Encouraged to Change (R)
I didn't know there was a part of me missing... probably because there wasn't for a long period of my life.
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Encouraged to Change (R)

I didn't know there was a part of me missing... probably because there wasn't for a long period of my life.

I have to say I was the shyest person of my age in town. I had a tiny ego and a pretty face. Guys could call me baby-face to tease me. I wasn’t extremely strong, but apparently I was muscular. I was in a bar for the first time in months, my mates trying to get me to be a bit wild. “Why don’t you try that girl?” asked one of my drunk mates, pointing at a tall, extremely beautiful woman….

Chapter 1
I was being teased for my shyness from my mates. It wasn’t because I was shy around girls, I just couldn’t meet new people. So, feeling incredibly nervous, and drunk from one pint of beer (I was a light drinker), I made my way over to her. An attractive brunette, with breasts every girl was envious of. I muttered a hello to her, and she smiled politely at me. She told me to sit down, and we began an awkward conversation. I don’t remember exactly what happened but the woman seemed to like me. She told me that she had to leave a few hours later, and before she left she kissed me on the cheek. I heard cheers from the bar and a wolf-whistle. I apologised for them, and the woman smiled at me. She asked me for MY number, which I clumsily wrote down, then she left. I got pats on the back from it from my drunk mates. They said “A small step in the right direction is a step non the less.”

The next few weeks I didn’t see her anywhere, and the confidence I had gained from that night faded. She didn’t call to me, not even a text. She wasn’t in the bar at all, and I had no idea where she lived. I had no idea where she’d gone either. By the next week I had given up hope. I was at the laundrette early that morning. My phone rang, but as I answered it, it hung up. I sighed, and took the clothes from my machine. The day was like any other, although I was feeling a bit light-headed. I passed it off as lack of sleep. That afternoon I was at my local swimming pool, in the communal changing rooms. They all had stalls so they didn’t need to be gender specific. I undressed, already wearing my swimming trunks, and locked my clothes into one of the many lockers. Two hours later, and I was back in the stall. I realized that I had forgotten to bring a change of underwear! I began to panic, feeling very nervous. Have I mentioned my irrational fear of wearing no underwear, especially in public (not that I could do it at home). I didn’t know what to do. I opened the stall, still in my trunks, and looked around. I noticed a large box by the door. It had ‘Lost items’ written above it, full of mostly ruined underwear that people had dropped into the small puddles of water in the changing rooms and didn’t want to pick up, perfect. As I passed it, I noticed a set of white boxers that looked ok. I picked them up, and walked back into the stall. I decided that they were ok, and put them on. I felt a lot better with underwear on. I got home twenty minutes later.

Chapter 2
I was watching the end of a brilliant documentary, desperate for the toilet. Finally it ended and I ran to the loo, taking off my trousers as I shut the toilet door. I was about to use the loo when I got a huge shock. As I lowered my trousers I realized that I was wearing white girls panties! Oh my god! What the hell is going on? I tried to come up with some sort of conclusion, but couldn’t think of any. I had picked up some underwear from the swimming pool changing rooms, but they were definitely boys! But were they? The doubt spread as I recalled in my head what they looked like. The more I thought about it the more I thought that they were girly. I swear they were the shape of men’s boxers, but now I remember they were girls ‘V’ shape. They had a band across the waist, but now I realize that it’s a thin strip of lace with a small bow. I looked down at them again, trying to remember if they looked anything like the other underwear, when suddenly a dark circle developed on the bottom of the underwear. It took me a moment to realize that I was peeing! It spread quickly as I went into shock, and I sat down on the toilet. As I did that, I remembered the pressure on my bowels. I quickly tried to pull off the soaked panties but I couldn’t move from the toilet seat because I was peeing in full flow through them into the loo. I couldn’t hold in my bowels for any longer and with an involuntary push, I soiled them! I felt the panties pull taught around my thighs as they stretched, the mass of my own waste filling around my bum. I burst into tears, waiting for the trickling of pee to stop, which was forcing me to stay in soiled underwear for another minute. Finally, I was able to stand up, the panties had stopped dripping, my trousers around my ankles. A horrible smell wafted to my nose. I stepped awkwardly out of my trousers, feeling the mushy mess spread with every movement. I walked carefully round my bath tub, and pulled down the underwear. I rolled it in on itself, and threw it into the small bin. I then took off my shirt and socks, and stepped into the shower. I let the water rinse me off for about twenty minutes before being satisfied that I was clean. I stepped out, and dried myself off. I then took all my clothes, and put them into the wash. I picked up some fresh boxers, and put them on, shaking my head.

I was confused and upset, why hadn’t I even noticed the panties in the first place? I stayed at home the next day, trying to get my head around it. Later that night, I was on my computer, trying to take my mind off everything. My mate sent me a link to a page about girls with weird fetishes, and we made a few jokes about it. The girls, despite wearing odd clothing, were very pretty in the pictures. I had to work the next morning, so I shut off the computer. During the night I couldn’t help but think about the panty soiling incident. I didn’t sleep well.

Chapter 3
I got dressed next morning, a suit, the norm, and left my apartment.
“Good morning Sam.” I jumped, and turned quickly.
“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you!” said the girl behind the desk, my receptionist. We had an odd relationship, she was my best friend, but we also did stuff together. Despite my shyness, she had managed to get me to do things that I never thought I’d ever do, and experience new things. I am not only talking about sex. She introduced me to loads of hobbies that I would never dream of doing.
“No, don’t worry Jackie, I just have a lot of work on today and I forget about everything else.” Jackie was leaning back in her chair, her nylon covered knee’s crossed, giving me a sexy glance.
“Maybe later I could take your mind off things?” she asked. I smiled,
“Ok, have you found a new.. Err position?” I asked, blushing.
“You’ll have to wait and see silly. Do you want me to wear what I wore last time?”
“You know you could look amazing in anything, but ok.” I said. She winked, and I walked down the corridor. Today just got a lot better.

Work kept me busy. I was behind my desk for the entire morning, my only break being a 5 minute tea in the cafeteria. I was mostly answering phone calls and writing articles for certain papers, and I wasn’t surprised when I got a prank phone call. I get them about twice a week, well Jackie does. She stops them from getting through to my phone. This one was just the same, and I was a bit surprised that it got through. The phone hung up for me, and I heard Jackie’s voice through the phone instead.
“Sorry, I accidentally pressed allow instead of reject. I‘ve fixed it now, blocked the number.”
“Its ok.. Oh can you get the documents for-…” our conversation went on, talking about business. At lunch, I headed down the road to get a few things I needed for home. I went to the pharmacy which was about a minute away. I live in a block of flats right next to work, which was great. I stopped off at my apartment for food, and had a huge lunch. I was boiling, so I had a quick shower and used the toilet. I dressed again, and walked back to work.
“Hello Jackie.” I said, smiling. She turned, and crossed her legs over the other side, giving me a chance to see her underwear briefly. The white material was just visible under her short black pencil skirt. I blushed.
“Hello Sam, good lunch?” she asked, not seeming to notice my cheeks turn red. Or maybe she was used to it, every time she flirted I blushed.
“Yes thanks. You? ”
“Yeah, I changed for this afternoon. Looking forward to it.” she replied.
“Me two. I’ll see you later then.” I was about to enter my apartment, when I changed my mind.
“You know what Jackie, take the rest of today off.”
“Really? Thank you!” she said, jumping up from her seat. She walked over to me, and slowly muttered “I cant wait for tonight.” into my ear. She knew how much this would affect me, and she giggled. Her hand brushed my lips when we parted, and teasingly she stroked my neck, until her hand was on my chest. She pushed me away, saying
“Bye Sam.”

