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Soul Eater ABDL story
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Add page 1 here.The clang of steel on steel echoed through pillars and high church domes. Lines of stain glass saints and grisly depictions of Death watched the battle work its way between the pews red velvet carpets. The bright moon shone through the windows, creating an even grid of light in the darkness that occasionally illuminated the two fighters. They ran at each other, moving frantically to gain the advantage over the other. One fighter, a young girl with long blond hair, fought with the controlled grace of a trained martial artist, gliding effortlessly between strikes and stances like a dancer on a stage. Her rival, pink haired and dressed in all black, was the dark contrast of her grace, twisting and convolution in movements that seemed more like compulsions then planned attacks. However, they seemed equally matched, the light of the girl pressing against the darkness of her opponent, neither proving superior. A battle scythe met a black sword, and the blond haired girl kicked her opponent in the stomach, sending the other flying back. She tried to follow with a strike of a scythe, but the darker fighter moved like a liquid out of the way and countered with an series of strikes. The girl was hit and pushed back against a pillar. She barely managed to block a kill shot, stopping the sword inches from her throat. She through another kick which missed but created enough space for her to move away and attack again. The two fought back and forth, striking and parrying as the night wore on.

       Finally the clang of steel was replaced with a sickening ‘thwack’ as steel met flesh. The dark clothed fighter gasped and clutched an open shoulder wound that dripped black blood onto the red carpeting. The blond girl, whose long battle scythe glistened with the same black blood, took the moment to through a high kick that knocked her rival to the ground.

“It doesn’t have to be this way!” Maka said, staring at her rival with more sadness then anger. Her blond hair dripped with sweat that mixed with and hid her tears. “We could have been friends! Come with me, I will help you!”

Her scythe began to move on its own. A figure emerged, revealing it to be a white haired, sharp tooth boy. “C’mon Maka! This again? You could have finished the fight right there! God, you are so uncool sometimes.”

“QUIET SOUL! Don’t be mean to him! He is being controlled by Medusa”

“Him? Are you sure its a him…?”

As they spoke Crona slowly panted, resting with a hand on the ground. Vision blurred, Crona wobbled before straightening up, using a pillar for support. The cut wasn’t too bad, and recovery would come quickly. But that wasn’t the main problem. Slowly, Crona turned to look at the moon, judging the time. Only a few minutes more.

A dark, muscular figure formed over Crona’s thin frame. Without opening a mouth, it spoke. “DAMN IT CRONA! YOU’RE LOSING AGAIN! MEDUSSA WILL NOT BE HAPPY! Here I am, constantly having to save you and heal you with your black blood. Without me, you’d be useless, eh?” The figure grabbed Crona’s head and began to noogie it.

“OW! Stop that Ragnarok! I know! Please stop!” Crona spoke in a soft, high pitched voice. Make and Soul watched the scene in confused silence.

“And I bet you did it again, didn’t you? I bet you did! Let me see!”  Ragnarok reached down to grab Crona’s black robe and pulled it up.

“NO! PLEASE DON’T! NOT IN FRONT OF THEM! I don’t know how to deal with it!” Crona grabbed the robe and tried to hold it down.

“What does it matter? They will be in a similar situation soon anyway.  Did you? Uh oh... Medusa will be angry if you did! C’mon, let me check!”

A flying scythe hit Ragnarok, interrupting the scene. It rebounded and returned like a boomerang back to Maka. “Stop that!” She shouted “That’s mean… and really weird. Isn’t Crona your meister?”

“Why did you do that? We could finally have figured out if Crona is a boy or a girl! Seriously, even at school Crona would avoid the change rooms, and… OW!” A hand collided with his head, ending the thought.

“MAKA CHOP! You never notice anything” Maka shouted. While the two were struggling, she bad caught a brief glimpse of what was under Crona’s robe. The thick white material didn’t look like any normal underwear. “What do you two mean by “we will be in a similar situation?” Suddenly she began to feel dizzy. She wobbled around, lost her balanced and fell. Her vision went blank before she could even ask what was happening.
Maka slowly began to wake up. She felt… weird. She was very warm, and everything around her felt soft.  There was something around her waist that wrapped her, it felt like she had a pillow between her legs. She also felt a band around her neck, though she wasn’t sure what it was. She tried moving, but her limbs felt very weak and weighted down. Over all, it was strange, but not bad. It was very peaceful and comforting.

She sat up with a start. The memories of the night before came flooding back. The fight… Crona bleeding, then nothing. Had she lost? If she had, she would have been captured.

