Korean data bases before, in fact it was basically his past time to hack into hardware around the globe. Emma quickly dialed his number on the cell phone which was nervously clasped in her hands and shut the bathroom stalls door with her backpack and Julia inside with her.

*ring* *ring* *ring*

please pick up¦


Yeah, Hi Emma, whadya want?

Oh thank god its you, Ineed you to do me a really big favor.

Ok, what can I do for you?

I need you to hack into the schools data base and also our scholl systems data base.

Ok, I can do that easily.

Great, I also need you to enlist my friend Julia into a preschool near here.

¦.ooookaaaayy¦¦ whats her name?

Julia Susanne Parker

hm¦. Okay¦. Aaaaaannnnnnndddd¦. Done.

Really, thats all?

yeah thats it¦.

Hey, can you call me out of school sick too?

Yep¦¦. Done.

Okay hold on for a minute okay?
Anything for you Emma¦

Emma was pleased at Einsteins nobility, of course his real name was Eugene but everyone called him Einstein. Emnma picked through Julias bag and found what she was looking for, then picked up the cell phone again.

One last thing, can you put me in the same preschool as Julia?

¦.. What? Why?!

I just need you to do this for me.

¦..okay¦.. Just meet me in a few minutes all right?

Actually I think it would be better for you to meet me outside and pick me up again.

All right, ill be at the front doors.

Emma rolled up her sleeve and slipped the colored patch onto her skin. She waited for a second, but nothing happened. Her heart sank but she got up,. Grabbed her things and walked out of the bathroom with the little girl wrapped up in her sweatshirt, sound asleep.

In a few minutes Emma was outside, the patch was still on her arm because she hadnt had enough time to take it off. Emma put Julia and the bags down for a moment and pulled the patch off, or at least tried to; it was stuck solid to her arm.

Oh yeah, Julia said to use the orange one after the green one.

As Emma put the orange patch next to the green a whirring sound flew into her ears and then a crackling sound occurred. Emma looked down at the ground which was now much closer than before, she reached for her crotch realizing she had wet herself, but the diaper was around her feet and also much bigger than before.

She quickly grabbed a diaper from her bag and taped it onto her.

"Holy ****! What The Hell was that?!"

Eugene ran out of his car and grabbed Emma under her arms with his hands.

"Emma, are you allright?"

"I think so..... uhh... HURRY, get me and Julia into the car before anyone sees."

"Got it."

Eugene instantly grabbed Julia with care, and walked to the car with an eager pace. He went back for the two little girl's belongings, retreived the bags and diapers, then got back into the car.

Emma had big green eyes and long red wavy hair, just as she had before but looked to be about three years old now and it was time for the little girl to explain just what had happenned.
Chapter 10
Before Emma could explain what happened, her breaths became shorter and at a much faster pace. In fact Emma was great at explanations and telling something formally in an orderly and well consumed method, unfortunately she also had asthma.

Emma? EMMA! Come on! Breath!

Emma tried to calm herself down but there was no way to escape what she had realized and her words came out scattered with paled gasps and tears.

Just speak slowly, come on Emma whats wrong?! EMMA!

There was no use in talking anymore Emma had passed out. Einstein immediately grabbed Emmas medicine from the front of his car in the glove compartment. In a few minutes she was breathing normally, as was Einstein but she was still passed out in the back car seat. However, Julia was wide awaked and wide eyed. The little girl rubbed her eyes and stared at the boy who seemed to be frightened.

Hey! Youre Julia right?

Julia simply stuck her thumb in her mouth and watched Einstein in curiosity.

¦.Well? Yes or no?

Julia giggled while sucking her thumb and kept staring absent-mindedly, swaying slightly back and forward. Her eyelids were flashing slower,¦slower and finally, just as her state was moments ago, asleep.

