All XXX Dr Birds's Maternity Simulation Clinic
My role as one of his babies, who come to be mothered by his clients.
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  It's a red letter day today, for I'm starting work at
Dr Bird's special weekend club. 
This is designed for women who are frustrated that they have not  experienced the joy of child bearing.
A one day special is offered on Saturday, or on Sunday, or a complete weekend experience, Friday night to early Monday morning. During the week, the building is used by the authorities as a respite center, but as all the residents go home for the weekend, the building being empty, it is rented out to Dr Bird and his team of three nurses. 
The place is transformed into this clinic, with the usual offices, as well as a day room, a medical room and six private rooms for a maximum number of six women at any one time. It had opened a month previously, advertized as the place where you could experience the simulation of having a baby.
An ad claimed Dr Bird had developed this perfectly safe technique enabling women to learn what it is like to have a baby. Nothing sexual, but women could feign childbirth, and then enjoy looking after their newborn youngster. 
That's where I come in. 
My name is Mark. I'm told that six weeks ago Dr Bird had invited applications for half a dozen adult babies who would be available over the weekend to act as babies for these women. I had not seen this ad, and was mortified when I had phoned a couple of weeks back to be told that the posts had been filled.
You see, I knew I'd make a great baby, 'cos I love being an adult baby myself at weekends. Somehow I'd missed my golden chance. 
But after some pestering, Dr Bird's senior nurse Pauline, had gotten back to me to say that they were wanting one new baby, owing to a demand that hadn't been anticipated, for sissies. Was I a sissy baby? Oh yes, I insisted, though to be honest, that has never been part of my babyfying. I love the feeding bottles and diapers, but had never ventured into dresses. But I couldn't say no, could I?

So that's how I'd got to meet Dr Bird for a friendly chat.
He was a gentleman in his late thirties, who wore spectacles as you'd expect, also a long white doctor's coat. He asked me some pretty searching questions about why I liked playing at adult babies, as he called it. I told him I'd always enjoyed wetting myself, and daring to wear diapers in public. 
"But maybes your girlfreund, she gives you ze pleasure when you dress as ein baba?"
I didn't wanna get too personal, but when I didn't respond, he stared right into me, and the silence I found too unbearable.
"It's like this, Dr Bird. My girlfriend left me ten months back."
He nodded understandingly, and waited for more. I didn't wanna say more, but he got it out of me.
"Well you see, one night, after we'd been going out a few months, we booked into a hotel room and I know she was keen to have me. Oh yes, I was as well, but I had to let her see me as an adult baby also, so I had put on a slightly used diaper, covered it with a shiny red pvc cover and waited for her to mother me, after she had stripped me down." 
I paused.
"But she didn't appreciate my get-up. The pvc did turn her on, and in her bright green dress, I was longing to see her with it off, so I could suck her breasts.
But the sight of my diaper froze her. I grabbed her wavering hand. I needed her to love me for what I was. As I held her, she heard me pee fiercely, and my yellowy diaper became sodden round my big boy." 
Again I stopped, as I recalled that sad night. I had to continue now.
"Yu see Dr Bird, I was desperate for her. I pulled off her green dress. When I started suckling at her nipples, she pushed me aside so firmly, I toppled to the floor. Before I knew it, she'd grabbed her clothes and fled."
"Have you ever seen her again, my freund?"
"No, Dr Bird, I tried to phone her, but she never spoke to me."
"Vat about any odder freunds?"
"I've been too scared to try too hard. That's what appeals to me about this job."
"So tell me, vat sissy zings you get up to?"
"Well, er," I had read on the net some ideas, "I love putting on frilly costumes, and reading lots of sissy fairytales. I'd really love a pretend mummy," I blurted out.
"Ach yes, but for zis job, you have to do vat mummy asks you, it's nozzing to do with pleasing yourself."
"I know. I would definitely see my first task and most important task as concentrating on giving my mummy satisfaction."
"Gut. Den let me explain that you get paid a flat rate for each day, and extra fees according to what specials the client wants. Each mummy completes an enrollment form so we know if they require any services beyond the basic Maternity Module, as we call it.  You, for your part, must complete a form stating what services you are prepared to give, this is entirely your free choice, and we don't think any less of you if you do not wish to participate in some activities. But we will use your data to match you with a suitable mummy, so please take your time to complete it now. In point of fact, many of the extras can only be available for those staying the complete weekend, and we will start you on probationary assignments to see how you progress."
I nodded. He handed me a long questionnaire listing the many services offered, and the prices I would get paid for these additional things. Some of them I'd never even considered, some sounded real exciting, some made me go all horny. I had to calm down and remind myself it was not me who was gonna be pleased, but I was sure I would enjoy it! I'll keep you in suspense over these activities, but simply tell you that as I need the money, I ticked every box I could, except the one relating to real pregnancy, that was surely only for women!