Chapter 4
By the time I had finished work, I was exhausted. I headed back up to my apartment, and threw my stuff down onto the sofa. I entered my bedroom, to be met by a kiss.
“Hello Sam.” said Jackie, smiling. She was wearing a black corset, with garters attached to long black stockings, ending with high heels. Her white underwear stood out, but I didn’t care. She took off my shirt, and pulled down my trousers and socks. She showed me some hand-cuffs, and after winking, locked one of the rings round her wrist.
“Is this your new idea?” I asked.
“Yes.” she replied, pulling me to my bed. I always thought that the reason we had this relationship is because of my shyness. She told me that I was far gentler than other men, so sometimes she preferred it to the aggressive, usual sex that she has from other guys. I didn’t think about this any more, because my hand was suddenly locked to the bed frame, one set of hand-cuffs locking us both to the bed.
“I like experimenting.” I said. We got under the covers together for a few minutes, but Jackie needed the loo. It ruined the atmosphere a bit but in fairness I needed it two. She grabbed the key and unlocked her side. I watched as she jumped up from the bed, turn to me, stick her tongue out, and say “Me first.”
“Pass me the key!” I said as she ran to the toilet. I saw it fly over my head, hit the wall behind me, and fall down the back of the bed. I sighed, and watched Jackie leave the room. A few minutes later I heard the bathroom door open as the phone rang.

“Just ignore it.” Jackie said from the other room, walking into the room.
“Its not like I can get it anyway.” I replied, my hand still in the cuffs. It was a bit cheesy, but she giggled.
“Why not?”
“You threw the key badly.” I pointed down the back of the bed.
“Oh.” Jackie was laughing while the phone rang. It went onto answer phone, and I froze.

“Wait a second, what the hell am I wearing? I shouted to Jackie, touching my underwear. The phone had hung up, but I wasn’t focussed on it, it hung up after it went onto answer phone. I looked up at Jackie. She was wearing her black lingerie, but with a large disposable diaper instead of the thong which she usually wore. I was also wearing a diaper, a pale pink one!
“What the hell!?” I said, aghast.
“What’s the matter?” Jackie asked, startled at my sudden change of tone.
“Why are we wearing diapers?” I tried to get up, but my hand was cuffed.
“Don’t you remember?” She asked, surprised.

Chapter 5
“You told me this morning that you were interested in diapers because you’d seen something about it online, and you asked me if I wanted to try them out tonight. There’s no other reason for us both to be wearing diapers right, so you must have just forgotten.”
“I- N-No I didn’t!”
“You definitely did!”
“I-I remember seeing girls in diapers on the internet but…”
“You have a really bad memory Sam.” I fell silent, my mind confused. While I was thinking, I suddenly felt the urge to use the toilet increase a hell of a lot.
“Can you unlock me please?”
“Why don’t you unlock yourself?”
“You threw the key down the back of my bed remember!”
“Oh.” Jackie burst out laughing.
“Hay, help me!”
“Oh sorry, its just so funny. Maybe I did decide for us to do this, you look kind of cute in a diaper!” I blushed.
“Please just help me, I’m bursting!”
“Oh fine! But I need some underwear first. I’m not crawling under the bed in this!” she pointed at the diapers, “and anyway you look better in diapers, their not my thing!”
“Why don’t you just go naked? I’ve seen you naked before!”
“The adult you might have, but the baby you hasn’t!” She started laughing again.
“That’s not funny, now help me!”
“Oh fine, but look the other way.” I quickly turned my head and heard her feet on the carpet.
“Where’s the key?”
“Down the back of the bed! Hurry!” I shouted. I felt her climb onto the bed and over me.
“What are you doing?”
“Helping you.” she said, as she sat on my abdomen. I was extremely aware that her naked lower area was on my abdomen, and I could feel its shape on my skin. She began to tickle me under my arms, using her other hand to keep my free arm down. I couldn’t hold it, with the weight on my abdomen and the unstoppable tickling I lost control. I felt a sudden wet, warm flood around my crotch.
“Aww you did it!” she said, smiling. She had her hand cupping the front of the diaper. I was shocked, the flow still going. I was worried that my dia- no THE diaper would leak!
“Why did you do that?”
“It was fun wasn’t it? Its what you wanted! Don’t you remember?”
I was comforted by Jackie sitting on top of me, leaning forward so her bust was in my face. We kissed again.
“I remember me enjoying you, but not… not wetting the diaper.” I said, blushing.
“And can you unlock me now?”
“But then you’ll miss out on the fun.”
“But I’d rather not be wearing a soaking diaper.”
“Why not?”
“What do you mean why not? It feels horrible and it kind of… gets in the way.”
“Just pretend its something else...” she winked, “…and maybe you can please me without your thing needing to take part.” She leant forward, and kissed me. I nodded slowly, so she moved forward until she was directly over my face. I spent the next half hour pleasing her until she sighed in ecstasy, and flopped off until she was laying beside me.
“That was amazing.”

Chapter 6
Jackie climbed off the bed and got dressed in front of me, like a reverse strip tease. I couldn’t get hard in the horribly wet diaper, which humiliated me. She didn’t mind, she was contempt anyway and didn’t feel like doing anything else. She crawled under the bed and got the key for me, letting me wash in the shower. I heard the phone ring, and Jackie said she’d answer it for me. As I stepped out, she was standing in the door way.
“Wow, didn’t see you there. What was the call about?” Jackie put on a mock voice.
“This is a message from LoanSure, where we could save you hundreds of pounds…”
“Oh.” I said, laughing, “I see.”
“Time to get you dressed.” she giggled, holding up one of the pink diapers that I had bought. When did I get those? And why that colour?
“I’m not wearing that!” I said, surprised at my tone.
“In that case you will wear this.” she said, holding up another one of the same diapers in the other hand. I laughed, but stopped her from wrapping it round my naked crotch. I noticed that I didn’t get hard at her touch.
“Why don’t you want to?”
“Because I don’t like diapers!”
“Yes you do, I noticed that you made a bit of a.. sticky mess in your other ones after you pee’d in it.”
“That was because of you, not the diaper!”
“Sure, when did pleasuring me… like that... ever make you cum? You weren’t even hard.” That made me think. Did I really get that exited over peeing?
“Only one way to find out.” she replied, waving the diapers at me to tempt me, as if she was reading my mind. Curiosity made me put on the diaper, well Jackie put it onto me while I was lying down.
“Do you have talc?”
“I have baby powder in the top cupboard.”
“Same thing silly.”
She climbed over me, teasing me with her legs. She was wearing a skirt and she was flaunting it. I couldn’t turn my head around because I was on the floor, but I heard her opening my cupboard and sorting through the bottles and soaps and stuff in there.
“Here it is!” she said suddenly. A few seconds later there was a small cloud of white powder in the air, Jackie had poured too much onto me.
“Whoops,” She giggled.