She hadnt understood a single word Einstein had thrown at her. In fact she had forgotten her own age at this point. It didnt take Einstein long to realize that, so he followed Emmas orders and carried both of the little girls into the daycare center. In a few moments an attendant walked by, checked them off of the computer and left.

¦.I hope you know what youre doing Emma¦

All right, lets got you two girls to the nursery.

Emma noticed Julia open her eyes in the womans arms; she closed them soon after smiling at the woman, as if she had seen the attendant before. The woman carried Julia whilst taking Emma by the hand and escorting them to the nursery which was painted in pale shades of pink, blue, purple, and yellow.

Wow, this place is really nice. Said the now small Emma.


The woman grinned a bit at Emmas slip of tongue. Emma looked to be three years old; she must have forgotten that a three year olds vocabulary isnt as strong nor as well pronounced. However, the attendant seemed to hide it well and showed the two into their separate rooms, it was a simple nursery, with the essential needs of children achieved with a changing center and other average furniture.

A few hours went by as Emma waited for Julia to wake up, she looked up at the clock, and school would be out by now. Einstein had it covered though; he somehow always knew how to do things that would normally take the experience of an old man and he had intelligence to match that age.

Julias eyes opened up to take in her surroundings, at first she was confused but then found Christine picking her up. Christine must have gotten her from school.

~Oh no! I turned into a baby at school! Oh please god! That cant happen to me¦. .~

Julias school worries halted as she strained to remember¦ why she couldnt remember! She couldnt remember why she had gotten here or how. It was a different nursery than before, but why? Why was Christine here and not at the nursery in her own home? It made even less sense as she was sat down next to the smiling Emma.

Yay! Youre awake! said Emma.

Christine shook her head and grinned once more at Emmas slip. She apparently had no clue that she had showed Christine her secret. It was apparent to Christine now that Emma had also been affected by the experiment as well. Christine walked into a different room, which looked to be only a supply closet. She was out of sight of the little girls and walked into a hallway in the closet.

 So, you brought your girlfriend along with you? Victor said no new research subjects were to be-

Einstein interrupted Christines, or as he knew her, Jeans grieving.

I did nothing of the sort Jean; Julia must have given one of my data chips to her.

Its a shame; you two would have made a good couple.

Are you implying youre going to run tests on her?! How could you think of such a thing?

We cant let her go, shes too close to Julia. After the testing shell wonder what happened and its only a while until she starts snapping her mouth and police or even worse, the FBI come to investigate. What do you propose to do then?

¦.but¦ shes innocent¦
And the other two arent?

I¦ I guess we have no choice¦


Julia still couldnt talk, but it didnt matter as yet another face peered her head in the corner of the room. Her friend, Sammy, was crying in the corner. Julia crawled over to her and Emma followed. Sammy was fully aware who both girls were, she had been told of it before hand. Einstein was the first scientist to create the enzyme which he appropriately dubbed the perpetual enzyme. He originally made it by himself ten years ago, at age 85.

The first concoction was perfect, almost. It retrieved his health almost 67 years back in time. There was however, a fluke. His age became permanent, when the enzyme was originally created to be only a revitalizing agent. If he got too old, he would just create another batch and become young again. He planned to become superior in intelligence, so that he could help the world. Alas, funds grew short as they always did in his life and he had to find a company that would fund his research properly.

That company was Christines and Victors, her husbands, company. Einstein, being the right hand man of this experiment was assigned to keep watch of Julia closely. Emma, unfortunately, was in all of Julias classes in school. It was an easy watch after he had installed a small camera in the back of Emmas eye, a painless and unknown process at Einsteins talented hands. A cover as her boyfriend was merely appropriate for the experiment.

E-Ewwwa? E-Emwa?

At Julias struggling to pronounce Sammys name, the girl in the corner burst into tears.

Im so sorry Julia!

Sammy cupped her face in her hands; Emma tried to comfort her even though she wasnt familiar to who the toddler version of Sammy was.

and¦ and now theyve gotten you in this too Emma?