"Gut, Mark," exclaimed Dr Bird, when he returned twenty minutes on. "Very vell, I vill call you Maria, ze name you have chosen. Ve always contact you at a few days in advance, so everyone gets ze times right for appointments. But consult Pauline, as I zink she will have someone for you next weekend.  Vun last zing, ve have ze cameras in ze bedrooms, zis is for everyone's safety."
I thanked Dr Bird profusely. As I was exiting, he phoned Pauline.
"Oh yes, Maria," she said, "I hope you like the clinic. We are pleased to welcome you.  Mummy Sophie is one of our regulars, she's here now, been every Saturday.  Her requirements are only a few so she will certainly match what you offer.  I had better reveal she is in her fifties, but you say anyone over 18 is okay for you, so could you come next Saturday?"
I nodded enthusiastically.
"Fine. I'll have to check with her. But I'm sure she'll like you. As you know, you start at 11am and stay six hours. Oh, one more thing," she smiled, "you are always welcome to watch, specially if you've not seen Dr Bird's Maternity Module at all."
So here I am, all expectant, promptly at nine o'clock, Mummy Sophie is booking in to her room. 
Yes, she is certainly 50 plus, well built, dark black hair down to her breasts, which are covered by a jazzy outfit, a tunic I suppose it's called.
Nurse Pauline has shown her to her bed and leaves to join me watching.
"I've sorted out all the other clients," she announced breezily, "would you like me to explain the process?"
I thanked her. She was an attractive woman, on the short side, some years younger than  Bird, older than me, with short straight dark blonde hair,  dressed  in her nurses's uniform.

Dr Bird entered Sophie's room. She was lying on the bed, now only wearing the clinic dressing gown. I could hear Dr Bird welcome her, joking about an old "freund," as he splayed her legs apart. A button pressed, and the bottom end of the bed tipped down so that her legs now poked into the air,  her under thighs resting on the edge of the bed.
"That's his wonderful machine," Nurse Pauline told me proudly. From the corridor, he was wheeling in a large contraption that was pushed right up to the bottom of the bed, and between Sophie's legs. It starting quietly whirring.
It looked very like a fuel pump you see at gas stations, that he pulled from the machine, attached  by a long flexible tubing. I couldn't see too much but Nurse Pauline was very enlightening.
"Of course you must never ever do anything like this yourself without medical staff in attendance. Look at Dr Bird, he is attaching his special capsule into the end of the pump. They're nearly ready."
He handed Sophie a large fully blown inflatable male doll.
"That's an extra," Pauline confided.
Sophie at once hugged the object as Dr Bird began his treatment.
"The nozzle is being gently inserted into her opening now." I could tell, even though I couldn't see, 'cos I saw her jerk involuntarily. But she must've liked it, as she gave a loud purr of satisfaction and commenced to suck the doll's big boy.
"It's right in her now," explained Pauline, who seemed to be watching with some enjoyment. "Dr Bird tries to wait until his client reaches an orgasm...."
I saw Sophie was becoming tensed as she twisted her body round the pump which was gripping her.  She was biting the poor doll now- it was quite ferocious. Soon she was on the boil.
"Watch Dr Bird."
I saw him squeeze the pump's trigger, that flew Sophie into an orgy of crying and laughing, I'd never seen anything like it before.
"Her womb has been filled with warm liquid."
Yes, I could see some of it pouring out of her on to the floor. 
"It's not what you think it is!"
I looked at the pretty little blonde.
"It does look like it, but it's Dr Bird's own patented invention."
"So what does it do?" I asked fascinated.
"The formula contains chemicals that make the body think it is pregnant. The feeling lasts for several hours, or longer depending how much is injected. Now can you see him squeezing the nozzle again?"
I was too amazed to reply.
"The machine is now inserting a thin airtight gauze into her body. This is sealed into her with a clever clamping device that rests in her passage.  This releases a formula slowly into this gauze balloon. Attached to it is a string which dangles out of her, you'll see why later."
The machine was pulled away from the now resting body of the client. The doll was given a last suck as Sophie very oddly smacked its backside forcing it deeper into her mouth. Then the doll was taken from her and I saw Dr Bird pop a tablet into Sophie's mouth.
"That's to help lactation," Pauline looked at me. "So she can make baby milk. She's only given one tablet as she doesn't want to feed baby- oh I shouldn't have mentioned that, you're not supposed to know exactly what the client wants. Forget that. But when the client wants to breastfeed she has to have three tablets, repeated every six hours, as the milk does dry up very quickly."
"You know a lot about it!"
"Ah, you see I was the one Dr Bird practiced on, to perfect the technique." She sighed with the memory. "We made a lot of mistakes before he hit on how to provide this satisfaction for childless women. Too many perhaps," she faltered.
She walked away.

I sat around in the day room until it was time for me to get to work. One mummy was there, too wrapped up in pushing her pram and cooing to her big baby, to give me more than a smile. She must be a weekender, I decided. She seemed to be plucking up courage to take her charge outside, and after a long period of indecision, fretfully pushing the pram, she pulled open the door, and left me alone.
I stared round the room, which had no special signs that it was part of the clinic. All the pictures suggested the respite clinic. Obviously the Maternity Clinic simply had use of this room at weekends.