She spread my legs as much as they would go, and pulled the thick diaper up between them as tightly as possible. My thing wasn’t hard so she tucked it between my legs. After doing up the tapes she stood up, and offered me a hand. I took it, and she pulled me up. But, I was heavier than her so she ended up falling forward onto me. We both laughed. I could feel her chest on mine, her heavy breathing down my neck.
“I’ll let you get up.” she said, slightly distracted by our closeness. I did, with a bit more difficulty than I thought. The diapers were incredibly tight, and thick. It had made me adopt a small waddle when I walked, and the diaper made it look like I was swaying my butt more than I was. It was cute, apparently.

Chapter 7
Jackie stayed at my house for the night, kissing and fondling me a few times but never removing, or putting her hand down, my diaper. Instead she rubbed it gently. She was being extremely intimate, which was amazing. But, the time came when I needed the loo again, and I wasn’t happy about using it.
“Please, I think its really cute!” Jackie was relentlessly trying to persuade me, but I wouldn’t give in.
“Since when have you enjoyed me wetting a diaper?” I asked.
“Since you told me about it, Its more fun than I first thought. You remember I reacted badly to it at first, back in the office.” I didn’t remember, but it sounded like a Jackie thing to do.
“Ok, if you don’t enjoy it, then I will never ask you to wear one again, which will be a real shame. I feel closer to you now than I ever have. But if you like it, which it appears you did last time, then I will love you more.” She fluttered her eyelids at me, pretending to be cute and innocent. I still wasn’t convinced.
“I’ll know if you liked it by the evidence.” she said, winking. “How about I distract you while you do it?”
“How?” She replied by leaning forward, and pressing her lips against mine. I shuddered with pleasure, her delicate lips gently pressing against me. I felt her hand undoing my trousers, cupping the front of the thick diaper.
“Just relax.”
I did relax, and slowly felt my bladder muscles give in. This time, because I wasn’t desperate, it didn’t all come out at once. It was like a small stream, gently filling the diaper. My diaper.

The warmth slowly spread, and it was comforting. Jackie held me in one, long… kiss. She took her lips away from mine only when I stopped peeing. It was odd, but I knew she wanted to make me like it. I liked her, but still, not the diaper.
“Congratulations!” she said softly, smiling. I could tell I was blushing.
“Can I change now?”
“How about we go to the bedroom instead?” she asked, kissing down my neck. Her persuasion worked , and I gave in. We walked silently to the bedroom, giving me a chance to feel the heavy, spongy wetness between my legs. My trousers were held up by the thickness of the diaper, but were about to fall down. Jackie turned me around, and pushed me back onto the bed. I pulled off my shirt. I didn’t want to take off my trousers because of what was laying underneath, but she grabbed both legs, and pulled it from under me. Because they were already undone, they slipped off me easily, taking my socks with them. I was laying there in just a pink diaper, a large yellow stain around the crotch. Jackie was still wearing all her clothes. She held up the same pink hand-cuffs as before, winking.

I was in the same situation as last time, locked to the bed, me pleasing her. This time, however, she didn’t hand-cuff herself to the bed, instead she did both my hands. She was on top of me, her thighs either side of my head. After I don’t know how long, she got off, breathing heavily. She wasn’t the only one out of breath. I felt the mattress move as she stood up, adjusting her underwear under her skirt.
“Where- are you- going?” I asked.
I heard her slow footsteps out of the room. A few minutes later and she hadn’t returned. I waited, hand-cuffed, for over ten minutes before I realized something was up.
“Jackie?” I called. No response. I looked to my right, seeing my reflection in my cupboard mirror. I looked hilarious, with my hands over my head, attached to pink cuffs, wearing nothing but a wet pink diaper. I kicked the mirror with my foot, and it gave me a view out of the room. Jackie had collapsed onto the sofa, she was asleep. Damn it.
“Jackie!” I called again. Nothing.
I called a few more times, but she didn’t even stir. This was going to be a long night.

Chapter 8
I managed to fall asleep, awkwardly, at about 11:40. I was in bed, with Jackie, four hours previously. I woke up because of a loud noise. It was a few seconds before I realized that the loud noise was Jackie laughing. I then heard my curtain being pulled back, and a blinding light entered the room.
“Good morning sleepy baby.” said Jackie, cooing me. It took a few seconds for me to register what she said, and another few seconds to realize what it meant. I blinked a few times, seeing a silhouette in front of me. Jackie was dressed for work… which was 5 minutes away!
“Help me!” I demanded.
“Ooh somebody’s woke up in the wrong bed this morning, maybe you’d be happier in a crib. I should have locked you into that!”
“That’s not even the saying, now get me out of this disgusting thing and unlock me!”
“What disgusting thing? And ok I’ll unlock you.”
“The diaper!”
“That’s not disgusting, its only a little damp... Although I guess it will be if you cant make it to the toilet.” Jackie giggled, and passed me the key. I fumbled with it twice before fitting it into the lock. I jumped up from the bed, grabbed my work clothes (and boxers) and ran from the room. I had a quick shower, then dressed, then shaved. I walked past Jackie into my room, collecting everything I need. As I walked back into the hall Jackie was smirking at me from the bathroom.
“Guess who lost the bet?” she asked.
“What bet?”
“The bet that I just made up because I want you to wear this today.” she held up another pink diaper.
“No way.”
“Please, you enjoyed the last one.”
“No I didn’t.”
“Yes you did, there was a sticky stain on it.” I noticed that two, it must have been from when I pleasured her, although it never usually happens. That worried me, but I put it out of my mind.
“I’ve explained this before.” I said.
“And I’ve explained that you weren’t even hard. What else could it have been from?” I didn’t know.
“Exactly.” she smirked.
“I’m still not wearing it!”
“Yes you are, I have your wallet.” she held it up in front of me.
“You want to black mail me?”
“Its not black mail.. Just- trading. Wallet for diaper.”
“Fine, spoil sport. You should get to work, I have to get home first. You don’t mind if I’m half an hour late do you?.. Boss” she added in.
“Not at all. Bye then.” I said, snatching my wallet from her hand and leaving my apartment. We kissed as we passed, which I enjoyed a lot. I thought of Jackie as I walked to work, was she now my girl friend? It was the diapers that had brought her closer… She says she doesn’t mind if I go out with another girl, and I’ve said the same about boys.. But I never get girlfriends, and she gets a lot of boyfriends. A slight bit of anger boiled up inside me, but I quickly passed it off. Ok she was using me for a bit of fun, but we genuinely liked each other. Best friends, just with a bit extra. No other guy was like that to her. I was special to her. I entered my office, the absence of Jackie in her secretary’s desk upsetting me. Obviously I knew that was going to happen, but I missed her all the same. About half an hour later I saw Jackie walk into the office. She smiled and winked at me mouthed a “hello”. I mouthed it back through the glass wall.

Chapter 9
We were lucky, I was part of a large company with my own office. Outside my office was Jackie’s office, next to our “front door”. So it was basically two rooms, one for me, and one for Jackie and the people waiting to see me. There was a few machines that we used in a corner of the room that people used occasionally, but apart from that we were private. The two other offices on our floor were the same, so we only ever saw people through the “front door” windows or when we’re walking downstairs and pass them. We were on the second floor, so we always took the stairs. Almost everybody else in the office took the elevator. I was sitting in my work room, bored. We had just come to the end of a big project, so there was nothing to do for a few days. Jackie, also bored, was flirting with me through the semi-transparent glass wall, a company poster unfortunately positioned so I couldn’t see between her legs. She had a small work table, with various secretary items strewn about it, wires going everywhere. She would swing her legs round on an office chair, and cross them over, giving me a chance to glimpse at her momentarily, if that damned poster wasn’t there. One time she went as far as to drop her stapler, and lean over to get it. She had purposefully opened the first three buttons on her office blouse, and her bra was in plain sight. A few hours passed, during which time Jackie and I had emailed each other, my phone rang.
“Delivery for you Sam.” I laughed,
“Bring her- *cough* it in.”