You know my name?

Yes, Im Sammy, Julias¦.

Sammy couldnt bring herself to be called Julias friend anymore. Not after what she had done to her.

SAMMY?! You got a data chip too?!

Sammy looked into the completely clueless girls eyes in shame and fear for Emma.

Is¦. Is something wrong?

Julia was puzzled as well; she had never seen someone in this state before. It was like Sammys heart and soul were bleeding from some kind of mental weight.

Julia¦ were never getting out of here¦. Im sorry.

Christines figure walked back into the room after overhearing the girls conversation. She picked up Emma and swiftly pulled out the chip from her arm with some tweezers. Of course she shrilled with pain but as soon as Christine put a pacifier in her mouth, Emma oddly fell to sleep in a split second.

Well test the second base on you. Said the woman known as Christine to the little girl.

She walked up to the changing table and laid the little girl down. It was an oddly large changing table and Emmas growth quickly answered why this was. Emmas size seemed to increase like a dry sponge in water until gradually she grew to her normal age. Christine checked her pulse and then administered a shot with a yellow and almost golden liquid in the syringes base, afterwards cleaning the wound which she had pulled the data chip from. Emma coughed a bit and Christine started taking off the teenagers clothes.

Emma was still sucking on the pacifier in some kind of deep slumber. Christine first took off the shirt which until recently had been quite baggy on Emma. Her bra had already slipped off some time ago so she was bear chested and soon enough, her whole body was left naked. As Christine walked to a shelve on the wall to retrieve a package of bigger adult diapers, Julia sat in wonder of what was going on. She looked to her friend Sammy, but the depressed girl had her head on her knees and her arms protecting any sight of her face.

As Julia looked back, she saw Christine lifting up Emmas bottom. She laid a diaper underneath and powdered her, then taped the sides of her diaper up. Christine took the pacifier from Emmas lips and kindly whispered into her ear, as if she were being friendly.

Wake up Emma.

mm¦. huh?

We need to walk you up to youw cwib, its time for nighty night.


Christine seemed surprised by Emmas reaction and studied her face for a moment. She was calm and accepted Christines hand without any fuss. Julia was shocked as well. Emma didnt even flinch at the thick diaper she was wearing, or the fact that she was being treated like a toddler. Emma crawled into the crib and Christine helped the babyish teenager into bed, then laid a blanket on her and once again popped the pacifier back into Emmas mouth. She was asleep again and Christine lifted up the bars to the crib, locking Emma in.

Perfect, just beautiful ¦¦ Now¦

Christines eyes followed a path straight to Julia who was staring from across the room.

¦.. Dont worry; itll soon be your turn as well.

Christine walked back into the closet where her name was known as Jean. Some might think that such a transition between identities is odd, but not quite as Christine was already two faced to begin with. She was the control of the experiment¦ or rather, the conductor of this odd symphony.

She had played out every part of it, from adopting Sammy, who was the perfect subject after losing the last of her family, up to capturing Julia in the process. Emma was just a reluctant bonus. Reluctant, because Einstein was still unsure of his second batch. His first was tested on Sammy, whose body and mind, even now, are growing younger. The second on Emma, this seemed to only affect her mind upon Christines observation.

So, her mind weakened?

Yes, she responded like a child, Einstein.

Good, I know how to fix it this time; itll take some time though, so leave Julia in her current state. She should just be slipping in and out of her infant mentality from now on, so she wont be a problem.

Julia looked down at a bulge under Sammys childish skirt, which had care bears printed on it. The bulge was a diaper covered by pink rumba panties as a cover. It seemed clear that Christine has started dressing her to match her age. Sammy was still sniffling and breathing frantically in sorrow, until that is, Julia hugged her lovingly.

It okay, I wuv you¦

Sammy accepted the hug and opened her huddled state to hug Julia right back. Sammy wouldnt let go for quite some time, crying softly on Julias shoulder all the while. She seemed to need the attention more than Julia realized.