11 o'clock and I reported at the entrance hall, noticing the main door was locked, presumably because there were no staff available to be here.
Nurse Jeannie, that was the name on her lapel, called out, "Maria," and after a second's hesitation, I said, "coming." She took me to Sophie's room and behind a screen I disrobed and put on a dressing gown.
Sophie was still lying on her bed at the far end of the room, now in a bright red long dress, but I could see she had all the appearance of being pregnant. Her lower half had swelled so she looked six months gone. She was making happy noises, and was unaware we had entered.
Nurse Jeannie made me sit on a stool. I knew what was coming. In less than a minute she'd shaved my head, all my lovely brown hair gone! Then mouthguards so my teeth were rendered ineffective, then plastic mittens tied on my hands, and plastic bootees on my feet. She helped me over to the foot of Sophie's bed where there was now a new large machine. Jeannie had to help me climb in, it was a tight squeeze into this enormous bowl-like container which was filled with a warm liquid, like a bubble bath. The level went up to my neck.
Once Jeannie had seen me safely in, she switched it on, and the liquid gently circulated round my body. It was soothing and smelt sweet, babyish you might say.
As the literature had explained this process, I was completely at ease. I sat there patiently for perhaps half an hour, my skin feeling purer and purer, like a baby's!
Then the swishing increased, the machine had sensors connected to the bed and appeared to be responding to Mummy Sophie's body. Pauline told me later that as Sophie's nine months neared completion, the balloon inside her was pushing and pushing as Dr Bird's formula was being released.
She was now extremely heavy with the weight of the formula and was crying out as I watched in my own cocoon. I could see her opening and the end of the small clamp, with the string attached.
Suddenly Sophie could bear the pressure no longer, and I watched her hand grope for the string. She was tensed, really screaming, but obviously enjoying the sensation. Finally she could bear it no more and her hand tugged at the string. A surge of that formula came cascading out, most splashing into my cocoon and over my head. I might have drowned, except the fluid all drained away, a blowing commenced to dry me so that when Nurse Jeannie came into the room I was glowing hot and dry. She tipped my cocoon so that I was raised in the air, and slithered out, head first on to the bed aside my Mummy.

"There you are, my baby," ejaculated Mummy, as Jeannie covered us with a blanket and exited quietly.
"Well you smell nice, I must say," remarked my new mummy. 
I knew I mustn't reply, so I just listened.
"You look nicer than the other ones." She had pushed back the blanket to inspect my naked body. "But what's this, your little willy is much too like a big boy, far too big. Mummy will have to see to that. And she grabbed my willy and pushed it hard into my body. I found this very arousing and as she pushed, I hardened, making her task extremely difficult. But she was game.
Nurse Jeannie burst in.
"No, stop!" she cried. "Sophie, if you do that again, you will be banned from here. It's not part of the agreement. Stop, or get out."
It was an awkward moment, and as the pawn in the middle, I was deflated, even though I was enjoying it! I reminded myself that wasn't what I was here for.
But if I was disappointed, Mummy Sophie was angry.
"One last chance," warned Nurse Jeannie, as she left, no doubt to check up on us on the screen.

"You're a naughty little baby," shouted Mummy at me, very unfairly I felt. But I couldn't complain, or I might be out too, and that I did not want.
She got out of bed, turned me over and pulled my legs off the bed down to the floor. I was kneeling over the bed, my backside ripe for her attentions. My anticipation was soon realized.
"Naughty big willy," she shouted, as her hand descended on my right cheek. It stung as it bounced off.
"Naughty willy," she repeated as the left cheek got a similar castigation.
Smacking was one thing I had signed up for, and this was evidently part of the contract, and she was enjoying it as she flayed her hand down on my smarting bum.
"That's nice and red," she smiled, "maybe it'll shrivel up that big boy of yours," she snarled. I think she was getting her wish.
However she wasn't satisfied with my size after putting her face as close to my willy as she dared. She fetched a paddle, an extra for sure, that lay in one corner. I strained my neck to see if any other instrument was lying there, but I peered  in vain.
"Turn your head, face the bed," Mummy Sophie ordered, "naughty, naughty Maria."
The paddle slapped across both buttocks with a force of sheer evil. Was she really a Mummy? It really hurt.
"Ah good, you're crying, 'bout time too, you ought to be sorry for coming here with a big boy like that. Let's make you really squirm!"
The paddle crashed down twice, thrice and I had to get up in my agony.
"Stay where you are you bad, bad girl. Or you know what will happen to you."
I had to force myself to bend over again, I couldn't get kicked out of the clinic on my first assignment could I?
I was tempted to walk out as more blows crashed on me and I was aching with her volleys of intense anger, what had I done to deserve it? It was not what I had expected of the job one tiny bit.
But slowly I found myself pleased that I was pleasing her. The pain made me appreciate the helplessness I was feeling as a baby at the mercy of this vindictive mother. 
"Still not small enough," she complained, shouting at me. She fetched her final instrument of torture.

   ( to be continued in chapter 2)
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