Jackie walked in, handed me a pencil, leant over and kissed me on the lips. Again her blouse wasn’t done up properly. A few minutes later she did it again, then again, and so on…
This time she brought me some water, but as she leant over to kiss me she knocked the plastic cup over my desk. A considerable amount of it landed over my crotch, and I stood quickly.
“Whoops.” laughed Jackie, wiping it off with a tissue from a box beside me. The kissing and flirting had made me exited, so I definitely didn’t want her rubbing there.
“I’ll take an early lunch and get changed.” I said.
“Want me to come with you?”
“Ok.” I smiled.

Heading out of the office was awkward, when I stood up the water dripped down my legs, making a convincing pee stain. I told everyone that passed that it was water, but Jackie wasn’t helping. She just giggled every time I said it, which made me blush. I quickly opened my apartment, and took off my trousers, shirt and tie.
“I’ll just be a minute.” I said, smiling. I walked into my bedroom, and took off my underwear. As I turned, I saw Jackie smiling at me from the door way. Her gaze fell to my naked area, and her smile broadened.
“You want two now?” I asked.
“Why not?”
“I- it’s a bit-” Jackie had walked up to me, and put her finger on my lips. After that I was all hers. We both then took a shower together, waiting until the water went cold before getting out.
“Crap, we have to get back to work!” I had just checked the clock, we had just under 10 minutes. Jackie put her clothes on and quickly did up her hair, leaving my apartment a few minutes before I did. She said;
“I’ll have to go home to get my hair properly done up so nobody will suspect anything, if anyone asks, you gave me an extra half an our lunch!” before slamming the door behind her.

I ran to my bedroom, grabbed a new shirt and trousers, then flung open my drawer. I was about to grab some fresh boxers when I realized there wasn’t any there. They had been replaced by a large stack of those pink diapers, and a postit note.
‘I told you I’d get you, now get to work baby!

Damn her! With no other choice (I’d checked, Jackie had made sure my other underwear was hidden, and the ones in the wash were still wet) I pulled open a diaper. I sprayed myself lightly with the powder that she’d put next to the note, and taped the pink diaper to myself. I breathed deeply at my doorway, and exited my apartment. It took me all my will power just to get out of my apartment, the outside world looked a lot scarier than before.

Chapter 10
Jackie wasn’t in when I entered the office, understandably. I sat down at my desk, annoyed and angry. I couldn’t work at all, I was too distracted, so I waited for Jackie. Time passed slowly, I was staring at the clock, watching it tick round and round…
The door opened, and I stood up quickly. I felt my annoyance build up again, and I was about to shout at her. I quickly opened my office door, and I walked straight up to her. I had prepared a rant for her but Jackie was hugging me. I felt her hand rub quickly over my padded rear, and she broke the embrace.
“Thank you!” she said, giggling. She pecked me on the lips, and I smiled, forgetting what I had felt a few moments earlier.
“Now go to your room and do your homework young man!” she demanded in a mock mothering voice, pointing at my office. I couldn’t help laughing. As I turned away from her I felt a hand slap my bum. Did she just spank me?
I heard giggling as I walked, but when I turned around she was at her desk again, dialling on the phone, pointing at the office to me. I obediently entered my office, and sat down. The diaper crinkled slightly, and I could feel the thick rectangle of padding between my legs. It annoyed me how the diapers had been designed so that only a strip in the middle was padded, it made it more obvious to anyone looking because my bum bulged out at the middle between my legs, instead of in around my butt.

Jackie didn’t flirt with me, but she did smile and stick her tongue out at me quite frequently.
“I’m just going to the bathroom.” I said, walking to our office “front door”. I felt a hand on my arm, Jackie was pouting cutely.
“No, not at work!” I knew what she wanted me to do.
“Fine.” She turned from me, and stormed back to her seat. I laughed, and walked down to the bathroom. I swear that other people noticed the slight bulge on my bum and between my legs, but I was being paranoid. Anyone who did see me blush would think back to earlier that day, where I appeared to have wet myself. I walked up to a urinal, and realized that with the diaper on, I couldn’t use it. I turned quickly, and opened a stall instead, trying to act as if nothing happened, despite the fact that there was nobody else in the toilet.

I pulled down my trousers completely, and while looking at the pale pink front of the diaper, was tempted to use it. I decided against it almost immediately, but the thought was still there. I untapped the front, and held it up with my other hand pushing it against my bum. My thing was covered in white talcum powder, and I sighed. As I was peeing, the hand holding the diaper suddenly slipped. I quickly caught it, but at the same time the diapers front swung forward between my legs. I accidentally sprayed it momentarily with my urine, which made me panic. I tried to pull it away with my other hand, but I dropped it completely. It fell forward onto the toilet rim, half hanging over. I managed to grab it with my free hand, but to avoid peeing on my hand, I had to pee into the open diaper. After a few, long seconds it was over, the diaper quite heavy. I had peed mostly into it by accident, as I was quite desperate for the toilet. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t put this back on. I suddenly had an idea, and I pulled out my phone, holding the diaper at arms length.

“Hi Jackie, its me, Sam.”
“Hey Sam, aren’t you in the toilet?”
“Yes, I have a problem.”
“Did you have an accident?” I heard a faint giggle.
“Kind of.”
“Either you did or you didn’t Sam.”
“Ok I did, can you get me another diaper? Or better normal underwear?”
“I don’t have any diapers, and I don’t carry boxers with me. But I have got some protection of my own.”
“What is it?”
“You don’t want to know, girl stuff.”
“Is it underwear?”
“In a sense, yes.”
“Can I wear it?”
“I don’t know if it can hold very much pee. I don’t want you to pee yourself again”
“I didn’t pee myself!” I protested.
“I know, you just lost control, I understand completely, I meant I don’t know if it can hold another accident. I’ll be there in a minute, but I’m not going into the men’s room, come to the girls room.”
“I cant move from here though.”
“Yes you can, you can just wipe yourself down when you take it off, or go commando” She hung up before I could reply, and she knew my irrational fear of going commando. I sighed, and blushed, and suddenly felt really upset. I didn’t have an accident, at least, not that kind of accident! I slowly opened the diaper again, and put it underneath me. It was one thing wearing a wet diaper, but another thing intentionally putting one on. I slowly sat down, feeling the wetness squelch around my crotch. I pulled up the front and back, and taped them together. It was loose around me. I pulled up my trousers, and flushed the toilet. It took all my courage to finally exit the stall, the weight of the diaper nearly making it fall down.

Chapter 11
I washed my hands quickly, and opened the bathroom door. The girls bathroom was a few meters away, and I quickly dashed into it. Nobody in the main reception saw… I think. The room was empty, luckily. I noticed that it was a lot cleaner than the men’s room. I looked around it, curiosity motivating me. There was no urinal, obviously, just a mass of stalls. The wall was covered in a long mirror, and I saw myself. I looked extremely awkward, blushing crimson. I quickly entered the closest stall, sitting down with a small squish. I waited.