She looked around. At first she thought she was in a cage, as bars surrounded her. After a moment she realized the top was open and she was lying on a bed. It took her a second to realize she was lying sitting in an oversized crib. A brief glance around the room confirmed this, as she made out another crib, high chairs, a play pen, and a changing table. The walls were made of stone with iron barred windows. The door was thick wood with an iron bolt. She was in a prison nursery.

Panicking now, Maka checked over her own body. She seemed to be unhurt. The band around her neck turned out to be a leather collar which a glance in a nearby mirror showed to be black. She was wearing baby blue footed pyjamas. Based on that, she had a pretty good idea of what the padding she felt between her legs was. She tried to open the buttons of the pyjamas, but her hands went numb and she felt a shock.

“You won’t be able to do that,” said a soft voice. Make turned to see Crona standing the corner of the room. A high chair had blocked Maka’s view, and so she had not noticed. Crona was wearing a black dress similar to the robe from the night before, but far shorter. The skirt ended mid-thigh to reveal  a thick, white diaper. After speaking, Crona began to suck on a pacifier that was attached to the black dress.

“Where are we? What happened? Why are you here? And where is Soul?” Maka asked. It made sense that she would be in a prison of some kind, but not that Crona would be there. Also, the setup of the cell was bizarre.

“I’m here to explain everything to you, and… as… punishment.” Crona said “Last night was a trap. My mother put a spell on the church. After midnight, you all passed out, and she took us here. And soul is in the crib next to you.”

Maka turned to see Soul still snoring in the other cribbed. She picked up one of the stuffed animals that surrounded her and threw it over the bars and at his head. “WAKE UP!” she shouted.

Soul was startled awake. His eyes went wide as he took in the room. He was wearing pink pyjamas much like Maka’s and a diaper that bulged through his pants, both of which horrified him. He immediately began squirming and shouting. “WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? GET THIS OFF OF ME! Someone better have a good explanation! What is going on?”

“QUIET! We are trying to find that out!” Maka shouted. She turned to Crona and spoke in a softer voice “Where is here?” 

“This was my nursery when was younger, but my mother made it bigger. Sometimes, especially when fighting, I have… accidents. I get scared of the confusion, and the loud noises, and of what my mother will do to me if I lose… and I can’t deal with it. I have to wear diapers sometimes when I fight, and if I wet them, then my mother sends me here as punishment. She was especially angry because I was losing when the spell took effect. She decided to send you here too… I’m… sorry. She says she is going to try to re-raise you to harness your power and eventually add it to mine. For now, we are to work together because I am eventually going to have to fight you, and I have to learn to destroy my friends.  Also, it’s all controlled with magic. We won’t be able to fight at all here. The collar keeps you from taking the clothes off and makes you weak. You will be taken out of the crib soon.”

As if on Crona’s command, a pair of hands appeared beside Maka, lifted her out of the crib and placed her on the ground. Soul was soon standing beside her. Both of them blushed bright red to see each other in the babyish garbs and know that they were in the same situation.

The hands stripped Maka of the pyjamas, allowing her to see, to her embarrassment, she was indeed wearing a very thick disposable diaper. The hands patted the diaper and opened the front as if checking it, further humiliating her with the implication that she might have used it. Satisfied that she was clean, the hands left and returned with a frilly dress the same color. 

For Soul, the clothing change did not go quite as smoothly. He struggled against the hands as much as his weakened arms would allow. He tried to tear off the diaper when he saw it. Soon an extra set of hands appeared  and grabbed his arms behind his back. He was bent over in the air and a paddle appeared beside his diaper.

“What is that for? You better not! NOOOO!!!” Soul shouted as the paddle rose up behind him and descended with a lout SMACK! Soon he was yelping in pain as he received a long, hard spanking across his padded bottom. SMACK SMACK SMACK! Despite his continuous protests, the paddle continued to strike until his butt was red, bruised, and sore. Finally it settled down. The hands finished dressing him in a short pink dress with his name and “baby girl” written in lace across the chest, a pink bonnet, booties, and plastic pants with hearts on them. Maka received the same accessories, but in blue.

Soul stared in horror at his clothes, then turned angry when he saw Maka. “Wait? How come I get pink while Maka gets blue! It should be the other way around! I am the boy here! And even Crona, whatever it is, gets black! This isn’t fair! I demand a different color dress!” He was silenced by another smack across his bottom. A pink pacifier appeared in his mouth, silencing him. He tried to spit it out, but a set of ribbons attached it behind his head.

