All PG How Emma became Emma
A story about a young girl called emma who over come her fears to become who she wanted to be
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Meet Emma, Emma attends and all girls’ school called St Peters school for girls, she is 14 years old. Emma and her mother moved to a small English town called Huntingdon, when she was 10 years old, a month before her 11th birthday, the reason for the move was a sad one, the year before her father had been killed in a bad car accident. Unfortunately her mother could not keep up with the mortgage payments and they had to sell their house and move, Although sad about having to leave her friends at the time, Emma say this as the perfect opportunity to tell her mother about her biggest secret, the feelings she had been hiding deep inside for at least 3 years, probably longer than that but she didn’t remember, It was very hard for Emma to tell her mum her deep dark secret, but she built up the courage to do so any, but in doing so she now has a bigger secret to keep that she has only told 2 other people (apart from her mum) her two best friends from her new school (oh and the principle knows), Any way where was I… oh yeah, Well I suppose I better tell you what her current secret is, otherwise it may not make sense, the secret she has now is that up until she moved her name was James.
So a month before they moved James at the tender age of ten, decided he needed to tell his mum his secret, but every time he tried to bring it up he chickened out and didn’t tell her, so he decided to show her.
One afternoon, his mum had just nipped round the neighbours for a coffee leaving James on his own for an hour (she was only next door). It was then he put his plan into action, as soon as she left he rushed up stairs to his bedroom, to his closet and pulled out a duffel bag that was hidden at the back, the bag contained items that James would normally not have risked his mum seeing, but he was fed up of living a lie.
He quickly pulled out a pair of hello kitty panties, a pair of white tights, a red and black chequered skirt and a hello kitty hooded jumper and a pale blue blouse.
He quickly put the items on, Then he pulled out a hair brush and brush his long blond/brownish hair and put it in a ponytail. He then carefully applied a very small amount a blusher, eye shadow and lipstick. Once he was happy with it he went and looked at himself in the full length mirror in his mum’s bedroom, satisfied with how he looked he crept back down stairs and sat on the sofa. He turned on the TV and waited, as the minuets ticked by he became more nervous and several times contemplated going back upstairs and forgetting this whole thing, but something deep inside him made him stay. He decided to try and calm himself down he would sit in total silence and close his eyes, before to long he nodded off, The next thing he remembered was being gently woken up by his mother, wondering what he was doing in those items of clothing.
So James explained what he had been doing and how long for, and how he felt.
How that he had never felt like a boy and had always wanted to be a girl, that he felt more comfortable in girls clothes than he did boys clothes.
As he explained all this to his mother, she just sat there listening, taking in everything that he was saying, her heart nearly melted when James asked with teary eyes if dad would have still loved him if he had knew how he felt.
His mother reassured him that his dad would have loved him no matter what.
Shortly after this James mum took him to see a doctor about starting hormone treatment to turn him into the girl he wishes to be, and within 2 months he had started HRT and was becoming a girl

So that’s how James became Emma, and she has never looked back, she loves her new life as a girl. All the pretty dresses and cute skirts, the silk blouses and cotton tights, she loves her new purple... wait sorry no lilac bedroom, he hello kitty bed sheets and curtains.

And as soon as she turns 18 she will have the sex change operation to really become a girl. But thats 4 years away yet, so many more happy days for mums little girl
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little baby kristie
Awww such a sweet short story. Absolutely loved it. <3

Danii&Kristie forever
Sweet little tale, thank you.
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