A minute later the door opened. I was tempted to call out, but the nerves got the better of me. What if it was someone else? The cubicle door rattled, and I heard a girl call out;
“Sorry, I thought it was free.” I gasped, I could feel my heart-beat pulse through my body! I could hear her enter another stall. I was panicking more and more. The door opened again, and I heard high heels. Please be Jackie. The clicking of her shoes stopped, if it was Jackie, she must have noticed that two stalls were occupied. I heard the girl step over to a sink, and her handbag open. She was doing her makeup or something. A minute later and the other girl walked out of her stall. I heard them saying hello, then the other girl complemented Jackie about something. It was definitely Jackie, I could recognise her voice a mile off. A moment later the door closed, and silence.

The high-heeled footsteps walked over to my stall;
“Sam?” Jackie asked in a whisper.
“Help!” I screamed back.
“Unlock the door then silly.” I did, jumping up from my seat.
Jackie entered the cubicle, and closed it behind her.
“Very cosy in here isn’t it?” she giggled, illustrating the fact that I was a few inches away from her face. I saw her open her hand bag, and take out a small package.
“They’re the best protection for me.” she explained, looking down at the training pants. Well they were like training pants, only designed for periods.
“Thank you!” I said exuberantly, sighing at the same time. She handed me two of the folded underwear things.
“Why two?”
“Protection.” she said, smiling.
“I’m not going to wet myself!”
“You thought that before, but look at you now!” I sighed, I couldn’t reason with her.
“What do I do with the other diaper?” I asked.
“There’s a bin next to the door.”
“I’ll be outside.” Jackie opened the cubicle, and I heard her walk over to the door. I quickly pulled down my trousers and wet diaper, and quickly unfolded one of the period panties. Its leg holes were a bit tight, and its padding was only a few millimetres thick, tiny compared to the diaper. It got tighter over my thighs, but I just about got it on. I then pulled up the second one, and lifted up my trousers.
“Is it clear?” I called out.
“If it wasn’t you’d be screwed.” she laughed, “but yeah its clear now.” I quickly ran out of the cubicle, and pushed the large diaper into the bin. It thudded loudly, making both me and Jackie jump. I saw her open the door slowly, then she quickly indicated for me to come out. I did, and we both walked quickly back up to our office.

“That. Was. Horrible!” I shouted, sitting down heavily onto my desk chair. Jackie was sitting on the edge of the desk, smiling down at me.
“How does the underwear feel?” she asked, giggling again. “Or do you want a tampon as well?” She leant forward and patted me on the arm, laughing hysterically.
“Sorry, couldn’t resist.”

Chapter 12
We were about to leave work that afternoon, I was facing away from the door, sorting out files on my desk. I didn’t notice my office door open, and suddenly I felt a hand pull back my trousers, and a freezing cold liquid down the back of my underwear.
“What the-” I shouted, jumping at the cold. I turned to see Jackie laughing, holding a small cup of water, some of it dripping onto the carpet.
“Why did you do that!?” I asked angrily, shivering from the water.
“Couldn’t resist.” she said, smiling teasingly at me. She stepped closer to me, and pulled me into a hug.
“I’m only teasing. It wont happen again, unless you want me to of course.”
“Yes I want you to pour water down my back.” I said sarcastically, I continued “and please make me feel as uncomfortable as possible while your doing it, like make it brown mushy soup and orange juice and pour so much in that it leaks into my tights.” I sighed angrily at her.
“Where did that come from?” she asked, smiling cheekily at me.
“It was from the website.” I suddenly blushed, realizing that it sounded like I had come up with that.
“Sure.” she kissed me, then left to finish up work on her desk. I looked at my back in the small mirror. There was no stain, but the innermost period panty was soaked. If I closed my legs it would properly squish the water out of the padding, so I had to be very careful. I stepped tentatively, and I could hear a faint squelch. I made sure my legs were open slightly, and I followed Jackie out of the office. We walked home quickly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, or this afternoon maybe.” said Jackie.
“Sure, either, I don’t mind.”
“Ok then, I might surprise you then.”
“Sounds fun.” I replied, as she kissed me goodbye.
“By the way Sam, love the waddle you’ve got!” She patted me on the arm, and turned away. I watched her walk around the corner, before turning back to my apartment. I checked around my house for any male underwear, and realized that Jackie had stolen all of it. She must have taken the wet underwear after I left my apartment, she has a key. In my drawer, I found some pink panties next to the diapers that had a postit note on them. Jackie loves postit notes, apparently their the most useful thing ever invented. It read;
‘For adults only.’
I sighed, but couldn’t help laughing slightly at Jackie’s humour. I resigned to my fate, and grabbed a large pink diaper from the cupboard. I took off the wet period panties, and pulled on the diaper, using my bed as the changing mat. They were totally different in feeling, and I preferred the thinner period panties. A few minutes later Jackie arrived, smiling as usual. We watched a movie on the couch, and once again she made me pee in the diaper, this time by making sure I didn’t want to get up during the movie. She was spooning me, while we both laid down on the couch, and her arms were tight around my waist. She muttered;
“Just relax.”
And I did, regretting it for the rest of the film. Again, before I could change, I pleased her in bed, and finally had a shower. I opened the bathroom door, walking to my bedroom in a towel. As I entered I noticed Jackie holding something. It was the same diaper as usual, and I wondered what she was doing. She patted the bed, and I obeyed. She dried me off completely, then put the diaper under me. It was only then that I realized what had changed, she had opened the padding and inserted a booster pad. It doubled the thickness.
“So you don’t leak in bed.” she said, pulling it up around me.
“I don’t even wet the bed.”
“it’s a mental thing, you wont be able to wet the bed unless you know your protected, or at least it will take longer...” she said.
“Why would I want to wet myself?” I asked,
“Because I know you better than you know yourself, and I know that your enjoying this, you’ve been more intimate and happy with me in the last few days than you ever have! I just know it, trust me.”

Chapter 13
After putting the diaper snugly around my waist, Jackie went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I guess she’s staying the night. She climbed in beside me, and we began playing. She insisted that I pleased her again, which I did. I enjoyed it, but wished we could do something that we both really enjoyed. I realized that we hadn’t done that since the diapers. I told her about this, and she replied with;
“If your wet like a good girl then we can.”
“Why did you call me a girl not a boy? And why girl, not woman?”
“Sorry, its just not many men, boys or women I know off wear pink princess diapers.”
“Your funny.” I said, the sarcasm obvious. “And why do you want me to be wet.”
“Because I know its good for you. I did physiology at school, so I know. Just trust me, it’ll be the best sex you ever have.”

“Fine, but I cant just wet myself.”
“You will start doing it in your sleep, I know it. I’m guessing it will take around 4-5 weeks.”
“Why 4-5 weeks?”
“Because, despite you wanting it to happen subconsciously, you still need to get over the mental block that’s saying ‘Grown men shouldn’t be babies, only a sissy girly boy would wet themselves.’ This thing takes time, and if you think about it 3-4 weeks is quite a short time anyway.”
“Sissy girly boy?” I inquired.
“I found it on that website you went on.”
“Oh ok… so does that mean-?”
“No. Your not a sissy I don’t think, just a diaper lover.” She didn’t sound so sure.