Maka found a similar pacifier had appeared in her mouth. However, since she hadn’t protested, the ribbons attached themselves to her dress rather than behind her head. She took the opportunity to remove it and speak. “Aww what’s the matter Soul? Not cool enough for you? I think you look cute in pink!” Soul only glared at her as she continued. “I think it’s funny that you stopped complaining about being diapered or made to wear a dress and only cared about the color. Are you used to this? You’re always complaining about how nerdy I am, but maybe you’re just a little sissy!” She stuck her tong out, and Soul reached to grab her.

They were once again interrupted by the hands. All three of them were picked up and placed in a giant play pen filled with childish toys.
“What’s going on?” Maka asked.

“It’s part of the magic. You are treated based on your behavior. The more you suck on the pacifier willingly and play with the toys, the better you will be treated. Also, you should know… with the collar on, you will not be able to control when you use your diaper.” Crona explained.

“WHAT!? You can’t be serious!”

“It’s true. But if you play nicely, it won’t happen as often.”

Nervous, and scared by the thought of messing a diaper, Maka turned her attention to the toys that surrounded her. There were rattles, stuffed animals, wooden blocks, and dolls of all kinds. Following Crona’s lead, she began piling the blocks into a tower. At the same time, she replaced the pacifier in her mouth, hoping to earn the favor of the magical hands. Soul, too stubborn to submit, simply sat with his arms folded in the corner of the giant play pen.

After half an hour the hands returned and picked them up again. The three babyfied former enemies were put side by side into high chairs. A bowl of brown goop appeared in front of Maka. She gagged and tried to turn her head away, but the hands spoon feed her and forced her to eat. She thought it was oatmeal mixed with mashed fruit, and was rather bland. She swallowed it as best she could, but the hands kept shoveling it into her mouth and some of it spilled down her chin. When it was finished, the hands took away the bowl and returned with a baby bottle of milk to wash it down. The teat was put into Maka’s mouth. Humiliated at the treatment, but not wanting to earn any punishment, Make resigned herself and drank the milk from the humiliating bottle. 

Soul had even less luck then her. Thanks to his earlier protests and refusal to play, the bowl he received was much larger. His oatmeal tasted horrible, and the slimy texture made him shudder. He was forcibly feed until his stomach was bloated and round. Instantly, he began cramping. A much large bottle appeared for him, and he began to drink as his stomach churned with the mass of oatmeal he was forced to consume. He squirmed in his highchair, knowing too well what was coming soon.

Crona and Maka both turned to the sound of a loud “BLAAARRT!” They saw Soul turn beet red and begin squirming frantically but uselessly in the high chair. He hadn’t even realized it was about to come out, and could do nothing to stop it. Another, much longer sound followed, and Soul began to whimper as he helplessly messed himself. A long stream of warm brown mush filled his diapers and caked his bottom. He squirmed uncomfortably as it continued to come out of him, filling every inch of his diaper to the brim with disgusting slime. All argument and fight finally left him, and he simply sulked in his high chair as he continued to noisily mess his diapers. A horrible stench filled his nostrils and wafted over to the other two humiliated diaper wearers. All three of them gagged on the smell as they were fed baby bottles.

Though Soul wanted nothing more than to get out of his humiliating, uncomfortable garment, there was no sign that the hands were going to change him. Eventually it became clear that he wouldn’t receive a diaper change until he had finished the bottle. He drank as quickly as he could, barely breathing as he chocked down the milk. Another bottle appeared before him, and he was forced to drink that as well. He eventually was forced to sit in his stinking diapers for close to an hour before the hands picked him up. They lifted his skirt to reveal the brown, lumpy backside of his formerly white diaper. He was slowly transported to the changing table. Having long given up all thoughts of staying ‘cool’, he clung to the hands and sobbed, knowing that he would be changed in full view of his enemy and partner.

Maka watched him go and shuddered at the sight of his clearly messy diaper. Part of her wanted to laugh. Seeing someone who tried so hard to be “cool” reduced to pink dresses and messy diapers was, in a sick way, funny. Maybe it was even cute. However, she knew it wouldn’t be long till that would be her. It was only a matter of time until she found herself getting a messy diaper changed by magical hands she could not fight. She only hoped when it happened to her the hands would be quicker to change her so she didn’t have to sit in the mess for too long.

She prayed someone would come to save her. Perhaps a Shibusen strike team, Dr. Stein, Kid and the Twins, Black Star, she would even have been happy to see her father at this point. Heck, she would have hugged him and Black Star in front of Soul if it meant she could get out. Soon, hopefully, she would be freed.
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