Thanks¦ I really missed you a lot¦

All right, its time for two little girls to get their diapers checked.

Sammy put her head down again. It was an awkward feeling. In the past Julia had thought of being treated like a child as a choice. Both she and Sammy enjoyed it, but now it really felt like they were babies for once. Julia could tell by the way Sammy was acting. It also didnt help that Christine reverted Emma into a toddler in only a minutes time. It reminded her of when she was a child, when she always had to be babysat or at least have someone watching her every waking moment. She didnt want to be treated that way, but at the same time she had to accept that she was too little to do the things ˜grown ups could.

As Julias thoughts seemed to grow more intense, thinking of ways to get out, schemes, plots, tactics, she felt an odd sensation in her body. She was growing again! As she was fully grown, her clothes had fallen off or¦, perhaps, ripped off is a better choice of words. She found herself in the same scenario as Emma, although this time, Christine hadnt noticed and was too busy changing the fussy Sammys diaper and for some reason putting her in a much flouncier dress. Between the frills of her newly dawned petticoats Sammy caught Julia with her eye.

Julia was sneaking up behind Christine, she wasnt sure what was going on, but what Christine had done to Emma seemed as good a reason as any to take her down. It appeared to happen in a split second. Julias fist met with Christines head, or so she thought. Christine strategicalynodded her head to the side, grabbed Julias angry fist and spun Julia around to put her arm in a painful twisted position.


What? You honestly thought that was going to work?

Christine chuckled and twisted Julias arm more so until Julia was crying in agony.

What a shame, I was going to have such fun dressing you and Sammy up in matching outfits.

Julia let out a cry; Christine was lightening and strengthening her pull to keep the pains flowing.

Well, youre right; you shouldnt be punished just for trying to hit me. Youre just a little girl; its not your fault. Just simple immaturity.

Julia cringed as Christine played her mind games, but couldnt help whining as the pain continued, by now she was crying and flushed in the face as well.

Dont worry wittle Juwia, Ill make all the pain go away.

A sharp but slight pain twitched in Julias arm. She slumped over, onto the ground. It was as if she was conscious but at the same time asleep. As Christine picked her up and cradled the immobile Julia in her arms, Julia felt more helpless than ever and just as Christines next words stated¦

Youll always just be a little baby girl Julia, no matter what your age is.
Chapter 11
Julia woke up with a soft and subtle nursery lullaby playing in her ears. Maybe it was all a dream, or a nightmare for that matter. She could still feel the diaper between her legs though, never before was there a more frightening moment as she realized she was still in the nursery and never before-

"You're awake?"

Julias eyes widened at the comforting sound of Sammy's mature voice. Without hesitation Julia sat up pushing her wait on her arms and leaning against the soft and large pillows on Sammy's bed. That's right! It was Sammy's room. fear quickly faded from Julias atmosphere and she looked down at herself.

"I'm wearing a bra? I'm me again!"

"yeah... the government finally tracked down Christine, but you've been passed out for at least a day now."

Julia tried to second-guess, so she got out of bed. She could easily reach the ground with her legs and stood up. She peaked down at her pink nightie and bra and underneath was a familiar friend. A comfortable cloth diaper that was carefully pinned on so it wasn't too tight or too loose. Sammy watched as her friend looked out the doorway of the bedroom and took in the house. It really was Sammy's house, she was safe.

"Ah! You're up. That's good."

Julia rushed back into Sammys room like a frightened deer, or maybe just an embarrassed one.

"It's ok Julia. I'd like you to meet my dad."

"If youre uncomfortable you can always put some of Sammy's new clothes on. Then we can talk."

At first Julia thought about putting some pants on, but the mans voice was so calm, peaceful and confident, like he knew everything was safe. Julia walked into the room and sat down on the couch.

"You don't want a blanket to cover yourself up with?"