I found it hard to get to sleep, thoughts flying through my head, conflicting emotions making me upset. Did I really enjoy diapers? She was right, I’ve been really happy the last few days… But I never enjoy wetting myself, the warmth is nice and letting go is easy but babies do it! I am so confused! But happy, I feel happy. Jackie was uncovering things that make me feel great.. Or so I thought.”

Chapter 14
I woke with a start, what was happening? I was on top of the sheets, which was strange. I swear something had happened a moment ago, but didn’t I just wake up? A more pressing issue was the warmth between my legs. I was asleep… when I peed! Jackie said a month, its not even been a day since she told me! I panicked, and climbed out of bed slowly. I cleaned myself off in the bathroom, and put on a fresh diaper. I realized that the one I was wearing before had a soaker inside it, so I had to do the same with this one. I searched the house for the soaker pads, finding them in the drawer above my underwear- well diaper drawer. I put it in, then climbed back into bed, my mind a blur. I did not want Jackie to know that I had wet myself, especially on the first night. I struggled to get back to sleep.

“Morning sunshine, how are you feeling? Not wet I see, looks like no cumming for you.” Jackie’s wonderful voice, and a light, blue sky. I ignored the comment, and smiled. This looked like a good day, despite the recent diaper thing Jackie had me doing. I had forgotten about waking up at 2, wet. I felt lips against my mouth, and I returned the kiss eagerly. I got up slowly, and followed Jackie into the kitchen in only the diaper. I sat down on the hard stool, happy to have extra padding. It almost felt as soft as sitting on a cushioned chair. Jackie was making breakfast for us both.
“Would you like mommy’s milk this morning darling?” she asked sweetly.
“What do you mean?” She replied by walking up to me, undoing her bra, and putting her chest in my face.
“I bought lactating pills, just so you can try it. I think it will help.”
“No thanks!” I replied, unable to look away from her nipple. She squeezed it slightly, turning me on. I really wanted to, but I just couldn’t. She huffed cutely, and turned away from me, doing up her bra again.
“I’m gunna need too soon, my chest has swollen quite a lot, you promise me that you will tomorrow?”
“Umm.. Ok.”
“Thanks honey.”
After breakfast, we headed back to my room. Jackie had brought some clothes. She was already showered.

“You may as well wear that diaper, it would be a waste if not.”
“There is no way I’m wearing this diaper! Its huge!”
“Fine, I’ll keep it for tonight.”
She looked a bit annoyed, but I didn’t care. I was not wearing something so huge at my office! She returned a moment later, looking a bit happier.
“I have an idea. Sara, you know, the woman who lives next to me, two children?”
“Yeah, what about her.”
“She puts her baby in two diapers when their out, so when the little girl wets the diaper she just takes it out, leaving the other diaper already on her. Saves changing for a few hours. I was thinking you could do that.”
“I’m not going to have an accident.” I demanded. She raised her eyebrows.
“I don’t have any spare panties, you may as well. Either that or bring a diaper bag.” I sighed, but saw her reasoning. If I did wet myself, I’d be stuck in that diaper all day. I could just take it out and still be wearing one. No hassle.

I agreed, and she taped two on me. The bulk was obviously more noticeable, twice as noticeable in fact, but I felt better, more secure. We finished getting ready, and got to work. We were in our office again, bored. Jackie had sent me a few dirty texts as a joke, which gave her an excuse to come into the office and say;
“You know people your age shouldn’t be playing around with phones, give it to me or its corner time and a spanking for you young man.” I didn’t really listen to her because her skirt was so high that she was exposing herself. I took it out from my pocket and handed it to her.
“Good boy.” she leant over and kissed me for a long few seconds, before walking out of the room. I laughed, and got back to work. She did it a few more times, once even leaning over me to lock my email. She was just messing around, and I didn’t have any work anyway.

After lunch I felt the need to use my diapers. It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t thought about using the loo, but my diapers! I quickly reminded myself about the loos, and headed for them. Jackie stopped me, and smiled.
“Nope, not a chance.” I said.
“If you do, then I’ll reward you.” she said, smiling. She directed my hand towards her skirt as reinforcement. This was a tempting offer, I could just take it off and bin it.
“No- I don’t think I want to.”
“But you do!” she hugged me tightly, and massaged the front of the diapers. I could barely feel it through two sets of padding, but it made me want to.
“Just relax.” she said softly, and I couldn’t help it. She was right of course. I felt myself relax without having to struggle too much. I began to pee, but stopped quickly.
“I don’t want to do this.” I said, feeling a small drop of wet warmth around my crotch.
“Yes you do, just relax.” I peed a little more helplessly. Did I want to do this? No. I stopped myself again.
“I don’t, please.”
“I know what’s best for you, just relax.” I opened completely, and flooded the diaper. I could have stopped myself easily, I wasn’t desperate for the toilet, where had my control gone? After I had emptied my bladder, I felt a lot better. That was strange…
Suddenly, however, I felt a far worse pressure build up, destroying my mood.

Chapter 15
“I need to go number 2!” I said, panicking.
“Just relax.” I felt myself relax slightly, but I didn’t want to.
“No, I want to go to the diaper, I mean toilet!” Jackie smiled at me, taking me over to the chair, comforting me.
“You are, just relax.” she repeatedly told me to relax until finally I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t need to push, it pushed itself out. It was tightly pressed against the seat of the diaper, and quickly became uncomfortable. She released her hold on me, and I fell onto the chair. It squelched around as I sat down, and I hated it. Before I could do anything else, Jackie began to kiss me. It was so passionate that I forgot everything else, and kissed her back. She was doing it perfectly, and I was aroused instantly. She broke off, gasping heavily, her hands round my shoulders. She slumped onto my lap, wrapping her arms around my shoulders. Her weight was pushing me further into the sticky mess.

“What was that for?” I asked.
“A distraction, - to calm - you down.”
“Thank - you. Now I have to - get changed! Right now!”
“I want to kiss you some more.” Jackie held me tightly, hugging me. I couldn’t stand up with her on me, and she held me for a few more, long seconds. Her lips were sensual.
“Please Jackie, afterwards we can.”
“No, its ok, I’ll help you clean up.” She slowly got up, pulling me to my feet. I felt disgusted by the stuff in my diaper, and I couldn’t go outside.”

“How do we do this?” I asked.
“There is a toilet on the floor above, maybe less people will be there. The reception is full at the moment, and you’re a bit stinky.”
“Don’t remind me.”
“Sorry, follow me.” She grabbed my hand, and pulled me out of our office door. We quickly rushed up the steps, not helping the mass in my diapers. Jackie peaked round the corner of the corridor on the next floor.
“Its clear, go!” she slapped my padded bum as a joke to get going. It didn’t help at all. We both walked quickly down the corridor, the men’s bathroom at the far end. The door in front of us, leading to another office, began to open, and Jackie pulled me into the other, closer toilets. The girls.

