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My name is Will i been out of work for some time now, my unemployment is running out and i need a job at this point i dont care what i do for money just need a job. The wife and i were looking the sunday paper and seen a job offer that look like what i could do and it paid well starting out at 45k and year so i got all drest up looking like i coud get anything that i wanted and then some. I had my wife drive me down town to the office and when we got there it looked like some kind of joke the windows were borded up and the door well there was no door but i told myself this is a starter place in time it will get better. I wall up the two flights of steps and down a long hallway to a nice big glass door with the name Seven Standards in big black letters and cute girl at her desk as can i help you? yes my name is Will and i have a Then i got cutt off by the gril yes please have a seat Nikki will be with you in a min. what seamd like forever Nikki came from out her office greaded me with a smile and said sorry about the long waite hun but it has been a long day for us her at Seven Standards please come with me i got up Nikki grap my hand and led me to the back like i was a two year old, we came up to a big desk with a lot of paper work on it ok hun here is the deal i need you and you need me so here we go putt your jhon handcook on there and there and i can you started started this afternoon i told her that i had my wife waiting and if i could go down and tell her that i will be stating today she will be so happy. What dose your wife do? she is a cashier at Safeway foods If you dont mind tell me how much she is making a year i may have a job for her as well Just over 25k wow that is it go down and get her i can use a some one that is good with money.

sorry will get back to this later time for work  
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Mina Silverwind
I am happy with the start, I am glad you shared all of your work, and I hope you succeed as a writer.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
it was a good start to the story. i hope we can read the rest soon. i am excited to see what the job him and his wife got.
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