My dream. (PG)
This was an actual dream I had a few days ago.
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Okay my dream started out with me in the woods. Then I find myself at some girl's house. We talk for a little and as I am about to leave she goes towards the closet and says, "You would look good in a bunny outfit". So she brings out the bunny costume and jumps on top of me and the next thing I know my arms are trapped in this costume and I can't move. She then says she needs to get something and walks away leaving me restrained in this strange costume. While she is away, I struggle against the costume until I find myself able to unzip the front of it by wriggling my arm up that far. I then unzip it and find that I am dressed in a diaper and a flowery dress blouse thing that doesn't cover the diaper, and a pacifier was somewhere in there as well. The girl comes back and enjoys the way I look and all I can think to say is, "Where are my clothes and how did you even do this?" She just giggles as the doorbell rings and a couple people walk in. They are taking notice to the way I am dressed and I basically ignore them trying to deny the whole situation. Then I feel some pressure building. I have to poop. The girl and the people are having a conversation and I didn't want to interrupt, so I kinda just stood there until the pressure was too unbearable and I released it into the diaper I was wearing. Upon doing this, I then ran to the bathroom, and attempted to clean myself up before anyone noticed. Just as I am doing so, the girl and some of the people open the bathroom door and giggle at me and embarass me even further. Then a couple of the girl's friends start taking out makeup and then proceed to apply it on me. Then the girl said she sold my car (apparently I drove there this is a dream lol) and I got really mad at her as like five people pull up in cars claiming they bought them off the money they got selling my car (again it's a dream and my car's a 1997 blazer and wouldn't be worth five cars anyway lol). I then find myself in the girl's car and shes driving and I knew I couldn't run away the way I was dressed and I didn't know where my original clothes went and the entire experience had drained me emotionally, so I pretty much gave in and just put my head on her shoulder. She then wrapped her arm around me and I knew that I was hers.

This was an actual dream and probably the best dream I have ever had because it is my fantasy to be turned into a little helpless baby girl. I just thought I'd share because I think some peeps here might enjoy it! I hope you dooooo. <3
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  Great dream, thanks for sharing.

That sounded like fun, I'ld like a dream that makes that much sence, my dreams are just weird.
Little boy blue come blow your horn.
The sheep's in the meadow the cow's in the corn!
And where is the boy who looks after the sheep?
SHE's under a haystack diapered neat!
Little boy pink come make a wish
The stars in the sky send you their kiss
As you dream of a world so happy and free
Warm in thick diapers being rocked fast asleep!
-By Funshine Bear.
That sounds like a fabulous dream.
I wish that this could happen to me in a dream or better yet I wish that this could happen to me in real life.
What a wonderful dream.
i wish my dreams were like this, always!
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