We quickly entered a stall, and Jackie helped me tidy myself up. I removed my trousers, and Jackie grabbed a plastic bag from her handbag. She untapped the outer diaper and removed it completely.
“I though I could just slide it off.”
“I didn’t know you were going to poop.” she said, giggling.
“Oh I fell silent.
Jackie put the outer, clean diaper in the front of her handbag, not wanting to put it on the horrible bathroom floor. She undid the inner diaper, and pulled it out from me. The smell was horrible, but I didn’t mind too much. Jackie quickly folded it in on itself, and shoved it into the plastic bag. She let me clean myself up with tissues, turning away from me so she didn’t have to watch me rub my crotch and bum.
“That wasn’t so bad was it.” she said, ironically looking at the diaper plastic bag with revolution.
“What do you mean, it was horrible!” But, as I thought back, I remember it coming out, then Jackie kissing me, it was amazing, the kissing part, not the soiling. Then the clean up was ok, but its still soiling a diaper!
“Ok it was only a little bit worse than peeing, but still horrible.”
“Its not that much worse, you looked so cute when you did!”
“Did I? How?”
“You were smiling so much when you did it, and your face afterwards was so happy I just had to kiss it!”
“Yeah, if only you could have seen your face…” Jackie kissed me on the lips, turned and opened the stall.
“And, as promised, I’ll make it even more worth it! See you in a bit, you need to get rid of this.” Jackie looked at the horrible plastic bag in her outstretched hand, handing it to me.
“See you in about an hour, I need to get a new set of stock for our store down town.” she said, closing the stall behind her.
“See you baby” I heard her giggle, then the bathroom door slide closed. I turned around, about to pick up the spare diaper..
When I realized that it had gone. Where had I put it? I searched around the stall but couldn’t find it anywhere. It was on top of Jackie’s bag and when she left she… NO! I didn’t have any underwear, and I quickly grabbed my phone, well tried to. Jackie had taken it before lunch when she was flirting! Damnit! What do I do? I looked down at the plastic bag in my hand, the thick heavy diaper weighing it down… It was better than being naked…

Chapter 16
I slowly opened the bathroom door, gladly met by an empty corridor. I waddled down the stairs to my office, and shut the door quickly behind me. It had taken all my courage to get this far, but I was thankful that I did it. I looked across at Jackie, instead seeing an empty desk. She’d gone into town! I swore to myself, another wave of panic and realization flooding over me. I couldn’t get home in this state, even if I went commando (which I was almost prepared to do) because my bum was dirty. I was practically crying when I sat down on my office desk, the large squashed mass making me fall into a fit of tears. I sat there, sulking, until Jackie returned.

Suddenly my office door slammed open, and I jumped up in panic. My diaper had stuck to me completely now, and was itching badly.
“I’m so sorry!” Jackie called to me from behind the glass wall. She opened the door and hugged me.
“Are you wearing?-” she only had to sniff to get the answer.
“I’m so sorry, I was about to pay for the office stuff when I noticed the diaper in my bag. I tried to ring you but I have your phone! I came back as quickly as I could!”
“Thanks.” I said meekly.
“Follow me honey, you’ll soon be out of it.”

Jackie took me back upstairs, and I didn’t mind that we went into the girls toilets again. Anything to get me out of this diaper. We repeated the process from last time, except Jackie held my new diaper with both hands. She taped it onto me after we cleaned up, and nothing felt so good!
“There we go.” said Jackie, hugging me.
“Now lets get you home, there is only 10 minutes left of this weeks work, its Friday!” I hadn’t noticed, I was too busy being shocked. She waited for me to recover, then finally directed me until we were home. Jackie hugged me, and pulled me over to the bathroom. We washed in the shower together, making me forget the days events, until;
“Since you’ve been such a good boy today and done your first ever poo poo in your diapers you get a special treat!” I was about to argue but Jackie began to grope me. We had sex for the first time since this diaper thing started, and it was amazing!

Chapter 17
The water began to get cold, so we stepped out together, and dried while kissing. Jackie pulled out the diaper I had made in the night to hide my bed wetting accident, which she still didn’t know about, and taped it onto me. She grabbed some casual clothes for me to wear and some for herself. I pulled on my skinny jeans, but they wouldn’t fit over the huge bulge at my crotch.
“Aww looks like your need for diapers has stopped you from wearing skinnies.” said Jackie teasingly to me.
“A skirt would easily fit over your protection, lets switch.” she patted the front of my diapers with her hand.
“That’s not funny.” I said.
“It is, I found it funny thank you very much. Now are you going to put this on or do you need me to do it for you?”
She held out her skirt expectantly.
“I’m not wearing that.” I said, shocked that she’d even suggest it.

“Please, I’ve been doing things for you, cant you do something for me?” she asked. That shocked me, I was doing the diaper thing for her! I told her that, but;
“No silly, I know its what you want, that is for you! You’re the one who’s gone from ‘apparently’ hating diapers to soiling them in under a month. The only way you could like it more is if you started wetting the bed this week.” I blushed at that statement, having already wet the bed, on the first night that she suggested it.
“Can you please do this for me, it will be so cute with the diaper hanging out!”
“Ok..” I said slowly. Jackie grinned happily, kissing me on the cheek. She wrapped the skirt around me, doing up the zip easily.

“I told you it would look adorable, and doesn’t it feel more comfortable than tight jeans?”
I had to agree with her with that. It pressed against the outside of my thighs snugly, like I was being hugged. It was… comfortable.
“And no high waisted skirt is complete without a blouse.” She handed me her blouse, and snatched my t-shirt from my hand. She helped me put it on, tucking it into the skirt quickly. She adjusted it a bit, then smiled at me.
“You know this outfit is not complete without gorgeously sexy legs…” she winked at me.
“What do you mean?” I asked, thinking the worst.

Chapter 18
“I think someone needs a shave… or a waxing.” she giggled, tightening her grip on my hand.
“No way!” I took a step back, but she followed me.
“You know that you will need to shave… down there… eventually, its unhealthy to have hair when you wear diapers… and its nicer for the girl during you-know-what.”
“Oh… but do you want to do my legs as well?”
“We may as well, nothing better than smooth legs.” She took my hand and rubbed it over her thigh. It was inches away from her crotch. I rubbed around her thigh teasingly, but she stopped me. I could tell her breathing was a little heavier.
“I’ll take that as a yes then, go sit in the bath. I’ll be back in a sec.” I heard her overnight bag unzip, a giggle, then the patting of her feet over my carpet. I laughed.

“We’ll do your legs first, its easier than… your privates…” she giggled, taking the shower head in one hand and my leg in the other, placing the razor, foam and wipes to one side. I let her do it, I couldn’t exactly stop her now, and to be honest, I didn’t want her two…

“Feel that.” she said, lifting up my hand and rubbing it down my legs. Wow! They felt sooo incredibly smooth! I spent a moment rubbing my legs, Jackie giggling at me.
“Save it for tonight.” she said a moment later, noticing that I was moaning slightly. I looked up, removing my hands from my thighs. Jackie did my crotch… I wont go into details but it wasn’t easy to do… Once she had done though, I felt great. It looked so much healthier, and cleaner!
“Wait there a second, I forgot the lotion.” Jackie climbed out of the bath, rubbing up my thigh teasingly. I smiled, crossing my legs over and over again just to feel it…

“Here it is, hold your hands out.” I did, Jackie squeezing a huge blob of pink lotion onto my hands.
“Spread it out over your crotch and legs, then rub it in.” I did so, the slight tingling sensation making me giggle. It was even smoother.
“So what does this do?” I asked, “its not like they can get any smoother.”
“It makes it last longer, so you don’t have to shave for a while. Expensive stuff, but worth it!”
“How much longer?!” I asked, I didn’t plan on having smooth legs for too long.
“How long would you say permanent is?” she asked, giggling at my facial expression.”
“Oh come on you love it really!”
Jackie leaned forward, kissing me while wrapping her body over mine. She was right, I secretly didn’t care.

