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Accepting your best friend as your step father can be hard to do
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Part 1


My name is Christopher Charles Blake, when I was born Mommy decided that she wanted to be different so instead of calling he Chris, I got the nickname Kit, Everyone calls me Kit with two exceptions , my mom and my friend Dillon, they have a special nick name for me that only they can use.


             Kitty cat you awake I heard my mother ask looking at me in the rearview mirror. Opening my eyes and pulling my head up from where it rested on the window, I nodded and said yes mommy. Smiling back at me she replied Well be home soon baby. I nodded again and went back to thinking. We drove in silence, it wasnt an uncomfortable silence just the normal silence you experience when you are on a long drive with another person. It was just me and mommy in the car, she was picking me up from camp and driving me back home, We had gone through all of the normal things you talk about when you havent really talked to someone in two weeks and now we just sat in silence, This was partially due to the natural ebbing of our conversation and partially due to the fact that it always became difficult to hold a conversation when I wasnt allowed to sit in the front seat of the car. This always frustrated me, not only because it made it hard to talk but also because I found it very embarrassing. And yes I know that all kids under twelve have to sit in the back seat by law but Im not under twelve, Im 18, Im just very small with a very protective mother. 


            Its been just me and Mommy for as long as I can remember Dad left when I was little but it never mattered because I always had my mommy. Mommy, I always call my mother mommy its just what feels right. Although this has at times been embarrassing it is made much less embarrassing because of my small stature, under developed body and baby face. Most of the time no one looks twice at me when I called my mother mommy because they assume Im about 8 years old. When youre under four and a half feet tall and about 70lbs with no body hair cant rally blame people for making that assumption. My little problem as Mommy calls it is actually a medical problem cause by my hormones, I never really went through puberty and although there are some drug treatments we can and might try, they have side effects so Mommy is reluctant.


            Because of my little problem everyone but especially Mommy treats me like a very small child. For starters Im not allowed to sit in the front of the car, She never let me learn to drive, Im not allowed to stay alone so at 18 I still get a babysitter, thats really hard. Mommy says she worries which is true but it can be tough to deal with. Mommy insists I have early bedtimes and almost always helps me in the bath this really makes me feel like a 5 year old, the worst part is that due to my medical problems I have enuresis and need to wear protection at my size that just means disposable diapers usually little kid ones. Its not even just Mommy, I get this treatment everywhere, at home, in school, with peers even at camp, I go because I have fun but instead of being a counselor like most of the kids I started with years ago, I spend my time as a camper in the 2nd-3rd grade group being ordered around by someone who used to go to this camp with me when we were 8, now thats embarrassing.


            I guess Im just used to this kind of treatment by now and in all honesty Im pretty sure I need the extra help as Mommy calls it, I know I cant take care of myself or my needs so when after my 18th birthday Mommy petitioned to retain full guardianship of me, I didnt fight it and it was granted so even at 18 Im still my Mommys little boy in every sense of the phrase.


            I was shaken from my thoughts when the car stopped, looking up I became excited because I realized we were home. I was even more excited to see Dillons car in my driveway. Dillon is my best friend although we are complete opposites Hes tall, way taller then me and looks older then he is, He played football in school and is very strong. Although he had a lot of friends in school and was popular, He always made it very clear that I was his best friend. In truth a lot of the time, he acted more like a big brother, He always protected me in school and took me with him when he went places. His friends just accepted that we went together. He even acted as my unofficial babysitter Although we never acknowledge it. After school and on weekends when mommy has to work he hangs out with me, this doesnt really bother me because mommy is always home by bedtime and I just really try to use the bathroom in these situations. The ironic thing about this is that I am actually older then Dillon, He just turned 18 while I was at camp and I was excited to see him and talk about his birthday, this in mind I began fidgeting with my seatbelt.


            Noticing my commotion Mommy said hold it baby, Ill come around and get you In a whinny tone sounding like the 5 year old Im treated as I said but Mommy Dills here I want to see him! Smiling mommy unbuckled saying I know baby and hes not going anywhere. She comes to get me holding my hand until we get to the door she unlocks it and I run through the house to find my best friend. When I finally find him he squats down holding his arms open and says hey Kitty cat. I launch myself into his arms and he lifts me up. It takes me a minute to register where I found him and I pull back from him enough to why are you in my moms room     

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Baby Butch
Good story so far and nicely written too. I just approved it for you.
I love the beginning  of this story so far.  I agree with baby butch it is nicely written i can not wait for the next chapter.
krystala's sissy baby
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