"No... Im fine, thanks."

Julia tried to keep her face from getting any redder, not because of the diaper, but because of how kind Sammy's father was. Sammy also sat down on the couch, next to Julia.

Im so sorry to hear what happened to you and your family.

My family?


Sammy turned to Julia.

I didnt think youd want to hear this, but your parents were killed.

Christine did that?!

No, no. They died on the way to Africa, their plane was shot down.

As soon as Julia began to show the slightest remorse Sammys father interrupted.

But dont worry, Ive adopted you, for legal purposes and you dont have to think of me as a father, I wont even be around that much. Oh! On that note, you can just call me Tom

Why not?

¦sure, why not?

No, I mean why wont you be around?

Sammy decided it was her turn to speak.

Dad is still running the company so hes always busy, but we can live here by ourselves now. Wont that be awesome?

Umm, I guess so.

Tom stood up and put his hand on Julias shoulder while holding a beeping cell phone.

Just call if you need anything ok? Ive got to go now, you two can handle yourselves right?

Sammy nodded and her father walked out the living room door. Julia was still kind of in shock from what was going on. Everything went from worse to great in a split second. One moment she was being wrangled by Christine and he next she was safe inside Sammys house.
So, what am I supposed to do for clothes?

anything you want, my dad gave us both company credit cards.

Wow¦ that was nice of him¦. What about Christine and Einstein and Emma?

They were all taken away by the fbi, I doubt theyll ever see the outside world again. Emmas okay though, Christine had antidotes the whole time.

Oh, you mean we cant become children anymore?

Sammy thought for a moment and smiled.

Im happy I can show you this.

Sammy took Julia by the hand and led her to a room right next to hers. It had everything Julia could ever want. Sports memorabilia, Posters of her favorite band and everything from her old room including a new plasma.

Holy-¦. Is this really my room?

Sammy smiled even wider.

Well sort of.

Sammy covered Julias eyes with her hand, which heightened Julias breathing as a recoil.

Its okay¦. All right, open your eyes.

At first Julia was afraid to, what if she did and her dream world ended? It seemed to good to be true and she knew if she opened her eyes it would all go away, so should stood for a while. She calmed down and loosened her body, sitting down to let her diapered bottom rest on the back of her feet she could hear the soft jingle of the lullaby once again, she opened her eyes slowly.

Sammy was still there sitting next to her and rubbing her back to make Julia feel better. It was like nothing Julia could have imagined. There was a new nursery in the place of the old one. It was painted in a delicate hue of lavender and extremely large and overstuffed animals lined the bottoms each wall. The carpet was thick and shaggy, the pink made it even better and the texture felt like clouds on Julias knees, which had been resting in-between, the room and the doorway since she had sat down. She crawled slowly into the room in amazement. There were two cribs one oversized to fit Julia and a regular for a baby or toddler. She could see the ceiling was painted light blue with clouds still in place, like a beautiful painting.

Thats my favorite part of the room. Said Sammy in amusement.

There was even an entertainment studio with video games and the latest consoles. Everything was high tech and new.

So¦. What is this.

This is the room Im staying in, unless of course you like it, then its both our room.

Julia adored the sheer baby like qualities with the ones suitable for her age too and of course nodded her head.

Ok, we need to go shopping first so lets get to it. Then we can come back home, by the way, I call the little crib. Said Sammy with a delightful giggle.

After Julia got dressed in some of Sammys clothes, she was handed her wallet, which now held the infinite less supply of money known as the company credit card. She already was thinking of what clothes to buy as well as some more diapers and dresses, but then the thought occurred to her. She couldnt buy anymore baby things like before. The medicine for becoming a baby mustve been confiscated by the FBI as well. She was happy about the nursery, the house and the money, but felt depressed knowing she could never be a baby again.

As the two girls walked out to the driveway, Julia saw the reflection of the spring behind Sammys house in the cars front window...
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