Chapter 19
I re-taped the diaper over my smooth crotch, lifting the skirt until the bottom of it was just peaking out. Jackie pulled me into the lounge, and we laid down together watching whatever was on. Jackie made me us a light lunch, deciding not to wear my work trousers at all. My boxers looked great on her, being so tight over her rather large bum. We fed each other jokingly, and got lost in each others arms. I fell into a peaceful sleep with her by my side…

“Wake up sleepy girl.” I was nudged slightly. I rolled over and swung my arm out slowly. It hit something.
“Ow, that’s not fair is it little girl.” I felt a harder shove on my arm.
“Leave me alone.” I said groggily. Pause. Yes she’s gone. Suddenly I was pulled off the bed, I landed with a wet thud onto the carpet. I opened my eyes.

“You are so bad in the mornings.” she giggled, walking away from me. I wasn’t in the bedroom, I was beside the couch. Oh, right, yeah… I must have dosed off. I got up slowly, the familiar damp feeling between my legs concerning me. Did Jackie know. I stood up, and stepped over to a mirror. I was wearing my work shirt. No wait, it was a blouse! I looked down, seeing silky smooth legs under a high wasted skirt, a yellow stained diaper peaking out underneath. I sighed, and smiled. Why did I smile? No idea, maybe I was laughing at myself, I don’t know.

I didn’t care any more if she knew that I’d wet myself, she was right all along. I watched her while she prepared breakfast, skipping around in a matching underwear set. She must have changed before she woke me up. She glided over to me, wrapping her arms around me, a piece of bacon in her mouth.
“Here you go sweetie.” She giggled as I took a bite, kissing her awkwardly as I chewed. When I swallowed, she pecked me on the lips and returned to her cooking. I followed her over to a table, sitting down beside her. I didn’t even notice the wet squish I made, I didn’t care.
“Fancy going to the park for lunch today?” Jackie asked, serving up more bacon.
“Yeah sure, I’m wearing my normal clothes though!”
“Aren’t those your normal clothes?” she teased.
“Real funny.” I couldn’t help but crack a smile.
“I thought so, but your wearing diapers, that’s final.”
“I expected you to say that.”

Jackie sat down beside me, rubbing her free hand over my skirt covered thigh. She brushed the top of my diapers with a fingertip.
“I noticed that you wet yourself last night.”
“You know I’m right.” she patted my thigh reassuringly.
“Yeah, it happened last night as well.” Jackie looked slightly shocked, but quickly recovered.
“That’s very quick, but I guess some things happen faster than others…”
She looked at me, smiling.
“How do you feel about wearing my clothes?” I blushed, that was a very blunt question!
“I.. err, I don’t know. Ok I guess, you wanted to and I don’t see the harm in it… but I’m not doing it in public.”
“I would never ask you two, unless I know you wanted too, like with the diapers…”
“Thanks.” I smiled at her, she looked like she wanted to say something more. I put my hand on top of hers. “Yes?”
“Do you want to go to the park dressed like me?”

I chocked slightly on the egg.
“What are you saying?” I asked, blushing profusely.
“I was just kidding.” she smiled, removing her and from mine and patting my leg. She turned back to her food, and ate in silence… Was she joking?

Chapter 20
“You ok with soup?” Jackie called from the kitchen.
“Yeah that’s fine.” I smiled, pulling on some baggy jeans and a polo top. My underwear had already been decided, obviously, but I didn’t mind much. It would save a trip to the public toilets - those things were horrible. I walked back over to Jackie, hugging her from behind.
“You look gorgeous, but are you sure you’re going to be warm enough?” she asked, pecking me on the cheek as she stepped past me.
“Yeah, fine, Its boiling outside.”
“Ok. We need to stop off at my house so I can change, I didn’t bring casual clothes.”
“That’s fine, I haven’t spoken to your cat in a while.” I heard a laugh behind me.
“You ready then?”
“Yep, you’ve got the food haven’t you?”
“Yeah, I’ll be downstairs. And are you sure you don’t want to double diaper, just in case? We will be out for a while.”
“Fine, you know best.”
“I’m glad you’ve learnt that… Actually, you could try a booster pad, I bought you some in town, their in my bag, I’ll leave it at the door. Make sure you bring it down with you as well.” she giggled, and I heard the apartment door close. I sighed happily, opening the bag and taking out the box. Tena lady booster pads. Nice, women’s ones. I pulled out two of them, slipping them easily into the crotch of the diaper. I re-fastened the tapes, and was ready. I closed up the bag, and for the first time confidently went outside in diapers.

To Be continued  
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This is a fun story I can't wait for more. But why do I have the feeling he is going to end up in a skirt in the park with his diapers showing.
To wet or not to wet “ that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The leaks and rashes of outrageous wettings,
Or to use Desitin against a rash of troubles
And, by changing, end them.

Thankyou BabyValentine, and sorry for the predictability of the story. If you think about it though, every one of these stories ends in sissification, its more about the journey... Thats why there is so many sudden endings... What more can you do with a sissy baby girl who is already in diapers, pink clothes 24/7?

I hope you enjoy the update, coming soon!
Mina Silverwind
I love this story so much, there are so many possibilities for humilating him, and that makes me smile.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.

 Thankyou BabyValentine, and sorry for the predictability of the story. If you think about it though, every one of these stories ends in sissification, its more about the journey... Thats why there is so many sudden endings... What more can you do with a sissy baby girl who is already in diapers, pink clothes 24/7?

I hope you enjoy the update, coming soon!  

Just because I know where we are going, doesn't mean that I won't enjoy the ride and your writing is making for a pleasant journey.
To wet or not to wet “ that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The leaks and rashes of outrageous wettings,
Or to use Desitin against a rash of troubles
And, by changing, end them.

Baby Flo
I love it, too. Very nice and original.
Love everybody
everybody will Love you

 If you think about it though, every one of these stories ends in sissification, its more about the journey... Thats why there is so many sudden endings... What more can you do with a sissy baby girl who is already in diapers, pink clothes 24/7?  

This is a very good point -- when the story is about the transformation, once it's complete there's not a lot more to say. Maybe showing how the rest of the character's life has adjusted to the changes, I suppose, but that's really the only thing I can think of.
Sunshine & rainbows,

"So sing aloud now, your favorite music
Because Heaven needs to hear it too."
-- Jennifer Funshine

 This is a very good point -- when the story is about the transformation, once it's complete there's not a lot more to say. Maybe showing how the rest of the character's life has adjusted to the changes, I suppose, but that's really the only thing I can think of.  

Yeah, you just loose inspiration. I never have the patience to write out a story longer than they all are, mainly because I either finish it or get bored... I have 27 stories so far, about 8 of them finished (and published)… I am trying to go back to them to continue or even finish them, but it is very time consuming.
An idea I had was a story which new things could be added. I may work on it after I’ve finished everything else… Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this story!  

 Cute story lol  

really enjoying this story can't wait for more
Thank you for a lovely story cant wait for the next instalment . xxx
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